Hello. Hello. Hi Divya. How are you? I'm fine human I'm fine, too. Hi. Hi. Yeah, so tell me something about your college tell me where you study and stuff. Actually my University name is GSI to and my college name is a chance to talk technology and management. Okay, currently I am second year. I'm doing CSE Here. I Am My Stream CSC and it is like that. Okay. So what's the full form of your call HMR tector Institute of Technology and management write my college. Hm our performance hiralal moti Lalita Devi Institute of Technology and Management's both grilles. Yeah. These are the founders of my college or will Trustees of my college. Okay. That looks good. Yeah, and you know what 1 times in our vehicle? People ask us that if you tell me the full form of your college, then I will give you 30 out of 30 and no one knows its poop on you guys. Don't know the full song. Yo make some signs of our colleagues would most full points for my God we everyone is just a Tomar. No one knows the story behind the chairman. Okay. There's a story behind it. Yeah. Okay, tell us the story then, you know, actually first of all first my name college name HMR was on the name of place.have you put then their trustees first hiralal come then moti. Lal come then again. It has really come then my colleague named Coastal reefs. Okay. So, how is the College culture there? It's quite good, but there is a real glare. Lot of difference between junior and seniors, you know seniors have attitude of being senior. That's that's that everywhere. I feel what in college seniors what month the seniors rag you and all yeah on the first day when I when I have my first in my college day asked me for my intro or they give me a task that you have to do. Oh, yeah. I do it actually my first of all I have to give me I have to get my intro in completely Hindi and then you have to say your computer should do they should do and after each sentence you have to say Jim Caracas. Okay. Hello. Yeah, it's like that intro task. Okay, so you rack the you are in second year right now? Did you Ragga Juniors? No, I don't like Juniors. Oh, that's so sweet of you know, I'm quite innocent when I and my other mates are like that. Kajaani. Look at her little bit. Sorry. No actually, it's just what you mean. I know coffee innocent types and or your Hairspray. Okay are cooking it on the floor with us. That's why we go. Okay, um-hum look better with a city called or me and Mira X Jr. Tommy and he's saying that he first of all he joined us and we think that He may be our senior and we don't know him. So we don't say anything and after a few minutes after 10 to 20 minutes, he's asking where is the Ed lab? It is our subjective first year. Okay to know that he is a junior and I found out that when we are doing is how much we are innocent and these areas are like becoming cool so much. That's why we have such a funny for let stories right? Yeah. Okay. Does your college have any dress codes or something like that? No, it doesn't have any Discord button some locations have a dress code just like farewell freshers or on a presentation or an official meets it have a dress code. Okay. So what do you guys you have uniform naughty reform? Just how we have to wear casual Saint presentation like black jeans pant, white shirt black or and on farewell or a fresh as we have to be adapting this. Okay here on first search as what you want to wear. Basically that's turn. So tell me about some fairs and events that happen in your college know first of all, my college past name is known as am blowjobs. Okay, and there's a lot of events in my colon like Tech Fest and Port Events sports days would be according to Mother quite boring. Boring way because first of all my colleagues is quite enough is in quite enough Palm like this. It's far away from the city. Yes quite far away from the cities. Okay, and second thing is that they don't like so much sound crowds. That's why they keep biggest source. These are ones with compressed air, so it doesn't make me feel driving. Okay, so you don't have these dance performances and singing performances? No, I don't have actually I'm in the drama Society of my college, but I don't like my role also. Put your what is your role? Actually? I have a room music chemical leaders Corolla. I don't like my vote to change a different role actually first her eh in your essay host University. We had to do a lot of practice practice. So you have to do actually role of gays not easy. According to me you have to change self your attitude your hair completely. Did you practice it a lot? Yeah. First of all, I have been for my working way when I on actually gemara burrata. What a figure don't copy. Even I'm not going to tell you about another speaker and give him a while. Huh? Actually, I did you miss the card. It is my just because I just I think what we came here. So placement together. Like I said Mary College, my basement has quite good but not so much about how do you have any stories around that? Yeah. Actually I have a stall so story on our placement this year one my senior. Yeah when Karthik is made with I if we clear Post-op then see how second round which is around in this actually. We don't have any résumé or they have any hobbies Miss singing will keep e don't get HR Pace as a quick adjust the gonococcus. Hello. Gonig. I'll say yeah, I think they should make you sing sing a chocolate dildo. No, actually when I say acting at you got a big topic come cuddle, they're zooming me acting like dough they'll tell you to act I will surely lydite. It is my resume. Okay? So what I all aims and Ambitions after college soccer now, my aim is after college gate. Okay, I want to do it. Like garbage India. May I brought the pancake Hamada who is out there? Okay, so you providing clitoris them you're preparing for it. I'll be safe. Yeah, I started but I will start completely preparing for about after third year. Okay, that's nice and then You guys hang out after college kakkar totem look friends of how do you get from Taipei? And basically how many quality password up I will get it. Yeah, but in college with a caterpillar duties will be here. But I miss my college days now. He said something. I think I can I've studied MBA in Bangalore which college and Lance University. And your decorations in string up. My graduation is in Commerce won't marry Hometown Hubli. Manikyam. I'll give you the witches you replacing so you like this story, huh? Funny stories to have a hot. I'm negotiate the religious comedy College capacity know there used to be this small small restaurants the hole you made our dive like a delicate is quite famous college. We used to hang out there call. It says otherwise actually today if you say He my college my first of all the buildings were separated a college KB technologically envelope is okay to put salt ale Mario principle that we see this mnemonic via Cuba today is building trust building many Jiang it and we're behind in Italy. Yes, huh, um, Sabrina Hello, huh? Yeah. Yeah, tell me why did you call is coming get her there who get any actually cook. You have a government or Jerry's? We just have to get you a sexy or hit the school reassociate me to coach Matt Rhymer ecology Barnacles or Typography or VC would give Petey Petey bhagavata without having to give up again. I woke up. I people living area may even happen. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Yeah instapage of page up. Now. What do you think? Usually Habibi about about now actively a pallet of coffee activity' con man is Curtis. Who's that? Pokémon - Eric? Okay, you're funny. Okay, so I'll be gone manage because they're a levy woke up a few skeletons of dose. You have been my costume - cutting up the case become active again. Sorry Brazil placement placement legate. Oh, they're quite busy. Okay. So after your engineering you want to stay in Delhi? Okay. Marjana completely depend cut the kekaha Beach City College Milton. Anything else that you want to share with all of us going on the story are good. No porno. I have nothing to say. Okay. Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you very much. Yeah, see you. cartoons