Amit,You've been doing this for more than a year. now. Is there some point you would consider as your first breakthrough or is it yet to arrive? Well, I guess well, no this is there been a couple of things right? I mean like getting Cyrus to agree. I mean like that I think was the first big thing, right? It change the complexion of what I was thinking of doing to a great extent right? India is a celebrity driven culture. Let's make no point about that. Right? I mean like this is cricket and Bollywood and that's what works over here. And I mean like, you know, let's not, you know, I mean like as much as we like to think that you know, there are more better other things to do. This is what is drives thing. So, I mean like to get someone off Cyrus's stature to come on board and to agree to do a podcast and to do it at what for him is negligible money was, you know, I mean like I think that was like The first thing that yeah that was the first thing that kind of it basically allowed. It allowed us to position ourselves differently than we would have. otherwise when I was conceiving of this I was thinking of talking to people who are not so well-known well-spoken people but not so well-known people, you know, and trying to get them to do these shows but the fact that he was game and willing and so keen that just really, you know, it changed the kind of people who we could work with.Awesome. Awesome. That's a great achievement. Congratulation for that and tell us what is the future looking like for podcast in India? So I'm fairly optimistic. I think the Shavon deal that we've got going right now should be very good for all of us involved. I they are very keen on promoting original content. They understand that talk is a very important space that's been pretty much left aside by. radio at this point not for it. not because radio doesn't understand the power of it not the radio industry doesn't it's just it's the way that it's structured that's very difficult for them to do this kind of talk content. But I think that I'm extremely optimistic. I think that this is going to be I think the stuff is going to be huge. Alright. I've you heard of these new podcast called Auto she's files. Yeah, of course. They're on someone with us. Okay. Okay. Well, it seems to be doing well. I mean it takes a couple of podcasts like that for general public to be aware of it is such a thing called podcast and then you can listen to them, you know, right I listen to a couple of the episodes that they're really well made. I know they've done a great job has made this. So I mean like array is the production company that did this and they've done of they've done a very good job. They made a really good show. Yeah, and also I listened to Mae Thomas podcast. And yes, I did listen to Cyrus's couple of them and you have a great team. They're grateful. Let's say yeah, they are amazing. I mean like, And that's what makes this work. Right? I mean like at the end of the day you need really really good people to do this stuff. That's how this works. So,Amit we did talk about few things here and there and it seemed to be it still a challenging space to be in so tell us my friend what keeps you going and this when times are tough so the question well, I mean have a deep belief that you know audio talk content, right? I really really think that this it's inevitable that this will become a big thing in India. Now the the only question is am I going to be the guy am I going to be in the right space and I'm going to be the right place when that happens and I think that the indications are good. So right now what keeps me going when times are tough just you know, this core belief that this is something that's going to work in the overtime. You know, it's just a question. You got to be patient. We got to work hard we got to keep going. When the right things but if we do that, I think that this will work awesome believe in your idea. I believe in a concept and that keeps you going great. I will support way to put it. Yeah, how do you stay focused my friend sure you must be getting loads of new ideas every day. How do you keep Focus to your core idea? Wow, okay, that's a very interesting question. Well so lack of money is a phenomenally focusing factor right when you don't have money, you have to focus you don't really have a choice so but I mean, I guess that's one part of one answer to that question. But now, you know, I mean like so I'm a lot of people who start businesses are a lot younger than I am. Right. I mean like you hear a lot about people starting businesses in their late 20s and stuff like that, which is when I started my first business. I'm a little older at this point in time and I feel like one of the advantages of that experience is the understanding of how important persistence has. You know, I feel like you know when I was younger, I did not understand how you just had to keep, you know, even if you believe in what you're doing and if you're banging your head against the wall, sometimes you got to bang your head against the wall to get through it. Yep. Absolutely. Yes. Yeah, so I just feel like you know, that's I I have to say, you know, I mean like just that believe that the thought is necessary is kind of something. I hope that answers your question. Yes. Absolutely. I should you're the first person to say that and you're absolutely right as well lack of money keeps you focused sometimes. So tell us. What's the best business advice you have ever received? Take advice from everybody. Listen to nobody. Great advice received from whom. So I heard this from a couple of different people. Actually the first person who told me this was one of my uncle's when I was fairly young that when I was so I I'm a gujrati from baleshwar.. I went to America to a college which is a business college. The expectation is I would do a nice bachelor in business and do an MBA will work at a bank somewhere or go come into a star to do like, you know, normal training business or something like that that that was the expectation from everybody. But my one uncle was there when I was in the 11th standard, he told me this that just basically take advice from everybody. You should always be open to advice from people who are experienced and stuff like that, but don't listen to what they say and funnily enough. I actually heard Anand Mahindra Rapport repeat this advice just a couple of weeks ago. And that's why this is kind of top of the head made a great advice you got there. I mean if you're starting a podcast company cum podcast network today, where would you look for help? Wow. Alright. Let's say a podcast. Okay, where would you look for help? That's an interesting question. So here's the thing, right? I mean like one of the things about Podcasting itself right is that there are a lot of resources available to get you started. You know now the The quality of the content that you do will only come out once you start doing this, you know, I mean, you can't just jump into it. You can't there's no dilly-dallying there's no there's there's no textbook to tell you that you know, this is what you should do what you shouldn't do, you know, I mean read up on the technicalities of what you want to do figure out how you would record two three four voices are many voices. You want to understand how you do a little bit of like, you know, audio insertions and stuff like that. And then just do a show and see what you could come out with.Awesome. That would be my only advice right now. I mean, I just know there's no Playbook here. Yeah figured out the technicalities and then yeah get it started just get going. Yeah great advice.