Good morning, everybody. So it much we celebrated women's day. We talked about we talked about women empowerment and how women are being given the opportunity. But today I would like to talk about the dark side. What is actually hampering women empowerment why why are women not progressing as fast? Just as they are getting the opportunity and what stops them. So basically every person every person be it a man or a woman has his has the positive and the negative side. We have talked a lot about when we talk about women empowerment. We talk about the positive side of a woman, but we never talk about the negative side of a woman. To tell you the truth many people will not agree with this but to tell you the truth women are the worst enemies of Other Woman. If you have if you have certain questions, please First share it in the comment section. Then I will take your request to join because this is not a casual discussion or this is I don't want to Lose my way while talking. Yeah, I know and I don't want to I don't want to what do you say diverged from the topic see what happens is? Why women see the what happens is the there have been very many instances in my life. Also. I swear I've seen the docks darker side of a woman where a woman was a an adult woman was a good friend of mine and just because I had I had not lived up to her expectations. She started backbiting about me. So I don't understand just because I don't live up to your expectations. How can you go against me and spread a bad word about me. I'm not saying that I'm not saying that gossiping is only a trait which men which women have even men gossip, but the extent or the level to which a woman can cause harm to another woman's image is is a high is a high level. so we take our first caller when you Hello, Raina. What is your point? Good morning? So what is your point related to this topic? Do you want to say something? Hello. We have lost his connection. We have lost his connection. I am very sorry though. Typical case a typical case where we see a woman being another woman's enemy is a mother-in-law daughter daughter-in-laws relationship that word in law that word in law does not allow these two women. To have a good relationship. I'm not saying there aren't there are no Exceptions. There are no good examples where we're a mother-in-law has wholeheartedly accepted the daughter-in-law. There are Exceptions. There are good examples. Also, I'm not saying that but we should also talk about what happens in these instances. So we are we are connecting with manof. enough Hello, can you hear me? Hello. The res we are connecting with the Regina. Hello dear has his call is not connecting for some reason. So data just asks. Not the Ritz re so. There are there are common common emotions which are shared by both men and women but women might have a higher degree of that emotion like insecurities and jealousy women have a higher degree higher level compared to men. I don't know whether it is true. If you it is true in today's age or not. But at least I have I have experienced it. I have experienced it where women around me have felt insecure and have been jealous. Another is comparison and competition competition sometimes brings out the best in you or the worst in you. If it brings the best in you like you are you are engaging in a healthy competition then it's it's good. Then then women will become each other's friends. But if it becomes worst of you then you will do anything you will go to any extent to see that the other woman does not succeed and you will you will begin a cold war. Another another the thing like I will just share us share a small story where I actually saw how women man until what extent women can go in order to destroy the other woman's life. For example, there was a bright burning case in our society. I saw the daughter in the door. It in low was screaming for help. The Mother-in-law was standing outside the house with his son with her son. She did not go and offer the help. What is this and in this way, how can we expect that women will be empowered? Another thing is gratitude. How many women have you seen expressing gratitude to other women? putting putting fake statuses on Facebook What does that mean? belittling others Which is not a very grave it is not a very healthy. Yes, Ashraf has made a very good point that women tend to hold the garages for a longer time. That is that is absolutely right because they say if you do something wrong with the woman she will she will remember it for a longer time and keep recalling it recollecting and recalling it at every fight that you have. That is something you throw whenever you next you fight. The woman please take care of this point. Another is another is how we judge other women? It is a woman who gives dirty looks to other women. So what happens is like? We talked about women empowerment. But what if we find somebody who is forward what if we find another woman who is forward-thinking who has a disciplined approach or who is successful in life? How do I do is I will say as a community. I don't think so women women like these kind of people. Yes, we talk about we talk about successful women like Chanda kochhar arundhati. Bhattacharya G Etc. Okay, Indra nooyi, but if somebody like that comes in our family will we accept it? It is something we need to introspect and do we take it as though we take them as our inspiration or do we take them as a competition and we feel inferior? So I stuff if you want to join the call, you can join the call and make your point. So thank you cuz me and cause me you say it is an interesting topic. I would like you to share your views as well. So. Have have you heard of the term cat fight what our cat fights it is illogical. It is illogical belittling of each other which women generally do it does not have any sense. The catfight does not have any sense. Like we say we we talk about we talk about challenges. We talk about challenges that women face while going to work and all it is because it is because the girl has a girl you when she was growing up as a girl you have fed in her you have created a mindset that okay. There are some some tasks only a woman can do sometimes only a man can do by this. Why does gender bias when when as a child you are making you are making the girl insecure which will which will also reflect in her adulthood when she becomes an adult woman? What if she has what she if she's there are some I have experienced it myself that as a young girl as a young girl. We were told at least I was told that okay behave in a certain manner. You should not ask questions. Thankfully my parents did not tell me but my other relatives used to used to. Used to did not encourage this they are like by why do you ask so many questions? I am like why can't I ask question? What is wrong in asking questions? and and I started writing at the age of 13. Many people many people in my family did not understand why understand this. That okay. I was writing out of Interest. Now they understand when I have become an author and when I have published my books now, they understand and now when they have read my books. But it has been a very tough challenge for me because I have I am a self-made woman. I have yes, the parents have supported parents have given the support but there had there have been a lot of challenges. the main challenge The current the current situation I would see I would say yes women are working. Women are working women women are financially independent. But still there is a long way to go. There is a still there is still a long way to go. If we think if we think looking at looking at the only the financial empowerment of women and the fact that they are working if we think if we think that we have found a voice then then it is around. It is a wrong conclusion. So now we'll kashyap is joining. Hello. Hello. Yeah, so, so please share your Viewpoint. Yeah. Hi. They become my name is novel. Yeah. Yeah. I'm working in a bank and say Alex manager recently shifted to bar. Hmm. Okay. So I'm married I have I have a small kid also like a 20-year 20 months. Okay, so just heard and I just want to know what like specific point of view like what are the areas on which development need to be done? Let's see employment opportunity education opportunities and the security of women these three areas. Okay, so basically regarding The if you if you talk about education of women with the Mind cooked the mindset has changed a little bit but still I won't say a I would say it is it is 50% 50% mindset has changed because there are many people many people still do not allow their I'm not talking of the urban urban areas, but the but the rural areas still people do not encourage their daughters to study. Yeah. Sure, so the robot is and and child marriage exists even today even to this day challenge child. Marriage is is a is a problem that is happening child marriage a little marriages are taking place. So that is also a huge issue and so like as you select 50% in the rulers a Effectiveness so I can see like this is something area-specific if we'll go to the let's say Rajasthan hoodies. Some part of uttar Pradesh these parts like beer we can see like 50% females are are indolent education only or is going to school but in our whole sector we can see like around 80 90 percent people females are going to school nowadays. Yes. That's what at that that's why I made it clear in in in the first place that that I'm not talking about the urban sector I'm talking about the rural sector that also not not of all areas, but we can be still See will be still see that's why I said it is 50% addressed in the rural areas because many many states have encouraged many people have become aware that you should teach the girl child. But there are there are areas. It is states that you mentioned where where education of a girl child is not yet encouraged. So that is that is C urban urban areas. Where And urban area only considering the urban area and the woman's a woman's status in an urban area is not a true representation is not a true representation. Correct? We have to consider the whole thing. Yeah, and my name is if it has a woman what do you think? Like what is the best we can do to improve our like increase the enrollment of female candidate to go to school in rural areas. First of all, first of all, we have to go we have to create that awareness as a woman. I can say that I asked it is my part to educate The Other Women to at least tell them that what are the benefits of Education now what happens is they are living in they are living hand-to-mouth. So they feel they feel that that learning to earning for two meals a day earning going rather than going to school. If there is a child earns money for two square meals that is a better thing like I have worked for ngos as well. And I have I have got this answer from can you can you show us which of your speaker mode PLS? It is creating a lot of disturbance. Yeah. So so if so, like I have got this response from parents saying aravt copa de cacao, hookah. Cougar cougar come correctly or therapist for Faith to bodmin shoddy car. Okay, that is a part of your education. Can you elaborate more about like the employment opportunity and the security of women's both inaudible and do new employment opportunities? I think we are I think women are still not getting a fair chance to exhibit I see they are like customer service is there is a very good good sector where where you can give women a customer service. Is there a charge? Is their marketing is there where where you can have women employees but still companies have reservations about hiring women employees. They have their own they have their own reservations. That is like if you still if you consider the top companies top companies are practicing diversity and inclusivity and including women, but if you see this small and Mid-sized companies they they do not have the ratio of women to men employment is a bit low and so a lot has to be done. And I think I think even even government awareness about gern government schemes are not full-fledged people need to know about people need to know about The government the government schemes as well and the opportunities that are opportunities. Our government is giving you agree on your appointment that no awareness about government policies and all those things which can help a female employee to get employment or the good support and support. For example, I will just I will just mention for urban for in the urban sector how many how many women are aware about the Pradhan mantri Ava accio Gina and how about the subsidy that a woman or a woman owner can get I am not sure whether whether met many women have properties in their name. And while registering they can get the 1% repeat also like the registration charge for me 7.5 and for female it 6.5. So I encourage my wife I encourage my wife to take a house on her name. Very good. Very good that a very very good thing. But and another thing another thing which you asked about is what are the challenges challenges our first of all, Keeping even if I consider the urban set up like I am working in Hyderabad. I'm working in the it sector but I have seen I have seen the woman's female employees female employees are not very forward thinking like if you if you ask why are you working? The answer will be I just want to earn earn earn money. But what is the there is no Forward Thinking as to what will you do? Do in your future the future planning. I think that is something that it needs a shift in the mindset that okay work that workplace that job is giving you some kind of an empowerment. How will you use that empowerment? Agree on your point. Thank you so much for your views and thoughts. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much. So we as we were discussing as we were discussing. So we we diverted from the topic a little bit, but we went to the women empowerment but the Dark Side of him and yes, it is true. Every every person has their positive and negative side. And it is it is high time that we accept that even women are not perfect. They have their dark side as well. So we have a queue. Hello devika, how are you? Hello. Hello. This is a Don from Karachi. Thank you so much for accepting my request and before commenting on this topic. I would like to mention that your you'll be sport cars are you know, very good and I've also time I listened to your post card is put us especially so actually they are all very informative and I have learned a lot through your Port lesson today is the first time I'm like Let me Focus. So thank you so much Derek. First of all, that's very good topic as you as you as you're talking about the rural area and urban area. Basically the thing is that in rural area, you know, even the mail are not educated enough to understand the need for a woman. So that's where they are not preferring the woman to get some education. Apart from this there Law and Order situation, you know the the modernism were there so they feel very, you know, unsafe to send the kids or woman to go outside and learn addition. I think there is a factor behind it. That's why you know, they're they're reluctant to send the, you know woman to for any education that is we're taking in As you said the figure is mentioned what you you are talking about women empowerment. I'm not talking about empowerment. I am talking about the dark side of a woman meaning that women also have their bad points. So the topic is that rather than women empowerment because he women empowerment is a very vast topic to discuss on and it will be a never-ending it will be a never-ending topic to discuss. So if we if you just if you can share an incident from your life, they re all what you have seen where women have been mean to other women. Yeah. Okay, that's good. So the topic is that you know, what are the weaknesses are what are the area which woman needs to improve? Yeah, so we are hello. Hello. Am I audible the Rica? hello devika Hi. Hi. Hello, how are you? Hello. Hello. Are you getting me? Hello. Hello. Yes, I can right now maybe some cavalry. Hello. Hello. So we are having a network issue. Hello. We are having a network issue but we I would like to say see it is good. It is good to celebrate women's day. Oh mint but we have to be practical enough and also see why we we cannot ignore we cannot ignore that. We cannot ignore the dark side of a woman and we cannot ignore the fact how women are belittling The Other Women to grow in their life. A successful woman woman has a lot of enemies not only am not only a man also women. So the yes like I should have mentioned. So we are again connecting with EQ. I hope I hope so again, the Rica is a done network is good now. Yeah, it's okay. Hello, Sonia me now. Yeah, I can hear you. Hello. Yeah, I can hear you. I can hear you serious. Hello me. Yeah. Yeah, I can hear you. Am I Audible? Hello. We so we will be taking Navid School. David has been waiting for a long time. Okay, Michelle is on the line. Hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me acted but I will I would really like there is a book called The Twisted Sisterhood by Kelly valon. Hello. Every child need you in a hurry. Yeah, we shall yes. Yes, we can hear you. Yeah, so what good morning, so we are talking about where we on 8th of March we celebrated women's day and we talked about the positive. Side of a woman but as every individual has both sides positive and negative. So today we are talking we are talking about what is stopping a woman from being empowered? Yeah, I didn't catch. What what was you say it? Why thing is so hello. Can you hear me now? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so there are so see everybody has everybody has the positive and negative qualities. A woman a woman can make herself or Marv herself. The basically be what happens is if we don't encourage sometimes what happens we see a woman discouraging other women to succeed. So that is that is the dark side. That is the dark side of a woman. So have you experienced or I have used seen any witnessed any incident where you have seen such kind such kind of thing where where a woman is Discouraging another one to grow. Yeah, so can you share it with the audience? Yeah, actually we we have a of many examples in and nowadays actually with first of all the live without any yes, please without any woman with acceptance of your you're mostly we are facing a problem. Abortion a girl child, especially a girl side. Yeah, but But if you say whatever what what will what can we do to change this mindset? Yeah, actually first of all literature literature review Man, actually, we have a very very high irritated illiteracy rate in India, especially for woman's that's why it's happening everywhere. Mmm-hmm. Yeah, first of all to to be at to give a good education to woman's okay after that, I think they will fight for their Fight for for their side or five foot. Okay, very nice. But what do you do Wishin? Are you working or studying? Yeah, actually I'm I'm seeking jobs and now I'm here on this. Okay, you are a joy of you I got a job Seeker. You are a job Seeker. So I would like I would like to ask you ask you that when you were studying when you were studying you did you? See, did you see how one one girl used to discourage the other girl if she was successful? Yeah, actually, I actually I actually I saw many time where when I was in a college actually there we have a friend. She's name is a Hindu Malhotra and she was wearing skirts, but we have another friend. She's named. Actually, I'm not joking with you with you. That's all original names of a her, dude. Too bad don't don't take courage is discouraging the entire in do that's why the CD this is something yeah, so see jealousy and insecurity women have a lot of insecurities. So women have to realize is that this is this is a factor which is stopping them to empower themselves. Cause unnecessary listen until we women ourselves do not encourage other women to grow. I don't think the community will grow. I don't think the community will grow. Yeah, actually actually I should share our exam another another incident of in actually it's happening within my neighborhoods actually and my actually in my neighbor. I have a I have a sister in a my cousins and she she have two totals and but but now he but now he get another daughter and he But and film one day as the my mother also saying that's a whole what's happening with her and now he feels that is what you also have a to talk unless she that is what I'm saying. The mindset has to change the might though. We are though. We are talking about this topic though. We are talking about this and we are in the 21st century. I don't think our mindset has changed. We still feel we Seal in the save extinct in the same way though. We are educated we have access to education. I don't think our mindset has broadened. We haven't become broad-minded. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Shall. We are already we are already 34 minutes up. So I will I will take another question. Okay so much for joining. Thank you. So there are 138 people listening and I would just like to say competition if it is healthy, it can encourage people to touch the sky, but if competition is taken in the negative sense, you can ruin another person's life. It is up to us if we want to really Empower or sister or mother. Daughter or we want do we see them as healthy competition or not? Okay. I hope when you is correcting now. I hope we know. Menos network is fine. Hey you saw. A woman be receiving another woman Holloway know when you are you on the call. Voice is not clear is it your voice is not clean? Is it okay? Yeah now, please please tell me. I already connected you but the time your network was known that time the network was not good. Yeah, so so can you can usually do you want to share do you want to share your inputs on this topic? Have you have you ever seen an incident where you have seen a woman belittling Other Woman? Yeah, and you share a chair and sit in incident, please do not use the original names. Tabitha's active listeners. Hindi may be able to take a okay. You you speak in English, please play but please share the incident with us. What the point today a dark side of a woman? I asked you a question when you basically have you seen have you seen an incident where incidence where a woman has misbehaved with another woman or being rude to another woman? In your family or in your friend Circle if you have such incident to share, please share with the listeners. okay, when you have a no has disconnected the call so I say A woman women empowerment. Why do we expect only men to empower the women? Why is why can't we expect help from help or support from the womenfolk itself? We used to be 10 to say men are not doing this men are not doing that. Why aren't we talking about what women are doing to other women? So I think I have made my point clear. There are few attitudes. That other that that feature in the dark side of a woman first is criticizing bad bad bad mouthing giving giving judging other women judging other women in security and jealousy comparison and other unhealthy competition belittling. I'm not admitting the truth. Not admitting the truth means that you are so obsessed. You're so obsessed that you want to disturb the other woman's life you about you will not admit it. So I feel it is it is nice. It is better to accept a woman in the whole like except a woman as a whole individual accept her with with her positives and negatives and also try to be practical as to why women empowerment is not What doing quicker thank you so much for being a patient listener. And if you have any thoughts, please share it in the comment section. My book The Mind Game is available on Amazon. If you want if you want tips on how to create emotional intelligence and how to be more aware about yourself. Please read the book Thank you so much.