Good morning, everybody. It is a Friday morning. And today I'm going to talk about an important topic which is guilt and what are the physical and mental? What is the physical and mental impact of guilt? So first of all, I would be reading a short piece. And once I once I finish that then I'll take five to six questions because I don't want it to be a prolonged discussion Max to Max 30 minutes. So here here the piece course. Gift is a toxic age in hand. Do you know if you are so if you are suffering from guilty you can age in three months when your conscience you at it affects three levels physiological psychological and emotional. The if the ulterior motive is bad or you are driving bad decisions your fight inside internal fight will cause hormonal changes its effects chemical composition and and imbalance. Anxiety that guilt triggers is carcinogenic in the long run. So what are the health impacts? First of all, if you are guilty about something you will not be able to sleep sleep is the first thing that is impacted the food you eat will not be absorbed properly. You will develop in digit in digestion and other stomach related problems bad digestion. So the body produces more potential Is that affect the endometrial lining that cause ulcers and piles eventually? Have you heard have you heard of people that my guilt is eating me? My guilt is eating me and I can't I can't sleep properly. I can't focus on my work properly. Why does this happen? Do you know what happens internally internally the mind and the body starts eating you starts troubling you when you are when you are guilty. Cortisol is released by the body to handle stress, but guilt causes an elevated level of cortisol which lasts for a longer duration than the body can handle. This is when the chaos begins. First insulin level levels drop balance insulin insulin balance has hampered the kidney system does not work properly pancreas stomach heart and then obviously once you're in - indigestion is improper, the quality of life will also be bad, right? You won't feel like you won't feel like socializing or meeting people. You would like to be in a corner and stay cut from the society. Other other effects are hair loss lose weight loss sagging skin sagging skin drooping neck drooping shoulder. This will happen for a three for three months and you will look very old because the guilt will be eating you from inside. I wish I I wish people when they when they act or when they when they take part in any activity. They should be present with their heart and soul. They should know what they are doing because guilt is a toxic age enhancer guilt feeling the feeling of guilt. magenta giannini didn't go under the under Katya So do you have so we are connecting with wings with Way new highway now? Good morning. Hi guy can't hear you. Can you be a little louder please? Hello. Yeah. Yeah, I can hear you. Do you have any questions or do you want to share an experience where you felt guilty? Yes, and what happened to you after that? What were the physical or mental chin mental pressures that you faced when you were guilty? Hello. Hello, Wayne. Oh, are you there? Okay. Well, you know when you has I think he has of the bad connection. So as I was saying see Guilt is something when the conscience tells you that you are you are done something wrong. You don't have to take anybody's validation. If if you have done something wrong you your conscience will tell you. What the henna admit Casimir Linda hi. Today, this is a very short very short duration that I have planned because he I don't want to waste your Friday Friday morning by giving you so much of Gan or anything, but I would just say that try try to keep each day guilty guilt-free try to make yourselves guilt-free observe your actions observe your behavior become a little self-aware. Because many a times what happens is we don't we ignore these things and later. We feel guilty about our actions see it is it is Regret is the worst form of mental health issue, which can happen regret will you for a regret will you instead of regretting have have a control over your actions have to be mindful be mindful about what you are doing. Stay aware. About what you are doing. Sylvia connecting with vomit now, I will I will accept another another to tool to three requests because I don't want this long to be a talk to be prolonged. Yeah. Hello. so I am connecting with the somebody called analyzer. So both the Henry Kissinger. Hello. Hello? Hi Mom. How are you? Hi, I am I'm good.how what's your name, please? Can I can I know your name, please? Yeah, my name is my boob. Okay, very nice. So where where do you belong to? Yeah, I'm from Bangladesh. Okay, so I would like to ask you we are talking about about guilt. What are the mental and physical pressures if once the talk is over? You can listen to the whole recording about what I have said but I would like to know have you ever felt guilty. And what was the impact that it had on? You actually build me if it is in a natural thing without human beings. He every time she felt we see when is the life even if it's natural, but we have to move on that. We should not think about that. We should not be short. I'm by writing the how this is. I felt guilt like that we should but yeah, that is that is fine. But but do you do you accept that when when you are guilty about something if you have done something wrong if you are guilty about it, your your conscience keeps reminding you about it? Yeah. Sometimes it happens if I try to understand why should I get it? This is that necessary to I should be guilty but like that. I'll try to analyze the things it's nice very nice. So so this is another approach listeners. I must tell you if you feel that you are feeling guilty about something try to analyze that what have you what have you done wrong and try not to repeat the same mistake? next time so any other point you want to add? so I think So we have a we have lost analyzer we have lost my boot. So I would I would just Jessica accept another call. Raju hello Raju. Good morning. Hello. Hello. Hi, good morning. But then you speak on what some guilt about guilt. Yes. So basically guilt is when we when we when we have act in a wrong manner when we have see sometimes what happens is how our upbringing we have. We have our own beliefs and own value system. Correct to be no problem for us for us. We have a sense of right and wrong when we think when we commit a wrong when we commit something wrong other Coach Cal Quixote him say Sometimes the conscience sometimes the cornfield makes us feel guilty. And we we tend to went to do we tend to lose our a balanced approach to life because Gail tumko under a under Katya. So what Summit has asked Summit has asked what we should do. What we should do to come out of guilt. I would like to say in order to come out of guilt. First of all, you should analyze what is the what is the wrong activity that you have done? Why are you feeling guilty first analyze? Why are you feeling guilty calathea have oil is and and try to accept your mistake see accepting your fault is not Very easy proposition accepting fault accepting that yes, I committed a mistake. It is a it requires a lot of mental strength. So I think first of all, we should be strong enough to accept our own mistakes, then we will be guilt-free. and then then we will be guilt-free and then I also feel do not be harsh on yourself. Sometimes we feel guilty about not fulfilling others expectations. The kid everything everything may not be under may or may not be under our control things which are not under our control or Scalia guilty feel. Corona is not is wrong. Don't feel guilty for things which are not under your control. Things which are under your control. Please take a condo and take a stand on it and act on it. To end my talk to end my as I had already said in the beginning it will be a very short short conversation with you all today and to end my talk. I would just say that have a guilt-free weekend and start do not do not burden yourself with guilt. Try to analyze and get it out talk to somebody talk to somebody or write it down at least confess that you have something confession. Confession is is a great medium to go to get rid of guilt. Thank you and have a good have a guilt-free weekend.