Hey guys. Good evening. Good evening. How are you guys? How are you guys today and Trace topic about Drawing the Line. I was just thinking right. It has been a long time that I've been thinking about this stuff and I was really not not really sure if I had to talk about it as soon but I think let's just talk about it. So I see that already three people are listening and there you go. Okay. Hey, but boy. Hey Ajay Kumar prajapati. Hello, good evening. And we talking about Drawing the Line setting limitations and not making it sound like a limitation. So why is it so important? Well it somehow takes away your peace of mind if you don't do it. in any situation and it is important. BK is sometimes you just keep on doing efforts and unlimited efforts and you don't know where to stop there is so much expectation going on. And after coming a long way you just come back. Hey, Martha, Shake, welcome nice to see you again. Network problem am I not audible guys? Okay. Chavala is here shefali has calling. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi. Yes, please speak. Hello. Hello. Yes. Can you hear me? Anyone do? Yes, I'm here. Can you hear me? Hello. Hi Whitney Hi, how are you? Yeah, I'm great. yesterday No, no. No, we are talking about Drawing the Line. So what are your thoughts on it? So actually I didn't get your topic drawing a line and talks about limitations means sea Drawing. The Line is an idiom. Okay. English which means that you set a limit for something it's okay. What's another way of saying like you have to set a limit? Okay, so when you start and so that means you are drawn a line. Okay, so I mean what type of limitation it's maybe good or is it may be bad when you talk about drawing a line? It is always about the Comfort. Okay, so okay. Let me just say that. Somebody being rude to you. Okay, one of your friend being rude to you and you have to somewhere limit that behavior just because someone is your friend. You can't let that person keep behaving rude to you. You have to draw a line somewhere and tell that person know year. You stop you. Don't get it, you know more rude than this. You cannot behave worse than this so you set a limit so that is how you put it. Okay, so not just in friendships relationships or anything but in Every aspect of like the there comes a time where you have to draw a line. Okay. Hi nice man. Hiya shoe. Thanks for joining you guys chevallier. Uh, all right. Yeah, but she'll recover either Rogue. They are kissing cheese goes so you about a topic So yeah, hi Willy. And actually I want to say something about our environment our nature. Okay, so we set some limitation because we are developing and we are going in the wrong way. We are using lots of technique and lots of technology and lots of you cancel luxurious things and we We are just deep highly Dependable of this type of thing. So we we should set a some limit. Okay, and today we we don't want to do any type of physical thing. Okay physical activities, so I think we should set some limitations in this field and we will have to make a good relationship with our nature. For our Google future. So I think this type of limitation is good for all human beings. Absolutely. I think we are just exploiting our power of using technology and we are destroying at the same time. We are destroying the nature. Okay, which is leading to a lot of depletions and it is eventually gonna lead us to destruction. But yes see it is in need of the rmp. Okay, we are dependent on technology in such a way because it's in the need of the Earth. But then yes at the same time. We are depending too much and somehow this is limiting our powers and what nature we are just destroying nature. So you are absolutely right. When you say that we have to limit the usage of technology and think about an each and have to save it high as it tells you and high green high so new hi everybody. So yeah, I'm get I think absolutely sahib are three of you have said the right thing. Okay. So the there are so many things that we got a limit and alive but in the current scenario, I guess limiting the usage of Technology. Absolutely. I think technology. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and you you have seen the effect in you can say in lockdown Pura nature pure Hoagie appearance of geometry of a milliliter. Yeah, we should think about yeah, it's a way of Rejuvenation and you know, it is coming back. Yeah, that is because we got into a lockdown but we cannot stay in a lockdown just to limit the uses of Technology. We can limit it by, you know using it only when it's necessary which we don't do as human. We are so used to exploiting or what. Do I say taking advantage of things? So it is into a behavior writing a human's. I don't know if I'm saying the right thing or because there are a lot of people in the world who have limited the usage of technology in their lives. Okay. They are using it only for the reason for the sake of using it and they don't completely rely on it forever like, you know, so I think yes that is possible if If taken is the effort is taken. Okay, we have we need to take that effort right birds chirping a shoe. I don't understand what you're saying. Okay and Salman, I don't understand Tamil you either have to speak English or some other language. So yeah, that that that is true here on kids. That's a very nice point. And so if you have any other things to say about it, you can go ahead. Okay. No, actually, no, actually I'm a natural level person. That's why I'm always thinking about nature and our environment. Okay. That's why I met. Yeah, that's a great thing. I think we are not a part of nature. We are the nature. Okay. It's like we are connected in such a way to the nature. Okay, but somehow when we are moving ahead when the Ecology of you know supported life form. We are somewhere going away from it and it is eventually towards our own destruction, but we don't understand humans are curious. We see new things. We see such a shiny things and we move towards it which is very obvious. But that's a very nice thing you're an H love and it should be there because it's it's kind of stress Buster right? So nice talking Uncle. Thank you for correcting with us on this topic. It's you Ben gray talking why we need to have a great day. I'm Angie. Welcome Guru. Welcome - welcome a show. Please call. and in jail outside my English is low. I have spoken to you. Okay? My phone battery was down. All right, so guys I was talking about limitations. Okay Drawing the Line in life. We Face a lot of situations when it comes true right from the basic. Okay, there's so many things we keep on depending on certain things over dependence is there there's over thinking there's assumptions there is exhausting yourself. You do more. You again? Okay, I would like to share a simple example. I had a friend. Okay who was into a certain field and he kept working really hard and he spent many years. He invested his time his effort his energy into something which actually didn't work out he knew it wouldn't work out but then he was so much into motivational videos and other things and trying to understand so he just try to reverse things. Okay. First of all, it is very important for us to analyze things whether or not if a thing is as important as much as importance that we are giving to that particular thing because in life most of the time we Don't analyze things practically. We sometimes come under the influence of emotions or sometimes. It's just the trends that polish towards it and I think time is something that once invested cannot be got back. Like if you invest your money, you lose it. You might gain it from somewhere else. But time that doesn't come back and if you're spending a few years of your life trying to achieve something which you know is impossible, but you still are being positive and over positive about something so I think it's very necessary for us to understand our own limitations and and the possibilities. Okay first these two things have to be understood and only then we can move ahead and go towards the goal. Okay, if we are talking about a career like this friend of mine, he wasted his life seven years of his life trying to achieve something which he couldn't at one point of time and then eventually he was just destroyed so Life changed and it didn't go the way he wanted. So moral of the story is sometimes we just Chase things. Okay under the influence of somebody else or under the influence of our thoughts without understanding the practicality of it and I think we have to understand where we need to stop when things are not working. We need to stop we need to take a break understand the situation and then go ahead or Try a different way. Okay, then you're just traveling and traveling and traveling you're reaching no way. I think you have to change your hook. So that is important in whichever aspect of your life. You're taking it be at the curry here be it relationships the it in talking about your Ambitions. I think everything matters. Okay. Hi and welcome. Hiya shoe again. Okay, right. So apart from that there is one little thing that I want to tell okay. Sometimes what happens is a friend of mine actually suggested me to talk about relationships. Okay. So in relationships sometimes what happens is we end up. Okay when I see relationships guys, I'm not talking about couples again talking about all the relations whatever your friends your family and everything. Okay. There are people in our life which we cannot put up with okay, or you just tolerate their particular Behavior just because you love them. your family or whatever it is, but I think it is the need there is a need that somebody somebody gives up and stands takes a stand and tells the other person whether a particular behavior is on annoying or it's wrong because you might just treat that person very lovingly and then you don't want to hurt that person you don't want to say stuff because you think that might hurt them but eventually somebody is going to do that and Before the those things get dirty, you know, it goes in a wrong way. I think you can get up and you can stop there and you know have the right words. You can put the right words into your mind and tell them okay this particular behavior is not right. I guess somebody has to do it and if you are the one who's already facing such a problem, I think you should talk about it and go ahead. Okay setting limitations in relationships also is very important because sometimes what happens is If you just let go of things, okay, they eventually started getting out of hand. And after a certain point it gets annoying. Okay. So before it gets annoying to stop it there and get it moving. Okay. So apart from relationship careers. Okay careers. I think it's very important for us to first of all to analyze career before starting it. Okay, once you are half way and then you start thinking about it. It's as good as committing suicide. Right, so your words understood phew phew. Okay in jail out of soon what language do you understand man? Hi Vignesh. Hi. my audible guys Hello pratik Maya High my Audible. Hello samak. Hi. Hey guys, am I audible? Okay, great. So coming back to talking about limitations. I thought my voice just went off. Okay, okay. Alright. So like I was talking about careers. high profile ruffle is here already on the call. Okay. So yes guys the limitations about the Courier's. Okay. First of all when you choose a career, okay, that's where you have to think about it after you go ahead to a certain point. You cannot start thinking about it. But then yes, if you cannot do it at all you can take that chance you need to because if you're just doing it unwillingly and you're failing at a drastically for years and years and years. So you even miss a chance of achieving something else. Okay or doing something else. Because of being stubborn in there. Hey profile. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello, very good evening to you. Good evening prefer. How you doing? I am fine. What about you? I hope all is good. All is good. I'm doing buddy. Okay, what about your family? Every everything is good. Everything is good. That sound was really great. Okay. Why are you calling from Brussels? Actually, you know, I am from the furthest but right now my father will doing a government job in a Punjab so due to this reason I staying in a Punjab in that time. I am calling from Jalandhar. Okay. Yes. Okay. Okay. That's nice. That sounds really good. What about um, I think you using this application from long time. So how much time you spend with that app? I spend an hour or two most of the time but that sound was really great. So how much time are you spending with that application? I think you have a only reason to getting the knowledge of good English other reason you use that app. You have not just come here to talk to people. Oh that son was really great. Yeah, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So I have one other question for you. Can I ask yes, please ask so, okay. Okay, how to manage your free time in your whole day what you do in your free time? Well, I don't get free time as much okay. I am a working woman. I work and the time after that whatever time I'm left with I have my housework where I do. You know the basic work where I need to do. Okay apart from that I get some time I come into podcast over here. I do a little bit writing and then I do, you know some Leisure like, okay. So with this application, I just spent two hours but in the lockdown time, I have spent mostly six hours up to six hours on this application. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So what's the main reason you spending a huge time with that application? Lockdown I didn't have work then but is it if it's not affect on your eyes when you concentrate with your mobile in your whole time? Absolutely not. Why because you told me you spending more than 5 hours. So definitely it will be some bad effect on your eye is so you have to be careful now. Well, I'm being careful, you know, see I have suddenly cut down the usage of K. I used to use it for. Six hours now. I just you is it for two hours? So basically you want to tell me that I shouldn't be using this app. No, no. No. First of all, I told you it will be good for your communication. Definitely you go ahead and get the good success in your English line. I understand what you say to me in English. So yeah, I never say that to you. You have to leave this app because you are the only application to learn communication. I have other ways where I do. Where I learn communication, I'm here just to spend some time. Okay, I'm doing that sounds for learning communication. My purpose is not to learn communication here. Absolutely not but I'm trying to learn other things trying to learn from people like, you know, they share ideas just like you told right now that usage of phone is not good for health. And I think I should start setting limits on it that I should use it a little bit less. Careful value you happy that you know, yeah. So yeah, so I told you I saw first time in that application before this app. I use bodytalk application from long time and spending a since I have a actually I have a huge experience about that kind of publication I using since 2008 in of bodytalk and didn't hear I installment happened in this time. I speak continuously English because of current and time because of covid-19 and our government is also decided to extend the lock. On 4.0 will be coin constitute this reason I just stay here and at express my communication skills with talking with someone and my intention to improve my communication is Caroline and I don't love to talk with strangers exactly exactly on and he just nailed the point of limitations of using foam. That is what I was impressed about. And that was that is what I was just listening to him about so yeah propyl. That's a very nice thing you've been using these applications to improve your And I think right uses of technology is really important and I really have no idea about bodytalk because I have never used it. I've just been been using this application since two months. That was I used it in the month of February and in the month of April this application just shut down. So I really really don't have an idea about bodytalk. I know there are a lot of okay, but okay don't have an idea what this application is. About but I use this application just to you know, deliver my ideas and try to get opinion out of people, you know about my ideas. Like when I give my ideas I get different opinions about it. So I sorry for interrupting you you don't you do not think so you express your communication skills with that application. You don't think I really don't I have never thought about it man because but it will be effect on your communication also because when you speak English and then definitely you learn some English some languages with that application. I think you never get it my opinion you get some communication also. Oh Dad that yes. Yes when you connect with someone you become perfect for going ahead and get the good success action. Yeah, okay. Connect, please connect or reconnect. I will I will you're I just saw that you disconnected. Please connect back and your profile see the thing is my primary purpose is not learning communication. Okay, I have other ways where I can practice communication and I'm not focusing on education here. I am totally focusing on something else. And really I really appreciate that you stress so much about communication and I think This application give you the right thing that you what you're searching for and trying to thank you. I have a few callers waiting like there's one caller. I just express my opinion then you will and it okay. I just told you according to me. I just express my I just want to learn some Communications due to this reason I use that app and apart from that app. I use for deduct so that that things affect on my communication and I get to level 15 in other application in That time so I just uninstall the bodytalk and you lose that tap continuously to getting the knowledge of coding this so there's my intention to use that app. Definitely it will be helpful for going a heat. But according to you. I think you have some other intention to use that app. Definitely. It will be effect on your publication. Also. I don't know I told you I told you this app you told me you told me you were with someone so it will be helpful for your Out so I just understand my opinion about yourself at the close of day by day will be friend. So it will effect on your future and definitely ideal and get the good success. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much Indian to talk with you. I love to talk with you. I hope you you just enjoying and definitely your you also manage your parents when you using that kind of mobile and spending a huge time like six hours. I hope That's really nice. I really appreciate your opinion about it because it's a difficult to manage our parents because in this time my parents always argued with me when I using my mobile phone and spending a huge time so that things make me so so irritated but I just manage everything. I used my mobile app actually. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you can manage your parents when you are doing the right things with your mobile, but they just Told me things are not going to get upset with you because they just told me I never did my graduation books in my current hand days. I just using this app only to getting the knowledge of good English. So that's where things make my parents irritated. So due to this reason my parents. I have every time are good with me. Why you use this app? You never get anything else. Well, you just saw you just talking with girls with that app and nothing else you learn definitely introduce your parents to the obligation to do. Is my father but my father told me you have to be careful on your future. You have to be careful about your graduation is that it never used a tap that app is not helpful for going I hit better than your graduation books. But yeah in that time, I never plan something in my graduation so due to this reason my mom will be my mom every time I could be with me so due to this reason actually so yeah, actually I just I just try to manage with my parents in a day-to-day they My English will be poor and many relatives get get shocked when they see my English. I think you also gonna be shocked. No, I'm not really shocked about your English. And I don't think anybody should be shocked about your English. They shouldn't be judging you on the way you speak a particular language. It's a language. It's just gonna but you helped you to deliver your message right and above but I feel so confident about communication. So due to this reason in that time everyone gonna be shocked when they see my English, but except you I think because you using this application from long time, so definitely it will be fact on your communication from going. Boy, okay, you got to stop? Okay. Listen. Okay. Listen, I'm not using this application for communication and I do understand. In fact Anna. It will be affect your communication. Now how you get it how you understand what I told you from long time with that app. Okay. Listen ruffle. I have been speaking English for 12 years of my life. Okay, so I'm not you know, what we commissioned for language. Okay again coming back to the same. Thing I'm not here to learn the language. But I really appreciate you guys. I hear to learn a particular language trying to polish your skills that really nice. Okay, you're using the technology for to help you but that doesn't mean everybody who's here is gonna be there to learn this particular language. Okay, you have to understand you. Can you cannot keep thinking the same thing for everybody? Okay, that's really nice. You're learning this language. You're trying to polish your skills and complete. Intense, let me complete my sentence. I already agree you about your opinion. You told me you haven't any intention to learn communication, right? But you know it when you speak English then definitely affect on your English language or so, but you never learn but you never have intention to learn the communication, but it will be effect on your communication and apart from other apart from other broadcasting. They just singing the song to express our talent with that. Tap so they just think particular Talent when they express our talent with that application, but about you you have only talent to speak English. That's why you expressed. Your communication is cool with that app. Okay. Yes. This is my opinion. Yeah, you did a hundred percent. I know you will be angry about my opinion because in that time everyone gonna be shocked to see my English. I already told you totally everybody needs to be shocked to be a c or F. That was very important this particular thing. So you using English language since the twelfth year ago. Okay. Yes. If I speak in the human improving communication skills. Mr. Kay, please no, don't say that. Okay. So yeah profile that was really nice talking to you. Okay? Yes. I realize you're standing with them in that time. You understand what I told you so Hygienic. Hello Hi Vinny, how are you? I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm doing I'm doing great actually and it is good to see you here because you know after a long time, I think I started using this application because they shut down long. Yeah, they shut down for a Monday shut down for a month. Yeah, right. I always knew that you know, I was really trying to okay. Yeah, I'm good. How are you? Yes, exactly. All things are going well and I was quite busy with my office work. And other than that actually because of my habit because I like, you know, I have excited to talk with strangers. So I started using the other epic is there is wakey so earlier I used to go there but I think when I saw pain talk FM, so I I don't think so. I would go there. Yes, you are. Yes, you are audible. Okay. So should we talk about topic like be an artist draw the line exactly. Let's talk. Let me tell you something. Yep. Could you please elaborate on that should be talked about limitation or should we talk about the line which we draw in our life. I think we can talk about limiting certain things. Okay, when it needs to needs to be not about the limitations which are already there. You cannot do anything about it because some things are limited. We can only talk about it why it is Limited in a particular way, but then about creating a limitations. I think. Yes, we can talk about because it's totally personal every it depends from person to person so we can talk about that. So my question firstly I would like to know from you that link is good to make a limitation in our life because in my point of view to be perfectly honest here, I don't think so. That would make any kind of limitation in our life. And in terms of positive impact, I would never suggest to anyone to make any kind of limitation and in terms of negative. So definitely I would say that like it is good to not cross some limit so info. Don't think they kind of limitations. I think creating a limitation comes into a picture when you know when something that is already an abundance is going in a wrong direction. Okay, which is creating a bad impact on you or somebody else like sometime back. I gave an example of a friend. Okay. He was really positive about his career. Okay, just being positive about your career cannot help you create a career. Okay it You know, it needs a lot of things. It needs efforts. It needs the right decisions. It needs the right time. So many things are involved in it. Okay, sometimes even while having the hundred percent efforts some things sometimes things don't you know work out the way you think they will but when you know, it is not going to work out, you know, okay, you know for sure that even if you put in your efforts and time in it, it's not going to work out but still you are positive. You're just being positive so actually when Gnu be positive in such situation. You're not being positive, but you're being ignorant, you know that it's not going to happen. But still you are taking that chance. Okay, but taking a chance for a while is okay, you know, but you're putting your limits you are taking much time of your life. You're putting in so many efforts and then add at a certain point then you realize that you have come a very long way trying to achieve something which was not like it's was null and void you all that energy you have put okay. Just gone waste so rather when you start first analyze would is this something that you really want to do? Okay and start doing it and when you have tried for a for a few times and then you realize okay. This is not happening then I think you need to set a limit like, okay, let's not go ahead. Okay, let's not be over positive about something which is not achievable. Okay when it comes to careers or you know other things also, so I think it is very important for us, too. We only we can set those limits. I think people can tell you you can do or not. But when you actually are into a certain situation when you're trying when you're experiencing stuff only you can do that. Okay, so I think that is what I will even and the negatives of course. Yes, you have to limit like somebody is behaving bad with you. There are some situation which are not working out. Well with you those times you have to take a stand and you have to limit things but sometimes what happens is we are under pressure. We are under peer pressure like For example, like I had a bunch of friends. Okay, and these these friends all are all of them used. They had this habit. Okay, they used to we all used to meet at evening. Okay after the class and we used to spend hours and hours together and it used to just be a waste of time. Okay, we used to do nothing productive and eventually it started hampering our productivity when it comes to a career school or college career life and all that and I was someone who was very busy, but just to stay in the league with just to be with the friends and just not to you know, get out of the league. I used to spend that time and eventually after I reach home my work stress used to increase because I had to finish a lot of work into minimum time. So I think that is when I realized that I had to stop so I started you know, limiting my time with them. Like I said, like I can just spend so much time with you it eventually what happens is at that time your relationship with those friends or something. It actually starts breaking up. Okay, it starts happening. So just because of that fear sometimes what we do is we do we go out of our way to do things. Okay, and then so in such situations, I think we should start understanding like where we can stop doing things where we can you know can explain things out and move. Okay, when we where can we Channel? I think these are the places where we have to start channeling and these things come in every situation. An analogy if it is, sometimes it's in The Courier. It's in the relationship sometimes and it's at your workplace. So it's very common. Okay, so it depends like what kind of situation you face through? So I think setting limitations is totally in our hand. So like I said, there is this negative side and there is this positive side, like sometimes people are over positive about things. Okay, so they have to stop doing that. Yeah, absolutely. As I said you earlier also and I do agree with the statement. We should get a limit actually in terms of negative. Like if you are considering anything that is negative for your care for your family for your future. Definitely you should make a limitation on that. But when it comes to your life success your carrier, so you should not make limitation because I can instead of Then I would say that like you should make a goal actually because after achieving your goal you would try to achieve another goal. So and if you achieve your limitation in terms of success, you would not try to achieve another things. So instead of limitation in the positive term, I would say recall right because the thing which I found like as I'm a software engineer and Senior software engineer, so if I I take the things like in our project actually so we have some goal to achieve actually and as you have said in your conversation, lots of people even they do lots of hard work in their life, but they really don't achieve what they want to achieve. The reason for that. They don't know what is the work which is important with this would do actually because lots and lots of the thing. We found we are busy with that kind of stopped there. We no need to busy actually and we are doing an important kind of work again and again, Suppose the correct? Yeah. Absolutely. Here's the thing which I found I saw a lot many people they are giving us even 24 hours for a single one suppose that if any person is start learning English, so they would start using this application day to night because they want to live they want to improve their English. But after some correct, they start misusing this application and they are thinking that yeah, I am. Hard work because of my English I am using this application. I am giving this I'm giving my time to this application from morning to evening eventually. I would learning they don't analyze themselves what kind of mistake they do. They never real. They never introspect those kind of mistakes. That means they are putting their efforts in the wrong place. At the right don't know what's important and what is not gonna flick what is important? And what is not so that may be the reason I think lots of people even though they put lots of effort, but they do but they don't get their success that maybe there is actually exactly right that happens with a lot of people connect what happens is people do not understand where they have to stop or where they have to channelize or analyze a particular Tuition like like you said people use this application the exhaust completely. Okay, they use it day and night. They think that they will start learning communication such as soon as possible, but they have to start working on the amount of efforts that they're putting into learning rather than using a particular application. Okay, that's for an example. Okay channelizing is what you're talking about. Yeah, absolutely, and I could be careful blogg. No, I think I should be thankful for the log down and I started reading books and in my pocket, there is more than 14 books are there which I have to read and one or two. I have finished the event. So that is one book which I found like as I'm working in our like corporate sector as I told you so I'm very much interested in my salary actually because I want whatever the amount I am gay. You that I want to make it double triple and as much as I can so, okay, that's yeah there I found one point like this said that in our corporate sector also lots of people they don't know know what to do, even though leak they do lots of hard work and they think that their boss are not appreciating them instead of that appreciating the other person. Because he is doing only few works. We and complete appreciation has gained by other people posting on our but the thing is that him. That person has capability to analyze. What is the thing what the thing are important for my boss? Correct. So if you have capability and if you have power to think what is important actually and if you have power to prioritize the things definitely in very less than you would be if you would be able to achieve very good success in your life in a in a period of time I can say exactly Giving time to the right things. Prioritizing analyzing and understanding rather than just blindly working hard day and night. Yeah. Absolutely. I do it like yeah the same thing like I wanted to share what was yet equally so this is the point I think exactly conduct that is so right and I belong to IT department. So I also know I mean I have worked in ID, so I was a code of for some time and then I eventually got into Graphics, okay. so I totally understand what you're trying to say that's so yes please if that happens a lot in the corporate sector I understand okay so people work really hard and eventually get nothing out of it but the one who's managing you know does the smart work and eventually gets promoted from one place to another that happens so one has to understand like where he has to put in his efforts rather than just doing it blindly absolutely I completely agree right and I think like as you're from it sector so definitely you have hard scrum methodology Oh, well, I don't believe in talking methodologies to be very honest. Well, like it is individual actually because yeah, I can't deny your point. But for me actually whatever the methodology we have like if that is beneficial for me, even though like it is from different sector. So I decide to implement in my career. Actually. That's very nice. That's because I believe that this is my personal perception, so I can't do that like you should also but this is my personal note. Okay, so as we have said like you don't believe on methodology, so what could I know the reason? Why don't you believe is there any I don't know it it somehow doesn't work with me. I mean, I have tried walking through methodologies and at the start of my career and trying to use it because it suddenly makes your life really rejected. Okay, there's no flow in it. So I believe being in being flexible like, you know staying at right at that moment, whatever. Gives you the right direction just take it and move ahead. Because if you start creating methodologies, it is really rigid. You have to walk in the same. You know, there's a blueprint you have a walk according to it, and I'm not someone who can do that and I failed miserably when I come to talk about methodologies. Okay, so that doesn't really work with me very well. So I have biggest see what I do is sometimes I do apply methodologies, but I'm not really rigid about it. Okay, so you cannot just go according to it because the same methodology cannot be applicable to everybody's lives, you know, the way they plan their careers and stuff. So I have my own way of following things. So yes, if something is helping you at that point just take it and move ahead doesn't mean you have to just walk with That particular idea. Yeah, absolutely. I do agree and lots of people are there exactly there? I'm sorry to interrupt you. Rahul has given the right. He has put everything in a nutshell whatever I spoke. He said methodology hind us Innovation. Absolutely. I mean, it doesn't give you much scope to grow as an individual adjustable limits you to in every way and it just puts you into a cage what I have experienced. I don't know what the others maybe you have a different opinion about it, but when it comes to methodologies somewhere it just hampers your growth personal growth. So yeah that maybe there is an actually like it depends person to person because few of the people they are able to organize themselves and few of the people. They can't organize themselves actually. So rotten people who can't organize and they can't go with order to cause them I think method to get a good habit and to habituate good thing. That is quite It important for them, but who can organize themselves very perfectly. So for them. I don't think so much as you walk safely methodology works. Yeah, it doesn't work. Exactly. It depends actually because I earlier as I was and Alec as I was unable to follow some habit. So I started following the methodology which has been given by the great philosopher. So in which I found that is like that really started working for So I started believing on that and after that like I started following different kind of methodology and to be honest because I'm not that kind of person so that I can become a Creator but am that person who can call over for other people so that I believe to and that is quite easy and click it is quite well for me. But as I told you like if you are able to organize yourself so you don't need to follow any kind of methodology. So there's no harm in the following methodology. Okay, there's no harm in following methodology. Maybe you like them a certain methodology and we started implementing it in your life and working towards your goal with that particular methodology. But that doesn't mean that you have to start depending on methodologies you start searching on four new ones. And you know, that is what I'm talking about today. It is about from the line like you you cannot just given To it. Okay, just because you like it at the first okay, you can be flexible. You can just move ahead and sometimes you can use sometimes use your own way of life you design your way of life. It doesn't matter whether you fail at times and you get up. Okay, that is my whole idea. But yes, there are some people who stick to it completely and work according to her. I think that needs a lot of courage and I'm not as courageous as they can be because I can Not Be Tamed what I think what I can put it in the words like being tamed is not my thing so and I think when you are into a flow when you are into a flow Okay, I'm so sorry about missing out actually had a call. So coming back to what we were talking is like, you know, being a following methodologies great thing. Okay, you can follow you can take ideas. You can Implement you can inculcate those values into yourself and you can work. Okay, but when you start depending on methodology somewhere you are losing yourself. Okay, you lose the chance of creating what you can I think we have one. As humans, we have one chance in a life that we can create something and there's unique the something unique in everyone. Okay, if masses just follow methodologies. Okay, we just blindly start following methodologies without even trying and taking risks about our lives and understanding and creating our videos. How is everything going to change how is change gonna happen? Like then everybody will get into a routine and everything will be rewarding. So well, that's your take but I think this is how I think and it's really nice understanding and I think I should start looking and understanding methodologies now, so you're going to so what is your take on it? Because he if we are from the same background, okay, but then the ideas are saying it different, you know, so I think you know, there is two kinds of person actually they just get the things and imitate the things yes. Yes. Yes. Spot on if you have imitating the things additives we like we should try our creativity because explore and yes explore exactly. Yeah, exactly. So the thing which I want to share this would be enhancement methodology. We should know that as you have got anything as a methodology, but you should try to make it as a hybrid actually. Yeah, I wanted can be like it can be the ruler for your life. You can use it to draw a line, but you don't have to actually walk on it. Okay, so you can use it whenever you need it. It shouldn't be that you have to start working according to it. Absolutely like there is tremendous of methodology or there. So if you try to implement one by one, so at the time it it doesn't mean like you would follow only. You would get an experience which is better which is washed which is Everest. So in that way you could get experience also in that way you would you would create your on method definitely because you know, we learn from other mistake actually, this is the atomic because if you do the same mistake the people whatever the mistakes people have done actually if you do same mistake, so definitely that would be like after some time you are going to lost your life and whatever the and when's and you're good to that may have other person has done already. So instead of that learning with method using another method and analyzing the mistake of the person then week if we come with our methodology. That may be the picture. Whether or not you use methodologies in your face in your life, you'd eventually going to have experiences and your experiences in some of the other way gonna touch somebody's life and help them. Okay, whether or not you use it or not. Let me tell you one example over here. Okay, if I talk about the inventor of java language if I talk about it so earlier he was a Mark and who can he walk in a c C++ actually and even he has given half of the Korean in C++ and he analyzed the mistake what kind of mistake has in C++ language and whatever the mistake has C++ language. He completely rectified it and he came with one another language that's called Java. So because earlier he worked on C++ because of that. He was able to realize the mistake of C plus plus. okay after that he came to his own methodology that is very technical thought of saying it okay so when you are trying to research you because you are Keen your rigid about working on that particular thing okay it's not Universal yeah it's not a universal I do agree but the because it is only limited to a particular situation okay to a particular kind of learning okay so if he was supposed to be okay now you're talking you know because he was learning C and then he invented Sarah what about the first person who didn't learn any language and he just invented it Was he learning any language? He was not learning anything, but he just invented it. Who what about the person who invented the binary coding he he was not into a methodology. He just randomly stumbled upon it and he invented it. He explored some things and he thought okay, maybe let's started this way. Okay, so right so I think the thing is both both go hand in hand somewhere if you are following a methodology. you see it's like you get into a methodology to change it or to upgrade it okay so if you are doing that very good okay but if you're getting a becoming a slave to it then it's wrong okay so that is the only idea what I'm trying to put in okay I'm not against using methodologies no please don't take me that's why I don't use does not mean other shouldn't lose they can use that's totally their take but what I am against us becoming slave to a particular methodology like you say that this is the only right way to do it so that is not no not at all even I never said it like it is a right way so you said it but I'm saying like if somebody has to say it this way then it would be wrong Yeah, absolutely. This is my cousin for certain people should be flexible. Actually, this would not be as you have told. Absolutely. Correct if there is any kind of situation happen, so so that's it. They need electric this would this would be dynamic actually after all and so that they can hold words. Yes, it has to be dynamic. Yeah, so when you like if you are getting any other calls so you can accept because you know, like I think there is lots of people and they are ready waiting. So how many other so you can accept otherwise like we can continue our conversation. All right right. Now there is no collar. You can continue there were a few callers who have left actually so you can you can continue. Okay, okay. Okay. So let's talk about like I think we discussed a lot many things about this. So let's talk about patients. Actually. I think the caller they really left at thing did a few of the cop-caller. They don't have patience because of that then no see it is exactly like the title of my podcast today. Okay. They know where to draw the line like they have waited for a certain time and then they think like if I keep waiting I'm gonna wait forever. So they're like no, let's not wait now let's move. So I think yeah somewhere you have to stop right so they have stopped it there. So you're talking about patients who have let's talk about patients. So what do you want to talk about patience? Okay. So according to you like just be a certain point where we should treat our patients right? It's not about waiting your patience. I think you have to stand up and speak up. Like you can be patient with someone forever. Like let's let's just see a logistic for an example. There's a kid. Okay, the kid is crying the kid is being stubborn. The another kid does not know why it's being stubborn. Okay, it's asking you something that you think may hurt that kid, but the kid does not know it's gonna hurt it and the kid starts throwing tantrums and starts crying it starts yelling. It starts doing stuff you cannot Keep giving the kid everything that the kid are so somewhere. You have to stop that kid. No, this is not a right thing for you. You have to tell that kid in the language that the kid understands. Or the language that you can make that kid understand so there has to be a point where you have to stop certain things. So it is totally different like you can be patient like you can wait for a person to come and you you can be that patient. But if if you're letting the person you it is eventually going to hamper your life, isn't it? So you cannot be patient after that because you're going to be dead. Okay, so we have to understand where something is too much and where we have to stop it. okay, so if you and your point, I feel like if I talk about like whatever the example you have taken so cutting to you that is even correct, but suppose that if any person is learning something suppose that not learning suppose that if any person go for Jim to make his body, but after some time whatever the limit he has decided so he is not able to achieve that goal. No, it's not about achievement man on Earth. Yeah. Yeah, I think like even though if that person is not able to achieve that thing in a certain period of time whatever he has decided as like like I'm not anything period of time limitation. I really like as you have taken the title of limitation. They keep that person is not able to complete that work in a certain limitation. So that person should leave that no, see if you've taken an example of Jamal tell you You know a person who is going to the gym and who's looking at who is who has a goal of an ideal body? Okay who has whatever ideal body that that person thinks he wants to build a boy. He wants to get clean or whatever it is. Now. He goes to the gym and he cycling every day. He cycling his life of his cycling for a year. He cycling for two years you cycling for three years and he then thinks that he is not achieving the right kind of a body that he needs that is where I am telling about limiting. He has to stop and think what he is doing so just going and cycling is not going to help him. He has to do that. There are so many things. He has to analyze like what where am I going wrong? What should I do? Where should I channelize my energy so that I achieve my Particular goal. Okay, if you blindly putting in effort you are putting in efforts and putting in effort. So this is the positive limitation that I'm telling. Okay, there are negative limitations. Like I told you know, if somebody is getting annoying and you're just tolerating that person just because you know, you're a friend or something and it is going to hamper your peace of mind. You have to stop that person. This is another one. Okay. So coming back to the gym person like if you're doing something forever and you're still not achieving your results. Okay, then I think you have to Panting why you are not achieving you have to take a different Road. Okay, so that's what limitations I'm talking about. Some people take so much time that it is very difficult from for them to come back and analyze and restart. Okay, the time is gone. The effort is gone. Everything is gone. Well, so like instead of coming back. I think it would be better if they would change their method like whatever the practice they follow exactly. They try to change and did even though if they do such same thing, but this would do in a different manner. Totally so that maybe they think that that may be good because you know to be frank and to be honest, I don't have any limitation in my life actually, so limited to positive changes connect when we talk about limitations. It's mostly into the negative aspects of your life. Okay, see if you are trying to achieve something. Okay, if you're trying hard to achieve something it's very very easy. It's very important that you don't limit yourself if you're putting in a Effort don't limit yourself channelizing is important but when it comes to negative aspects, okay, if you are doing something out of your way, which is hampering your growth. Like there was this person who called and said like you're using a phone you're using your phone for six hours. Okay, you might think that is a possibility that you are learning a language you are trying to enhance yourself. But ultimately you're just putting in so much effort you're wasting your time. So I think that is what I'm talking about. Okay. So here I was like I do agree and I completely agree with this because in terms of negative experience definitely used to it stop in certain time. Actually, we like to make life exactly. There's a let's just say that there's one annoying neighbor of yours who's constantly doing something. Okay was annoying you every day for no reason, but you just don't want to retaliate you don't want to talk about it to that neighbor because Every morning when you get out of the house, you have to see that person's face. Okay, so you don't want to create a bad relation with that person. But then whatever the person is doing is really annoying. Okay, it messes up with your peace of mind. So, what do you do you at least talk it out okay and you try to stop that person from behaving in that way and but you try it in a very good manner so that things don't get bad okay that's just an example we Face such people in our life everywhere okay the a lot of people in fact even I faced a lot of people on podcast like they get an annoying at times but I cannot be rude to them but I try to be nice and try to tell them that they are being annoying like their art rollers like you know people in the section they abuse you are Level okay but even though like sometimes you can ignore but you should know that when you you should stop ignoring and stand up and talk about it okay so that's important so that is where you draw the line that is where you say no I cannot take it anymore that that doesn't mean you don't have patience okay so that has nothing to do with patient some things are right and need to be spoken about So we need to understand when the right time is why it has to be spoken about okay, unless and until we gather that courage and stand up for that particular thought I think it will be taken away in my point of view. This is a simple line, but if it comes to execution in the real time, that is definitely our to follow actually, I don't think so. There is I can say there is only 10% of trip. percent people on the wall who will actually do it yes absolutely absolutely get as I'm able to analyze the people and according to my experience people you know even they don't know when when we should draw the limitation and when we should cross the limitation actually cross the limitation exactly that is that is the whole idea of today's podcast okay now you have already said that there are only ten percent of people so who will actually do it now I'm addressing the rest 90% of people who are not doing it that they should do it okay because they're eventually messing up with their own lives if they are not doing it Okay. So some things are mandatory. They have to be done. Okay, if you don't do it, it's eventually going to backfire some of the other day to you. It's like, you know, there is, you know, a gas cylinder leaking but you're not saying it's leaking because it's someone you know, someone who you love or something it's going to leak and eventually blast so that person is going to die eventually so rather if you tell now that person will actually be saved. Okay, so I think If the person is important, I think it is very important for us to say things or you know, start the limitations then in there rather than wait for things to get bad to worse. And then once the situation gets out of your hand, then there's no point about thinking and worrying about it. Actually, you know, I think the people who are really sensitive and wise they can actually because you know, sometimes people they don't know like when to talk even even sometimes they cross the you know, they start fighting very easily like I suppose that if there is fika if there is five people and if one person is not getting chance to speak, you know, then person is start drafting that first another person actually correct because of temper and another person that is very honest and gentle man that interment is not able to even speak like he's waiting for a long time and he's waiting with since one hour and a half one and a half hour. And even he is not a righteous act isn't so what are the people are, you know 90% people I can calculate in that way, but there is very few people. They know when to speak and what to speak at. What time and what men are there I think to be honest, I think yeah, I think if we really learn that thing, okay it will you know save us so many things like maximum of the problems. can be solved because that is Art like that is why I have written you know the art okay draw the line be the artist okay that if you learn that particular art a maximum of your problems will be solved and I think you'll save yourself from getting into such problems in the most of the times hello yes absolute even limit exactly exactly the thing which I wanted to see her like even I faced a lot of problems recutting that a courier leave before one year when I was not able to realize my mistake I like I'm noticing that I'm perfect even you know just I am policy myself in terms of that actually but today also like some time when it comes to closure falls on the people Already close to me. I'm not able to even deny or refuse the things actually that is one kind of problem. Even I have but not up to that level which I have our layer. Actually, I think we should start working on such things because you know sooner or later such these things affect a lot and it has to be addressed see when you address little issues at the very start of it. Okay, so it doesn't rise up to such a level that you cannot do anything. Okay, then against these things when need to be addressed at the initial level such things. Okay any anything if you if it's annoying if it is not good just speak up try to solve it in the initial level so late. You don't have to face problems with it. Otherwise, if you let that reach a certain level then you cannot do anything and then you cannot even tolerate and you cannot even store property. So when you get stuck in such a situation the growth is curtailed completely. Okay. Yeah, exactly. So I think before achieving this there so everyone is stepping because of here actually, we are not able to raise our voice actually as it is quite similar to Rising our voice because of PL suppose that if I'm in home office, so if I would raise my voice, I guess my boss. Definitely. I have one kind of fear that like my boss is going to make thing for me answer that is going to this kind of thing. Artie we have in our mind so for all right I think we need to remove that anxiety if I didn't like you said no you can work smart with it working smart with it helps okay yeah and rather than putting it into bitter words put put put your sentences into sweet words and try to you know try and sound more convincing or you know put it in such a way that it's not offensive but at the same time you can make your point clear Okay, because if you trustee offensive maybe you might lose your job which would be risky which is not really nice. Okay? Absolutely, even the thing, you know, which I want to share a great habit, even though to be honest. Actually I am able to learn any technology in two months or three months even a lesser amount of time. But if it comes to that habit like it is one kind of framing the sentence actually right and driving in the right time. Okay that I want that I want to really I really want to achieve but I don't know that I achieved or not but sometimes when I feel that yeah, I should ask and I should stand against it. So I do that but not really I can't say that I have achieved completely. Correct. I think when you start little by little you will eventually end up doing great. Okay, so it's not necessary at the first time you you start behaving like you are like some I don't know suddenly start taking pic steps. We should become Barbie. No. No, you don't have to become buggy. Absolutely not don't have to become by you. See you become buggy only when it exceeds to a certain extent. Okay, when it is that initial level and you can that out of as you know easier steps it's easy that is why I keep saying that work on it when it is in the initial stage first if you let it rise about your expectations and about your control like you cannot control that particular thing then you have to be buggy because if you don't it is going to you you in a sense it's not going to you physically but mentally it might start killing you okay so actually you know in one book I read telling or denying the things it is one kind of a skill very few people attacking exactly like even you can't suppose that if you are if you are nice person in your world and if I would ask from you even if you don't want to give me something but you can't refuse and denies yeah because you're a very nice person I don't want to hurt the other person yeah there's a lot of people do that I have I have experienced it in fact even I do it sometimes okay I can say that even I do it sometimes Sometimes I don't deny certain things to people because I just it's not just wanna be nice. Sometimes there are some emotions that are connected you're connected to people emotionally or it is a professional space where you cannot deny. Maybe you think If you deny it can cause you adverse effects but It doesn't mean you continue that so that is what I said. Like if it is going against your will if it is going against if it is creating an impact on your mind that might you know not let you be at peace then don't do it. So then I think that's the time when you have to say no, okay, but even at that time if you cannot say no then I think you need help you have to start taking control of your own. at that moment because it's important you cannot be good to people against your own will like you you're being good to people and it is eventually troubling you so much that you feel you cannot have your piece okay yes absolutely and you know whenever we do that actually even though you would become a Down to Earth person and you go to speak in a way like he was just click clicks whatever manner at whatever tactics to follow and if you start telling and if you start raising your voice I don't know people they just take like they start ignoring like they would start ignoring you I think that's the bitter truth okay as long as you're being good and nice and as long as you're following commands of someone that person is going to definitely be nice to you okay but when you when you say no it's just it's a very what do I say it's a it's into human nature these days or it's the demand of the society the society that we stay in today you know this particular habit is in Roots okay but that doesn't mean each one has to fall prey to it I think we can handle it it with you no smartness try and reverse things okay sweetie at times yes the thing which I'm getting right now I would like to see over here instead of creating or Drawing the Line after period of time or a certain is I think with developed one personality that's called up front we should be up front from our childhood itself actually if you are out front I don't think so anyone is going to cross your limit actually or anyone is going to ask you something which you need to deny activities because they are you know if you have quite a front nature so definitely whenever you talk you people talk to you definitely they would talk in the sense so that you would not get hearted actually exactly when you are a front yes I see you not just being up front I think you also have to be practical okay just being upfront is not want to help because only being up front you were just going to speak things and you're not going to think about the consequences what is going to happen next okay but if you are practical you know what you're talking and you also think you analyze this situation like after you have spoken those words or you have behaved in a certain way what will be the artifact of it so you will were conscious lead worship yes absolutely like you should you should guide them and you at the same time like you should be after and with terroristic personality being realistic that's the word being realistic is important yeah absolutely I do agree because you know after sometimes we have to draw the line and we have to make some limitation so this is one kind of extra effort we are doing instead of that I think if we become being like realistic person from our childhood or from like the when I realized that is the better he in some in some cases no connect people are soft and they are not upfront like maximum cases that I have seen people cannot be up front Okay even if they want to be they don't look they cannot they feel tired of okay so this is exactly this topic is exactly for such people because if you cannot let yourself be what you are thinking like you might not like something but you're just doing it for the sake gov doing it just as a peer pressure pressure just because your friends are doing it just to be in the league so if something is not giving you peace you don't have to do it just be there and not do it okay so that is where I think these limitations come into place like you can limit you have to limit like you know if you don't like something you don't have to do it just to say in the lady okay but we fail to do that okay we miserably fail like we just do it for the sake of doing okay everybody's been let's do it okay because then we don't want to feel left alone isn't it Human Nature the thing is that CVR what should I say actually if this is the case with me also like we are slaves to our thoughts just leaves to the society you can say that's why you don't want to limit yeah exactly dependable Yeah, that is I think reason because of that we are not able to rise and we are not able to draw any kind of limitation towards us but see somewhere, isn't it? It doesn't it work against our are taught it doesn't it work against us like you do things. Okay, just to you know, please someone but you are not happy about it it eventually it is it I've been doing from the start and you're going to do it in such a way because frustration that is built up but if you do it in an initial stage it will be very simple and clear yeah absolutely like I do agree but you know we need to be honest I don't want to hurt you actually and I don't want to obtain GX and even I don't want to deny also but the thing is that in talking equity and in understanding these points are looking quite cheesy that they are we can follow actually and yeah there is nothing we can do it is very situational yeah but to be honest like what should I say like it is really difficult and I can say that like when Comes to real executions to it is hard to even follow because follow with correct because let me tell you here. We have anxiety to lose our jobs. We have invited to leave leave our well, I loved one. Yes. Yeah, and we have Lea little we have anxiety to leave our relationship actually. So on the surrounding this word actually this limitation actually and to as to as to be honest actually here. people have become like this and correct change complete personality it requires you know fine time got a chair that is exactly and if we directly we are going to like break that so like in terms of booklet talk less fear of loss yeah yeah it is in it is good for in philosophical agency okay it won't work in practicality you think are they figured you like Carly Rose only ten percent or 10 percent absolutely absolutely but see if it if maximum okay maximum if the perception has changed okay the way okay the comfort zone is changed the this practice is changed at an initial level like you said okay after a certain point you cannot change it you have to be up front from the start yeah actually let me tell you hear the situation which I follow actually because I hardly rise our hand actually just I avoid the situation suppose that there is few people and they are talking kind of stuff so I would not go and I would raise my hand instead of that I would ignore them and let them whatever they want actually let them do whatever they wanted to do okay good that is that that the thing which I follow actually even I don't want to break my relation with that people also because you know if I go and if I would interrupt them and if I would say that because you know people over here and 90-95 percent people I can say they just want to make the people understand they don't want to understand it exactly that is the main problem that people want to make others understand and then don't want to understand that's a very important point in my case I could just avoid the things lecture I ignored the things I never mess up with two things actually that's really nice actually to be honest even I don't have that kind of Courage actually and I don't have too much time it's not what the courage but sometimes know what happens is he like you said people are going to talk if they're talking into they're talking something fine but if it gets out of hand like they just start talking about your family they start talking about you once come and even then if you're trying to be quiet then then it gets difficult like you can at least tell them we shouldn't be talking about yeah it's not about raising hands it's about raising the voice not even raising the words you speak in such a way you use such words that the words itself are loud enough for them to understand rather than the voices growing louder okay yeah absolutely like it comes like actually you know whenever that kind of situation come so we don't take control in our self actually I'm not a right that people they belong to a spiritual word if I talk about normal human being so correct if suppose that if any person is start talking about our family anger anger will take control absolutely our Would be taken by any are actually correct. That is correct. All right. Yes, yes Cannon. And I don't follow that like am I audible? Yes, you are. Yes. So as I said you like I don't think so. Like if we don't have control. So we would able to talk in the right manner actually because we have it is going to hobby really is going to become super excited over headed to us. At that time, you know, like even though if we want like it would seems like that. Yeah, I'm talking quite worthy. I'm talking a fruitful. But after all we are going to do blunder. We start fighting that is going to make our situation was correct, correct? Right. So these are kind of stuff. I think this is related to our complete lie because he's like as I said you would like this is a simple line. It's looking simple line and if it comes to code so it's like yard beautiful line, but if we think indeed so that is big thing. I I hope correct in practicality. It works only in certain situations and not in all situations. Yes, exactly. Right. So very rightly put in Connect and I agree with the maximum points of yours. And I also agree that being realistic and you're not Drawing. The Line in real life is as difficult. Okay, it is as difficult in real life as how easy it sounds when to say it. Okay, but again coming back to the same thought it would be really life would be really easy if people start to practice it Okay, being upfront trying being a little upfront rather than messing up with their own brains and giving in to certain situation just because there is a fear of losing certain situation or certain people or the job or something okay I think it can be dealt it should be dealt with smartness little bit of extra effort to be potent and try to deal with it okay and I think one of you have pointed out some amazing Point okay and it has I have got to know a very very few things okay which I have not seen it in that way okay you have given a different dimension to my thought so that's really nice all right so an Olivia says that Canuck really loved it you're pointing out amazing points so kind of that was for you and one hi so yeah I think you see you know that's the beauty of discussion Canuck okay when you talk you get to know okay how things actually work in real world okay so yeah I would suggest one book to you if you love to read books so definitely I would like to say you and that book name is quite Euro awkward and it's a weird kind of book but what is it sorry sorry sorry could you could you please could you please put it in the comment section I would definitely like firstly I would tell you like about that book that mostly use it is like a like a guest or Society but that is really amazing and if you go into the content of that book definitely you are going to see your life in the different prospective I think so Dave because that is not even used like you spaces number there is very less number of pages so you can read that book in two days or three days so definitely I would say you to read Book one section. That would be really nice. Please suggest I will definitely read it. Art of giving okay not giving okay. So this is you know, the author the author the author the author Arthur to be honest, I don't I didn't know the author name actually, but I read books. Never mind. Just read it. Yeah. Yeah going to be missing something. This is the problem with me actually suppose that if I watch any movie, so I would not remember the movie named just I would remember this story and in that way. I never remember the book name also. wow that's an amazing problem I think that's a newest kind of problem I work yeah I suppose that if I go to new place or like if I go to my friend's house so definitely I'm going to forget that place actually I am not able to remember please actually and if it comes to the way yeah I'm not able to remember the way also well that is that's that's something weird but being a code you're a coder right yeah yeah that's that's really hard to believe okay because you are someone who has to remember codes the lines of Len deist code lines and then you forget these things which are very practical and visual at the same time so what I have believed always that what is visual cannot be forgotten very soon what you see you know mostly people of pictures I guess that I think it is it is scientifically it they say that what you see and you know it remains in the mind it remains in the back of mind and especially with roads and weighs at least a yes but but in my case it's just apologetically I don't know I suppose that if I see someone and if I look someone so definitely I'm going to cognate that face but in case of name I'm not going to forget that name wow OK we have a comment here by mr. K okay I would like to join particular really call limitation is nothing but an excuse to be in comfort zone okay in most of the cases one doesn't explore true potential one doesn't explode there is no Finish Line every guy you see at the top all have one common thing they never stop okay mr. K agreed that is about a positive sign how about the negatives what do you have to say about that what if is if someone is annoying and you just don't stop that person being annoying just given to the situation just because that person is like some big shot how do you deal with that please let me know I would like to know mr. k yeah Connick so when he actually I need to leave right now because I had 6 p.m. I need to attend one meeting thank you for connecting I think yeah you have you know that's really nice for all of you to be here I think you were here for an hour oh my God that's a that's the longest anybody has been on my call so that's really nice talking to you connect and amazing points discussed there and I would like to join next also to definitely I Mark that would be really nice of you you should connect or more often yeah so bye bye take care right bye-bye connect thank you for connecting great talking to you okay so that was conduct and so many things discuss right form technology technicalities methodologies to situations and people and limitations again talking about limitation Mystic a has given an amazing explination about not limiting yourself for anything if you want to be at a particular height if you want to be at a particular place you don't limit yourself but That Drawing the Line and limitations of we are talking about annoying things and annoying situations and annoying people so mr. key if it's possible for you connect to us on call or we will just conclude for the Rave and annan's is kinetic really loved your points that's really nice we wake tiwari ji-hye manage people manage emotions sound better than limiting them the see it's not limiting them mr. K it's you know it's a way of saying that yes managing it but when you're managing what are you actually doing your if you are not letting them do the same things that they have been doing to you maybe they are creating a you know they're breaking into your aura like they're just trying to hamper you okay so what do you call it you call it managing then great if managing is the right word then yes how do you manage annoying people how do you think how do you know that yes this is the time that you have to manage them like how would you how would you decide that yes this is this is getting out of hand so wouldn't you draw a line there you would you just think that okay this is a limit then you know suppressing yes exactly it is suppressing but then would it be possible to stop someone without suppressing would it be possible mr. k I think yes you see it's it's not just situation and I think every time every time some situation gets out of your hand is some every time a person gets out of hand okay that could be what management is all about balance oh boy balance is a big word so sometimes it is not applicable In most of the situations, it's not up applicable. It's just a sweet word for limitation balance. It's something sugar-coated. Yeah, we're sick. It does it. Isn't it sugar-coated? Come on be honest. All right. Come on call like we have little time left. Let's talk about it because I got to go. I got to go at 650. I'm gonna wind up very soon. Oh boy, that's rude. Why not? Okay. Alright, so guys that was about limitations and Drawing the Line. Okay, we have I have actually come across two different opinions. I think Canuck said that talking about limitations and controlling is only as good talking in talking rather than following in real life only 10% of the crowd can actually do it and somewhere I do agree with him because if I talk about experience yes I have seen one out of so many people following being upfront and limiting and talking and then when we talk about it I think mr. K has given another word here it's not limiting its balancing and managing I think that's that's the that's a sweet a word for it though and I think yeah so let's use management as the word okay so either ways either ways they has to be when you start working on a particular thing which starts getting out of your hand you're gonna let it get out of your hand you manage it well okay so that it doesn't hamper your growth or anybody else is growth or it doesn't hamper your situations or your peace of mind at that particular moment that's where you are really working towards the right place okay so to conclude I think this debate will never end if you have to limit or not there are some situations where you can manage it try to manage it and there are some situations where you cannot then I think that's where you just adjust okay so with that point I conclude today's session okay and and we come back tomorrow at the same time with a different topic and discuss all right so you guys take care of till then and thank you for connecting with me everybody who connected to me on call also the people who were there on the comment section from the start and also the listeners who have been listening and who were listening and are out right now so thank you guys you have a great day today and let's meet tomorrow at 4 o'clock tomorrow at 4:00 I guess there is another session tomorrow at five o'clock at a other theology High other Teddy Hallelujah time era called fake Electronica Hydro computo USA up connect cut certain security botany okay tomorrow I think there is a session of copied and Anand okay Anand and we'd have an interview tomorrow so possibly I will be there and let's see if I will change the time for my session tomorrow so yeah other taking care of our hand Colbert hi sugar mmm hello hello background noise I don't have any kind of solution for that buddy okay if you are not comfortable so can I then I leave this call definitely if we are back with me you need to call me for that I will connect you definitely but if you have to call me okay hello energy I'm good how are you I'm also good how about you yeah it's good it's finally weather weather is good in Delhi really is it raining it's raining wow weird Elliot Snowden you get happy like three or four drops child for whom they viewed every recipe yeah it's really nice okay so limitation yeah hello yes yes at the TLC we were talking about limitation yup okay I think in limitations is very Liberation is a subjective investing you have to limit yourself and with thing you don't want to have to limit yourself that depends for example if I'm drinking alcohol I should know when to stop for example if I am doing studies then also I need to stop because sometimes it happens to our mind right if I'm doing some good deed even helping people that also need some limitation chemical Opera Curtis amount of energy to the everything's neat limitation I guess but that is a deposit limit coerver but you need to be limited exactly but I also learned a few Dimensions to this today there's a mistake a say is that school medication he boletaria which is very wrong you should not build a yes for me be balanced then I have started working on it I'm trying to understand the exact reason yeah yeah yeah limitation sounds like it sounds like a limited Liberty useful trait that is what he says and when management is a beautiful term exact manner management is balanced so beauty of words like I was also talking to a person cannot like you know we were talking about people annoying and then you have to stop people from being more annoying with you so how do you limited like I said use the right words and tell them so I think that practice has to start somewhere so mr. K thank you for the words it's for me well I think you know when you know okay when you know that you can do better you should start doing better at the right moment I guess not so for yourself for yourself we can use a World level but if I'm using that word for a baby that sound offensive so management is a better word exactly yeah I think a little bit strict with yourself which is possible but when you're talking about other csu's you need to be a little sugar Cote which is good sugar cookie is good word it sounding like you chocolate the other okay okay I'm using you have to fabricate it okay see we live in such a society but if you just tell somebody that you are wrong they will get offended you have to fabricate it yeah you could do it in such a way please so if you just fabricated they will okay they will feel okay that's really nice okay but if you tell them like you have negative here so they will get offended but I think works works in most cases what's most especially nowadays it has to be yeah I mean we are driven we are so driven with sugar-coated words these days that people fall for people if they talk sweetly for them so yeah Jackie you would like to join he's just saying you would like to join he's not calling me okay do you need to call for that yeah you cannot join from the comment section below you have to do something listen dear oh we are mostly on the verge of ending this conversation so if you really want on want to talk about the subject you can please call me okay so we say oh go ahead but then it's not raining so it's not happy with the breeze and humans you see we are expecting more rain that's all humans only yeah Youmans are all about expectations technique something that we love Evolution isn't it thankfully once you stop expecting that means you are was of Moksha is that you have you have crossed the age of humans right you have crossed the limit of humans you have surpassed that so you are on a different level so you are on a level of I don't know what but whatever level you are that's great not expecting I hope today's podcast we're going to be on a musical live shows so it with the furry bifocals musical over then I said to Ninja guitar body upon hearing it that he shared me a screenshot at 4:30 teeny-weeny zika she's coming with a topic actually I come with a topic every day at 4:00 4:30 but then what happened was I decided actually really request that we do a pod together so she was supposed to do a party today and today that was not possible for me so I asked her to do it tomorrow and tomorrow being weak and I think I can quit serious topic and do music like I got a few suggestions from some great minds about music so I was just thinking I do music on Saturdays fatigue is great mind as a sugar-coated or should I I am practicing see it's not sugar coated as such but to be very honest a few great suggestions I think basically okay and there's always a chance to do better so I think yeah CIA you cannot always be serious man you cannot be bragging series of time so I think yeah we can talk about music on weekend great exactly first thing is to go nice you if a twenty four two seven if you're serious so I'm probably not going to have a party tomorrow and then I will be there at 5 o'clock so I will be at the airport I will participate there and then in a tomorrow evening then I can do a board with real so there is the schedule for tomorrow yeah I think we can I think we can we can should be all of your music manage it's all about music so I don't know what is the question if anyone can tell me how to use this application if you are trying to listen to a podcast you find individuals who have already done and recorded podcast that interest you search hashtags and accordingly you can find people listen to podcast but if you are planning to do podcast if you're planning to start a podcast I think there is a plus sign in the center of your application just click on that go solo and start talking to people that's it the manner of well you have just proved your name body one is cut it short he was your brain you can know exactly and he has absolutely done a great job okay you just Justified your name and I'm really proud of you man okay everyone that's what I said okay if you want to listen to people there are lives which are happening you can see if you click on the home button okay and if you think you want to start talking to people like I am talking right now just click go solo and if you still don't understand go go to the website open Talk Dot t-- o-- and explore so you will understand everything I guess you should start charging for this really I think so like because every day I answer one question at least how to use it on top Gordon something you should charge for that don't get in free absolutely I will do that very soon including including this I have to leave reading okay all right great talking to you like always and thanks for connecting you thank you thank you keep coming with such great topics you can take it as a sugar-coated word you know if it's I don't mind but I'm sorry I have I have surpassed the human level I can deal I can deal with words but we learn things all right yeah thank you for having me you guys should be grateful for having me absolutely the man of such a pleasure having you here you know I'm just blessed that you're here in the comment section God has showered His choicest blessings on me and I have no words to express how happy I am yes you are great help hi Ron hello hello hello I'm running short of time the Pod will end any moment hello hi hi this is Ivan may I know your name please this is Vinny Vinny nice to connect with you actually I don't understand how to use this app actually I installed already but I'm little bit confused if you can help me with this okay please tell me what what problem you're facing actually I also want to talk with people I want to improve my English by talking so how I can get connect with them can you tell me you can connect like you have connected to me right now one yeah okay you have if you want to talk to people you want to be the host you have to go to the center like center of the application there's a plus sign when you click on that then you get few option there's inbox there's go solo now what I do is I go solo I con the solo button then I feed the data like I give a title to my body and I start to it it goes like okay when you go live actually it gives you an option swipe right to go life okay when you just this once you swipe right you are alive and if there are just like people are listening here we just like that they might want to talk to you they might want to connect to you on call they will give you a call and you can for that okay that is one option okay so that's what you can do is you can request someone you can send me a talk request okay you can send someone or talk request and then you have to people like so you are talking about one person and then there are people listening to you can connect a phone call so three people can talk at the same time its maximum degree okay well doing conversation we can get connected only three people maybe like you right now me and other one no see I have gone solo I'm doing a solo part so I can connect only to one person but if you collab with someone okay you collab with someone you send a request to someone to do a pot with you so you to people like both of you are gonna be the most okay got it got it yeah so and the third person is listening and if that person wants to connect on the call that person can connect okay got it so thank you very much thank you welcome man bye-bye thank you everyone thank you yeah thank you thank you but all right guys that was the session for the day and okay there's a tortilla hi ninja G how are you today are you able to hear me hello hello hello hi ninja G are you listening yes yes G how are you today I'm good I'm also good never mind Toyota I'm really happy that connect here first of all but really we are at over the market is about huh baby limitations give Adam a good trees a person rustling again with leaven be an artist draw the line this era English Barsha may not draw the line ache Mahabharata cheesin Christina key line rocker no means is this election recover now Lakshmi Enrico banana Kaaya banana like Crocker meekly a Dust Bunny limit per second or ugly compatibility of the limit curry tofu stir Asia participant hello he of my life my body is a hadiya just gonna limit Colonel but I look at how many carpet is eco-friendly key will limitation create curring to Scopolamine is a Latina limitation here in Nevada check ASAP Olga whoa BTW Kerrigan and because stranger tokido time taken by forgive us are we so tragic and bajra bondrachai Vinny you have speak English and Hindi you are knowledge person thank you so much I speak four languages but my pods are only in English so because Abdul Kalam Optical Market thank you for the day