What is your daily routine? Like Anjali what would you attribute your success to? My daily routine really comprises some exercise. Now I've committed to doing something sort of that good for my health everyday there is time spent with my colleagues, which I find extremely energizing. I love working with young people. I do have some interns as well. And then I So committed to outreach to all our partners of fair and lovely career foundation at the end of the day, we would not be where we are today were it not for our brilliant partners? There's English Edge niit addicts testbook.com. iDreamCareer. Sheroes. We also partner now with internshala and I spent part of my day speaking to them. I also am always always on the lookout for new partners. That's a very exciting part of my job talking to Edtech companies who are also in the same space of empowering women. So a big shout out to anyone who's looking to empower women through education career guidance or job opportunities. I would love to hear from you. What books have you read that have shaped your life? I had a professor at Harvard Kennedy School who's written a book on authentic leadership. His name is Ronald Heifetz and his class as well as his book really turned my ideas of leadership around most of us. Especially women won't be given the chance to lead from the front. For instance. We won't be appointed bosses or appointed as leaders of teams right it there is a biased is in the workplace, there are all kinds of barriers one has to overcome unseen barriers, but that doesn't mean you can't be a leader just because you haven't been labelled one. You can lead from where you are perfectly well and very effective if you understand what authentic leadership is about the if you can bring and one of the most beautiful ways in which to achieve this is to keep everyone's focus on what the actual problem is and what we're trying to solve collectively. as a group as a community and I think that's been a book that's really changed my life and really empowered me to think outside of my job description or my title and go for what I really believe in like, you know work towards that. So what mindsets would you say you attribute your success to which have little far in your career journey and in your personal life? The key mindset and I wouldn't say I always had this it's one that I've cultivated recently is. Don't allow your designation your company or your payslip to define who you are our your educational qualifications for that matter. They are actually becoming significantly irrelevant to what you need what you can bring to the world or the difference that you can make to the world. It really doesn't matter and I think the best used in startups. You see this all the time. You see interns coming up with these incredible ideas and product, you know product improvement ideas. And remember the scene from Yuri right with the intern comes up with that innovation that really helps the Army. I think that that's just true and the that's the only going to be increasingly true. You shouldn't allow anything to hold you back.At what point in your life. You felt lost and what helped you have to come over it. I felt lost at several points in my life and think very typical for many women, but possibly for men as well. The first point was actually when I completed my MBA when I was Whirlpool and I just didn't know what to do. I sort of left Whirlpool very blindly without realizing without thinking I just knew I didn't want to be in the corporate sector. Although I'm grateful to Whirlpool for that exposure. I didn't it's only after some time that I found an opportunity. I think what got me through then was an attitude of just keep looking the second. Point in time when I was lost was actually when I was coming back from the Kennedy School again. I wasn't clear on what I would do in India and I knew I had this huge student loan to pay but I found myself in consulting which was a balance of what I wanted to do and how much money I needed to earn. And I think again the mantra is keep having conversations. You never know what you will find. The third point was when I had my baby and I had to leave consulting because it couldn't work out. We just couldn't manage to travel and at that point I left without knowing what I was going to do. I can only have a history of doing this but I never without knowing and I found that I could I you know a beautiful opportunity. to work with fair and lovely and Unilever really was propped up and again while it's the same thing keep looking keep having conversations and you never know what will come up just never sit back saying that nothing is going to work out that attitude will definitely not get you anywhere. I think you have to trust the universe.