Are you a Speaker or a Listener? Podcasts in English

Hey guys. Hope all of you are having a great weekend so far. This is Eva. I gave an open talk today morning with the founder of open top as shown in Jen and it was a good first time for me, I guess so. It is almost 9:30 and on a Saturday at home. So I thought why not? Let me just have a casual chitchat on this topic that has been on my like mine for a long time. Now. Are you a speaker or are you a listener? So, you know how often you share things with people and Most of the time you might be the one who is always talking, you know, and other person is listening. So, you know, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly enough we end up talking a lot about our lives about our day about our issues and we do not give the other person a chance to talk as much you know what I'm saying, right? So I think there are two sides to it obviously and sometimes you need to play the role of a speaker but most of the times you should play the role of a listener. No. Elaborating on this subject. I would like to talk about another thing that you know, another issue that a lot of people are affected with these days and that is depression, you know, because a lot of us have like so many things to deal with on a daily basis, right? Thank you for your lovely comment Superman here is a name is pretty nice. Thank you for the comment. Yeah. So I think depression is one issue that at least 99% of people face, you know in this world and it goes hand-in-hand with life. Like there's so many problems to do with it can be personal it can be professional. It can be anything of that sort and most of us have this tendency of not sharing things with other people. We like to keep it to ourselves. We all think about it and some of us just try to you know, avoid the depression by drinking smoking trying to devote our mind into other things and all like this depression. stays at the back of the head, you know and I think I mean it might differ from you know, person-to-person. There's always a perspective there and okay, so I will let mr. Vinod Kumar Shukla join my conversation. I would love to have other users as well. We can I think it's good if all of us can you know just have a discussion about this? I'm trying to connect with mr. Bernard commercial right now. So I think there's a network issue and we would like to have mr. Ramon back whenever he uses. So yeah as I was saying. How often do you do listen? You know, just just listening not then not saying anything if someone has to rant about something or someone has to say something about himself or herself. How many times do you listen without interrupting that person? think about it take a second or two and maybe you'll get to see that you know, most of us don't really listen. Right. Okay, we have another user who wants to join the call. Hello, Jay. Yes. Hello, so you're on my open clock? Welcome. Yeah, what would you like to share with us? Nothing? I just came here now. I'm sorry, you're not audible. Okay, I just said the topic I just came now. Yeah, you have something that you would like to share nothing like I'm so introvert. So basically I don't talk much. So obviously like if any person talks I will just listen then after after listening after after they come. Then I will talk most of the time. Like and then also I will talk only if it is necessary if it is important unnecessarily, you know, I don't talk. Okay, so so I would like to ask you a question like, you know Stan's you claim to be an introvert and you know, you like to listen more than you know, you like to speak. What is your opinion about those people maybe influencers maybe, you know world leaders who share their opinion on such a public platform and they have so much to say so much to offer. Do you think that those people No matter how much they claim that they understand people's problems and there with people and their you know, trying to do so much for everyone. Do you think that they actually listened or have the time to listen or is is it just about them and their opinions and you know Okay, you're talking about the speakers. Yeah speakers and speakers in Boston. I think 90 to 95% of the speaker's it will be like one-way conversation only few cases. It will be interactive and the to they will not listen to the audience question more than a minute. Yeah, but like my like my question actually was that when I you know made this topic I use speaker or listener. It was aimed at a very generic view point and the sense that there are so many people in this world who do not understand do not try to listen to yes. Yes. I face this situation. Actually. My friend is a he's from Afghanistan. But actually he's my college mate and now he went back to his hometown. So he's my good friend. So what happened he is he's talking to me. Actually, he has a very good knowledge on no general knowledge and current situation consider everything and all so we will beat or discussing about that. But most of the time he will be like talking continuously for at least four to five minutes. Okay, he will not let others to talk. He will not let others to interrupt in the middle. If someone talks now, he will tell I just a minute just a minute when he continues to cook like that here what we feel as a resinous. What we feel is actually suppose. If you have a doubt in the middle certain situations will be there. If you don't clarify that doubts whatever the thing is going on that is irrelevant. And you know, even though if you speak continuously that you know, that will not connect to us because we are stuck in some doubt. So we feel that it is like a Waste of time for him to tell everything but we don't get anything what he is telling. So, you know at the time I told him to two to three times that he's not able to see the picture from the you know, listener side. He's not thinking whether they are able to understand everything what he's telling or he is not thinking whether they have some doubts or whatever it is. We just wanted to compete. But at least you know, 45 minutes very long that is very long. But as a listeners, sometimes we feel like you know impatient sometimes know we feel like it is waste of time in patient and all. Yeah, but yeah, so like as almost to know like when it comes to people like, you know, how you describe what would be your advice for people like them to maybe bring the Change in their character. Um actually bringing change in the character. It is not an easy thing. Maybe actually for the if we want to realize ourselves about our character. We we need to spend time with in us like we need to spend at least one hour thinking about ourselves all caps and all and maybe if we have you know, harness friends good friends, then they might tell us Like a day might finding some defects in us not to change the character then we can try to so what I am telling is a before trying to change the character. We need to identify where we have to change. That's a very good point. Yeah, so identifying ourselves is somewhat difficult because as a human beings we can identify mistakes in other people but Among Us it is somewhat difficult. We feel that whatever we are doing is right, but somehow we need to spend time with in for us. True my tray thank you so much with Jay. I will be disconnecting your call right now because I have some more people who would like to join. So I hope you don't mind. Take care. Yeah, we'll just listen to more opinions at this point. Yeah. Yes. Thank you. So that was a very good five minutes. I'm guessing with with Jay and I want more opinions on this topic because my knowledge about being a speaker or listener is very limited. And obviously there are like so many perspectives to this. So next stop. I will have mr. Radha Krishna speaking with me here. I'm so sorry for making you wait so long, let's have you here. Hello. Yeah. Hello Hi, how are you? Yeah, I'm fine. How are you? I'm good. Just a question. Where are you from? I am from Calcutta. Okay. Yeah, I thought about you Hyderabad. Oh, all right. Yeah. So should I call you Krishna? Yeah, that's fine. Oh, Krishna, what would you like to share with us today? Okay. Actually I was listening to the last caller. I don't know his name. I forgot his name. So you asked about people on the platform. Right? So people on the world stage. What I think is that there is actually what you told is a bit correct that there is no two-way communication. At that stage, you know a lot is a lot of things are involved in that state. So it doesn't matter if the speaker or not. For example you take you know on which two or more DJ don't speak much. I mean, you know, like there's a section of people who like their speeches and this is section of people who absolutely hate their speeches. So that's there and if you really, you know divide their speeches in two parts and observe. What is the And that is there there is absolutely going to be 0 content for most of our leaders. I will say but then there is there's also people who have content and who have leadership and management skills that are there. So at that stage, I don't think so that all of these come into play that stage only things are about going to come into play our money and other things now, where will this you know, skill of speaking coming to place is I think in the part of day-to-day interaction You got lots of businesses going on. So you need to convince people to buy stuff for you. So that's there. And so I think that you know killer speaking is something that you know, I will say influences people at a personal scale rather than you know, large-scale think that's my opinion. Hmm. Very interesting Theory to this Krishna. Like do you think when we're talking about our political leaders? as for the like I do not really, you know, like personally for me like I don't genuinely talk about politics as much, you know, when it's not needed but since we're on this subject our political leaders, like some might agree might not with me, but for me, I don't think they have much content to offer, you know, so when they speak and if they speak about a certain certain matter and that does not Not really, you know a stay with me that point I as a person like I'm a speaker. I'm a listener as and when needed but when it comes to certain people I choose not to be a listener because of that very content. So like our like our leaders do you think that the section of the society that might obviously there is a big section who actually listen to them and who correspond accordingly. Do you think those speakers whatever they say because seat speakers are very in influential right? And if they are given a position where their words can influence someone that's very risky very risky. So do you think our Indian political leaders are doing the right thing considering the current scenario in India today? Are they good speakers and if yes, what is your opinion on this? Okay, so, okay. I think I lost Krishna. Okay, we have someone who wants to get rid of the fear of public speaking. This is a j I am connecting you right now. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello Hi, how are you able to hear me? Yeah higher Jay. How are you? Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you ma'am? Yeah. Oh, no, so it's okay. Um, do you mind if I ask you something and like if you if you're willing then we can just talk about it. Just have a normal conversation. Yes, yes. All right. So I see you want to like talk about the fear of public speaking. Am I right? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. So what do you do? Like, are you in college or are you working the oh, no, I am in working. I'm a job halted. I'm working with a personal issue at the technicians here whenever I start to speak in front of the superior person. Anything maybe it's better BMO or anything else that time what happened with me? Whatever the content we have. I just follow get in front of that people's. So what should I do? How does this public speaking like a major part of your job role? Like do you need to do it on a regular basis? Yeah, okay. So, um See I myself am not that great. When I come in front of people when I have to, you know, talk to a wide audience. Right right when when I'm on stage because I get the chills too. But I think one way you can maybe get over your fear of public speaking is maybe you know stand in front of a mirror and practice speaking to yourself because Public speaking. It's something that you need to learn as you continue your communication, right? So You need to look at yourself in the mirror and speak to yourself like that. The way you look at yourself. You need to make that eye contact and talk, you know, like it to be easy. Obviously, it has its own cons and it might take time some more for some less for some but when you can look into your reflection and say something confidently after that, I think that really like the Step for you to overcome some a little bit of the fear of public speaking. I'm not saying it'll just happen over a day. It might take months. It might even take a year but gravity it, you know just practice that maybe every day if you can maybe twice or Thrice a week if you can and whenever you talk to someone right, even if it's just a normal face to face interaction always maintain some kind of eye contact. You know, I contact someone a very good boost of confidence. If you can maintain that you'll see that the confidence will come to you naturally. So I think that might be like the first step that you could probably use to, you know, get like, you know, get rid of a little bit of your fear. Thank you. Thank you so much for your suggestions. Would you like to add something else? Nothing else. I'm do you hear actually, I'm just trying to understand what is going on here. That's the reasons. So basically like as you might have maybe read the app description or something. This is like an open Forum where different people have is really the platform that we all peoples are in groupings. Yeah, many people are there on the platform right and like, you know, how you write something and it gets published as a post or an article. Okay. So this is like an audio format for that same thing that you might have written. Thank you. And thank you so much. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. It was very nice talking to you I J. Okay. Nice see. Well, I had this amazing conversation with a J. It was so nice to hear this because yeah, I mean I completely forgot about the fact that you know as a speaker or a listener a lot of us actually fear speaking in front of other people and that is why a lot of us, listen more than we speak but you know, there are Pros to one section constituents. Action and the same goes for the other. So now I'm so sorry Mana for having you like made you wait so long. Hello. Hi, Mom. Hi, please don't call me Mom. Hi, Hi, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good, too, and I have some problem. I can't talk to girls. I don't know why but you are talking to a girl right now. Yeah, he have you are not face to face. That's why. Is my name before I possibly can give you a solution alone this I would like to know something about you. So what do you do? I do real estate job part-time. Oh, okay. Where are you based out of a bottle? Wow, OK, I have a friend living the crazy. So yeah, so when you say you have an issue talking to girls face to face. I mean like I mean, you definitely have some women working in your company, right? Yeah, and it means at all. I talked to but I feel shy I don't know why and and you know it like other people go 40 or all these things and even some girls will say to me. Let's go I will go but I don't know I cannot connect Miss. I want to talk even if I like to go to then even then I have been able to say it. So, I don't know whether it is a problem of confidence or my introvert nature. I think I feel that regarding this. I mean, do you have like a sister? Do you have any yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right, and like do you have like your own sister? Hmm my elder sister. How is your communication with her gender relief preterit good. But then I see other girl if I want to talk to her then I am unable to talk. I just think that I have to talk. I really like I mean being a girl. I mean, I don't really know what would what I could ready, you know, suggest a guy like you to you know how to approach a girl, but we don't bite first and Secondly, I mean having a normal conversation. I mean it's okay to be shy but you know at some point you need to make the first move, right so like to do how you how to day like, I know you can't see me right now and you're having this conversation with me comfortably but yes, I mean, maybe maybe you can take baby steps like say if say you have like a and at office, you know, and you want to talk to her. Maybe you can hello. Hello, you know just ask for her number and you know, you can start why our text grab you knows first text and then maybe just talk over call. And perhaps after that slowly that confidence gets billed because me, I feel for like someone like you you choose your people rather than talking to whoever is there, right? Okay, I think I lost him. crazy wow Great. So one of the few still listening, um, I haven't got a request from you and okay not forget show. Okay, so sorry. Yeah. So if you're still listening, I would like to tell you that if you can talk to me over a call. I'm sure you can talk to whoever comes in front of you and if you're scared to take the first move. You must have you know, you know, you can find ways to talk to her. Like if you guy if you add that girl on Facebook or WhatsApp for that matter and you can maybe start wire text right and if it progresses maybe you can go on to talking over calls, but I think for someone like you it will take time, but Since you are comfortable with your sister and you can talk to her properly seeing her every day and all I'm sure there was a foundation to that as well. Right? So you need to build that kind of a foundation with someone who you're interested in and maybe that way the confidence will come to you naturally, right? All right. Um, okay, so it's almost like coffin are since I've been speaking and it was lovely talking to three people. I am so sorry. I cannot like add any more viewers to listeners a sorry. Wow. I'm the speaker right now. You guys are listening as I forgot about the irony. Yeah, so I like to add people to my conversation so that you know, we can all share our opinions and talk about things but I'm so sorry. I am out of time right now. So I'm just gonna close this conversation. But if you guys would like to request a conversation with me, please, you know, hit me up or you can also connect with me on my like on my LinkedIn or the link is on my profile and if you have Genuine doubts about anything we can, you know have a conversation there and maybe I can help you. I am a content creator. I am a digital marketer and a life coach for say like I wouldn't call myself a life coach because you know, no degrees are no trailing, but I think I can give good advice. So please let me know if you have anything you want to share and I'm so glad to have had all of you. You here for the past 29 minutes signing off. Happy weekend guys.