Hey Pumbaa. Hey everyone, welcome to the show. So the show is dedicated towards reviewing books today apoorva and I will talk about the Icarus deception by Seth Godin. So approve us. What did you think about the book? Hey Mike, so as we know this book is a story about a Chris and his father and how they are put into prison, you know for building the Maze and everything, but the interesting part is how they get out of it out of the prison how they fly. Okay, so, you know that his father makes wings and you know what they are attached with wax. So what the interesting part here is his father tells exists not to fly. too high Mike Yeah, I can hear you go on. Yeah. Yeah, so a crisp either tells him not to fly too high because then the sun would melt the wax and the wings would follow so okay. That's the idea. We all have like we are told not to fly too high, but what we miss from this is the father also told Icarus not to fly too low also. That was because the water but we could make out that we shouldn't even fly too low and not have very low expectations. We should at least, you know, try to get out of our comfort zone if you want to achieve something. Yes. Okay, so I think that's actually very important. So as you mentioned the story but a Chris people in especially in the Industrial Age, they started omitting the second part of the story. The part of the script talks about aiming too low and reason is actually wanted to change children right from when they were in school to become good model employees people who conform to societal rules. Yeah, and that's the reason they just get to the last part of this. Really just told students not to aim too high to set realistic achievable goals in law follow the rules stay in line. Don't call her out of the boxes. And yeah, because in the end they were just training employees, but at the end of the Industrial Age with the Advent of the internet, there were more opportunities and fewer Gatekeepers and especially now in this day and age where things are becoming more automated. The only way to stand out is To actually create something which you can be proud of create creative work something which is cannot replicate. Yeah, and yeah, and in order to do that, you have to actually get out of your comfort zone do things that scare you because that's the only way Yes. Yes. I love how the book also talks about our idea of humility. Yes. I really like that as well. Yeah, so they say that I mean the Odyssey is that the idea of humility is flawed. We think humility means accepting our performance or not trying our best but we should you know, we need to redefine humility and start doing what we do the best and we should be The school judge of our work. Yes. That's so true. Yeah, he also talked about with regard to humidity. He also talked redefined it using the Japanese word commie wazza which actually translates to like the gods and he talks about how even though it says like the gods this isn't arrogance talking. It's just that our understanding of humanity is flawed. And as you said we have to do our best and we have to judge. Our own work. We shouldn't take other people's criticisms to literally and the thing is if it too self-conscious about our work and if we listen to other people's criticism, then we can get demotivated and give up quickly. Yeah, and it would go on it also says if to remember to be a kind boss to yourself, I think this is very important. Sometimes we're very, you know strict with ourselves when it comes to others. We are a little Union but when it comes to judging ourselves, we are we are very harsh. Yes. That's so true. Yeah. And another key point to which she talked about was shame and how artists tend not to create thing because of the fear of Shame of the fear of being ostracized in society because they don't want to be seen as different or to be labeled as someone who's not conforming to the rules of society. Yeah. I think it was ignore criticism of doing exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So I think with that we've covered all the key points of the book. So thank you for joining me on this open taka Pura. It was nice to hear you're active on the book. Yeah, and I don't ask for tuning in. Bye.