Airport welcome to the digital update show of the day. So is about to end we can see some of the some of this digital technology is evolving day by day. Okay, so we should so we should see how is it evolving? Are you aware of this that some of the heavy have some of the best social listening tools which would be more focused than its being used by a company, but will be more popular in 2020 as / digital. Was going on across yes as the I just read an article about the six best social listening tools, which we will reviews in 2020 the next year. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. So these were quite interesting and they're very young useful also. Yes. Yes. Yes. So you must be observing Padova. I'm not very sure you have come across or not, but I read Somewhere along back. There are companies like Dell specially about Della. I've heard they even have a position within the company called clo that is Chief listening officer of the company. So the main motive of social listening tools. What I wanted to bring it to the point is key now every brand if you see they are they're moving towards social media for their customer insights. And what is this? Estimate doing inside the social media. How is the customer performing? How are the products performing how the Brand's reviews ratings other people are people talking good about their bar brand or people talking bad about their Branch. So what's all going internally within their brand if you see people these days are more so much cons customer Centric and so much focused. Yes. So for this one the yes, yes. Yes. I put what you were saying something. Yes. Yes. Yeah you won. So I was saying social media these days is really important for every company whatever company you take. They have all the social media handles like Facebook Instagram Twitter. So this gets a lot of customer engagement. I feel for the Brand's. Yes. Yes. Yes. So it's very important for every company each and every company brands where they are product based company where they are whether they are in to De la Renta Hospitality any sector I think social media is very is becoming day by day more powerful. Yes. It really is. So even in our personal life and in our personal life, we if you want to see of each of those if you want to know about each of the Slime what is going on internally externally, we find to read people smile inside the shore. Social media. Is it true awkward? Did you notice this? Yeah, I have noticed this a lot of times whenever we want to know something about a person check his Instagram Facebook profile. Yeah, this happened. So this is more office of what I was telling you about five minutes back was Del Sol Del. They they have a team of some people. So those are the listening officers what they do. They listen to people's queries. Okay, and they and analyze the analyze how is people behaving with their product? How is people how much people are happy with their products? So it's more of listening this days. So this is means it's getting more and more popular day by day. What I am when I notice in 2019, it was it was taking a pic but I think so 20 would be good brands would be more focusing on towards the listening which in short we can say a sentiment analysis also. Yes, so everything, you know boils down to listening to the customer, right? You have to give what they want. So for that you have to listen to basically what they want. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. So listening here becomes very important. Yes, and it's not important for a brand itself. It's important for an industry industry Vice also, it's important and other important feature what I came across apoorva from this listener listening tools is that you can you can see your competitors. Also, how are they behaving in the social media in the web and in the mobile in the mobile in the mobile version in the Version because in different versions are little different in filtering cust customers queries customer reviews and but if you've seen social media, they are very fast very quick, even if they see their ratings and something is either very quick. They're very prompt. Even if you say this days if you visit to a doctor or anywhere, I I once some days back I went someplace. Of for my haircut so ice. I don't know. I got a call from them because it's about lack my brand. So I got a call from the lab my brand saying ma'am. Are you happy? Are you happy with our service? I said no. I was not happy with the service. What which I was looking forward though. She asked me key. Okay, Mom. We are ready to give you a complimentary service. So this is what the brands are so aware. So they are they are very fast at the customer service. They're very fast it making Customers happy they want their all the customers to be very happy with this is what I'm noticing it a lot these days. Yes us that to and our sir don't you think competitor analysis is also as his competence competence is one of the first Factor before even setting up your branched to know what the other brands are doing, which are your competitors. How are they performing in all their social media pages in how what kind of Of course, they are promoting what what kind of content they're post have do they have a pole based questions. Do they have imaginary content video content? So all these factors plays a very important role of hoorah going ahead. Yes. Yes, that's so that's so true. Okay, so yes, I put why you were saying something I guess. No, I just said that's very true. Whatever you said is so true. It is so important so poor. What did you come across some of the best social media and web monitoring tools. Did you can read your car? Did you came across any of the stools any while you were doing some digital marketing in your company? Yeah, so I came across six. Okay. Okay. Well, yes. Yes I can hear you. Yeah, so I came across six to okay, which will help us in 2020 to improve our business to you know, listen to our customers more and then you know do the competitor analysis better. So basically to make our business more profitable I came across six such tools. So first one I think is it's called a Barrio. So it is a good at make social media and web monitoring. Audible for business of any size Romantic small business or a large business. It is suitable for any business size. So and it also offers a lot of capabilities that you will find in Enterprise level tools. You can use the full to monitor the mention of your brand your competitors your industry or even you can solve complex queries with this tool. So what do you think this tool? So virtual Network this tool supports hoorah. Network like Facebook Twitter Instagram this tool supports all the major social media handles like Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+ Reddit and other news and blog sites. Okay, so it looks cold beneficial I guess. Hello, this is quite benefit. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. So did you use this tool or did you use any other tool? Hello. Hello. Hello is I think a pool Villa is it's a network issue will get back to you. Hello?