During this phase you had co-founders at that time or how? Yeah, this is a really interesting story and I'm glad you asked it. So I was foolish enough to start alone. Okay, and this is age, I guess when you're 30 and you believe that you can conquer the world alone and I wasn't even a you know, an engineer. I didn't know computer programming except what I learnt in school, basic programming. So it was quite foolish if you look in hindsight. I wasn't even a travel professional but I think the MBA does arm you with one thing, that listen, however unique or new your problem, you can break it down into something which you can kind of take in a structured manner, so I went about it, but I was very fortunate to come across not 1,2 but actually 3 great individuals along the journey. All of them in the downturn stuck by the company, supported the company and rightfully became co-founders. It's not like, you know, just gave them the title. They actually sacrificed a big chunk of their own salaries, financials, invested in the company as angels and probably put in as much as me in the company if not more at times and I was very happy to make them co-founders. They were very happy. I think that was what they truly were. So right from Keyur who is still an advisor to the company, still has stock in the company. Keyur Joshi, Sachin Bhatia who had worked with me in the past, but then Sachin came here and he was head of marketing to start with and looking at many other things and now has become a serial entrepreneur. So after that, he launched Truly Madly and now he's launched Bulbul. He's doing quite well, and then finally Rajesh Mago. Rajesh is now CEO of the company, running the company on a day-to-day basis and I don't think this company would be half the company without him. He's really the scale guy. And so again very lucky to have these people and if I can take a little bit of credit, smart enough to hold on to them because it's very difficult to find. So I actually in a weird sort of way got to choose my co-founders, which doesn't always happen, you know, you start together with someone and then as the company scales up you realize some scale and some don't, but here I got the benefit of seeing them actually scale. It wasn't planned that way and in hindsight I would if I was to do it all over again, I would definitely start with one co-founder. At least? Actually, I think that's the optimal number. Yeah, optimal number. It would be great to have two of us with complementary skills. Okay. So if I was the business guy, then the other person will be the tech person; if the other person, if I was the tech person and which I would love to be the Product and Tech person because my heart is clearly in product, then the other person could be the business person and then you build the team. I think it's great to have a sounding board. 3 sometimes can be a crowd & can have its own dynamics. I've seen enough, so 2 I think is a great number. Great. Okay. This is very good advice.