Hi, good evening Central this Indian here hiding. Good evening. It is a pleasure talking to you create the you know, it would be great to know a little more about you before we get into the conversation. Yeah, so I'm working in it. So I'm having close to 40 years experience now and I do not come from Business family and so but I'm interested in entrepreneurship. So should I take a point of ownership? Okay, so I know good question is until but what happens is, you know, I think for them whether you should take it up or not. I think it's an individual dish but you know, can I ask you one or two questions before that? Yeah, see you already. Have a good job. Why do you want to why do you even want to think about entrepreneurship? Right. So yeah, I have a job and it has a limitation and if you look at it, my long-term goal is to know attain Financial Freedom and time Freedom those things and I have some big threes. I see the this job whatever I'm doing. I don't think I would be able to Those things, you know how much ever hard I work. So there's a reason you know, I'm looking for entrepreneurship. I see it is I see it is an option which can provide me, you know, which can help me to fulfill my dreams and everything wonderful gentle, you know, I am first of all, I am very appreciative of the fact that at a very young age. You're even thinking about such big goals, you know, and you know, most people You know when they have a very good job, you know, they just don't want to do anything more, you know, so I really want to applaud you for both of that because for most people getting a job in a company like he you know itself is a dream come true for them greater. So see, you know, in fact before I start answering senthil I would want to just share a couple of you know things about my me also, in fact, if you look at it, I don't come from I don't my father was a teacher from the government school. And the only advice that I got was to study. Well get get a good job. And that's exactly what I did. I did my engineering. I did my MBA I moved to Bangalore I come from very very small town. I moved to Bangalore got into a good job and things have very fine. But what I realized was, you know, after some time like you rightly said there are certain limitations that you know, The job posts right? I mean you cannot really fulfill your you know, you know highest level of Ambitions. I mean if you want a job to fulfill your basic needs, I think that's a great option. But you know, I realize that if you have very big dreams, then you know, it's not good enough, you know those options now, so the first three, you know thing Synthol is definition of Financial Freedom now, you know, If you look at it according to me, let me give you an idea. Let's say on a scale of one to ten on finances. Let's say 10 is a no, I mean very very rich and one is where probably start our life now if that is the case now what will happen is let's define point five right level 5 level 40 NG to me which is the Financial Freedom has three important criteria the first criteria is somebody should be completely debt-free which means I mean you should have a house. You should have your car, you know one or two cars. Everything is there but you should not have any mod gauges. You should not have any loans right pending loans, you should you know not have any credit card outstanding. You should not have you no money outstanding right now in completely debt-free. That's what it's called. That's a first criteria criteria number two senthil. You should have a savings account with at least about 2 to 3 years of your annual income in your savings. Okay, again one and the third one is that you should have an asset base income which is at t equal to your current expenses. Only then your called, you know, financially free. I mean you've attained Financial Independence right now. Unfortunately, if you look at statistics see, you know, we don't have very clear statistics defined in India, you know, unfortunately, for example, we have only three percent of the population, you know paying income taxes, so we really cannot have that. As much as I can fix, but even if you look at a very very structured economy, like the United States only 5% of the people actually reach level 5. So which means 95% of the people irrespective of how many degrees they have or how many years of work experience. They have 95% of the people don't you know reach level 5 now, which means every you know out Out of all the hundred people around you chances are there are one defy people who will ever in your life Achieve Financial Freedom. Now the problem is, you know, when we start as an entrepreneur or when we start managing of ignorance has whom do we take advice from we take advice from people who are around us right now it is like, you know, you are look you don't know swimming and you're asking people who don't know how to swim how to swim Now in the case of swimming, will you ever do something like that Central ask advice from somebody who is also not good at swimming no way. But unfortunately, if you look at it, you know, most of us take advice from people around us. Now look at me right? My father was a teacher in the government school all through his life. He you know worked hard. I have great respect for my parents only because of their hard work. Am I, you know at the place where I am, but if you really look at it, you know in spite of all the the hard work 30 35 years of hard work and very sincere very, you know, ethical standards everything. I mean when you retired his whatever money that came in as retails was not even enough to close all those loans, you know could not marry, you know, my sister and my brother, you know, and so which means he was really not financially free even, you know at the, you know age of almost 60 right now now if I were to go and I know Because advice, you know the best he can he could tell me was alien find a job and work till you retire right now, either I can say no. This is my dad. His intentions are right. I will only listen to him or I can find say I want to really become financially free which means I want to really swim in the life of you know, economics and finances and I want to find somebody who's good at swimming and then we only learn Now that is that is going to be your first thing if you know if you're thinking about Financial Freedom, so you have to find somebody who's at a level 5 or higher and take their advice. Now the first time I heard this I thought that nobody will really guide me, you know, somebody who's already successful. Why will they really guide me? You know somebody, you know starting his career, but it was very very, you know surprising. When I talk to somebody, in fact, I was in the u.s. I had just lost my job in the recession of 2000-2001. I till the time I was doing very well in my career or at least that's what I thought. I used to work for a company called sap Labs. Most of the people here might know it as sap right is the thermal company was number one in, you know Enterprise Solutions and I used to work there. I used to in fact, I grew to a level of HR director in the IT industry. But when in 2000-2001 I lost my job because of a recession my entire division of 282 people were fired including me and everything happened on in one single afternoon, and I was almost down on the streets. I did not know what to do. Thankfully that is when I met somebody who was in the IT industry and where it started off, you know, as an entrepreneur he in fact this person used to work in AT&T Bell Labs became very successful. In fact, his current business revenues closed about two billion dollars a year and I had an opportunity of became almost about 15 years ago. When I asked this he said he was so open minded. I was surprised that somebody so successful was open-minded and in the last 15 years. That's what I realize people who Who have become successful who have worked their work? We are no hard arm all willing to you know, extend a helping hand. And so, you know from then till now I think I'm still a student, you know, and I know what I'm doing is you know, is this a part of my you know, giving back to the society that you know, you know, I somebody help me to be where I am and I'm helping somebody else to you know, also be successful now coming to Main questions and they'll see there are let's talk about the current age businesses. You know, I think that is more relevant and see there are three factors that you know one should look at when talking about, you know, starting as an entrepreneur or know. What are the main factors. That one should focus on. Let me talk about three places where most people make a mistake. Okay, the first the Liz The scalability of your business now. What do I mean by scalability Let me Give an example. See most people first of all pick up a business, which is very very, you know comfortable for them. For example, let's say you're a technical guy. Most people think that they should be in technology correctly actually need not be like that because you know, you're it all depends on your goal. If you want to be an innovator if you want to be research-oriented then it's perfectly fine to know. I mean, there's nothing wrong in doing it, but for example your Goal was to become financially free, you know successful financially now if that is the case, then you want to look at what is giving going to give you success in the long term. Correct. Now one of the things that people do is again when they just look around they look at the first easiest thing and then they choose for example, I live in Bangalore and so what happens is a lot of people look around and they say hey there's a lot of you know restaurants very, you know, coming up very successful restaurant. So what happens is a lot of people start a restaurant and they don't have a clue about how relevant how to run a restaurant. I know a few people from the IT industry who started restaurants. And for example, it takes if you start even a midsize destroy energy simply it will cost about 20 to 30 lakh rupees initial investment and then it will take about one to two lakh Rupees to run it every month, which means they know just for your rent and the salary of all the people in need at least one to two lakh rupees. Let's assume, you know, somebody Because on starting a South Indian Cuisine now, it's a very attractive one. Definitely. There are a lot of people who are going to in. Oh come in there, but you should also understand that to you know, run it successfully which means you need at least two lakh rupees every month of profit, which means that many number of Italy's you should sell every month to make that profit to even meet the two lakh rupees of props, you know, running expenses. Now, you know, that is not You know practical and you know people, you know just look at it from outside and look glamorous. But you know, it means that somebody should start your day. Even before the first customer comes in. In fact, most of the you know, restaurant owners should go to the market and buy stuff, you know early in the morning four o'clock five o'clock when the vegetable market is opens up so that they can get in a good vegetables at a cheaper price and then they have to be awake, you know till the time the last customer leaves which is usually at least by around 11 o'clock in the night. And then you know, they should just make sure that everything is cleaned up everything so that you know, it is ready for the next day morning. So it's not easy right now. Assuming that it was somebody's taken care of all of that. Now when somebody becomes successful, let's assume they become successful in this restaurant business. Now they want to obviously open another Branch now, I'm you know, I'm using you know, you know places in Bangalore for ease of understanding because I know you also you're also from Bangalore. But now let's say you have a restaurant in in a place like in the runner which is a very very centrally located Posh place and you want to open another place another restaurant in koramangala. Now, what will happen is if you invested 20 lakh rupees in Indonesia, you will need another 20 lakh Rupees to start a second branch in koramangala. Yeah, assuming that you have the money every time you're going to expand you're going to invest that 20 lakh rupees or whatever the initial investment has Although you're growing it is not scalable. You know in your lifetime. You probably will if you're really successful you'll probably run about six to eight, you know, branches like that. You cannot run all across India. For example, right now you depart first Factor you should have in mind when you start a business, you know is my model scalable because we are living in a digital world. We are living in the internet error and you know you and me are you know very well. Educated people and we have Global exposures. And if we are going to be stuck in Bangalore Chennai or Delhi or to me, I think it's a very very big liability. What you should do is you should always look at an opportunity which you can scale it up all across India or maybe all across the world depends on depends on your ambition levels. That's a first Factor. The second factor is, you know, stability stability and sustainability. I talked about sustainability just about you know, using the term restaurant. Example, let me talk about stability. Now. We talked about this a little bit less until for example, you're a technical guy. And you know, you automatic fear. You know favorite thing is to be a technical person. Now what people don't understand is, you know technology changes very fast. And unless you are equipped for that. You cannot really sustain. Let me give you an example. See now, you know, I using a smartphone. Yes. Right now okay fight five years back in a way using a smartphone. No, I actually bought my phone like four years back. Yeah, in fact five years back, you know, I don't think you know 30% of you no more than 30 percent of India's even seen of smartphone 10 years back, you know, it was a rarity. That's right. Ten years back. A lot of people are having a phone mobile. I'll phone which was the button phone and we'll remember the Nokia 3 1 1 0 their most favorite phones for a lot of people. It used to be like a brick but that was a pride for a lot of people now in just ten years. This technology is completely gone the company which was a World Market leader in 2012. Nokia is today almost an unknown entity for Texas. It's almost gone out of you know, the entire business that's really even company like know. QR code cannot survive when there's such a big technology change. This has happened multiple times. They you know earlier they used to be V CDs and VCRs. Those companies are no longer there. They used to be cornica and Kodak which were all companies which were employing one to one lakh people. Right? I mean, these are very very big businesses are no longer there. Right somebody sometimes, you know, the technology the company might survive but an individual like you and me might not be able to survive. It has to be a very very large company to make that kind of a rule change and adapt to check just so it becomes very very difficult. You know, if you're not, you know, creating something sustainable. So that is where you need to be very very cautious when you're taking up something, you know, like a technology piece. So what can you do for you? Somebody like you who doesn't have a business background one of the first places I will look at it is I will say if you open minded then you should look at a place which Very very stable sustainable, which is not having many ups and downs in the industry, you know, you cannot choose an industry which is you know, so volatile the smartphone industry is very very attractive right now, but nobody knows where you know, where it is headed for that's true. So the question of this question is a and you know, so what does it mean, you know, what kind of an industry for example, let's look at it and you know, you know, let's say fmcg industry. Or a pharmaceutical industry or maybe an you know education industry. Look at some of them leaving soaps stable. Right? When was the last time for example, you know if you if you know fmcg meaning fast moving consumer goods for example Colgate is a big player and you know fmcg or Procter & Gamble. Can you tell me when was the last time Colgate recession? I almost never had never heard of but absolutely right unless they really miss it up a company like Coca-Cola or Colgate will never have a position or for that matter a large pharmaceutical company, right? If they don't mess it up. I mean if they mess it up then you know, no company have survived so important for you to you know, pick up something which like that and then build your first business so that it becomes very sustainable. The third most important factor is profitability. Now, most people think hey Indian, come on air. I man, I want to be an entrepreneur obviously profit is a main Moto so I will never know. Why will I compromised on the profitability very understandable? But what happens is this Most organizations think most entrepreneurs think I don't mind being, you know bearing some losses in the initial days when I grow very big I'll make lot of profits. That's a big myth in reality. If you don't, you know, hit the profitability index very early, you will never be able to hit it later. You'll never be able to create that later. For example, you know, can you tell me of All in all some of the big names in the I know Indian e-commerce industry right now, you know, they are very very big names reason. Oh right now, can you tell me a few of them cart Maison? Yeah, those are the big yeah, you know PTM and it'll snap deal and you know whole lot of them. Can you tell me which which made the highest profit in India last year as far as I read? I think an on the make made any profit really see all of them running multi multi thousand crores of business, but none of them are profitable right now. That's a big risk because if Don't your you know, and I don't know if you and me can sustain a business like that for you know, five years 10 years 20 years. We are simple people. We don't know, you know, whether we will, you know be able to find funding you cannot start a business with an idea of finding a funding. You should assume that you will never find a funding and then start up right now if that is the case, then you want to make sure that you hit the profitability index very very early. Now there is a know how do you know create pasta, you know profitability now, there are again two, you know common things now, for example, most people if I give you an option simple, right? I want you to think what most people will think and answer me. I'll give you two products right one product, which is a cheap product one product, which is a very costly product. Yeah. Okay, and you have to sell these products. Which product will you choose? I would choose the cheaper one so that I can sell more units absolutely right now. That's a common no thing that most people do see, you know, as a consumer what you said is absolutely making sense, you know, we want low price product for you know a better value, right? But you want something different to you don't care about the you know, you should not worry about the product product pricing initially. Right, you should think about what brand you know in this example, right? What brand gives me prophets see for example, which brand of smart phones since we are talking about smartphones is the you know, as a brand which is the costliest one happens pleasure costliest. Absolutely now, can you see for example, let's say there are roughly 1,000 1,500 smartphone manufacturers all across the world. Hmm, you know and I know one of them is Apple and let's say all this 1500 smartphone manufacturers put together last year made in a hundred rupees profit. Okay. Can you tell me can you make an assumption? How much do you think Apple would have made from this hundred rupees all had all thousand five hundred put together made 100 rupees. How much do you think prop? You know Apple made last year? Okay, so I'll take a gift. So with the popularity it has I would go with like 40 percent forty fifty percent. Okay. See actually you're already very generous, you know, if one company makes about 40 percent of the entire market share, you know, I mean, there's no it's unbelievable. Okay, but you know what in this case is very very different. Apple made almost 70 Five percent of the entire profit of the sauce, you know smartphone industry. Which means companies like you're you know, zo me read me all your brands of, you know, Samsung and everything put together for for the remaining 25 rupees. Right. So the price of the product need not necessarily mean that if you know just because you're dealing with a costly product does not mean that you're you know choosing the wrong product line. Luke's of you want to sorry you were able to ask me something. So what you're coming to say is it's all about the value that we are adding to the customer. It's not about the cast know the yes exactly. The cost is a factor, but customers, you know the strategy in which how you take a forward a business will make a much bigger difference then just the price of a product. But most of the first time you know entrepreneurs are more worried about the price of the product than the strategy. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. Now the other thing is one of the other mistakes that people do when it comes to profitability, you know, first time entrepreneurs is most of us want to make maximum profit from every sale. For example, let's say somebody is Real Estate. Right. Now if you know or it could be a mobile phone. Also, I just picked up an example, you know, if they are selling a house or a mobile phone they want to get maximum profit from that particular state. Yes, now there is nothing wrong in thinking like that. But if you really look at it, there is always somebody else who will try to give you a little lesser price and the customer will always go for that. Yeah, I can see that that's happening. So the best thing is until is to look at, you know, companies and players who have been there for a long time and see how do they do it see for example, which is the world's largest company when it comes to revenue. news in terms of revenues Walmart, okay brilliant, you know, I mean, you know 99% of the people from the IT industry it get it wrong. You know, I'm really first of all, I know I think you're really prepared for being an entrepreneur in preparing for being an entrepreneur, you know, first thing good good show their see what word is almost about two or three times bigger than some of the biggest names like Microsoft or Google anything for that. And so if you look at it one more doesn't you know cell This bands they don't sell real estate. Nothing may sell all know basic stuff. So they meet the sustainable sustainability, you know factor that we talked about and what they do is they make a little profit from a lot of transactions the ability to run millions and millions of transactions and make a little profit from everything. Now look at an Indian example. How about let's say Reliance jio. Hmm. Yeah, you know they have 30 crore users. Right actually speaking. They probably make one lie about let's say 1 rupee profit from each user every month. Not more than that, but that is 30 crore rupees of profit every single month. Right. Well, yeah one decision making then nno actually speaking is more than that. But you know, if you look at it, you know, it's a simple thing, you know, I mean you want to that that is a 1 million reason why they were able to really really give up, you know, you know, the all the huge pricing that all the other players were, you know, enjoy in the Indian market, right? So, you know, so if you can think about some of these factors itself simple, I think if you plan for a thing the first thing if know you Glad everything but my personal suggestion is this find somebody who's and successful person who can guide you. Right, you can do that. Then. It is like learning to swim from somebody who is a champion swimmer. If you want to if you want to be a champion swimmer, you should have somebody who's, you know, coached Champions or who's who's been a champion himself or herself? Yeah. It sounds very commonsensical Indian. Yeah, so if you can have that in mind, you know, I think a lot of other factors because sometimes we get carried away with the you know, our own thought and then we just run along and you know, we only time when we look back as when you know, we've really hit a, you know, very bad patch and we made some big losses. And it will in fact my personal physician is Central see right now. You have a good job. You know, if I were in your position don't quit your job and then start an entrepreneurship Venture, you know, most people think it has to be a job or a business. My person suggestion is next couple of years desire to work hard in your free time and weekends. Make sure you're not doing anything that's in conflict with what you're doing at if your job because that's unethical I would not I would never advise that but because something which is non technical Which you cannot work hard learn about entrepreneurship in the next couple of years. Once it takes a good shape. Then you can start focusing on it full-time right? Because most of us at least in my case. I was explaining I come from very simple middle-class family. If somebody had said Indian quit your job and then do a business. I think that would have been very very bad advice for me. Thanks. And again, there are a lot of places where you know, you don't have to invest in oh lakhs of rupees or crores of rupees any, you know, see you since this is your first business venture myself, you know, I drive a my suggestion is take small steps, right? No don't even you know, look at Investments of a lakh or more, you know, there are enough places where you can learn businesses with much much smaller Investments, you know, whether you know, you will guide get guidance work with people who are successful learn a lot. I can see that you're already reading a lot and you know having your eyes open to that a lot and I think you know, you're on the right path. But most important factor for me as been finding a mentor and taking using them as a you know, bouncing bone. So it's been very helpful for me cried till it's very you actually went to you elaborate it very well in Ian I would have even if I have asked multiple coaching I cannot know would have prompted you to answer all these things. So so what I can understand from the whole picture is so from when the time I At the business I should consider sustainability profitability and the scalability all this all the three factors in the right from the beginning and other thing that you have suggested is I should okay. So the thing is low investment that is something you have pressed upon and the most important thing is, you know, find somebody who's very successful who can actually know a hand pulled me through the whole drying. He will probably give you this about one hour every week. But I think that's a great thing because you can you know from that one are you can learn so much and then you can try out some for some, you know, something during the week and then again tell them what did you did and you know, what get the feedback and then make corrective, you know actions for the next right? Yeah that goes one more important thing also simple and don't miss that. Don't quit your job to start up right? Correct. Go see if you are a first-time entrepreneur. Don't do that, you know. No, you know and you know and make sure that you don't also do something which is a conflict of interest with your job. That's not right. I would never advise that but through no enough places where you can learn about entrepreneurship, you know, using your free time, you know, obviously it's a little hard work on the push-up is working hard. Okay, let me put it this way. It's entrepreneurship is glamorous only in, you know news in paper in reality, you know, unless if you're willing to work hard for the next two to five years like crazy. It is not free. Yeah, right, right all acid, you know, all I've told you is to minimize the chances of losses. There is no guarantees in entrepreneurship, but I think for me 15 20 years, you won't believe the kind of you know excitement that I face every single day and I don't think I know even as a director of HR, you know, which I was at a global level. I don't think you know, the excitement was even ten percent as much as you know running your own venture. Yeah, yeah got it in and another thing. Yeah, and another thing I really like this. So I just know the numbers like, you know. In your am I audible? Yes. Yes, you are. Yeah. So another thing it was very helpful for me is I just know the figures and facts I so when you answered about the Walmart and other GOI get to understand, you know, what is really happening there in the screen. So that was very helpful in him. So and yeah and also your story is very relatable to me. That's I mean also very Comfort to listen to as well and so I have another question Union so so that could be like, so what are the common mistakes? You know, most of the first time entrepreneurs do I think you covered a lot of style top one or two, you know, and we'll probably close with that for lack of time see. Okay, I think one of the you know first mistakes is where I talked about most people look for opportunities, which they are familiar with C. I'll give you a practical example. I have a friend of mine. He was a you know, in fact he's a CEO of a company and I'm actually mentoring them right now. So he was a marine engineer for 18 years. So he saved all the money in over 18 years and when you want to do, you know come into the land and then set up something on he looked at something which he was very familiar with and he started with the shrimp farming practice. Right? I mean so natural and that is what happens in a different way, you know, a lot of you know people from the IT industry start something with you know, they believe that starting a website is is a good business and you know, or you know digital marketing and things like it so if you know wherever everybody is They're people take it up. Right? In fact, my thing is you should be an entrepreneur in places where nobody's taking it up. It stand out and really make big big deal, right, you know, so, you know, that is one place, you know, take take up something where a lot of people are saying you cannot do it that is where the opportunity is see for example, 10 or 15 years back if you are. Cozart a company like Facebook how many of them will increase you? I don't think nobody would have yeah. Nobody would have even understood because in their world a business should be having manufacturing some products. They would have asked you what products you manufacturing you'd have said nothing. They would have said okay, if you're not manufacturing products, what are the products you're selling you would have said? No, I'm not selling it either now which means right away, you know, you you know people who think that your business will not work, but that's a company which is do, you know doing twenty Thirty billion dollar profit every Yeah, right. Yes, so, you know, you know, you know, so that is one thing right. I mean, you know don't stick to one lead a place which you're comfortable chances are, you know, there are big big multibillion-dollar opportunities outside of your domain. So Explore More. That's the first thing I would suggest just thinking one is Be very very careful or all these are interconnected they know but, you know be very careful about who you take advice from. See, for example, we are living in a social media driven world. And unfortunately Central most of us are you know dependent on social media, you know, you know inputs now there is nothing wrong, but I want to understand that most people are you know, I mean, you don't know who's sending you that message WhatsApp message or you know who set up a website or anything else, right? I mean anybody can today they do it it's cheap and so you Take advice from there. It is like, you know, unfortunately, this is a reality that's happening. You go to a hospital even for a very serious condition. Like let's say cardiac, you know situation and doctors have a problem because most most P patient are going through Google and coming and questioning a doctor who's been a surgeon, you know, heart surgeon for the last 20 or 30 years. Yeah, right that most most of our Google doctors and that's very easy. And and that's the same case with you know in business also. Right. Now if you really look at it, what happens is Cynthia see see Google is a great search engine letting Google is a great search engine. It is not a research engine. What does it mean? For example, I'll give you a very simple example. Let's say you want to ask a question. You know, should I vote for Narendra Modi next election, right? you know that is a wrong question to ask Google because there are half the websites will be supporting him half this there are half the websites which are you know being against him true rice, but what you and me can do is this you and me can go and ask specific data of you know, his, you know achievements and things like that and you can look for it from you know, unbiased sources which are which could be reports of you know large organizations now, Now now just to give you an example now if you want to search for the same person, you know with you know, you know Honorable in honoring the Emoji and you say okay, you know, what is this height weight blood group everything we can find true. So that facts are the same whether you are getting it on I'm getting it. Hmm, and we can make decisions with based on facts. Okay, but I want to understand a large percentage of the internet. I would assume probably 80% of All is people's opinions. Right Houston, you know, so you cannot make a decision based on Google you can take the information from Google data from Google and then make your own decision. So, you know same way everybody is going to give you advice, you know, but you know, it's like, you know, see if you want to be successful in football. Would you take advice from Sachin Tendulkar? No. No. Yeah. Extremely successful, but he is not a successful football player right the same way in business. Also, you cannot take an advice from somebody who's a vice president of company because he's working for somebody else. He's never succeeded in his own business. Hmm, right, although it. Looks like the same thing. It's like, you know, it's like saying, you know, you know, I mean, I don't want to you know, give a you know, it's a very sensitive example say for example, let's say there is a teacher who is not at married, but she's taking care of a lot of children. She's probably having a lot of experience handling children, but she's never if she's never had a child of her own. Hmm. You can never ask her about parenting advice from her. You know, all I'm saying is personal, you know experienced success. We know from people is going to be a big factor, right? So, you know, I'm just touching up on one or two things which, you know, I believe, you know, you know will help you. So, you know, I'll be more than happy to guide you. Maybe we should connect some other time. We've been on this call for almost close to 40 minutes 40 minutes now and you know, so we should know first thing I want to thank you for This call and coming out with some, you know questions. I hope for some people, you know, it was helpful. Yeah. It was a pleasure talking to you simple. Thank you so much, and it was very helpful for me. I got a lot of information from the whole 40 minutes conversation. Thank you so much. Yeah, welcome all the best. Bye. Bye.