Hello, everybody Welcome to our discussion for today. Today we have with us Saurav is a super creative expert in photography his YouTube channel has close to half a million users and subscribers. He has a very interesting and massive presence on Instagram as well. Saurav has been camera geek for quite some time and he really likes to share his knowledge and understanding of Photography and what he has learned over the years. So thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you. It's a great pleasure to have somebody like you who has mastered his skill and is now willing to share that knowledge with lot more other people as well. So it's great to have you on our platform and To share your story with us. So will dig right in Saurav to start with I would love to First understand your upbringing. You know, where are you from? What did you do in your schooling in your college and then maybe culminating into how did you actually get interested into photography? Okay. Initially I was a regular child. I got a computer and found a huge computer because I love computers and I want to do is learn more about it. And I decided I wanted to do computer engineering. Mmm. And I'm interested in. So I went I went during my school time. Like my teachers helped me a lot to develop the public speaking part because why is that important for me is because right now the confidence that I have in front of the camera is like the cold. You didn't know that goes back to my school teacher. That's one thing so I completed my engineering. But meanwhile, what are you to do is I used to take photos with my mobile phone. Okay, so, you know like Windows rainy clouds out there, you know when the teacher is not now now the thing that happened was like people used to see that we have been to the same place, but we haven't I've seen them what you are showing what why aren't I? Have a knack of seeing a different perspective don't maybe if I put some more effort dedicated effort into it and big is more serious. can do something Reading about photography starting reading about how camera Works what are different camera angles and stuff? And yeah, that's how I started getting into photography because I'm writing is forces along with question. Very nice. This is all of which are was this when you were in your maybe second year of college is when you started developing this interest No II wasn't I wasn't 12 standard. I wasn't well Tyler when I started taking photos and yeah, it's been it's been 5 years that I've been doing it right now fantastic. So it's been five years since then. Yeah. Wow and and over these years sort of like you've been you have improved yourself. You must have grown the way you are doing photography what has been some of the guiding principles for you, you know, not as a as a photographer also an as a somebody who is looking to improve his skills looking to improve his art what has been some of those guiding principles for you. One of the thing I believe the most it be the best version of yourself. So whether you're into photography or whether you're into any damn thing I always do is I compared my previous performance with my current performance and for me, it was like it's okay if I take back pictures, but my but my 500 photo should be better than the whole 1991. I'm not learning, right? Absolutely. That's what I had in my mind and He said, you know whether it be about studies or anything. I just focus on what I am doing and I'm trying to get better at it. People are. I just love that. Suppose on my YouTube videos If there is a if there is a negative comment but a good negative comment, which the user is addressing that this is wrong. This is all this can be improved. So that is something I take very seriously and that is something I work very hard, you know, I can improve on that. Right? Right, right. So and sort of how and let's say who in your maybe family or friend. Would you credit the First supporting you in this journey because I'm sure the typically you know with with your mindset being to become a doctor or an engineer appearance usually get freaked out when the when the kid tells no. No, I really want to pursue photography. So who was the yeah. My mother really supported me a lot during the initial stages and then and then sort of just following up on that. So was there anybody else whom you know, you had any mind that he is he or she is your role model and you would like to you know one day become that or at least get an appreciation or get recognized by somebody. Do you have somebody? Be like that also in your mind when you were thinking of going into this career. No see to be very honest. Like I have I have many role model take my first role model of my father because I didn't know what's the meaning of role model that time. I've been seeing my father. So he's someone who has traveled a lot and we're comfortable very poor place and like make like needed a whole different name in your industry. So that that inspired me a lot. So it's not that someone from the photography field inspired me. An issue in the automotive engineering feel inspired me. My first role model was obviously my father and then they were like many people like if each Abdul Kalam and like Ansel Adams when you speak about photography. The most out of it like Ansel Adams had a camera like the our mobile phone can take better photos and what Ansel Adams camera Tamara did but the thing is the perspective the kind of images. He has even we can't create it with a maybe 10 lakh Rupees camera even today so that inspired me a lot, you know, like you can you can do whatever you want to even on limited resources if you really want to do it. Wow, that's fantastic. So yeah coming. That coming to that sort of what do you think is really the you know, what do you think you try to represent or depict when you think of a when you think of taking a photo? Is it something you know like you said earlier is it just is it something which is like a different perspective on something which is very very casual and general and everyday thing or is there some other lens is there something very specific that you try to bring into your photography. Very honest statement coming from me. Any art form what I can tell you is like maybe the first Basics is complete mathematics. Okay, so I tell you okay. This is how aperture work. This is all sort of speaking. But after that after that, it's completely self study. So Which can which is dependent on mathematics and stuff and the artistic part obviously. Go ahead. Try to do I try to give a guideline. Right. That's what I try to do with my videos and photos, right? Yeah. Is it working is it not working is the time when you're actually learning photography, you know sitting in a classroom or sitting in a room and just seeing videos or reading articles is just getting theoretical knowledge very good good, right so and and at what point so I'm just asking this for the general audience base as well. So at what point sort of so for example like you right you realized it very early on that. You have a you have a very different in unique perspective. But at what point let's say if somebody is in the photography field or they are trying to get to photography at what point should the you do realize that probably this is not for them because it's very difficult to see it's very easy probably to realize that yeah, they are really doing good when like you receive positive affirmation from your family or your friends. The other is a unique angle to what you are doing and you're doing really something really good. But a lot of people are like amateur photographers, so but at what Wind they should see that okay, probably they don't have that creative I so much or it'll take them years to prepare or build that creative. You know, I so he's either I that point comes you should ignore that point if you have the passion, okay? Absolutely. I've something to tell very negative approach. Like whoa, there are two things. Okay. First of all, I feel one of the reason why this happens is like nowadays a lot of photographers do photography because others are doing yeah, you know, this is this is a to gain popularity on social media and stuff and active very wrong approach and if the question would like to address Question if that's something you're into you should stop photography because we are not doing Justice to the field as when in you're just wasting your own time as red, but I think certain people who are not able to get good photos, but they're very passionate about it. Like they are like when I mean, Eat we have and they don't care about what like how famous they are. Social media during the population is talented right the all but that doesn't mean the other 99% of people are not doing it. So if you have the intention behind doing it is right. I don't think that point should ever come and it has multiple consider you to be motivated enough to come out of it. But if the intention is not right, then there's no use of doing it. Absolutely, very well said very well said so so then sort of what would you know, what would be you so about your whole journey, right? So tell me of time when which was the probably the lowest point for you in this journey, you know when like you said that okay, if that time comes then, you know, you should not listen to that time audition not pay heed to it. So what was that time in your journey, you know, was there a timeline that and if it was how did you pull? yourself out of it So what happens is like I'm a very positive person about anything that's going on. So if anything happens for good I am like okay this so I don't get overexcited about it. I'm like good thing. But if anything bad happens I try to see the positive aspect of it. So if my so if I maybe if I take a photo and I upload it on Instagram and I don't get positive comments on it. So there is always always reason why that's not happening right? So so I try to see the post Aspect of it. Like how can I improve on that? So in terms of photography I like there was no such time when I felt low at touch but parent is pressure was something I was trying to deal with that that was becoming very serious along with my dad because What about me? I don't. Increasing continuously and that was something I was like, I was tired feeling that. Okay. Can I do it at all like really if I am I going to the right path or am I really falling to the peer pressure and might be like am I doing it? I'm really passionate about it ever. So I was starting to question myself. Never to be thing very seriously before when I started making it I was investing my time in it. So what I want Intended to be investing my time and not wasting my time. I was fine till that I was like you don't you just have to change in a and you just have to tell yourself you can do it and it's okay. It's okay. It's okay to feel oh because of pressure and stuff. But you know, you just have to believe in yourself and at the end of the day, you know, if you have that belief in oh, there's nothing that's going to stop you a nice a nice. So sorrow would you have any you know, so it you have a massive presence? On YouTube as well. So would you have any tips for somebody who's starting out now in the field of Photography and would like to you know demonstrate their work online either through Instagram or through YouTube. Would you have any advice any tips for them? She like any any kind of YouTube videos you make first of all, like whether it is related to photography or not. The thing is like a lot of people believe that if you have good expensive camera gear audio gear lighting gear to shoot their only you can make good videos, but this forget but the main thing the forget is the person is making this video Lesson isn't good enough if the content isn't good enough, then there's no point in it. So, yeah, so like the gate Yeah, I have today might be slightly expensive and I didn't think that I'll have all these kids with photography when I started with. It is absolutely good enough to even if people want to see something if people want some like they want to understand a particular concept. They don't they won't care about both camera and using onions until they're getting the concept. That's fine. And if my content is well, at least they won't care what camera and shooting in they don't understand what I'm trying to say. Then there's no point in it. Correct, correct? Oh, yeah, absolutely, right? Oh, so so sorry, I'm telling me this now that you've you have a You had a remarkable journey in for the last five years in the field of Photography. So now what what I have what is ahead of you? What are you thinking? What are the goals? What are the what is it? What is the road ahead looking like for you looks like for you. Answer when I say that. Come on. I am a boyfriend like I'm a person who believed that like you get you get to live only once and you should try everything. So what I'm doing is I'm challenging myself to pursue Master's in computer science, and I'm like, I want to challenge myself and Kira and I don't like to prove to anyone else that I'm capable of doing something, but I'm not to prove myself that I'm capable of doing something. I want to pursue my masters in computer science. I want Experience our technology than proving a huge fan of Technology. No, I want to get into it. The budgeting is a same time. I stuck into it having this discussion with my parents as we're not weak that I will be doing my studies. But after a point where I feel that I'm financially stable and stuff that time. I'll be taking my creative freedom. I'll be learning filmmaking. I'll be making videos that not only inspire people but you know, maybe help change the perspective about a particular thing something like that. So it's like I humbly believe that you have a bigger purpose in your life, right? The thing is and I want to like I want to have a right in my life. So yeah, I'm going home after let you have that was very very nice. And it's are you are you going for my masters in India, or are you planning to study abroad and have you? in India, so I was Asian culture outside As we see how people outside hire. I wanted to see what the different education system and stops and you know, when you go outside, you know, you have many photography opportunities is that you build a global audience. It's a win-win situation for me. I'm just saying the positive side of it. Right? Right, right. Absolutely you absolutely right here I mentioned so we should go for new experiences new things and really soon so that I don't think so that's going touch demotivating for any photographers. You want to make sure you have to be you have to be continuously challenging yourself a field where there is so much competition on it until you're challenging yourself and bringing the best out of your digital skills in the field. Absolutely. Absolutely. So sorry, maybe one of the last few questions I would say, is there any any resources any places where new photographers or amateur photographers can Really go and check out more things. And you know, like you said that we'll give it just experiment more and more. But you know, if they want to at least learn a few more things or you know, just try to see what is the latest work of art, which is available to just get a good perspective. What would be some of those resources you would recommend right. Now what happened to social media? I'm talking about internet in general. So if you want to learn anything, you know, there's like so many tons and tons of resources on the internet. You could get it for free. Usually you just have to know what you're looking for. I mean if you want to learn something particular you just Google it and you will have like tons of information. You just have to know what you want to look for and what you want to learn and I mean like this there are different YouTube channels that teach photography and editing and stuff. There it is. It's a very good internet sides are really educational sites. Like you have pick up exactly except Stoppers. So these are the website in that really promote. They really are like they come up with the new updates that going in the field of technology and the and if there's some new technique you get to learn that as well. Google.com I feel internet as a whole is a good enough resources. You just have to know what you're looking for. Yeah, perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I think sort of that was really helpful is there just may be the last question. Is there one piece of advice which you would like to leave other than photographers just everybody everybody who is you know, who's thinking of a passion project or maybe somebody wants to be a painter or maybe somebody is thinking to be an author. What is that one piece of advice? Which you Just you know give them for them to go ahead and do what they want to do. Hey, this is me. Actually go back to previous answer is that don't do anything because of someone else is doing it because what we what we misunderstand is Rick we are inspired by a person ABC and we think that person ABC what that person is doing if we if I do it then I'm successful when we fail to. Me so I like my goals are different. If you want to become a painter some people ask yourself. Why do you want to become a painter? Is it because of someone else or the society or is it because you are really passionate about it? So nowadays I feel is somewhere or lacking like because and because of that there are many problems that people face later in life and like they start questioning themselves start doubting themselves in stuff. But at the first place while going well, In that particular field if that feels really makes you eager to learn more about it to improve yourself. I mean that's enough that's enough, you know, you will be that be motivated to ever stop that particular thing right now. We can't do it and stop. The reason was that motivation. You had initially was coming out from wrong reasons. We are getting into photography or the sole purpose of I think being with an Instagram and you don't get famous on Instagram after even for a couple of years. Then you lose that motivation the correct initial initial motivation came from a very strong player. That should not have been the worst thing. That's what I think. It's just if you're passionate about it. Awesome. Awesome. Yeah, so that's amazing. That was fantastic insights for all of our listeners and thank you so much for giving us this time and my pleasure. Thank you, and we wish you from Whole opened our community and users. We wish you the very best for your higher studies and hope that I can keep keep seeing great work of art from you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Yeah, bye-bye. Yes YouTube, bye-bye.