Okay, guys, I want you happy went to one and all and welcome to Doctrine is one more card. This is episode 4, of course work on how to be positive and it is owed for will be all about white mindset is give me once again, I'm having a lot of disturbance here. So guys as I have previously said I have started courses here on open top and this is episode 4 right mindset, of course one how to be positive. So our today we are going to discuss about having the right mindset and what we can do to achieve that white mindset for having positivity in our life. Okay. So before we jump into the topic, let me get clarified with few things which are very important. The first thing is that I'm not going to Answer to any of the comments or about going to attend any calls to the content is done. Once the content is done. I'll be going through the messages and then I'll be digging the holes, and the calls should be more focused on clarification of the doubts regarding the topic. Thank you very much. So without any further Ado, we'll be starting the course in a couple of minutes. So first of all, I hope that you all are doing well safe at your home and quarantine is about to end and I hope that thanks. Be back to normal like humans again polluting the environment again Mother Nature has to suffer a lot with pollution, isn't it? Yeah, we do have to understand these facts very clearly that this quarantine gave us another very good example of how human life can accept environment. Okay. So now that's been said now, let's get into the topic. The first thing which I would like to tell you is about Mantra. What is a mantra for me. Entre is nothing but a combination of quality words in a sentence which will be helping you to look towards positive term. Okay. So now that you know, what is the definition of a mantra according to me now? Let's get started about choosing a mantra. I'm unsure. I helps you think more positively and cultivate a healthy mindset. Okay, for example, when you're resetting your Mantra the part of your brain takes Cells judgmental thoughts and turns them off. Okay, you can use a mantra that can create for yourself for example can create a mantra for yourself or you can just choose a positive rotation. We cite you a mantra every morning or several times to of the day. The best thing that you can do is that you can post these mantras in your home such as like on your refrigerator maybe on your bathroom mirror or on your own. So so I'm going to tell you a few of the mantras which I normally used. So this was my first Mantra ever, which I used was if I believe it I can achieve it. So after that I changed my mind so many times depending upon the situation for example, like every day is a new beginning. I deserve love and happiness so we can use these kind of mantras every single day so that we will be having a boost of positivity and diverting ourselves from negative thoughts. The one more thing which you can do is use of a positive self-talk we spend all day with our self, isn't it? So, how do you talk to yourself is very important talk to yourself the same way you talk to your best friend. Okay, so I'll make a point to say kind things to yourself when you catch yourself saying something mean switch it around to be positive. Let me tell you an example is a you can tell yourself like I'm capable. I'm a hard worker. Who can achieve success or I'll always do my best see this is the kind of self talk which we should be having in our life to have a positive mindset. You may catch up yourself in negative self-talk such as like I can't do this. It's too hard when this happens. Don't be mad at yourself. It is quite normal instead. You can turn this thought around tell yourself. It's okay to be afraid when trying something new. This is an opportunity to learn something. So I'm going to do my best see even if I'm afraid a situation. I can turn the thinking in a positive way. So self-talk always plays a prominent role in keeping your mindset steady and positive throughout the day and we have to confront our negative thought patterns. It's not only just enough to have a positive mindset by just saying positive phrases, but you also have to confront you on negative patterns. Okay, so when I'm talking about like negative patterns, so negative thought patterns can prevent you from thinking positive optimistic towards you can fix them by noticing when you're engaged in them and questioning your conclusions. So negative towards have like so many effects in your life. Let me tell you like e the negative thoughts will filter your positive experiences so that you can only focus on negativity. So negativity also have this personalizing negative event so that everything is your fault. So get us revising or by assuming that the most is going to happen polarizing every situation as either good or bad reframing your difficult situations. So these are the kind of things which will be happening in our life because of having a negative mindset. You have to refrain your difficult situations. This is going to play a very important role because of what I'm going to do here. That and reframe I had a difficult situation that is the situation in a positive way. So it is a negative situation. I'm going to put it in a positive way. So that is how it is done. So and the and we have to accept that they will be encountering setbacks and obstacles in life, isn't it? And when it comes to that point as that's a normal part of our life it happens. How do you approach them is important? Okay instead of dwelling on how they hurt you tries to see them in a more positive light by looking for something positive in the situation and it's quite hard. I know but still until unless you've tried you're not going to learn it. If you're not going to learn it. You are not going to apply the cannot going to apply it then how are you able to get the positive mindset in your life learn and then apply in your life is one Golden Rule that will Helping you to achieve anything. So let me give an example. You might be worried about trying something new. So instead of thinking like what if I can't do. Tell yourself. This is a great opportunity to try something new. Both the sentences here are same but one is positive and the other one is negative. Okay, you don't have to ignore negative feelings that you have about a hard situation instead. Just look for opportunities to grow. Okay, think about all of the things that could go right? once you overcome the negative situation Okay. And it's true that pessimistic people often often dwell on their worries constantly thinking about what could go wrong, even though nothing is going wrong. They will be thinking that what might go wrong. So however, you can change that mindset by looking for things that could go right. Over time you can train your mind to think optimistically not as pessimist when you catch yourself worrying make a list of potential positive outcomes. You can write it down or maybe even listed in your head or or you can type it in your phone. That is what a normally used to do. I used to talk to type these things in a positive way in my phone so that I can have a brief understanding about these things. Okay. so As I was saying so guys if you are new here do my part don't forget to follow me and do press the heart button, which is just beside your text in column. Okay, if you like the court. So come on, let's continue. So when you catch yourself worrying What we can do at first first. It might be hard to think of the things that can go wrong. Okay, so when this happens answer the negative thoughts with a positive 4, let me give you an example. So we might be thinking this is one of the example which happened in my life. So group projects and up with me doing all the work but getting less crowded and how can I contact this with a positive thought group projects help all of us to create our most innovative. Okay. And one important thing which I'm going to tell you right now we have to keep this in your mind is avoid labeling things as good or bad. Okay. Instead of instead of like thinking of everything as an opportunity have to have this mindset of having everything as an opportunity. Okay, so just one second guys. Yeah, let's continue. So when it comes to like avoiding, the labels humans aren't born with the concept of good or bad. We learn it. You can change how you approach Life by rejecting the labels you have learned. Okay, and let me give an example you might label a luxury apartment as good and a small studio apartment as bad. Why because this can make you feel sad if you can only afford the studio. Challenge this label focusing on why the studio is actually good that will be helping you to understand such as like it is providing you the shelter, isn't it? This is the kind of thing which we can be having positive mindset by showing gratitude towards the things which we already possess spend more time thinking about the positive aspects of your life. When you spend more time thinking about something your brain learns that it's a priority while thinking about bad experience can make you feel down thinking about good experiences can make you feel positive and happy. What we can do to feel positive and happy we can just like look at the photos that remind as of good memories or you can just post your favorite positive quotes around your home so that you can read them very often. I have said this in the beginning of the topic and again I'm saying this so Review our gratitude Journal if you remember what a gratitude Journal is, I have said that in the episode 1 of the course one how to be positive. So whenever you write positive things in your gratitude Journal try to remove them when you don't have any positive aspects happening in your life for today. Okay, then that's that makes things very easy. So you can make a gratitude list out of that one very easy and very simple guys. Let me tell you one thing very very whatever I'm telling here right now. Even though if you are learning it will be of no use if you don't apply these things in your life. okay, so as I was saying that recognizing everything you have to be grateful, okay for like that will be helping you to foster a more positive mindset. No matter how bad things might seem you do have things to be grateful, sir. Definitely. You do have write down even the smallest details such as sunny weather or compliment from a stranger you could list everything in your life that you're grateful for or you can focus on just to day. Dry creeping a gratitude Journal you might write down five things each day that you're grateful for. That that's that's very important what you are grateful for your grateful for your life. You're grateful for the job. You have your bit for the having a happy family of you're grateful for having a very caring and supportive loved one. Okay, improve your sense of humor. This also plays a very prominent role in your life to have a positive mindset. The person who has the sense of humor always surrounds himself with the people who try to seek happiness from you. Okay, when it comes to like seeking happiness from you when you are like a person of sense of humor, then more of like the people will try to interact a lot with you just because of that thing you are the person who is spreading positivity the one who spreads the positivity is the person who is positive himself, isn't it? So when I'm saying about a sense of humor, I'd always helps you to maintain a positive approach in your life. And you can just laugh of on hardships. Whatever the tough situations are if you are facing them with a smile on your face, then trust me definitely that's going to help you a lot. And do you know I used to use a technique when I was working in a school. I used to have a smiley batch on my shirt. So the students would come into my class and they would be asking me sir. Why why do you always wear a smiley badge? So I tell them whenever you see the smiley badge you should smile. And looking at your smile, I should smile. So this was one of my unique methods of spreading positivity and absorbing positivity. And that was a wonderful experience when I was working in school, but students they have this clean mindset with more second cop they would say whatever they are feeling at the moment and that helped me practice a lot of positivity from children's. In fact, I was their teacher but I learned a lot of things things about positivity and positive mindset from their behavior. I have always seen students working in a tandem understanding each of the in teamwork to do the project. They have never complained that this is difficult for me that is hard for me because I won't have I'm not the person to teach any subjects. I used to teach 21st century skills to the present generation. Okay. So that was one of my experience when it comes to like having a smile on your face. So when it comes like you can just take the comedy class if you want to if you are able to smile in your life just because you're facing a lot of negativity in your life. Just think of Comedy class or you can just watch some funny movies or funny videos on YouTube if you if it is available at your place then go to a stand-up comedy show. Even though if it is that not possible for you read humorous books smile and love plays a very prominent role when it comes to having a positive mindset. Okay surround yourself with positive people. You have to do this. I know it's a bit hard to find positive people in this kind of the time when mostly all people try to shove a negativity on you. But even though there are friends of yours who are always positive towards you there's a loved one for you is always positive for you. There are family relatives. The closed ones few colleagues who are always good towards you and positive if you are finding a person is positive and a tough situation make sure that you make him as your friend because Energy's all contact years. I have said this many times and energies are are contagious. See, I'm sitting near a window and I can still see that people are having fun. I don't know for whatever may be the reason it is at least they are having fun their life without worrying about the things which are going in a negative way. Okay, and When I say about surrounding yourself with positive people, I will share one of the negative experience in my life for my last job. I was I was still working in the same company. And for some reason I wanted to transfer from Tamil Nadu Karnataka. I was working in Bangalore. So my manager was of like such a kind of an with a negative perception towards everything he would be never positive for any kind of achievement. His team would be getting done for him. So that The reason I started to face some kind of Dramatical depression issues. So which lat rather made me think that this is not the kind of environment. I should be sticking myself with this because it was getting all toxic. So I had to take the decision and I immediately resigned the job stating that I'm resigning the job and I don't want to work there anymore and immediately after that lockdown happened. I was in lockdown and I used when I was doing open talk and and all of a sudden one more bad thing has to happen, which was that open talk about Shadow. It was like, what should I be doing now then again, I went back to the same courses which are used to do a lot and I'm happy to say that last time when I said it was 34 suspending now only two forces are pending. So I'm just trying to look at a positive aspect whenever possible in our life. This is what we can do. We should have a surrounding of positivity. You are not a tree you can move if you're finding yourself in a negative situation then move immediately. Since x negative people can bring you down positive people can boost you up. That is what I'm trying to say. Seek out for your friends. If you need some positive help from them don't cut people out of your life or having a negative output. So guys this is what I have to tell you very clearly. That positivity plays a very prominent role and this is how you can have a positive mindset the right mindset. So now that I'm done with the content now, let's get back to the comment section. So Sam, let me tell you one thing. I have been constantly reading your comments. If you were here in the beginning I clearly stated that not only in just for this pot in every pot. I used to say that I will be reading the comments after the content because this is a course. I'm not interacting I am Teaching a course here. And as a clearly stated that once I'm done with the content, then I will be having the conversation with my listeners. Then I'll be taking the calls then. I'll be clarifying that the house because this is a course. And whatever your doubts are. I'm very happy to help but in the first place, let me tell you one thing very clearly. I already talked about the judgmental behavior. That is it what you have right in your mind. If you are here from the beginning you would be noting that what I have stated. And that is a reason in every of my pod a tad late very clearly course when you go to a course, what do you do do you interact or do you learn? Don't be judgemental immediately. Okay now. Okay guys now that we are done with the content, and now that I have glorified CEO of the doubts of Sam, which was having here if you have a if you need to have a word with me regarding the content, you can just call me up or I can put your word in the comments section. I'll be more than happy to answer. John the content is done. Once the content is done. I just put a word on his doubt. That's it. Nothing more. So guys if anyone have any doubts regarding the content then to send your polling place and have a word with me and it's not then you can put it in the comment section. And I'm pretty much sure that we will be having two more episodes of how to be positive. Then we'll be having the other boards. The other courses and each course will be having a different Channel as I stated earlier and he is the forgiver come to the board as usual. So guys that's been said How I have shared my experiences. I have give you a lot of examples and I have told you many things now. This is all useless to you. Definitely it is useless to you. If you don't apply them in your life, even if you start doing a single thing that will be helping you just by listening to the board. So just by having physician dies not going to help you if you really want to have a change in your life. If you really want to have a positive mindset in your life. Then you should start uploading the things which are telling you right now. So it's not just that I'm taking the courses here. It's also that I'm learning. Hello. Okay, if anyone have anything to say then please do join on the call. And otherwise, I'll be in the pot soon. So we'll be waiting for like three minutes. And then if you don't receive any calls, then I'll be adding the port and I do have many Works to do so just because that have started the course I have to be the part of this tonight will be helping me to learn in astrology. So girls, let me tell you one thing. This is not a part do say hi to each other. You can do that. You're in your own board. just a talk about the topic or you're welcome to leave. So we have info see and I remember mr. Omkar. We are trying to connect with me stronger. Okay. Hello doctor Amy. Yes. I'm car. How are you? Yeah, I'm good. Thank you for asking. What about you? I'm doing fantastic as usual. Okay. I have been watching your videos from last week that your videos are wonderful. And I know I was watching your videos for a week. When I joined this open Talk early, so I want me to say the podcast because I still didn't start my YouTube channel yet. Yeah, you you have no that what I want I have said to you that about YouTube channel. I'm still working on that because of lockdown and I have some other works to get done. So yeah, it will take some time and when I'm talking about anything it could to YouTube or open Talk whatever T's and I mainly focus on content delivery and it should be that hard. Yeah, because you have a greater fan following and whenever you introduce some kind of topics, then this will be helpful for the people who were watching you. Are you listening you? That's why I told you that time it why don't you play YouTube channel? It will be the full impact of car. I already did up call stating that should I start a YouTube channel taking the decision and traditions from Melissa decided that way back and it's not just the fan following you can call them as listeners because they're not fancy. I don't consider them as fans. I consider them as Learners are considered them as listeners. I consider them as people who are active in learning. Uses of person. I want to talk something about today's topic that I can't close. Look I came across lots of YouTube channels and YouTube videos because I love to see YouTube videos and all and I love to watch and listen monks and I came across one of the word about your topic that we should neither stay positive. Nastya negative. We should be neutral in our life. So what do you think about that? No, that's not going to work on car. Yes, definitely not going to work because you are built with him or emotions. Okay, you have to understand this very clearly be human beings are built with emotions either it will be positive either it will be negative, but it won't be neutral that's not going to happen. It had it will be only possible. If you're a robot, even when you call the term of Yogi, he's the one who tries to neglect the emotions and extract the emotions out of him still that doesn't mean that he's neutral towards emotions and we are all emotional beings to that is Reason neutrality is quite not possible. Yeah, that's the point. I wanted to ask you because when I saw this video because these are not interactional video because we can only watch that time and now you have introduced to this topic. So I wanted to ask you and I agree with you suggestion that you told that we are emotions. We cannot become emotional days after becoming you told that whatever you might do. You you never emotionless. That's not possible. You can't be neutral. For example, let me tell you two things if you're walking. Into a road and you saw that a dog has died just because of an accident whether you will feel bad or whether you will feel good. You will be feeling good only if you dogs, you will feel bad. If you love animals these two are the only situations possible to happen. And the third thing which you can do is that you can neglect that incident just because you're scared of it, the whatever happening is happening for a reason with a positive and a negative thing here. You can't be neutral at any situation of in your life. Exactly exactly you are right. Dr. Amin. That's what I wanted to ask. Yeah, anything else I'm car. No, that was the only question I wanted to ask. Yeah, that's that's great. Energy is contagious according to be what do you say? Yes, John, I too agree with that because that is what I used to say a lot. When you say about you surround yourself with positive people. You will become positive you surround yourself with negative people you you will become negative but there is no such term as like I'm going to do this without having anybody to your mindset is strong you will be positive. Even if you are surrounded by negative energies are definitely contagious. So make sure That with whom you are having more contact what kind of energy they are carrying in their life. So the clinic can I ask something unrelated to that topic? Yeah, now that you have asked one of the questions related to the topic. Yes, you can. I said unrelated to that topic. That's what I said. Now that you have asked a related question or you can ask unrelated to okay, so I have to you this question before but I am not satisfied with that. And so that's why I'm asking it again because as you told me that you have worked in multinational companies and I am also entering into the corporate sector. I want it I would like to ask one question that what is the advantage? Is there any section special sections? People who are good at their communication skills or good at their soft skills. Is there any special section for this kind of people's okay. Now I'm going to make this here all by taking the word from yourself. Okay. Now you are the branch manager of one of the software companies located at a good situation. Good City. Okay. Now what you're doing here is you're delivering your content to the customer. That is your main task and you are working with a team of 10 members and you have to send two people to a presentation to a plan so that he can explain the product you can Explain the software to whom are you going to choose the one with the best technical skill or the one with the best communication skill not only just with will be technically good but the one is technically best and the other is communicating lie. Good who will you send here? We'll have a good job skills communicating dust. Yes, because though he's technically good but not the best but he can communicate that to well to the customer well to the client. So now you can see that what is the role of communication when it comes to the extension of business, but when you are the person who is good with the communication, we are the person who's doing the lot of talking and explaining then company will always look you as a great asset. Okay. We go. I was giving so much time to my sub skill. That's why I was confused that whether it will it is going to work in this sector or not? That's why I ask you this because you have a great expense of multinational companies as you already told you no podcasts. Yes, is that what you that is the reason that's what learned because when I was when I first joined it was effects logical data conversion private limited. It was in Hyderabad and I was proficiently very well in editing the things and we used to get this off copies from us and we have to edit those things though. I was exceptionally good at it of my teen years were like good at communicating. I have observed this the one with the best communication and the way he tries to explain the things to the HR to the manager to the Chairperson of the company he stands apart from the crowd. I will do it and be our only engineering has my btech for Computer Sciences. Then I started working for film Industries for visual effects and Graphics. So I have done my post graduation in filmmaking. So it was not for me. So software field is not for me. That is the reason I left a TV deity because you have a different kind of knowledge your knowledge prayer. You have really good knowledge of everything so you can't stuck at 1 because in our software field because I am also a computer science engineer. We should stay at one particular thing that programmer and the one particular subject. We have given work on particular you become stagnant when you are working for a company you become stagnant only then when you don't get anything new to learn now that you're joining it forces when you are learning something new and when you apply that and it is helping you to develop yourself in the career, and that's a good thing. But if you are working in a company and you're putting yourself in the same place for the couple of years, then you have to move because companies will be alway always getting a new employ if you leave the job, but if you're continuously staying in bed that place then you will not be hiring opportunity to develop yourself. Yes. Because I don't have any experience of that. That's why you experience will be helpful for us. Experiential learning omkara and you will be having your own experiences in your job field and that will be teaching you a lot of important lessons and make sure that when you learn a lesson you imply that in your upcoming future. Yeah sure and it is very important to share also the sixth this kind of experience. And now that you are entering it enforces. Let me tell you one important Golden Rule never be scared of taking risks. Yeah, sounds simple but that works never be scared of taking a risk, even if it is necessary to leave the job then leave it immediately because you are the only person who truly knows who you are and what you're capable of not your company. Yeah, sure. Because they worry everything will be new when I enter into this company maybe persons of new ever ehrs and all the managers. Everything will be new and we should interact with this kind of people's everything will be new after some time on car is not people's is people's Yeah, yeah, I'll because at this was one of the mistake was I used to do a lot when I was learning English people itself is a plural form not peoples. Sorry, can you repeat it again? People itself is a plural from not peoples. Okay. I will recollect it. with me you talk as though in comment you yeah, if I joining on the clock here if you have anything else to us that yes, we can I don't have anything to ask now right now. No problem. Have a wonderful day a different course - oh, thank you so much. Dr. We had a nice talk with you. Yeah, I wonderful day. So guys at that is it and we had a call with of God regarding the doubts of facing challenges in multinational companies to and yes facing charges also plays a very Just one second. Just one second guys. And apart from this if anyone has any doubts regarding the content, then you can just join me on the call and let's have a vote on that one. If not, then can put your word here in the comment section and I'll be more than happy to answer that. And as I said will be coming up with many different topics for the courses. Okay, and yeah. hmm Let's see. So guys. If you are new here, then don't forget to follow me for upcoming content and you'll be getting live notification whenever I will live then to press the heart button if you love the content, okay? Hmm. So as I said, I will be coming up with like hmm. many courses so I'm planning that what should be the next course should be doing I think I should go with the business communication or techniques of lying This one second. John is getting angry. Maybe we can just start one more course on business communication or the art of negotiation. Maybe the ability to persuade or we can have a word on testosterone. Is it still not connecting Channel? hmm So I'm still here on the call. and Okay, so you got here. So John, why don't you send me a request now that I don't have any calls then I can have a word with you and then we can end up order. So if anyone is interested to have a word on regarding the topic then do join hear the call or you can now put that in the text or maybe in such cases. I'll be ending the part and don't forget to. Hop in for tomorrow's episode episode 5 then episode 6 and will be adding the course after that. We'll be having a second course third course and for drawn for each course has I have a specific channel. So go to my profile and subscribe to the channel and you'll be getting all the episodes related to that one. Okay. Nikita let me tell you one thing clear. Stop this and get the out of my pod. Don't you have a common sense when it is stating that a deal with course? Okay, we are here to learn something and I'm here to teach something and you have this kind of Google then do one thing take that Goodwill out of your stomach and eat it for yourself. crap what's happening? You feel that I'm rude. That's kind of like appreciation for me. So is that how you comment in my pot when I'm literally telling everyone that we are here to learn. Finally, so this will be the last call which I'll be attending and the best of mine to the entire board. Hello. Hi, John. Hi, what are you doing? I'm listening. Okay. So what do you have to say about right mindset? Do you have the right mindset go to pathology? So that even our listeners can also understand that. Yes, my dear my love. My John has a wonderful mindset. Loosely convolution of those Road Blocks or not gonna be reminded cat's-eye. Yes. Yes, John. Oh, I do I do know that or happy next time. Doubt I a wheelchair ramps, but I'm name it out. What yeah King and next video dica Facebook what you get, okay. Hello males are here already Leo. For video make would be to map. Yeah, put some dowels, okay. Okay. Um, it is realize good that you get okay, huh what AK exemption? Okay. internet side guy assumption climate Lobby erotica It's like repentance, isn't it? So it's about experiential learning. Once you come to realize that what is good and bad that you know it apart ahead thi abrasive realize Hotel. Two possible. Kidney person hockey was a mission. Say o Allah depends upon the kind of grip you have on it because we also see about Jessica topic later. We subject yellow Arabic subject both proficient or the assume concept. Okay a question exam as a car because I've never thought Zipper Ikea topic is pushing the value k a caribou cheese. Kabaddi match you three guesses on Toto there are chances scapula assumptions Drew horse up there, but every time it is a 50/50 chances. David experiential learning one of us, assuming a result of kupatana But this is gonna get messy room. Can you ask my mother was disconnected my Palace him multi-part ahead and future make all those whose basis per diem car to tow it away kind of experiential learning who you still assume. You're not you didn't learn from the experience a big cheese colicky assume Cairo that for example, if you are planning to go to Paris like we are going to go and go to Paris in our future. It's a bad cat a comparative operator holiday. It's the only up I assume girl game but Whopper her twice a home DNA home. Basically guaranteeing a look in her eye. But remember jaayenge, Tom carcetti is a big thing about him realize currently actually. Marry. You guys gotta be hunky-dory when I zoom Kia was such a up my realized curtain to Jody when I zoom Kia will cool tie. Abby's materialization God azuga and product realization outage on it's like yeah Angie you get together so much and I think I know about the assumptions you're having am I correct? How do I now have realized cameras options? I am as I've gotten it yet. man It's a good I'm warning you. That is it what I'm saying exemptions got coffee and drizzle. You know what I just realized. live example case Y'all got to go. Or I hope you're nosey. You want me to tell it right now? to get another Now you have realized. Don't have to stick to the content that and have to explain and then apply to vacate have no doubts regarding assumption and reality exemption category and raised in New York. Especially learning water. TK. TK know what that means. Get the message covid. What about vo vo feeling like a Instinct meeting with Anna? Absolutely, huh that feeling that feeling got film as a cheeky strongly. We strongly believe this is not assumption their gut feeling commodity no assumption. I know that we strongly believe that key hoga how much A putana got Feeling Good Feeling for example for this upcoming example example later other my assume car around k a questions exam aing. I'm a prepare curve down which are my examined by Tomba. Even before I get a question paper. I have a strong gut feeling came a nice example Porter Chasey powerbomb. I can feel it inside not confident about talking about confidence and their key back around your mother says he got there. Let's go to my father Carrick toga or auric body a job. For example, let me tell you one thing very clearly. You have a strong belief that whatever I do my father capita. So that's your strong gut feeling here in the same way after hum kisise Kum. Both are seriously John they have to say Laker Joe Hardy Mama holiday was Kiss such Monica 80 to 90% John says that that is good feeling. It is 80 to 90% because you can realize that you can feel it as a hoga in that case in that case got filling our fact in Donna McKechnie on terrain then person. Are you sure that's what I said right gut feeling 80 to 90% true Hannah gets answers right there Dojo remain 10% I would- on cancer. They obviously why don't hundred percent example, Japan. Hello. Hello. Below the cowboys that feeling he brought with it. It's a good feeling about a hundred percent. You know, I know. a hundred percent Jim gauge on gut feeling go jota job John. Tayloe up Anderson. Hmm. Yeah, they're cool. That is a reason what I'm saying gut feeling about climate. I am strongly believe Carta. For example, Jesus carpet are accustomed Jack. We strongly feel sure though that is a gut feeling and it's okay to want to get Santa's 80 to 90% or sector the affair in the in the end case as I will also take him a good tough situation. Now this game is about a hundred percent result namely the Oh is it? Yeah, I teach our ticket to give us how much today. So yeah. All right. Yeah map is student Torino or the other. Opened up my submarine students cameras on special student. Oh. The makeup Guru opened up myself became his students here to make hair grow. Bolo Miracle bolo. What do I do Akash Rao go and listen to Julia for a key. What kind of comparison are you making? Are you here to make any comparisons and get lost from iPod? Don't worry. We have a comment. Mrs. Ami your voice resembles to graphology. given the Bear Aware Mr. Koz, let me tell you one thing. There is no comparison when it comes to my voice fact because I'm incredible, okay? Yes, topic after all Akash optic on my blog on give me this email junge, of course after oh, yes, I am rude. Yes. I'm Rudy you have any problem with that one? Because in the beginning I already already tell many people that stick to the content. I'm not here to make some time pass get lost. Mm. Oh, maybe covid. Oh, yeah cash Nakia. Yeah customers ask a doctor in me. You're so rude to me. Okay. Keep nothing stealing a diamond. Let me handle this Akash. Listen to me very carefully. Dorota will be tied together. assuming to Deco Zara who's there? Stay in your limits. Yeah. Hey control on attitude. There is no such control on attitude. This is what I am. If you want to be here then have an intention of learning. Otherwise, you have to move out of here. I don't need your stupid. Yes. I have root Eddie. Keep trying Akash, baby. Jinjin, local act like a machine in my attitude. Hello, please stage may occur in co-edited company car going to stop at a DJ then top low-key like his own authority. Hello. Hey Eric, Milan, how are you? My man and a better bottle shatters, Daddy? Scalia my man my woman yeah. haha I know I have just realized this Akash Rao is one of the who my blocked. See now. I know how it is happening map of call them without them what my aperture. But Jason is a calculation. I will be some language. I haven't the ray gun for I'll tell you later American put them in a group or body language and movie. So you will love me. I've been pools never let people bully you have Carlo. I'd hock me a get your energy set up. I'll be able to positive mindset positive mindset. Its catalog Kia physics-related. Yes. Wow. Shut up when you have only asked about something which is a new record go. Ali matar Miracles. Mm-hmm, Happy Hollow. So when you have asked about physics, so let me delete two things electrons kiss attract water. Electrons but it comes to molecular structure changes out there electron proton and neutron Neutron Beach marathon and electrons and protons are revolve around Scott balance. Banana Kelly we can take this example as life. So when comes like balancing and Gypsy Community are some Joker protons kamijo the a then it tried to get that from other molecules is Sarah molecule Georgia, then that is how energies are contagious. And I just got positive or negative. Don't know me out there. Then what about neutral Joel of nutrients or I can clearly State very kiddi. I'll be up magic bottle or what kind of things you like. Maybe like food animal place cause you gotta measure Jonah what's your favorite animal? Lion, okay. Your favorite animal is lion. So just imagine Ki up my abs Uber and mop it up. They crack a client bought two guys because good. Thanks. Akane will wrap gets difficult. Hey, I'll tell you how many Facebook we can think of but I enjoyed seeing the second tree. I can't remember the country what happens woman? Aah Lions corrugated. Okay, just to entertain the people to tourist get visitors gayoon addict named don't get ourselves another Alliance kind of a China income inequality just because we will all locals are self-explanatory either. Rude people. Yeah, how rude right now because you like that liar and line cup will feel bad for it agar agar. Aapko. Yeh poster of fear said they kicked a jumper lion kabocha cushy cushy intoxicated or photos Laura. How will you feel? Obviously, I feel happy see either you're feeling happy that you're feeling sad, but you're not feeling neutral. Hmm, don't I tell ya I'm devoting looking up over all the barbecue bologna and your Sonny has let their feelings Kodiak data. They neutralize y mucho dry, which is unquote. We can assign me a cable lock my scope. Jonathan ASM and then they're not no one is 100% neutral. No one is hundred percent neutral even the Yogi's money about could beginning there were only about communicating what you agree with me everybody Yugioh Tapas Quixote a no one is neutral stop Candor emotions, they and they do exhibit those emotions with the capacity bathos compact out. There was my coach but this is a deceiver curtains passwords are affectionate read that. Figured. Oh, yeah, but didn't you tell me? Geneva a fake one Why is the concept of neutrality is fake? Voice is breaking. I can't hear you. I said I'm out of it. yes the concept of neutrality is fake you try it out first of all click on support on a yemeni kids about energy security energy positive positive positive or negative Dollar Hotel to neutral McCune A lotta even import your hair new terminals at that because you have to maintain the balance I'll be your professor for this example let down their body have protons or neutrons key Joe revolver Cartier you don't give a special electrons and protons Joe proton neutron your goal will go home today destabilise that I got a proton May electrons and neutrons near NJ 2 molecule structure in arreaga. so much to do cha, I'll be 70. Simple physics gets out too late curcumin about that. Job is of containing additives was there. The helmet as a possible like a very positive thing in my lips are chapped the a body here, but my ability but I have one negative thought is equal to 3 positive thoughts Joe bonded in bar- shows the high it is scientifically proven Journal. It is scientifically proven members accountable and it's a proven fact one negative thought is equal to 3 positive thoughts already been deported in magnitude at our half an hour a positive way for Donna to half in a cushy kasama job is going to take it. negativity or come to Reno's are you it's like a huge bundle he is himself should start believing that negativity is not good for him chapter could go near bad cause I'm Johnny path I can get you to school uh in a year who kitchen a I cause she's kind of positive and I abide this a molten at the negative jurgis and Ona or negative Yama Sakura TV maybe Walter stay away from negative people thank you energies are contagious of neighbor Athena But I got to ask positive things. I know about strong strong strong. It's fine. That doesn't matter whether you are in a negative surrounding or a positive surrounding again up commands in both strong negative effect makers at that time. You don't have to avoid negative people, but Phoebe again- Is Idaho today apestrong might set B, we gonna get transitioning equipment Ebola Anna one negative thought is equal to 3 positive thoughts. Just imagine you have two three time more positive just to be avoiding negativity. hmm You like your job. Let me tell you one thing. Open dog buffer kurata. I can't hear you that time open dog. Buster. Got a couple Market opened up. Would you not say you done with your buffer garage? Feeling baby. I got Philly. You opened up. My main message is equal to start a messenger. But many helicopter opened up is my blood now to yeah, he's off in the woman. Ye have photonic the core object even negative wordings. You've gotta be a Joe blood Cop. Come on, David Cone jusuru looking open top. it was already too that I just overheard on the devil and this hotel brand okay I gotta bad mood or some other negative words use cathode a hamburger icon to open up magali then again maybe not spelling change cards are just my blood cake Bhatia if you type CC Ki NG thumb or delete Neoga QQ opened up in a smart negative or positive it has only the word grammar I read many kissing in porn with you gotta eat banana ID message copy card data like who's messing up our board American Carlita, but oniy to walk as a warm water data in the middle of the ocean. Ha ha ha behind in a dictionary Google dictionary to what are the bad words? That's a miracle if I type K open Talk Mira who choose Raha Hai now you can see that the choose now of cool here is not deleted by Open Door. Okay. So guys as I said, this will be the last cone and after this we'll get in the Pod huh General Campbell on camera. Well, my listeners corporate about a minute Papa. Ja ja you don't worry. Okay, our magic is and yes when it comes to like this Con Panna Optima megabowl 1907 Metabolic Effect or a putana. So keep that in mind, too. Tikka Tikka energy is contagious now the way of your papaya American cowboy boots yeah positive mindset before area to mooji about how emotionally blackmailing together Sonia emotionally blackmailing me keep my energy so tired all the time okay positivity Coke has a boho totally totally emotional blackmail it's not powerful hot like a up a very strong mindset wanna score don't make me Choose Yourself hola Matlab sorting is definitely customers that I can keep our emotions core value there are some never like Agatha promotions is eradicated but the Blood emotional blackmail positively deck again negative is negative definitely negatively in always in all ways Why why whatever may be the relationship if you are trying to be good in a relationship and if you're trying to save that relationship, you don't have to emotionally blackmail them our upon Cosa Mysterio a giant a whole patch onto the promotion back. Volcanic is a routine a giant awesomest promotion back mechanic is zero died. He cure a year because you're expecting something from them. relationship two months ago but I think I said I got an idea yeah well invention of emotional blackmail obviously Relationship me motion that miserable part in it. You see a banana always term. It is a negative. But yeah licking this is good for everyone. This is true for everyone the cordiality a key and you can propose bad customers name Black Milk. Obviously, we'll be going into their trap. Once you get in the Trap you are stuck. How about logic native Dutch? I needed the Edgewood medic diamagnetic the opposite opposite opposite emotions, Victor Rivera bootstrap or bootstrap. My first job was crap cynical part. I will go ahead. Yaya That's what I'm waiting for your conclusion. What do you believe now? Ja no matter what do ya mean and Joe Montana. Hey, Abby make a conclusion to have go my neighbor and charity your relationship with your mother relationship reality. Most of the guys. Well this Hilarity are many to blame. God in a relationship if you are expecting something which is not appropriate and that is the time when you start emotionally blackmail someone or job to job and a job jibun de Jubilee Cortana whose relations are the nahi resurrect them. Like it could be much sad merengues a mask a bodega. Oh, yeah, yeah. They're gonna be some yoga yoga yoga abuse logical but she can't stay with him anymore because he's emotional blackmail around negation and dark when I get a key and we learn together as a family because they will not accept her social capital is in military family to Somalia. our husbands are in chaos and you know what kind of world we are living in yeah I was worried or some jota Couric UC San Diego's any birthday I will tell us the him utter carelessness Dunya then everyone start judging her character if you are killer ariadne has been go to orgasm leaving from here then they will start doubting her just be angles and they're grown Outdoors co- affected the cave of Dunya guitar of say I see me cackling some Joker again did he but like I said you and John I think bad would you give me that my yeah like dropping but will it was such a good year yeah do Mendel for say he is hot dog lockers up there you keep you get to know basically upload Ebola this is observe it already near me don't look at them black magic has are related What time is it? The black magic get overlooked about it looking without black magic mental mental force. Is it possible that if it is yes and how but keep them without black magic also mentally it is capable to be done. Yay occupied depends our Decay after reason kitna strong hair up. Kakushi GCC Judy awoke in a strong emotion. I got a promotion board strong hair. For example, the strongest emotion, which I know is I am okay now you have that strong connection emotion though it may have promotion black male cadaver going to Costa Rica divertente hungama every emotion comes over that then you will be diverted they can happen by emotion guy come and looking up at attachment here it's a pure need a huge emotional blackmail capacity users of Nephi declared mentally diverged Carnegie a bodyguard Negative people Joel of negative out there what'll because I take out so we'll be cutting me what I'll be covering literally I said you can't take it anymore just in religion Becky batta William halleck a good Harbour threatened by blamed all they give me reason the ACA showering of negative effects on to others stating that they have done this to them. romantic Amendola for snakes mega are gonna get to go mentally for ski again. Huh? Jeno last four minutes ask about call at the Vatican make a good rule. Miss you much. Good. What it do Nagisa I'm not ashamed of proud of it. standing ovation did I say now? oh man most yeah yeah post here ha ha ha Hannah what's black magnetic poetry post post guy every pair hello one tombolo I've never laughed like poetry post guy huh tika tika tika okay Jon Jon Lester and the board and I'll be calling in five minutes I miss you mushroom Doggett yes awesome Down Under the airport cut their teeth for Hannah Yaga TK know they're gonna be part and connect upon majesco hashtags in it and scores our face wash can I then I'll be back in five minutes travel to headache face wash car I wish I got humid and it's all feeling sticky in fact I should take a bath now like in my face alcoholic Miata face wash moisturizer toning polling is a car face wash Matlab Barney's a face wash - ah bones are not using face wash okay guys so this will be the end of the board and do join me tomorrow for the next episode of course one how to be positive episode 5 and episode is 6 billion ending the course then I will be starting a new course so yep have a wonderful day take care Sara signing off stop dreaming