Good evening. Everyone. Very good evening. I'm once again here with one more interesting interview. And today's I'm having my guest Vinny. Yeah the weenie. Oh my God Am I Dreaming? I'm taking into your winning. Seriously. Hi Whitney. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good, too. So finally you are here on man talk. I was like thinking to get you on my show from longtime curious in my mind. What if I will ask you and then what because you're really busy and you said it's okay and thank you so much. It's very welcome. So any how are you feeling about the thing like you going to be excited? I think this is something very new to me. I've never been on interviews and I think people who are you know, celebrities get interviewed and I'm not a celebrity's no. No, you are a celebrity people are talking about you a lot. So really appreciate you are you are open Talk celebrity so well. Whoever doing good here today. I just get them on my so that's very nice. Yeah. Yeah, so you were in my list from long time, but I was like confused like what happens so, oh my God from a long time unless I mean that's that's a very good thing to say. I think I have a yes what it's like a long list. I prepared already. Oh my God, that's really nice. You know, what about your work? All that's very nice. Yeah, so like that's why I took three days time because it was won't to people fishing very well. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So six people already joined us. Thank you so much. Everyone good very good evening to everyone and now it's interview session. My today's guest is when he could even guys. Yeah, so Vinny before starting interview. Yeah. Yeah. So tell me something about yourself about me Anand. I usually introduce myself to people saying hi guys, this is Vinny and I'm from Bangalore. And I am a graphic, you know? Yeah. Oh my God, my best friend is also got presenting. That's cool. So can I am a graphic designer? I think that is my profession, but I do a little bit of out of profession hobby stuff. Like, you know, I do a little bit of writing and I come on this podcast and I try to talk to people and I think yeah, that's something new that I have been doing. Okay, so you already have been housing how long you been here? We will take this pain. Yeah, we will take with us but now but not now after after of time this up. Yeah, I think I'm from 28th or 29th of February. I have started I guess I think so possibly around 20 days 25 days or something like that. I actually didn't keep track of it. So. Yeah, I think I was out also for a break like, you know, five six days, you know before I actually started I remember like when you come you come like a tsunami six seven days you were on number 7 in the leaderboard list and suddenly disappearing. Oh my God, there is bad weather. That since is think they did that girl go on just now back after again. We will win even even Actually, you know what happens, you know Anand a lot of people want to do collaborations. Okay, what happens is my solo gets overlapped with the collaborations. So since I was out for seven days, I just thought you know to myself KH, you know, at least one solo I have to do every day and then lockdown happened. Hmm. And that man what do I do with my life? So then yeah, it's what we do. Do we do collabs and then we come online and we talked to people so yeah, okay. Okay. So so guys, this is Winnie and I'm taking her interview and time to start the interview. We will take calls to but after a time and so guys if you can join us if you have any question regarding winnings because this is interview and I give chance to my listeners also to ask questions to my guest so great. Yeah because A for me my m 2 is 4 meters little different. It's not just about me and my guests. I gave some listeners also the chance to ask the questions awesome. Yeah, that that make it little more interesting interesting, isn't it? Yeah, because listeners can also take interest otherwise, they will say oh my God, these two people are just talking to each other. What's the benefit of staying here? Let's go from here. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, but by asking questions they can stay and they can wait Leah. I'm I will also ask to kiss him. Yeah, today's questions regarding me or anything. You can come send a request and I will add you before let's start the interview. How many high already listen I reply in the comments? Yeah, sure. Why not? There are people saying hi. Hello, and then it would be really rude if I don't arraign. Oh no. Gee, I'm also going to reply all the people. Okay. Thank you now, but at least we can reply all the comments and guys if you want you can ask to send in comments. Okay create. Thank you. So. Honey, how are you? Hope you're doing well. Hi Ranjit. How are you? Look when you like little picks minutes and people are like coming and coming and coming. Hi. Frank. Frank is here already. Oh my okay, honey. So let's let's start the interview as I don't the out please. So how now how now as you are. Well, my heart's racing. Okay. Yeah, but I'm not gonna calm down now, you know after talking to use for sometimes I'm like, okay now you got it that day. It's not gonna be hard. Yeah. Hopefully it's not going to be hard. Well, yeah. Okay. So before coming to the main questions, let's ask a basic question. Like what is your education? I'm a graduate and Beto signs I've done my be in computer science and engineering. So yeah, I'm an engineer you can say software engineer. Okay. Okay, that's good. So your software engineer? Yeah, your work. Is that our like just you love to do graphic designing and stuff? Yeah. I worked some time as a software designer and then I worked as a trainer for software designer. I also worked with a lot of other companies as you know, spoke. I mean, I went on to give annotations in colleges, you know to help students understand and stuff. But I think what gave me what I was looking graphic design, I think yeah that what gave me peace. Okay, let's take honey for one minute and then we will go to next reasons. Sure. Maybe he's having some Christian. That's why he's very hello honey. How are you? Yeah, I'm doing great on and and hi Vinnie. How do I honey? Okay. Yeah. So honey, as you know that I take interviews and today's guest is when you so if you have any question, you can ask. Yeah. Definitely. I have a lot of question not lot of one or two. Yeah problem with a coding. Okay, how can I start my computer coding? Sorry competitive coding. Okay. I shall go for my computer coding. Yeah, I think coding first know the basics and only then go ahead amputated. Actually, I'll just ask you what I asked computer coding. Okay codes for hacker and hacker with what would you better for me? Oh my God. I have no idea about hacking man. Okay, get your geek. Have you heard of that? No, see I'm a very basic software engineer. Okay, I completed my engineering and then I didn't look left or right. I just completed my Java coast and little Of Graphics in the back ends, and then I got into it. So I'm not someone who went on to of the it profession and you know try to understand it or so. Okay. I'm really sorry for that, but I'll go for my product based company. So that's why I just asked to you. Okay? Yeah. Nice. Yeah, so on and actually measure the whole yeah, okay. Thanks, but there is no my podcast today and I think Tony only we met thanks turtle and it's fun. Yeah. I met him today. He was kind of nervous and he said that someone suggested him to check out my podcast. So I think okay, so my first question to you is Are you ready? Yeah, now questions are really okay. Where do you find motivation from? What is the source of motivation for me? I don't want you to meet uh is my motivation. I think nature is the motivation I have hmm. Okay, you wanna explain it? How well everything about nature gives me motivation Vision. Okay, for example the sun? Okay the sun it rises early in the morning, you know, but did it land before it rises, but love is a means of Jesus. Okay, that helps me to respect my motherland. Okay, secondly then is as it rises slowly and as it as it rises, it gets bright and brighter and brighter and then it is at a peak. Okay. It doesn't stop there also comes down and when it comes down back it again kisses the motherland and goes which says that no matter how high We rise in our life. We need to be Rounded we need to respect Our Roots and you know, and we need to keep moving on and shining and even if one day we go back we go down. We should not back the you know, the next day we come up again. So I think that is my motivation. Every little thing in the nature is my motivation. Call can find support. That's a great answer. Actually that one can I like like it's such a unique answer like you said like uniqueness. So yeah, I mean it smells this is son. I think it does everything at the Nature's great man. So nature is a source of motivation for you. Oh, that's great. So my next question to you is what is fear for you? fear for me Me there is fear itself fear itself. Okay, explain it again. It's like a lot of times. What happens is we we you feel things. Okay, we fear everything we build misconceptions in the mind. We fear doing something and that holds us back. You know ever I think once you stop fearing fear Darko up needle-sharp job Nicole detail. It just makes ways for you it Was raised for you no matter how difficult it is the day you stop caring scared and look Beyond it. You know, it will take you ahead. So I think that is what it is for me fear itself. So you are fear is fear itself. Yeah, that's that last beer. It's just a like look like positivity is just coming from We will take our Cola in let's see if you have any yeah guys don't ask me technical questions. I'm not here to give professional advice. All you can ask one question. Okay. So yeah, it will be like easier now so that we can attend more as possible as Scholars also by this. Hey stop doing that. Yeah. Hi Dad. How are you? Hello. Hello, Tessa. Yeah, how are you? Hi, very very good evening, brother. So so your friends and welcome. Hello. We need you were confronted. Am I right? I'm sorry. I'm saying that you work on front end. I know yeah on front-end. Yes. Yes, you said no then you said yes. No from Hindi. Okay. Okay. So people I mean if you okay, okay. Yeah. Yeah, I can't I can't is it okay. Yeah, that's okay so higher and hi Vinny - station. Okay, that's cool. Yeah, and so my basic question from an intramural You are taking interviews from Vinny you have to use with the memorial and lots of interviews you are taking what's your motive to take them to use that why you want to know what the people okay. I already told this thing so many times again. I'm telling them. I just want to appreciate the people who are right here on upward dog. That's that was the motive. Okay? What great things you have find in these in these because we are I know you are. Talking with Vinny, but let's talk about you today. Okay, but by the way, dude, it's not my interview. I know but let's talk about you. Sometimes you do need. Yeah, we can do it up what I do support Caster like accept that and fun way so many times. So there you cannot ask. Sorry. Okay, let me know some questions or if you have no problems. Can I yeah, so yeah, yeah. not so not some if you have one or two questions, you can go to questions. Yeah, okay, we inspires you to broadcast with like what is the mean like what inspires you to do interviews with that things? Okay. So first of all, what inspired me to do this interview thing? Yeah, like I told you I just I just come here for loading on this application and also for Fun N. Meanwhile I find soon. Many great people doing so many great things like someone is doing learning related stuff and they are really great at it. Whenever you go to their podcast. They are just you will be going to learn get something except that there are some good musician. Also, they are just showing that how good they are in arts outside. There are some good entertainers. So I just bring the here on my so so that I can ask some questions to them related to their profits and also some questions which maybe people don't know the about them. Their inner side can come out that was the motivation to start this thing God form. You thinking of you now. My question is can I ask you how you can ask one question to the you know, yeah. Hello. Are you there? Are you there? Yeah, we need my question is to you that you have done ID. Am I right? I'm busy as computer science. Yeah. So what was the subject near to you in 12th? Non-medical or something like Homer some I didn't go by 12. I went after 10:00. I got my diploma in computer science. Then I got into be. You did not like directly went to diploma. We had that option here in Karnataka. Then now they have stopped it. Like is it a poor like politicking something? Yeah. It was a Polytechnic. Okay, Diplomat Polytechnic and then three years and then I got into urinary. I know I know I got it because your completed also already in that Paul technique time. Yeah Polytechnic is considered as 12th and but then we get at mentioned. Fort Sam rather than you know, yeah be yes. Yes. Oh, yeah, so you have chosen front end on which software you are working now. See I first started working under coding only okay with Java and stuff which with which I worked in two designs and you know web also but now I'm actually working on application software CMR. Yeah, you aren't sorry. Yes. Which is the best design you have created now, we can see depends. I think I have created a few designs for the applications like apps for Android know so yeah, you're welcome. We design for the clients. You know, I think you also designed very logos. Also, I think yes, I do. Yes I do. Okay from minimum charge how many you charged here for your Android applications? I actually work under a company for it. So I don't charge directly. Okay, I get up you if you get if you get a work from a people that he wants to resign from yourself from you. Okay. I have a team for that actually tertian will you know I have a team for that who actually get projects and you know segregate stuff and all that. So, okay. I don't watch it. Side Austin everything I just you know, it has to be what so much so much I'm and stuff accordingly. It totally depends on how inspired I am by the work if I you know, it really trusts me. I will do it for the lowest cost also but then if it is time-consuming and stuff that I charge a code, so I will give you one idea because I am going back in for am going back in for him, but I need a French drain also I'm sorry. Hello. I want to create an application. So hello, can you listen me? Hello. Hello, how are you? So there is a mr. Right reason. Hi. Mr. Ritter. Have a you do, you know about Miss rotor Vinny? Hello? Hello Winnie. Hello. Hello, Vinny. Yeah, you were gone for some while and last caller also. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. No problem. No problem. So let's get into the questions now. Yes. Yes. Yes. Definitely. Yeah before that. Let's take some comments. Sure. Yeah, okay. Rocky hierarchy Heidi of Hiatus on okay, okay time to get on next question. Okay, sure. Sure. Sure. So what is social mood in media for you? How can we use this thing and you'd also you need to give positive side and negative session. Oh my God. This is the most difficult question. It's updated debatable question, man. Okay. Social media is like a magic wand. Okay, you have your spells you can use it. However you want. Okay, you can use it to waste your time. And you can use it to get information. Okay, but social media is hello Vinny. Yeah. Yeah, can you come again? Okay, social media. Yeah, it's like a magic wand. Okay, you can cast your spell on it and get it to do anything for yourself. Hmm. Can use it for positivity also and negativity also. Mmm, okay. Yeah, Rocky says Vinnie don't scare. I am hero Rocky my cord. That's such a relief by the kid. This is that Christians are very very like Christians are very light. Absolutely. Yeah another I think I was being scared for no reason. I think it's fun. Yeah. Yeah, it's fun. Like I told you in comment there in DM also mad. It's going to be fun. Don't worry about it. Yeah. Yeah, I think you enjoying. Yes, of course. I'm enjoying and all these guys are already here. Just see there are there are some people who like always come in my podcast. There are some who come to your podcast. So it's just great now all I hear. Okay, so you talked to this guy? Yes, I have I think he's a phenomenon. He spoke. Actually storytelling when it's comfortable about storytelling. I just always get goosebumps whenever I signed something this guy. Hello. Hello. Hello? Hello. Hi. Hi, I'm Angie Casa help. Hi Whitney. How are you? Let's party. Let's party. Let's see how fresh is about that goes to conduct. Those are things you can oppose attention to those little person in Sun cool. As a person of coral species has observed as a person kiss pieces other doctor. You can about marketed as a person Club. Do you see lemon as a person is the ball here? And there are multiple ways. They key is other Darla gonna see I think mu J is but say that I don't like turkey gobble them Square it can be praised Boggy Creek of race car pounds. Okay. Just need to get your stories on it would make our questions here. Things are absolutely hmm. The I think so many cases. Maybe Corona said no, mr. K. I think I'm pathetic gonna hear so much better hair is but kitten alarm a kissy but Sahara Zone, Take a kissy but her some water in here, but har keep but I think that's all the pretending from your psyche of I thought. G of net and big enough Get as a board baru camera, I think. Those donkey beta T. So I think Madonna was 13. I think UK could Cheese's in the game a GTR separate hotel and I think whoa coffee minor actor. So I didn't guess it is on my my coffee coffee bar her to chemo and I think Muhammad saw her own key and choose. Oh, man. Barbar Hanukkah who? Yes, it is only because Developed in Sanskrit neutral as approach our work. transparency Even the first time a gourmet kitchen has a bad career you ugly cow eventually, but I shall be his intention, you know clearly made up of ugly cochlear on a direct kind of straightforward. time to go on next question Join, the mobile teams, most comfortable the English mistreat our bolt ZZ move 40 bolt remove the t-bolt a okay time to go time to go on next question. So my next is what you is. Was there any time when you felt like completely lost if he was there and how you come out of that situation. Yes of our see I think I think I felt completely lost at completely very start of my career. Okay on Angie, I think even after struggling day and night and getting good scores and you know how engineering mechanical out that both but I what I am looking but at a certain level what happens you are expecting keep my dear. You up go campus campus language. I got you'll get a great job and everything. But with me that was not the case. Okay, I didn't get that job because my parents didn't want me to leave my native place and I was heartbroken at that time. He came up with the nominate command a and you guys are not letting me do it. Okay, so what's the kind of mindset? And I was like Michael Kearney NE that kind of issue but there was a friend and she asked me to join an Institute and start as a trainer for technical terms. I was like, 'hey this thing but they didn't want to hire a fresher than so. These guys asked me to handle their summer camp. Teacher engineering key cser computer science here Nam kok engineer ligarius fully and software after Kapoor adjusted and then what I have to go and handle summer camp, I think that that was like at that time feeling very low-key re gonna click it not going to equal 0 to 10. And then I started going in there. Okay, I joined it and another I'll tell you Kee hoo hoo. She Alex when you start learning you start accepting yourself, you know accepting kiha Joe a bulge Agatha eventually after three months working there immediately. I was educated and I started training for IELTS and you know, yes, sir. Is and then I got my first break of my talk. So I think Katrina kahin, it's very important to fall down once because it gives you it opens your eyes and that was my fall and it is Geo look at the Vienna document liver failure success Kikyo tear the approach of afraid of failure. At that particular time. No my one of my friend told me one thing and that I'm going to remember for my life. Okay? Snicker hockey Yar a beautiful life medic - what happened - see I think that should give you that particular job in that particular post you is inverted and hit me hard. You know it really hit me key is Basis by Minnesota chemo treatments the postman guy UFO because if you consider engineering colleges the kind of syllabus we study is like, oh my God, okay. Okay start even if it has to go into action, I think it has to be pulled backwards and I think that was my pull. Okay, and it will look great. But I think at that time wow, wow, superb superb. I just disappear and motivation. But it goes I think how many lives these other the motivate ho-suk than and just h42 Tomatoes si si Ng. Movies of movies but music is something which I like that's how could she not love language then? I will listen. Same to same. Hello. Hello, my name is song with it. So does VB Z? Okay be Minute Podcast, maybe gonna gaiata still sing it once here. Okay, guys, don't make fun of my singing of both. Don't worry. It was like a show Curious along with the heat the heat though, but the whole that he had become king queen. Somebody it it guys that are queen and circle Hoagie meeting on working because it down chill out. Wow. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello this is easy. But still you can see that you think so. Okay. Yeah z z z thin hydrating G3. How are you? Thank you my best friend day and this guy is Amazing Amy critical time. Characters vanara King he get Z is neck to my friend Edgerton becoming 69z snake characters were not my fault that you into obscure father and then his Selena School teachers and all that stuff. So give me my Greek art are so it's how coffee fun related content data create. I mean, it's like BBK wine Skeeter I could store. Woman, he's great. I think what a little debate or jeeva talented, very favorite and there is no favorite YouTuber say if we can find some can immunity Kerry also is good. Yeah, so whenever I'm on YouTube and whenever I gotta face of like Kerry or BB is there I just can't control myself. I just start searching. My headphones is ignoring my comment Nelly. I think there is one question there. How many bands did you get in our LTS guys? I have not attended LTS. I have not cracked it. I was in a training organization where they trained for these things. Okay, they helped, you know, they are not ignoring it just like it's entry going so we are so much into corporations. Maybe that's why sometimes and comments are coming very fast. So it's like we are unable to read every comment so If you feel like we ignored your comment, we are really sorry from the deeper part. Yeah, so we are not ignoring any comments. When we also if you have any question related regarding to win you can ask in comments section. You can common goal you can ask her. Yeah, you guys need to do that because of listeners are very important because you guys listens. That's why we are doing here. So we're not ignoring you. Don't worry Ben. Hmm. Okay, it's time to go next question. Yes, please. So do you read books? Yeah, I do read books. So let me add one more point in it. What's your favorite book and why it is your favorite book favorite book is one book, which I have read. Okay, The Power of Now power of Power of Now now okay by Eckhart Tolle. Hmm, and this guy has given some Amazing inside light of the present and a lot of times what happens, you know on and we either tend to be held back in the past or we are either a mind we are in the present and a mind is in the future and we are in Pre assumptions critical Kahoka the but in this word, we are losing our present some somehow. Okay, and I think this book has just you know, You can just pack that thing up in your mind. Keep present kidney important. That's good. That's good. It's your favorite. So guys if you listening Vinnie, you can read this book about of now. Yeah, I'll just put that in the Yeah, put the comment section the name of the book and and also read. Hello. Hello Vinny. Oh my God. They took problem. Hello. Hello, Vinny. Vinny hello. Hello. He's so yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yo double but it's little bit breaking. Think it's a necessity that is where it gets a little bit tricky. Yeah, actually and also it's nighttime now, maybe so that's why it's network is Susanna. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now you're clear crystal clear. Yeah interesting. Okay, so guys this is how can you yeah good question. That's a fantastic question honey, honey. The problem is you know, we are full time chasing the world. Okay. We are chasing, you know, the trends we are changing changing social media and stuff. I think to find the or Shoal first find yourself. I think find you which is the stuff that's very important. That's very important connect with your very good point start accepting yourself, you know. These are the little things you start doing you find your soul you and once you find your soul God nobody is required in life. You know, you just have everything. Yeah, that's so true. That's so true. Once you will found yourself what you are then you can find yourself. Wow dancer. So purpose hopefully if you yeah, yeah, okay time to go on next question. Yes. Before that Arjun have question. I think please tell me books name. Are you gonna have put that in the comment section? But again, it is the Power of Now Okay, so get on time to go next question and next question to you is your opinion on open talk. What is your opinion about open? It's great. It is like Aladdin Gojira. why this is yeah, it has everything Muncie on and it is like Mutation you get here, okay training for communication with repair. You want the people who are having fun? You get it here. Yeah, that's true important thing. Okay. Hello. Hello, Winnie. Hello Winnie. Hello Winnie. Okay, let's look like Vinny connection is weak for some moment. Let's take the cars until she come back. Oh, he's gone to I don't know this needle problem is just killing the interviews. Hello, Vinny. Tokyo you can join for CEO first clicking on looking for the Vinny and her voice is totally disappeared. Hello Winnie. Thank you so much rahan for your kind comment. Hello a little key. Hello, Vinny. The mom is a party or hum. It mean onto rack. is that the managing the geko asan Kirlia could see its tourism any Zindagi Co our son Carla kissing map him angrily or kisi KO market area B version hirota be version and hirota Amigo eagerly DC could say but her Chow, who later Wow, due to was a limb. Hey, you deal me the curve. He made an urban Saga ordeal. Whoop a career-high Jammu Kashmir carpet arugula. What's the Kathy? Hi, there are some who would say Cathy here. There is subtle hungry soda Butte pericardium would say Buddha symmetry. That's it. Thank you guys so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My my you brahmas Arvin that this idea was Halloweeny. Are you there? Hello. Hello Vinny, I am unable to hear your voice. Vinnie it's not Oliver. Hello, Vinny. Get out of the application and then go in, you know plus sign they will be option of coal joining join it again. Maybe it will be your voice will be back. Okay. Now I'm really confused about that. Okay. So are you getting me half to three hours earlier when he was married? Actually, I my question is for. Vinny yeah, yeah, you know that I'm and I'm really into what kind of person I really don't know how to deal with it. Yeah. I'm I really have fear to talk to the people. Yeah, so, how can we tackle this? So I'm just here to ask. Yeah. Okay, mr. Multi-talented great. Sounds great man named so on and what sin Phi inspire you always to do that kind of things the interview thing. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You're not there when I was a staff like yeah. I left I left you know that me you know that and I've still learned it on together. That's why I'm sorry BB EB Former students. Yeah today, so that's why man so actually there isn't behind it. I just I'm just really inspired by the some people who are doing really great here by their knowledge or maybe by their music they are entertaining people by their other things by their fun and entertainment. They are entertaining people. So I just want them to come up all those people on one stage so that I can appreciate them for their work. Okay. Hello. Yeah, if any you are finally finally portable again. Yeah. Hi, honey. Yeah, honey, please a question. You can ask a question for you. First of all, you know that kind of person. Yeah, so how to deal with it. Deal with what? Yeah introvert kind of person whenever I go for any person it's before that. It's a fear in the mind. Yeah. Okay scared that kind of thing. So how to deal with it don't go with an expectation or don't go with any on a result in your mind. You sound like a piano. Could you please fix it? Okay. Now now it's good. It's good. Yeah, it's good. Honey is simple there's a very simple trick to this don't go to talk to a person with any expectation in your mind. Like if you're talking to a person just go for the you know sake of talking like don't keep things in your mind that you know, if I say this what that person might think just to clear your mind out of it. Yeah. I just keep one thing in your mind see whatever the result will be. It doesn't matter. Yeah. Actually I have that or you know, just going by the Dozen by the people. Yeah. That kind of thing if I go with the Dan people they will judge me. Yeah. Yeah, so he's in cat he have a fear that maybe people judge me. He's a he have that thing. I think what it on the how I think wooden axe over that. So that's why I know I do have a good network, but I don't know it is with only this app that I'm have facing problem. Now, it's audible it's okay. Yeah, it's no it's okay. Feel invited by the people. Yes. Okay. Let me divert your fear honey. See when you go to talk to people you have the fear of unknown saying that you know, this person is unknown to me and what this person must be thinking in his mind right now and you really start you start presuming things and you make yourself anxious and nervous. I think that person is not making us nervous. It's real start making it nervous and I'm also an introvert for I know okay how it works in the mine. You want the okay before your podcast? Okay, I have joined. Yeah. Yeah requesting. I was thinking, you know, he'll say so that no think I was really confused at Dancing Yeah, so it's like you always fear of unknown honey, because you don't know how the other person is going to react. So you have it already in the mind of what if that person doesn't react well, Okay, so all your water pipes and just go blank. Okay, just go blank and even if you mess up it's okay, you know, it's all right to mess up things. Okay, because we are thought in our minds like, you know, if you mess up things will be embarrassed and you'll be ashamed and you cannot face that person all these things are built up in our minds which is very wrong. I think the end of the day all of us are you doing any mistake? It's okay. You just say sorry and then just continue talking, you know, it will not make a big difference there. Okay. I think there is a very wrong idea which is put into our mind that first impression is a lasting impression. I owe you notice very strong. They are saying a lot of people not even me a lot of people that is what it's important to our minds from the start that first impression is the last impression which is because if for the first impression you might find a person very charming and very great and then in the second you will know that that if a person is creeper if it is stupid so never go by the idea that first impression is a Or just be yourself. I think being yourself is important honey, you know the world anyway to yeah on the second question, is that how can we stop or procrastination procrastination? I think you have to get a boy. You have to start thinking of yourself as an asset to the world. Okay, put that thing in your mind that honey agar. Kitchen, Hikari. So then you start doing here. I'm a boil. So I think you have to get that mentality. You know, I have to get up to live my life and who's going to live your life dude, you have to do it. Yeah, so that's why it's going on a log down of 21 days. So I mean clearly it's okay. Okay, honey, I'll go into the questions because I have so many questions here. Yeah. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you for coming and asking some good questions to winning. Yeah, hopefully you got your answer and it will help you. Thank you so much. Bye bye. Bye. Bye. See ya. Okay, so let me let me get to the next question. Yeah, so my next question is what who is according to you're doing really well on open Talk go with good content. Do you have any idea? You suggest any three person like you find that creep good person opened up a person who are doing good content. Anand it is very difficult to say because I have not explored as much but I was today in one podcast. There's a guy called Kabir Kabir. Okay musical career. Yeah. I don't know if it is musical career. But it his name was just Kabir and guitar in his hand and stuff. And that guy. Oh my God. He played songs for continuously two hours. Who does that who has That kind of a oh my God was singing and he was continuously singing, you know, I was there in the comment section. I think I was there for an hour there, you know because I had the time so I was like, you know, I got in there and then I can get out of there. You know, I was feeling like that more that he created in that particular podcast. I think it's great. I think people need to take a mouse and all his music is great and it's okay guys so Vinny, There is someone like cupcake and he can play music to two hours. So if you love music, if you found peace while listening music just like me just check it started here. Check it him out guys. He's great. I mean he's doing awesome. Okay, that's one and on next one. That's hard to say but I have not heard a lot of people. I think a lot of people are there. I think there's one guy named shalom shalom. Shalom. Sha LOM. Okay, all the guys who are very much interested to upgrade their vocabulary. I think that's one place you should hit and check because that guy comes up with vocabulary that sentences and I think that few other people who are doing this English lessons and stuff. Okay. So guys if you looking for learning English and vocabulary stuff, you can just join in this case Saloon twice or Thrice and then there are other people a lot of other people like this the page there's Krishna and not the list goes on. I think there's hurry. There's Frank Frank is coming up with GK questions and stuff apart from that. There are leaders. You know who are like, dr. Amy There and there's mr. Orido is there I think he yeah awesome job. I think is stories and stuff is great. So yeah, it's very hard on and to be pick up three people. Okay, but and for person like me who just explores once in a while it is again very difficult to pick - okay, that's good. That's good. You suggest some people who are new here. Yeah, so maybe they whoever listing guys. He suggested some new guys like Whenever I ask this question, they always like same as same popular people but you suggest some new guys. Hope that's great. I would suggest you check out these guys because you will get an idea. Actually that kind of exposure that they should I think that's important. Okay, I'm glad we have to help people who come in newly and try to build you know, and smile smile like that smells real good. Bring every every good people. It's not about if they are popular or not. My motive is are doing great. Now there's need to be caged. Correct people need to know about them. Yeah. That's my men would stop talking about this guy because I was there for an hour. I tell you on him. He continuously kept singing. Wow. So people like me who really love music is just a grateful and maybe you will see him interviewing with me instead of very thin very few times. I would love that. You know, I would love that. Five musical interviews so he can be sick from then. There's something or someone called Manchu. Also, I guess you must break singer. He had come in his podcast. So that is how I got to know. Okay, that's good. That's good. This is some new guys were doing it. Great. I also got some idea. Thank you so much. Yeah. People who are popular. Yeah, that's true. Everybody will go and even without suggestion you will go. Yeah, there are newcomers and who have great content or great things they are doing yeah. Okay, they're good people also. Yeah. True. Very true. Honey says what nice thing. Can you do for someone? Honey, just be yourself. If somebody needs support just extend your hand. That is all you can do and they will remember you for life. Okay, let me take you guys here. I will take - Gordon. Hi, my name is intuitive Yeah, even I don't know much. I just listened one or twice. I just signed a request also. When is that? Yeah. Yeah a little bit illiterate here on and you know, because I don't know much people in here and so as one of them, I think I'm water is a most loud up in Tokamak. How can you say that? No, I know he's most loved but I'm saying I don't know how personally I'm not talkin to her and II. He agrees on that, isn't it? So yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's like guy I'm talking we are talking first time. Yeah, I'm a doctor Emmy or you may also I think he is the top most Creator in here, but I have I had never spoken to him personally, but really they were in at Rocky's podcast. He was there and I had a chance to speak to him. Yeah, so I think yeah, there's always a first time isn't it? Yeah, we oppose and I try to connect but that them you're busy at try to connect in a two or three times. So I disable and try to avoid it until you see is by one of good friends. So, oh nice you guys we goes like this sometimes that's very nice. I mean, that's what Sweet, isn't it? Yeah. So V both give each other nicknames and then we fight like that. We even think podcast about fighting about this thing to house really is. Yeah. Yeah, it's fine. It's fine. It's only one. Oh my God, don't do that. Please div. Oh, you know singing although no, no, no, no. No, I don't know singing. These guys are just pulling my legs. That's all. Yeah. Yeah, it's not very good for the Jitney Logan and drama sub-second a jolly man. Whenever gardea. Hey, man. Yeah I can but they are busy already coruscating my Vizio Getty from little big lobsters. you. Yeah, by the way, let me tell you see is the one my best friend who is graphic designer also. She's good at sketching you can see ya as you can see her in DP. So do I do you have any do you have any questions? I'm just thinking I just want campus. I'm Goshen, but butter a concurrent derivative bouquet, not for conquer. tofu scramble idea Holy. See disability and really what you do. I just take a like a normal interaction. Hello. Hello. Hello. Nene. Nene I did you. When you're knowledgeable Vinnie. Vinny we'll get Grammy award for his singing weenie. Hello. Mini So I think she I think hello. I'm here. I'm here CC. Yeah, I'm just asking your shopping very short introduction. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, I'm just smoking shorted. Hello Laura. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. Are we on the whole night? Yeah. Yeah, you guys are audible. I think am I audible to you guys? Yeah. Yeah, you are a devil. Okay. Yeah. Hello. She's asking for your short intro. Hello. Hello? Yes. Yeah, I've been yeah, I check my network somebody is asking with any is that a pic of you in the mountains? No dip that's not a pic of me in the mountains. That's a pic of me on the beach. Hello. Hello? Hello, and I think I may shoot Network. I join you later. Yeah, can you hear me now? Yeah, you know double Vinny. Yeah. Okay, great, I think Why does this happen then fluctuation in the network? I don't know this application have some box. Maybe that's why that happens sometimes. Yeah, maybe then here. So Dave is asking Vinny. Is that a pic of you in the mountains div? It is on the beach. That's what we can go over. So yeah. Yeah, you can ask now see a soda bottle and hello. Yeah. Hello, Julia you they're just gone. N yeah, okay. Let me let me get to the questions now except her she had a Christian. She didn't complete it intersects people are so stressed. They are not able to make out mountains and we don't know in I actually that's not the case is in sauna. Yeah, but her name is Ania. She has put it there as in shh if he's actually in a so, yeah. Honey Singh is anxiety something that them no. No, honey. That doesn't happen a lot. It happens only when it's a stampings my thoughts at times when you know, I have to face a difficult situation, but then what happens is eventually I picture it as a normal scenario in my mind like Celtic cuz I got you. Attitude if you have that attitude, dude, you can just crack anything. Yeah, that's true. Crispy cracker Jacka. No because he didn't. Okay - peace until you win is what's your goal? My goal is to be happy is to be happy one for an amazing dancer. Yeah, I think see the point is achievement were here at the pique, you know, but when are we going to have be happy come coschka bring it? So I think is to be happy. So in whatever time whatever condition but happy I want to be happy. That's all. Okay, that's good. That's a very good answer. I will I will copy this on some from your now because so many people ask me. What is it? So I'm like I'm going to tell them my ultimate goal. Sorry. Yeah. Okay. Yeah ninja thank you. I think that's so sweet. Ninja is asking for heart so many and on and then that's very nice. Thank you so much Linda. Thank you so much. Mystery Sam okyere, so let's get to the next question. I think I keep asking this question a lot. Yeah your portable. Yes. Okay. So yeah, please go ahead with your next question. Yeah, so my next question is if you go in with a chance to do whatever you want then hello. Hello. Hello, Vinny. Yeah. Yeah, I'm here on our table. I'm audible now. Yes. Yes. Okay time to get on next question. Hmm. Okay, if given me the chance to do whatever you want then what do you want to chance in polarity change? Sorry. I'm sorry again? Okay, if you get a chance, hello, if you get a chance to do something for society, what kind of change you want to give what kind of changes you want want to make in society? If I get a chance to make change in the society, what kind of changes are want to see ya? Is that is that the question is that a suggestion? Okay, I think I want to make ground level changes in education system. Okay. Okay, it has to be more more skill-based than than theoretical uh-huh. Okay, secondly value system has to be installed. I mean inculcated. Okay, just like we talked about principles and honesty and compassion at the very latest stage of a life, which is difficult. I think at the very early stage. We have to build our generation so strong that failures. Don't break them. Hmm. You don't huh? I think that ground level change will eventually make an impact on a bigger level later. So I think yeah, that is all I think and life has to be equal T based rather than being equal, you know equality and stuff. I think Equity has to be maintained lying where there is necessary. I think their focus to be done. I think that yeah, so this is what change you want to see in society and if you get a chance to do that, You going to do this? I will do it. I will if I get a chance I will definitely make an attempt to do it actually. Yeah, so that's a great. I might just do it in such a level that it creates a ripple is ahead and you know, eventually it gets bigger. So yeah. Okay, ninja pressing on by Angela Louise series. Thank you so much. Thanks for the appreciation. And thanks for the suggestion. We will see in the near future if who knows which was like that totally. Yeah. Yeah, but by the way, thanks for the princes body. Oh kissing. Hi Nene, okay. Okay, time to get on next question. Yes. Okay. So are you enjoying many questions asked in the interview commence this it's with great just - the network stuff. Yeah. Rest all is great. Best of all is beta K. Yeah. That's what I wanted. I just want my guests to enjoy not just like feeling like a boar with questions, or maybe that's why I do some it was some funny stuff. All mid-con was sometimes yeah, I think they're Zulu in here. Zulu calls me as the channel, you know, I already have a nickname by him here. So I think he's stupid. He's right. He's right. I heard some anchors from aspects are not sure but someone is sound like you I would I would look like his he is he is he does that he says, you know, I'd stuck Channel guys. Stop spamming the comments. I think that is causing the network fluctuation. Yeah, maybe because our misuse is misuse. I don't know but now there are so many comments so many governments but you know, like the comments need so many he says that it's lagging. I think it's because of this, please don't do it. Yeah. So rock is in saying so at the sink. Insert a singer fantastic. She's a set of thing is senior editor anasta in the NewsCenter. Yeah, but with the sounds different dear so that one sound like the I'm just like men sir. I'm just forgetting the name who sound like you. Okay? Okay. Nobody Zulu calls me at stake because I come up with serious issues. He says that you always talk serious things know that is why your artistic. Okay. I said a Chatty Cathy glass of punch is nigger. Fuck. Yeah. Does that mean funny stuff will appear below? Okay, time to go on next question. It's Leo Beach, make banana Bullock on both fast are in favor of comment again, but if I say hi psyche, how are you, dude? Yeah, that'll cause voice fluctuation guys. Don't please don't do it. I don't know. Who is Miss losing your voice on and I cannot hear you now. Hello. Yeah, now I can yeah, you network is sort of autonomy in 91 was covid is a hotel lobby comments. Now Joey Cardinal spam ask yourself the hard button completely continuously the water. Hello. Hello. Yeah animated. Hello. Yeah, finally erodible after one minute. Yeah, our emergency command carrier. Yeah, that is what please don't spam guys around as you become answer now Christians push now Costa Rica, Nia ever coach or adobea Ramadan satirical that came true which alter a knee up could be nice on powerful chemical of enjoy the nuclear program. He is Zulu how mean Zulu don't say that okay. He says keaveney large the channel. When did you laughs nicely last time? a beautiful beautiful earlier coffee has to be Actually, a lot of people don't believe it. They made podcast story serious issues pehota. I'm like, I'm discussing things like, you know, hi, Julia. Ha so Regency. Yeah complexity. They were he bought a key. Stop experiment. Has anybody looking Kabhi Kabhi Gham a PC or a podcast majority. Okay, musti. Karate. Kangaroo. I love that a lot. I have fun. I enjoy just like you're just like hey, do you by any chance? Have you felt that? I'm a very serious person and then I talked and stuff and they are without the feeling warm body to Enoch measure of control. Okay? Yeah, so I just don't want Charlie Charlie next question to the birthday boy. Lemon Quality Bar. Today, of course, okay. Hello. Hello moon. Hello - hello Hi, how are you? Yeah, I'm good. What about you guys enter you guessed it. You guessed it. It's been great mother. Like kitty what up, though? It's live it like you asked about the what I think Direction you have any they can stay with me Jake impact one gather given he's good even when he's great and he's great, right? Yeah so many Maps here push down. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Toy think made our first intention you Hanukkah. We talke comes from Lake to Lake out of curiosity. I theme AS application by Morocco intention Atacama logo address Columbia and I'll talk to a lot of people as a coach Nikita to up covid about how may I think check out cornea intention tranny? It was just a curiosity haircalf easier. They care you are a good speaker. Yeah be our talent he kept open. Hello. Hello evening. Yeah. Hi. Yeah, haha. May you get you get a good speaker? I think I have addressed a lot of people in school and college and I was a good speaker. Okay, and I have always had crowds around me but love JB hyung those the bed. Hey, you know people gather around us when we talk and we you know chitchat or whatever it is. Could you be who always had people around me? So I need you know, he never he made up are a key I can talk to people. I know it is one of my best assets can say Jessica we push that actually savior savior. We need I can talk to people I love people and I could talk for longer times exactly called the academic ability a conversation covid whole Kenickie it kornacki the possibly. I technically that has helped me here in this app and first job minute you happy enter Kia then I think my topic was very simple. I just wanted to talk to people who don't get to talk. Anybody that could be okay. Yeah. Yeah. Well lucky guys. You guys can share your heart break stories of your heart breaks to me and people did share their stories and they were phenomenal and I think was Chabad lucky. I think he ha she rose quartz exactly. I think people will go anywhere to find that stuff but people don't find people who want to listen to them even if that I wanted to be that years to them. Then I became those years to them and I think a lot of I talked and mostly I talked to beginners because I think they are the most ignored people in here what I think exactly they all deserve that attention and I'm here to give them that well said well said even now I am like thinking that I should do some productive to because now I'm just I have already creating my cave people are listening me. So definitely now it's time to turn the table and do something logical and something productive. Yeah, well said, I think it's never too late. Mama like yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah exactly. But is that actually the thing is that first of all, we have to create some Rapport between listeners. And so that's what we should go to their levels, but What are they thinking just become their friends then? I the yeah, I want to speak this and that then people will listen me. So this by this is my perspective. Yeah, we need thank you so much or at least give it all. We are at a jock wanted those the yeah, push Yogananda. The worst boards are a her mom. I can't just count them on my fingers as he very holiday Miracle essence. It really is awkward particularly. Now, you can come time spent with you as app pages. I just wanna broadcast explore. Thank you. You did absolutely nothing but I think it on and thank you so much. Can we did the privilege to witness a question? Yeah, Vinnie. I have a lot of respect for you in my heart. Keep inspiring me. Come on the moon every listener is very important for me. So it's my pleasure pleasure. You guys come here and ask questions and take interest in my interviews that that's why I'm here taking interviews back to back. Yeah, I think another that is a wonderful job that you're doing I think you know interviewing people I think because a lot of people don't know the ground reality of people key, you know were coming and doing podcast over here. What are their interests and what they really are that's what I want to get out. That's really sweet. And zarya I will speak to him in English here henceforth the because you are there listening and I don't want to offend people. Don't know English. So yeah, okay time to go on next Tuesday. Yeah. Yeah. So my next question to you is what is your what's the future scope for open top producing? What's what's the future scope for open talk? What do you think? I think it's great. I think these guys are going to go very far with open-top. I think just see Tick-Tock. Okay. It was just a stupid little app. And now it's a crazy. It's a rage and I think open talk is giving people the opportunity of learning things for free. Yeah for free. That's very important. You go to YouTube Oh anywhere. It's all with ads and there is now so many things are coming up Andy. Yeah here you can talk one to someone and you can get rated. Yeah, I think that's that's huge. That's choose you first thing you are getting it you're getting something in free. Also, if you're doing great, you gonna get some points and coins in and backup solutely when I buy something for you, so they are not taking something and but they are not taking anything from you. They are given to you everything if you eat. Yeah, I feel like if you love learning and you know, like one more thing like this about this application when you come into this application you if you just love to listen, you can do your listening practice then you can interact with that person also, That's what that's what makes it acceptable to all great. Like you are like suppose you're confused about the topic first. You can just relax and listen about listen something about it. Then you can make it only make an opinion in your mind and then you can go to that person to talk about it. Totally. Yeah. So that's what makes this application really great application to be if used positively will bring great changes in your life. That's yeah. Yeah. So guys if you looking for learning aspects this you came on very very right application. Yeah, and he has a question here. Okay. Let's do this ja one great question zero zero zero. It's like I'm nothing. I want to be nothing. You know, you should not get self-consumed. You know Teja. I know what this is. InDesign there's no. I just want to be legal. I just keep learning and update. I want to be whatever so I think a lot of people don't you know, they look down on this word is 0 but I think that's that's the most powerful thing, you know zero. Yeah, you put it in its place matters a lot. If you put it in a certain place, it will show you one value and to put it in some other little kids on saying you will be hired soon. Keep it up. Up. So I think this to winning or me. I don't know. I really don't know Hari Krishna Hari Krishna you hope you're doing fine - why are you crying? What's the matter? So yeah, tell us. Why are you crying? Can you see any question by honey, honey? Okay, what have been your biggest mistakes? Yeah, actually honey. You know what honey said that we are ignoring. We are you going it's not like that before now you like there was spam and spam coming in the comments and people are just coming in coming in coming in. So it's hard to get the comments. So leave your comments, but you are now you. Now we go to Christian and we're going to answer it. You have any? Yeah what my biggest mistakes I think the opportunities that I didn't take because of fear. I think they have been opportunities a lot of opportunities and maybe sometimes I thought they were not worth my time. Sometimes it was like I had a fear like, you know, if we could give the possible result in your hand, but now when I look back I think those chances which I can take I have missed one. Okay, okay kids and saying you will be I'd soon unique it because he's giving it away. Yeah. Yeah, she's going to be higher because he is fastest is the cracking. It is nailing that is nailing it first by hard. I'm going to hire I think lindau Tory is asking consi a pitch. I really think my or could be linked to ninja I think other up. Transmitted up they can he throw up Muji in stop a check out girls like something about care because many coffees are opposed. They came up and I was like impressed you have seen you have because I do all the research before someone to get on a this interview made a pacifier knowledge both comfy. That's why what I did. I just I just started exploring your podcast and everything so that this is really Slim and thin the Vodka said we got away again. For a knowledge Seeker Turkish coffee bar in sc3k civil action trailer. That's great. I think yeah Hari Krishna have three question. I think that are caused by. Yeah, honey. I have not ignored you and I will never do sorry if you feel offended, but please come back sometime and you can also ask me questions when you come directly to my podcast, so don't worry. You're right. So yeah. Hello. How you cope up with when you are stressed? Yeah, you have any? This is a difficult question. I breathe I breathe and that is what I do. I feel like you know, I look at it as if this stress is gonna matter after a certain time like after 1 hour or two or will it matter to me that particular situation then I just, you know start analyzing and then Channel, you know, you just divert your mind or you think about something good that happened or you start counting your blessings. See this doesn't matter you I have all these good things in my life. So we had that result. Hi Axl, how are you? How are you? I'm good for dogs. Like I got up to try to talk to you after very long time after your into that him talking young man. Is this like? Yeah, I'm not so much frequent in this app not frequent also, so I've been taking an interview of we need today. Okay, so he's my guest hi. Hi Winnie. Hi. Hi. Let me tell you when you he is my friend. guitar is it I heard but I would love to listen to hmm. Yeah completely something so it's you interview today. Yeah. Yes. It is how it is going. Oh, it's going great. It's been fun. Okay. So on in this school and then is good that is job. I guess he is. I mean he is he's really going very good at taking interviews. Yeah so we can ask Something to you. Yeah, you can ask them better. If you sing a song before I go to my next question. Okay. So you wanna okay. Okay. Yeah one song one song because I have some limited time you can click brother. Yeah. So just listening. Yes. Sure. galante Wow, I told you in it. He's just great with his guitar. When he's around it just like yeah, it just feel like better to be silent and just listen his music. Thanks a lot. It's a beautiful beautiful. I think that that was really beautiful. Thank you so much funny things a lot because yeah, you compliment. Yeah. So actually if you have any question you can ask or else I have yeah. If you have like if I give a chance to use it if I give you a chance. Hello. Can you hear me inaudible? Oh, yeah, whatever - yeah, it sounds like it's like a vacuum 70. Hello. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah now I can hear you guys clearly. Yeah, so I'm asking if I give you a chance you can say you can go back to your boss. Then you have to redo like one day of an event or something in your life pass. I'm sorry again again, please please again. Hello. Yeah, it's like a horrible to you. No, no. No, you guys are not audible one minute. It's not audible at all. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah when you go getting my voice now, yeah, yeah kind of yes kind of so, yeah, this is better. This is better. Yeah. Yeah, so I'm asking like if I give you a chance to go back in your past and just lick it redo one day like you can redo anything like your action whatever you did so what it will be. I want to relive my childhood. I guess I'll just go back and I think like something you want to change from regular you did some mistake you did to you regret of something and you want to change it. Oh my God, you you're giving me a chance to go back and change a mistake. Yeah. I will. I will change my entire career my I'll just leave the it and I'll just get into I will just pursue some art, you know. So you regret your you will regret you re glad you're taking career, I guess right? Hello - hello twini. Hello, Winnie Winnie. Hello. This network is just Halloweeny. vanille So this this problem is happening from like the beginning in out in out in out. Yeah. Yeah, your voice is clear answer his question. Then I'll go to my questions also. Yeah. Hello my God. Yeah. Yeah, Vinnie. I hear you. You can hear me. Yeah, I can hear you. Hello think it's a we are on the verge of the end. Yeah, that is why it's happening. Hello. Yah. Yah, that is why I guess like it's happening. I don't like you better continue with your question. I guess like it's maybe Charlotte. Yeah you right. I guess we need was like awesome talking to you. Okay, and it's like you have a good interview and hello having me over here. Okay. Thanks. Bye. Good. Bye. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. You just met today by music. Thank you. Thanks a lot for having me. Yeah. Okay. Well I did. Okay, so We'll go on the next question we have less time now. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, Ania, I guess hello. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. I'm a horrible to you. Yes, you are audible to me. Okay. So my next question is I just have two more questions now, so it is the next year. So it's going to be coming to you or given a so let's listen to you is what do you think? What is good? Love my arrange our love? What do you think which marriage is good arranged marriage or love marriage? Hello. Hello, Vinny. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, so my question was like which marriage is good. I can hear you can hear I can you totally you my question was which marriage is good arranger, my love. According to you. Hello, Vinny Winnie my God voice breaking and hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. I'm here. I'm here. Okay. So my question was what is a good marriage according to you? Love marriage and Arrangement. What is what is for which marriage is good and like which is good any marriage both are ready to go through anything. I think that that is good. It doesn't matter whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage. So which love is good? I love to teach great created after arranged marriage or love. No it doesn't it. It doesn't matter if it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Okay. What matters is if both are ready to take it ahead till the end? Okay. That's great. That's it. That was a great answer. Okay. So yeah, I need let's take let's talk to the injured two minutes. Then. I will ask my nose. Last question hello ninja below my video averted under the caliphate. We Neva is yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, and I think I keep missing out on your voice somehow but I are in network issue is just now. Yeah, you're the devil. Hello. Hello. Hello America. Hello? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm here. Yeah. Hello. Yeah, and yeah, please go ahead. Okay. So let's ask the last question. Halloweeny Winnie Vinnie inaudible. Yeah, you guys I think you guys are talking something. No. No, I was not. Okay. I'm just asking inaudible and yeah. Hello. inaudible inaudible hello. Hello. I'm audible to you now. Hello. Hello. So my last question was like which one is good at Angelo. So it's related to that and that's my last question. Okay. Yeah, so that is what I said. See. Well, it doesn't matter if it is a love marriage or it is another arranged marriage. that is all that is needed everything rest rest just follows okay okay okay so my last last question is you I mean it just for an example if I can accept the other person okay no matter what it is I think we should be that transparency has to be the okay that is going to go ahead whether it's of marriage or the arrangement so my last and final question to you is will you marry me Oh my God. Yeah. Oh my God. Definitely. Yeah, let's get married right away think again. I'm 80 years younger than you. That's why that's why I see that. You know, let's get married right away so that you get eight years. Then you start thinking. Oh my God, what did I do? That's really funny. That's the right way to end the interview. I guess that was enough really when I do something funny in last. There is a variant. That was my plan that I will do a something funny in. Oh my God. That was really I mean that really worked invite me for wedding a okay Catherine come you're gonna sing concrete song Berra. Yeah. No. Alright guys, we are creating an another skidding. I didn't tell them you're kidding guys guys. I was I was kidding. No because I knew it from the first time when you said, you know, You marry me. So I said, yeah, I'll fight you guys but she said she will marry me so very soon once logged on. Then I really like yeah, I think you should take this call. Yeah. Yeah. We just have a last nine minutes. So we will talk to dr. Amin and then the podcasting yeah. Yeah people according to Katherine. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Dr. Amy. How are you? Great, it's been great. How are you? I'm doing fantastic as usual interesting. So any how was your interview experience with Anna? Oh my God, it's fun. This guy's. Oh he's a magician. Okay. So what was his last question? I will take that was much not a lot of like he was just kidding. Yeah, it was just ending interview in a light way. Yeah, I think it was the most funniest way that could happen. Yeah. Very seriously. He asked me you know, what do you think about marriages and stuff? I said just the hearts need to wipe and then he's OK you will you marry me like, yeah. Okay, just let's just get married right away. So interview turning into it. Of course. It's like, you know you guys in me for my marriage. So we already have everything set up. Yeah. Yeah, that's really good guys. They are and this is lockdown times. Happy married life Captain. He's saying happy married life. So yeah, so when it's locked down to only virtual gifts, absolutely, I think what's the gift? I think these guys coming into my podcast is the biggest gift that I have and all the love that a shot as oh my God. It's like a treasure. So yeah, I'm gonna you know, if it forever yeah we need is because the effort you're putting into your pots and the way you are as for callers and the way you bring up the content here in a fantastic job. I think dr. Amy that is The best compliment because you are a prominent personality in here and when people like that start, you know appreciating our work. I think that's that's a certain level to be in and I really am glad I am you know honored like so yeah. Okay glad is fine honored. I don't think so because I have seen yeah, but I have seen the way the kind of work. You put in here in open talk. That's like awesome really awesome the kind of titles you come up with the kind of discussion you gone with sometimes they keep on listening about the things that I fear. But yeah, I'm sorry. I'm surprised you listen to my podcasts. Okay. Let's see what surprise to me. Yeah. I do go to many podcast every day, but when it comes to your podcast at this, I am giving the 10 to 15 minutes for sure if I don't catch up some other works with yes, I do listen to you and the way you bring the content the way you explained to everyone in a niche waste. By step. I'm like this to the graveyard. You really doing a great job. Hello inaudible your inaudible. Wynia when you having some issue. Hello Winnie. And even and that's a wonderful thing you're doing here. You can really see that really the people boarding really great and I'm very humbled with all the love and appreciation that I am getting from the sap. I think that's that's something it's yeah actually because you're doing great. That's why you getting all the love. Thank y'all again. Yeah, we do something good we get something in Philly. Yeah. Yeah, that's what I can say this was like one of the most awaited interview but bad luck I missed it because I had some Skype calls OK ma. In fact, this is the first interview which I clicked on the notify me. Oh my God, I think that does this is huge. This is the first time I have ever did that because normally when I used to see notifications, I would just remember the time that time I would go but this is the first time when I clicked on notify me because I don't want to mess it but bad luck. I had some Skype calls. Oh my God. Yeah, so I'm really happy, you know people think so good of me in here and that's very nice to know. You know, it's very what how do I put it in? I feel really grateful for all the love, you know, and the kind of what do I say perspective people have You know about me the thought about me. So yeah, that's very nice. I really feel humbled right now. Meaning you deserve it the way you're putting the things here. You deserve it. Thank you. Thank you again. I think I just sometimes wish you know English dictionary had a bigger words and thank you and with is not unfortunately, but thank you guys. It doesn't have a bigger word, but it has a bigger expression smile. Yeah, I think yeah that that just says everything and I've been smiling constantly through the interview I think and that is the answer. That is the only way I can thank you guys and that's the greatest. Feeling you guys. Give me you know, you guys make me smile. That's all. So, yeah. Anyway this and I would like to tell one more time. You're doing a wonderful job and I'm really appreciating YouTube and I would love to hear you a lot. But the thing is that I'm caught up with some stupid things because of this lockdown and Anna my dear friend my dear brother you're doing wonderful and I appreciate that you come up with some more interviews similar to like Venus one and yeah, don't say to everyone that you want to know. When two objects, you're the first person. Oh my God, I thought he says that to everybody at the last just lighten up the mood first person. You're the first person. I see Vinny. I think you should you should go don't go to the first to tell you go to second interview. You can see the difference from identical to this interview. Oh, he has developed himself a lot like bringing up with the CUNY questions and then the way to handle it. Yeah, I will. Definitely. Yeah this there I can see he has done some wonderful changes in himself and it literally takes a job as the very seriously like as an interviewer. Okay. Yeah, I will definitely make an effort and you know, make sure I listen to all of them. Yeah, the second interview not the first one because the first one was mine. It was completely different topic and there was like most of the time and I don't know how What to say how do you say because when you could you do one thing? I'm sorry. I just don't think you guys could you just help me with one thing? Yes, sir.