Hey Jayesh, good morning. How are you? I'm very good Jayesh. Thank you so much for being on opentalk. For everybody who's listening in and who'll listen to this conversation later on. So Jayesh is a social media Pro. He has set up multiple companies. He is right now running his own influencer marketing firm. They work with a number of influencers across social media and help Brands achieve and reach the Right audience. So thank you so much for coming on opentalk. We would love to learn from your experiences Jayesh. Thank you. Thanks for the great introduction. So yeah, I'm looking forward to this conversation. Perfect. Perfect. So Jayesh just to start the conversation would be really great. If you can, you know quickly quickly tell us about your professional career and your achievements and you know, and feel free to also also talk about those fantastic campaigns that became so popular here in types of their have colleagues work colleagues and and although fantastic videos and stories behind that. Yeah, so to start with I when I started my I did my graduation building websites on WordPress and doing lot of freelance work on Drupal WordPress and e-commerce websites like magenta and all so during that phase in 2012 2012 and 2013. I got my first I will my first page on social media on Facebook and slowly when we getting good traction on social media platforms. We started to drive the audience from social media to the website and that was our initial. Appearance and we were pretty much excited with this kind of traffic you are getting and at one point our one of our website for psychology levers was down to below 8,000 rank on Alexa. So we were pretty much exhausted and place for us was very, you know, very very much, you know at Peaks and then we started to experiment different pages on social media. And right now we have over 50 plus pages with over a In 25 million followers, so that is how we have our know our experience in social media. So right now we run different pages on social media and on Instagram for female-centric audiences and few pages have million followers and few half a million followers. So that is how I know started my career in social media. It's all in. Oh, I gathered my knowledge from YouTube. And then we started building websites and that's how I got my knowledge. I never got into any training or stuff like that. Wow. This is so inspiring for so many of our young listeners because social media is something which is now present everywhere and everybody want to wants a piece of it and and you with you saying that you've been able to achieve so much without any education or any formal coaching. The media is something really good and that gives equation to people you know, who wherever they may be. They don't they can just start internet is a great medium for them to just start learning and start building it. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Are you there - I'm here. Can you hear me? Okay. Yeah, I can hear you. So coming to my achievements. I started a website for human scent accordance called GirlsXP which was inspired by times internet product MensXP and we've driven more than a million audience to the platform and we've reached its product to a lot of events and we were among the top three. This will be the startups. In IIT kanpur upstart event in 2018 and we were among the top 10 distance media brands in Seaside startup Summit. And Bingo was I was also in 2018 and during this phase. I got in touch with a lot of big influences or I can say investors who you know are good good in I have good relationships with them at this phase of time. And also I missed an opportunity of investment of $300,000. It's from a well-known investor pretty much by a lack of new knowledge. We will pretty much you know, we know much about investment and much of those thesis of how to get Investments are not so that is how I know right now. I do a lot of Consulting work for digital media branch and do a lot of influencer marketing stuff for all the fancy pants. All right. All right - yes. Okay. So Jess going with deeper into what you mentioned earlier. So let's say for a listener or for for any young person who's going to start their social media generation or social media joining. Now, what would be some of those key points that they should keep in mind when they are when they're planning to build for that 1 million ways or when they are setting their goal that hive So what would you recommend are some of the great things with they can focus on right in the beginning right at the very beginning? So one thing I found? Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? Yeah, I - I can hear you now. I think I'll go for that 30 seconds. I think I was not able to hear you. If we did. I lose you. I'd heard till from almost the beginning only wedges. One thing I found in New youngsters. Is that the knock not consistent enough in post on social media. So consistency is very key to this is you know, if you don't Engage The Audience on social media, they look up to another. Social page or under the brand which is consistency consistently posting on social media. So that's number one thing is, you know, you have to be consistently engaging your audience. And then this you have a good number of budget in ads and stuff like that. You can initially get the people to your platform to ads and stuff like that so consistency and you know monitoring the performance on to me directly perfect. Perfect. Perfect. So so Then Jayesh that brings me to my second question. So let's say it's the they decide so how should somebody choose? What is it that they want to focus on like for example, now you have created such a good online or social media brands or pages, right? So, what was your thinking how to Target, you know specifically reach out to a certain Niche audience or or how to how to go about finding out that okay. This is the needs they want to Target or this is the nation on which they would love to create more. more content Hello. Jess I think. Some reason I'm not able to hear your voice. Hello. whoa Hello. Hello. Yeah, I can hear you now. I think this problem in the internet. So yeah. So one thing, you know, the interest comes from you know doing it lacked a lot of market analysis what product is running in the market in no different regions. So you have to follow a lot of social websites where you know, you understand what the trend is what the market is you can't just create any brand or any in social media page which has no which is relating to the Past, you know something which it does not relate to the audience in the Then so that is something you have to do initially. Can you imagine? Hello? Yes. Yes. Yes, I can hear you clearly. So that is something initially you have to understand what the market is and then understanding what the market wants and then what you love to build to the market Niche and that is how we started, you know building the pages during 2014-15. There was a lot of know. What do I say Trend in building the new girl specific platforms and Catering to the woman audience and there's a lot of no hype around what can be offered to the girl audience will not marry platforms around girls and stuff like that. So we capitalize on that and we built a platform for them and the different social media channels for girls and that is how we got initially traction. So right now if I say the lot of different platforms come in for girls that girls in audiences, so They're different players in the market right now. So they're different new things. You have to understand the market one is market analysis who are the existing players and how are they different from what you're building and how differently we offer the audience? So that is how we can differentiate yourself from others. Right, right, right. J h we have a request from a student to join us in the conversation. Is that okay? If I bring him on? Yes. Yes. It's okay. We can yeah. Hey, sahil. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hey Simon. Welcome to talk. So, do you have a question mark you have a question for us for jayesh. Are you watching me? Yes. I love you Hi, how are you? Yeah, I just want to know are you a from? Yes, I please go ahead. Yeah, I think - yeah, I think they're so I just wanted to know where you are operating out of right now in India. Is it from India or yes, I looked like I'm not sure. I think he dropped off a bit. He was on a bad internet connection. Yeah, so we are person Hyderabad India and Mumbai Mumbai and Hyderabad. All right. All right, and I'm just when you were building your body. You had a very clear focus on building it for. Hello the global audience base. Hello. I lost you in between. Can you come again? Yeah, Jayesh, can you hear me now? Yeah, I can hear you. Yeah, they're so what I was asking is that while you were building your these Pages specifically around women audience or girl audience. Yeah, very specifically focused on India as your audience based or you were also targeting Global audience know especially focusing on Indian audiences because we found a good Nation capitalizing the market so we only focus on Indian audits. Okay. Okay. Fantastic. That's the and then suggestion what would you recommend? You know, so let's say once somebody reaches a certain following while being consistent and while being focused on a particular topic what else would you say that lets say if somebody is able to reach about 50,000 subscribers or maybe one lakh subscribers, what could be their strategy from that point on? No, just keep on building, you know, don't stop, you know, seeing the growth. Sometimes you will feel that you know platform is not growing enough. You just have to switch to another platform. But again, as I said consistency is the key to build any platform social media, you have to be consistent enough getting first 10K follows then 25,000 than 50,000. And then once you reach no hundred thousand subscribers, then I think a platform is stable enough to acquire another million followers. So that's how Taco Bell, so guys what was on your first 10,000 followers then make step-by-step progress from there. Right? Right, right. So I think - you already have a request from authors devika, she would love to connect with you over LinkedIn. So maybe Jayesh what you can do is after this call after our opentalk. Maybe you can add your LinkedIn bio or LinkedIn handle in in your profile so that at least people who Love to reach out to you who have questions who would want to receive the help. They can definitely reach out to you. So I'll do that fantastic fantastic. So Jayesh, I would like to really thank you for taking this time out and and to giving this amazing talk and you know giving this very simple yet very effective pointers on how to create great social media presence. Thanks. Thanks a lot pleasure. Thank you so much. I would love to see you more often on opentalk interacting and helping helping our audience build their whole social media presence. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Thank you, Carol. Yes, bye-bye.