I'm glad you know what time it is. Tell me it's time for Chop Chop round where I'll ask you a few more questions, but you would have only one word or one place to answer not more than that. Okay? Okay. Sure. Who is your role model? And why? I think Sachin Tendulkar is my role model what the long-term persistence that he showed. What's your biggest strength? My biggest strength is working with people. What's the one personal Harvard that contributes to your success? I think I'm an extrovert and I am open-minded. What is the best book you read so far the best book which I read was about Elan musk. If you would like to invite to Indian entrepreneurs for dinner, who would that be? I think that would be founder of Ola Bhavish Aggarwal and Binny bansal of FlipKart. If you have to place all your bets on one quality of an entrepreneur, what would that be passion? What is the one online resource you would recommend to our listeners? Online resource. Yeah, a mobile app a website or something like that. I would say app mobile app. Nobroker.com. You should try know apart from that like Evernote Facebook LinkedIn whatever, you know, the thing is most I would say it's extremely important to read a lot of books for Blinkist is basically an app which gives somebody's a book. Yeah Blinkist. Yeah. Awesome. What is the one startup that caught your attention? apart from nobroker I think the difficult one there are so many good startups, but I would say Flipkart and Ola are the ones which have shown really good skill ability. So that have always caught my attention in terms of being able to solve a problem Skillet my last question on the mighty mindset around I met the want you to think for a minute before you answered. If you could time travel back to where you were 25 years old and you have one minute to speak to yourself with all the knowledge and experience you have right now, what would you tell your younger self? I think I would say take more risk and take those risks earlier in life. Awesome. I think you answered my next question already your best advice for startups earlier. So I met you are building a great startup. Where can we find you? I'm sure people want to reach out to you, right? Yeah, so can I give my email address? Yeah, you can yeah. So my email address is a amit@nobroker.in No. Awesome amit@nobroker.in and I will leave that link in the show notes page. Amit I would like to thank you very much for sharing your story. Thanks for your time. I wish you all the luck.