Hello, ma'am. How are you? I'm also find good afternoon, ma'am. Good evening story. Here is good. Here is gay. Good evening now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but in Kashmir, sometimes it's good afternoon at 4:30 because it locked down. I used to take my lunch at four. So that's why Okay, even I just had my lunch. So for me, it's good afternoon yet. Okay. Well, first of all, thank you very much for joining our joining drying my show here. Thank you very much for inviting me. Okay. So Mom today, our topic is 18 signs he or she is the one sent by God for you. Interesting. Yeah, it's really interesting. But you know, first of all, I would love to give some little introduction about this that in present era what happens most of the people in the world. They choose any soul mate, they choose the you know, the choose anyone as you know, having relationship with him or her so but after that what's happening after that? Get disappointed by their partners by the soul mates, correct? Yeah, and they feel hurt at that time that why and some some people they you know, regret it after that that why I was in this relationship. Okay? Yeah. Yeah, so that's why I choose this topic that 18 signs. She or he is 1 1 she's the one sent by God for you. So that's very much interesting and that's very much knowledgeable also or experience to topic which we all should have isn't it man, you know, and after that if say for example when we will try to choose when we will try to choose any soul mate or any or any or any or boyfriend or marriage couple if I want to do marriage at that time if I want If I am choosing any, you know, like no life partner for life ugly and at that time what signs should I know what signs should I test to them? Just listen those you're going to tell today. Yeah, those signs I'm going to tell today to all the listeners, but ma'am. I want to wait up to 15 minutes because most of the listeners say after that that you know, we didn't get first five first six or that's why I want to wait for it up to 15 minutes after that. I want to share these 18 signs and it's my request to you ma'am that you also explain the Is science which I'm going to share with all the people today. Okay, I would love to emm, you know, I have little much experience about this and you are very much experience. So that's why I think that you will explain it much better than me. So that's why I think that it would be. Yeah. So today I'm gonna tell you all people that and minimum also is going to tell you all the 18 signs and We will also explain these one-by-one and Vinny man will share her experience. Also, who sound is low my or minimums sound is low. I think he's talking about myself. Yeah. So I think you know to really he's very much interesting topic. That's why 58 people are in six minutes. So today I think it will be great when everyone listen Love Guru no here is not any you know, it's not all about Love Guru and all that. It's all about that. How can we choose our soul mate? Because there are so many I think thousands or lakhs of, you know people in India. Or in the whole world. I can say they get divorced after marriage, isn't it? It's a big issue if the big issue of Atlanta back or it was from ancient times I can say but if I will or you Vinny men will also share these type of signs these 18 signs. Maybe if here will be a hundred or two hundred people. Definitely if they will get these 18 signs maybe they will change little bit in their life, isn't it? Absolutely it will make a difference exactly. So I think up to as I mentioned here ma'am. If you give me permission, I think we should wait for 15 minutes here. So absolutely you can wait for 15 minutes while you're waiting you can just check out through the comments and talk to all your listeners and I think Exactly, and I think we have eight minutes. I know seven minutes here only remaining so till then most of the listeners will join in after that. Definitely. I and Venom am also she will share some views about these 18 signs and that will be great. I think Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, so I think yeah, so I think we should up to 15 minutes. We are free. We are also waiting for listener. So let's join her. Let's see what I her views on this topic. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi brother. How are you? Hello. Hello. Hi, sis. How are you? Thanks for your asking to me. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah now brother are getting my voice properly to you. Harry I'm getting yeah, please talk a little. Yeah. Yeah, am I Audible? Yes, you can. Okay, so people to you. I think we've lost. Okay. Okay, so minimum. Am I audible to you? Yes, you are audible completely. Okay. Thank you very much. So let's get up and let's be serious now because topic is very serious. It's very serious issue of present era. So let's be, you know, very serious about this topic. So I think five minutes are remaining ma'am. Could you please give you an introduction to our listeners? Alright sure. Yeah, I think there's rocky rocky will just make it at six o'clock Rocky. I have not scheduled it as of now. I will schedule it very soon. So let's go live at six. I hope that is okay with you and yeah listeners High have everybody. Hello. I am Vinny and I'm from Bangalore. I'm a techie actually I do graphic and I do little bit of writing as a hobby. Also. I A more regular user of this particular application and I'm here since 15 to 16 days. Maybe yeah, that is all about me and immature ahead of this application and he's a great Creator. So it's really nice that he always invites me on his podcast so I can connect with him. So thank you. Thank you very much ma'am for giving you an introduction. So four minutes are remaining. Let's go. Go through the listeners also listeners today, which we are going to discuss about that is 18 science by which we can choose our soulmate. Okay, if we want to do if we want to do any if we want to do marriage if we want to do if we want to have relationship or anything else if we want to choose any I can say if we want to choose any soul mate for us. So what are the 18 signs he or she should have in his In her life, so these are the 18 signs, which I'm going to discuss with you when I think we should start this definitely I think it should start at least with the introduction now, we already have a hundred and polishness to you. So Okay, so let's let's do first I will give some comments about these fourteen signs that if you are faithful to God you are probably waiting for that guy whom the happen has sent for you. Okay whom the heaven has sent for you, but how can you know if he or she is the one whom God has sent for you isn't it man? Absolutely. I mean there has to be some sign for it. Exactly. Are there Divine clues that can guide. Woman in identifying the right man for them because here is you know, no one is in this world that he or she can you know, she can judge a person that is he good or not. But there are so many signs. Okay. These are also present in religious books. Also you can you can you can go through a religious book. If you want to find these if you want to find these, you know find these signs definitely you will get these because as as per my experience as as per my knowledge is concerned, you know, these are all religious thoughts whether it would be Christianity Hinduism or Muslim religion or whatever. You will get it in your religion. Okay. So these are the signs by which a woman or man can understand that is he is good. He is best he is perfect soul mate for me or not. Okay having the wrong partner in your relationship is not something to be taken lightly. It can break your heart and Was it can ruin your life your future and even the people who you are replying relying on you say for example, you know so many people in this world. They do suicide after yeah, exactly, isn't it ma'am? Yes, absolutely. So many people in this world so many, you know teenagers also they are doing suicide after you know doing break up with their or boyfriends. They are doing break up they play with their lives. Okay, they don't they don't Take their life in you know as serious they only do some kind of you know, they think that it is my life is like joke for me. No, you have to spend your life. You have you have to enjoy your life, but you are you are destroying your life because of one relationship and why why why are you doing this? Why you get why you are hurt at that time because you didn't find the relationship, you know in the good means, isn't it? Correct. I think these things leave long-term impact on our mind and on our lives. Okay, really affect us. So in the first place at the start, I think it is very important that before getting into any relationship. I think first. The mind has to be prepared and understood first exactly. Yeah. Okay, so and after that, you know, the floss for says that love is a journey and just like the journeys, you know, if we have any Journey we're spending the time on that Journey definitely love is also a journey. You have to choose the right path to achieve happiness and success. Not only for the yourself and the one you love. But also for the relationship you and your partner have isn't it? If you want to be in relationship, what is your motive to be in relationship even more to is that you have you will be happy after having relationship and you were more to before before entering in any relationship before having any relationship you were more to should be or your you know, it's a nature that everyone's motive is that I will be happy after having relationship, isn't it Mom? Yeah. But after that what happens in present era when you are spending one month or two month in that relationship what happens you get disappointed and so many people they go through, you know wrong tracks like they used to do drugs and they drunk and they to smoking and which is totally harmful for their health and for their life also and they they distract from they get distract from their education. Also, isn't it? Absolutely a lot of times that happens. It causes adverse effects. Yeah, so these are the signs which I am going to discuss about. So, let's start the first which I am going to tell you here ma'am. I also request you that please give explanation of these words, which I which I'm going to tell you that the first point is that he speaks the words of God. Okay, you know, I should say own also she but I will use it as he so after that you can get That in as she also but I will also I will only use here. He so gender is up to you. It is General to he two males or females but I will only use here he because it sounds great. Yeah. So the first is that he or she speaks the words of God the man that comes from God speaks the words of God, isn't it? Hence listen carefully to his words if you want to First have him in your her or her in your life. So first what observe what isn't it what he speaks? And what is the way he speaks? Okay, if he speaks or she speaks the words of God. Okay, that means he is the one of one of the perfect guy for you and his words or message in agreement to what God teaches us. Okay, does he speak wisdom of foolishness? Of course, you would not know it. If you don't know God's words in the first place the start reading the holy scriptures say for example, if if ma'am I want to have for example, you know, I said you that or all the listeners that first we should say the how he talks? Okay. Yeah. What is the way he talked? So first if I want to know that is he Correct, isn't it. So first what we have to do. What is that zombies? What is zombie telling Shaheed carefully listen carefully. Okay, I have to listen carefully, you know, yeah, like you said no, you have to see how the other person talks. So he's saying listen carefully. Okay, exactly. So what we have to do we have to listen him give and we can't get that is he doing religious talks or not? Because we are not I am first I have to be I should have knowledge about that. I should have knowledge about religion. I should have knowledge that what God tells to us. What is the prohibition and what is the exception in our religion, isn't it? Okay. Yeah. Yeah, so that is the what that is one of the reason and of course you would not know. If you don't know God's words in the first place the start reading the holy scriptures. You have to read the religion first and after that you can get and take note that the message and verses of the Bible are like lyrics in a song. Okay Bible, like if you have they you know, what is your Vedas Quran bible Torah zabur, whatever you didn't book is any you get exactly when you become familiar with its Harmony, you will know when someone sings it out of town. We know that God speaks about love kindness compassion patience and truthfulness. So if a guy is speaking of the opposite then obviously, He is not from him. Yeah, if you will if you will be if you will accept and if if he will accept these religious stocks and if he's sharing with you also that say for example you are in trouble. Okay, you are region shows you or tells you that you have to help him. Okay, so at that time if he will tell you let's go, you know, we don't have any, you know, we don't have any important. He has no importance in front of me. So I we want to but you are eligible. Or any religion is not allowing you to do this. So what you have to do you have to understand at that time that no, he is not from religion and he's not talking the religious dogs and he is not helpful to everyone, isn't it? Yeah, can you can you explain this man a little bit? Okay. So the first it was that he speaks the words of God. Okay. Can you explain my this? Basically it is just like, you know. The way a person speaks. Okay speaks the language of compassion love like always people have been preaching and they are religions about seen all preachers have preached love. Okay, you know way and all the scriptures have also know shown as a way of living and I think the person whom you know shows the right way. I mean the way he speaks right? I think that is what we have to look. exactly Okay, so thank you ma'am for explaining this. Okay. So the second is that if you are faithful to God you are probably waiting for that guy whom the heaven has sent for you. But how can you know if he is the one whom God has for you are the Divine Clues? Okay. So II which I'm gonna which I'm going to discuss here that is he practices what he speaks. Okay. Yeah, so that means that words of your child without actions. So even though a man speaks the words of God if he is only pretending and not really the guy sent to you by the heavens. Do you know what does that mean? That means that first if he talks with you if he is if he is talking with the definitely first, he practiced he knows that first. He you know, he thinks that what I have to speak with her. him I think we need mom is getting bored on this broadcast because of my boring. Okay, so whatever was trying to tell you all the guys and Vinny mom also because the voice is breaking that first he practices or she practices what she has or he has to speak. Okay, that means he do. He does practice. She does practice that what I have to speak with him or any other person so first he does practice of that definitely he's not, you know, throwing his comments in that way by which anyone can Be hurt at that time that what he's what he told me. Like he should have the way of he should have the great way of talk. That means he should have discipline and or she should have discipline and she should have a tickets that how should I talk? And how should I communicate with other person that he should she should have I think we need ma'am is not getting the voice. I think some network issues here you can you listen to me Mom. Hello losing losing on your voice, Shahid. Hello. Yemen I'm eligible Hello. Hello. Yeah, I'm out. Hello. Am I eligible now? Okay. So the second point was ma'am here that first we should we should know we should think that what I have to speak. If you are, you know, if you are going to choose any soul mate If he if he is like you that he's thinking first that what I have to speak what I have to tell okay. So at that time what you have to do at the time you have to know about you have to know about him or her that know he is the perfect soul mate, you know, the not only because of one one point you can judge him but it is though. It is one of them I can say yeah absolutely people who think before they talk. I think that matters a lot to see sometimes what happens is in lot of relationships. Most of the fight is because of miscommunication. Okay. Thank you already said the person Thanks, you know what? He is speaking before he speaks. I think that is very important. Exactly. Okay. So I think the perfect partner should you know, whether it's a he or a she did the boy or a girl I think if they think before talking I think a lot of you know arguments are first of all curtailed then and there yeah, definitely. Yeah, and that was the second sign in the third sign is that he or she doesn't lie. That is very important, you know? Yeah, exactly and because most of my friends, you know, I have three or four friends they were in relationship before some time and you know, they did break up with your said why you know, the reason was that she lied she lied to them or she lies to him or you know, their like to them. Okay. That was the reason that Say for example, if you want to know that anyone if you are going to select any soul, mate for you, definitely God will not choose any liar for you, isn't it? Absolutely if God has chosen, he's gonna definitely true someone who's one who yeah, if you are going to God if you are, you know going to God and tell him or tell you what God that please give me my perfect soul. Mate. Definitely you will God will not give you that soul. Mate who will be right who will be like Is inter so definitely the third point is that that he or she should not be liar. And at that time you can get that that he is one of the perfect soul mate for you. Yeah, I completely agree on this point. I had bigger see in any relationship. Okay transparency is very important. Okay. I think that's where all the problems arise like, you know, there are so many situations that even simple White Lies eventually end up in to ending the relationship. So any relationship I don't think just love soul mate or any but right now that we are talking about. Soul mates it is very important for the person to be truthful. I think you know, even if it is the worst thing to LM even if it is the worst thing it shouldn't be high hidden from the other partner and I think if there is someone who can gather the courage to be truthful to you and you know can be trash can maintain that kind of a transparency with you. I think that's the best thing exactly and the fourth Point fourth sign is that he or she doesn't cut up to your good character. Yeah. So that means if you have some good characters like discipline or truthfulness. Like them if you have good characters, definitely God will not the same point that God will not send to you to those people who will you know pre Q to destroy you a good characters and who will Who will will end who will make you enter into the you know baddest? Yeah wrong wrong ways. So the fourth sign is that he will not or she will not destroy you were. Good character exactly. He will not hear hi again girl. So what I was trying to tell you that a he will not or she will not destroy you were good characters. Okay, if you are doing great if you have good discipline, definitely he or she will help you to make you more better than you are right now. Absolutely, Whoever has been sent whoever is the right choice for you or whoever is the right soulmate for you will always think of making you better and not you know, pulling you back. Okay, if you have a good character, they will definitely respect that part. And if you have certain good qualities, they will definitely respect that and you know try to inculcate those value in themselves rather than changing those values in you. And I think that is a natural insight if you find such behavior in someone I think that is one quality to look out for always. Yeah, exactly. And that was the fourth point and the fifth point is here fifth sign is here that he honors respect you entered you were guy should know how to respect you as a woman or as a man isn't it and as personal also, he should honor you rather than put you in shame. For example, if anyone is loving with you say, for example, if you want to know that he is or she is Perfect for you for you. Definitely. They should be on there should be respect. They should be respected absent at if he is respecting you or if she is respecting you definitely that means you are at some level isn't in his in his notebook are in his diary or in his heart. He has some level or she has some level of yours, isn't it? Absolute Unity if she will be in disciplined if she has or he has no sense of talk to Or if she has no sense, how should I talk with him or her definitely God will not same line. God will not send to those who will not respect to you. The point is that he if he honors you or if she honors you and respect you. Definitely at that at that time. He's perfect. One for me Isn't like see the person everybody wants a partner who respects them and honors them and loves them. Okay, so I think these qualities are like high quite high level of things like because people find Partners on temporary basis and stuff, but I think when things like, you know character and things like, oh no things like respect things like being transparent with your I think these things are great. Okay, I think the respecting the partner someone respecting you then obviously it is like something like a gift from God obviously. So yeah exactly. So it was the it was the fifth sign. Can I go ahead one, please? Go ahead. Yeah, and the sixth point is sixth sign is that he's just a merciful. Exactly God encourages us to show Justice and mercy isn't it and hence except to that person. He will send to you will show the same not the other way around winter. So he should or she should be merciful to you. If you want to you know, these are the some signs. I have already shared with you. I will repeat them again at the last but this is I can say, you know very much that he should be or she should be merciful, isn't it? If God is definitely here. Send any guy or any boy or girl to you who will be merciful for you, isn't it? Absolutely. I think there are very simple things. I'll give you a very simple example shall see a lot of times what happens is there are arguments of things and one, you know, one person is trying to you know, blame it on the but if the even one of both is as thoughtful and merciful like you're saying can just forgive the other person at that moment and just hold back for some time. I think things will work out and I think if the person is a real soulmate will understand these things and you know, yeah exactly every day with this. So go ahead and that was the seventh I can say no sixth. Sorry and the seventh is that actually it's my habit when I'm going to do any Good cast I'm not through any the I'm not throwing any comment here just think and throwing here. I just do preparation of this. And after that I come here because when I'm doing broadcast when I'm spending two hours here on broadcast. So definitely it should be fruitful, isn't it man? Yeah. I'm not like, um, you're a rising star and you have much more information. And definitely I have to do preparation of it. And definitely after that I can do anything here and you are rising star as I mentioned here. So let's go ahead. I think that is a great. Anyway, please go ahead ma'am experienced people does doesn't need to First do preparation. That's not true because need All of us. Okay. So even even the greatest leaders, I think prepare before they talk and yeah exactly but mad he's mad he's telling something ma'am. Can I read her his comment? Yeah, some people always searching religious things in everywhere and wanted to be debate about this matter and I think they are negative person. I think it's not religious podcast it is that podcast this Can be help you to find correct poor partner. What is that? Some people always searching religious things in everywhere? Because you you said that you know the signs of God, so maybe he took it that way. Okay, let it go ahead. Okay. So the 7th is that he make sacrifices or she make sacrifices if a man or woman truly loves you. Definitely he will also make sacrifices for you, isn't it? It may not be Fine sacrifice like what what God did but it can be some sacrifices to save you or your relationship like sacrificing his own ambition material or you can say positions and other important stuff, isn't it? Yeah sure if there is a great advice. Yes, that's that's absolutely true. I think when we really want someone and I live and you know, a lot of times we tend to balance things like yesterday. I think when we were on a podcast, I think they just was saying that when you look at a person, okay, you have your partner and then you also have an argument but when you compare those two things what is important whether winning that argument is important? That question is important then you just at that moment of Anguish to move back. And you say okay or right? You were right? Okay, that's just an example but apart from that there are a lot of things like a lot of time people just sacrifice their careers for love. There is also, you know, a lot of times people sacrifice their family. I mean they just they agree to stay away from their family just for the sake of staying with develop. I think, you know love demands sacrifices and when you think of A soul mate, I think overall you think you know, there should be a few qualities in a person that will stand by you no matter what and I think sacrificing I think that is one quality that every soul mate has yeah exactly if there is a lie as I mentioned here if you love any other person definitely there becomes a word that sacrifice you have to do so many sacrifices, isn't it? Eventually happens? I mean It are so many circumstances that arise in that particular process of you know, finding the love and kind to achieve the final thing that you moved to stay with your love. There are so many sacrifices that a person has to do then I think yeah, it's somebody is ready to sacrifice their things for somebody I think that's a great thing man. So, yeah. Yeah, exactly. And the can I go to eight point or you want to add something about? No, I think about the sacrifice. I think that's all I could say like, you know, if there is someone who loves someone and wants to be with that person no matter what they do sacrifice. Exactly. It's just like yeah, you know just to be with that person you're ready to let go of some things which are dear to you. And I think that is true that that's great exactly and the 8.8 to sign is here that he He forgives you entered does he for you know, it's a question that does he forgive you when you make mistakes. Okay, or does she forgives you? Does she forgive you when you make mistakes, you know a question. You should find an answer to know if he is from God or not. Okay of or I can say part of any relationship child. So whether we love or smooth soulmate friendship anything I think forgiveness has to be be a part of a person I think because that's eventually it will decide the future of any relationship. Whether or not you can forgive the other person so that is important. Yeah, exactly. You know some say for example, sometimes sometimes a big issue happens. So for example, there is Fault of one of them. Okay, if at that time, if we are not forgiving each other, isn't it? Definitely there will be end of relationship at that time, isn't it? Correct? So, yeah, so what we have to do first to F we want to The new our relationship if we want to continue our you know, if we are married if we want to continue our relationship at that time first if anyone has any kind of fault, so you have to forgive them if anyone is making any mistake at that time, you have to you have to forgive them isn't it? And at that time if you forgive them definitely the relation will be continued. Yeah, sometimes, you know, according to my opinion what I know that at the love. Of your if you are doing love if you're in a relationship or if you're married at that time, if she does love with any other guy, okay, or she is in love with any other guy at that after that if she for if she is saying sorry after that, I don't think so. We should forgive her. Or him also if there is girl so she shouldn't forgive him or her because I can say no do that job up case at perta Job DC. / ke saath Uncle Abu Dhabi appear. So at that time. At the time there is some limitations I can see there is there are some faults in you were loved because of which he chosen the another love the another girl another boy, isn't it? Correct. So I like the time it's my opinion. I don't know opinions can be different opinions could be different at that time. The other hand many people has many, you know perceptions. I can't yeah, I exact different opinions so I can't say about them. But according to me if you know, there will be anyone okay if there will be any one. Okay, so at that time if she will be with any other I will not forgive her for giving you ma'am. Yeah, I get it. So that is we are talking about infidelity. Ok. So if someone is already in a relationship and they you know move out of relationship and get into another relationship and they expect to be forgiven. I think that is bad actually, you know, it is very difficult for people to cope up with such things and at the end of the day, we are all humans and you know Such things hurt us and huge impacts on our mind. I think forgiveness is okay, but infidelity is not and I think you can forgive her. Okay, but you know, you can't get back to the person. Okay, so but if you forget it's only going to forgive and forget it's only going to keep hurting you. Okay. So I think forgiveness is a virtue. I think you have to forgive and then get that thing out. You just don't get back to that person. So that does know everything I think forgiveness has to be there in everybody and not let's not take it as a huge mistake or sin of infidelity, but we can take it for simple things like simple mistakes happen in this life, you know a lot of times so at such conditions for the person is forgiving I think yeah, that's that's that's something to be very great. And or Shahid, I think we have a You callers waiting you shall we take a few calls before we go ahead and how is it? I think we should complete this 18 and after that if time would remain in weekend, okay, that's great or if you want then no. I'm just asking okay, you want to then you can because all is up to you because you are guests here. Okay. Okay. Can I go ahead? Yes, definitely, please. Yeah, and Ninth was he gives you Grace like Grace is a gift given to you Evan. If you don't deserve it, it is different from a blessing since you will only receive blessing if you work for it, you will make realize that a man is from God if despite of your shortcomings. He is still kind and generous to you. Even if you feel like you don't deserve his love he still loves you. Okay. Okay. Yeah, that's one that's that was the one of the sign here which I shared. I think I have already shared this. So let's go ahead. And 10th 10th sign is that love he loves you. Definitely. Okay. That should be the first of the first most important thing to find in a soul mate. I think then everything comes back after that unless and until the person loves you he's not going to you know have or see if a person loves someone. Okay, even if he does not have all these virtues the moment he falls in love, I think. Eventually, he'll start in calculating all these virtues in him. You know that change automatically happens in the person. But yeah, by the way, go ahead love coming back to love. Yeah, definitely there is love and definitely if you want to find soulmate definitely it's the handed person and there should be love isn't it? And as many ma'am said that it should be first point here. Isn't it? Yeah, I think that I think that way because I think Love Changes people. Okay. So even if you know irrespective of what the person is the moment he or she gets to the feeling of Love eventually all these things start coming all these virtues starts happening. So yeah. Exactly and my mice think we should come on 11th. Sign. That is Joy. He has a cheerful heart doesn't it? Joyful is another manifestation. I think that's very disparate and and joyfulness, you know, as yesterday were telling one guy that he is drunk. He has a bad habit of drinking he is addicted to drinking isn't it? And I told her that mob with Kirk kid they call. But I'm a shower and that's that's the joyfulness and of the manifestation of the spirit of God, if your man always chooses to act positively rather than react negatively on things around here. Then he might be from God. Joyfulness. I think there's a person has that kind of virtue, you know, it is very important like Hello. Yeah, I'm listening. Yeah, I think that makes a lot of difference, you know. To take ahead the relationship or anything, you know, the people are sometimes. Even after having everything I think there is there's no joy in their life and there's no satisfaction. I think love is something which is like greatly changes everything around like you were saying yesterday to the other day. So yeah, so I cleanness Exactly and to build sign is that he is a man of peace or she's a man of Peace a man from God always wishes and prays for peacefulness isn't it? And if a guy loves to cuddle and always picks up a flight with you or with other people, then you can tell he is not the one isn't it? Yeah, I think the king of fights gradually it will affect the life of these two people isn't it exhausting is at peace and you know, the relationship also will go ahead peacefully because if a person is always picking up fights eventually when he's back home or when he is with his love. I think he will create a he will bring back with him the same atmosphere in there and you know, it will eventually the piece is not There and it will affect his relationship and everything. Okay. It's have the same factor there would be fights and they would be undesirable conditions and desirable communication and I think eventually arguments will happen. Exactly and the wait wait speak louder. Yes. Yes. I will. I hope now I'm clear. Meenakshi are you definitely are you going? Okay, ma'am. Can I tell the 13th sign here? Yes. Yes, please. Go ahead. Yeah, and the 13 sign is the first you know the first day should be long suffering. Oh, okay. You should be patient. Okay, she should be or he should be patient patience is a virtue that comes from God, isn't it? He will not send you a man who is short-tempered irritable. And we'll always complains a guy who comes from God also Enders Challenge and doesn't easily give up. I think that is that has to be the like people cannot be impatient and you sold me it is something like, you know in the the word itself Soul be. Okay. It is something that you have been people wait for years and life, I guess and eventually in the search of a soul mate people just end up. Compromising and or people are so impatient at times. They just go for any partner, you know, but the person who is right who is a soulmate. I think he will endure all the what do I say of the pain and suffering and you know of waiting for you and If that person has the patience to wait for you until a certain time, let's a lot of times what happens is people cannot wait. There's no patient in a relationship. So it it ends very fast or it does not go that far. So I think patience is an important virtue in any relationship. Okay. So we are I think Mary is here. Hi narae and yeah patients coming back to patience and impatience is very important. Okay, if a person can wait and end or pains and you know, and you're all the troubles that coming on the love and then eventually meet you at that point after enduring all that trouble. I think that is great. Exactly and thank you ma'am for sharing these interests to comments about this. Okay. Yeah, and the 14th sign is gentleness. He is a true gentleman guy from God is Not only physically gentle, but he's also gentle with your mind and heart isn't it? Yeah, in other words, I can say he's considerate with your feelings and he understand your thoughts to make you sure to make sure he will not hurt you physically emotionally or mentally, correct? I think it's being gentle is good. See, you know, I read it somewhere. Okay, love is as gentle as a dove. Okay, if you hold it tightly it will die. And if you let it go it will fly. Okay, so I think everything has its own level of what do I say? Let's not level of okay see being Gentle is very important. Yeah, exactly. Okay be it in the way of talking the in the way of handling system someone's feelings or handling anything. I think gentle this is very important because you know, now what hurry about everything or you cannot just be rash about things and these things create impact. Okay, these things create impact on the relationship and of the minds of the and you know, it leaves it leaves marks. It's okay. And even if the relation may go ahead if not being gentle with others feelings can create that little bit of Mark which remains forever in the life. Okay, and which will eventually hinder the relationship or hinder, you know, it gets into problematic situation. So being gentle is the greatest time exactly and he or she should know first that you know, if I will talk like that Definitely Maybe Like Beholder. Yeah, it might hurt my total or it might hurt him to hosting which we should be gentle and you know, we should be effective. We should think about him or her first if we are in relationship, we should first think that maybe he will hurt at that time or not. Maybe he will feel bad. He will feel awkward at that time or not. So first we should think about it, isn't it, correct? Yeah, and yeah, I think when it comes about saying anything to someone or being gentle or not, like you said we should think about it. It is always important to think that whenever I'm seeing something to someone or your partner. You know how that person might feel, you know, just keep yourself in that person's place for a moment and just think how that words will impact your mind and then delivers acting so so as to but you know in that Fine phase you will know what impact it will create. So yeah, you know, the thinking point is important. Yeah, definitely and Mom, can I go to 15 Point? Yes. Yes, you can and the 15th is goodness. He is a good man, or she is a good woman. Of course. God will not send you the same point. God will not see God. God will not send you someone. Who is unkind immoral and does evil exes enter this find out if it's kindness or weakness that's inside a guy's heart. You should first differentiate between his you know, it would further differentiate the things about him or her. If he's kind or if she is kind for me or not, if she is humble to me or not. So first we should consider these things. I think it's not only about it like these days. It's only when you look at a person you feel go to get attracted or it's someone's physical appearance or something, but we don't think in groups like if that person is really rental or gold or understanding or not, you know, so So at heart of hearts some day or the other you it starts hitting was in the back of mind like, you know be okay, you know, we then consider these things. So instead of later on repenting about these things. I think people should look for these things in particular in the start itself because today's relationship scenario is very confusing I guess and this makes it very clear that if there are such virtues in a person and I think it would help So being good is very important. So yeah, exactly. Yeah, and I'm kid. Come on. He's telling what is my number 51. What is 51? Yeah, he's stirring that how how when I will get Chance. What's my number? I told 51. Okay, so I want to go on the 6/16. I think 1620 are going ahead on. Yeah, and the 16th is Faith. He is faithful. He should be loyal and dedicated to you. If he's goading a lot of girls, or she is quoting a lot of boys at the same time, then you know, he doesn't have faith in you, isn't it? Correct. Correct. You should or she should be faithful for so yeah, I think this is related to what resembles asking. Okay rishabh is asking I have a question on infidelity. OK what if the person was in a relationship before meeting his soulmate see that is a close scenario rishabh see if that person was into a relationship and eventually has met the soul mate. He has to find a balance the question and understand like you know, what is important now is he? Is it important that he remains with the person who is already who he is already in a relationship with or he can handle this particular situation that and it is also important that first letting he has to find out whether he just told him it is going to accept them. Like, you know, you might find someone being a soulmate to you, but it's not necessary that the other person thinks the same way about you. Okay, so So yeah, and I think infidelity is not a mistake. Okay. It's a matter of choice and see if you really find their soul mate while you are into a relationship. I think you should you can end it on good terms. Okay, you can clearly talk about it rather than just keeping your relationship there and you are also getting into a relationship with your soulmate rishabh. So this is for you Russia. Okay, you cannot to time. Okay being in a See if you are already into a relationship and then you think somebody else is your soulmate then your relationship already, which you having has no meaning. Okay, so you have to either end one. Okay, either you stop thinking about the other person or you know, you end your current relationship and ended on a good terms of say you can clearly tell like, you know, this is how I feel about and then you can move on and move ahead and they if you really think you have found your soulmate you go ahead with That person so yeah, so yeah she died. So yeah, this was about yeah, thank you man. It was really nice. It was really nice and see. Oh, yeah. Yeah go ahead and relationships and stuff. But I think these these things that Shahid has already telling the points which is already Maybe it all of us as humans. All of us as humans have thought about it some time or the other that you know, these III, you know the Mind, mr. Perfect or my miss perfect has to be this way. And if they are not perfect maybe you could Point At You always look out for you know in your partner all of us. I think at certain point we have all thought about it. So yeah exactly - thank you ma'am. And And the 17th of the 17th sign is meekness. He can humble himself. Okay, you know meekness is some sometimes described as a weakness eccentric. Yes, sometimes it is described as but I think sometimes that weakness is the power. I mean that meekness is the power. You know, she it is very obvious that people try to stand out in every situation. Okay, you know the time to show Times just to save a relationship. You can just sneak out and come down and like okay let you you let the other person be right for some time. So yeah, okay, I think you ma'am and last point is here Temperance. Okay, he has a self control you will know if a man has a spirit if he practiced self-disciplined us trying to trick if he's doing things that can hurt himself. Wasn't it like having to like heavy drinking smoking gorging and or I can say unhealthy food or I can say, you know, procrastinating or his work or I can say if his if he is then it's a red flag. Then he is not the man of whom God has for you. So for example, the point is that if he is in you know, if he's not showing, you know short temper in front of you definitely you should know that. He's from God. You know God is sending this one. What is that that God by God. That means the perfect guy. Okay. Yeah, this is the reason you're so these are the 18 signs they which I tell and minimum 200 minimum also shared. Thank you very much ma'am. And I think we should join now calls. Yeah, we should start taking calls. We've got one are and then we can talk about it. Okay. I'm not guys I should. You know, I'm not someone who's someone said Love Guru. Okay, we are I'm also exploring yet. So yeah exactly. I am not also Love Guru, I you know, these are the basic things which you should know and these are the knowledgeable things which we should know and I and Weena mum also, I think we didn't do any romantic, you know, the comments here. It was only knowledgeable comments, which I shared and when you ma'am, You sori, if you feel any kind of you know awkward here, but these were the basic things. I think this is the first time I'm talking about such a topic and you know, usually my topics are very general and then I you know where I don't have to think as much but yeah, you kind of make me think now so yeah. Oh my God. Hello. Hey guys, how are you? How are you? I'm fine and you I'm great. Okay, so it's nice to see you together. And yeah, you have chosen the nice topic. Yeah, Mary. What do you have to say about finding the best soulmate and you know, what? What are the things that you look out and a soul mate? Yeah. So unfortunately I was not listening to you from the beginning. I would I would be eager to listen to you from the beginning but I was listening from 15th or 16th point, I guess. Yeah, and it was all the best qualities which the your Better Health to has to have yeah and then you know, it's like sometimes God cells you since you the person who is how can I explain this hidden his best qualities hidden inside of him. For example, let me tell you one story about them girl who has chosen the partner. Yeah, and then one girl who is well qualified and then she is perfect at all. Tall and she knows all the ayahs emit. I mean she has married. Excuse me. Excuse me. I'm going for prayer. I will be here after 15 minutes or 10 minutes. So minimum. Sorry. I will be back in 10 or 15 minutes. So then are you listening to me? Yes not I am all used to do so and then you know, she is well qualified and then she has a learned Quran by heart, you know, and she knows every idea and then she has chosen the man who is drunk, you know who drinks a lot who smokes and then they get married and then after that she has decided to teach him all the things, you know, and they have decided. to compete with each other with each other, you know, and then she said that you let's learn this idea and then let's compete and then at the end we should give the I mean the to the winner something as a price, you know, and then they have decided and in in one month, so I guess they have learned all the ideas and then the girl pretended as she doesn't know anything and then he she Gave motivation to this man and then, you know see and this man learned Quran by heart and he became non-drinking gave up a drinking and smoking and then went to the parents of the of this girl and then he said I have learned Quran by heart and I have learned it faster than your daughter. She yeah, he said like this and then the Students are was surprised at than they said our girl our a daughter has learned Quran when she was 9 years old, you know, and then and then only these men understand that her she helped a lot you're her to him, you know, and then by this in this way mmm, you may do the good work and then you might do that. You may have your you may find out your own partner, you know, so that's why I think that's we should we may change the people if you want it by heart to know that this was no I totally agree. I think if you really need someone and you really don't know if they're real what qualities they have see everybody has good qualities and they are hidden. Okay, and if the person can bring the best out of you, I think that person could be considered as a soul mate. I think these qualities are Basically, whenever we talk about finding a person for ourself, I think patients forgiveness love Fidelity. I mean a good character. These are all the things that we were in into a person and what happens is eventually, you know, you wouldn't know like, you know, all these qualities at once. Okay gradually as the days pass and you are into a relationship as As you move ahead, you know, you find out and you I mean each thing Starts opening up, I mean each little behavior of that person starts opening up and then you start observing and it is kind of process. Okay, it's not like one fine day one particular moment. You get to know that okay. This person is perfect for me that doesn't happen. Actually that happens only in movies, right? So in real life, I think all good things take time and it takes time for people to find out. If this is the right person for me. Hello. Oh my God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry Benny. Can you hear me? Yes. Yes. I can hear you now, not it I can hear ya. I'm really sorry. I have pressed the button by with my cheeks. I'm sorry. So we need ma'am. May I ask you about one thing maybe have a collab together? I mean it would be really good if I could learn something from you naughty that's a very big thing to say. I think see I'm always open to That's okay. Learn something from me Louis. I don't think there is anything but yeah, we can always pull ab and you don't have to really ask for permission. I think you can anytime collab with me and then we can talk about things. Okay, thank you. Thank you. You are really generous. Yeah, there's a comment in the zombies is not a sound spiritually blessed. Yeah. She is. The scenario is one of the best person I've known here and I don't think they have spoken. Much but we immediately connect isn't it? Okay, thank you. Thank you so much be so. Okay. Thank you Vinnie. This was really good to talk to you and I yeah, thank you for giving me an opportunity to help with your collaborator in general to talk to you. Thank you very much. I wish you luck. I wish you all the best thing in the world. Thank you. Have a great day. Have a good time. That is that was naughty naughty is. I actually might not a on shahid's podcast and recently and we just spoke for once and we immediately connected and I think she's a great great person. So yeah. Yeah, zombie his he's spiritually blessed he or she is a good person. Actor gold. Hi. Balaji Enterprise, thanks for sharing your views Balaji Enterprise. Are you from eat the poopoo? production core of Gotham says I see you trying to be humble Vinny. But hello. Hi. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? It's a good is you okay? Yes, we are talking about signs that she and he is the one sent by God for you. I mean, what are the signs that you look at when you think of a soul mate? Okay, she and he only see she or he is the pencil like you are a so you will find a she so whoever you know, it's always about the opposite. Yeah, of course, what are you? Okay? Yeah, I will answer you. Okay, it's good he or she is a sign of God sent use because because without opposites or And there is nothing Stephen. So what I do, I would say about that. Okay. Where are you calling from by the way actor? Okay. Yeah, I am from Pakistan. So and you okay. Okay. Nice to talk to you. Yeah. Yes, what do you do? Are you listening? Am I audible to you? Yeah. Yeah. I listen to you. I think it's a poor connection. So your wife is not clear. Yeah. Okay, so give me some hints about that. Then I will talk about that. Basically after we are talking about soul mates, okay, if you are finding trying to find a soulmate what signs do you look in a soul mate? Okay, and what is sermon because I don't know about that. Okay. Okay. Okay finding a yeah. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. So what is the topic the topic is to opposite sign? Nate sent by gold. Okay, what signs you have to look into? Okay means LGBT questions, you know, I'm not a pro again. I'm not a relationship Pro. So I refuse to talk about that. After golden opportunity of zombie. I don't mr. K. I don't know soulmate either. Yeah, mister K. Most of us don't know about soulmates. Oh, yeah and in today's world, it's kind of hello. Hi. Hi. Hello. I'm fine and you? Yeah, okay. Hello. Yes, please. Speak your voice is not clear. So I think Network for long. Yeah, there is a lot of network problem in here now. Can you hear me? Am I horrible to you? Yeah, I'm heading you. Yes, I'm British. Please. Tell me what do you think about this, you know about the signs of soul mate if you know, how would you know that? Who's been saying goodbye or hello? Hello Network. Okay. So yeah, I think if you guys have any questions and stuff you can put that in the comment section and whoever wants to join the call can join I think child will be back in sometime and yeah, I and I don't know soulmate either mr. K. I think none of us knows their soulmate. I think all there are a lot of people who don't know. There are a lot of people who have just like, you know compromised on life at times and stuff. It is different for everybody. Okay. There's a lot of calling Hello. Hi. Hey, Vinnie. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm sorry. You were breaking up. Yeah, I know there's some Network issue with my current Network. So okay. It's growing but I hope it doesn't keep disrupting us. Yeah, I or be right now. Yeah, you are right. Okay, I see that this topic is kind of caught my attention to sign kind of, you know reminds me of one of those articles, you know that you read on some dating or some you know, some where the randomly on the internet in science you find that it's your partner it inside that, you know, the person is not for you. Did you come up with him? Did you come up with this or did he come up with? I had I think I had has all the idea about it and I think he's great when he starts with any particular topic. He's already always prepared with all the information me in for whether or not I'm actually not very much prepared with topics. You know that right? I just come which I like that's the thing about you if you yeah. Hello. Hello. Could we stop playing around there? Okay, if one can buy me or hello? Hello. Got of I uh, can you hear me? Yeah. Yeah, I can hear you now. Yeah, you were audible. I think that something was wrong from my side then okay, maybe it's possible because there's so much of traffic these days Network traffic these days, you know, we yeah, yes. Alright. So as I was saying that since you know, you're not the one who had come up with this and you know, you do say that if you don't have a lot of knowledge on this and you're like Most of the times you have come and done your own podcast as where you are not having to think so much. But right now you're having to think so much and so it's not like your Love Guru or anything but he's the one who's come up with it. So I understand he's gone to read Namaz, but I would definitely like him to be here before I ask any questions or anything. Absolutely. I think go to see relationships and soul mates is something that all of us are confused all about about it. Oh, we always will be when it comes to love love is such thing that even the poet's they have come and gone tried. I mean you can explain love but then it's very inexplicable kind of inexplicable kind of you know experience that one goes through in a lifetime and you're lucky enough. If you really have that kind of a love that would overwhelm you in some ways or exactly and that's why the only way people Resort. to defining love and resort to talk about love and express what they feel is through words through the poet's that the you know, the poems that are written and the books and all of those things but it's a very very powerful emotion and the one should consider himself or herself very lucky that if you have that kind of a love in your life exactly and I think in today's day where life is so fast, I mean the pace of life is Is really fed up like, you know, it's really speeding up and then lured many times. We don't actually have the time to wait and think about you know, if this is what we want on this is what it has to be and you know, we just try to get into the flow and you know people get into a relationship to get in and out of relationships and most of the time it is all trial and error for a long time and eventually yeah. Your time that you really don't want a relationship, you know, so yeah, I think personally speaking the biggest issue any any relationship has now these days is the trust factor that trust that infidelity that is what's missing for some how people go I actually read a comment by the person named rishabh he was talking about. How do you how do you work out a situation where you are already in a relationship? But then you figure it out that you you have found your soulmate. You know, I would like to talk a little bit on that part actually see I really don't think that when you are in a relationship, there should be even a single tiny scope that you should be allowed to see someone or you should be you know, you should not expose yourself to much that the incoming of the other feelings may be there in your heart. It's like because when you do that It's very obvious. It's going to damage your current relationship and let's talk about knowing the soul mate. You can't know who's your soulmate just like that and so fact that you have going on something with this person makes you believe that you are you you believe now. This person is your soul mate. It's kind of that. You've already committed that crime of cheating with the person the way I see it if it's like if you're in a relationship, then you should block all these streets all day. Incoming and nothing should happen. I mean, I think yeah, there isn't any scope for you to move out if you're really completely engrossed or if you are deep down in a relationship if you're really up to that level, okay, but a times what happens is people just accept a relationship for the sake of being into it and then eventually what happens is if they meet someone, you know, the connection bills there is a Vibe and there are chances a lot of times, you know that if a person is Just compromising with the relationship and suddenly, you know, there is a click and that time the person starts getting confused and it is obvious that at that point of time a person starts thinking whether I was right in the first place of getting in this into this relationship or I think this is I'm not doing Justice to the relationship that I'm just being in a relationship and my mind is wandering with somebody else. I know it shouldn't be that way. Yeah, that is definitely Correct to say that and and you know what when you should never get into a relationship and you yourself are not sure and when you think now I'm having to compromise and now, you know, I'm not really feeling that strong of emotions for you. It looks like that I have somebody else come in and some other signals from the other side and I feel so it's like I mean, come on. What about the other person's feeling you just cannot be like that. So when you go it's like you have to be prepared. Yeah, and that might create such an impact on the other person good evening everyone. The nation that got of shoulders back. Yeah, I hear him. Hey buddy, buddy. What's up? Good evening. Thank you for asking. Okay, go ahead. I'm listening. Yeah, like I was saying, you know when someone moves out of a relationship, okay, the other the other person they might be a great impact on that person and that person might you know, just start hating the idea of Love or you know idea of a relationship. Friendship, you know and it might yeah. You know, yeah, I can see one thing, you know, according to my opinion A person can you know can be in relationship, you know by heart and I'm not talking about that, you know, which we are doing right now in present era but if we go through a true love or true relationship a person can have the feelings once in his life. Seriously this in the value of that girl or that boy. Okay a person, you know can have that level that level of relationship at that level of fly love in his heart or in her heart once in her life. Seriously once in her life with a person. Well, hold on I'd like you to clarify this. So once in a hard for one person or do you mean like just with that one person and then it is never the same after the second person it will be it. Will be after that it can be but not to that level not to that extent. He's talking about the feeling the level of the feeling of getting certain of that lab just happened. It may happen after trial a trial and errors of lot of relationship. It may just happen or it might just happen at the first time to you. And then after that you don't feel you know the same way for anybody else because of after all that you've been through and you don't really feel that Strong of emotions and is that what you're saying? Exactly? You know when you are doing true love your when you are in true relationship after that when you are getting disappointed, okay, then no unexpected situations happens with you. Definitely you feel you know you but you you're in you'll be in shock at that time. And after that you cannot be you cannot trust at any other person and you are taking lightly, you know, if you are getting any relationship they're taking these relationships after that lightly that maybe The same situation will happen you will become afraid of that these situations. Okay, so you don't take you know, serious situations in other relations after that. Okay. Now I slightly agree with your point that you know, when you are highly disappointed when your trust is betrayed when you when you have been cheated on, you know, when your infidelity in your own relationship and you thought it's going to last forever and has come crashing down, you know, and then now it's it's going to be very hard for you to actually trust that person. However, I believe that you can because see love is an emotion. Okay, it can happen to you. It is just only a matter of the right person may be the person who you were with you did not feel it. And you had your hopes too high. It didn't work out but believe me when their arrival of the right person happens with the right timing that person because I've seen it and I've seen a lot of you know, People I met a lot of people where they've Talked. Oh, you know what my my past wasn't so good. But this person I have in my life. I cannot thank him enough. I cannot thank her enough had it not been for him. I would not have been so people start feeling that same build same, you know race of emotions going through their veins and everything. It is possible because at the end of the day, it's love, you know, everybody feels that somewhere. It's just only a matter of the right person arriving in to your life actually exactly because love is not just because you have you know, just because you have been betrayed that doesn't mean for sure. It's going to be very difficult for you to trust somebody but when somebody the right person I've seen it. I have a friend of mine who was in a relationship with three years. Okay, and she was so certain that her relationship is going they were very close to getting married, but then something happened from the guys end and this man ended up really messing everything. Well, guess what? She couldn't believe it and even I couldn't believe it because they were just like perfect couple. All right, but then somehow just a tiny little mistake from this men's end and everything went haywire. And then my she's my best friend by the way, and then my friend design God of I'm not sure now what's going to happen? I like look I understand and I one thing I told her that now, you know, how you say it in Hindi. Hello? Hello. Hey Co-op. What? Yeah, so when it comes to when you are hurt by love Of it's only going to be the love that can heal you and believe me. You will not believe right now. She is with someone who she is Madly Truly in love and feels the same emotions and those strong feelings for the second person to a point that she has actually forgotten everything about this and all of this had happened in a very short period of time so it's because only this new person who would come into her life and had again, you know restored that entire feeling because Doesn't die down. It's just those your mouth and everything has been actually reported wasn't it? Doesn't love it. Doesn't you know, as you said that it doesn't get finished it does it get vanished love can't be vanished isn't it? But my you know opinion is that say for example, three years? Okay, you mentioned the three years the remembrance the loud the events of that these three years. Okay. She can't forget it. She can't forget that. Okay. These rememberings will be with her forever. Those are memories you're talking about getting into somebody's else and not be the same way. See you're talking things. Memories will always be there. We always love people that we have loved in our past even though they have heard us memories can be always cherished but to say that, you know, you cannot actually feel that know you can it's just don't get mad but not to that level. It was my point. My point was not that that intensity you feel you know for the first time see when you fall in. For the first time I mean the true love kind of thing. Okay, you it just clicks with one person and after that maybe you might just did so many people or try to get into a relationship with lot of people but it might not give you that feeling you know that high of love that you felt when you were with a particular person and that I you think, you know people consider it as to love which happens just once I think that is what people talk about. Okay getting you Might get into a lot of relationships, but I think true love just happens. Once you might love the person you might that's true. It's so you can Define the third person now you are in love and as true love that means that is so and by the way the example that I gave you the story of my friend the three years relationship was not the First Love, by the way. I didn't use the word first. So there's a that's altogether different thing when you want something you did break up. Okay, if that was not the first relationship that that's why he did break. Maybe okay. I'm sorry, you know so for example when I say first of it means true love like it's the coolest feeling that you have felt that is what I am trying to put it in a large exactly, you know, you know God of I will give you an example. Maybe I think you will get sure. I'm not sure say for example, there is a ladder okay, or I can say stairs you have to you have to climb okay, or Any, you know, there is any, you know Journey you have to climb on the you know, ladder and after that you will reach to your attorney. Okay, so you don't know the first you don't know. How will be the first step? Okay, when you will rise up to first step when you will climb on First Step. Okay, after that, you know that you know the what is the size and how much I have to take distance between the you know steps and after that you will get each and everything about that. How how should I climb on this ladder? So the first step is that first relationship, you know, you get each and everything in your first relationship, but if it is true, you know, maybe sometimes you know, according to my you know conception according to my experience what a person, you know, if a person does, you know, for sorry for example First Love First relationship, the conceptions are true. The conceptions are you know, the you know, as I have experienced that no one do flirt at the first level. You know when he wants to be in relationship, no one how this kind of, you know conception that I will do flirt with that girl or I will do starting floor. Oh, believe me people do in fact, I remember when I was young. I started flirting out and I did not even realize that I actually eventually ended up falling in love with that person. Believe me with me only it happened. I was only 19 years old at that time. Yeah. That's why I said that if it is true, okay if it is true relationship at the first movement. Okay. So that means at that time after that if you you know, if there is any gap between you and her and after that, I think if the after true relationship you cannot be in love at that level, which you were doing with that girl or that I can say with that boy. All right? Yeah. No. No, that's that's like pretty much exactly what you said in the first place, but I you know, I beg to differ but like I said, it's just only a it's just only A matter of the right person just because you haven't made me feel the way, you know, you've hoped would you would you be made feel by the person doesn't mean that you won't be feeling that loud because see it's all about the view. Can you let me tell you let me give you another example, by the way, you didn't really quite finish your example with the letter but let me give you another example when you when you talk about the tree. Okay, the tree is planted. The sea has been there in in the earth now underneath it, right and then there comes a time somebody comes and Rips it apart cuts it off. Right. Do you have a feeling would you tell me that just because it was cut off it would stretch something happen. It's not going to grow again. No it is because that is the nature that is the way it is. So it will not stop it is just only a matter of time and if right person somebody cut it off because people now these days are destroying the forest but if somebody comes in and water it nurture it give the appropriate amount of sunshine with son is doing already its job, right? Do you think it will not block and flower flourish again? Then it will when the right person comes to your life, then all of those traumas and everything you feel that same and you may have seen a lot of interviews on YouTube this like, you know what this person has come and changed my life around because change your life around because their life that you had before was so messed up and now you don't build this thing and you love that person dearly to death, you know, things may be different after that. You know, let me give an example. I have a friend here. Best friend number did you understand what I'm trying to say? When he do you know that you can still feel because you know, it's a love you just need to it. Maybe just you know, it was maybe it was not active but then you know when you light the fire believe me, you would always feel that's that's the beauty of us and we should always be very grateful of the fact that we are full of love. We can love at any time if we have the right person think about it even the animals if I scared dog away right now. Now that doesn't mean the dogs. I'm going to go to another human being the dog is going to look for a love and going to be completely and madly in love with other person who would actually give him what the dog wants. That's just my friend. That's the beauty of love that it never because somebody has cheated. Yes. It's very difficult. No doubt it. I mean for all I know you would never want to be in love. I can say that for all I know because of your because of your experience and how you were cheated betrayed. Maybe you would never want to be maybe you would start hating love. That's what I see. But then like I said, you can everything come back to life. Okay, that that was really nice. But let me give an example of my friend. He's my best friend seriously and there were a girl he started relationship with her. Okay, but the girl she was already in relationship, but in there was some kind of broke up and I don't know about that. Okay, so they were handsome curled and after that what happened they didn't talk with each other. And he went to you know, he broke her heart again after that. He went to another country. Okay. So what my friend did he proposed her oke oke she accepted and after that what happened, you know, the I can say, you know, what kind of love he gave to her. Seriously, you know, I consider, you know, the that was the perfect guy for her serious, right? Because my friend was doing you know, the high peak love for her. Sorry. I kind of have a Where it is going, so you then tell me then that girl didn't really feel that strong connection with him, even though you know, you know, the I can say respect the you know, the level of flour after that would happen. So there were, you know, the two years of relationship, you know, the gap between the respect to was between them seriously and she was telling to you know, she was also, you know telling the I love you. I can't live without you then after that what happened her boyfriend came back. To the to the cashmeres. Okay. So what happened, you know before one hour the waiting to my friend that I love you I can't live without you but after one and she listened that her go boyfriend is now in this Kashmir in Kashmir, and he thinks sorry to her what happened. She told my friend that I can't live with you because I have relationship and I'm missing him so I'm very sorry. I can't be in a relationship you mean yes. Right. She kind of returned to the person. Yeah. Okay. So so the you know the love I can't explain seriously because I know you know, you know how much now he was doing with her. Seriously, what are the time? What happened at last she got she went back to the previous boyfriend and I think so. Yeah what because the first relationship were there and she had affection with him and but he also he will also doing the same I think more than him seriously and the Rector was over there. The best thing we should be in relationship and after that what happened she chews and she's done, you know, seriously before one hour she's turning I can't live without you and I have our what happened. She stunning. I'm very sorry. My boyfriend is in Kashmir. Yeah, he caught me he is telling sorry to me. So I want to him, you know, and she says sorry and now, you know, the two years happened, you know. Two years now. He is also crying in front of us. Seriously. Yeah, it becomes unconscious when we are talking about her. She becomes an gone if stating actually it's very painful even just thinking about it makes you makes your heart bleed almost because it's very painful very devastating and I truly believe things like this do happen, you know, and I'm pretty sure there's this may have happened but like I said, and it would be very difficult Bill believe me, you know. Time the amount of love that your friend your best friend gave it to this woman maybe wasn't so good enough for her maybe for her the amount of love coming from her ex was the best kind of love that she may have experienced. Now, it has really damaged the experience of your daughter will go to Gotham. You know, my friend were telling me seriously. He was dead. He that is never going to feel the same again. No, no, no. No, he told me that she she was telling to me that my boy, you know, why? It broke up with him, you know because he was in you know, he was telling me give me some money. I have need of this. Otherwise, I will come at your home and I need your phone. I have to take this out for two months three months and he was very irritating her and after that that's why he told him that I did broke up. Okay. So after that if she knows that what kind of you know, what kind of I can sit drugs I did in my relationship and what he did to me and what now You know, there is one another boy. He is respecting me. He's providing such cake such a great love for me. He was giving me such kind of you know, I got explain seriously and after that when two years she forgot everything about him. Okay. Now she is she want to be with him also. Okay. She is ready to forget each and everything about that when she wants to come back with your friend again. Sorry, she wants to come back. I kind of lost the track of your story you mean she wants to come back with your friend again. She doesn't want because she wants to go back their ex. Yeah, exactly because you know, you know before some year he is her ex what he is doing he is, you know, he's irritating her to you know, you have to give you a phone you have to give you a some money to me. I need of this and after that is she's leaving that relationship had comes to my friend coming to my friend. Okay, I won't I am accepting your proposal. Okay? Okay. Can you tell me what happened at the end? And what what exactly? Yeah, he went back to his to her ex-boyfriend and my friend is crying nowadays. Okay. Now it is and he's really hurt. He's very disappointed by the course anybody would be So so now your friend so whatever that your friend is not going to feel the same way again. That's what you're trying to say Raymond calitri bviously. Seriously, you know, we we provided such a you know, beautiful also girls or so I said, okay, I'm gonna I will do we will do propose to her. Please accept this. Okay. He was telling okay because what because we were trying to, you know, make him forget all about that relationship, but after what happened, you know, he was telling you okay? For you, I'm accepting this but after two days, okay, when he was talking to her he was telling no I am remembering her because of to talk to any other girl for sure for her. I remember her daughter. I remember her talks. I remember her words. Okay, but I'm not gonna do anything. I'm not gonna do any, you know any other love I'm not gonna enter in any other relationship because I'm very fair and I know that what I will get after that I don't have any kind of feelings of any Other girl because I didn't want a time now. I can't be in relationship seriously because I have no guts to do love with any other kind true. That's how you feel. Yeah, because he is kind of broken he's not he has nothing to show whether the first time your best friend fall in love with somebody, you know, exactly. It was first time it was first time seriously. So now that's what I'm saying. So you're relates to you are relating this example. I mean this story which is a Story basis on your point that now you're never going to feel that love again right now. That's why they may be he will find he will he will feel that again. Should I use the word intensity intensity? Because you wouldn't feel the same Rush of emotions the way he loved her you believe that he will not be able to love somebody else. Now the same way he may be he will after some time but not to That Lovin You know, which he was doing to her. You know, which level he was providing to her? Okay, maybe will feel in love. Maybe if any girl will love him, you know at that level maybe he will be in love with her. But me I think it will be like partial love not that you know, the true love not actually original like that kind of thing. I think I understand, you know personally speaking. I don't believe that there's I mean, I understand the intensity part, but you know when we talk about the levels first level second, it's not like that. But like I said, it's just only Matter of time if another girl's another girl comes into your best friend lives. Okay, you know, it's like the house was messed up at that time. The house was not clean if somebody else comes in and cleans off everything. Believe me again. You should never lose hope and your friend would be lucky enough if he finds somebody but like I said, this experience can be very devastating can be very painful. It's not something you know that you can get. Over it so easily. I mean anybody will be so hurt. Okay, but the intensity and everything believe me my friend. It doesn't die down. It's just only a matter of time and somebody walks into your life and ignite that fire of love and it only takes that tiny little Matchstick to just make you all passionate again, and I really hope that your friend who is so loving and understanding towards this woman full find somebody and when I When people have so much love in them, believe me, they do Inspire other people as well, you know, so they do you know, the guy is roomy. Yeah, right. He says that you looking your you you were seeking what seeking you? Okay. So what is seeking you is you're seeking? Okay, so believe me. When there Comes A Time and when your best friend find somebody he's going to forget everything the memories and everything. Maybe he will even share with This new person that he will meet but believe me he would things happen people do actually forget memories and everything but love is something that can come back to life again, you know, because that's what love is we can never lower the amount of Love or anything. It just happens automatically when you are made feel that that way so that's that's just only a matter of time and a matter of right person arriving into your life and love is a beautiful thing. But I think it will take some time for him. Oh, yeah. Time to I can tell you it will take it may take a lot of time but one should always know that you know, by the way one thing I also realize now these days and after this I'll go and let you talk to other people is that it's one thing to love but it's another thing to be able to reciprocate that love. So for an instance if you have somebody in your life, right you are loving that person. So passionately everything that you can you're calling her your you're making her feel the most valuable woman in your life. It is also another thing that the other person is able to reciprocate that is the other version control and you know able to handle that, you know Rush of emotions coming from you. It's so overwhelming now these days and people are scared many times. People are like, oh man, I cannot end. Well, it's like you're running after my life, although it's nothing but it's just to act of it's just an act of love right so I have Being in that situation and I know but one should always consider himself or herself to be very to be very lucky that if you have that love, you know, accept it with all your heart and if you mess it up believe me you're going to be doomed. So that's that's just about it. And I'm sure your friend will find somebody exactly but I think it will take some time for him to heal up some things always take time my friend. Yeah. Yeah, but this topic here 18 signs one last question I have for you. Is that when you meet somebody okay instant and I'm not even going to make this more complicated by giving you an example of flowers First Sight right? Because so tell me how can you identify all of those 18 signs like how these are not the 18 signs which should a person have at the time? Again at a time, but deer lease signs, you know, say for example, if you are see over the course of time in a relationship, for example you if you are in I'm not talking about, you know first as you said that love at first sight but I am talking about say for example, if you are your parents want to do marriage or if you you want to do marriage if you are finding some soul mate for you. It's like time duration if you want to do test someone. Okay, so at that time what qualities should he or she has by which you can know that she is one or he is one sent by God, for example, if any girl is really in a relationship with me. Okay, so if I'm talking with her, okay, I am in relationship. Okay. I am in release but if im talking with her say, for example, I shared so many points here. There were some sacrifices. Has he should be he should signify so many things, you know, if there is loud there is sacrifice. Okay, he should or she should help you and you were you know, if you have any problem if he is helping you at that time. Definitely he sent by that means you are already in relationship. Okay, and delete the selection that means when you are in relationship that is when over the course of time over the period of time as you go on spending your time, then you start to see all of these signs coming and then you Is that true? That's what you're saying. Right? Because I don't think you can see all these signs right at the first time when you meet somebody right? You don't have a list. Yeah, exactly at that time. You can that's why I told you know the most you know, I said you have to do sacrifice, you know, if you are living with anyone you have to you have to struggle you have to do sacrifice in that pressure, isn't it? And the second so many things were there and he does it lie, or she doesn't lie. Absolutely if you are in A ship that after that he or she will tell you at the first sight. No one will you know, you don't know you are isn't it? And you also don't know is he telling lie or not? Okay, it will take time also for you to throw that is he telling the truth. It will be proven in in the actions. That one will make not through the words. Yeah, you know, yeah, that's true because like I like I told him Vinny that this topic, you know kind of reminds me of one of those. Articles that I have come across on internet floating around and read Hayes 18 signs, you know, the person is in totally in love with you or the person you're five signs while your relationship is not going the way you would want it to be. Okay. I told her that and believe me. I'm somebody who takes a great deal of Interest everything fascinates me and that's why I have been able to spend a lot of time talking with you. I myself I am a passionate lover and I because I've been in so many situations and I feel Feel when you in love somebody and by the way, I've been messed to I've been messed around but believe me I I've come back again for the same amount of love because that's just how the person maybe I have in my life makes me feel that way. Even though the person may did not or wasn't able to sufficiently make me feel that way. Right but then if he talked about these 18 signs and everything you get to see it over the course of time right when you are spending time and through the course of their actions not just by words. So maybe if you haven't told this thing to your friend your best friend do tell these things 18 signs to your friend and I'm sure it would make him feel a little bit easy because he should know that that girl was definitely not meeting any signs whatsoever. He should actually wait for the right person to kick it. Kick it kick her in his life. Okay? Exactly. All right, buddy, that's it. I think thank you guys and Vinny. Sorry that you went completely. Quiet and I hope you enjoyed what we talked here. It's fun listening to you guys. It's really fun. I was just enjoying the I mean I was enjoying the mood. Yeah, I don't know what is happening in the comment section, but you guys take it over and thank you once again for having me you have a great day. All right hand by. Nine minutes. Okay, I think you know so many guys have so many misconceptions in their minds, you know, you didn't listen the 18 signs if you listen them definitely you will not find any kind of, you know, excuse I can say confusion in your mind. Okay, so I want to repeat these 18 signs in a short, you know, you know, I can say I will try to make it quick. Okay. I will repeat them one by one. Okay, so listen them carefully and it is not all about that. You can judge a person you can judge your soul mate in one in one minute or if you are having love at first sight know you can find them if you are spending so much time with if you're spending some time with them. Definitely you can find these these you know, it will take 1 month or 10 days 20 days it you know, it depends on time how much time you're spending with them? Okay, let me repeat. Beat them first. He speaks the word of God. Okay, and the second is if you are faithful to God, you are probably waiting for that guy whom the heaven has sent for you and What was the third I get a third was he doesn't lie and she doesn't lie and forth was he doesn't corrupt you a good correct? Okay, if you have good character, he also appreciates to you you to have good character. Okay, and the fifth was he honors and respect to U and the sixth was he is just a merciful god encourages us to show just a mercy. Okay, hence expect that the person he will send to you. Will show the same not the other way and the seventh was he make sacrifices. Okay, if there is love if he is if show he shows or Grace Minimum are you listening? Okay, so ninth was he gives you Grace Grace. What is Grace Grace is a gift. Okay given to you even if we don't deserve it 10th is love he loves you. Okay, if there is a relationship definitely he should love you and XI is Joy. He has a cheerful heart. Joyfulness is as I mentioned here. Joyfulness and other men's manifestation and to wealth he is a man of peace or she is a man. Of Peace. Okay, a man from God always wishes and prays for peacefulness. Okay, so I don't want to make it long. So 13th is long-suffering. He is patient. Okay patience is a virtue that comes from God and 14th is gentleness. He is a true gentleman. Okay guys from God. Hello. Yes. Hello. I'm inaudible. Okay. Gentleness, okay a guy from God is Not only physically gentle, but in other words, he is considered a considerate with your feelings and he understand your thoughts to make sure he will not hurt you physically emotionally or mentally. Okay, and the 15th was goodness. He's a good man, or she is a good woman. Okay, of course God will not send you someone who is unkind immoral and does evil acts and 16th, which I shared here that is Faith he is Youthful, okay. He should be loyal and dedicated to you or she should be okay, if he is quoting a lot of girls at the same time, then you know, he doesn't have faith in you. Okay, that means he is not from God or she is not from God and 70s meekness. Okay. He can humble himself meekness is sometimes described as a weakness. However, it is simply the ability of a person to Humble himself and go low to avoid foolish decisions wrongful actions. Like that? Okay. These were the 18 signs. I hope you got each and every Point. Okay, so ma'am. Do you want mom you were quite from so much time from So You can conclude it now at the last 4 minutes and I think Love, you know, I think we have two minutes. It shows four minutes to me. Okay. Okay, you can continue it. I think love is the most important virtue in our life and finding a soul mate is eventually it takes time and lovebirds slowly and with that each little, you know, sign unravels throughout the process and I think it has just helped us. I mean, I these points everybody has been looking into their better half, you know for for ages and I think if You'll find these things. I think you just hold on to the person no matter what and you know, try to make it work and just be there. I think that's all that's all I can say about it. I think it has been great talking about love. I think this is the first time, you know, I've just got out of my comfort zone and spoken about something. So thanks ahead. Thanks. Thanks for having me here. I think it's been great. Cheyenne yes, ma'am. Thank you for having me here on this podcast. It has been created. Yeah, you mean most welcome and thank you for you all so you you spend so much time with us and you shared your experience your schedule opinions also and so many good Concepts here, and that was really great. I'm going to go to my own so I'm very thankful to you. Go to Gotham. You spend a lot of time with us and Nikita is wearing. Hey, hi Nikita. How are you? And that was really great. And I'm also thankful to Vinny. Mom who spent her time with us. It was really great. Mr. Case