Influences, of course one how to be positive. Yep. You heard me right? This is you can call it has like a micro courses which have started here on open truck for everyone to learn from these and the beginning of the part. Let me tell you a few things very clearly hiring. Welcome. The first thing is guys a so we are doing the courses here not just some talk. So we have some ground rules, which we should be following and those are very clear. I will not be answering to any of the text. I will not be attending any calls until the content is done. Once the quantity is done. I will be going through the messages and I'll be replying to those and then I'll be taking calls and guys if you are new here, don't forget to follow me here on open talk and you press the heart icon which you can see new testing going on. Okay. Now this before we can get into the course, I would like to remind you that this is episode 2 of How to be positive I would suggest you to listen to episode 1 if you haven't then that will be much more easier for you to get back onto the track of the course. And so these micro courses will be like of one week then. We'll be having the next course and the next course in the next course. Okay guys, so I'll be starting the course in 10 seconds then make sure that whenever you get the doubts do put them in the comment section. I will be replying to those comments later on. Okay, so Today our second episode is all about positive influences. Okay, positive influences. What are these positive influences? And how can we use them in our day-to-day lives to make our Mindset more positive. Okay. So without further Ado, let's get into the description. And the first thing which I would like to tell you is about know the law of attraction. What is the law of attraction because once you know the law of attraction I'll be having a different pot on Law of Attraction. But for now, we will be discussing on the usage of the Law of Attraction. Okay, use the Law of Attraction for your positive influences in your life. So our activity and thoughts are all Positive or negative they're like magnets as we avoid dealing with the problem. Then it continues as it is. I'll getting me if you avoid a problem. It will be continuing as it was or maybe it can even get worse our own negativity rules the day but the more we think positively the more proactively we will add and reach goals. Then the these are the ways to overcome and accept positive opinions. Okay, and this will definitely bring you the rewards and in fact, in fact positive thoughts can even boost your immune system. This have already said in my previous part 2 and again, I'm repeating the word because at this place a very prominent role in your could help too and we have to do the things we love and this point I have clearly explained very deeply in my old reports. You can listen to them there. But this is a part of Tracy Russo to so yes, you have to do things you love to do. It sounds simple, right but it's hard to execute. Okay, you like maybe very busy. Yes. We all have so many Works to do so many things to take care of. So we are all busy. I can understand that so carve some tasks into your day, which will be consistently making you happy. When you do something that you love you are distracted from being sad or negative some positive activities that you can do. Let's discuss about some of the positive activities that you can do the one which I would suggest you is listening to the music not just any random music. Listen to the general you like. Okay, John Doe you like General you like? Okay, then the second one is my favorite hobby, which I would like to suggest you is reading. Okay. So reading is good for you. It can even teach you and the team. And trust me if you're if you're reading nonfiction, it can help you learn new information and first focus on the word, if you asked for my suggestion, I would suggest you to read self-help books guys. Those books are awesome and you can learn a lot about yourself and your surroundings and how you can improvise yourself. Okay, so there are like other ways of Practicing positive activities like creative expression when I say creative expression. I mean painting writing origami art and craft gardening. Okay. So these things all kind of comes into Creative Expressions. So now let's just let's move to the next point which is being with friends and family. This is very important. Just one second guys. I have to put this message here. Just once again. And yes, as I was talking about how you can be with your friends and family and how it is going to be. Creating some positive environment for you. And I when I when I talk about like being with friends and family, that's an awe-inspiring do not just a simple thing. And whenever I talk about these things I will try to bring up with some scientific research. Okay. So studies also have shown that the feelings of all and wonderment you experience when you are walking in nature, maybe like weaving it a stunning painting or listening to your favorite Symphony. These things are great for your help both physically and mentally wind ways to incorporate a little Wonder into your life whenever you can. Definitely whenever you can and when I say that being with your friends and family, that means that you have to surround yourself with your friends and family and how we can do that appreciate the people in your life who have stood by you through thick and thin. You have to enlist their support to help you become more positive. And in this process you can you will be like probably helping them to isn't it? If you are trying to take help from them to become positive in return. You're also helping them to become more positive because guys friends help each other through both the good and the bad, okay. And when I say that this truly matters a lot guys, not only just I'm saying as a word of philosophy but studies also have shown that people who surround themselves with friends like who have similar values and outlooks. They are more likely to feel happy and positive about their lives than people who don't have the friends like the kind of which have suggested of similar values and outlooks, okay? This one's you can guys. Okay. Now let's continue. So what was I saying about I told you about the studies right how having good friends surrounding yourself will be helping you. Okay now The third thing which you can do is interacting with people you love. Okay, you have to do this interaction with people you love cause your brain will be able to just watch the rice. Okay, so sorry about that guys. I was just getting a call so I disconnected that one. So that will be continuing now. Hi, John. Thank you so much for coming. Okay. Now as I was saying let's talk about the brain. This is the right time to talk about the brain. So when I say that when you're interacting with people you love your brain will be releasing neurotransmitters. You might be asking. Dr. Amy. What is this Euro transmitters? Okay. So neurotransmitters or are things in your brain, which makes you feel happy? And the chemical which makes you happy is dopamine and it will also release the chemicals which will make you feel relaxed and the chemical which makes you feel very relaxed. He's serotonin. So why am I talking about chemistry now? Mmm I'm talking about chemistry because these things also play a very prominent role in our positive life. So spending time with friends and loved ones will actually make you feel more positive on a chemical level. Okay. We have to make this very clear. Now that's been said guys. I think I have your focus here on my pod. So make sure that you're here and what we can do more to be with our friends and family. You can also encourage your friends and your loved ones to become your gratitude partner. If you don't know what I'm talking about brother your partner, you should listen to my episode 1 of how to be positive. Then I will be able to understand what am I talking about? So once you force Are a network? Okay, uh network of sharing things you are grateful for then imagine the positivity you can help each other develop. That is the reason we have to show compassion to others. And guys as I said, I will be replying to the comments and we'll be taking calls of the content is done. So those are the ground rules and please don't forget and if you are new here to my pot then don't forget to follow and press the little hearts. Thank you. Now, let's continue with the topic which is positive influences and when it comes to this part, I was way a bit off. No, I'm practicing this wire lately these days which is like showing compassion to others. And in this section. I would like to keep a separate line for me because I have compassion only for few. That's how my mind is it works. But yes for when comes for you to practice positivity then definitely have to show compassion to our this. And if you know what I'm talking about the compassion then you would be also knowing about compassionate meditation which I spoke yesterday in my episode 1 and now let's discuss about the compassion. So compassion is doing something kind for someone else. Okay. Just one second. Let me put my mobile on silence. Okay, so showing some kindness for others is what I will be able to describe it in an easy manner, especially the person is less privileged than you are. So what will happen. If you do that, it can really boost your positivity. So as I said, I will be backing all my points with scientifical research and studies. So let's get on to that one. So research has shown that when People give to charity. Okay, they actually feel as happy as they do when they get money themselves. That means when you are giving charity from the bottom of your heart not to show off when you are giving something for charity. Then you will be feeling as happy as if you are receiving some thing. Okay. So this is a scientifically proven. I'm not just making up the words. I'm not talking about philosophy. I'm not talking about the mentality of the people, but I'm talking about The scientific research which has been successfully proven. Okay, so think of ways that you can serve others whether it could be on like individual level or in your community. So this is how you can practice showing compassion. Not only is it good for others, but it is even good for your health too because you are feeling relaxed serotonin. Don't forget that. So as it is being said like leads to like okay, if you do something nice for someone else especially if it is unexpected, if you're not expecting something from others when you're doing something good from them. Then there is a higher chances that the person will be paying you the favor back maybe not directly to us but to someone else eventually in a direct or indirect way. Let me tell you like this like it will make its way back to us because if you're spreading the good you will Getting the good, isn't it? And some people call this as karma if you know what I'm talking about Karma whatever it's called scientific studies also have shown that paid forward principle is a real deal. Okay, what you can do if you want to do this kind of Chatterbox, you don't have to have a lot of money to do that. You can even try tutoring or you can even try volunteering for some tasks or you can even ask for your local Social Services. Is that how you can be helping able to help them. So these are all comes under compassion when you want to practice compassion. And as I said saying things is one deal and doing it is a different deal just because I'm feeling rather that I'm going to do this. It's not sure that whether I'm going to do it until I do it. So make sure that you do that if you are if you are really want to practice compassion, then you have to do any of the kind things which are possible. Even if you're kind to animals that is also a way of compassion. So there are like different ways like you can give a micro loan to someone who is in need and welcomes like microloan means like a few hundreds to a person few thousands to a person who is like developing his small business and these kind of businesses are more in a developing country. We have to understand that and when you give this micro loans, there are 95 plus percent chances of repayment, you will be getting back your money because you're helping someone fix their business and they will be definitely Being you because it's a small amount and not only just that try giving little gifts to people around you. I have tried this I have done this last year, but this year it was not possible. So what I did last term's on was I went to a shopping mall and there we were buying lot of things then after that my alone went normally I used to go all alone. So after that I went to some grocery store and I I was buying something then I saw a person who was buying very limited things for himself. And I saw that I'm not trying to boast about myself guys. This is the kind of incident. I'm trying to explain you how I felt after that. So when we went to the billing counter I waited for that person. For that time so that he can come just behind me then once once I paid my bail I was waiting there and when his turn came I said you cannot pay your bill then he was like seriously and I said, yes, I want to do this then he was like, are you sure and I said, yes, then I paid the bill and I said, this is a ramzan gift for you from me. The person was so happy at that time. I trust me guys. I felt happy to it was a relaxed feeling. I wouldn't be getting that kind of feeling even if I'm buying 10 sets of clothes for myself or 15 sets of shoes. That's a completely different experience. I'm telling you this live experience because worse it doesn't have to be like only the said philosophy. I have tried these things in my life. That is the reason I'm able to tell this from my personal experience. Okay. Now as I was saying, you can even buy some random gifts for random people maybe like just a cup of coffee. I want to send a friend something you made with. his mind but love like have to say that if you know that what your friends loves a lot then you can just make that for him giving gifts stimulates the production of dopamine in your brain remember dopamine. In fact, you may even get a bigger happiness rush. You can call it as happiness rush because dopamine will always make you happy but when it is happening at a higher level we can call it as happiness rush and that these where you are getting your return gift. You have to find an optimistic code or saying and try to keep them in your wallet. I have one in my wallet to and it has returned three rules in it. So I was watching a YouTube video when a person I don't remember his name yet, but he said that right these three things on a piece of paper which is of the size of your currency so that it will always fit in your wallet and always will be reminding you whenever you open your wallet. So the three Switch we're like, what will I do? If I have this amount of money? He asked me to fill whatever the amount of money I want. I wrote like what control then what if I'm going to die tomorrow. And what would I do if I had some time before I die? So these are the three questions which he asked everyone to write down. I keep different wallet and always try to find the answers for those and definitely you will be pushing yourself towards compassion and positivity. Isn't that great so you can find different codes which are suitable for you. So when you are like a little unsure or maybe you're feeling like pick me. Up all you need some support. Check for a quick reference in your wallet. So they're like few things which I can tell you which are still in my mind. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. This one was by and Frank and then The Optimist Proclaim that we live in the best of all possible worlds and a pessimist fears. This is true. I don't know who who wrote this but I forgot his name. They're like a couple more. So if you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint then by all means paint and the voice will be silenced. And I remember this very good because this is one of my positive building codes. It was by Vincent van Gogh. Okay, let me repeat at once for you. If you hear a voice, which is within you saying that you can't paint you cannot paint then Ion means paint and that was will be silent. There's a deep meaning inside here stating that if your brain is saying that this is something which you cannot do then do it and that voice inside your brain will be silenced because you proved it wrong, isn't it? And this is this one you might be finding a very funny one guys, but I truly believe that this can help you a lot and which is see a therapist as I read. I just really want you to see a therapist when it comes to like having a mindset well properly. Okay. So a common misperception is that people only need to see a counselor or therapist when there is something wrong. No, it's not true. You don't have to be mentally unstable. Wizard a consular or a therapist or you or you're facing any kind of problem in your life, but you have to consider this you go to dentist for cleanings, isn't it? Even when you don't have cavities you go to the doctor for annual checkups, even if you are not sick, isn't it? So seeing a therapist can also be helpful. It's like pre and prevent your Technique you can call this is prevent you technique and if you want to learn how to think and behave more positively a therapist. Or a counselor. They can help you identify unhelpful patterns in your thinking and they will be helping you to develop new positive strategies for that. So you can ask your physician for a referral or you can just check out your diet phone books online. Just one second guys. I have something important to take care of you. Okay? Can I do that? Just one second guys. and so Okay, so from now I'll be replying to the comments and I'll be taking the calls. So guys first of all, thank you so much for being here on my pot and do make sure the continuity till episode 6. To successfully complete the course. Okay. Now let's have a word with Junaid here. Guys, if you've done it, don't forget to follow and do press the hot button. Hello. We are connecting with Junaid. Yeah, I can hear me. It is nice talking to you after a long time. No, I am talking to you. I Junaid how are you? Yeah, I'm great. And what about you and thanks into a sec. Thanks for asking and thanks a lot for holding on for so long for the call. Yeah. Yeah, it's my it's my big opportunity, you know. Okay. So, how are you? And so tell me tell me something about what did you like the most in this course? Can you get repeat again idea understand I said, how do you like the most about this course? I mean like today's episode. What did you like the best one? Yeah. Yeah how to be friends and family. Yep. And I told you that I discussed many pointers on them. First of all, you should be able to be compassionate with them and second thing make your family members as your positive Partners. Yeah. Yeah positive party. So I what happens is that when you will be sharing this positivity from your friends and family, that will be strengthening your board for your friendship for you. Less yeah, and it is quite might feel awkward in the beginning because you have never done that but if you want positive partnership that you have to listen to My Epic one, of course one which was happen as soon as you can look into the course in my pod. I looked under it. I will look on it and then finally a back into the pot. Thank you so much. Yes. Yes Jeanette you're saying yeah. I'm asking that. Wait a second. Remember that how to be happy when we surround when we serve when you surrender something. Okay. Now let me tell you one thing. That is a reason we are doing this course this course one is how to be positive and I tell me one thing very clearly. I'll give you a situation. For example, you you have exams next month and you have started preparation cause of pain. That make lockdown the exam will be conducted even faster. Maybe the next week now you don't have enough time to prepare for examinations. Now, we are completely worried about it how we are going to complete the syllabus and everything. This is a time for you. So now let's let's consider this as a situation if you get worried if you get tensed and if you feel bad about this, is it going to be of any help to you know, it's not going to help me because it makes it makes me sad. Yeah, and by being sad and by thinking about why this happened you'll be wasting a more time, isn't it? So but instead if you take as take a step ahead and think positively okay. Now, this is my challenge, at least I have to finish this much and then you start planning that how are you going to use your everyday timing? You start to make a timetable you start to divide the course like you are the subject which one will be so we will be completing one t now. We were working more quickly and eventually once you finish your exams, you will be more happy. Isn't this that that's correct? Yeah, if you have this positive mindset, this positive mindset will be helping you to find happiness in everything even in the toughest situation. And as I say in my body, I clearly explained that in our life three negatives. No, no one negative is equal to three positives. Okay one if you want, that's how to give it is powerful. If you want to overcome negativity. You have to have a crispy for ticks in you. That is called Warrior here way. Yeah I said it is scientifically proven that negative thoughts or very strong. So to give an example one negative thought is equal to 3 positive thoughts. Let's go now. Yeah understood that is the reason we have to keep ourselves pushing to become more positive more positive more positive. That is the reason eventually it will be like a slow and steady process, but you will be finding yourself on the path of positivity once Positive you'll be dealing with all situations in a positive way and the results will be positive which will be making you happy. Yes. Yes, you are, correct. So just once again, June 8th, John is asking okay in your life. What's the biggest challenge the world wants to know? Okay, how can I say I don't consider this as a challenge, but I think it will give a clarification to you. I have connected my happiness to my giant happiness. And I think he's my biggest challenge is the biggest go with cream to keep her happy every single second of the team and The do you know what is the output of that one? My chance happiness is connected to somewhere else my dream. Yes, that is making me happy and my John happy and our lives happy together because the kind of money and the kind of bond we share is completely unique and you're done. I think that just to the question, you know, can we live with the Lord one that that will be happy? Yes, you know anything else. Would you like to ask me? I would like to ask one thing when we talk when you talk some people like they are bad. Then our mind comes like a negative thoughts how to how to get past you at that moment. Just once again Jeanette so you consider me as challenge wall. No, John. I didn't said that I consider you as challenge. I said that I am challenging myself so that I can keep you happy forever. And that's my dream. That's my goal. That's my child. And that's what I said. Why did you forget the dream and the bowl why you only focusing on the word challenge? Look at the widest a journal? Yes you need so you are talking about the negative people right now. Let me tell you why I'm very careful. You are you're in a classroom for give you an office and one person's that commenting on your body may be on your face may be on your book don't you know English? Okay. Yeah, so went through that tell you one thing. If a person is saying Junaid your English sucks Junaid you're an idiot. Now tell me one thing that person has said that word he heard you okay you heard to do now? Yeah, that person will be forgetting that he even hurt you. But what is going to happen that words are going to stick inside your heart and that's going to make you feel depressed throughout the day and that is the negativity but understand one thing if a person is able to comment on your home who the is he to know that Who You Are You are the only person who knows who you truly are from the inside, isn't it? Yes here is your correct. Absolutely. Okay, I'll tell you a small story then you'll be able to understand. This is a story which are repeated. But again, I'm going to repeat it. There was a person who used to travel by a metro train and he was like 40 50 years of age and there was a young man and he was like in torn jeans with some what is it bans necklace cap. So what happened was that old man supposed to fall down the wallet, so Young man picked up the wallet and gave to the old man. Did you know what the old man did he was very frustrated with his negative day. So he started showering his negativity on young man saying that you are a thief you are LED into a disgrace to the country because of you people have some fun like this, but the young man didn't say anything then once the old man out of the train other started to ask you. Why did you say anything even when you help them? So the young man said the old man he only for five minutes because he was standing beside me, but I know myself from 25 years. Wow, that's good. That's great. Now you understand there are like so many negative peoples and their work is to shower negativity. It completely depends on you whether you take it or whether you eat or it. Yeah, it's very it's about patience, you know, definitely and in the in the beginning it will hurt, but eventually you will learn how to control these things. Yes. Yes. Hello. Yeah, I'm here. Yeah, understood that anything else you need. Yeah. Yeah, that's it. You know, normally I used to talk on calls for five minutes, but you were waiting throughout the pot. So that is the reason we are continuing to talk till now. Yeah, okay. Okay. Okay. How did unit one day? Take care? Hello, John. I'm focusing on my iPod. Thank you. And yes guys, so we had a good conversation with Junaid here. We life at few of his doubts. If anyone else have any doubts regarding this positivity and influence of the positivity in your life, then you can join me here on call and you can get your doubts clarified before I end up or so guys We'll be waiting for like a couple of minutes more if I'm not getting any calls regarding the topic then I'll be having a wonderful conversation with my John before I end up odd. Why is unit here again? Let's hello. Hello. Yes, your name? Yeah, I can you hear me now. Yes, I can. Yeah, I wanted I wanted to ask that you said that before dopamine or something dopamine? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah how to get that out how to get that. That is it what we have discussed in the entire pod dopamine is Happy chemical which is released in your brain when you do something good do one thing tomorrow itself. Take some biscuit packets and go outside and give it to the street dogs feed the Sea Dogs. Yeah, you will get this dopamine Rush inside you. Okay? Yeah, you will all my experience experiential learning explicit packets and go to the street dogs and feed them or if you have any people here the temple who are begging so you can just give them some money or you can give them some food or you can serve something or you can plant some trees. So do things which will not benefit you. There is no benefit or not fit for you in those things do those things for good purpose and you will find the rush of dopamine shirt. Yes, of course anything else you need? Yeah. That's your that me. Thank you for letting us. Okay. So now that we don't have any other calls John. My dear John, please come online. Let's have a word. I want to know your point of view towards the topic and I want to see if you have any questions regarding this. If you don't have any questions or any point of views, then we can have some good talk before I end up on. So that I can also have my dopamine and serotonin rush in my brain right in my heart to come on John send me requests. Because we are doing a course on how to be positive and I am positive and I want to feel more positive in my life. And today I want to make it more positive by having a word no not document because I love you. What do you think? I just said it for fun. Don't you know that? Okay. Okay. Anyway, I'm going to end this part now in two minutes. So let me say a few things for my journal. I love you, Jenna. and not in a Cadillac Ray to support their cattle home meaning of Prima tsunami malinka setting you okay. She's also doing her punching on it. This way interesting. Oh my goodness. So guys this will be the end of the pot or goes back here Jenna. Let's get married. Then he handed me repeat him licking my charity take up another benally me DJ Hiram with it because I don't ask me a question wedding. Which one are you? Seizure. No, mo kabocha is at home and Amo is waiting for his Bocce. So we have to get married soon so that I can have my princess. Okay, so I'm waiting for your question. Okay. Take your time. Okay guys, so don't forget to join tomorrow's episode 3. Okay, and we will be furthermore discussing. Great pointers about how to be positive and all episodes are scheduled. I'm just waiting for your question till then. I'm just giving some instructions. Okay, I'm quite zip. We open Talk Wally Mirai command. Post kunik. Okay? But jaanu, but he commands the post for Anna. Yes, John, I do believe that we all have a child inside us. hmm Phone. Okay, John said mean WhatsApp. Okay, I understood. So tell me why do we need we must keep our inner child alive. So okay. Let me tell you one thing very clearly when it comes to inner child John. Oh, this is not a small topic. I had to research a lot on that one. But even though I'll try to keep it short and simple. So let me tell you one thing. The childhood is the only time in your entire life when you were hundred percent positive and you're a hundred percent happy when you're living your life to the fullest. Okay. So once you start having your conscious mind and your mindset focused onto the things once your family once your friends, once your surroundings your Society start to put some responsibilities on your shoulder, like getting good marks getting good behavior getting good character and yada yada yada. Okay. So what happens is that Okay, I stopped. Hey guys. Welcome to my part. Okay. I stopped. Sarat Vijay guys, if you are new to the pot then don't forget to follow and do press the heart icon. Then even when you are it some destitute times this inner child will be helping you to find some happiness in your life. So you can call as your inner child is directly connected with your happiness as simple as that. Okay, who's this just another guy? I'm a Seriously, I'm on don't you know me. Okay in that case, let me tell you once again. What I think I saw you many times, you know can talk. How could you say that you are new? John happiness is the most valued it motion which we lose after once we grow up. And all emotions are connected to happiness directly. every emotion if you want to know the value of Happiness then ask a person who lost it for many years. Ask the person who have recently found happiness in his life. What does he feel? How does he feel? That's an incredible feeling. Okay, I'm on in that case. It was you wanting my name is dr. Amy Muhammad Imran and I'm a motivational speaker English tutor and an author of Book understanding women is easy. But it's not possible to think about happiness all the time, isn't it? Yes, John, it is not possible to think about happiness all the time. But remember the days when you enjoyed you don't even know how happy you are. That is the reason we are keeping our inner child alive. So that we can be happy at times that moments when it is necessary. But if you are positive enough in your life, and if you are satisfied with your life, then trust me you will be finding happiness everything like I find my happiness in you. And just another guy I'm on don't call me. So you can call your doctor immediately after or a me that will be doing. And yeah past guys if you are new here, don't forget to follow and to press the hot button. Yes, you're absolutely correct. John our inner child. He's naive. Sir, are you psychiatrist or psychologist? You can call me psychologist if you want to on that but not psychiatrist. And yeah, our inner child is very naive and very sensitive and can be easily heard by some harsh words or by the way, we grow up. So once you grow up now, it's your responsibility to take care of your inner child so that he's happy. Yes, this is a product you said right? And that is why I said all emotions are directly connected to happiness. So, how can we let it alive in this alien world? So John this thing is absolutely right that the world is cruel, but I experienced it more than anyone I can save so because in my life, that's what I know, but when it comes to keeping our inner child alive ask me because of because of my John because of you I was able to keep my inner child alive and I have done things which are only used to do in my childhood and that you Really made me happy the sweet punishments, which you give to me. As how I'm able to keep minor child happy. And I'm able to connect my happiness with my son. And he reminds me of my childhood to where are you from Doctor Amy? I'm from Hyderabad, India. Yes, it is connected with positivity. directly connected with positivity nice to know you to Armand. What is positivity? Okay, so when you asked me this question, let me tell you only one thing which is it's Serendipity of the mindset where you feel good about everything. When I'm calm and when I can look at things in a good way that is positivity. Simple whenever I'm facing challenges and I'm looking forward to finish the challenge with confidence in my mind and that's positivity when I say challenges and I start to complain and I start to judge others judge. My cell judge my capacities just my capability then that's negativity. In simple terms, we can go in depth, but in simple terms, that's what positivity is. Still I'm waiting for my questions if someone grow rotates her mantid according to what shall he should do. If someone wrote his mindset according to you, what should he or she do? Okay, so let me put it in a simple words as you asked me to keep the answer simple and straight. We have to first of all care for our self self love is very important. Love yourself for who you really are. You don't have to change. You don't have to update yourself or to satisfy others. Be happy for who you really are and then focus on things that you need that you desire that you want to achieve and maintain a positive mindset and this is how we should have a growth mindset. Just another guy. I'm on how to be positive. In fact, that is the course and these are the things which I'm telling everyone here in episode 1 episode 2 and I'll be continuously telling till episode 6. So you gotta it's like you just ask me the question for an entire course. So yes positivity is a mindset in which you take things in a good way whether if they are good for you or bad for you, but you are approaching them and in a wait See if you are writing for a bus and by some Misfortune that you miss the bus then you start cursing that's not positive. But if you believe that okay, I miss that bus next time I shouldn't be late. So for now I'll wait for the other bus that's positivity simple. And the challenges in life differs from one to other. Okay. So whatever may be the challenge if you have this kind of mindset towards facing those challenges when you are positive. Wrong mindset is connected with the person who is Charmed by nature. Is it possible? No. Why is sham here in the first place? We are talking about the mindset growth mindset is connected with the person who is Tom by Nature. Okay, you asked me about the nature. Then he has definitely done. You're absolutely correct. And you shouldn't even be asking about the possibility because that's the truth. if you have this beautiful nature beautiful characterization Beautiful Minds the kind of also the world and we hold for our self and self camera self love and definitely that's going mindset. So if you have any doubts about growing mindset, let me tell you one thing. There are two types of mindsets growth mindset and fixed mindset. fixed mindset are the kind of people who will never change and who will never try to Take a new step in their life to try something new when it comes to growth mindset. It's like more like a flexible mindset where you try different things in your life exploring your life trying to be happy and enjoying and cherishing every moment of your life. That is what got mindset is all about. I answered your question, isn't it? If I have a positive mindset, is there any point in listening you? That's completely and now white question. Okay. Why am I saying this? It's your decision making whether to listen to me or not to listen to me. So you have to decide that whether you want to listen to me or whether you don't want to listen to me and I believe that I am a positive person but even though I still do n number of courses on positivity on mindset because I have a growth mindset but if you start believing that you are positive and you don't want to listen to others, you don't want to learn something about positive then that is Did mines it as I said right Fix-It mindset will not be changing and it's an answer your question. Not you justify Who You Are. Okay, just on the diamond. So is it okay to have a fixed mindset and it depends how many depends I'm not the one to judge whether you should be okay with fixed mindset of growth mindset, but when you're asking me according to me remember this according to me Fix-It mindset is not okay. It will not help you to develop it will not help you to grow. It will not help you to explore. So according to a fixed mindset is definitely not okay. If someone is trying to poke me what should I do in a first place and see how we have to understand it? What terms is trying to focus because some trollers they have no reason but they will still try to focus then we have to ignore but if someone is trying to point at as at a negative term, then if you find a valid answer you should shut his mouth with a valid answer instead of arguing. Because I'm very impatient person. I can't control my emotions suddenly real sudden react is in my nature. You know that yes. I know munch on I don't worry value and that's the reason I gave you the answer in a proper and simple day. So guys, I'm still waiting for more questions if we can get any otherwise Waverly and in the part of this and I don't forget to tune in to episode 3 tomorrow. Okay. Yep. So, let's see if you can get any more comments, but I don't know abusive language. Tell me some app now name. How can I learn how to use language? You don't have to learn abusive language? I didn't tell anything about abusive language. Okay, I told you about reacting to negative comment only if you have a valid answer to shut their mouths not using abusive language that that's never going to solve the issue. Abusing language will only was it is only going to make the situation more worse. Okay, so it's not the solution. But yeah, if you are roasting someone for a reason then that's a completely different scenario. Let me tell you about one thing a person made fun of pandemic covid-19 and my John responded to him in a unique way that's like roasting and a completely support that. So every scenario differs that Hawaii we are going to react to that that is a reason we should have this positive mindset. It will be helping us to decide what I should be doing at this situation right now because you will be looking towards in a focused way. But sure I saw so many broadcasters use abusive language to set the trawlers. That's why everyone has their own approach John. Everyone has their own approach and then comes to me. I was aggressive few times. In fact, I was a person who used to tell others to not respond to the trawlers but few times I to responded to the trawlers because I felt that was good to do and it's up to bear for spective and it's what they want to do to shut the trawlers. It's their choice, but If you believe that was good according to you you should be doing that intact, but the results shouldn't be affecting you in a negative way. If you believe that if you want to abuse someone and if the person is abusing you back and if that thing is not hurting you that thing is not showing negativity on you. Then you're doing well. Then you're doing the right thing. But if you are using abusive language, and obviously obviously the other person will be using a visual language to but we human beings have a bad habit. That's imitate. Yes, so we do it take And that is the reason we are grown up, right? Isn't it? Okay, let me tell you one thing. I'm on the person named which you mentioned here. First of all, we shouldn't be mentioning anyone's name. You could have just said that there is one fellow but in fact, this is the same person who had a clash with me too when they were discussing about relationships. He completely went into physical relationship that kind of a person he is and see that is the reason we should be ignoring him from the beginning of the moment of the Court starts. Why am I saying this if the next time you start the board and if you see this particular In commenting if you see this person messaging just don't read his messages and completely stick to your point. Eventually. He will be leaving your body as it goes for every dollar. That means using abusive language isn't bad when it comes to self-defense. Definitely definitely am not some son to Yogi who will be saying that don't use abusive language. But where are when it comes to using of abusive language. Trust me. I have a master's degree in that. But we shouldn't use abusive language unnecessarily on everyone that's really bad. But when you feel that in fact scientific research has also proven that using bad words will help you calm down very quickly. And guys, this is surprising. I know you can just Google about this if you want to know more details about this experiment. And yes. Hey, there's Oya. Okay, but so many people said that control your anger cause anger brings destruction. That's incorrect because they will tell you to control your anger because they don't want to see you angry. That is the only reason anger is an emotion. It is inside you then. Why should you stop it? Why should you control it? You controlling your happiness. Are you controlling your hunger? Are you controlling your thirst? No, then why do you have to control your anger? Just because other people feel it's bad. They will be trying to educate you in their own sense to control your anger. Don't do that. Never. No, I don't agree with that. We should never control our anger. Okay, here we go. But sometimes people hurt themselves just because of their anger. Yeah, definitely. I know I know I bought this one. But the thing is that when you are angry on someone or something you should be taking your anger on that person or that thing instead of taking that anger on yourself. See that's that's definitely bad. Anger is to be expressed not to hurt yourself. It's an emotion that has to be let out not to hold inside or not to hurt yourself. What do we feel anger in the first place? Because something is happening, which we don't like. Yes, they do and that's the worst condition. And when you asked me that if a person is angry and there are only two choices whether to commit suicide or whether to 10 people I tell him to the 10 people. I might be sounding insane here, but definitely. Definitely. This is very important. Our emotions are not meant to be controlled. But when you are surrender about your thoughts when you are positive about your thoughts, you will be knowing when to get angry and when not to get angry. Anger less to clouding of judgment which results in bewilderment of memory when the memories bewildered entered gets restored and when they interact is destroyed one is doing an interpretive saying I don't agree with that statement, even though it seems to be correct, but from my perspective, that's not true. I'm talking about one's well-being. I'm not talking about Society cool video security. Definitely not if I'm not happy. What the is the society going to do about it is to it's not going to do anything and one thing which will be expecting is Judgment from others just because we are expressing ourselves. That's not going to change who you really are. You are changing yourself, you're updating yourself, you're controlling your emotions just so that you can behave and you can be seen as a good person is not worth it. I have tried that but there was a game last year for these kind of people and you appreciate that game what game was that Did I appreciate the game? three talking about I didn't appreciate the game. I appreciate it the mindset of the game creator because he was able to manipulate if he did it in a good way to that. We would have created him a wonderful future. That's what I said. I never encouraged to sad. I never encouraged negative things. Keep me right here. so okay we have called addressed ER prakash Kumar srivastava yes I did appreciate the person I don't know guys I was not able to cut it with your calls do send me requests once again it's okay I just put my point once again did I say anything There was a song. I don't remember the lyrics properly but belt is a mistake. See in fact run wake up or also used to say that do that guilty same mistake again. Okay, so I don't think so that we are going to get any more calls and soon I'll be going to end the board. Let's see how good it while today, okay? So you guys do tune in tomorrow for episode 3. Don't forget that. John come on join me on the call. It's time to end the pod. okay, put your I I told you my mom is doing her part. Yes, you did. Hmm like this is kind of you. Come on. Join me on call here. So that we can give a happy ending to the episode 2. If my mother-in-law is there it's okay. I can understand. He's overthinking related to our subconscious mind. Yes. Absolutely. Yes. um to Simply say this overthinking is nothing but a set of thoughts being projected by your subconscious mind so that it tries to conjure you to a specific Zone where you feel safe according to your subconscious mind because survival is the only main aspect of your subconscious mind I'm speaking. I answered I'm speaking. answered Yep. I'm inaudible guys. Let me know if I'm not able to you. okay so this is the time and guys haha so this will be the end of the Pod and I'm really happy that we successfully completed episode 2 which is positive influences of our course one which is how to be positive so guys don't forget to tune in tomorrow for episode 3 and check are they safe I love you Mary Jane Sayonara signing off. Dr. Amy Nina clean the premise synonym Unapologetic on table by Tang I'll get done I'll be calling in a couple of minutes and guys take care of yourselves on our signing off dr. Amy hmm