What percentage do you think like from your digital marketing is working against your offline marketing efforts what percentage of customers do you get? So I think c e a few months back. We were trying to basically save more and more money and we were not doing marketing you're only doing this digital Market in so that 100% but now I think the ratio will be 80 percentage is digital marketing and 20 percentage Beetle activity. Okay, and I can see that you have a really good presence on Facebook or some like that's 240 thousand likes and then every post you have is about like three to five. Even 700 likes which is really great. I mean given the population. Hope world's population 1.6 billion is on Facebook. Right? So I think the lot of likes and lot of basically a appreciation which has come on the Facebook is mainly because we are solving a problem which has not been solved before one month of brokerage on either side and two percentage of brokerage for buy and sell is a huge amount for common people. And basically people customers really appreciate being able to save this money. It means a lot to them. And I think that's the reason why because of word-of-mouth. The cell is becoming so popular. The only thing that we need to make sure has no broker is that we never become complacent and we basically stay true to our vision, but in terms of customer acceptance, you are absolutely right in terms of the mobile app downloads. We Are have crossed 250,000 app downloads in the past. 9 Months and we have done zero marketing on it zero dollars spent on mobile app marketing all organic. Wow, that is pretty good. So how much how much do you charge for Advertiser or mean like landlord owner who is putting up his property. So because our business in terms of the revenue model because the business is is a was a network effect business remains to be Network effect business. We will not able to charge in the first few years of our action because you need to make sure you can't basically have two properties of a locality in a in a city if there are 200 localities be kind of fun properties, which means two properties average per locality and you start charging you can't do that. You need to have a lot of properties for each locality each City for each defined rent range for type of bhk and so on so forth and they should be live at every Point moment of time. So it took us two years to build that Network fact now, You have almost at any point of time. We have 50,000 light properties on our website and we have almost 500,000 interactions between owners in tenants that we see every month. So these are the network effect and numbers now coming into the revenue model. We started charging customers three months back. We want to basically keep it freemium. So what we have done is as of today, we are not charging anything from the owners. We are charging a small amount from the The tenants so we made a freemium model. So if you are a first time customer and you are using the service for the first time for the first nine contacts, it's free. So a typical tenant would search for six houses and houses not move in that so we say that first nine owner contacts are free of charge after that. You want to upgrade then you can upgrade for we have for 910 Indian rupees you can take up to 2500 contacts, but some people also told us that they want to talk. To a person and basically you can add him as to where should we search for property whether his budget is right or not. So the other paid plan is a plan which is for rupees 199 where we say that you will get a phone relationship manager. This phone relationship manager will guide you about the city will help you talk to the owner. He will negotiate on your behalf. You just need to go and see the house give a verdict whether you like it or not. So that's a service initiative charging 1999 our most popular service is the expensive service because when you compare 1999 rupees, which is basically what $30 I think so even that is such a small amount compared to the overall money that you will pay as a broker as a brokerage. Okay. So you write on one broker in India for a typical property will be 20,000 rupees. So the maximum that you are paying is 1999, which is still 90 percentage lower than what you will end up. A broker. So what we are charging is a service fees and that also before you start searching. So we say that we the moment you come on the platform. You see I need a phone relationship manager they charges money the moment which charges money as a service fees. We are not a low-cost broker. We are a platform. So the moment I charge this fees up front. I have no perverse incentive to push you towards extensive property to lie to you and say no no, no this property is going to go away tonight itself and into need to decide I can be really honest in terms of my recommendations in my suggestions and I can really help you save this 90 percentage of your cost of transaction. Okay, so you're just connecting owner on the tenant and then anything they do after that like in terms of agreement or whatever you have nothing to do with it. No, no see agreement is a very integral part of the entire transaction. And and what happens is that a typically a broker helps you do this the entire documentation. work now our hypothesis was that broker is trying to Showcase this as a very complex work legal complex work, but is not it's a regular work because hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are doing it every day. So what we did was something very revolutionary. So in Bombay typically what happens is that government mandates you to register every rental agreement with the government registar office. So how rich or poor you are you need. To take half a day off from your office you need to go to this government office with his broker would be there and he would charge you a huge amount of money on top of the regular government fees he's saying that this is required for making the process faster and so on and you need to stand in the line and then the broker would call you and then you need to go there and put your thumb impression is biometric device and so on support and then you after 4-5 days you get the green-colored rental agreement. And governments office and these are regular process. What we did was we said that because now we are connecting owners and directly we need to provide solution for this segment also. Otherwise, you'll end up going to some broker which you do not want. So what we did was we basically found a under in this segment who was very small in we develop the vendor. And now what happens is that you might be it might be a Sunday and you might be sitting on your pajamas. You don't need to go to government office at all. I just need to sit at home a vendor would come to your house. He will take a thumb impression. You'll bring the laptop. He will the metal device will get connected to the government database will verify you. You will click a photo from the laptop. And the entire thing is done after four days you get this original rental agreement government stamp home delivered. So this is really really really disrupted the not only the vein which that traditionally the real estate segment was being handled but also the legal documentation work. We have changed the entire landscape the way it was done before.