Good morning. To all the listeners today I am kid'll do. And yes, it's a good morning because whenever you wake up, it's a good morning. so today's topic. I would like to describe as from today for the next eleven weeks. I am going to start the description of 11 chakras. To start with I would like to tell you about a humdrum housemate. I'm brahmasmi means I am Brahma. I am the universe. But it means I am Brahma of my life. There is one entire universe within me inside me my energy body my physical body my mind thoughts intentions emotions and soul that can also be called as The spirit the energy or The Prana Shakti are the parts of these universe. My decisions and actions create and change my destiny and create my Karma's maybe good maybe back. Whatever happened in my current life. Maybe good maybe bad. What are my actions or Karma's of my past life now when I say past life? It is your past birth, or the past days it was me who created all and manifested these events. but question arises kin I create. My future what next? My today's action. And decisions are going to create my future Karma's. If you are able to take right decisions today and to right actions. According to our right decisions then definitely we can create good Karma's and manifest our future. By becoming the Brahma of our life and taking things in our hands and becoming responsible. For the consequences of what we manifest. We can definitely be the creator of our future I have promised me. It's all about realization. realizing yourself that is realizing your mistakes and not only realizing your mistakes but accepting your mistakes. Because unless and until you realize them you accept them. You cannot go ahead. Realizing your strengths realizing your energy to improve yourself and become a good soul and create good Karma's for your better future. So coming to the topic the best way to do is to become spiritual and to become spiritual you need to Understand spirituality now, what is spirituality spirituality is not about chanting mantras. It is not about Mantra Tantra or young through. It is not about worshiping an idol. A simple meaning of spirituality is knowing about Spirit but who Spirit your spirit your own spirit and how are you going to achieve that first by knowing your physical body? We have already spoke. about the physical body how to neutralize your physical body how to keep your physical body healthy, so I will not go into those details now, And then knowing your energy body now, I have already spoken in my last podcast that before knowing your energy body. You have to know your subconscious mind and conscious mind. I've already explained that in my last podcast. So kindly refer my last podcast for that. next We have to understand our energy body and to understand our energy body. We have to understand chakras. Now. What are these chakras chakras are the whirling energy centers in our energy body. It's as simple as it is. These are the energy centers the whirling Energy Center. There are these are worlds actually worlds in a circular form. These are the energy You centers in our energy body. Now before going to the chakras, I would like to explain. Some part about the energy body. The energy body is also called as bioplasmic body or athletic body. And your energy body can be seen by kirlian photography. I spell the word Killian that is Ki r l-- i-- a n it's a special type of Photography. It's a special time. It uses a special type of camera where you'll be able to. see your aura this aura that we see is nothing but your energy rates Now let's differentiate between the energy body and the physical body. The visible body is that part of a human body? That we see. Yes, the physical body is the visible body that we can see we can touch and the are most acquainted with. the bioplasmic body is that body? The energy body or etheric body is that body which is invisible luminous energy. Which interpenetrates? Which interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends Beyond? Four or five inches. That is your energy body is is extended outside your physical body to four to five inches. Just imagine just imagine your energy body interpenetrates your physical body and it extends to four to five inches outside. your physical body now again coming back to chakras. Chakras are the whirling energy centers in our energy body just as our physical body has vital and minor organs. Okay, there are various organs which are vital organs which are major organs which are minor organs in the same way. Our energy body has major minor and mini chakras. These energy centers are about 3 to 4 inches in diameter. The control and energize the major and vital organs of the visible physical body. I'll repeat that these. chakras the control and energize the major and vital organs of the visible physical body. So your chakras. Control your physical body you different chakras control different parts or organs of your physical body. Major chakras are like power stations. That's supply energy to Major and vital organs of your physical body. Then the power stations malfunction. The vital organs become sick or diseased. Because they don't have enough Life Energy to operate properly. Now, what does these minor chakras and mini? Chakra Zoo? Yes, this minor chakras and mini chakras. Actually control and energizes less important part of our visible physical body. now as I said the major chakras Are 3 to 4 inches in diameter, the minor chakras are one to two inches in diameter and mini chakras. Are 1 inches in diameter? Know what disease? Chakras, do these chakras absorb digest and distribute The Prana energy to the different parts of your physical body. They control energized and are responsible for the proper functioning of the whole physical body and it's different parts and organs some chakras are centers of the psychic. powers activating of certain chakras may result in development of certain physical powers Now before going ahead I would like to tell you the reference from where I have. gorgeous information the reference is pranic healing therapy taught by Master Chao kok Tsui I am myself a chronic healer. And that's the reason why I have the literature with me, which says what I just told you about chakras and Energies. No, I am going to tell you about all the 11 chakras because you guys might have known only seven chakras up till now. But according to pranic Healing technique, there are 11 major chakras. Okay, I am going to tell you about these major chakras and their names in a sequence. The first one is mooladhara chakra, that is also called as basic chakra. Second is swadhisthana. Chakra. That is chakra. third is chungu the river Rama chakra That is Meg mean chakra. The fourth chakra is Nabi column chakra, that is blind chakra. Then 60s Manipur chakra that is solar plexus chakra. Then eight is vishuddhi chakra, that is throat chakra. Then 9th is a Gina chakra. That is third eye chakra. It is also called as agnya. Chakra Arjuna. Chakra third eye chakra. 10th is Lala or trikuta chakra That is forehead chakra. And the 11th is sahasrara. Chakra. That is the crown chakra. And the name that I have told you. For next eleven weeks. I am going to explain. all these chakras one chakra one week In all three languages that is English Hindi bharathi English podcast will be held on Saturday 10:30 and extremely sorry I was late today because I was making Dosa and bhaji so I will making my food so I was not able to come on time at 10:30. I thought it would be late to eat after the podcast. And so I just had my Foods that's why I came late a half an hour. So this will not happen next time. Promise. So English podcast will be head at 10:30 every Saturday. Hindi podcast will be held on Sunday at 10:30 and moratti podcast will be held on Monday 10:30. So Sun Saturday Sunday and Monday 10:30. I will be explaining one chakra per week right from today this week. for the next 11 weeks Okay, so let's start. mooladhara chakra the color of muladhara chakra is roundabout red color will not go into color as such but we will definitely talk about how to awaken your chakra because all chakra has their own sewer or sounds. so mooladhara chakra Is also called as base chakra basic chakra or root? Chakra it is the root of your energy body. mooladhara chakra is located at the base of the spine or the spinal cord or the area. It is the center of self prevention or Instinct of self survival and dynamic activities. Because whenever you have a self prevention instinct or a cell survival, so you instinct. The first chakra and the only chakra which is activated. Is muladhara chakra that is the root chakra basic chakra? The basic chakra controls energizes and strengthen the whole visible body. That is your physical body. So it controls and energizes the muscular system the skeletal system. This fine. And the production and quality of blood produced it also. Controls and energizes the adrenal glands the tissues of the body and internal organs. Now just think about mooladhara chakra. is the actual reason of Controlling your muscles your bones your spinal spine. The production and you know the production and the maintenance of your blood. The quality of the blood the adrenal gland and all the tissues with which your internal organs are. made the basic chakra affects the body heat the general vitality and the growth of infants that is children who are just born and children of age more than one year. So the basic chakra affects the body heat and the general vitality and a growth of children and infants. now a person with highly activated basic chakra tends to be robust and healthy now when I say activated basic chakra means the basic chakra is bigger. The basic the size of the basic chakra is bigger and it is active. if a person's basic chakra Is highly active? That person is very healthy because this chakra itself. controls the muscular skeletal system the spine the production of your blood the adrenal glands and all the tissues in your body But if a person with a less active basic chakra is a bit more fragile and weak or pain. So if a person is pale or if a person is generally weak. He's not that muscular is not that his bones are not that strong. Then definitely his basic chakra or the root chakra must be under active. Or less active that is its basic chakra might be a bit smaller. Now you have to understand this basic chakra. I why is it called a root chakra because the basic chakra is like a root of a tree. If a root of if root of a tree is week definitely the tree is going to be big. So if the basic chakra or the root chakra that is muladhara chakra if it is weak the entire body is going to be weak the entire all the tissues are going to be weak. The bones are going to be weak. I know people who are depressed or suicidal. Who have lost sense of touch? with physical reality that is there a lot unrealistic. These people have depleted basic chakra. So if ever you. Come across such people. That means you have to understand their basic chakra is quite weak. So if their basic chakra is healed they can definitely come out of that pain that depression that suicidal wish People who have difficulties find job in spite of good caliber and capability e have partially depleted and underactive basic chakra. Now when I say depleted depleted means the energy The Prana Shakti The Prana energy Prana energy. around the chakra Yeah, or of the chakra is less as compared to normal. And when I say overactive or underactive it means the size of the chakra when it is under activity small when it is overactive. It is larger than normal. You might have come across with people who have sleeping disorder. Now when a person has a sleeping disorder his basic chakra or the root chakra is overactive overactive means the basic chakra is larger than normal and as the reason why they are so active that they are not able to sleep. So the best way is Sue if you want to sleep you have to decrease the size of the muladhara chakra now people with small and depleted that is under active and depleted the 6th chakra have tendency of making plans but not implementing them. That is they have a tendency to Pro Cast init or keep things on hold. the procrastination itself means the keeping things on whole so they they don't actually put their plans into implementation. They do not actually, you know, they just keep it keep it pushing ahead. Let's do it tomorrow. Let's do it day after tomorrow. Let's do it whenever it has to done be done. So they always keep on pushing things if your mooladhara chakra or root chakra is normal or overactive. You will never push that thing ahead. if you are feeling weak, that means your mooladhara chakra has been under active now before I tell you how to activate your muladhara chakra I would like to tell you what disease. can occur because of depleted Mooladhara chakra or under activated? Muladhara chakra, or if the mooladhara chakra malfunctions Now I would like to tell you again this literature or this information. Have a reference from the book of Master Chao kok Tsui pranic therapy. This information is from Master Chao who is pranic healing technique? And being a pranic Healer, I thought I would. Share this with you. And if you really want to know more about how to heal these chakras the best way is to join the pranic healing course available in your area. You can just go to internet and you can just see where the course is happening and you can definitely go and you can join that course, and yes, you will be able to heal your chakras. He'll chakras and energies of But your family people your friends you can heal relations. You can heal psychic things. You can do many things so you can just go on Google and you can just Google pranic Healing courses and you can just go ahead and do the course. So I am just giving you information about the chakras over here not less. not more than that because piranha killers are not supposed to impart this knowledge, but definitely being a chronicler. I would love to get this information so that people who understand about energy energy body and they will definitely understand the need of how a why we want to do this healing process. You can learn how to heal and you can just go to the therapy also, so you can just contact the center's wherever in your area. So the disease are arthritis bone cancer cancer of any organ okay, then spinal alignments. blood alignments blood cancer bone cancer leukemia allergies Growth problems that is body growth. I'm talking about body growth. The Connoisseur low Vitality slow healing of wounds and broken bones and psychological disorders or psychological problems So if muladhara chakra root chakra or basic chakra is under active or underactive. Under active or it is depleted with Prana energy or it malfunctions in some way or other. These diseases can occur. Now before taking calls, I would like to tell you how you can meditate on muladhara chakra to grow the size of your mooladhara chakra. Okay now just listen carefully. Just listen carefully. The swirl or the sound of muladhara chakra is low. spells as L look love for let go or Lamborghini. No toe so it is like Allah there is a Bindu about that is Lum. So you have to sit. In a half a padmasana or half as comfortable as you are you have to keep your spinal cord straight. Keep your fingers your index finger and your thumb you have to touch and rest. You have to rest the three fingers. You have to spread and you have to keep those keep your palm with your first finger and thumb joint and three other fingers spread. You have to keep them on your lap or your knee and then you have to start with being aware of your breath. It will be more beneficial. If you do the do the breathing in a rhythm. I'll tell you how to breathe in rhythm. So when you breathe in or you inhale you have to count while breathing or while inhaling you have to count 6 1 2 3 4 5 6. After that for three counts, you have to hold. your breath and then you have to excel. For next six counts. So this is this will be a rhythm of six three six or you can do seven three seven. And one you get a rhythm the thoughts in your mind. Calm down. And you are relaxed. You have to relax your body. Just loosen up your body. end it the awareness or by being aware while you are being aware of your breath. Be aware of the exact spot where your muladhara chakra. is and after that just say this. lum Is something same as you say? Ohm now when you say omitted something light? So that the M sound has to be hidden inside you by closing your mouth. So in l'homme De Mer sound should be. Vibrating inside you so you have to close your mouth love. You have to do this. Exercise with this Soul first you have to get the proper position posture. Proper posture after proper posture. You have to relax your body you have to be aware of your breath you have to Be aware after that when your thoughts relax. Your thoughts just come don't suppress your thoughts or don't fight with them. Let them just come and go away. Just remember that what you are doing what you are trying to do here. So concentrate on that and just let them come and go when your mind comes down all the thoughts come and go away and your mind is becomes tired and it becomes silent. start this song And do at least and utter this sound or spew say this sound at least for 11 times minimum 11 times and then after that just relax your body and you have to visualize while doing this when you are saying Lum when you are being aware of your mooladhara chakra, you have to assume or you have to visualize that your mooladhara chakra is growing and it is becoming more stronger. Then you will say that I just said before that people who have overactive. Muladhara chakra. They had they go they they go in sleeping disorders. So before sleeping, you'll have to make it small. We'll have to make it small by just imagining saying the same thing 11 times and just imagining that it has become small and then you'll be able to go to sleep. So when you do this for a regular period of time your body and your chakras get used to that time, so try to keep a same same time or you know a particular time when you do this. And you have to do this for at least next 11 days. Because after that when you do this your chakras will automatically slow down your chakra because when you need to sleep your chakras have to slow down. Otherwise, you will be more hyperactive and will not be able to shoot. I hope I'm clear and I take this call lineage, okay? Hello. Hello. Yeah, hi. Yolanda State me actually my question is that when you are speaking the same time the words coming from my voice is not so clear. So, how can I improve those things see what the voice the voice is controlled by your throat? Chakra. Yes. Okay. So the very first thing is that you have to meditate on your mooladhara chakra why because your mooladhara Sakura is actually you know, it is working on your it is energizing and control your muscles. So your throat muscles your vocal the tissues of your vocal are controlled by muladhara. Chakra. Okay, okay, and second meditation will have to do is on your throat chakra. Okay, and the the sewer or the sound of throat chakra is hum? Ha ha Liam. Yeah, it's um, oh and Bindu on hook, so Okay. Yeah. So for your thing, you'll have to do both both this war has that is love and hub because muladhara chakra controls the tissues so the vocal will be strong and your sound will be controlled by your turret throat chakra. So it was better. If you do these two things, the the color of mooladhara chakra is red and the color of throat chakra is blue. So You can definitely improvise your speech with this and when you will do this, there will be one more change that I would like to tell you. Your speech will become more powerful my dear friend powerful in sense that you will be actually broadcasting or projecting energy through your sound this can happen. It's actually happens. So because I do it. Because sometimes what happens when I listen the speech of YouTube with the words or so their wives are so deep and they speak very like deep deeper. So that's why I'm thinking CD c-- video everyone's voice texture is texture is different my dear friend. Okay, so you cannot please don't try to compare your voice with someone else because your vocal is different your the tissues are in a different form. And then so the the maturity of their vocal is different the maturity and the texture of your vocal is different. Okay, so that the voice be the voice that becomes deep has many reasons why that why is is because you know, there are many people who who have you know, a very Hi throat, so their voice is very sharp. So there are various reasons because there many times. People smoke because of which the voice can change. Okay hookah, or anything other things that affect directly on your throat and your voice changes. So there are many reason I'm just giving an example there are many reasons with which as you want, but I would insist that you don't compare your voice with anyone be natural be as you are. Okay, trust yourself and love yourself, my dear. Because you have not heard my voice five years back like it was little I used to sound like 15 years child. My voice was so soft and it is usually like that way. So to get this texture I took help of this whereas and my chakras the energy and I developed this texture so you can definitely try that try that and get back to so what is the good time in to do this? See the best way there are the best to timings? Okay. One is in the evening one is Morning, so as soon as I get up. You can do this before sleeping you can do because as I said, if you keep your mooladhara chakra hyper reactive you'll not be able to sleep if you cannot sleep all day whole night. So you'll have to decrease the molar and then you can do and be active in this direction. The pardon come again what is mean by active and DX active means the size of the chakra is it's a size of the chakra. So when I say hi reactive the size of the chakra is bigger when I say under active that means the size of the chakra is smaller. Generally the regular size is three to four inch, okay. That is the diameter 3 to 4 inch in diameter. So how do I know that? It's normal see actually. See for you to know you should be able to scan your chakras and scanning chakras. You will be able to learn by if you join pranic healing course so you can just check out in your area through Google that where is this who is taking the class in your area by the way, where are you from Mumbai? Well, I'm gonna be there. Okay - according to my knowledge. There is another also and and there you also so you just check out you can just type pranic healing course Okay, add you can if you want you can just do the basic course where they actually tell you how to scan your chakras. Okay, because being a Planet Killer I am not allowed to teach that. It's a set schedule or a set syllabus by Master choa kok Tsui and pranic healing is not supposed to be taught apart from the teachers who are some who are selected and trained by the institution. Looks like authorized. Yeah, it's an authorizing and you get certificate after that. So, is there any charge any fees for that? Yes, definitely. They do charge now different people charge different ways so you can just check out. Okay? Okay, but definitely it is worth because I did approximately four courses and it was really helpful. So what is the duration of one course Saturday and Sunday Saturday Fiverr? See you Sunday for 75 hours. Just two days. This for one course. Yeah, Saturday, I think 10 to 6 or 9 to 6. And Sunday 9:00 to 6:00. So one course that is the it starts from I think basic pranic healing then it is advanced pranic healing then Psychotherapy. And so are you if you want you can just try the pranic basic pranic healing so that you will understand energy is how to feel energy. They actually teach you how to feel the energy in with your palm. Okay, and they also give you a book and CD for doing meditation. They have a heart to heart and heart and Crown meditation special meditation designed by Master Chao coxie. So you will be they will be giving you that CD also and they will be giving you a book where you have all the literature in that book. The first book itself about energies about energy body about chakras everything. So instead of you know searching on a neck you can just go to registered teacher and they will teach you because in entire world, wherever you learn pranic healing the syllabus will be same. This is how the syllabus is designed by Master choa kok Tsui that wherever you go in this entire world the syllabus and the teaching will be and the words even the words will be same. So doesn't matter if you gather you learn from and they re you learn from borivali from wherever you learn my dear friend, the syllabus is going to be same the book is going to be the same. That's how the richest. in this case of different Center Yeah, they have different centers for the convenience of people, you know, it isn't banned roll so you can just check your check on the internet. It just one Saturday and Sunday and you will get to know more about your energies and you will be able to heal your energies also. So just give it a try. Okay any more questions you have you just said that to check resolve root chakras and photograph. So, huh? What is the actual timing for a root chakra and throat Japan which route after her to see if you if you go by specific timings, I would insist you can do it either before sleeping. Or as soon as you get up in the morning, it's better to do it in the morning why I am telling you to do it in the night so that you can just reduce the chakra. Muladhara chakra not throat chakra, but mooladhara chakra so that you sleep well, but to act the activation is done when you rise in the morning that that is the time when you have to activate so that you know, you are more active entire day. You are robust and strong entire. day Oh, okay. So after that first, I need to do root chakra and after that how much time yeah take rest and after that, I'm sorry. Yeah, but first you start with your mooladhara chakra, that is root chakra. Okay, and once you know, once you see the difference one, once you see how it works, then you go for because in depth about throat chakra, I'll be teaching in the it's coming weeks as I've already told that I think through chakra is the 8th chakra so eight weeks from now so till then you can you know, just work on your mooladhara chakra. So you make yourself strong your bones strong your tissue strong until then when I will tell you all about you know, one by one when I will come down your throat chakra, then you can catch it root chakra. Until then if it is possible you can you just go and do the basic pranic healing and you will get to know much more than this because this is just an introduction of chakras. What I am giving for 11 weeks major party will be able to learn in basic pranic healing. So at least you can do basic pranic healing there is no need to be become a Healer as such but just for knowledge and just to know your energy body and energies you can definitely Do the basic pranic healing? Okay, just try that. Okay. Yes Charlie. Take care. Good night. Thank you host work. Take care. Okay, Akshay here. I want to know all about this. So can you join me? Okay, Akshay to tell you. You can listen to the podcast after the podcast ends and you will get to know in detail about muladhara chakra and you'll have to wait for next eleven weeks to know about each and every chakra because I am going to describe and tell about every chakra every 11 chakra per week. So one chakra one week if you want to listen to me again, you can Join my podcast tomorrow at 10:30 for Hindi podcast of mooladhara chakra basic chakra. And again, if you want to listen to the same thing, you can just join me on Monday for moratti podcast. I do the same podcast for in three languages just to so that I can reach more and more people in more and more people can connect to me. So people who have come late. I would request you that subscribe, um brahmasmi show. Like follow me so that you'll get an entire in notification and please try to be there on time. That is 10:30. Or else what you can do you can listen to the recording after the podcast inched. Okay. Nasser it will be 10:30 p.m. An extremely sorry. Yes. Thank you for reminding me. It will be 10:30 p.m. Saturday Sunday Monday 10:30 p.m. Saturday English Sunday, Hindi and Monday moratti. So it will be at the same time evening 10:30 p.m. Okay. So if you guys have any questions regarding mooladhara chakra, please connect and let's talk and if you like the description and the information that I have given you guys so please hit the heart button beside the messaging slot. So that I will know. That you guys are liking the podcast. and and I will definitely even I need motivation even I need motivation where to impart these informations, even I need motivation motivation so that I will come, you know, I have to take efforts of gathering the data Gathering the information and coming to the podcast then, you know, knowing things researching things answering your questions. and everything it takes effort, so I want Your motivation your motivation where it will be a great help to me to do such podcasts all spirituality energies and much work. So please hit the heart button subscribe. My show that is um brahmasmi. Hit the like button and follow me so that you will be able to get the notifications on time and try to connect. On time at 10:30 Saturday Sunday Monday as per your preferred language. Forget problem Nasir. I did not get you. What should I do sir. Forget problem. Can you please elaborate? how to become good mind to remember anything long time first of all, my dear friend Kumar Okay, that question was okay now sir, NASA discussion. Okay, Nasser my dear friend last year actually. forgetting things is not a curse. It's actually a bun. It's a blessing my dear friend. because it is said that a person who forgets a lot is a very creative person because his cup is always empty and as the reason why more and more ideas come to him, but definitely if you want to enhance your memory that is a completely different section and topic so I will not get into it right now. By doing basic mudra. Can I increase my immunity system Kumar? Yes. Basic mudra. I didn't get you is are you talking about the posture? See when you as I said before when you are sitting in a posture, you have to keep your spine straight and you have to activate your mooladhar chakra and if you activate your brother chakra, then your immunity system will become strong. It so if you have missed anything, please listen to the recording after the podcast is over. Okay. So if anyone has any question, please come ahead connect your call. Let's talk. Also hit the hard button. and follow Follow Me And subscribe the show So if anybody has any questions regarding the topic, please type in the message section. Or just connect the call because I will not be waiting for next one hour if nobody has any questions and they don't have any questions to ask me now. So within a after some time I am going to cut the podcast because the information that I want to share has been done. So if you guys don't have any questions. So I can just leave the podcast and if you are not able to are not comfortable with the English language. You can definitely connect meet tomorrow at 10:30 p.m. In Hindi podcast, and you can ask me questions over there in Hindi and if you are still not comfortable in Hindi and English, you can connect me in Marathi on Monday 10:30 p.m. And you can connect and you can ask me questions. Go ahead connect the call. Okay, so people who have come late, please listen to the recording of This podcast after the podcast ends. Subscribe the channel That is subscribe the show that is channel. That is a humdrum has me. So you'll get a notification of whatever podcast I am going to. Create follow me. So again by Following also will be able to get notifications. Okay, so I am assuming that no one has any question and so thank you very much guys. Have a great night and a great day I had tomorrow. Be healthy eat healthy think healthy. Thank you very much. I am bramha swimming.