You came into Styolife a bit later than actual startup got started, right? So tell us about that story. How did you come into Styolife and what do you do now within? Sure. So I came...I am...My role us the CTO actually and when Saurav & Pratik had started this, I think they had gone with a model of outsourcing the development to a third party and they were having actually issues getting the technology up and running. So they were not able to basically launch the product. So I had come in as a friend to just help them get things up and running. And things we started talking and I decided to basically join them full time. So that was the genesis of how I got connected to Saurav & Pratik. And of course, I know Saurav for a long time because we were working together in Genpact. So that was our connection previous to Styolife. Why did you leave Genpact in the first place? You didn’t come to Styolife straight away, right? That’s right. So actually I had left Genpact to start or join another startup as their CTO, but in between while I was doing my, you know the notice period at Genpact, I connected with Saurav & Pratik and I thought that this was a good project for me to invest my time and I had joined, then I joined the Styolife project full time. So that's how Styolife happened. Ah, got it, got it. So, how big is the team now? So we have about 18 to 20 people overall spread across Delhi NCR & Bangalore. Okay. Alright, so they work remotely? Not really. So we have an office in Gurgaon and the only the Bangalore team works remotely. Okay, but everyone else works out of Gurgaon. Awesome. So what's the vision my friend? You mean for Styolife? Styolife, yeah, what’s the vision? Where do you want to be? See, we would like to be in a place where we are able to change the way people book services for salons and spas. Right now, people are not aware of the concept that you know, why should you for example go to a online player to book for a service that is to be done in person. And I think that Discovery and the awareness phase is where we are. I am hopeful that within a period of let’s say six to eight months, as awareness Styolife grows more and more and the value is more and more apparent, I think we would want to be the number one player of all types that wherever Beauty and Salon and Spa services are required. Okay, you would want to you'd like to be okay, right. So in achieving that, what are some challenges do you see or what are some challenges do you face today? Like I said, I mean one of the challenges that people don't really know that there is a service like that out there. Okay. Alright. So that is the I think one of the main challenges is that how do you ensure that the people who are the target customers get to know that there is such a service. So I think for us that is really one of the challenge once a customer has used our service, We really don't see too much of a challenge. Our repeat rates are in the range of 60%. So, you know 60% of our customers come back and use the services again and again, so I think retention is not a challenge for us. I think getting in front of the customer to use us once is really the focus area for us. How do you how are you planning to overcome or how are you overcoming the challenge? The awareness issue, I think it's called. Correct. See, one thing we did try was to do large-scale advertising by giving newspaper ads and you know some do and do radio spots as well. We have tried to do some of these large expensive programs and while they do get a short-term increase or a spike in the bookings, but then it peters out fairly soon, okay. So I think for us the long-term strategy is to use the referral programs and use our happy satisfied customers to refer us. And we are we have we are running a few incentive programs for customers to continue referring us to their friends & then secondly interactions within small communities in the valley made our interaction in you know, for example in market events on and so forth. That's what we are focusing on.