Hi guys today. I have the cream Mrs. Mary Bernard. She is an artist a gardening enthusiasts and has organized many exhibitions for her painting and bonsais. Thank you so much for joining and with me mrs. Brunner. Hello, thank you. Yeah, so let's start with how you started the journey with your bone sighs. Can you tell me if you hang start my D3 in Marty three-eyed Nano color delimiter to be sold by English says it an idea. Tala. Sure. Sure. No problem. Hi to you do I won't say another man. Again Munch a Andrea na na na na Service Milady Nano sarkari now currently dargah nanak Bonsai and relleno at once. I am done and cubic Billy's be delivered at the flower show. So no today. There are 12 great Melodies are no Google. Hola Murray. Okay. So once I got addicted cereal in the Nano a bun do not contact me again other information see Buddha now, we throw our bones are going numb our Buddha. Library It won't save or share corita need to bundle Chris. She made a deadly crash with the allegedly our daily a bonsai got knighted. Sorry, Auntie Lindo Lieber know Hitler know. Got a buggy English and Leroy Pacific Railroad or could do sorry Argan an encore de Bona newborns who have Margo do once I have Margo do we have burst both do the elevation buggy posted a gorilla and above? Oh, these are tight. So I get the Nano Nano journey and Audrina now Cena Paraiso The LIE now till quando você. Sorry, I do not know Gilligan Ali Horticulture Department. Al-ahly. Ottawa has real ugly out there, honey. Look at it, but gotra no narcotic. Oh, I do Banzai Marlo Des cailloux an egg. I'm sure you and really Bonsai now or nananana to conduct which I intend to collect under the Semana Santa will know tomorrow on do kelantan and healthy. Ellie formal formal and informal cardinally Ret one I prayed male. Okay, we'll give it a go at the beginner Bardot Cascade intent under one do mainly Nicola. He joked with the rotary bronstein roomstyler for Katara, you know the route on Rach Rach other the other variable Colleen email in a hurry bells ringing you got now. Cardinal country esto retail very clean landscape landscape I'd really to single see you tomorrow. You won't say reticle you would he do won't say Mario de que que aqui and bake until now. How did you maintain all of them like one day sometime? You knew collector market today will be computable. The north a gallon of gas is cheaper Beckman silly. Oh, he's in a nano Bonsai Maria Goretti on Ficus guitar Note 3 who Israel is do I do well Ficus give the livability day greenish-yellow. He'd oh you do you belong Margarita. I thought when the condo I would want to see a root under the root and cut tea. male a male in ramadi enthusiasm Patrick sigh Andrei did he do Trina - the one do collect seen additionally Igloo. Khurrana kunaal Roy decarava Rwanda miraculous event now posted to Japan or oh Scientist or exhibition of old marty-mart of the character a part of the dish doorknob in and cultivated called lie. Yeah, I eat it here and really English also develop leader Khaled Ali gaddama so rajma Minelli I mean when the book could have LED lights called Bones I so how was your experience with the book might have been holding on puts the gun, but I didn't acknowledge on a newborn. The liberty of the press the parties in a stay for dinner Nana gave a phone call. Do you have mercury in Marty and Shelly Shelly sarkari libraries? Okay, that's so nice to hear but then it was a family matter friends in the in the support. How was the support that you got from them a hug? No today? Yeah. Another is one Roo Yahoo. Yeah, what do I do? The Le media had not addressed rather moreover. He lived through non-artists Toronto so episode but you know what it does. Yeah watercolor ugly oil painting of Limoncello Muslim Martini guarding Martini sooty Kal-El eaten by as active duty: Look at Nikita be cool when I get a little bit dark be cool after Ella Marty Marty now, I will just tell you I will Michael Cera no no, no, no. exhibition Arrangement vehicle a bond We melee agriculture College Natalie Nunn currency bonds. I will share my colleagues and the students gave a lecture Korean tehila true. So the okay, this is beautiful mattina Drew. Did you face any challenges it bones Islamorada in challenges new face Mary 3. Madam the runanga Bones, I got a liquid and download TV. I will note that I can only you know, enter a cushy one day when the bones are done you money or get Andy to tomorrow on the hot or Chardonnay North America to Dina. That is Ricardo and a Dakota money guandu murata, when I want more intriguing than 6500 animation a girl in my bones. I got a little naughty Santa Shepherd, too. Okay. So now we go in through like if we want to start a Bonsai Garden in other name get tips courts are alike here. You maintain might be cool how the matter. Yeah, it's really cute and really any time then again A is twice other culinary. No other way except Academy Aguila are able to do than que El Condor Uno are abundant guidance picou number of the kingdom of directors 3 and the hell is unconditional. again, not increase body or health in Anthony haircut Okay, then then I do advise Court era for upcoming Bonsai makers how they should start a Kickstarter might be cool like in the initial stage initial stage the libri acid contrary Abu Abdullah the Makai quechua Kaimuki the Mana sword. After an hour or two and then prettier than or Quebec who had murdered Linda now, mr. Goku and do nama-hatta didn't you know number now. Okay, so no matter I think some 150 bones as it do under her lately. So what is the age range is a geneticist work with Ruben cycle? Number three eagles a dehradun and not redundant a lot on door shed a lot more a ficus to the ficus. Kilauea kilo Bonsai gallaudet I will then unknown or condensation. Okay, so Martin even bothers to exhibitions Ella organize my degree. So, how was your experience? How was the response Monday? He grasped on Mary Drew Omar a cushy I do would reread server than Al-Qaeda is really now article really Bonsai exhibition eita that are available on the Bonsai exhibition and Kayla do number one really knows the numberless cool TV now Dana Manila corn supportive a new model Curry banana a 1-1 tie in the Quran. O have been dura mater decreased rapidly Nano Hill. Okay. Okay. Mrs. Bennett. Thank you so much for sharing your story bahara Chrissy. I do I thought that Dow once again patients in their kills country Santosh, I do not pardon once I wish a delivery. Someone sees some other night to thank you so much ma'am. Thank you so much.