Okay, guys, how are you? Happy morning to one and all and welcome to dr. Amos one more podcast and today's topic is 21st century skills of global citizenship by dr. Amy. So hope you all are having a wonderful day today and I really wish you a very happy morning and today's topic. As I said is about 21st century skills of global citizenship. So what are the skills which are necessary for global citizenship means like it's about thriving where you go all around the world. So what are the skills which are necessary and what talking about some documentation so some legal paperwork. So I'm talking about the skill sets which will be helping you to action which will Helping you to do good in your global citizenship. So let's put it like this. It can be defined as like the awareness of others cultures and contributing and maybe like and working towards Community improvements. So global citizenship is a primary characteristics of 21st century skills learning through experience is undoubtedly the most thorough way to partake in the global citizenship moment. The communal benefit of like a global citizenship are often clear less obvious. However, the individuals benefit to be gleaned from these newly formed Global awareness has So this is a very important man guys and today's topic will be helping a lot to learn. You just block - let me set my earphones. Yeah, so I have to say that global citizenship skills like your skills such as problem solving communication collaboration and cross-cultural awareness. And these are all relevant individual benefits to the global our Global era which we now live in isn't it to experience? Education travel these skills can ultimately be applied easily. So let's discuss a bit about critical thinking and problem solving. These are very important skills when it comes to like global citizenship problem solving is an important 21st century skills. I used to say that again and again and again I'm saying this as the issue the world faces grow is like in scale huge level critical thinking about the world's problems is imperative. Definitely encourage you inductive and it is detective to and reasoning analysis how elements interact with each other which can help to Use an Innovative solution. See that was like these are the two important critical skills, which are necessary for global citizenship. This type of originality and dynamic method of thought is fundamental to the process of attaining global citizenship. Why am I able to speak about 21st century skills because guys I'm a trained professional. I have been training many people on 21st century skills for last 2 years. And recently I have quit my job. So I still think that I can share my knowledge of 21st century skills along with my listeners. So that is a reason I'm here today and yep. Let's get into the topic as you two are discussing about so by the traveling it is possible to observe the world and it's problem and most importantly explore and begin to build the most effective Solutions which are necessary for Innovative methods on Problem solving then this very crucial very important very easy to be done. If you have the skill sets which we are discussing here right now. So I also discussed about like community and collaboration. Now, we also need some technological skill some adaptability skills. So these will be all helpful for us to get going with the 21st century skills for Global situation. Just give me a couple of second guys need to have a sip of water. I don't feel well today. Hi, how are you? I really felt bad when I came to hear what happened yesterday. I was completely packed up jam-packed with some other works. I was not able to be at your podcast. I really feel sorry for that job for you and I really appreciate the effort and the stand which you took for yourself. And I'm really sorry for that. I was not there the time. Buster like I believe that you can manage all the things all alone by yourself. But if I was there I would have definitely support you on that one. I'm looking forward to have a word with your father. Okay. So as I said will be Revere we were discussing about community and collaboration right through social media sites. We have learnt already learned and begun to engage and experience a global citizenship education, isn't it? A true Global citizen uses this sense of community to improve the world around them. We should do that instead of just entertaining ourselves by using social media. We should gain the knowledge of like Global cultures and everything. Ronnie let's have a word with Ronnie. So communication is not only a crucial skill for Global strategic, but also it is a processing itself. Hi Ronnie, Jaime. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? I'm also fine. So guys running. I am from Delhi and you can that's good. I am from Hyderabad. What do pick me up today 21st century skills of global citizenship? You were saying something about this. about about the waiter 21st century skill of global cities 15 Yusuf. Yes. So what I believe that as a I have been working in a firm called Hazard control Solutions and mine box some other companies which teach 21st century skills to people which are necessary for 21st century. So I've been doing that for two years. So I thought I could just share my knowledge about the things which are taught for two years could be of some beneficial to my listeners to Ronnie oops, we have a discussion with drawing. So as I said, it is also important life skill. Through international travel as I said committed collaboration to international travel and open collaboration with a new people from like different backgrounds different cultures languages values by between so Travelers can improve their verbal nonverbal communication tactics in different means of context. So what do we get in turn is that this increase the ability to work with a diverse range of people to solve a problem. And by doing so we can even exercise of flexibility collaborative work is vital to problem solve that is very important guys. That is very important as we were discussing about problem solving and critical thinking collaborative work is vital to problem-solving enacting change in the international Arena request several people from different cultures sharing a common goal. And using their unique backgrounds to cultivate Solutions is in that ultimate. I really love this concept when people come together to solve something and that shows the impact on the world. So we are also would like to discuss about your technology skills. Yeah, it might sound bit boring but still. Yeah technology to the 21st century is marked by the pervasiveness. Let me repeat it pervasiveness of technology and abundance of media information abundance literally abundance of media information to effectively Foster change and function in the 21st century skills. People were people must be able to determine how to best use the information Technologies. By traveling by seeing the world firsthand young people are encouraged or of their own perspective on the world enabling them to become active users of media rather than passive recipients evaluating information critically will promote individuality and to the development of new ideas. You can do a number of things and problem solving for the global innovation. Guys, if you have any doubts regarding 21st century skills, these are just at the basic level we can go in in depth to understand. What are the 21st century skills are I believe am proficient enough to be make you understand about 21st century skills, mainly for the global citizenship. These are very important skills. We have been we are in 21st century and definitely guys we have to have a board and at least a basic understanding of what this 21st century skills are and how beneficial they could be in our digital. I So yeah, let's go baby. Let's continue with the topic as you're discussing. So the next thing which we need to have is adaptability. So it is also one of those qualities that the world traveler will buy. I like when traveling nothing ever goes perfectly, right? We will plan everything I had but still something will happen like missing something not going according to the planning. So these are happens in all these challenges whether it is a language barrier getting lost in an unfamiliar place. Like maybe flight delays see the ability to adjust to changing circumstances and deal with obstacles is invaluable to a global tissue. Without this important characteristics problem would never get solved because of the difficulties involved a true Global citizen offers learning ability and adaptability from their travels and keep a positive attitude and the roads get tough. Definitely when the roads get tough because if you are facing a problem and you lose the hope that you won't be able to do that. Then that is that you won't be able to solve the problem. But if you take it in a positive way and take some necessary actions by thinking critically and by thinking by having this problem solving attitude and positive attitude, you can get the things done in no time. So as you're also discussing about cross-cultural awareness. Guys, this is just a brief. You can say A Drop in the Ocean. I'm just giving you a brief understanding about what skills are necessary for global citizenship that is that too in this 21st century. So cross-cultural awareness as we also discussed about that. So let me just give a brief about what cross-cultural awareness could be and let me put it like this like competence when communicating with other cultures is like often challenging to learn but but but it is necessary in order to become tolerant and empathetic with a wide range of people Global Citizens possess cross-cultural skills, meaning that they understand different values different languages and customs and definitely the Custer do not equate to the different goals of the world how to put it in such a way that if You are aware of you cultures. You will be easily able to communicate with them and they will be easily able to communicate with you and working together in a collaborative way. You can find solutions from any problem. You can just have an Innovative mindset towards the global development. So culture or how to put this like a yeah cultural immersion is undeniably occurred while traveling and meeting people who are from different places. This allows travelers to identify with others develop compassion and then learn how to work with others effectively and efficiently. So in the same way when it comes to like students, I believe that there are few skills, which will be helpful for them to adapt with the 21st century skills of global citizenship. So I believe students need to be in a creative thinker definitely. I believe it you from the bottom of my heart. So the ability to think outside the box is an important skill for students to have as you prepare for the world that is in constant state of change. Creative thinking is a skill that comes naturally to blot of children and can help in the engagement of learning throughout your life. This can be tied to meaningful tasks that challenge them. Fighting as I'm really sorry for that one. and it will be helping them to hinder their imaginative waves to so what students can do more Remy the so let's have a word with Ramirez. Hello. Hello. Hi Ramirez, how are you? Hello. Hi, good morning. How are you? I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm very happy morning to you and me this happy morning to you, too. Yeah, how are you? Yeah, I'm fine at the moment and I'm very glad that I got someone to speak because since for morning I'm trying to speak because all occupied. Mmm. So, dr. Jimmy right? I read a menu image. Are you doctor? First of all, that's my nickname and I do hold a PhD in filmmaking visual effects so I can use the word doctor here. But still I thought if it has a nickname because my friends call me. Dr. Amy. Yes, because they are in the short form anyone can get confused like sales like it is Doctor. Yeah. It is Doctor. Yes. So like there were topic is on 21st century skill of global City citizenship. I don't know anything, but I will try my best to speak on this global citizenship because you know, I have spent 15 years in Gulf country and I last month I came from Dubai because of corner virus and and then my family called me up. They told me to come back. And I'm here in India. So actually I don't know about the citizenship you're talking about the last you to month. It is going on in India about that fact. In fact in Jamie does remedy is limited on thing you have already experienced global citizenship. Why am I doing that? You got crawling Gulf country, right? And the language is different. The culture is different you little adapted to the situation isn't it? Exactly do so we have to type out the cover. You to do so you have to adapt to the situation. That means you should have the skill of problem-solving and you should have the skill of critical thinking we all have the skills inside us, but we don't recognize them exactly. But but I have skill of girl few. No, I don't have skill of much it of India because because rarely I have lived in India, but now before before we now yeah now you're now we are going to adapt back to your native country. Okay. Yes, sir. You got my point Highs. Are you how are you? See, Remy - as you said you were in Dubai you even Gulf country, right? So we were there for like 15 years you adapted to the situation. You have to their culture you adapted to the language you adapted to all the different aspects of that country. But now when your back your country now, let's think in a different way. Let's turn back the vehicle and let's see that now you have to adapt to all the cultures and the community to of your own country now here to you have to be like We thinking and problem-solving mindset that will be helping you to adapt to the situation. If I believe that I cannot do that and to keep myself holding on then would I be able to do that? Yeah, but the this work is not a one or two person. There should be a Unity. For yeah, Global Ramirez understand one thing when I'm saying global citizenship. It means like you are couple of being a citizen of our globe. It's not about the people around the world. It's about you being a citizen of the entire world, which we are already. If I'm compromising and what about the other people like it? They are not compromising with me like that is up down. He's telling me instead of Bible, you know, you take put on so it is necessary to tell this because you know as other Goebbels citizenship be I made a stupid answer me that let me tell you one thing the situation which you explain here. It's about religious thinking aspects and prominent thinking which is done by the religions and what I was telling you about what cross-cultural awareness this is going to be discussing. About the Region's we are discussing about the cross-cultural awareness and you are awareness towards the global situations. Now a global situation how we can solve it how you don't know if I can solve anything you have to adapt if you're listening to me from the beginning I said about adaptability and the technology skills problem solving skills critical thinking skills. These are all the things which you have to be adaptable. I'm not asking you to bring them. That means I have to attached attached to this. Attached to worry attached to this all this whatever is it. I mean, I see the think that a religion always plays a prominent role. It's not just about India may even go to Africa you go to China Japan and wherever you go, you will be having this a religious issues being faced. But the thing is that baby are we see that culture as the most one. This problem is every Global issue. This is a global issue, but we're Discuss equal Global issues. We are discussing about the skills which need for you to adapt where you're going to some other country. Not just Gulf if you're going to some America you have to adapt to the Situation's of those conditions. And if you go to America, then you can understand the situation when like Indians are being degraded by the foreign girl for us at some aspect. The Indians are high-level positions to to see these are the things you should have an understanding about how to adapt with the situation at present place. It's not about playing from don't in one's life. Everyone has their own perspective to put in front. If a Muslim friend is coming and telling you that you should root read Quran then it is about you and me and what are you going to do? That doesn't mean that he can he might be dead. Sorry to interrupt. Sorry guys, we got disconnected with so no problem. Let's continue the topic as you're discussing our now we were discussing about the skills, which are necessary for students. Right as I was saying about like they should be a problem solver the ability to solve problems independently. And with others is like critical for the future where we Face many challenges that need like thinking of out out of the box thinking to solve so these complex problems that are currently unimaginable. We don't even know. Will be abundant and more will develop definitely. let's have current with Ramirez Sorry social insane should have this understanding of thinking outside of the box creative thinking and up to be a problem solver. That will be helping to solve real-world problems. Yes. I mean that yes, sorry brother. I interrupted you because one woman came next to me and she was asking that this and I couldn't stop content has yes, it's okay if I want to speak to that domain then it will be like an unacceptable. That's why it's okay. It's okay. Okay, I like you. Can you can start you can begin and I will cooperate with you because because you know, my conversation is not up to the mark because even I also knew in this application because someone has suggested mean someone has suggested me about this application. I and I uploaded in three or four days back. So I as this table in this application and like for it. Like this is the beginning and I don't know anything about this the conversation. I had never never had a conversation on the phone and look like in real life. I had spoken with many people like but serious this is this is all this what you're doing right now this what you're doing right now. This is also what I discussed previously before you come to the podcast and they described it as technology skills using the technology skills for awareness development growth is also fought of figure global citizenship. Okay, so I would definitely do you know what happens like, you know, if I don't know that part what I am going to speak about this country unless I don't know that you how can I speak? Speak on that because see like that, you know, okay. Can you give me some glue and I will speak on that definitely. So let me tell you one thing about collaborate the ability to collaborate the ability to work with others and to be social. Okay. So two children are naturally curious and social through there. They have this kind of use of the social media and other instant networks the social media in schools. Do not provide opportunities for students to learn in this way. Through digital channels. They become disengaged students become the focus on the education system. But collaboration is an essential skill to help them learn and support their emotional well-being especially in time of a constant change because 21st century. We are constantly changing. We have new applications. We have new technology, but the education system still is holding as back when a person can learn many things from all social media and he if it is not integrated with their education system and that means he will not be interested in education so we should have This idea of collaboration. Okay. Let me ask you one question. Like let me ask you a question about about children only as you spoken. I've got two children. Let me ask you like, you know, when the when the children moves to add at the University and then the all the project works and all they are giving on on on the technology on mobile mobile or laptops. Now it is right at for that boy is 15 years. Old and he's at the University and using mobile for the project when I asked him. Why are we using? Why are you using the mobile? Because all these answers in this technology and I'm getting all the answers from this. So is it right at 15 years old boy is carrying the mobile and laptop so it is isn't it. Let me tell you one thing. If you if you think about 30 years back there was no technology enough to pass on the information easily. Now when you have the technology at your ease, then why do you have to memorize something? The presidency in your time in memorizing when you can find the answer globally without any he's without with ease and without a physical problems and you can use that time to learn something new with beneficial for you understand one thing memorizing and answer and writing it in answer she to get a marks. Is it a is it a still? No, it is not as big as your learning memorizing the things which is of no use This'll be a habit for them. They have to use the internet every now and then and it because until you find the accurate information online. If you are using the technology for the wrong thing that is wrong, but if you're using the technology to get your things done to educate yourself then that is the best benefit which you can make out of Technology. Yeah, but the some children they don't do that some children. They they do that which is it is not unacceptable. Yeah why it is happening like that because parents are not guiding them through out through the way like how to use the internet properly if you have that is a necessary thing parents are here the fault definitely parents are here couple just because they have some work. They literally hand out their mobile phone to the children so that they are busy playing at they can do their own work. Let me tell you let me tell you one thing. OK father more than something like okay example. I'm giving you like father's busy in his book. Like he has to go to work. He cannot stay at home and look after all the time. Son what he's doing. He's busy in his work. He has some problems in his red difficulties in his work and he's busy in his book. The mother mother is in the housework all the times. He has to for the work alone. Dependable like you know how they how they have given group when they were when they were childhood and once they grow up, you know, they do have their own. I've seen I've seen the children, you know, I've seen my brother children will be our naughty there because I am not saying they are not disturbance, but, you know when the father mother gives everything to them then when the one thing they tell them only just study and don't do anything. I will give you this. I will give you car. I will give you bye. Because if your mobile just his study and they don't listen they don't listen this they do what they want. They do what they want to do. I think skills because see the only thing which I can tell you right now is that lack of parenting skills parents don't have enough time to put in an effort to grow a bit here. They're literally thinking that just education is more than enough for them right now. And whenever they have any time they can just hand over their mobile phones or some electronic devices. So that won't be disturbed in their Court the children's now tell me. Something about father comes back from work and he has still has office work left. So he just hand over his mobile to his son a small son so that he can play games and he won't disturb him is this how parenting is done to the children? Why is this happening? Because technology is available right now if technology is available 50 years back the same situation will be happening. It's not the fault with the technology. It is The Fault With the availability of the technology and misuse of it. Okay, then, you know the government should do something Implement something like like, you know, why should I why should government deal with this pesky things government has some other important work which are good for like an entire country in tarnation. So these are the parenting skills, which should be having in parents itself a bit of common sense. Why does government has to get involved if you are unable to do some parenting then what is the use of having kids? Exactly, but but you know something that should be just sitting there waiting on me. They have this awareness program programs about like the good use of Technology. Let's use of Technology time to use technology about the benefits and the disadvantages of Technology government is doing their own work, but if the citizens of India taking it seriously just take it notification of avoiding it completely You have got the if you if you see in Google there is everything is possible there. Everything is possible like in this children getting everything from from that not only studies only apart from studies. Also, everything is there like, you know, and they can use and your but now isn't it the parents responsibility to add a parenting mode to their mobile phones so that the children don't get distracted apart from educational things and learning things if I have a mobile phone then what Do is that I activate my parenting mode there. So that children's doesn't get distracted with other things which are unnecessary for education, but it concerns are very active nowadays. You know. Now these generations of students are very very active and then parents you get a parent should be adapting to add adaptable to that situation and they should be overthinking a step ahead of the students are taking a step ahead of the children's since this is what I've been, you know nowadays the like, you know, just generation the children's are different. The parents like you know, they are. Oh no ya know what generation was completely different like in the days to like manageable like in any of but nowadays earrings are that's technology was available 50 years ago. The situation would have been saying these are our agenda, but the use of these changed due to that they can guide their children towards a good were good. We're good path. Why not every parent is the thing of the of the children they should grow well in yeah, even if you as a parent if you want your children to grow well, if as a parent you want your children to have some good skills. Go to habits good manners, then you should focus on them. It's not just like that. You just provide them food cloth education. It is not done. You should focus on how they are dealing with the things you should focus on what they are doing and we should make them understand that which is good the problem of which is bad for them. This is a parenting skill, which is Three and up as a parent. You have all the rights to have a technological adaptability to so that you can guide your children in a good path. Okay, that part is okay. But what about the environment where we live the society the the culture the traditional what about that is not getting changed that is remaining the same see Indian literature is around the world. Why do we have to change any culture? We don't have we don't need any change of in changing the culture. Until and unless the stories of some harm to the society. There is no need of any change in any culture India as a country. Oh, it's like a number of diversity believe it has unity in diversity. We have many languages so many cultures so many practices and that's what make India colorful and bright work. That is what but in India have gone through this because everyone knows that English is international globalization and even then in colleges and In schools also teachers principals they are talking in Hindi and they are speaking with the students also in Hindi. So this should be reminiscent of the solution. What is our country's name its India, isn't it? And what is the language which we speak most in India is Hindi and say third a third thing English is a communication language is it is necessary is very important. But the thing is that why if you go to Bangalore if you go But not a company that have a knowledge of Canada. You should have your boarding Holdings in Colonel language that is a respect to the culture but they are not stop learning English. It is completed upon you that if you want to learn English or not, if you want to learn English, but now we have this application here and this technology. I'm adapting myself to learn. Yes exactly. What it was what you said just now that is also right they have to finish my topic and get going. So thank you for coming here. Yeah, please go ahead. Yeah have a wonderful day and after some time so I think I can beat you. Yeah, since I'm come from abroad. No, I'm not. Well, I'm not working like, you know because of our no virus once I once it gets top then I will plan to work. I'm doing fantastic sweetheart. Thanks for asking. I hope you're doing well. Okay, let me just thank you. Have a wonderful day. Thank you very much for having a nice conversation. And I enjoyed and I want to enjoy move please welcome. Yeah, definitely definitely maybe looking forward to watch it in open-toe. Okay. I will be after some time. Yep. Bye. Okay, so guys if you are. Loving the conversation do hit the heart icon, which you can see in your testing column that will be motivating me to come up with some passenger content every single day. I love you all and guys do hit the heart icon. You see that hot? Click it. So as I even told about the collaboration now, like if we should also have the ability to communicate if efficiently effectively the ability to communicate effectively means it means like the communicate in much appropriate way depending on the course of actions required. Okay. So communication incorporates interactions that are both verbal and nonverbal. So it is essential for children to understand the diverse nature of the skin. Being fluent in communicating with technology is essential in this digital world. We live in because it is a it is also a means of communication in which you need fluency. Like if you need fluent in English you practice a lot in the same way. We did to ancient technology. We should understand it a lot. We can say simply that the first both using digital media and interacting on like a personal level to so communicating effectively is a very important scale when it comes to global citizenship. So the next important thing which I would like to say is being ethical and empathetic the ability to do the right thing even when nobody's watching. Let me repeat these words for you the ability to do the right thing, even when nobody is watching the ability to be selfless caring and helpful and respectful of other religions other cultures races and genders. This is one of the important critical skill that a 21st century learner will need in my opinion in my appearance as he moved to the world to the next safer level. More harmonic more respectful in every aspect of the way for children. This means to be like the ABI ability to be like a hundred percent with everything. They do both online and offline. So Guys, these are the details which I was wanted to share with you guys about in a brief about 21st century skills for global citizenship. And in fact, I can say that open talk is a wonderful example of the the practicing of 21st century skills for global citizenship. We are improving our language. We are understanding new paper. We are literally meeting new people from different culture different places different countries, and we are learning from them too. So this is also a part of the skills which are necessary for 21st century skills development. So we are learning everywhere. The only thing is that we should be conscious about it that where we are learning from and what we're learning from and how we can that how we can use that in our day-to-day life to go to the next level to progress. I had to be productive. So guys if you are loving the conversation then please do hit the heart icon which you can see in your testing column that will be motivating me to come up with some pass integrated every single day. I love you all. So guys. This is the end of the topic. If you would like to have a conversation with me can just join up with a call just send me a request. I'll be here like four more three minutes. If I don't receive any requests, I'll be adding the podcast and let's catch going. Okay, so guys. Thank you so much for connecting with me. I love you all check are have a wonderful day. I'll be coming soon with one more topic to discuss. Take care. Have fun. Be happy keep smiling sign or assigning of doctoring. Love you.