Hello. Hello. Yeah, I'll get that. Can you hear me? Hello. Yeah. Hello and guitar. Yeah. Yeah. Can you hear me? Yeah, great. So I'll be asking you a few questions regarding a dance but especially bharatnatyam since you've been learning it for a couple years now. You're cool with that. Yeah. Sure. Go ahead. Yeah. Okay. So my first question would be what are the dance forms? You're familiar with a dance or music or art form? In general are you familiar with basically professionally, if you're talking have learned only bharatanatyam and kuchipudi under like proper guidance and under the guru. Okay, but the other art forms and familiar with almost all the classical art forms. It is you've been performed all the classical art forms that have not been professionally trained in other art forms. Oh, all right. So you're familiar with everything but only professionally trained in bharatanatyam and kuchipudi Easy? Yes. Oh, okay. Well, okay. So next one how many years of experience do you have in these trained art forms? Okay. So basically I've my parents put me into this the age of three when I was three and a half years old. Well, I'm sorry, but could you speak louder? I'm having some difficulty in you the age of three and our that was only three and a half and I joined my but not in classes, okay. So I've been learning from that time without any break or anything as such so it was just under the same Guru self. I know I learnt under the age of three and a half to nine. I want to know under the particular Guru and then after that a shift because that good. Oh, okay. So you learned under to gurus is it? Yeah. Okay. So where do you practice? This right now and for how many hours do you practice every day? We have a dance school in here by have a studio like only for dance. Okay. What's the name of the studio? Not in another. Oh, okay. So you go there to practice on a daily basis are not ignoring a daily basis we go for There's a VP of classes four days a week. Okay, programs and events that you perform in its approaching. So the number of classes will increase and in the duration of the class will increase P every Eco classes. Do you practice for like a soldier of Tours every class we go if it's like a joke, okay, but if there are events do the timings increase or do they remain the same and only the days increase how does this work is increase and also the timings increases he's usually calls us every day or Guru causes every day. Day for like solid practice if there's a event to the program approaching. Oh, okay. Have you cleared any exams in bharatanatyam and kuchipudi taken up like exams in bharatnatyam for now. I finished my junior and my senior exam. Okay, they did a lot of small exams to reduce pressure like the government. Is it like taking up their organizing the exams like instead of Junior and senior did making it? Employed for the students by reducing the breaking down the portion of small parts and okay, so the theory and practical exam or is it just a practical exam to 30 papers and have one separate session for practicals? Oh, okay. How have they? Do you have any idea how that broken it into these exams? Exams no see the initial exam should just be like basic on the top. It'll just be like random like very little information as you go for the same topics you have to deal with and you'll have to go deeper into the topics and learn more about it. Oh, okay. Okay. Have you cleared any music exams? Because since you're learning that too not yet. Not yet. Not yet. No, okay. Just stop back up for like it's need. For Dan, so that's why I'm doing it. It's required for dance. Oh how has music helped dancing. How would you how would you say it's required for dance? Could you explain basically music is there's a huge important in your dance period because see if we needed knowledge of Rhythm to do I need dance item with Allah. Okay, what in particular dance item in a particular toilet? So you have to set your steps according to that Tyler since the each song is different dollars. You'll have to know what steps come. Do that color? Oh, okay, knowledge and rhythm. Yeah, it will be difficult for you to finish the piece or it'll be abrupt. Okay, because you do not know that Allah has currently. You'll have to do the nut balm for your students. If you start teaching in a few to the nut farm for your students, that's the instrument the instrument that gives Rhythm and beat while performing step. Okay, I love to sing songs for that. You love me without knowledge of Raga and yeah background music. Oh, alright. Alright. Okay. So what drove you towards bharatnatyam just specifically bharatnatyam and kuchipudi and have you tried out any other any other? Art form other than better than them and kuchipudi. Yes. I have tried other art forms basically dance is my passion in general. So it's like don't was all dance forms of In freestyle all art forms and gentle. Okay. So Bharat natyam in specific. It's like my stress Buster. I just feel relaxed or I feel more happier when I performed on it it brings out all your mood. It gives you an opportunity to To bring up different moods if an emotion. Okay do a lot of flexibility. It just helps you in or all-round development. Okay. So basically with the help of all the novelist's as you're able to cope with the stress in real life exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. My next question would be How do you say would you say dance has affected physical or mental health is so in what way? This surely of it actually helps physical and mental. It doesn't affect it in any way it helps your physical and mental health. It boosts your confidence level your body language. Okay, it helps you to be more composed in whatever you do, maybe but still like people have different ways of relaxation. They have different. Yeah. So it makes you mentally aware of what you're doing with your arms what you're doing with your hands so that you do not put forth. The wrong message is that so could we put it in that way? I'm sorry. I didn't get you could you come again? No, what I was saying is it makes you aware of what you're doing and what you're saying. Basically your hand you will miss your hand gestures and stuff. So it makes you physically aware of them and it helps you that way. Could you put it could be Satan? Yeah, yeah, well control over your body, you know what you're doing or whatever whatever you have to yeah. All right. This is one major confusion, which exists among all all people in general. What is the main difference between bharatnatyam kuchipudi and Karthik? We love to go if you have to say this in general. They have different Origins. So basic bharatnatyam is been originated from Tamil Nadu kuchipudi from a village. It's basically from will in Andhra Pradesh. Okay? Okay. No what I mean is if you see somebody dancing, could you immediately tell what they're dancing say are they doing bharatnatyam or cathodic or kuchipudi is there some way you can tell it apart? Yes, so Bharat natyam is more of rigidity of a lot of frigid movements. Okay, and it's more official Expressions every rigidity and facial expressions. Okay. Could you put in your body is very free. Like a free moment movements are very fle free and they depict historical dramas like they take future events and it's based on that majority like the ramen, huh? Whew. They take certain scenarios from there and it's depicted in the dance. Okay, when it comes to food Karthik, it's basically only a foot work. No hand work is involved and work is very minimal. Your face is 0 okay, it's just your footwork is very intricate. Your footwork is really intricate when it comes to Karthik. Okay, so bharatanatyam has more official expressions and more of rigidity. Yeah, Karthik kuchipudi depicts. Really ancient stories, I guess ancient stories like or ramayana and Mahabharata and it has more of a free flow isn't it? And Kentucky as mainly only the leg movements and hand and facial expressions and movements and facial expressions are minimal. Okay. So these are the differences between bharatanatyam kuchipudi and Karthik next you have actually performed in many places, right? So, how do you get these opportunities is it Um your Guru or how or do people see you and then they give you a call. How does this work? As long as you're under a guru? It works actually, it works revolves around your Guru and how much he exposes you to the outside world how many opportunities he gives you and pushes you out there? Okay, it's based on him. But if you're going on your level, you can actually read a lot of government programs that you're organized. You can apply for them. Oh, I'll let you yourself have to go and give say you will be willing to dance on such an occasion. Yes are done by your Guru. No, don't so we're going to apply is not done by the guru. He's not involved. Yeah. Okay. Do you know the process of the applying because under the guru depends from person to person but when you're applying the process the same so do you know how this process works? You just have to go through different social medias and you'll have to find out where you getting opportunities or like where they'll be links attached love to go there and take a printout of the application fill it up. Go to the mansion. Place and you'll have to submit it there. All right, that's the process. Okay. So okay since dancing takes up a lot of time in Europe during the day when there are certain events has it in any way affect your studies because if you are also student right now and yeah, everything will have an effect on studies, but did this take a toll on your studies? That depends she actually for me in my when it comes to my perspective dancing actually helps me to concentrate more the ones when I'm studying for like a solid and I'm studying continuously is something I anybody fit in general need a break. Yeah that break from his dance when I come back from dancer. Something gives me more concentration and I may be able to grasp more than five just sit in one place and nobody get tired after the practice like you. Say two or three hours of practice that is tiring. Don't you think it is more tiring or after you finish dance and then come back and study now that it's become a habit for me for dancing like two to three hours at once. It's a habit you want to eat? I owed you one. Oh, all right. So over time you got used to that practice and now you are able to perform your tasks without any effect on it. Yes. Okay. Is there any particular see? Sequence in which bharatnatyam is taught to beginners. Yeah, so basically when you initiate to join the classes sometimes the first thing which they teach was and a mascara that's basically good apologizing to Mother Earth for being harsh on how you step on her and all that so you basically surrendering to her, okay, all right And then they start with the footwork. So basically like basic footwork goes on. And one okay, two things you're ready. You start with a little bit of facial items you start pushing you with items with more facial expressions and you'll be able to express yourself. Once you've mastered footwork and few of the I items like core ways and just he's like that. These are like a mixture of steps like four five steps together. Okay? All right beep yes den items in future items that you learn. Okay? Okay, understood. That what happened? Hello. Hello you said Cory is in JT is right. Yeah, what are corvis goodies are exactly. They're also like just these with just which comes in the end of each GT. We're just the last part. It's like, oh, okay first there's the deity is that the end to the Corvette? Okay. So then what are the dish then they start teaching you learn elaborate additives which has more facial expressions and like Oh, okay. When do they start teasing you for particular songs? So suppose let me give you an example Suppose. There is a song every time that song is played. Do you dance the same way or every time the song is great. Do danced in a different way dupe of from different steps. I mean no. No one said items are done. You have each specific like song the song There's a particular choreography for it. Like every time the song plays the same choreography is done. It's not Oh, okay. It does it differ from Dieter teacher or is it has been passed down from Generations together? See each person is different Guru. So the generation might be the same from which it has been passed on by the gurus are different. So their Styles if bharatanatyam also be different there are different styles. Oh, there are different styles in bharatnatyam like fun than elude me adjust and Zhao. Okay based on the place where they are and that style differences. It is the song might be the same the steps in the style differs. Oh, okay. So when do they start thing for songs? The ones all your steps are done. Yeah, there's a series of steps which you have to cross like such a do not do like footwork is basically footwork. That also depends on how fast the guru teaches or how fast the student grass know an average time. How long did you live? But since you were a kid back then or we can't exactly judge it. So an average time. You're a yard or so. So it will take almost a year before you start dancing for music approximately. Okay. Could you talk about the transformation or evolution of butter? Hello. Yeah, could you talk about the transformation or evolution of bharatnatyam to what it was to watch this today? So basically the word Bharat natyam is Baba Yaga and tala burrata, okay. Okay. How about basic Expressions? Raga is rhythm. I mean the beauty okay. This is called Saddle Notch in the first first long long inch the ancient. I'm okay. David is in temples for Kings in front of Kings or there or in temples in general. Okay, it is to impress either God or the king. Yes, they work all day with us. Oh God. Okay. Okay. All right, and then it is said that Lord Brahma its NSAIDs burrata. He was the one who came up with the fifth way that which is called the naughty away the yeah, that is a stress. Huh? No, not your way the Pirates. He asked Sage butter to spread this to the whole world. The script was written by bharata is not just not a shastra. And then after all this once the British cotton to India, there was a decline there was an entire decline of this dance form. Nobody was even all the girls in our love to learn this dance form. All right. No. Hello. Yeah, you were saying there was a decline after the British came in last year after and then there was a Revival by few of the artists like Rick Mooney Debbie and Krishna and all of them and since then there's been a lot of reform. And all right, there were no longer Kings or something like that. The dance form took a complete transformation and was changed to the current circumstances. Like it was made more rigid and the need to impress the Kings and the gods were not there. So it was transformed to a more. Current and environment so you would say transform from a highly restricted art form to a casual art form. Yes. Oh, all right, chili only by females and now because if they were called David us anywhere females and now it's performed even by men. Oh, okay. When did this transformation occur? Was it after the decline or was it before the decline itself after the after the decline even men started learning this art form? Well, okay. So my last question would be do you plan on pursuing dance as a career or would you just keep it as a hobby? Of taking Dance The Courier is a really huge step because it takes a lot of time for you to establish yourself in this field. Okay me I will keep dance my passion and won't become a career in it. I won't know you could actually start teaching itself instead of going in as an artist. Don't you think it would be easier don't you think it would be easier to just start teaching the since you've finished your Junior and senior exam. Okay. So the qualifications required to become a teacher is not only a junior or senior exam. Okay, you need a lot you need to finish up with the but you need. It's okay, maybe people nowadays do teach after finishing their junior or senior, but it's not appropriate like it's not an approved. The knowledge that you've accumulated only by doing Junior and senior is not enough for you to become a teacher. Okay, so you have to complete your video at right? Yes. You have to complete your with what and even if you complete your with what you need certain. You need to know how to play the nut Wonga man. You need certain tala. You have to conquer the tile and all of that and then maybe you could get Oh, all right. So what else do you have in mind to pursue as a career in if not for dance? Well, she has my career. If not for dancey dance not maybe after a certain point side-by-side I can teach I can take classes is something as such but it won't be like my profession. It won't be the only thing I'm doing in life. Okay. Do you have anything else planned out or are you still in the phase of determining what you want to do know I'm planning to do my chartered accountancy. Okay, so that goal is the has already been set down. So you finish your see here side by side you do your dance also, so first coat of finish the after that concentrate more on Dancing. I can do that side by side. Okay. It's been a pleasure talking to your guitar. Thanks for letting your time doing this interview with me. Yeah. Hope you have a good day. Bye.