It's let's begin it. So guys in this episode. As I said, as I said, I will be starting in an episode about startup site. So all about startup. So I have already covered the in episode one basic things about start of let's let's begin something more about how the start of failure in the episode 2. Okay. So the started to and this is all about start of the episode 2 is all about a group. Ignorance of what your customer want? Right? So what this mean? They are not enough stress. I can put on how important it is to launch a minimum viable product and get feedback from your customer again, and again for the product development and testing over and over this allow you to prayed a bridge this allow you to build a bridge with your audience and the incorporate change in the product that will Look your customer to the next version of your product and service. This is what I want to tell you and I want to realize you that is is so much importance. So let's revise the thing that I just said you take notice of what your customers want. You must be very clear with the thought that what your customers want, but I thought kind of product you create right because the kind of product you create will directly engage the kind of audience you have right you Have to justify the types of your audience what your audience wants? What is the desire? What does it needs? Right? If you create an educational videos educational things you must be creating some kind of stuff that Engage The Audience from other platform to because if you don't have the audience in your platform, you have to create something so that it can Engage The Audience from other platform that will create a monopoly in the other software platform or as Bid to yours, right? This will be a really beneficial thing and you must be aware that getting a feedback form your customer that is really important. That's really important positive feedback. Let's let's grow your business. Right but the negative feedback can modify your business you have to you have to understand that right? If you really need that mentality that the negative feedback and modify your business and this is what you really want. Right? You want to grow up you want To do experiment you want to analyze the thoughts and you want to do anything that that's really suits the whizzer site. So if the customer give you negative feedback and either a positive neither of native, but it if it suggests you that how you can change create a change in your product, right? You must do that. You must do that. I really appreciate if you can do that because changing in the product according to the customer need can really satisfy your customer, but But there's a condition right in this world more than seven point nine billion people live right approximately. So you have to justify your product is targeting which kind of people right? So not everybody will buy a product not everybody will suggest your product to other people you have to develop you have to create it according to Nature according to the area so that you love creating it. Also you love modify and transforming it according to the Sighs of people you should not always modify according to the choice of people, but you should not even ignore you what your customers want. So this was a topics are so I really hope that you will like it and if you really want this kind of episode from more from my sight, so please like my podcast comment your valuable feedback right and please do follow me. And if you want to call me, I will really appreciate your calls and I really accept it. It but only the condition is to go to my profile and follow me there and request a call from that side, right so I can accept the call right from here because I don't have the features. I don't have the right platform that I am not having the right module not having the right where I can see the hardware go right so which I can be using for receiving your call. So, please do make sure that you follow me from my profile. Just click my profile follow me and make a request from the call that I Can choose it right? So there we can talk on the topic that you really wanted to or topic that you really care about right? So have a good day and love it's lovely talking to you man.