Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi Mike. Hey everyone. Welcome to the show. The show is dedicated towards reviewing books today. I pulled over and I will talk about the book my morning routine by Benjamin spall and Michael Xander. So pervert. Let me know what you thought about the book. Did you enjoy reading it? Yes, I really enjoyed reading the book my morning routine. It tells us, you know to start the day actively and to have an important task ahead of you. Okay, making the right start to your day is really important. Like what we do usually is we just wake up and up going on our phones for like half an hour and spend time checking her messages and mail so I don't think that's a good practice and what they said. The book is also the same that so that's not a good practice. Okay. Yeah, so, please go ahead so responding to my emails or messages is reactive but in the morning, they said that we should not be reactive. We should be proactive and do something by ourselves. So which helps is you know, take a lot more better decisions throughout the day. Truth and the book actually presented like a lot of different strategies that top performers use to start that dick and they also made it very clear that this isn't like a one size fits all kind of a thing. You won't get one like a blueprint for a routine which you can just apply it to your life. You have to experiment with it and try different things to find out what works for you but some of the key things as you said, Said all you have to do instead of being reactive you have to be proactive you have to do things that actually inspire action actually make you productive throughout the day and so actually what I found from personal experience is doing something important or something, which you like really enjoy doing that were always there always helps me start my morning off in a good mood and also improves my productivity through the day. Just like spending time with yourself. Maybe in the morning. Just some meat. Yeah, exactly. So it typically for me or I spend about 20 minutes a day meditating and then I usually read a book for about half an hour. Yeah, I think after I do those two things then I have like the sense of calm because I've achieved something of importance to me during the first part of my day and I feel like I have more control over the rest of the day. Yes, it's true. So what is your morning routine look like a Pulver? My morning routine, I don't have a fix morning routine. It just include me just sitting and having my coffee. Okay, that's but thank you for to what I have to do throughout the day and stuff like that. Okay, but after reading this book, are you inspired to change your morning routine or add anything new to it to team? Yes, okay anything in particular? So you like to talk about? anything which resonated with you deeply So while talking about you know, better sleep, they said simple things like maybe having some chamomile tea before sleeping or keeping the next stage clothes ready or planning the next day really helps. So personally, even I have tried doing this and I think it really helps. Yes, especially some mornings. I mean right now I'm not in the habit of working out in the morning, but I what I found is if you actually lay out your gym clothes the previous evening, then you feel more inspired to actually work out the next morning. Yeah, that's that's really true. And how often do you actually stick to your morning routine when you travel approver? Do you find it difficult to stick to your routine while traveling? Yes while traveling I find it difficult to stick to a routine. Okay. So what are some of the ways that you could actually deal with sticking to a routine while traveling? Maybe like what you yeah, no, no, please go on so you cannot do not have your whole morning routine like you used to have it home, but I think some are continuing some path. So it will really help you get back into the routine really fast. Yeah, okay, I think yes. I think that's actually very important being being adaptable and actually learning how to change your plans because as you said while traveling you will be able to stick to the exact routine you had back home. But as long as your Flex, then you're able to actually change your plans to incorporate a new morning routine on the Fly. I think that's very important. Yes, I know the routine should also suit your needs like everybody doesn't have the same routine. Right? So you just expect men and see what the what's the best routine for you. Yes. Yeah, it's also some people are of the opinion that you should actually like swallow the Frog to see which means Show's just always start with the most difficult to the challenging tasks, which you've set out for the day start with those in the morning and then after you've achieved that you have that level of success, which you've already achieved something and it'll make it easier to go through the rest of the day and Tackle all the smaller easier tasks. Yes. Yes, that's true. And do you get were eight or nine hours of sleep in the night? What's your view on using an alarm versus like let your body rest to get as much sleep as it requires. Mostly I wake up with the help of an alarm because I've been me. Yeah, I usually wake up late like waking up. Naturally I wake up late. 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. So okay you go to work or something to do I usually prefer keeping an alarm. Okay. Yeah, so what's your what are your thoughts on it for me? I mean I try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. I mean I still use an alarm. Yeah, and in the morning like when it's really warm as soon as the alarm rings really just wanted to hit the snooze button and go back to bed. Yeah that actually done that a lot. But I think after reading this book I need to make some changes to my morning routine. Yes. I think this book really helps it helps put things in perspective and To identify what's important to you and how you should prioritize that in the morning instead. Yeah. So, do you have anything else you'd like to share about the book? Apoorva? I think that's it from my end. Yeah, even that's about it for my we have a user Who's acting as oh, yeah, hehe Mel. We are both of us are fine. How are you? He's from Bangladesh. Okay. Yeah. Okay, then a Boudreaux. Thanks for sharing your perspective on the book. And thank you everyone else for tuning in. Thank you so much life over.