I'm just waiting for people to join once they join I think I should start and then I don't know what I'll do. I just sing a song let the people entertain whoever will visit the podcast. I heard about the anchor podcast by the way, not sure how does it work, but I would definitely love to try that. Yes, that is better than this and obviously do both. I'm just waiting for people to join. Let's see if they join and it's cool. If you don't then I might have to just quit. I think she doing a podcast would have been a better better way to do it. Well, hey, hi. What about this is one is listening. I don't know if this is how I would you know take you to a journey on my life is experience is as long as it's just one if you have any experience, and I think we should join and we should talk on you opened up. So I would love to join with you. Just send me a request. Are you listening to me? Well, I do want to you. Actually, what is happening is time when I was in college, everyone is to seek moratti. That was the mother tongue. That was the like the state language of Maharashtra. So we all used to talk moratti. And that's the reason my English was getting ruined. So open dog is actually a good platform to practice and to improve my English and that is one of the major reasons why I mean people feel that I must be here to inspire them or do a double talk about my book or the marketing of my own stops, but that's right. Rhyme or Reason one of the primary reason is just to you know that it acts a Ghostbuster. Now the primary reason is that I want to really be better at English even though I already am but being a speaker being a speaker that gets invited. I should be even more better than this even more confident when I go on stage. So I had to you know, get that confidence from somewhere and that is how is our hope and our could be a great platform. So where I am from Wherein I will you know able to interact with the people and take up their questions and interact with them in English and there is no way I could improve. Oh, yeah two people are listening now. Yeah is directly going going live on the open dark a bad idea. Do you think we should schedule own opened up for some other day and then the traffic will come How do the other people go by there do they always schedule or do they go randomly and people just join? Can you type whoever is listening? How can you just join me and I don't want to speak to a blank screen. So I would love if you give me any suggestions as to how to conduct you better talks shall I schedule the talks always or do also going randomly online works too? How is it? All the people that have joined. Thank you so much for joining and have you already listened to me before this before this open dog today? I was actually planning to just you know, casually talk with you rather than taking about a week and stressing myself with that that you know burden of spreading some knowledge. So I thought okay why not just go and randomly talk and practice speaking English and I just haven't accusation. So I thought I should do just go online and talk on the app, but it seems that the followers are very inactive right now. Nobody's commenting anything nor is anybody sending a request to join? What I should do is just quit and go. I should wait for some more time to take people join. What's your name? My name's Cara mean I'm intrigued by this car. Why not? Why your name is prateek? Aristocratic? I don't know I don't think is the okay. So it means symbol in English. So when my parents give that name they felt that okay. This guy should be a symbol. Of positivity and determination and that is how they gave it and because positiveness car I don't think is as positive. There must be some reason we're in this slide, which I would love to know. I would love to know why you think it's not positive and why your name is positive, but not mine. Scar looks like a I'm listening to my own voice. Actually. I don't know there is some problem with the app. Okay, so scar I just felt like you know, it happens after you go through something bad. Like if someone hits you to get a scar so that is how I know. It could be but then start teaches you a lot and that we can you know, take it in a positive way as well. But So I'd remind you not to do the same mistake again, and that's what it is. Okay. Are you an Indian? Yes, I'm Indian. Excuse me. Don't I sound like an Indian? No, you don't ya no, come on. I do sound like an Indian and where are you from? I'm from Pune. Actually, you're from Puma have been to Pune like six months six months ago and the purpose of all TV suppose we will obviously didn't learn our Lionel. So did you did you find another interesting as interesting as Aamir Khan's songs in which they have the he has mentioned don't have land. Khandala. I think there are two to three songs of America and we As mentioned in that is the reason why I guess they have got so much of frame because I have been to the Nova and did not find that was interesting and there was only one point four tigers which was shooting point and that a hill station, I guess and that was the only point where in you know, it was visiting already solved. The other lonavala was just normal. Yeah. I don't know when we was day. It was raining very badly and we couldn't see any places where We just painted on our love for few minutes. And then we as soon as we got off to her car. It was raining heavily and we can't go anywhere. We couldn't go anywhere. So I don't know it was not that great. It was just fine because we are visited with lot of friends. So it is fun. But we try to go on a trek thus the Sunport so we try to go on a track thereafter like walking for like half an hour. It started raining heavy leave so we had To come back. So it is not that greatness. Just fine some fought me but I forgot the name. I'm really bad with names that it's 2:43. No longer support. Is there the lower food is it? I got to talk to you have to climb up right every food demands climbing up it starts from me. I forgot the name. Where do you live? I am from Hyderabad. Okay, South in you yeah salted beef. I mean, I'm just I thought Q relocated to Hyderabad from somewhere. No, you don't like this all the union when they have an accent which doesn't feel like this because I've been to South India for three years in my TJ preparations and the did not sound like this. Okay. They have a different accent. So I thought Stephen from somewhere else. I love is out Indian. And what do you do? I'm a software engineer and what are you what do you do? An engineer as well, unfortunately, unfortunately why unfortunately love to be everywhere. Everyone is an engineer. Yeah, I wish to you know, I love to be an engineer. I like why everyone is an internet. Why should I be an incident? That is okay when you like the engineering that is okay when you are doing what you like to do what I did not like doing engineering and I still had to rub my feet over there for For years and that's the reason it's not as he isn't an experience as it could have been with you. So that's the reason I was saying K and you know it in a fortunate to travel so far. I see. So what what are you what are you doing now? Right now I'm walking in my Lon. I mean not right now. Okay - yeah, what's your name? Yeah, I'm poking. Just guess which engineer I could be. Well, I could see mechanical engineer, but I okay right mechanical engineer cool. Yeah, I think you how did you guess it by the way? I'm just curious. I don't know. I just have that mechanical engineer. Because mechanical engineers who know how to talk with the girls section and that's the reason I've asked you to guess. Yeah, they don't know. I don't know maybe maybe not. Yeah, I think so. Hello. Like that's the reason I thought K this girl will guess it right and that's the reason why I'm actually talking to you so that I get into the practice of talking with the girls so that I could you know, finally get some after five to six years of practicing practicing, okay? I'm angry that I could help you. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Solely funny. Well, why don't you guess how old I am? Casey hold. It is difficult. There are 24 24. No. Doesn't work. What is it the sounds more like a guessing game you're guessing where I'm from. I'm guessing so it's not but but but let me get it right this time 22. Yeah, see I told ya I guess you've heard this. Google where do you study in South India? Hyderabad Hyderabad itself cool. Yeah mother would actually like a DJ preparation. Yeah. I did have two patients in multiple, but in the same time not to but I mean, I'm not in spark. I wasn't sure of TV. I have heard that yeah, I click on that particular. Let me guess. Was it a what it was called something China China batch. No. No. It's like I guess it's all levels like this first comes right apart and then spark a man died of TB and then I see I believe okay, okay. So you were in these are dif, whatever. What was that? Z0f TV there if TV so it was in Hyderabad itself. No, I studied and whatever are not in Hyderabad. Okay? Okay. Yeah and after that from where did you do in your engineering? Which and what? No, I did great. Okay. Okay. That's a huge campus are the I guess you have their own helipad site and get them. No. No, I don't think so, but I can well when we have very good, you know a yeah sure. Yeah, so why did you study? I studied in PVCs College of Engineering. It's in Pune and passed out now and I'm working in dropper as a student Mentor. I know topper. Yeah. How do you know David? I don't know that my engineering these a lot friend of mine told me about it one day that I can you know, get internships or something like that from topper and something. Yeah, I remember that hi rbl. Hi. So so how did you like Hyderabad? Or was it too crowded? Messy? How was your experience has been really good why you don't like to read it first what you don't like South Indian food? Just one second. Yeah, I can know what you were asking about the food. Yeah, didn't you like it? Oh, yeah, I didn't accept the rice. I didn't take anything then I they used to give Brad some with rice and there is used to feel like it is physical mixed when it used to be so sticky and the people over there. They used to gargle yogurt. So in do used to lick their elbows while eating and it was quite a funny scene while you're eating but then where did you stay in madhapur itself in a PG? Yeah in motherboard itself out. So the wardens used to lick their elbows whenever they used to eat the rice with terrorism. They went into it with such a fashion that I wanted that one fashion in study night is a so whenever is to go there is in the mess and see the meeting. I wanted that passion idg. She so every day. It was like that, you know, I should learn from them. But then sometimes I vomited also by looking at them when they were so passionate that I do also you take that value. Of course not thank God I would have disconnected the call Advice. Oh God, not only not every day. Sometimes you do our child. Okay. I don't know. I don't I don't think that that's true. Who is the sky res awesome I know sport when he was in my broadcast before not broadcast when I talk to other people. He hurt him if he was okay. That's great. Yeah to software Engineers are having. In addition it worked. How can you teach Network online networking only? Yeah, he just picked a topic of your three sub topics. Like what is the H3? What is DNA is what is the different networking layer models and other and hear each people. How can you check the connection between two computer to horse and all this? Like, how can you start mine you can get go get a better knowledge and gold and here but that More people find that interesting. What was your reason behind rejoining opened up by? No. I love to listen to people. And so your love your love this I love to listen when something interesting going on, but sometimes it gets too boring because wherever all the prod cast, you know, everything is about learning English. I'm not saying anything wrong about it. People are so interested in learning English, but then sometimes it gets so boring when I see every topic as learning English. Why did I choose this topic? It was just an interactive session on daily life experiences and problems. Yeah. So life experiences and problems. What problems do they have? I don't have any problems that I thought keep you close to having any so I can share my experience. It's not give them Solutions. I mean, I'm not that much choice to give Solutions, but at least I could share my experiences just like people's problems and my experiences but then the load of very small space. So that's the reason I couldn't fit in all of that. So I just wrote K an interactive session on daily life experiences and So you're a speaker. I thought you will talk a lot more. I thought you won't could have done me BoBo. Did you think I thought your more talkative than me? HR people, usually think oppose it a moment wherever I go whenever I talk to people they think that any at this this crime was discovered to be silent most violent person that I've ever met but actually the reason behind joining opened up my region went into the open top of that. I want to practice English when I was in Hyderabad I was fluent. Okay, but then I when I came to UNI everyone used to talk Murat here on like even the lecturers and we were even my principal lecturers everyone that is to use to interact with No one is to speak in Marathi and my English got ruined but then some P college is used to invite me as a speaker and I had to you know, keep my English to that talkative level not only do I can call it a man of forward and how will they do to intermediate level? Yeah, so I had to keep my English to the intermediate level. So I thought K open Talk would be a good platform to you know, practicing this to talk to these people to also hear them and you know no more about them so that I could so that I I could deliver better talks. If someone called to tell me about a very good life experience of yours or very worst life experience of gas first life experience was the hi DJ preparation. I mean not the ideal preparation the end of idj preparations actually, so I studied a lot while I was in Arena and like, all right. I didn't have any foundation at any idea foundation. So I started with like when team Sort of 360 literally I remember so it was somewhere in the 20s a 20 marks and slowly improved and I used to you know, go to the classes before everyone else and leave the castle after everyone else and by the end of two years scouring around 220. Mozzarella 360 out of which was enough for me it into good in it. Okay, Mira Eddie coordinator, okay for you not I wasn't as capable of getting into it is because I had given the examinations and I Was preparing for the ID of course. But then I you get to know after a certain point K if you can do it or not, but I will I had could be K. Yeah, so I had understood K. I could do the NIT or activity IES CR exam and I even as your examination he was you know in is a right angle or one. Why is your science and educational researcher so I had given that examine issue and I had cracked that examination also, but what happened is in my time. There was this percentage criteria minimum percentage that are you needed at least 75 percentage who would be into to crack the J Advanced or like even if you crack the gate once we get into IDs you need at least 75 percentage. Yes and same with this size your I mean you needed at least I guess say 80% is to get into it. Your tractor examination and what happened during my board exams itself the girl that I was in love with left me and I couldn't you know, I couldn't follow is it wait much words? Yeah, I couldn't cope up and I tried my best to cope if I had my first organ concentrate and study, but while I was writing the paper, I was completely individual to her thoughts and I ruined it and I I like I get over Rygaard only seventy four point six seven percentage. I coulda if I had got two more marks. I could have been into a very good college because even in the day advanced art got the rank of 11,000. So that tragedy happened to that was the worst moment of my life first month of my life. And I don't think that any you know, any other incident could be could come as near to this, you know, so that was the worst. Visual part was that when I do critical called me to give a talk. So I had written a novel it was it's called One Step short to the Moon it see uh journey of an IDs parent and no clothes doing so good and the people of having the coal Committee of Friday could have could happen to read it and they felt that it was extremely relatable to their own story and this to Sir can you come to the global entrepreneurship Summit and you know deliver talk on you. Let's let's let's do this and I went to I could last month itself and it over there and that was perhaps the best experience of my life because not not many people would get that opportunity ever in their life. Let alone at 22 years of age. Yes. Yes, so that was that. Okay. Who is this? LOL? It's fun listening to potential K. Thank U, LOL and What I would like to say this to LOL the love you should stop impersonating like LOL. Stop pretending to act like lol. But what is it, LOL he is the lover. Okay, and he's from Pakistan and he is going with name, LOL now, I mean he has to account and he is telling people that he is mohanlal and he is from Delhi. So today yeah anything more like and he is ignoring all my comments and his broadcasts Oho just like me. Hey, yeah, okay, let's carve. So what else and over water boat where the worst and the best moment of your life? Well, I don't have anything that's out there. Nothing. Like worst moment of my life part of West the stop. Uh-huh. Yeah, this is the best doc. Thank you so much. Listen everyone, LOL. Goodbye. Now you guys can stop trying who are you scar? She's a lady that is having her best time of life. Yeah, lady who don't remember and likewise on he doesn't know my name. He forgot my name. So tell me tell me your name are so I mean at least that guy is lucky. They got to know anyway, at least you didn't ask my name. Hey, what's her name's car? Well, I'm traditional. So Chana throw Jello throat Susan who's in a nice name? What does it mean by the original creation creation? Okay. Alright that a really nice talking to you and I couldn't hear the last time. Have a great day. Or a good night. Yeah. Good night to you too. Scar to Susanna. Sorry. Yeah, I do. Thank you for joining and looking forward to talk to you again some other day sure my way. So everyone else extremely sorry for this casual talk as I'm a mechanical engineer, you must be understanding K this thing this type of things happen whenever you're talking about lady. So you just get you know, how do I say we just go with the flow? You don't understand what you're doing. And at least when there is a lady who has such a seductive voice you can control yourself. And you can't even read all the messages. So I'm extremely sorry for ignoring the comments and sorry for getting off topic. And again, this was the daily life experience certain kind of experiences that I've never had like talking to girls. I'm having a good good experience today. rbl Okay, so Scar is always amazing. Okay. Nobody's going to do anything with me. It's just yeah, I can. Hello. Yeah, man, I can hear you. Actually I call no I'm not here your eyes. Cannot your eyes. Yeah, crispy color or Cho home speaking it is baking. Is it clear now? Yeah, okay fine. Thank you. And hello. Yes. I can hear you scream Arby's to tell me. Well, I'm from Pune. Basically you can basically go from morality. Okay, Pune. Okay, you know what you do? Yeah, I know little bit not much. Yeah, actually, you know previous level commuting bomb me one other company that I might I learned something about a lot in like a Maserati. I don't know. I mean I guess there is a there's some problem with the network or something like that around here you go. Okay. Okay. No problem. Okay, I can be recast you. Okay, I get back to you. Okay. It's fun listening to predict really get thank you, man. It seems like a message by a robot. Turn listening to me. Thanks such that feels good. It would have felt a lot better if it was coming from a girl but then okay, we can expect that some other day. 48 before the listening. Do you have any questions 48 people having just ignore that conversation between me and Scar? I just got, you know driven away with that beautiful voice. So if you have any questions to me if you have heard me already, and if you had not got the chance to speak to me before you can just send me your questions and I would be very much Happy to think about them and talk to you. 49 people. I hope you're not sleeping if you've got any questions and I would love to you know answer to you and who which were the people that sent me the request to, you know, join this conversation. Maybe there was some like technical issues of other issues. I couldn't founder and CEO here. We is World. Okay, but years of experience of Sir, you're intimidating. Okay. I'll still draw. Hello. I just sort of you know going randomly online because I wasn't as good in English and I felt like I could be better and open-toe could be a good platform to improve my English was how do you know I should join this and experience I do. Yeah daily experiences. I just thought K if people have some problems in their daily life so I could have even share my experience. You are studying or working. I'm working sir. Okay. Well guess what is your message? What is your vision is? And looking at the student Mentor at Hagar Technologies a nice nice frame great. Great media and said, what is this T RVs world? I mean I'm curious about this CRV is World. Okay. This is a forum related to how people will be happy without entering to police station quoted a spittle. Ha ha ha interesting. Okay. Do you have an official part of this? Yeah, you can very well see my Facebook link Ram recommended Ramen. I am conducting a program at schools level teaches level and students and parents parents and public. We already conducted since for such programs. Yeah, see I have worked up to the HR manager position. Okay. Oh great touching that great level as HR will recruit a people in a pickle. Finally. We will say useless. Yeah, I'm not interested for that Forum because of that. I ignored that HR manager position. I am interested instead of sending them out. If you make the people in The Palace successful way, and we will send them to into the The company that is my intention. I got that job at the professor in sastra University. I work in if I is. Okay. So first you work as HR then you worked as a professor. Yes. I am. Now you have your own company. So now I have started this awareness. I have created a hundred and twenty Concepts first concept is without entering into Police Station Court and asked if each and every person to leave us lure over 100k like that hundred twenty Concepts, which we will give it to the people within three days. Okay, and he conducted this conducted this Workshop of all the places see through phone caii webinar program a new visual maybe family people have plenty of issues and I we had a full suffer it okay. You said that experience has to be a happy experience. Hey, it's nice to we are you playing without applying we are doing because of that there is a wrong key discipling. Babe, okay, if you are thinking if you are taking it leaner, somebody's thinking Biryani you are seeing that here you are and you are thinking really will go to Aspen. Yeah, 22 peaceably 400 BC could be any foreign Hospital. Yeah, I understand is the like that we will be a supposed to give a Clarity. This is related to mind/body money handling techniques. We are providing Okay and like Dario alone doing this. I mean audio the one-man Army behind this company or do you have at least you're not on we will make the people and if each and every place we are supposed to open in all the places will be The a herbal our Center we are providing the 76 products health care products also a child so that the product to the people then people know I will get the products. Okay. Okay example, there's some buddies having skin problem is they are going to skin. Dr. Levine's that consultation itself. They are supposed to be for inner. Peace. Hmm, then some decent they have to Basics and rupees thousand rupees. They are supposed to spend right sure that we're giving you product for 25 rupees. But sir, how is it possible to understand? What a patient is going through without the consultation of a doctor away. No. No, I'm not a doctor who are not a patient Desert Hospital. Can you please repeat it? This is a health care center. Can you please repeat for granted now? I don't stew I asked you that you arrive like you told key whenever you go to the doctor, he'll charge 400 rupees after that medicines and only charge another 600 rupees. So The other one thousand, but if you come to me, we'll do it by it will do it at 25 rupees notes are without which there is a poor and Rich there is a two type of people here, right? Hmm Hospital area is war is going rich person or poor person. They will collect thousand rupees. They will not bother about that clear, right? We are planning to take care of the poor people giving awareness if you are using so you are in will be perfect player. It will not be affected skin problem will not come like that. We are protecting the people they've got in their money and we are valuing their job. We are valuing their happiness. Like it's like Pharma. I mean company like phones or something. This is not a company related. This is how you ready product. We are providing that is product Within products fine fine guys. So another one is we are providing first program came Our intention is program and to product to pee. Okay? Okay, we will give a knowledge first then they will start thinking about that. They will happily he apply the knowledge right? We are giving aside to support related to health care products. Somebody's smokers non-smoking building they get affected by. Answer. Okay. We are providing. There is a juice called 290 rupees. We'll do our juice this they are taking the ulcer will not come cancer will not come like button right? There is a question. Like there are so many products in the market already, you know, you know this so, how is your product better amulet and and then everyone will say that their product is the best see it. Boston 20s, I am using it. Clear example. I am using on my hat and used to be a heavy drinker as well. No, no. No, you see this is not only drinking area. Okay. See this is related to protecting that protecting that ulcer K2 not found it out sir. And a digestion problem will not come. Okay? Okay. No somebody that people they are taking means they are protecting directly write that sovereignty. He already crowded go see chemical-based the product that you will not only cure the disease. It is creating lot of diseases. Are you ready product is here not only strengthening that personality strengthening the day dear portion here. It is. Not only during the curing the disease is creating that strengthening that portion. That is the speciality of the ayurveda. Okay wedding itself. Yes, for example, somebody's get that. So you have joined open talk to make people aware of this. Yeah. I'm doing frequently I Used to Know. My number also 8 7 5 4 7 0 5 6 7 1 my number that's why I should learn marketing for you, sir. Seriously, I mean you seem like a really good marketer as well as a really good human being who is voting for The People's products, which we have to protect the people. Happy living taking solely. Right right, sir, Olivia concept and Facebook. Also you can very well see Rama Ram Sita Rama. There is a nine pages will be there. We reduce and all these things and we are giving our places. This is related to face. Curious, how did you get into this by leaving the HR job and I lie is why did you think of getting into this see shr means we have to go to police station court and hospital for somebody's issue. Okay manager, they are handling the issues nowadays. Hmm. Okay issue early. I'm not interested. We are each and every person is solution provider. They have to access solution provided not each you Handler. Because of the productive forces that is Our intention because of that. We are giving a clarity about that Concepts and other things related to a value-based education value based education. We are we are giving giving in six levels are still at least value of the relationship will give you Clarity for three hours. Second level 2 value of the health third level value of the job fourth level value of get money to 50 level value of the growth 611 value happiness. If somebody is attacking all three days not they subtracted any program. Okay, they will get the clarity towards that anything and everything. You're giving this for free or are you charging people? Well, the thing is free. So I'm talking to you means you will get the knowledge fake something and you will get it see all the forms. They are charging ten to fifteen thousand, but my forum is even I'm giving you a our knowledge for that first level 500-piece. I'm collecting through phone her convicted for three hours three of us program file rupees don't we will give total knowledge Okay, so To give an explanation key that if some person comes and if someone personal issue that I have a Dale Carnegie book of 300 rupees, which is how to stop worrying and start living and has all of these conception that yeah like not purchase that and why would I go to your Workshop spending three thousand rupees? Why would I not just by the book of 300 by Dale Carnegie, which is the word for the plenty of books available. Okay. This is totally different. Okay people they are attending. Attending means we are giving Concepts like that. It's analyzing so many things living. Okay the that concept they will start implementing it one by one that is a vitiated. Please value of the relationship between we will give you some around 30 Concepts. Okay, that concept is they are implementing. They know very well about the value of the relationship. The family will be happy. The issues will be put up on stuff. without difficulty So I will give you one step to K living further possible. They were they were preserved a further for some dying dying for the purpose of living. Can you please repeat it? Sorry, sir, I'd actually didn't hear it properly. I'm there are some yoga sugar issues. I guess I'll tell you one more time leaving one locus of living or dying for the purpose of day like living following surveying the in front of some Libby. Anything Living For Living living in the purpose of living and dying in the focus of dying, but sir, is it really important to have purpose in everything and we do something for us. Like anything they will say something and they will bring you to that another direction right clear the very person to think the about their life instead of worrying about that choose K how they will do have that. They have to have a Clarity. We are giving the clarity and that will lead the people to be a happy person. Okay, so, okay good great stockings, and you can you can very well discuss you insane. Thank you so much. Hello. What is this? There must be some that will be sure I guess now I'm facing it with you with everyone anyone else want to join. I just have another five minutes and I'm trying to you know, talk about something light error and not something which is very informative or something that you would like to listen for me. We can talk a novel so you can talk on movies. You can talk on on my journey of writing a novel to publish in it. You can talk one startups. And fitness and EDF experiences and problems. If you have anyone in your own words, you just join and ask something. What do you like? You can directly send it to me read the comment and I will reply to it 75 people are there and I'm feeling a bit stressed now. I'm loving this conversation zulfikar Ali. Thank you, ma'am. Zilpha cards. Thank you. suhani zilpha car and everyone else. Thank you so much for joining actually suhani Ascent Court requests, and I guess she'd only Sunny hi. Hello. Hello. Hello, are you here? Can you hear me? Hello. Is there anyone else that wants to ask something please? Go ahead ask just comment if you have anything to talk and we can take you on board and you can have a dog. Yeah. Sign you can send the request again. Actually. I'm not being able to hear you at all. If anyone else just wants to talk casually on any topic you can see that I am a student Mentor at a core Technologies. No professionals who inventor who don't just go on social media and see that Hoosier love to be free of to be free. Okay. I don't know if there is a connection from my side of the hi-hat pratik. Hello. Yeah, I can hear you. Can you? The second Google. Okay. So, how are you predict? Oh, I'm really good. But hello sergeant major what language you are using Hindi and English English and that's our national language. So that is what I am using. Okay. I thought you are speaking Tamil not. There you go. No, no. No, I don't read Tamil or Telugu. I mean I try to speak I will I tell you but then I end up speaking Hindi or English. So this is how it goes north India, right? Not really. I'm from the central India and from Maharashtra much because okay Maharashtra. I think Western India Maharashtra Mumbai. It's interesting. Yeah IIM sorry. Yeah questioning the I think I mean, I actually live in Pune so it comes a bit. Towards the central side. Okay? Yeah. Where did you buy this? I'm from Bihar be hard. Okay, and what makes you want to talk to me? Because I am not feeling sleepy. Okay, so you want me to sing a lullaby or something? No, not at all. Okay. You were saying like Okay, if anyone would like to join me to just watch out that's what my I thought I thought key if you wanted to wanted me to sing a little of your I could have tried actually, but then he said no need to into it that much effort. It's okay line. I was like, I just need to you know switch off my phone and then I will be sleeping quite proud of Kara. Yeah, that's a nice idea actually. Yeah, I always do. Have nice ideas. Sorry, although you told that you always do so I just thought key your continuing with the sentence because whole day I just stay with me, you know spend my time with books II don't get charged. We know pick up my phone and interact with people so when I use my phone, I don't feel like okay. I need to know sleep then when I talk to people my I don't feel like I don't. Is Sleepy so the same thing happens with me right now? And when I just speak to someone I don't feel sleepy. So I guess I'm not happy and I'm just planning to okay, let's move on to have to speak up a new chapter or new topic to read something on you know working on newspaper like this. So yeah. Sonny yes, you can join zani he can I get some honey on en call for two minutes. Peace. She's actually waiting for my guests a long time. So I think I'll just take another 2 to 3 minutes how to get you back online. Okay. Bye. Yeah. sunniest send a request to me again son Alexis now. Saint is any request again? And Tony hi. Hi Anthony. Shania's you can join the sender because again, we're trying to get you on board. It's If anyone wants to join you can join by the way. There are 95 people online and I'm feeling stressed out right now what you must be thinking to give me maybe this guy is gone many ack. He's not talking anything about his daily life experiences. But as you can see there has been only one hour that I'm speaking and I'm listening to various marketers over here. So I haven't got Market. I haven't got any chance to actually Market my book my book. I'm actually an author. I'm the author of One Step short. For the moon IIT was love. It's a two-year journey of right DJ Aspire and doing really good on Crossroad and Amazon and my book is actually if I have to take tell you in brief. Then you must be knowing that every year more than 1 million people in a prepared for the idj people for the need version. How many people get into i d like how many seats are they 90s only 15,000? Okay. So what about the rest a 9 lakh 85,000 people who give their best and yet fail to achieve their dreams the the trauma that they go through. Through you know to the wings that chopped by the time the you know, the Brokenness at the go through all of those things. I've tried to compile in a novel with the help of not with the help of I can say but in collaboration with a few itn's also the all India ranked one culprit, we double who created Magic by scoring 300 out of 300 he is he has also given a really good review of that novel also a few people from Oxford. Inland Valley and MIT the America Valley so we have P Captain something really good and people are loving it and it's called One Step short to the moon and it's a novel about students about competitive exam aspirin. It's basically so their struggles are sacrifices, you know of the sacrifice of staying away from their homes aggravator friends at Levis of the end of their life, you know, the hurdles that they go through the Item as the pressure of expectations then some faults in parenting and also some Crossroads that they come across and don't know what to pick when these are some topics that have try to touch in my novel and have also focused on some major issues in our educational system. So I I suggest you to pick up the novel on Amazon today and it is available at a good discount and first of all, check the reviews if you You feel that? Okay, the reviews are good. Then maybe go through the sample chapters like the sample chapters of free. You can just text me on the Instagram. My Instagram is this and I'll send you the sample chapters. And if you love the sample chapters, then you can go through the novel. Okay, if you genuinely love the sample chapters and go through the novel my sample chapters are actually taken in interview of Hollywood and it contains an interview in hilarious tree also, It teaches you something really important. So it has an interview and also it has some instances with my crush in school in my Prime, which is cool. So you have some really interesting stuff for that. You can just go through it and I'm also on quora you can find me on Korra. It's pretty chill. Okay, we are Atik essentially key. I'll just write it down again. Prediction kaikoura around 7,000 followers. 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Which is available on Amazon again, and before that you can be assured by going through my sample chapters, which are present in the Instagram handle which I have written over here at there is potential to appreciate you can go onto the on that handle and you can check out the sample chapters, or you can just bring me and we can get in touch. You can talk about my ideas of topics. I'm also a speaker by the way, which I don't feel like I'm going to understand that. I'm not feeling like this on Instagram on on this sap maybe but I've been called to some really prestigious colleges like ID could have and coap and MIT and I have delivered talks over there from my of my journey from writing to publishing the their favorite book also on my failures and the lessons that they that I learn from those failures. I've tried many things in my life start up which got field in which had actually got a funding of point five million dollars. From Ola it's a long story of in some other day. Then the Navy the Indian Navy artifact you pay serious examination, but and also got the Navy SSB interview. But what had happened is I got the backlog in engineering and then they couldn't know me inside. So that was again a failure of major failure. So the Navy failure is start up again tried a lot of lot more things up. I tried public speaking then you know Really good. Well, I was also known in the mid ways of being a life coach and I ruined that as well by doing something silly. So there has been a lot of experiences in life and a lot of learnings in life, which I try to spread through my Cora handle which is positioned. As I said the last comment that's my code Randall and I've got more than 2.5 million views on my articles and there are they are loved by many. So that was at about me. Thank you so much for staying here extremely. Sorry if I have not met your expectations have been talking since extremely long more than one are and being an introvert. It's extremely hard to you know, like speak for such a huge time such as such a big time. So just sorry and if anything is not clear, then you can directly ping me and you can have a talk. You can always follow me over here for more. Tell me soon conducting interactive session on on writing a novel and on publishing it and on marketing your startup and you know Wills as well so that and a lot more things a lot more experiences of mine Wildman touring students as well. So there are some really exciting things coming up. And yeah, I'll also talk about the work my interview with Alia Bhatt. So lot more interesting things coming up just tap on the follow button, and let's connect on Instagram as well. And yeah, thank you so much. Thanks for sharing your views. Thank you, man. So I'll thank you. Thank you everyone. Thank you. I'll just rent it ball. I don't even know how to end this. Okay. This is a cost of so, thank you. I don't really want to leave more than a hundred people listening is such a good transition lucky. I'm such a lucky person that so many people are listening and so many people are listening to patients and not ready cooling me in the comments, which is good. So, it's nice. Thank you and check out my book One Step short to the Moon IIT versus love. Thank you people. Good night.