Hello comes out about it anymore. Hello, I'm turning my son. Yes, welcome back. Mr. How much is this vote cast? I think we have lost the connection with the previous podcast. So we initiate another one and start talking about anxiety here. And I think we will start exciting conversation about an anxiety and how we overcome it and what it also the treatment And so okay. So as far as the question will have to you right now. So where can you define the Rings it? Yes, exactly is not it's a normal function and often healthy. Anything have ever win a person regularly feels this appropriated levels. Like it might become a medical Disorder. So I mean normal emotion. So what is what our anxiety disorders? Okay, an executive orders phone at category of mental health diagnosis that lead to excessive nervousness fear and worry these disorders alert how a person process emotions and behave also causing physical symptoms miles and anxiety might be a bag and unsetting while serve an exciting make May seriously affect day-to-day living also. Thank you disordered affect 40 million people in the United States. It is the most common group with mental illnesses in the country. However, only 36 points nine percent of people who with anxiety disorder receive treatments because there is different types of anxiety like a normal type and another level of anxiety like it cause sometimes phobia or making us stop doing something. saying yes when you feel as I have mentioned that symptoms of anxiety and like in high pressure and also you have okay, just let me just say what is an anxiety and the first point. The American psychology Association APA defines an exciting as any emotion characterized by feeling of tension worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. So knowing the difference between normal feeling of anxiety and anger and anxiety disorder requiring medical attention can help a person identify and treat the condition. Okay is there is different types of disorders like panic disorder full Goods or social anxiety disorder and different types of anxiety. Can you tell us about this tea and different types of anxiety disorders? Yes and this podcast we look at the flexibility and an anxiety disorder the different types of anxiety and the a valid available treatment options. To move here and comments. You ask it a question. I don't know if you have noticed that he's asking does going to bit at late night because it's next 30. Like if you are not having good sleep like if you are sleeping sulla so late and we can go up like in noon not a morning and things like that and Shake. I can't keep changing your you're like a routine sleeping routine. Does that causes anxiety? Sorry, I didn't get the question. So you said that going to beat at late night causes anxiety it you didn't go to build athlete might just for nothing. It's because you are thinking and have many thoughts in your mind. So just search for the real reason of not going to bed early that causes anxiety. So you have to search for the First so this is not a reason or symptoms. It might be a symptoms except some of anxiety. He means like if you are not sleeping. Well, you don't have a good sleeping routine like giving a sleeping at night. Is that may cause anxiety. Okay, just keep canceling. I'll be back in just five minutes. Okay, so we can Define again anxiety and anxiety disorders. So starting with orders as disorders is a have different types. So it's Bannock disorder expressing recurring a panic attacks at an exit time a person who is Banning disorder may live in fear of the next panic attack like you are expecting to have a panic attack. Every time so we are like you are worried about and that make you the first type of learning settings orders, but exhort the another level or type of disorders of anxiety. It's phobia and it's a fear or specific specific object to say tuition or activity like it may stop you doing something or saying this because of anxiety like your referring to this thing. So it make you feel anxiety of doing it and that's associate anxiety disorder citrine feel of being judged by others in social situations. Like you keep like you keep doing things for people like you are trying to use makeup or trying to go to gym to make a better look for your for your body or something. It's a good if you do that for yourself by controlling it, but the problem is starting with that you do that for people fearing the Judgment of vehicle, and there is a bit of combative disorder. It's a recurring relation such that lead you to perform specific repeated behaviors. Like you are feeling anxiety and you keep doing the same thing again and again, and again, it's another type of anxiety disorders and there is a separation anxiety disorder and it's about fear of being away from home or love. Once like I think a lot of people really have this problem even I think I'm have the same problem. Sometimes when you are traveling away from home you have like feeling so depressed and feeling a lot of anxiety. What I'm where I'm going is it will be okay there and feeling like you want to stay home. You are not you don't want you to go anywhere, but after You travel, you will find yourself in more relaxed it and feel more like it's okay. It's not a broke. So this separation anxiety disorder and there's illness anxiety disorder and anxiety about your heels for Maddie cold. Hi boo couldn't control. So it's about like you wanted to keep everything clean and keep your health. Well and you keep your Smalls of time washed and clean and have this anxiety about your health all the time. You want yourself to be like healthy all the time. So you start doing things things to share which is not normal and this post traumatic stress disorder PTSD and anxiety following it to and traumatic event. So this this is different time. So missile I can you tell us about that. Yes, I'm sorry for being late. But let me just talk at the first. Let me ask a question windows and anxiety need treatment. So no many people know that white and anxiety can cause distress. It is not always a medical condition when an individual faces potential harmful or worrying triggers feeling of anxiety or not. Only normal. three for survival since its earliest day of humanity the approach of bread eaters and income injured sets off alarms and the body and allows advances action these alarms become noticeable in the form of raised heartbeats weeding and increased sensitivity to surroundings the danger causes a rush of adrenaline and hormones and chemical messenger in the brain, which Enter their diggers these anxious reaction and process called the fight or flight response this repairs Newman to physically Comfort or fully any button Shelf with to safety. So when we feel threatened we feel anxiety. So this is a normal feeling for us for many to like it it before and the times different types of disorder. There is separation. JT disorder to fear of being away from home or loved ones like are fearing traveling something like that and and and fearing that you are leaving or separated from or breaking out your relation with someone. So even me have this problem when I'm traveling when I before I travel few hours or a day. I feel like a lot of things it like I don't know how even to control it and I I don't know how to describe it. It's like feeling you are so the wrist and there is a lot of that negative feelings around you. So tell me how to overcome that. Okay. Yes before you overcome the symptoms of anxiety. You have to know that this is a normal feeling or a normal and anxiety or a severe or at least an exciting Disorder. So let us say the symptoms and some introduction about an exactly so that people can know what does an exciting mean as the first. Okay. So for me people running from larger animals and imminent danger in a list processing concern that it would have been for eerily humans and anxieties now revolve around work money Family Life Health and other crucial issue that demand a person's attention without necessarily requiring the fight-or-flight action. So it's not feeling or feeling threatened that you will fly or It's like fight the nervous feeling before an important life events or during the difficult situation is a natural Eco of the original fight or flight reaction. It can still be essential to survival and anxiety about being hit by a car when crossing the street for example mean that a person will instinctively look both ways to avoid danger. So the thin symptoms I will talk about symptoms that when you have this symptoms that that's a point that you are facing or experiencing anxiety because there is a different between women and men and anxiety. Like is that women have or men have common to be having anxiety or they are equal. Okay, and they are equal but some persons are likely to the woman to be the most to worry or have an anxiety about life more. So while a number of different diagnoses constituent anxiety disorders the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, which is gadd with often include the following restlessness and feeling of being on each other. Controllable feeling of worry increased readability concentration difficulties sleep difficulties such as a problem in Falling or staying asleep like the someone who has write in the comments that the being at the bid delete my the - like he is he can't he can't like sleep. Well, or he can't go to bed and like Early, so this is symptoms of this is one of the symptoms of anxiety. So in may have an anxiety because of course if that he can't sleep but he's not having an anxiety because he don't sleep right exactly. So he might be experiencing anxiety or these symptoms might be normal to experience in daily life people with gadd. Well experiencing them, too. Isn't or extreme levels may present as a bag and setting worry or a more severe anxiety that distributes day-to-day life living for for more information about symptoms. You may join us and ask about or share your experience with the symptoms of anxiety. So we will she'll talk about the types of anxiety. Okay, so I already have Shades types of anxiety disorders before I will repeat them and discuss them with you. So there is a panic disorder security. It's about expressing procuring a panic attacks at unexpected times a person was burning this folder may live in fear of the next panic attack. And in this point, we need to Define. What is the and and And excit attack, so can you tell us about what is the mean of an exaggerated attack? Okay, it's like panic disorder. So let us talk about the types of anxiety first and meanwhile, we will talk about the panic attack. So the first one is generalized anxiety disorder. This is a chronic disorder involving excessive long-lasting and anxiety and worries about nonspecific life events objects and situations Jad is the most common and anxiety disorder. And people with the disorder are not always able to identify the cause of their anxiety. So the second one that you were talking about panic disorder brief of sudden attacks of intense Terror, and these attacks can lead to shaking confusion dizziness and breathing difficulties panic attack tend to occur and escalate rapidly speaking after Tim. Minutes, however, a panic attack might last for hours. So Bannock disorder usually occur after frightening experience or prolonged stress while may also occur without a trigger and individual experiencing a panic attack May misinterpret it as a life-threatening illness and may make the strategy changes in Behavior to avoid future attacks. So it's like before going to an Interview or having the first day at school or the first day as a university or saying a or sometimes like this or situations like this. So we start feeling anxiety before it and start having this anxiety stay still like track and anxiety attack like feeling dizzy or dry mouth switching and usually we are sweating right and have the feel of fear. This is a panic attack. We are talking about yes, exactly and the third one of the types of the annings idea the specific phobia. So this is an irrational fear and avoidance of particular object or situation phobias are not like other anxiety disorders and they relate to specific codes. So a person with a phobia might acknowledge a few as illogical or extreme but remain unable to Contrary to control feelings and anxiety around the trigger. So trigger for a full be arranged from situations and animal to every object. So the difference between phobia and anxiety is that you may hear from something as a logical and then exactly is that you worry about something will happen. Okay, so you means phobia you may feel something which is not real for real. It's just logical. Yes, you may fear from animals or insects. This is something like you can touch her you can feel it and you can see it. But in anxiety, it's something like you don't you feel or you don't you don't touch or you don't see right? No, it's not like illusion. It's like a logical that I do feel from something can be animal like I do have phobia from cats the inside. So in exactly like fearing of not being accepted as a job before our interview, but phobia is fearing like fearing the dogs or something like like this a logical reason like you are feeling from that old place that situation you have a phobia from Heist and so on. Okay, so what is They could start with anxiety. It's a social anxiety disorder, which way all And most of us experience this kind. And anxiety. This is like I said before it's all about extreme fear of being judged by others in social situations, right? Yes, exactly and social anxiety disorder includes a range of feelings such as stage fright and fear of intimacy and anxiety around the humiliation and rejection. That is the disorder can cause people to avoid public situation and human contact to the boy. That everyday living in redinger extremely difficult. And this was all the types of an exciting so we might talk about causes. But I think there is more times. Like I said before and the may I share it with you and Joan us if it's a mean a type or there's another or it's just and secondary. It's always illness and anxiety disorder like an anxiety about your health and another one both the traumatic stress disorder PTSD and anxiety for Wink a traumatic event. This is another and separated and anxiety. This is separated disorder. This is not related to anxiety. So it's not like when we say else in anxiety disorder and anxiety about your health. It's not the same when you have when you when you have a situation that you have lost your that your mother and then you will have symptoms after that lows and you will feel sadness and Many symptoms like this. It's called bows to traumatic disorder. So it's not the same here. Not the same anxiety. We're talking about right you yes, it's not the same. It's a difference. So we are going to talk about it or what? No, we are in just move on and talk about cozies. Okay, so what causes anxiety? Okay, the causes of anxiety disorder are complicated many nights occurred at once some may lead to other and some might not lead to an anxiety disorder unless others is present. So I will talk about possible causes include environmental stress store such as difficulties at work relationship grow. Limbs or family issues genetics as people who have family members with an exaggerated disorder are more likely to experience one themselves mitigating factors such as the same but different diseases the effects of a meditation or the storage and intensive surgery or prolonged recovery. So it's different from person to another what causes anxiety right? Yes. Sure. So we have also brain commands. S3 as a cycle. It is Define many and anxiety disorder as a male's of hormones and electrical signals in the brain also withdrawal from an Electic substances the effect of which might intensify the impact of the other possible causes So in the comments Rock here ask it in anxiety is equal to worry. Yes exactly that you are worrying about the future that you are worrying about. Will you be accepted at this position or not that you will worry about the family? That's it. Yes. Okay. So Jacob here requested. Can we accept his request right now? Yes, we're sure okay. Hi, hi. Mr. Jacob. Hey, hi. How are you? I'm doing great. Thank you. Well, I just had a question, you know? Okay, go ahead. Okay, so I just want to know like you both are psychologist. So I just want to know like what is depression because I usually keep saying to the people that depression is just a kind of excuse that we make to ourselves, but I just want to ask to you people were so specialist in these kind of area that what is actually the depression mean. Okay you too, he's asking about this is the definition of diversion. So you just like that depression is just to seek this of pain like at the moment when we fold appraised. We always seek for pain. No, it's another condition that we were they not depression another like nothing. You know what I think Uh-huh. You think that sound is freaking you shown is freaking a mirror sound as breaking a load this masala. Breaking it. So so I guess you're still breaking. Can you keep your mic in the park and stable this please keep your microfiber far from mouth? Okay, and now that's Claire. So you making sake all right? Yeah now that's okay. Then previous won't. So you were saying that spell when we are depressed we are seeking me. This is my price. We are I'm not saying I just say that at the moment when we fall in the pressure mode at that moment we use for feel like we always our brain hunt for pain not for happiness, right and that is a reason when we don't get the happiness. We are not able to push ourself above the depression, you know in a certain moment. So as per my experience that what I had In my personal experience that I was not able to, you know, feel happy because all the time I mine was just hunting to that situation the bad conditions which I suffered in the past and which became the reason for my depression. So that is a reason why I asked you that is it the sickness or hope for the pain or the hunt for the pain? Yes, I'm sure that's right that you have to wait for me deeply because you know just as a situation are the main cause of depression we might have a genetic or chemicals agent who did that? Address, so there are many reasons. I did not lie. What's happening with this particular application that I'm not able to hear you. Are you able to hear or? Myrrh. Yes, I think I know I think missile that like I'm seeing your connection. Keep like you are getting a far and close from the mic and don't know what's doing. What's your dream? What's the reason what's the problem but but don't worry like it happening where this particular application it's not your fault. Everything is okay. But sometimes this application usually Whenever there is a good conversation going on this application comes in between and puts in that particular situation. That quite awkward, you know, you can overcome in soaked clear. I think now that's clear. Now. I'm able to get your voice. You will more use the submitter know. Yeah, so go ahead. Okay, so I think you must please you have to search for that a hold of you not just are not a speck again. You're breaking again in game? No. No, I can't I can't you know, like now I'm not going with your words, but I'm just going with your expression that yes by depression is just like at this is and there is a category in depression, right? And there are a lot of categorization in depression. So there are a lot of other types of depressions because I have I have observed like I'm I'm a student in a Queensland University which is in Australia, right? So what I have observed that thing are the psychologist usually talk a lot about the depression, you know, so I felt that you were a psychologist. So I just met a call. I just, you know shown a kind of an affection to join you. Because really I will be getting answer because in my previous broadcast I was talking about the depression one girl. She put that question that what East depression I was talking about the inner engineering so they always just said about the depression that she said that what's easy of pressure depression that I said as for my experience depression is just too kind of an excuse that you make to yourself and nothing else then she said that no depression is AD is is you Our call it desert. I said that Mal for me. It's a kind of an excuse because if somebody is depressive right now and if I say that it's a dis is he can never overcome. So sometimes you need to visualize to those depressive person that depression is mad at this. Is it just a kind of an excuse to which the people can recover themselves as faster as they can right? So this is we call the visualization process. This week all the information process this we call, you know process to get read of your depressive mood for by seeking / happiness rather than seeking for sadness because the depression is just connected with some of the bad stories of the past and at the moment when you yeah, it's another nice to be connected to a very stories or a bad past. It's maybe by genetic or any clinical issues Wow. Goodbye. Might be wasn't a genetic wasn't a prank what happened overcome it. Okay, I really appreciate I really appreciate your answer. So Omer are you there? Yes, but who is you said that you haven't - topic to discuss. I have a main topic to discuss whether you psychologist. You know, I really just want to ask one more question. May I yes true. Yeah. I just want to put one question that how to to overcome our anxiety with the meaningful attachment being in a long long relationship long-term relationship. After like after getting break up with that meaningful relationship with that meaningful attachment how to overcome that that anxiety that's Trace within a within a few days. Okay, you mean that after a long term relationship? Yeah meaningful attachment like you were having a big plan big desire or at the at the time when you were in a relationship, but then he just sifted your mood and then it just like in some part. Some person said that now it's not going well and you broke up but it was going well. So at that moment. What are you going to say that well, how come? How to get rid of that particular meaningful attachment, you know how to get rid of that particular meaningful that connection of the towards that have been bounded from since many years. So you have to find the reason that this was the wrong person too. In life and this is enough or uh-huh vanished into your life your life. You have to start a game and this is another interview, but the person the person who suffered that he said that I keep motivating myself, but still I'm not able to manage myself and could take myself to that extent. It just seems that I left everything. There is no possibility to live on. All right, and sometimes we usually think for leading suicide, you know, so so he's quite yeah more than like this. It's not like this is not the end of the world. You have to find with any definitely I said the same thing that motivation is what gets you started but habit is what keeps you going. So he said it just counter my answer and he said that he put the same question to me. That I've been habituated arbitral where that particular relationship so it goes to my subconscious mind and as you know that 95% of the time we usually be in the subconscious mind and the 5% these conscious mind our substitution doesn't control us. We are our mind. Yeah, of course like we are in control of her mind. Yes, so, you know I'm doing this because I want to do this so we is just the negative of that person and we don't want to get rid of it. You just know one end this. well, well a person a person down below in the comment section you just saying that Why'd you get rid of meaningful life? Well, I'm not saying of the meaningful life. I said that if you get a break up with that meaningful attachment that relationship after a long time and now you could be able to get rid of it that that breakup ads ads. She's saying that life is like every Endeavor as its own start right after every in there is one new start. So that is a And I just put the question to you that you are a specialist in these kind of different psychological development as well as change we have in our or that's clean the worst one have to but you can't remove those in is binding can work on himself. I want to find anyone like her. Come back. Exactly. I completely agree going to have to put some goals any thoughts and He's working himself not this time don't have it doesn't have to be surprised. But this yes, I kind of you know motivation like you have to keep motivating yourself, and yes, but but I I just had a question like suppose if what like we are human beings but what these these thoughts which are coming after the breakup or or anything while we do what we love much but when it went away from us, then it is involuntary thoughts. You know, it is involuntary. It's not in our control that taught keep coming right? We are human beings. We are part of the society. We usually believe in the society we We leave in that Society where we have a connectivity right of ourself. We the people around us, right we leave in this Society we nurture in this environment. We would become the part of this nature. So we start, you know believing to one spaces, right because we have that kind of InDesign of our brain which which really adapts the things in a better way which whatever the things comes in your surrounding right? We you start connection you You start building the connection between each other. So I want to tell you that these are the involvement reaction like thoughts and actions been performed at the moment when we are depressed. It's not in our control at the moment when we start controlling it again start coming and coming and coming so how to get rid of it. Like these are the involved went through, you know, which are not in your control the thought after break the thoughts after you know, the pain that comes up. Yeah, this one both this line right to believe and work in himself. So. He is the one who is fine. He want his the one to control his point and he just believed that it cannot be changing in this case. Then you get any. But you have to change it. I really appreciate it and I do agree in content to your works. But I really like in some part of like in some point of view but I have observed like many person just lead the lead to Suicide, you know because of these kind of fun depressions right in my country to so what I want to ask and what I want to put one small question, is that do you think that as you as as all more? Mention that he's a student of civil engineering right man. Yes, sir. Exactly. So you are a student of a civil engineering. So if we might have seen in your faculty or I could say in your that that major that mainly person in that faculty of engineering they usually lead to side or do some incentive work. So do you believe that the depression is only the reason to lead society that over stress? Yes, and why the overstress come in our in our over ourselves does it the there is only one factor? That is the procrastination that procrastination lead over stress. I'm yes, you're talking about studying engineering and specifically of civil engineering and it may sometimes feel yes because has occurred to me. I'm already graduated cause me depression and it really changed the way I think and the way I look around me like before I start studying civil engineering. I used to be more switches versa like I talk to a stranger be And like going out a lot and after finishing studying the graduated and I noticed about myself and around me my friends. We all change it in some like we like start feeling lucky. We are more like wise and somehow like we are a grown-up I Don't know if it's about the age or it's about what we studied and what we like have during this studying like we have a lot of brochure and we we have a lot of depression times. Like I can remember at the my third you studying civil engineering. I have like that feeling of that. I can't I can't continue like that. I have two exams and and there's that. Was my my second and my third year and that was my last two exams. I just couldn't couldn't study for them. And I already filled this to our subject. So I cry. Yes. It's because of a lot of pressure like you need to finish both of lot of studying and in specific time. Well, like I say that visualization is just equal. Equivalent to the manifestation right the more you visualize the things that you are taking a pressure then definitely does pressure are always going to you know stick to your schedule. Here's a change in that a lot of research and you but it you can use and you can think about it and you can control it to change your mind to another like two better not towards like you said before a lot of people like we have already read. Into suicide he was a student. He suicide from Cairo Tower. He was studying to engineering he's the side so you can do that. You can suicide because of that pressure or you can use it to make your yourself better or stronger or make you like. I'm ready to what else come after that. So yeah, it's all about controlling what you do control the action on the control have how you feel how you yes, I'm talking about it like the Grecian it always comes when you try to boost yourself and you were taking your motivation throughout whole day. But you know, the motivation is what gets you started but habit is what keeps it going. So what we lack during motivation is that we are working hard. But it just for the instant of time it just passes like at the moment when we just in the motion the motivation end and at the moment when we rest our body the motivation in right? So the motivation act like a fuel to start yourself but to move on to carry on yourself to that level. The first thing I got is like to build up your habit. So We have a locking this, you know, like in today's world. This world becomes a gadget take you know gathered in by we are considering ourselves like we become modern we are adopting the Western world like the people are adopting the Western World. We are also the Western people but but but this world becoming more Gaza take why because our body need comfortability and that he's the reason the more you give Comfort ability to your body the more you become. Depressive within an instant, you know, so increase your efficiency of not to get depressed in a moment and it can it could only be possible at the moment when you are working hard on being physically mentally and economically fit, you know, because these are the three major pot or I could say important part for developing yourself. You know what I have observed in my past experience. Do you think that what's your name? Like Allah. Yes, Allah is Miss Allah Allah Allah. Yeah, exactly. It's alright. It's like a religion of Islam Allah Allah Allah Allah. I think that it's not the same. Let me get a net mean morning. Aloha means Katya exactly in ela Ela means your name Ella. It's La. Okay Ali. Okay. Sorry for the wrong pronunciation. No, it's okay. Okay, so go ahead like why? Okay. I just put one question that why there is a lot of discrimination going on in between one mind and the different mind. Do you know what what the fact like, I'm writing one book. I'm a student. After creative writing right by the way, I'm a writer. Okay. So right now I'm just collecting my own copies. I didn't post it till he had I didn't publish till yet. So what I have observed like I have I'm observing in this Society. I'm experimenting in the society in this particular world and and the human beings that we don't have a clone of each other right like the Lions the oldie and other spaces rest than the Rest and the human beings they have the clone of each other right clone minced exact copies, but we don't have exact copies. Yeah, though. We have same procedure. We come out from our mothers boom. And then we grow likewise as other human being grow, right? So but we don't have exact copies. We have a different phase. We have a different mindset. So it I come to the conclusion that we have a same procedure, but A different purpose of living but we are not able to Define our purpose the reason why because we've been also nurtured in that environment that we call the common environment and that environment really makes us likewise which never allows us to find the passion or that purpose, right? So do you don't agree with my words that we are here not for living in this world, but forgiving to the the upcoming generation for keeping or consuming today's resources for our upcoming generation that we call the sustainable resource that we call the sustainable thinking why we should must keep the sustainable thinking don't you think so. Yeah. I totally agree. Emotional, I think it's about this like Civilization for who made that all people tend to be the best or the other so they did you are black and I'm Lisa and everything. So this is wrong and I people just do this. You want to feel that they are the more than everyone they create discrimination follow in the in the district and we have to promote our to bring up our children our new generation and I need no one is better than the other we say. We all are we all are different. So every every personality is unique unique religion. We are individual different from definitely and that's why like I have the observed in a better way. Like I think that I did well, right. Yes, exactly. Like I'm not out psychologist to in but you know like sometimes I applied the psychology a kind of in Psychology is just all about the human behavior the study of human human behavior. I think so a human mind set the human intellectual, right? Yes, intellectual intellectual perseverance and it allows us to have a perception over our perception as well as of others perceptions, right? So really I got to know one real fact that in today's world the most toughest thing in this world I found is to be yourself because that one side you're trying hard like being practical person like Bing. Much indulged to the society. I just found that the most of us thing in this world is to be yourself at one side. You are trying hard to be yourself. And on the other hand the whole world is just pulling your leg towards themselves. And that leading not let you to be yourself, right? So, how do be our self and how to stop breaking that prison of being ourself and indulging to those those environment which is quite corrupted which is quite not in our Ver of society this nature. How could we you know take our Oneness foreign far? You know the first thing you have to know. still believe that there is no one is better than you you we are and have your Facebook about any judgmental opinions about the other so you have to just think about yourself and what you want to do regardless any Regardless any other comments or any other idea that it's like an hour in women or life. There are many, you know Purity and we have to have that hair and we have to have that color in our skin so that we can Hold it this is not the right have to disagree that no one is better than us and we are unique the way we are and we have to believe in ourselves then show up our personality. That's it. I think. You can ask someone in the comments are asking how to start a conversation. You can request us and we will accept it. Am I Audible? Yes, maram Royal beating. I was asking her to we start conversation. You can just click on your request and there you find it. So I just want to say that we should have to stop the comparison comparison with the people around us. Right and we should just focus on being unique that you are we are unique and apart from that as as I could say the comparison is the thief of joy. Right. Yes, it always is teal. You'd always makes you more limited in your life. It didn't ever ever allow you to get above that limitation because comparison comes when that the term is defined that we call in between the comparison is always in between so you're not able to stick yourself as a universe you going to stick yourself just with that person and that's personal. Range that we call the range, you know, yes, if he's a Topper of the classroom, then definitely it will just take yourself with that limitation that yes, you want to be you have to be topper like him, but you don't have to deserve more because every person have their own identity. That's why I say that this environment is a root factor of one success, you know, this environment teaches everything the nature is itself the answer of every think you know Exactly. We don't have to be one person asked me that what do you think that this nature is like like how could we say that we die and then we born how could we say it? Do you know the answer? I think it's like how can we say that when a person died he take birth. it like you are you're talking about the judge today, like we all gonna die. And after that we will will will repress us again. And I of course we die. And then we born again one person asked me like that way. It was a bit of a confusion question, but I just said it's not like confusion that religions because we have our own. Mostly so I can open this. This is my confusion for me life after death. I want to make it something religion like it's something you believe in it you choose to believe that yeah that but but the Practical thing is right now like the nature is itself the answer the reason why but because whatever the thing you see See in this world and which is related to this nature, which is not artificial. Those things are cyclic and process, you know, like into cycle like when the fish eaten something many sites like process are there and in this particular world and the world itself is round, you know, I got you but exactly your friends with us. Now, okay, if you are again born again in this life you have to do so so so like if it is possible that when when the sun sign folds on this org, and it just comes to the surface of the water and then the The Vapor goes up and it condensed and that that again it comes down as a as a raindrops then definitely and somehow if it is. Cyclic and if everything related to this particular nature is cyclic and definitely this this house somehow you could say that yes, the person will die. Okay. Okay. I got you guys. I'm sorry. What? Hello. Yes, I'm save that person will take that and it's close enough don't have any moral. That's why you are my baby. But if you find the verb is all along they not even think about the rooms and you know that it was just a kind of in my in a sense of humor because I was there to answer him. I was not knowing how to answer it. So I just kept myself above that. Yes. I could find the answer and solution that I just find the answer with this particular nature because at the moment when he just pulled the question it was raining, you know, but if you try mr. Jacob to find an answer for every question you are asking I think you will stop somehow and somewhere and you don't have the answer like if you keep asking yourself who created the world who created God after that you will start asking questions. Shrimp like this if everything is created by God who create is a God on the under this kind of question. I think you have to stop think about every question and trying to find every answer for every question you have Don't you think that exactly I completely agree I completely agree. But but you know what? We are human being so we got to kind of end behavior right that to go beyond our limitation. We got to be careful. We got our most powerful organ in our body that we call the brain right with a combination of the subconscious as well as conscious mind, right and that's the biggest thing what we got so really I could say that definitely if we got that kind of in my Or the brain then definitely we should must have to run it and that's why we are losing right there. Yes, you can write net button in this in the right direction. According to you believes Direction. Okay, Matt. I said you that I'm a writer right? So I just have to go with every Point each and every point if I'm just thinking about the positive aspect then definitely I just have to go with a negative aspect to and this world is whole about the composition of opposing things the bright in the arc good and the bad girl and the boy right? I'd but we are sensitive to this a question because we are Muslim help and answer which is that the purpose of this life are curious just prayed thus worship Allah now this hour and we are not born again. This is not a cycle. We have another life after this, but we have just a different beliefs, but we cannot. Help you anymore. It was just a question put by one of the person I didn't I didn't like I'm not arguing in that particular question. I just said that one person asked me that kind of fun question that I just replied in that way if I just to kind of fend experience, I would just staring with you, you know, because sometimes what happens that it takes many years to learn from your own mistakes because we had a human beings who keep doing mistakes till our last breath. With to sometimes it is so necessary to go with someone others experience right of the great personality. So that's what right now I'm here to exchange my experience with you guys and you are sharing your experience with me. So I'm learning something right? I'm learning something and that's the big inning. That's the beginning of this human world. I'm talking about the human world that we got a connection of thoughts and emotions, right? Don't you think? So yeah, exactly and that's what I'm saying to you. So this is not our argument. I'm just arguing with that part of your question. I know that you can't say that how like it's still the signs did improve until yet that how the first movement of a baby inside the mother's take place science didn't proved it, you know, so there are a lot of exceptional question. But yes, you have to raise The acceptable question because if you are able to raise it, then definitely you are able to manifest it. So whatever the thing you are looking around yourself the discovery, the new discovery is just because of those exceptional question, you know, those is just all about that that raising those exceptional question. Do you agree or more? Yes, I agree with your question. I don't have a problem with having your question. But you have to like control them according to your beliefs. Like if you believe in that you can't you can't you can't ask about who created the novel on the psychology of religion, you know, and they I'm just putting these - aspect so it is quite important for me to to get the ideas of the person from different different part of the world week. Because every person have different different conditions and situations and the environment as well as the eye could see surrounding and then nourishment in that particular surrounding in that particular society some of course. That is the reason I just came up here in this particular. I'll open talk to get the new ideas because you know, if you have to be a good writer and definitely you have to read a world, you know. A world you don't have to read a particular reason but he have to read a world. Okay, like listening is a lot of people and you start being like a have another philosophy and asking a like philosophy questions. Oh, come on. Okay. It was like, you know, I was just indulge in that particular topic that ways that we call the indulge moment, you know, it's not like diverting or distracting from the topic. It's like indulgent I went to the topic and then I just went to that level, you know, that's we call that we call indulgent. Okay, by the way wasn't really a very nice talking to you both and I really enjoyed it and loved it. You so much. Thanks, Miss. So because mr. Jacobs, thank you very much. Thank you so much man. Go ahead carry on a lot of Colo might be waiting but by combining surgical. Yeah, and I'm so sorry to take a lot of our time of yours because time is important. It's not what I would really do like, I'm very excited. The way the Omer sounds right now. It's like I took a lot of our time and I just puzzled it boils and I just everted and distracted from your topic. So I'm so sorry but my intention was straight and forward that straightforward like I was just trying to gain experience with your words because as you mentioned in your profile that you are a civil engineer, and the another one is an ecologist. So if there is a composition or combination of Colleges with engineering than there is a composition of mindset with modernity, you know, and that's why I just you know, I can understand this live broadcast. Thanks. Mr. Jacob alone. It was very interesting. How can I see your from is if I think so, I could guess the yes, we are Egyptians has that this is why they guessing power I got so much psychology is quite strong. Okay. Thank you so much, man, just to kind of a joke. Just laughing. You're welcome. Thanks. Bye. Bye. So back to our subject we will was talk. We were talking about in anxiety and we have like a very long conversation with mr. Jacob. So Allah what we are what you are going to tell us about an anxiety. We would talk about treatment. So let's talk till anyone request us again. So treatments we consist of a combination of sight. Sorby behavioral therapy and meditation medication. I'm me so I called vendors depression or all the other conditions can sometimes have such a strong effect on mental well-being that treating and anxiety disorder must must wait until an underlying conditions are protected under control. So the first one is self-treatment how we do treat ourselves in some cases a person can treat an exciting disorder at home without clinical supervision. However, this may I'll be effective for severe or long-term in anxiety disorders. There are several and exercises and actions to help a person could with milder more focused and shorter titanium and anxiety disorder including the first one is Stress Management learning to manage stress can help limit potential triggers organize any upcoming pressure and deadlines compile lists to make dating. Tasks more manageable and commit to taking time off from study or work. The next one is relaxation techniques simple activities can help smooth the mental and physical signs of anxiety. These techniques include meditation deep breathing exercise long passes wrist in the dark and yoga so exercise to replace negative souls and with positive ones, Make a list of the negative thoughts that might but might be cycling as a result of an exciting and write down another list next to ads containing the positive belief. So it's to replace them creating a mental image of successfully facing and concurring a specific field can also provide benefits even excited symptoms related to a specific codes such as in a phobia so suppose so Canned foods help like treatment with with an anxiety. Yes. If eating make you feel good or make you feel happy then eight but what kind of foods like someone can say Solomon and yogurty green tea dark chocolate and this kind of foods help with anxiety. Is that right? Yes, but independence from some body to another so I think we have a requests. Yes. We have mr. Muhammad Ali, okay. Okay. Great tie times through Hamlet. Hello. Hello. Hello mr. Home. Can you hear me? Hello? Hello. How are you? Now? I was watching you talking about anxiety use and it stopped me when I open the application because I'm new on here on the application. And I I think it's a crucial time. Topic and an important topic for people to talk about it, but let me first tell you about myself and I am Hamid Heidi. I'm Egyptian like you yes will come Master Muhammad cute. You're right. And it related to the society or the community where you live in? I mean that the surroundings around usually went to me. I mean that the place you live in and the surroundings all the involved. main element and cause of anxiety Have you any experience about you got and exert you like you experienced something so many troubles and these troubles are related to them the kind of life that I lead the some troubles at work because mean exoti and some trouble so many troubles in life causing anxiety. But I'm sure some users you want to know what caused anxiety from me. I'm all right. Okay, for example when I want to to do something and I'm not able to do it. Like I see that someone was impolite to someone else. But II I thought that my I do what in this situation. Because I should have faced it more clearly and and give my strict point of view in this bin. Hello. Yes, I think we have a lost the connection with him. Okay, we have another request from Beador. Okay. I'm not sure if I'm spelling it, right. Okay. Hello. Hi the door. Can you hear us? Hello. Hybrid, or how are you doing? Great. What about you guys? You can place this freaking I think. Right to tell you right now so I can you introduce yourself, please. Of course swell, I am bitter. I'm from Saudi Arabia and I'm 21. I study and University and my manager is physics. Oh, that's interesting. So we are talking about an excited you have any experience? Xiety, but the connection is really bad. Thank you. Brother have a connection problem can hear us? Yeah, it's okay. I'll asked you have you experienced super for anxiety? No. Can you hear me? Okay, I think we have lost the connection with you. So you can request as again if you have any experience about an anxiety. So let us continue as we can continue with our subject and I wanted to ask you about anxiety and alcohol. Do you think like we can see on? Movies like when someone filled with anxiety and have a problems life problems and they start to smoke weed or start smoking just cigarettes and drinking alcohol. So do you think that helped or that causes more problems or anxiety? Can you tell us about that? Like they are trying to use it to like feel like they are forgetting about that about the next xiety and about the Are problems. Do you think that really helped or what? Do you think whether it's a psychological syndromes that the person? Latest case in in an anxiety with with any actual like drinking alcohol or anything like that. So this is just a test case and this is the way he just low down that and anxiety level and this is wrong. This is wrong to to drink alcohol in his healthy his physical healthy Susan Everyone has his own way to load down the anxiety level and this is not and recommend way to drink alcohol. So what do you think we can like get our anxiety out on us like some people like breaking things or someone like start hitting something like hitting walls or hitting knowing that they are having an anxiety. So if I Just know that I am experiencing or facing an anxiety. I might know the right way to deal with it. As I have said that you know, you might do yoga or relaxation techniques or and exercise physical extraction can improve self image and release chemicals in the brain that triggers positive feeling. So there are many actions or many exercise. Like yoga and relaxation techniques or exercise its will low down the level of anxiety and there are also counseling standards way of treating and anxieties a psychological counseling this can include cognitive behavioral therapy if it was a severe level of anxiety also Psychotherapy or a combination of service. Also we have A CVT. It's a type of a Psychotherapy aims to recognize and detail change harmful thoughts batteries that form the foundation of anxious and Troublesome feelings in the process practitioners of Civility. Hope to limit distorted thinking and change the way people react to objects or situations that trigger anxiety. So the main thing and CBT therapy is to change the be And the way people react to objects or situations, for example, a psychotherapist providing CBT for panic disorder will try to reinforce the fact that Vanek attacks are not really heart attacks exposure to fears and triggers. You can be a part of Civility this encourage be able to comfort confront their fears and helps reduce sensitivity to their usual figures of animals. So we have another Quest other we are going to accept it. Okay? Hi. Hi. Hello. Can you introduce yourself, please? Can you introduce yourself to us? So am I am I audible now is internal? Okay. Okay, it is it is better now. So so my question is what is the anxiety? I mean what results into the anxiety? Can you give me some skin definition for the anxiety? And what causes in anxiety? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, we came so I can you answer his question. We already answered that before the beginning of the conversation, but we can repeat it again show. Yeah, I guess so. Okay. Okay, missed it. Okay. I will talk about the causes of anxiety. So that causes of an anxiety disorder are convey located many might occur at once some may lead to others. So the environment are the main stress. As difficulties at work relationship problems or family issues. Also, we have genetics as people who have family members with an integrated disorders are more likely to experience one themselves. Also, we have a mental factors such as the symptoms of a different disease the effects of a meditation over the and instantly surgeon or prolonged recover so screen chemistry as a cyclist is Define many and anxiety disorders as hormones and electrical signals in the brain. So the which made lead to an excited that if you are not if you have an interview or you have to do a presentation and the Kool-Aid in the colleague that also causes anxiety experience or experience anxiety. So that is the that is the I mean, I personally felt it. I mean people going to interview or a big presentation and I really feel the know the anxiety level is pretty much high in that time. So I mean, how can I reduce that know, how can I go ahead like overcoming Anxiety Rose? Okay, you're right. Now we were talking about treatment and self treatment if it was not if it wasn't. Severe anxiety. So you have to just do a relaxation techniques such as yoga and you have to change your thoughts when you are dealing and anxiety in your thoughts and what you are not gonna do. Well is the P the audience will laugh at you and you will not go you won't do it in a proper way. So you have to just remove all this stoats and change it with a positive ones. So That you can do well and get rid of your worry and get ready for anxiety. Okay. Thank you very much alas o my life question is not my great Grandmama. She is 70 plus my grandmom is 70 plus years now, so she's facing know the high level of anxiety and there are mental disorder or some kind and she's getting treatment from us a psychiatrist. So at this age, I mean no see sometimes he refused to take medicines and Lady situation is very complicated because then you can you suggest some ways so that she started Mary's it Married to Medicine and get some relief. Okay, you have to just change the routine that she she act living that and for what the does he love about life and take it to add so Such as go to assemble or make a warship or anything that's can change the routine he lives then she will it will have a positive thoughts. Then she will take the medication and start have a hope in this life because because her age her salted so so you have to change first hairstyles. The positive one? Okay. Okay. Okay. So, how can I do that? I mean we try to convince her to take the medication but see straight away. You can try the nice way like you can try to talk to her like a nice way like if you if you want to be better and feel better. You just can't take it won't harm you and like a try this is this way, you know. Hsssss, okay. Thank you for your advisors. I know I I really appreciate it. Thank you very much. You're welcome. Thanks. Thanks for joining us. Thanks. Okay. Bye. We have another request. Okay. Hello Hi, how are you? I'm fine. Thanks and you can cut into recess Sophocles. Yeah, I am listening. What's your new my name is Sohail. So here. Okay, so you are studying or working and studying? Okay. So why are you here today? Like what? What do you have to share? Yes, sir. I want I want just ask that I'm not able to sleep properly and and you can see now that I am not able to sleep and Whole night. I become I back up. So what is the reason sir that I am not able to sleep all day all night? Okay, so so do you know any any reason that goes that yes on 1 You know any reason further why you can't sleep like you are thinking about something you have an anxiety or worry about something you have studies or why? No, sir. I have no any reason and it is it is being happening with me about since week one or two weeks and I am doing coaching for need. But there is no any problems you have like Elsa problems are but only I have a I have a problem only of stress and tension of study because I am preparing of need. Okay, so mr. Like we can move that question to you. So here's he have a problem with Stress and Anxiety I think about studying and you can't sleep before we nearly there he is talking about week can't sleep. So what do you think? What would you say about that? And then I then I lie on the When I lie on the bed and I I focus and I concentrate to sleep and I want to sleep but I don't want but I am not able to sleep to make you cannot sleep. So the first thing is that to know what are you worried about? What's your anxiety about you have any issues or any problems like you said before about the The main problem about studying. Do you love your study? I have some problem because I'm not able to clear my my topic about study and my paper is on third my third man, and I am not fully prepared for exam. Okay, so you are not some prepared and you just trying to sleep. So this is not the right action to do the right actions to do to get ready for this paper into just to study and and do your best, but but but I am doing better, but when I feel I will do my best when I will be sleep properly. So ma'am. Tell me please any like they have it nicely change you. Daily routine like you are studying the whole day and you are seeing you. Are you already did your best so there is nothing you can do more about studying. So have you tried to like go somewhere else the go out and walk for some time and clearing your head of All Sorts about studying about your college and about all of that. Have you tried that? Yeah. Okay. Okay first you have to do your best in studying so that you don't have any regrets after that. Then you already said like he did his best. What after the hey you have to just keep work out and then not to think about anything that you have done your and you have to do something else it like listen to music or just do some work. It's or going out or hanging out with your friends and just think about other things. This is not the end. You done your best, right? Yeah. So just to start to thinking better like you already doing your wrist. So what else can we do? So I think you are ready for the for the exams. So just like have more confidence about yourself and about what you did. Yeah is continual they have said you have to hang out with your friends and do some workouts and listen to music. And do you happy so finding out the Frankie and I will try it. Also if your body will bring that you are and I do well and you will succeed in this paper. You will stop thinking but what we don't know and everything gonna be okay, and okay. Thanks. Okay. Thanks and have a good day and wish you all the success and you're telling people and don't worry. Everything's gonna be okay. Yeah. Thanks. Good luck. So hide in her life. Okay sometimes so goodbye. So I think it's all for today and we have a nice conversation about any 30 and we have some requests field. We have talked about symptoms cows. And finally we have treat talked about treatments and how do you treat yourself? Also, we talked about the medic medication and Psychotherapy and medical factors and some Their treatment and CBT we have sold about many treatments, and if anyone have any question, don't hesitate to request us and discuss your experience with us and share your ideas. It was great to talk with you. Mr. Omer today and share this idea with you and with the audience also. It was a great talk. So thanks for your Your time thanks Masala, and we have another request, but when I think we have to end it today, but you can follow us and you can like keep it with us. Maybe tomorrow. You have another broadcast and you can start asking your question and share your experience with us. Okay? Thanks. Okay. Thanks, Miss. Hello. Thanks everybody. Thanks. Goodbye.