Good morning, everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekends. And today I'm going to talk about. dating and false expectations one of the biggest mistake men and women both make are setting out wrong expectations when they go online dating or whether they go social dating. Let's talk about it. Are you curious to know what mistakes you making? Well for the men they considered dating equal to having or getting late or laying and that's wrong and when it comes to women, I think they said out even wrong expectation. They think that they're going to find a groom or a soul mate. And they looking for a match on dating which is again a biggest mistake. The reason why we kind of set out wrong expectation is because we have not understood the meaning of dating or the idea of dating. We have set out wrong expectation because of the wrong conditioning within ourselves. So let's set it. All right dating is not equating no marriage. So let's break this barrier within us. Let's understand that dating is more of a sport more of an adventure more of a way to know another just like when we go for an interview, we cry to know the interviewee as to what is he all about. What is a skill says what are his interests Hobbies? As you make a good suitable match in the job likewise, when we go there we go out to find knowing each other Adam whether we resonate with each other. Do we share the same wavelength? Do we have the similar interests and hobbies do we attract each other in any other levels as well? Beside the chemistry? So this is one of the ways that that you can actually learn about each other rather than go with an idea of finding a match or running straighter gone to bed. So let's go slow. Let's try to take it easy. Otherwise, we will end up feeling disheartened reject it or even angry frustrated and this is the feedback I usually get from My clients who come for counseling about the dating issues and also people who are going heartbroken because they had set out with the wrong expectation in the first place. They had Illusions or what dating is all about and what love is all about so don't run too fast take it easy. Take it as a sport take it as an Venture and play on Try to set out with an open mind and see what this new encounter is going to be all about. Maybe you will end up knowing more about yourself. Maybe we'll learn something that you never knew and knowing each other is we'll just to way to rediscovering yourself. So enjoy your weekend with a new understanding if you are setting out for a date all the very best for your weekend. and and your dates