Hi, Mike. Hey everyone. So this dedicated to reviewing books today when I will talk about the book talking to strangers by Malcolm Gladwell. So, what did you think about the book of Ruba? So Mike I think talking to strangers tells us how we judge people with very less information we have or we end up judging someone we don't know at all. So for example, you can take the judges in court. They think they can evaluate People based on the look in the in their eyes or just a conversation. I don't think that makes sense right just with one conversation or one look in there. In someone's eye. You can't judge a person exactly. Yeah. So in an experiment conducted we saw that on an average 54 percent of people only identify Liars. Oh, okay. That's surprisingly though. Yeah that goes for everyone the police judges therapist everyone. So that I kind of surprised me. Yeah, I mean that's alarmingly low you think that people especially psychologists certain charges of police. They be trained to actually read body language and they'd be better identifying when someone's being dishonest. Yeah. It was that Yeah, so and and something which I really liked about the book is when they talked about transparency and that you can't really judge a person based on their General demeanor. Yes, so I mean to set the tone they actually gave us an example of watching or television show on mute. Take any television should have friends for example, whatever they're feeling. It's very transparent. You can see it on their face even if you can't hear What they're saying so it's so it's actually easy to actually understand the story. Even if you don't know what you're actually saying, but the mistake most of us make is we think the same thing applies to real life. We think basically was his demeanor. We can just make assumptions about them, which is like really wrong and the one case I'm much too sure about the names but I think one person was Knox and Knocks his friend got murdered. So I think a friend's name was kosher so kosher got murdered and there was a person with a criminal record his DNA was all over the scene, but he was a he wasn't the prime suspect the prime suspect was this girl girl named Knox who happened to be cautious roommate and and the reason that the police actually thought that she could be the prime suspect is because she wasn't behaving like Most of our other friends are behaving rather friends were silent. They were grieving they were talking in Whispers, but they said she she seemed oblivious to the fact that her friend died and she used to be physically affectionate with her boyfriend and to her it seemed like nothing happened. Yeah in their eyes, they thought that Knox was guilty and that she probably killed her roommate for reason and and I think that was just one question police asked her friends something about the murder. Like I think her friends ask the police or something like that whether kosher might have suffered when she was murdered and since everyone knew everyone knew that someone slit her throat knocks shoes kind of insensitive and she was like, what do you think they cut her throat? She obviously bled to death and it was in sensitivity, which is probably how she really is but it was this And student do that cause to suspect her. Yeah, so we think that Liars, you know, they look away or twiddle their hair and look agitated, but there are plenty of layers that will look you in the eye and they'll lie to your face exactly. I'm plenty of honest people honest people who just exhibit body language that you could misconstrue to be dishonest, but actually they're just honest folk whatever they're trying to say. They just feel to communicate with her. Body to be yeah, so Mike, what do you think of alcohol-induced myopia? I think they really put it in the book was very beautiful. So they actually talked about how alcohol causes us to become myopic or short-sighted. So it makes us focus on our short-term ones were short term needs and we start thinking about long-term consequences. So for example, it is a like a shy guy who's wanted to tell Go like the go to his dreams, but how he feels about her. He's probably been shy and he's probably been overthinking the situation a lot. But as soon as he has little alcohol in his system, he stops thinking long-term. He's had to thinking in the moment and suddenly the same task becomes a lot easier. Yeah. So I mean he feels like he's getting that sudden boost your confidence. But in reality the alcohol just strips that long-term considerations all of that consideration away from his mind and it lets him behave how he actually wants to behave. Yes, that's true. So and I think that was a study which they mentioned in the book about how those new small segment of the population who agreed that alcohol control was an effective solution most most people thought that they should mention just learn how to respect women and alcohol wasn't an issue. But I agree with the author the author says that men should learn how to respect women, but they should also learn how to hold their liquor how to not cause you too much at Or even if they do consume a lot of alcohol, they should know how to conduct themselves in public. I think both are very important. Yeah, that's very true. So we think we know how to talk to strangers but most of us do not know there are ways we can get better. Yeah, so maybe you should stop making assumptions about people just by looking at them or listening to the way they talk exactly. Yeah, and also people think that they are like Puzzles they are complicated beings. No one can Them, but they tend to make the quick to make assumptions about people they know little or nothing off. Yes. Yeah, I think what's important is that actually in singing the time and patience and truly listening to people and understanding where they coming from before we make assumptions about them. I think that would be like the whole. Yeah, so I think with that we've covered all the main points apoorva. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the book. You so much my friend having me Bible fun. And thank you everyone else for tuning in.