What are your strengths and weaknesses? I think what I have been able to do well is to actually hire and build good teams. And I think from the start up in lucky that I've been able to get good people to join. We've you know, we not only for example my co-founder and managing partner at ulterior Capital has been part of our team, you know, he's been with me for the last 12 years now and you know like him there's others who've been with us for a long time at this point. So I think building teams is something that I think I've been relatively good at the other is I would say just thinking a little bit differently Thinking Out of the Box using a slightly different approach to solve problems than what has been traditionally done in terms of weaknesses. I think I'm not really as good operationally and that's where I think my co-founder and partner vinod morally has really stepped up and I think that's why we work so well as a team or do you wash your daily routine like well, I have a fairly predictable routine. So I start the morning. About six generally spend about 20 minutes doing meditation and then either go to the gym or I have yoga in the morning and then you know day at work evenings again dinner with the family and I spent the last hour from what Levant about twelve o'clock reading. So that's my weekdays. My weekends again are very predictable a spend time with my parents on Saturday mornings and the rest of the weekends. It is with the family and with friends and just to time to recharge my batteries and get ready for the week ahead starting Monday again, okay, which books have shaped your life the most I think going back the book. I think that I really like reading that gave me a different perspective is a book called what have you changed your mind about and it's a compendium of essays written by people across, you know across areas. There are School teachers and scientists. And people from ready all walks of life that have written about things that you know, they've held as sort of sacrosanct truth and then have had to revise their opinion when the facts change and I think that's interesting because it teaches you that, you know to constantly revise and review what you know, and when things change and assumptions change, you should have the ability to change your perspective. I think that's very important for people to do. The other book is I think going back maybe 20 years. The book called The God Delusion, which I think had a very lasting impact on the way. I see the world around me today and the more recent book that I read last year's a book called life on the edge, which is an interesting Confluence of quantum theory and biology and it shows you how You know, the interconnectedness of things around you from things you never expected to be connected. So I think there's a deeper connection there that talks about I really liked reading about that what other conclusion to a podcast we like to know what habits you attribute your success to I think the main thing I would ask for anyone to have is a certain curiosity about the world around them to have a passion for what you do if you're not passionate about what you do, honestly. You shouldn't be doing it because that's the one thing you're going to be doing for most of the waking hours. You might as well make it count. I think taking ownership for your life for the situation circumstance around you clicking on a ship for it, and I think just having a sense of being able to enjoy the world around you and not taking things too. Seriously. Thank you so much RJ it was wonderful to have you on a podcast and I hope the listeners enjoy the conversation as much as that. It's my pleasure and thank you for having me.