Hey, hello, everyone ask that this side and just start from introduction. I am myself quote self-help coach and I help people to improve their social skills and run their life more smoothly. Just message me if you need any help from my side. And yeah, if you have any special question for me just DM me on Instagram my ideas Link in BIO or in that app, so Now we are going to start or topic and that is all about personality development chaos today. I'm gonna talk about personality development. So nowadays personality development and communication skills are really important for us and my personal opinion is that every person should be every person have to learn about personality development and they we all are happy. We all at least one X life. We have realized that we have to improve ourselves. So here are some amazing tips that will help you to improve your personality that will encourage you to look more confident. And this will also help you to raise your self confidence. So we are going to start from our very first that Overacting okay overacting or real personality. We are going to elaborate this topic over acting or Natural overacting or our natural personality see there's a difference between overacting or our natural personality. And that is when we are overreacting people know that when we are overreacting. Hey, hey is she people know that when we are overreacting? Okay, so they don't like us when you're overreacting and yeah, it's obvious. No one like over the actors. That's for sure and our natural personality means whatever we are. Being in our daily life or we include something in our personality. We became its of a natural personality suppose if you are suppose if you are new in English-speaking, so you have to attach English to over personal our personality or not. It will look like you are you are overreacting and yeah over reactors could be be of mean as your personality KO nahin loss of this Omni. So just a Min this is an a trip that will Will help you to differentiate between over actors and the natural personality. So here are three amazing tips that will help you to make your personality more better even best. They these tips can make your personality best. So sabelli, I'm going to talk about just positive attitude. Okay, when you are be positive, so the title is be positive and just smile because everyone like positive peoples in their It's no one likes over reactors and negative ones in their life. So just be positive how I know it's not possible to be positive all the time. But Prime try this most of the times just be positive. Okay, so, how can you be positive all the time? Okay, so you can feel positive all the time just to keep if you are facing some negative for situation. So you cannot react like that. Okay, everything is going positive know there's I think positive in this situation the positivity is in inside your head. Okay, you can tackle with this situation with positivity. You can't make that negative situation turns to positive. You can't turns it to positive situation, but you can tackle with this it with any situation with full of God's with full positivity. So K. So if you want to improve your personality here is the very first step that I'm going to tell you that is be positive and Just my it will also help you to develop your first improve your first impression. Okay, because when you first Lemak someone okay, maybe in your office in your school or in your college up cases every Peril evironment the auto pick Alec see why was he a positive vibe? We we all felt that you can see the kaituna deteriorates forces in nature. We can't see this forces, but we can spell that. Okay the Bianca C+ in sound similar. Tanto it collects e+ wifey lotia and dead wife is just amazing. So so just so just do one thing just do one thing just make your nature more positive. Okay. So here is it cursed at is rods medical. Okay rather. I'm going to accept your request we can talk about that topic. Hey just wait for two minutes. I am connected into someone so who's got tired? Oleg will khac topical elaborate carbines. Just wait for some use against okay, and stop the game of the second topic without and that is appreciate others. Okay appreciation. I think appreciation is best quality because when we are appreciated by someone who we appreciate Curry, we felt code certainly coach appreciation to hamesha married, man. We shall be raised out there just like when your teacher Praises you for the very first time for getting good marks you remember diet now. Okay, so learn to appreciate other source of tacky after a gap appreciation copyright than one a day. And yeah, of course, it's a personal narrative a perfect partner and they will remind you for they will remember you for forever if you make them feel special. Yeah idea one. I'm going to add one more thing in this that is you are I'm following link and reading sorry. I'm a good reader and I know most of the monks later related to Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln said one time that Everyone likes compliment Amara deep-hearted desire. Otech complements Lena chick am a girl from Amari craving with you Jessica Jessica be hungry for food. So we are also hungry for appreciation. Yeah, most people That kid I'm doing just what I love. I don't need any type of appreciation in our life, but trust me deep down. We want that someone comes and appreciate Us in whatever we are doing and that appreciation motivate us that appreciation inspires us and that one appreciation can help us to success to achieve success in our life. So now I'm thinking you realize the power of appreciation in our life or in other's life. Okay, people will always remember your compliment when they feel special buyer compliment. Okay, so that will make your personality more better more effective. If you are doing if you are doing something to make others feel special if you are appreciating them in that way that they will feel special. So your they will feel like they are the they will feel like You are the most positive person. So that's why you are appreciating that is why you that's why you are appreciating them. And so our third trip is show your interest in them. Hi sakshi. You can join this call if you want send me requests. I will accept it. Okay, so our third tip is show your interest in them. Thank you Sachi. The third tip is so your interest in Dan. Okay whenever so whenever we are having a conversation or we are talking to someone so just like we felt like we are listening others for we are listening others for replying just try to listen others for understanding. Okay, try to understand others. Just because many will try to understand others and show your true interest in them. They will feel like they will feel like you are the kids here to request they will feel like you are interested in nam you are interested in them. And you and your this quality, you're listening quality. I kept listening is the best quality. Everyone says that listening is the best quality. So Agora pack number listening just passed quality Cola partying, too. That will that will help you. Okay, there is one request. Okay. So, let's see. Who is this RG Raju? I am going to accept this request. Okay, just one second. Just one second guys. I'm trying to connect in someone else as we can. I liberate this topic more. Hey, hello. Are we connected? Yes. Yeah, we are connected to I don't know your name. Your name is self helicopter. No, no self help coach. Yeah, I my name is Oscar hasta. Okay, what's our topic today? So my topic is the to improve our personality all about personality Improvement. Okay, so may I ask what's the personality and your language definition? Personality is definitely your personalities definition. Yeah, so when we first meet anyone in the so the a personality is someone who explains by personality. I understand that personality is a word truly nature and personalities also for behaviors like that. First meet someone there is effect on them dead / positive personality or negative personality. Everyone likes is positive for society. I can I tell you the proper definition of Personality. Yeah, please what's narrative the word which is denoted by person plus ability. Okay ability of person is called personality ability or persons called personality. It is the combination of two words personal accessibility. Okay? Yeah. There are basically sad to type of Personality first internal personality second. Otto personality, okay, you can say external or internal personality internet feel and see example other smartness our intelligence e, okay. Yeah, we can feel what we can see that is external personality. Like are we wearing something or dressing sense? A body language it all comes apart personality, right? Yeah, that is Part of our personality. Okay, okay. Yeah something. Yeah, you can according to your words most important according to your pupils are just on the basis of our outer personalities. Who what we have to improve is first you have to improve our inner personality, but no no one thinking no one is thinking about that because if the inner personality who he the plug out of Personality Comcast improve carsick now, that's it. That's how she reality of today's life people just the people after watching face of someone that Someone is someone has ugly-looking. So that person doesn't know anything but this is just their judgment. They are just mental but when we communicate with that person we get to know the ready about that person. It's not working is table exposure to what I felt about many people. Okay, do you know about the another application of this open-top? I used to talk a girl. She was from Sri Lanka. Okay. Oh, yes when I talked to her and she's so intelligent as a lot of protection lot of things at the every so nice. Yeah, and the name is Buddy talk right? Yeah, so I found her very nice. Okay, so when I saw her picture so this her picture was totally opposite of that but her personality just Made something imagination in my mind. She's like that and that was amazing. And you'll be judged people by Auto Plus delta T. Okay. I also speak a buddy in bodytalk named she wants he's from Telangana. And when I saw his picture, I I just wanted to reject that called but some pathani mere intention that I accepted that call and when I start talking to him, it was a different kind of it was a different kind of experience. According to Scott has a biota. He's not talking like that. He's Talking totally. He's an MBA student and he's talking totally in a different way. And now I'm used to talking with two days those in some the guitar Barker Ranch, but two times. Okay. Yeah, that's how I want you to know that never judge a book by it's cover, but we do people do it. We will do it. I think it's a van it. It's natural in humans. I'm gone other than this and we have Habit to just someone in just first five seconds. It made buns at the Amara main man, right here. We are impulsive to take decision, which is the people by their outer personality within he will not be smart if I will talk. Okay who talks to Beggars? Nobody no-nobody. Nobody likes to talk that time. Can I give you an example? Okay, I will be here when I was learning English language in an Institute. I used to like a girl. Her name is Priya. Okay. Okay, let's do that. Looking back looking she was very beautiful and bigger. So I was just waiting to connect was willing to talk by hook or by crook once I got a chance to communicate with. Okay. Yeah, you know what I asked. Hello. How are you? You know, what did she say? Hello. But our cassia Casa, okay. Hard part's couldn't impress me. Can I ask you one thing? Where are you from? If you don't have any problem to tell me I'm from up' with the Pradesh. It's a great move. I can understand I can totally understand what language you can now you are talking about throughout the whole way of speaking thoughts just killed my feeling she murdered my feelings. Okay? Yeah, I have made such kind of persons in my School days, but after my school days, I just stopped meeting mathema you happy though. I hardly contact one or two to pupils in ottava. So I just wanted to connect more people died. So I install this application and same as bodytalk also. One thing is bad at this application. Actually, we you cannot connect with many people at the same time. Sometimes it happens. I get to talk with someone who is just on the lower part of comet but we can connect we can leave that person who we are talking but we can't connect to that person who is commenting. Oh, right, right, but in but in bodytalk anyone can send us requests to accept that but except as body but one they are connected we can Talk to anyone like one by one. Most of Lee a group discussion is not possible. Yeah, it is. So come. Can we back to the topic? I'm always ready. So we are talking about I think personality that I think I'm sure personality development. So grunting according to you. How can we make our personality more positive? If we talk about our personality, we must try to maintain like we must have a proper diet must to meditation to make ourselves internal fit and outer filter. Okay, and if you talk about how can we make ourselves positive? That's a different question? Yeah. I'm I'm always talking about the inner personality when I'm talking about this because we can't change our Auto personality without changing our inner personality. Okay. So if you talk about it. And our personality how can we change try to be with a positive environment try to listen positive people try to listen motivators? Okay. I always listen sadhguru, you know about satguru is a great motivator. It's all part of India. I like emotions and relationship. It's amazing book. I suggest to everyone that gives this book is really had great impact. So try to listen those people who are very positive even begin. NG in negative and environment, you know about a girl a lady who is called iron radio Pakistan. Okay, if you would listen her biography you are going to cry even I cried after listening. Yeah, I listen to her. She got married when she 10 years old and then after her accident, she lost like everything orange and it's to she's very positive. She's very positive. She adopted a child, huh? She adopted a time. Like I forgot her child's name, but I'm following her so I know more about her like I am I just wanted to add one thing you do this if you want to be more positive in your life, I think reading books is the best method reading positive kind of books. Ultimately, you are going to say just try to have something positive you find positivity into the books. Okay. Someone is positively listening motivators some positive people. Okay, you can be very effective if you saw someone who doesn't have anything and is he smiling and a smile on his face? Yes. There are some kind of positive peoples in this mother of in this world. I think first. I just want to share an example when I was in And I was in my college first year and meet a professor named ion. And so my mom used to tell me that don't talk too much to any Professor. The college professors are not so much good in you pee so they are were very much Elder to me but eyes used to talk him because I found some kind of Positive Vibes and he gives me a very important suggestion in my life. That is that that is just that is just changed my life because at that time I used to be Be in relationship like that relationship and sir. It's my Intuition or something men in combat is very my and after Jo Noonan, I think what the concept location of the application not but I am not going such kind of things in my life and maybe I'm connected through all- pupils. They've been they've been here. I think the kind of environment. I am leaving. I don't I don't find it causative in any way. So you can end his advice worked right? His advice worked his advice walked Matlab. I can I can't explain what was his advice for me, but somehow I managed to somehow make that time the person used to manipulate me and I'm like, I'm always I'm always like be like, it's okay if he's not dominating me and you are Sultan. It's okay. It happens with all All the girls and like it's okay, but after understanding all such kind of thing, I realized to I laughed at how stupid I was I got it. I got it whatever you want to say. Okay, so just under stalking about some positive vibes which come from some positive view. / so our in team intuitions catch them Joby just means an exhaustive attack Alexei, but the birds are they are that's one thing about that's what I'm talking about positive personality here. Adam a number of environment your own logo see Millie. Jo+ equipment. Yeah, so I think you're going to make my name, but I know I just don't my video down to my multiverses motivators goes on Town recovery Cabeza de Bordeaux down to make a medium goes in town There's impact Impractical Jokers Kovac Yeah, I like a stand-up comedy too much because they always speak truth. So when Club que yo V you hums it to buyers are in real life. They speak in an SEC istick way and that's amazing sarcastic. We may save almost such a cricket realities are many repair which we refuse to accept sometimes. Yeah, we can't avoid this thing won't measure as a new take you with me. Skeptically could be bored over there is just a thing. They are talking about this is totally real. So we are yeah. Yeah continue. Yeah. I'm so shall we go on the I'm talking about application before you have go got connected and I'm talking about appreciation for what do you think about Shannon? Means you're talking about application from others or application from our self. Okay, if you want to make your personality possible and go positive in front of others just forgot about just for a minute just for what about inner personality. If you want to look really positive in front of others, they appreciation is really good thing because once Lincoln said that hummus Sub-Q appreciation car craving water Then if we want to look more positive than we have to appreciate. It is a reflection of everything dear. Listen. This is reflection of everything whatever we do with others we get indirectly or someone somewhere directly. Okay, if I am respecting you definitely you will also respect me. Yeah, okay, if I will give someone some positive things definitely some positive things will come from inside of so, so this is very important. If you are doing something positive for others, we will get somewhere that somewhere in directly. Okay, so we have been so I'm about to and is broadcast now just I'm going to give a quick conclusion to my talk. That is if you want to improve your personality. I'm just discussed about three important things that is just be smile and positive. Positivity and smile smile takes nothing but creates much and second is appreciate them because I already tell you what Lincoln said so appreciate the always appreciate them with good heart because I grew up over acting career with the anyone could catch your over acting. Okay, and the third one is show your interest in them show your true interest in them. Listen them carefully learn to listen them for understanding. Don't stop listening for applying listen them for understand them. Okay, and third is okay. It is the last one. So if you have any queries related to this talk or if you have any problem related to self-improvement just go on my bio click on that Instagram and DM me on Instagram. I will reply all the DMS May. Yeah. I will try my best to give you the solution of your problem. Mm. Oh, sorry Fatima. I will connect you tomorrow. It's already 25 minutes. I sorry for tomorrow. I will connect you tomorrow. And so the Kelly a Be happy stay connected. And yeah, one more thing to remember that our of acne personality could improve cannot attend toe up in a up the inner personality start career. Okay, you keep the inner personality a senior with a lot of Personality Pico effect neighbor Liga and other videos. They K overacting Co adopt Machina. It looks because over actors really looks bad. So just TB be yourself stay. take erected and by