Okay, guys. Alright happy thank you one and all and welcome back to doctoring is one more podcast and today's topic is a best apps for public speaking. Yep. You heard me right? You can can you can even consider these apps for developing your communication to so without further Ado. Let's get into the topic. I'm really sorry guys and have a days. I'm not able to give as much as time possible, which I was able to give an open talk. But still I'm trying to bring some worthy content with some valuable pointers, which could be of some help to you for sure. And yeah, please do share your love, press heart button to follow me and open Talk. Yeah, let's get into the topic. If you have any doubts regarding this then please let me know in the comment section. Before we get into the topic, let's have a word with our effing so that we can have foolishness before jump into the topic. Hello, good evening. Hi, Eric. Hello, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? I am also fine. I am from Bangladesh and what do you I'm from India and now we're in Bangladesh. allow everything and it's in your voice is breaking. The Bangladesh is - reconnect with me. Once again. Please check your internet connection reconnect me with once again. So guys by the time everything gets back into connection with us. Let us start start the topic and in our life and my dear brother disconnect the call and recant the key once again. So let's discuss the best applications for public speaking. So the first application which I would like to tell you is from Baba. guys, just one second cap it and it Guys show you a lot of like a habit tell of Bangla dish. Okay guys because of that issue we have to still continue and yeah our infant do send your request. I would love to have a word with you. And yeah the first application which I would like to tell you is omo. Let me read you the name the first application is This is a wonderful application because I'm still using this and I still need to practice a lot of this application because the Omaha fracture on these kind of faces words and the power the clarity and more so you can tell Mo Beach Warden faces you want to track for repetition and as well as measure your pace and Clarity of your voice, too. So it is like how to say fillers omo helps you to reduce the amount of fillers you're using in your communication and lumo is only for iPhone. It's not available in Android. So that is a bit problematic when it comes to the user of Androids. But yes more is a great application guys and the second application which I would like to tell you is like so so most of the applications which we are talking about public space. Our from like I stole and for iPhone so I'm not pretty much sure that how helpful they will be for Android users. So yes like soup I think like so will be is also available on Android version to I'm not sure about it because the time when I install it was only for iPhone so like so Fortune like effective way to train against verbal habits and practice speaking to so it helps you to practice confidently without all of those like likes and so the way I use I have still this habit of using a few fillers and using our like and so what a lot. I'm still practicing a lot on that one. So like so provides a real-time analysis of your speech Fitness, including like Optimal pacing and the fast or too slow tractor to so the second application is like soon Guys, share your love, press the hot button and I do follow me on open top and the next application which I would like to discuss with you. He's speak app. The name itself is pcaps and let me comment it down here. speak app and I believe that speak app is a powerful tool kit for like Toastmasters and those who want to improve their public speaking skills. It has a timer and a counter or table of topics quote of the day find a club and your profile to so that is a wonderful and more most of like a professional application to develop your public speaking. And let's get to the next application which is voice analyst. Is guy's voice analyst? so as per the name suggests of the application voice analysts analyzes your pitch and volume as you record your voice, you can then save or like email your recording for later analysis to and this app will be providing you with visual caustic and static and feedback to And most of it you can understand the quality of your voice while you're speaking and have Audible you are. So yeah do try this application for sure. I people and yes voice analyst is available both on iPhone and Android. And speak applique SP cap, which I said previously it is available in Android but not in I stores. So let's get to the next application and this is one of my favorite applications. So let me just comment the name Samsung be Fearless. And it's in public here. Okay. Hi, honey. So this public speaking happy is like self-training virtual room program and it has three different settings one is cool. But his business and the last one is daily life. Each setting is comprised of a core levels with the three possible topics to advance on to next level. You must pass pass or fail is based on several scientific and medically proven criteria. It is a wonderful application and it is tough. So guys if you are able to crack levels on these applications, You're doing wonderful. And you're really doing great at task B job looking forward to finish which would be like speaking fearlessly. And to download Samsung be Fearless application. It is available on gear VR platform and website samsung.com. We have arrived in here again. Let's have a word with elephant. I'm connecting with that if in here. I tried connecting with RF in here, but it's not connecting guys. So let's continue with the topic and I defend do send your request. I would love to have a word with you man. Okay, so the next application which I would like to discuss with you guys is the art of public speaking. Let me comment the name for you or thought of. public speaking and this is an Android application. You won't find this in I stores so the act of public speaking app. It has like training tips codes and audio samples of speeches. It also has an audio books of the art of public speaking by Dale Carnegie. These Guys, these are some wonderful applications which we can use to train ourselves. I'm not asking you to download all the applications, but possibly I'm trying to explain you all the application because you can find one which is most suitable for you. And here's guys there are some other applications to like speaking skills application, which is available on Android and the vein be discussing few more applications so till now we have discussed five applications if I'm not wrong and the next application which I would like to discuss with you is claro speak Let me comment it down for you. And this is also wonderful application, which is a very good of help for you to develop your communication. And I really love it and you two should use it because it has speech Journal seen speaks and it will be even good for recording made by. Dr. Amy. Thank you so much King of Hearts. So it's both fun and functional. so do try those applications for sure and let's see that if we are able to let me try to remember if any other application which I used or which I'm using right now, but I cannot I cannot minimize my screen because I have this issue that If I minimize my open talk right now, it will be a completely off the zone. So I won't be able to do that and I will be disconnected from the call. Hi Seidel, how are you? I hope you're doing well. And just one minute guys. I'll be just right back guys. I have to go on a mute for a couple of seconds. I'm getting a call. Just give me one second. I have to attend this I'll be back ASAP. Tonight let's try to connect with our a friend. Thank you so much for waiting guys, and let's continue and after having a word with our phonology tell you few more applications. And then I'll burning the podcast. Hi. Johnno. I'm again trying to connect with our - he's from Bangladesh dagang. That's what I heard before the call got disconnected. So, let's see if I can add infinitely check you interconnection man miles. Thank you so much for coming John and thank you everyone for being part of the open-top. And come on. Let's get into the topic. So as we were discussing about the best applications for public speaking the one which I would like to tell you is voice note. Let me just comment it down there for you guys. I'm just me. This is one of the highest-rated application in Android. It's really great. And it also has the same specifications which I have described for the applications. You can train yourself lot in different areas in communication along with like public speaking tips to Yes, Salman, you can join send me requests. so the next application by the time someone get connected with us, let us discuss with one more application, which is let me see the number we have discussed 17 now right eight the next application which we will be discussing is Dragon anywhere Let's have a word with Salman. Thank you so much Journal. We are connecting with Salman by the time we get alive board with them. What's up? Can you already won? Yes, Salman your audible. How are you? Yeah, I am good. How about you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Where are you from Salman? I am blowing from Gujarat your from Gujarat. Wow. And yeah, so how long have you been using open talk? Yeah. Yeah, that's a great platform for is a people are to be improving your English current position like that. I mean that's a great platform before that people are to be connecting to be improving your English cannot just like that when I just recently we have as a new learner for the is not to be a long period time before that we can use this application after one month before that we can use this application. Okay, so man. So how long have you been using open toe around one month before that? One month. Okay. That's what Justice is for there to be used this application. We can not to be as a talking for that in English conversation. Just we can use this platform rather than we can speak as very well. We cannot to be speak as a flow and but we have as a new learner we can measure in throwing my English rather than we can use this application. It's a great platform for Yes, it's a really great platform and thank you so much for sharing your point of views and I can see that you are very enthusiastic towards learning English. That's really a great keep up your energy and keep up your focus like that and you will definitely learn English for sure. Don't worry about that one because we are all Learners here. So we will be learning sooner or later. Sorry, sir. I said we are all Learners here sooner or later. We all be learning together. So yeah maintain your focus for Learning and you can learn Whenever I'm free we can as a go for that to be a open talk and other than to be people are talking about there in broadcast VK every time we have a listening listener before that. How can to be talked in as English? Yes, Salman, you're right. Yeah, and I just would you like to say someone everything just to be thankful for you you can you can mention in your podcast for talking in English conversation like that. And yeah, so thank you so much. Thank you so much for inviting me in your board passed away. I'm not freaked as very well. But other than sometimes we have as a try to my bash or speak in English. Okay. Thank you so much demand for joining with me here. And yes do sure do love the podcast to share your love, press the hot button and do follow me on open talk and we'll be having a lot of conversations in the coming future ahead. Would you like to say anything else? Would you like to say? Hello? I asked anything. Would you like to say that's true? Thus we can say that for you. The people are listening there in your podcast. Just you can as a to be in your mindset before that. You can speak as very well. Other than you can sometime try to try to try your best after that. You can as a vote in your goal. You can speak as very well. Thank you so much. Yeah, yeah. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Press the hot button. Share your love and definitely thank you so much. Okay, let's have a word with your hobby. Halo namaskar salaam alaikum So we were discussing about the application Dragon anywhere, right? So it is an iOS application and you can easily dictate documents of any length and you can edit it. You can format it and share them directly from your iPhone and iPods like it's very very much easier for you like visiting plants or like on job sites because you will be having a ProForm already there for you, which will be helping you to record your testings in your own voice and by training so you will be having a wonderful experience in Dragon anywhere. So do make sure that you have an understanding of that one, too. We are connecting with Yahweh here. Hi Avi, Hi, how are you? Bro? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? Yeah, I'm pretty good. I'm here because the the topic is best are for the public speaking. So I want to know about this. Yeah, so I have already discussed here of the applications. You can see in the comment sections and as I was discussing I have also mentioned those names in the comment section to okay. Alright, so Where are you from? Yeah, I'm from Genki. Come again. I'm from Kashmir Kashmir. Okay, the moon - Moon. So how about the situation is that now people are getting affected like is 38 people are affected yet. Oh, Yeah, but I'm not in Kashmir right now. I'm outside. I'm in Punjab right now because I'm still staying in studio in stating here. That's why. Okay. Yeah. So, how was your situation? How is the situation in your city? Yeah, here it is. Also the cases are steadily Rising but not at that pace but still precautions are taken place and we all are on lockdown as you know that entire time she's in no doubt. So yeah hoping for the best. Okay. What do you think about like how many time how much time if we will do this log down for 21 days? Like can we cope up with this? Coronavirus? What do you think about is definitely definitely because we will be reducing the amount of people coming together and we do know because the main reason we Been locked down because you will come to know about the virus infection. If you are infected with it, there isn't suitable for 14 days then only you'll be seeing the true symptoms and then be able to rectify that you're infected. Yeah, but that is there is anything but there is another thing but there is another thing, you know the because if Government will do tests to every person because there are a lot of persons who are still infected and they are living with their families. So that is a big big issue. That is the big issue. Not a try to understand one thing away. This is the possible method which government take a step right now if they are trying to make the test of any of the person in outside like if there is a gathering there is a chance that that person might be infecting all the other persons who came for the best, you know, actually, I actually let me tell you one thing. I was watching on the TED Talks we do of Bill Gates and you know what he said hmm. He was saying he is the anchor told him question. Like if you will be the president right now for one month what you will do and he was saying that You know this if we will do this log down it's not like it will go up to two or three months, but it's not a simple disease or something like that. We could vanish it only for 21 days. He said no, I think the best option to do is we had to do the test or tested the people because a lot of people who are still in their homes are affected and they are not coming up to the hospital has to check it out because they are scared and they are feeling like like they are they are not aware. They are not aware of like we have a we have with these symptoms also. So yeah, I imagine one thing the count anemia is like no nearly to 900 something. I don't know. I don't remember the exact count as other that in the media today now understand one thing if this log down was not considered by all the entire nation then imagine how much more could have been affected. Yeah, that's good. Yeah particular measures which are taking right now are being helpful to prevent it. I'm not saying that completely eradicated, but prevent it from spreading first of all. If you're preventing it from spreading but then you can have a control over estimated 30,000 cases and you don't have enough beds in hospitals. You don't have ventilators in hospitals. How are you going to manage? The situation was that will be growing into more big epidemic because you don't have the facility that much. Yeah. This is what we can do right now by staying home helping the government with the things which they can do because the case is priced early. They will rise the infected persons count is also Rising, but it It is under control right now what however they're considering that take him until you know their custody for treatment for other things also, but I'm not sure that still there is any antivirus for the canteen antidote for like no no no like it will take 18 months to make for this virus. So that is a reason at least they are trying to prevent spreading so we should copy the government for this. Yeah, man. This is the better. Anything else would you like to say are we? Yeah that this is all about what I want to hear about this the app. Okay, you have said that you have jot down in the comment section. I will get that. Okay. Thanks a lot, man. Have a wonderful day. We thank you. Thank you. You too. So guys before we take our next call. I let me tell you one more application and What is the count how many applications have discussed? I'm not sure about that one. Maybe 9 okay 8 so let's go to the ninth application, which is metronome your pace. So it's like one of the most challenging public speaking habits to overcoming speaking too quickly, isn't it? And yeah, that is the problem from which I two-faced many times. And guys metronome is like a bit advanced level application. It's like if your natural pace is already fast, it can be difficult to tell you or like are talking to rapidly unless you are told or you see people confused faces a clear conversation Pays His between 110 to 160 words per minute when nervous or excited you will be speaking like is it will go be going up to like 200 words per minute. So this is what the application will be helpful for you. You will be recording your voice and that will be counting your words permanence and I giving analytic report for you that what you have to do to improvise your speed or to increase your speed up to decrease your speed what the steps are to be taken. And yes, that is also wonderful application. If you are facing problem with speed weight of your birds. So it is it is available both on Android and iOS, so you can download that one for sure. Yes, you know your is a gold digger. So as I already told you the first app, which is coma there's one more app similar to that which is only boom. And yes, this is also an iOS application. And the biggest question I get from the aspiring public speakers when they were like I to ask them the same question. How do I get rid of my own? So it's hard but technology can help a lot filler words like like so yeah, so these kind of words make you appear like lacking in confidence and distracts from the power of your message. Just a second. Yes. I hmm so it's better you get this application. If you are having problem with filler words, like I do still have this kind of problem with filler words. I'm still practicing on that application. And let's discuss one more application. I think for today we had enough application before you get into the next application. Let's have a word with. cycle here Okay. Hello everybody. How are you? Yeah, I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? I'm good. Okay. Well, that's all. Okay. So tired splits my very first time to talk with you in this application. And when it come to me. Hello. Yeah, I can hear you. I said welcome to my podcast again. Thanks for coming to thank thank you for having me here and thanks for giving me the chance to talk with you. So, where are you from? I'm from Bangladesh. Main Bangladesh in Dhaka the capital of the Bangladesh. Okay in Taka so like have you ever been to Chittagong? Yes one time. And health care how hot is it from Dhaka? It's not it is. Yeah. It's very far almost 400 kilometers long distance from our country. Okay? Okay. That's that's quite some information. But your name suggests that your site duel. So do you have people can cope example there also? Please don't get me wrong. I don't know. That's what I'm really saying. That is the reason I'm asking you I cannot get you. I said your name is sighs. All right. Hmm and you are saying you are from Bangladesh. Hmm. So most of the people with whom I have spoken till now all of them are like having Muslim names, but I have never come up with a name like sideways. So I was like bit confused. Yeah. I'm Muslim mind don't mind. Yes. Okay. Thank you for clarifying my doubt said yes, please. Okay, so it's been 20 days or 20 or more than 20 days. I install this application. But and after that very on the very first time I saw you that you were doing a broadcast and my first listening in is application is you and I heard you I listen very carefully and you are. Very busy person in this application you on a regular basis with a regular break you come over here and make some good topics and make a good conversation of it over any topic and sometimes I feel that I saw that in your podcast you take some good points and made some good suggestion. And I think that is very useful for us and it's my first time I got the chance to talk with you and so So I'm very happy for that. Thank you so much. I didn't thank you so much. That means a lot to me. Yes, and today your topic is based application or best apps for public speaking. Yeah. I know. I am here to develop my speaking English because most of the time I try to I try to speak in a lie, but I can't because of licking of vocabulary or I have not that kind of confidence. I can no longer. The only problem with you're facing right now is lack of practice. You have to practice a lot on speaking. Whether on this application whether at home and you can start reading a book out loud because that will help you or tongue-twisting to be gone while you're speaking some new words and do that kind of mirror so that you can gain some confidence and your brain will be recognizing those words and do one more thing which is thinking in English while doing thinking in English. If some other time you will practice in your brain well enough so that some other time when you're speaking you don't have a thing for the words. So try to think in English, okay. That's good. But yeah, the what I noticed that I was how much I try and in tactical field. I am not getting that benefit of but that means that it is easily show that maybe there is some mistakes. I cannot find out maybe I am not doing properly what I should do. No, no that there is no mistake. There is only the thing that you're giving less time for practice. Yes, of course. Okay, so nice to talk to you and I think that there are so many calls waiting to you have to catch it. And hopefully I'm I will get the chance in the future to talk to you and I was looking forward to have a chat with you, but it's pretty tough situation at this moment because all of is knocking my door. I don't think I am not I'm very very confused. Who is the person right there in my house because no one is allowed here. So I have to go. Please don't mind. It's okay. It's okay. We'll have a wonderful day and to press the heart button schedule of and do follow me on open-top. Thank you. Thank you. Have a wonderful day and busy. And let's go to the comments many nice places have their thank you my dear for the information Sunday evening calm. Good information. Dr. Amy. Thank you so much Sunday. Ria's great Point made by dr. Amy. Thank you various. And so come on guys. Let's discuss about few more applications before I end this podcast for today. And what was the number your time now? Let's get to topic number 11. Archie's a fight speaking impairment Our Moment So yeah, now that I have texted the name, let's continue with the topic like the most common thing is that we are all non-native English speakers, and we do struggle with speech impairments you ability to speak clearly be reduced to the power of your message because if you are trying to deliver a message in English, so the speech impairment will decrease the amount of impact of your message. And ultimately even limited the ability to like secure Federal equality speaking gigs to so your voice deserves to be heard and there is in this wonderful application. Fights picking impairments and this can help you to increase the vocal accuracy of your speech. And yeah, it will give you a detailed report on that Xavier vocal is working and then you can modify it along with that. You can practice along with that one. So it will be a big relief will be helping you to develop in a very good way. So it was like Created by two Engineers International Engineers. They are from like Drexel University. So guys, this is wonderful application fighting speaking. We're not not impatient. Sorry. I think it's autocorrect is checking it wrong. Let me type it once again. fight speaking in there it's yeah, there you go. So you can download this on iOS and both Android too. So make sure you use that one guys. So let's have a word with. Let's have a word with. Devon Shook Up Okay, guys, I will press button share your love. Hi Devon shower you wh the hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? Revenge hello to you. That's now I can hear you. How are you? Hello. Hello, how are you deviants? Guys, I'm a horrible to you. Please. Let me know please comment. Yes if I'm audible is getting this area. Yeah. Hello. I think deviance. There is a network issue from your side do one thing disconnect the call and recant it. Once again, check your internet connection before sending it once because I'm unable to converse with you disturbance. cloud so we have Nishan to come all the way here. Thank you so much for letting me know. Aneesh and Kumar, how are you? Oops, we got disconnected submissions come out to at present. I don't have any callers online. So come on. Let's discuss about the applications as USP T. So this is the last application which I will be discussing here today. So use a speaker. So guys that is 1/12 and today's last application which I will be discussing with you. So it's like if you're if you're giving speeches at events or and like in other context where you have limited control of the setting and the environment like at that time, you have to master the skill of timing. It's like mastering time is critical to keep host happy. So speaking in like hotel ballrooms or like a conference rooms is don't really have blocks. So you need to manage. Time differently. So the key is a you have to know exactly when you need to shift from beginning to the mail middle and to the middle to the end of your speech and that is how we can do the same with talks and presentations. And yes use a speaker is an application which will be helping you to find Team you're beginning your middle and your end in particular timing so that you can have a steady time zone where your hosts are also listening to I carefully and your audience are not getting bored because of that one. Make sure that it is a bit advanced level. So make sure that you use that one dude is available both on Android and iOS. Just try to have a word with me Sean Kumar Dubai. Hello honey, Sean. How are you? Hello. Inaudible donation to you. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. How are you Nation? I'm fine, sir, and you well, that's good to hear. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me this type of applicator? Yes. I'm hearing you. Hello. Hello. I'm inaudible to you. Hello. Yes. Hello, of course. Yeah, I can listen your voice. Hello. Nishant your voice is breaking. Please check your internet connection. Once I'm on the top of all my floor. I don't know why the connection is disconnecting. Ya Nabi audible, please this type of application. You were talking about best applications for like public speaking. What's the name? Not only just one applications? I have spoke about like 12 different applications and I have committed those names in comment section 2 comments section to can you repeat it again, please? You can just go to comment section from the beginning and I have marked them with numbers. So it is easy for you to find out those applications are. From the beginning first one is gamma. And from there you can count down to 12 applications because I was just randomly going through the applications, which I have used and few applications which are still am using. Samsung before less we feel defeated. Yeah, that is also an application. We ha Samsung be Fearless, okay. How we can talk about it? Yes. How can we use this application? Hello fish on are you there? Yes. Yes. I'm here and change your voice breaking. How weak a news. Oh my God, but you're wise. Okay, guys. Just one second. Guys, just give me one second. I'll be back to you. I have to go on a mute. Sorry to keep you waiting guys at thank you so much for joining with me here. So those are the two all applications. I'll just go back to all the comments and read the names of the application. Once again, and the first application is Como second one is like so third one speak a port One Voice analyst and Oopsie 51 Samsung be fearless and sticks one the art of public speaking seventh one clarospeak and eight one voice note ninth one is just ignore this. 91 will be where did you go? Yeah metronome you of your peace and ten to one is like boom and XI 1 XI application name. Is fight speaking impairments. It's impairments. And then yeah last but not least use a speaker. So these are the actual application which we have discussed here which are passed for public speaking training. We have certainly Amal here. Let's have a word with study emergency DMR. Hello. totally Yes, I did. My mother tried to connect with you, but it's not connecting. Okay guys. Anyway, it's time to end the podcast. Thank you so much for joining with me here. I love you all. Take care. Be safe stay at home and do for all the precautions to stay away from the clutches of code on covid-19. Keep your loved ones and family safe. And yeah, thank you so much for joining me here once again, and yep. Be safe. I love you all. Take care. sayonara signing off doctor m