Okay. Oh man. I thought that was to join call. All right, cool. So I have Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi hai mere paas. Yes.. We are live right now Tanmay. Okay. Awesome. Great. So hello everyone, Today, I'm having opentalk with Tanmay Bhat. Tanmay Bhat is a YouTuber, stand-up comedian, script writer, producer and co-founder of AIB and blah blah blah blah blah. His famous work include On Air with AIB on Hotstar and bas bas bas bas bas.... Like ye bhi din aayenge mujhe ki mai Sumit ke saath baat karoonga Opentalk par. I'm extremely grateful sir. .. .. Yeah Tanmay, let's start talking about yourself first, your childhood, family background Where do you come from? I am originally from Karnataka. I mean my family is from Karnataka. Mai paida Bombay me hua thha. I was born in Andheri, 4 Bungalows. I've been there my whole life. I was born to Jai shree Bhat and Arun Bhat. My dad used to work in HR for a bunch of companies and my mom works in a bank. She still does. I grew up in Bombay. Bombay ka ladka hoon. All right. So how did you get into the field of entertainment? Like what made you think that actually you can make people laugh. Wo kab hua. What was that moment? Yaar ek to shuruat, Making people laugh began in school yaar. Ek to mai bachpan me bahut mota thha. Dost banane ke liye logo ko hasana bahut jaruri thha. Mere dost asaani se bante nahi thhe. Aur school me teachers ko hasata thha, classmates ko hasata thha. To annual day par mujhe host banaya gaya ek din. I think mai 4th ya 5th class me thha. So that was the first time I was on stage or uski jo script thhi wo maine likhi thhi.. Matlab teacher ke saath likhi thhi aur usme maine jokes wagarah daale thhe. Mai bahut young thha. That high of being on stage and saying something and like finding people laughing Wo pehli baar waha par trace kiya thha maine. Phir maine class 6th aur 7th Johny Lever ke cassettes sune thhe. Un cassettes ko maine memorise kar liye thhe. I used to perform them regularly: school, inter-school events. Jagah jagah par. Mai bilkul Johny Lever ke jokes chura kar perform karta thha. Jo aaj agar bata jaaye to laafaa maarenge log mujhe. Magar school me to mai yehi karta thha. Tabse bas perform karne ka chaska lag gaya. This is the official answer. The deeper more realistic answer is in some sense of low self-esteem, which makes me want to be funny and be liked by people and that's why, matlab bachpan me to Usii ki wajah se shuru hua hoga. I'm very conscious about the gift that I have of being funny and I use it to my advantage. Nice, so I think you talked about a very interesting point that your weakness actually became your strength, right? That's pretty good because as an entrepreneur this is what a lot of people are not able to do it. So that's cool. So let's talk about content now Tanmay so how do you decide when talk about content first thing is, is it an art or is it actually science? What's the thought process behind creating content? So it is a bit of both. Making the content is Art, knowing what to make is the science. Thhik hai. Kyuki bahut simple si baat hai. If you want your content to be shared or consumed you have to understand the person who's going to be sharing it and consuming it. Agar aap us insaan ko jaante ho na to content banana Aur kis baare me banana hai wo bahut easy hota hai. We have to realize that abhi internet par na, jab junta share karti hai na. The number one reason people share content is to build their own brand. Yeah pathology key internet page OB share whatever after profile picture of that vodka profile Muslim up got do Kane appeared to convey a job a trio. This is about a girl who can kiss. Bye. Once you know this person carbonyl what are some of them it made accessible like a turkey. The internet is a very unique place where people share content which is relatable in the hope of being unique job with Paradox a in itself you how can we share something just some coupons and attract perab uniquely. Yeah internet be paradoxical two years and about Julia. So that's how it is an art and a science both the same time. The thing in fact, I remember in one of our conversations and may you talking about that the Bible the inside Bible which you which you hate it g which after the Insight of every every demography every kind of persona. You can keep up on Earth. Do you mind talking about that a little bit remember that photo is a weak attempt is supposed to be what sorry Brands Capri for the radius care about our school manam or humbie. Every every month would make both in video. So for example I've ever met Condom condom. I want to get my boobs done. I will just hold up God. Yeah. So Inside by women are ordering food ordering food Kermit pajamas inside either way, uh half column organic about the girl quack agree compelled by to military. Kanaga Durga. There was a hollow or Canon a otaku Ragusa inside of a moment of insight. Any piece of content in sideways? This art room about Runa so does much that in cyclical Tia robust calm. If you find Uncle discovers comment about a document conducted by JoJo inside middle term has leaked is Anna communica be scalar make content Monica ruskov book content, but ironically bad kid the water inside. So Sunny preview inside Joy. That's it. They're like gems, you know, you can't ignore milquetoast a mammy make is a cupboard messy if we calculate 3. Yeah, yeah. Latin America is ma'am your victim Apple do but I don't know what secret but a is a cool, but I need your department stores open. Oh, they are some of the more broader topics that you can make content about decision, but she'll come here. Fella opinion based content making supposed to be I mean Joe children news came that he could all camera or modiji or Colonel Campbell arnab goswami. He can take incident topical a topical kissy, which is caramel. Well, that could be convened Eco Boost Mobile. It's very likely that it will do well. Why will that do? Well Yuki gentle really lazy other Junta go could go opinion Gentiles in a junta followers your head in there may leaders come out. So gentle guitar music. We bad KD you for your Cemetery or topical a sofa table talking about Sheriff. I don't want to go with what is the popular opinion producer hota Hai counter opinion. He bought sorry Logan do Reiki vawa suppose suppose Indian team of the New Zealand Vicki. Laughs Gigi togusa, blue. Guava Curitiba kammath & kammath Indian Indian P amazing amazing a museum. He's government content Lakota. Chili Indian team amazing toy clicking. Yeah problems like Rambo John Quigley bar deepness a Robespierre to he cornered me tell that basically anything that is either very Pro opinion or completely Aunty Aunty your thing. Okay. Everybody wants to look different. Yeah inside the sky are engine tonnage of bots are Loca a cop, you know, Dana Junta subset analysis taking me. It creates automatically creates a market for a counter opinion yet. This is just how the world Works to a of topicality Opera topical. Aapke. Jeevan of the way automatically children fare Nostalgia. Nostalgia is a very big button. You can giunta tohe Misha are cup Kobe group in the background. Yeah, XMP a worker. He took he's in the Gita about me. Yeah, he might be angry people are suckers for nostalgic content because genuinely people believe in Dunya on gays good compared to Nicole of tacky our budget when he said he loved to reminisce about their own life and feel good. So if you find the well our job merely a nostalgic khushbu Nagano from nearly 70 music theme music tulip tacky the current generation of apathy name a comma because I want my car Mary Mary time quesada similarly X and this amazing anything works. Um anything piece T psychic example government relatability Excel look relatability both they can relate abilities of very pop accurate. It will content manager for relatable content the math lab cap many something relatable content doe type you a quote ahem a relatable to you as a person when you're alone keymap. Could they crowned with? Oh Ma'am, for example, I am a tall fat comedian who did science when he was in junior college who now? Enjoys. Being a lot to ye. Merry basic. Basic qualities may not cover today are in sub Q Bar mokuba content Malaguena. For example, what is it like growing up fat in your school to get my content? Because they want the game a likely up my profile by shall come on, heki am merely a personal relatable do seductive relatability with a gifting any motion. There are no gay. What is it like growing up with a roommate? Okay after growing up with With an elder brother to eat ginger. No commas elder brother saragossa be sharing a say, if not with everybody at least with her elder brother yuuki-kun killing avoid movement of the where you are gifting your elder brother and emotion suppose my roommate roommate. You are my content living with two roommates versus living alone. So a girl living with two roommates a condiment they come to map the door. Imagine yourself Miracle couldn't control my emotion gift kilowatts @ Ki but yeah, they are miles of the water. Gifting any motion is a very very popular way of making content looking smart geek geek tariqa to get to make shareable content except to Twitter for the karaoke take article contrabass midcal that or vertical partner for the visibility of article post hotei. It doesn't outsmart subsequently smart dikhhla, Jaa Theon too. I think a lot of Brahma jiv content organized a agent abducts her and she'll be like democratization of new video, but I have a comedy movie clip with you. When I need you. Sorry argument X Aldina disco demonization your perfect bold italic in what articulate nicker pirotta voice a shell Korea to not only look smart, but also to show this is your this is our point of view on this opinion looking smart is a Re looking like half of it out from the agenda half of the southbound agenda would have shared. It is a very is a very very big reason to look different to look smart or fear X some anything extremely positive always works. It didn't match nationalistic patriotic group identity based content that always works with okay. Be straightforward like the previous in do Medal did not healthy, but they are the Miami social media team killer better now. Or him Nate. They are Korea the previous in the gold silver or gold down. Okay, post IRP. You can help another keep emotion. It's not positive on your agenda met Eric. Okay, or bust GT GT exactly what you over silver I bought positive post Superman is a Game of Thrones kill the queen of hearts. Our wages of Ecuador building became the hootenanny Oh Donna there's something very positive celebratory always does well so many up example, but the idea is these are man is one of these are not all the rules. I'm just trying to open your mind into understanding in these are the things that type of things are people share obviously combination go get the go high opinion positive, you know, relatable positive high opinion relatable high opinion gifting and gifting a listing calling out bullshit. It meets looking smart. So as Allegra combination workaholic, I think subject matter but regular companies, you know kept content nickel was to usually other example the Maggie Maggie by May of course content molarity get to Megara. I would make for example, I would make something like I would make oh dry Maggie Carnevale submerged annual a soupy. Maggie is the best. Okay? Yeh Kya hoga yemeni automatically. Hi. Open without the about you out of the dryer McConnell is submerged Angus. I don't go to polychronic out that when you do make you lucky day for 2002 Pavilion jah, be don't know psychic a job and they know who don't know she'll getting agent way love that bullying is silicon age or do I make up a new Suzuki wagon? They click is a polarized an audience can actually which compels them to share share this content. So talk to content making content making is it comes to comes out of both? The science and art much like any form of mass manipulation top leaders version Dario comedian comedy one hour ago. Yeah YouTube a video banana. Oh, yeah picture, but I know it takes basically skill of mass manipulation. So it's not very different from you know, any other any other object with a mass manipulation. It's not very different and it's not something that's so rocket science that local Apache atomically, certainly The upside both Marica joke milk Faith Lake in basics of somebody secure or basic top up Eric Benet make something come from the idea of that though either basic or smooth. Very interesting. I think then you just made the whole process look so simple, but I'm sure it is not but I think it's a starting point. So, okay, let's talk. Let's talk about now. Once you create content and descending your demography understanding the emotions which are going to Target and these buckets will talk about then a few distribute the content because not everybody is gifted to have high social media reach and it will chicken plump and stuff like that. So for see if when you create content that gets Add more and more people will eventually start following you on these platforms another platforms if they go a la la loser for a common rule her platform for thank consistency. But let me YouTube Pago Yar Twitter pay ho a Facebook video Arabic consistently dialogue in they could Joe be bolo, right our artistic appointment viewing a joke, why bother who asked actual them, for example, many opinion a YouTube channel kilometer be recently domain. Okay follow spare already a bit thin. I'm like Hickory bonaga domain name q' I think America carrier roadside my video Down live alone. And I put up a video every single day irrespective of come. He'll come Fire by the video Delta U is a consistency say consistency. They cook bought simple object taken to the neuro are begun Tokyo every Tech platform favors those who favors their techland for both simple left of the third occur. Okay. I'm just not open to occur again with another open. Coupon was willing. That's how that's how these things work. Right? That's what I would say. He can Tagalog take you away cause darling of a project please Valkyrie is the tragic adultery. That's great. So many people look up to you. Who do you look up as a comedian or as a person? Old man as a comedian bought something together as a comedian. I think I don't believe in having one favorite Idol as such wedding very good cook your favorite comic surgeon Kamehameha decked out for manically more than anything else qu Chi Hoon casual Vibe here that is similar to my wife. I think Bill Burnham quite comedian who I really really admire. He woke generally annoyed at us a or And I think when I mean cynical what I really mean is you need to have pursuit of truth and you are missing. How many people are like well Peters the still Peters about will be tonsai. I really admire for doing what he did at the time. He did it. I think I think he would really be was one of the he showed me that brown people can be funny and brought people can be successful while being fun total Legend here comedy Dunya my comedy code spread in Intimate case of Chappelle a comedy Superstar to Russell Peters. So I'm like, it's like Jodi labors of Johnny lever what he did in India. He did good globally. Okay Russell Beto showed you that in that comedy is viral through the internet. He also showed progress will be gonna be content update gonna Brown Jonathan a.com with either a Bucky migrant Joanne. This is a country may concern adopted qqm kureta build-up can collate hockey and he makes every community. Loved he would never make any Community feel like this is a battery. So people were often share his content. So they're white friends or their you know people who they are worried about being aired from they can see the positive side of their complete. Oh Russell x axis will always says Keane whenever I talk about someone I always talked about stuff about them that makes them extremely human humans are inherently very scared of beeping other humans or jump to a cool. Aguila homeless Community very basic and he was his internet. So G Superstar, right? So the Mets now, we are at the closing note of this open talk before that. We take some questions. So please asking that would you be doing more comics comics on it means like their comics comics on season three men a colonel Yuki. I've decided to take the next year of ugly Excel may have my YouTube channel built around licking my ear about superheroes to apis are idea. Hopefully unable ahead and a beluga but I am working on a bunch of nonfiction formats per million or they could have blogs blogs could say bonaga Rose the bottom up Islamic ecological web comic something around there as cooker stand-up special. Yoga is Salvatore nice Volker Volta to tune of October 6, so itself boss. Comedy or both contain the planet gaming Botsford Naval Air India, May to make giving a monster which is economic plans. The mozzarella killed in maybe 600 BC one day. You'll make we company. Hi thingy. / come here. Porphyria, both to come second base, but yourself has given anybody a salmon is so smart it aloud. It was great.