Bayless knows I'm a competitive and we are in conversation with dr. Rick Sacra wall. She lives in Singapore and here today. We are going to have a discussion regarding coronavirus how government is handling and anything and everything. What is happening in Singapore related to coronavirus so I highly hello. Yeah, so like you are in Singapore and you know, it is quite spreading in Singapore, I think somewhere around 70 people have been diagnosed with chronic virus till now so what what do you think like how government is handling it there actually is like government is really doing a very great job and like we all are very very obliged the government. The best part is that Singapore don't have a silent any silent killers and so we we may have a quite lot of no Like it's 70 till now. I may be more than that. But the good part is that there are 17 people who are who are already discharged and government is taking like a quite good steps. Very good steps like government is formed clusters. So clusters you like people who are cook mm who have coronavirus and the people who are related to them. I I've been quarantined like they cannot move out of their houses. They cannot Rome in public anyways, so suppose Bank. We worker have a virus have this disease covered DC last week, then the whole of the bunch of the people with whom he lives have been called time. Like they are be under observation by the government and so all these things Is like the toys it is not spreading and going viral it like so this is very good and lie, like all the mass assemblies have been discarded like the church assemblies or the school assembly so that it doesn't spread and a very immediate actions are taken by government. Like the first aid medical facilities are given very nicely like everything is covered if Anybody Falls sick of this viral then he/she don't have to worry about the roof like or the food or the income even government is giving like hundred dollars per day. If the person is not earning or is the only earning member in the family. So that like this where government is supporting a lot and trying to create less Panic as much as possible among the people. Okay, great. So also want to understand What are the symptoms of Co now Iris like if you have a better idea because I think it is only the flu type symptoms but like what are the symptoms that you no one can understand that it is a Corona virus could be a pro now is yeah, actually the symptoms come late. That is the thing. It is a flu. First of all, it is a flu so need not to panic so much and it is not deadly so the symptoms comes after 14 to 15 days so they are normal like fever. We were fatigued and then sneezing but it goes a little worse or than the flu. Like you will have a drawing choking effect or a drawing effect like that affects you have and the fever is very high so that other if symptoms basically, but the it's more like a flu but more more problematic and you will feel quite a lot like fever will be high all those things. Okay. Yeah, right and what precautions should one take like, you know, like we were discussing the other day and you told me that you know, the supermarkets are empty and there is no soap and you know wet wipe some people right now. So what like if you have to, you know have something with you just to take care of precautions, which we are taking is like if you are sick if you have normal flu also, like if you have normal Fever or normal car for something better to stay at home. And if you're going out then we are a masks only mask. You have to if you are sick and going out. So right now for Singapore government has said that if you are sick then stay at home. No need to roam around and even the schools. I'm not taking any teachers or any children with any symptoms of flu. So that is the one precaution that stay at home. If you are ill beat viral be normal and the second prick. Fashion is if you are going out then as you come back home. The first thing is to wash your hands because this virus is transmitting through the hands like the wire if somebody is sneezes it somebody has a virus and the symptoms and somebody sneezes it in the public space and the viral drop laser droplets were on a metal surface or anywhere maybe on a chair or on a railing. And if you're interested that railing, yeah, so it then and if with the doors hand to touch your face, then it there are chances that you will have this virus. So it is like a strictly no no for us right now. So when we go out we try not to touch our face are in by anyhow, so that's the thing. And when once we come back home, then we wash our hands. We are using more sanitizers while we are out for Or the kids also that's why the center is are mostly out of stock masterly news if you're sick, otherwise, no need to be a mask. But it's all right over the past a garment it up. Yeah, but mask actually, you know, if I see that way that if if I am wearing the mask and my hands may be dirty, but I am not able to touch my nose or face because I hearing so they are also the mass can help that, you know, once your home remove the mask wash your hands and then you don't have to you know remind you of Fucking and I think that you don't have to put your nose on your house because you're already had one thing but sometimes to like to put your mask correctly you have to touch again and again because of marks lips after some time and it's not easy to wear a mask like being a doctor. I know I had to wear a mask for around one hour and two hours while operating so it is it is very very difficult after 15 or 20 minutes. You feel like oh what what is it? It's take it. Out of it's not easy because if you're not wearing properly tightening it and everything, then it is of no use and if you are wearing it so tightly and so properly then you cannot wear it more than 15 to 20 minutes. So anyhow, you will feel like okay, let's breathe take it out a little bit breathe in so those are the things solely to people like some some people are who are a little spectacle they're wearing masks but government has said this that there is Need to Bear - if you're not fair, but obviously everything is up to you how you feel how a person feel comfortable to make it safe. Like these are just the things which government has told it but everybody's taking it quite differently. Yeah, and there is as you have told that it is not deadly but there is a lot of panic about coronavirus right now among people. And so what do you if you have anything to tell the listeners like, you know, Yeah, it is. Basically the word has I think this is the third disease you are dealing with forces H1N1 SARS. And now this coronavirus and the good part is that it is not deadly as the before ones H1N1 and SARS or more deadly the treatment was not that effective but this is not that deadly but the was bad thing about the this covert virus is that it is spreading very fastly. Yeah, the droplets even stays on the surface for three to four days the with that clay or the cleaning thing is also very very nice. The government is doing cleaning after like every hours or three to four hours like being having so less Manpower with Singapore. I think this is a commendable job because they have very less Manpower comparatively to our country maybe India, but here the Manpower our is really less but they are putting their best efforts to clean the malls and everything very frequently like in very nicely, okay. That's good. This was quite informative talk. Yeah, and so yeah, it is nice to know your views and how Singapore's handling the whole thing. I hope I remember he also plays a lot in this coronavirus like the people which has good immunity. They are not much affected by it. You mostly the old age people and who have this Airborne problems already like Eskimo an ammonia or any lung issues? The hole where it belongs have week they're having it quite like easily otherwise, some people are also like that they have contact but yet they haven't received any symptoms and they are fine. So one thing is also that that you have all these turmeric milk and all the immunity booster things so that you stay safe from this. Okay, so turmeric milk at night. Yeah, really does one does so it is really designed the yeah, it has I think many written researchers have written a lot about this and it's coming in very nicely these days the benefits of turmeric milk, okay. Grape grape so how is it going in India? I think it's India is quite safe and so far inside. Yeah. So yeah so far so far only three three soldiers who were there everyone University many came back didn't get it all from there after the outbreak of coronavirus. They were detected with so positive. It could have Iris but two of them have already been discharged by the pain is still there. So yes, Mom is still now India is doing fine. I just hope nothing like putting not spreading in there because we have a huge population and I so if something like this happens we are spreads in Indiana. The situation can was yeah, it will not basically because a bit now everybody is taking a lot of precautions and the people from mainland China were coming from there. They have they have been properly. Properly screened and everything is going on here. But again that 15 passengers who came just days before the screening the whole screen started with 10 very okay came back from the from China and they were not screened. Okay. Now they are, you know people now the government is again approaching them calling them and if they're doing fine, and so There are 15 of them have been I think put under house arrest thing. Like they are told not to meet anyone because they are having flu. But if that flu is flu normal flu or if it is provide us no one knows that so so I think but yeah here also government is doing kind to do and is doing the bed but since being India such a big country and with such a huge population Ation and different type of mindset of people. So yeah, but I want to goes well, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I hope we have we proved to have better agility and nothing happens in the thing spreads in India. Yes, it all goes. Well and Rich are really thank you. Dr. Richard for your valuable inputs. You are telling us about how Singapore government is handling coronavirus and what precautions you should take and we should not worry as it is not huge deadly sadly. Yeah protected then we should if you're feeling any symptoms of coronavirus, we should go and see the doctor and we should get us test it and if it is timely I fitted in detected one time and it is not deadly it's just that for some and if you get Proper medical facilities then you are saved. So yeah all the best and I have to everyone hope this cold virus thing goes off soon and come back to a normal life again. Yes. Yes. Yes true true and hopefully Singapore also declares, you know, we also do Okay, thank you. Okay. Thank you.