Aham Brahmasmi( How to use power of forget) in English Podcasts in English

Good afternoon, guys. I am am I. ha ha ha the drama of your life as I have spoken before in my earlier podcast God Almighty has given us 10 Powers 10 General Powers. We don't use at an extent. First is the power of forget second is power of Attraction. Third is the power of subconscious mind fourth is the power of intuition fifth power to see sticks power to observe 7th power to listen eight power to feel ninth power to smell and tenth power to perceive or to know or to understand. Today the topic is power of forget now when I say power of forget. You have to understand. Your memory is like a computer system. And if you want to delete a particular file from your system. then what you do? You just do shift select shift and delete. This is this same thing can be done. above out of a particular memory a particular pain or a particular person if you want to forget a particular person or a pain or an incident in your life You can easily use the power of forget and you can delete that entire scenario from your memory so that you can go ahead and live your life as you want. completely free of the loss the pain the anxiety the loneliness and by using this power you cannot only get free from your pain, but you can also get free from everything that you don't want to. Harass you or don't want to if you don't want to go through a particular pay it will help you. To get out of it. Nowadays stress is the huge problem. You know why this is It's All About earning money. But moreover it is all about the politics happening in your workplace. It's about people giving you negative energy. They you are getting affected with that negative energy unknowingly knowingly. You are getting into the office politics work Play Store dicks. And you're getting so much effector that day-to-day minute burn minute. The stress is growing. Now, you have to understand that the negative energy is broadcasted by its people. Who maybe don't like you or you are in their competition? The only thing why it is affecting you because you are allowing it to affect yourself. So the very first step is to say no to such things if someone says anything just don't buy it. Just don't take it. That's the best way and Just don't feel about it. Now for an example. If I say a beggar a mad beggar is walking on a street abusing everyone. Okay. Now you guys there Neal you take whatever he is saying personally know why will you take you know that he's a mad beggar is a Madman. So whatever he is speaking is it is all about his mindset or whatever. He speaking about himself or the world around him. So why can't we think the same way about these people who want you to be affected by there? In nature and nonsense nonsense ebal speech or acts the best way to avoid them is to just ignore or just say no to them. Now this is only about how to read but about that part. I will be talking in my next podcast today. What I what I am going to talk about and I am is to talk about the power of forget. Now what you have to forget you have to poke and incident you have a situation you have to forget or habit. I can't. Like you get a lot. I agree with very small things. You have to forget a particular person who's completely come. He's constantly nagging you. You have to forget a pain and incident that had happened in your life and because of which you are not able to concentrate on your work or your daily shorts the best way is that you have to how to get them How you have to forget them in such a way that that particular thing person or incident never happened in perfect. Now the best way to do this is self hypnotism. I will tell you about the self hypnotism. But before that there are few things you have to understand to use the power of firm is You have to have a extremely. Intense music to get out of it. If you just think that I don't want it. It is not going to work. For example, if you are smoking and you want to get rid of smoking or you want to get rid of your anger. And if you are thinking that that is mainly then you cannot come over it. So before this the pre-exercise that you have supposed to do is you have to Be strong about living or a particular thing. You cannot do it half-heartedly half minded. So the first thing is that you have to decide that you have to forget this particular thing now consider your memory system as a computer system. Now if you have to delete a file from a computer system, you just do shift and delete or you just see absurd go right click select and delete. the same thing going to do with your own mindset or your own memory the how Now in this process of self hypnotism, there are three basic things that you have to understand before going through the process one. You have to believe in yourself and you have to decide that I want to delete this particular thing or this particular situation or this particular person and you have to believe that the process that you are doing or you are going to do is going to definitely work hundred percent. This process is going or else if you do this. a short time okay. Anything love to do is you have to believe that this process that you're doing or this fertility that which you want to forget is your me and not want for that particular time because this process it forever. And believe me if you really want to forget a particular thing forever. It will be deleted forever. And again, if you want to forget for a particular time that also you can set that's that also can be set as by instructing your subconscious mind with a particular time. But instead I would suggest you guys to delete it for it for ever because Necessarily remembering non sensible things that hurt you all the time. It's better to forget to them. Okay? now the very first step I told you to believe yourself to decide and to understand that this is your and it has to be a very strong need. Okay second step. select a place A protective surrounding where nobody is going to disturb. Better to that you sit on a chair or you sit on a bed? then you are supposed to close your eyes just relaxed either you lie down on the bed or you will last on a chair. Where you