Okay, guys, we are live now and I'm your doctor and Amy the host. So today's topic is developed witness attitude by dr. Amy. I welcome you to this podcast and it's all about attitude. So maintaining your own attitude. We all have a different attitude of our personality bring upon our personalities. So today we are trying to have a brief about what would be a Winner's attitude. So what kind of attitude a person would be having to maintain this in winners perspective. So guys, we just wait for a couple of minutes so that we can gather a bunch of listeners some bunch of pieces for us to that we can dive into the topic and but time if you want to connect with me, can you skate with me and have a word with me? And this one is also going to be a short topic nowadays I am Messed up with some other work so I won't be coming up like 2 hours of content. But instead a short one brief one, which will be easier for others to even listen after recorded version the guys if you like this podcast and you hit the heart icon, which you can see in your testing column that will be helping me to motivate myself to come up with some fascinating content. So without further Ado, let's get into the topic and as the title suggests itself. It's about developing Winner's attitude. So how do you develop is gonna sell to those to call to get this attitude? It's a common word and I love its Mystique. It should be an all the time thing. And for people who think they have a good one often slipped at the first hint of the trouble. Hi Rosa. Let's have a word with bigger because here the others went in a good one with regularity are likely getting help from additive buttons of Faith variety all will always turn out well. I will Graham. Sorry because sorry Hi because how are you? I'm fine. I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How do you already know? Yeah, actually yesterday. I just installed this and I see you are always in top on that list, like what I said, nothing like that because nothing like that. I'm just trying my best to bring up some interesting content. That's it. People are like to listen you that's that's why I just see you and just I seen you request. Okay, thank you so much because there are you from I'm from Lucknow. We are from Lucknow. Wonderful I talk or how are you? Yes, because You're saying. Your topic to the topic is developed Winner's attitude. Yes. So actually can I ask you something like yeah sure. You can ask me anything. So actually my problem is that sometime I feel very high like lots of having confidence. I can do anything I can do whatever the problem but sometime I feel very low so how can take and that type of things and how come out with these things? VI the thing is that based upon this Winner's attitude will also be helping you and apart from this I have made podcast on positivity and I also had made podcast on toxic people's and energy vampires to these all plays an integral role in your personality. Okay, so when it when it comes to like feeling low on energy that means you are focus and concentration toward something is less and it could be hindered by anything. It could be like lack of communication or maybe like lack of what do you say that the self respect towards doing your work properly. So all these things miss an important role. So what I suggest to you is that you listen to this podcast, okay, and try to understand that what you can do to focus on your passions. Okay how to be passionate that can't be helped. To build the confidence and second thing one the podcast is then you can get my other podcast and I suggest you to make it toxic people's and energy vampires. Okay, these people support seriously hinder our skills. So once you're aware about that, then you can look for like positivity and positive thinking is there are other podcast too. So just try to gather information from all the podcast. And try to analyze yourself that what is wrong happening with you what you should do to correct it because if I suggest something that might be working for you and that might not be working for you. But if you try some things all by yourself, you will be learning from your experience because you can understand yourself better understand one thing very clearly because no one will be able to understand you better than yourself. Isn't it? Yeah, that is the reason I don't suggest anything to any of my listeners. I just asked them to try different things. So I'm bringing the content from which they can gather information and analyze themselves. So like can I ask you like what are you doing? And like what are you working most of all because you can ask me anything about some mathematics. I mathematics from my childhood itself. It's a wonderful subject but I always hated it. So what can I say? I used to work in a company, but I resigned to the company. I had some issues I manage so I created is under the company and soon I'll be looking for some other job opportunities for which company you was working. I was working for Anna media Distribution Company externa. What if you can call it as M and C we used to distribute all the tools requirement for like a software tools which are requirement for movie movie publishing and movie Industries publishing Industries advertising Industries. So we are the number one. distributors in India we used to be we used to be but my manager was like bit awkward with me. So I immediately resign to him saying that I don't want you to Sure, 70 send me the request will be connecting and will be having a word. Anything else would you like to ask because be free to ask me anything? Just like okay. If any time you have any doubts, you can ask me because after seven, I'll be online. Have a wonderful day because take care. Good night. You guys as we were discussing. So actually the also similar in nature to self-esteem. Someone can't give it to you. That's for sure. You must build it on your own. It's lonely and self-taught that's for sure and I'm not here to teach you how to build an attitude. I am here to help you understand. What is the Venus attitude? Because everyone has their own set of attitudes. We just have to think or them to convert it into a business attitude is it's quite simple. It's like a bit of updation to your attic in which you have right now. So, how can you teach you? Develop a business attitude. How you think and what do you think about that is what is going to convert your attitude for the with the one which you have now advancing it into a Winner's attitude. I'm trying to simplify as much as possible guys, and I'm trying to keep it short sweet so that it's easy understandable to all my listeners. If anything is not able to understand understood then please let me know. I'll repeat the sentence. I'll repeat the Meaning of that particular sentence and everything and the icicle loving the content. Please hit the heart icon that will be motivating me to come up with are sending content every single day. Shravani Devendra if you want to join you can join with me. Just send me the request. So focus on your passion, give yourself a leg up by focusing on the things you love. It's much easier to develop a great attitude when you're doing something you love not sure what you're passionate about. Then I'll be it is a problem. I can understand then I'll be coming up with one more content. If you're not sure about your passion, which will be helping you to determine your purpose in life. And that will be hindering you are and you too. So think positively this is The key to the success. We don't want to give to everyone think positively that is the stepping stone for Everything to learn English to learn communication to learn skills to learn anything to do something to start up a company. What do you want to do? The first step is think positively whatever may be the situation think positively and it is very hard to build a thing positive mindset. But once you build think positive mindset that will be helping you a lot. So as I was saying think positively this might be easier for me to say that for you to do but like there's guy. Just give me one second, please. Oh, sorry for keeping you awake guys. My mobile is running low on power so had to connect with my charger here. So yeah, let's continue as we were discussing about so. First of all start small then repeat. So this might be easier for me for me to say that but it should take some time for you to when you put it into action because it's a new thing start small then repeat think back about your life. Have you for the most part with successful? You have to think this one for sure sit down take a pen and paper write it down. If so, why would you allow the thought of some fictitious improbable future pretending like you you're from thinking from positively at that moment was it was it that It's actually more like that all will turn out well try it works. You should have this one. Let me repeat that once again. If so, why would you allow the thought of some fictitious improbable future prevents you from thinking positively? Because the future didn't happen yet, isn't it? And why do you have to have a negative mindset towards it? Why can't you hold a positive attitude towards it positive thinking towards that might be helping you to hinder success asthma he saying here we can say that that to try it guys. It works slow down the speed of your emotions when you catch yourself thinking negatively take a deep breath. You need to practice becoming mindful of your raising thoughts because because you're a traumatic thinking and behaviors have unfortunately, Become a how to say that a dramatic the environment you built for yourself. It matters a lot. It really matters a lot we have because here let's have a word with because I think - yeah develop winner a glow. Hey, I'm adorable. Hello, I be cash. Hi. So yeah, how'd you know right now? I'm closing the Apple after I'm again. I will come after 11 to 12 days why that long? Goodbye, mr. Grabner interview. I are oh yeah. Yeah. So again I have to miss you man. I also miss you brother. I also miss you in that time. I feel like that now you feel some frustration through Hearts adamancy side, but I will talk to her key used to such that this type of silly mistake. The seeds will never know know I respect to him and I didn't do this type of mistake so that time yeah because he is going to mean some people some people named just try to know that guy and In that time, you also feel coming to our broadcast our after that you tell you that things are feeling that you are doing this type of things. What I what happening going on the broadcast. I don't know anything. Yeah many things have started a way of after you left. I will text you the name. I'll text you their name. Don't worry about that. Me the number Aha and also yeah, what's up my text color than okay. Now, let's add the text. Yeah into you will text him move in. What's up? Okay - yep, I will contract I didn't write because right now I didn't try to come this app. Yeah. Thank you. Nicky Butler interviews the best for me because I have to clear that things. Yeah, definitely and I wish you a Beary all the best entity interview clear-cut now, but not the mooc. I got to go wrong. Party party party you ever once you get the job you have to come to Bangalore Hyderabad understood. Yeah, brother. Definitely brother. I definitely I will come in tangora have a video shitty. Yap. Yap. Yap. You have to come you have to go. Okay, brother and go for that. Good luck. Okay have a wonderful night and all the best for you interview and also best impression of luck for your this broadcast. Kou. Yeah. Thank you, peaceful, peaceful. So guys I did they just give me a couple of minutes. We'll have a few more words, then we'll get into our conversation with you by Man by because I care. So as I was saying set goals high and monitor progress instead of specific results. Captain Jack Sparrow. Hey, that's my one of my favorite characters named. Hi Captain Jack Sparrow. So as I was saying being realistic never change anything, isn't it being unrealistic will change many things it does that goes for you that that are like higher than you can imagine this might sound contrary to breeding positivity and it will be if all you focus on what you say that on the outcomes of your attempt enjoy the journey along the way and pay the attention to what you're accomplishing as as as as opposed to the Target goals you set for yourself. It's a one time. I suggest you guys to look back in the proportion to look forward. Get into process and out of outcome. Get into process and come out of your outcome. Don't think about Autumn get in the process first. Using goals to achieve your impossible always you have to do this use your goals to achieve the impossible. So that means goals will be acting as perspective towards you that will be hindering that will be motivating you to get the things done to achieve them. He's let's have a word with Aditya here. Hi Aditya. Hello. How are you? Hello Seth. Hello. Hello. Hello did you how are you? I'm fine sir. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Sarah you are doing really good. So is it thank you idea. Thank you so much. So, where are you from idea? I am from jharkhand how jharkhand I have heard this name many times. I had few Carlos from jargon to where you have seen that darken names and we are you have heard the charcoal name know here only the few callers who called me. They were from darken. No II heard about it, but I particularly don't know where it is, and I've never visited darker but heard a lot about it. It's like it's a good place and everything. It was separated from the rest. Yeah, and I have to tell Jen sure show is it yes. So how long have you been with that actually is from my childhood. I am I have here from childhood you're using this app. No, yeah there yesterday. I have installed that app. Okay. I was telling you that I'm just kidding with you. Okay. So are you dinner? Sorry say pardon had your dinner. Yes, sir. Wonderful. Wonderful. So what is that? Would you like to ask me I did. Yeah, actually I'm asking with you that Forge a Mensa. Oh Jee Mains, so So I think they are you can just tune in back tomorrow. I'll come up with a topic on Jee Mains. Okay, thank you. Because today we are discussing about something which is regarding to attitude. So both will be mixed up. Right. So one big year for people who are looking for any content. So tomorrow at the same time. I'll be bringing the content only for you about Jay image. And what else are you married? No? No, I'm just kidding relax. So today is Holi. So happy. Yeah. Happy Holi to YouTube editor. How did you have fun? Did you have fun while having? Holy did you enjoy? Yes. Wow. That's really great. Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow. What's your question? I would like to know what your question If I'm if I know the answer you I will try my level best to answer your question. If I don't know the answer try to find the answer for your question. Okay. I did anything else. No sad. So we will again meet tomorrow, sir. Sure. Sure. Have a wonderful life. Take care. so let's What attitude winners should have So Captain Jack Sparrow, isn't that what we are trying to discuss here? What kind of attitude we should be having for like a winner winner? First of all, as we discussed we should have positive thinking at any cost positive thinking and second one is like having your goals set higher than you can imagine isn't it? And third one? You should be more focused on in such a way. Because my previous podcast was on like super focusing skills, isn't it? We have to employ those to have a focus. Then we have to put them onto a goals. And while we are working towards the progression that is it. What makes a business attitude. Yes, Raja. I know you are waiting so I couldn't just get into a call with having a conversation online, right? So once we have a lot with the Roger Rajkumar and then we'll be hearing about the day when dressing then we get back to the topic. Hello. Hello, sir. Hi Raj, Kumar. How are you? Hyzer? Answer any queries from said I'm from Bihar. Oh, you're from Bihar. Yes happy have few friends from Bihar II just particularly don't remember the names in the place is exactly where in Bihar there are certain item emerges from Bihar he sings wonderful songs, and I love bihari song. They're so cute. Hello. Pardon, sir. I said bihari songs are so cute. Yes, sir. I am proud of being a we re now. You should be yes, sir. That they better give me some time. I'll be having a word with Raj Kumar then I'll get back to you so Raj Kumar. What is it, sir? I I do business and little bit of a student. Okay, that's what first of all stop calling me, sir. Okay, call me. Dr. Amy already poured a career move. Yeah, because I don't feel that I am a sir here. I'm here to learn to but I'm not doing a podcast. I'm going to other podcasts and trying to get some knowledge. That day and whatever. I know I'm trying to give that to my listeners. So I'm not a sir. Okay, okay. The next time I will not save her my next time from this time will tell if you don't save me sir, and you are saying I want to add something to New to win. So I'm usually for you to add to that. Hello. Yeah, I'm waiting. So I have to tell you to get yeah, you said right you want to tell me something that I want to add something to New to win? Yes. Yes, so I'm waiting for that. So I'm telling you so how's I Roger take your time. Relax. Yes is don't be nervous Roja. I am I speaking first time English to snot-nose. Mm. So so they understand I've been through that situation how it feels I know it's a bit awkward with the nervous but it's fine they could and let us know what you what you want to say about Venus attitude. Yes, so first of all winners have a very clear mindset now once he wants to do right? Yeah, so here who as a student. We have no any ideas how to be starter anything's suppose that as a few years who is before when I studying Then I have no a source of learning. So like I thought that case I have to start a some part-time business then I open my soap and I start and I start working to generate or income. That's wonderful. That's wonderful and I'll buy the courses, of course the time I belong that we have two person. We have get an it. We have to make we have to take persons. Do you get to get any things right? Yes, you are. You're right. You're right. Yes, by the time I am start reading or some books as a attitude is everything. Yes at you deserve everything. Yes. I remember the book. That was my second goal. Yes and some conversation book how to how to talk with customers how to talk with oil. This in the how to talk with the person then I read a book of how to win friends and influence the people and again energy. Yeah, there's a Dale Carnegie and then I get some new ideas from that book and I using in my business business kind I get let me tell you one thing. Let me tell you one thing you are on the right track. You have to magnify thee. These skills. Why am I saying this really see that you're on the passionate and I know you're very passionate and you on the right track just magnify your skills and do don't lose your focus and your fingers right? Wonderful thing that I really appreciate it and I can't believe that you don't even have to be this podcast right now because you're already enough but uh, the only thing which I would like to add you is that work more on your communication. Yes is an added benefit but more on your communication. If you want to know about the communication, there are so many podcasts here. And now also done like a hundred tips for communication in my recorded version. You can see my profile. So work on your communication at this one mode the one more thing to you and trust me there is no stopping you but understand one thing you shouldn't lose your focus at any even for a single second you're doing is wonderful. Hello. Yeah, and this time I am reading a book the sannyasi who sold his car. Yeah, it is. I think the book is like the the Mongoose or the monk who sold his Ferrari? Yes the monk who sold his Ferrari? Yeah, Robin Sharma Robin server. Up and I would suggest you one more book The Power of your subconscious mind and it's by dr. Joseph. I have ridden. I have read it. Yeah, that's a wonderful book to and almost I read to to in the two years almost I have read a 25 books. Well, I have a habit of reading 150 books every year. That's my target is and I I have read a little bit of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective peoples and think and groceries. Median Glory chess by Vincent pale. Yes, he has and I'm trying to improve myself iron to grow. I want to grow in every field as oh, yeah fit as a fiddle players as the Mind growing as a business as of in a financial. So I'm passionate about knowing new things in a daily basis life. That's what I'm saying Rajkumar. You are you have and witness attitude? Keep it like that. Yes. Keep it like that. Don't let it lose. Don't lose your focus. Don't let anyone show any impact on you. You are doing really wonderful and trust me in a couple of years. You'll be finding some tremendous success in your life. Yes, and already you are practicing some excellent passionate following methodologies. That's wonderful. That's really what forgetting I am forgetting to tell you in the morning to 6 a.m. To I am I am I'm studying a I'm reading a sorry. I'm teaching the students. To English how to Ln X attached to my extent you are a true inspiration. Actually. I actually I'm speaking English butter some butter this time. I don't know. I don't know you so I am hesitating to no. No, it's okay. So get out tomorrow. I know I know you do feel hesitant about speaking like little some new people. Yes loss. Got you can do join me. And and okay Raj Kumar. I need to have a word. Bet they will sing also, so it's really wonderful talking to you in that at you you're doing a wonderful job. I really love it. And I love you man. Love you hats off to you. You're doing really accept. Excellent. Thanks keep whenever you find that you need any help from my side. Do let me know if I can just get in touch with me by sending a request or you can just come online after seven. I'll be available you can have about with me. Okay, why you are for you for you? I did you I will always take your call First. Yes, thank you, sir. Thank you. Have a wonderful day are coming. Thank you. Good night. Oh nice. Yeah. Hi Maverick. How are you? Hey Maverick. Join me, man. You never speak with me. That's how it worked with Dave interesting before we get into the topic again diving into something which we call as business attitude development. Okay, so we are connected with David thing. Hi, David. Hello. Hello. They're in the sink. I can't hear you. Your voice is very low. Like your volume is literally to the mute. Hello, try to keep your mic closer to you. Hello, they winter I can't hear you sing now. Hello. Dave and Joe are you there? Hello. Okay guys till then let's have a word with money. Yes lost Court. I would love to have a word with you to please join me by sending a request and please don't call me sir. Guys. I'm your friend. Hi money. How are you? Hello. I'm Annie. How are you? Hi, very well. What about you? I'm thinking tastic. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? I am from Amritsar. America is to give it's called a golden city, right? Exactly. That's that's really great, man. What a view into how many sir before I visited America when I was a kid along with our school trip apart from that had ever I've never been there. Okay? Okay, right, right. You should actually a lot of stuff has been pinched. Yeah. I should I should visit I should budget. So the thing, is that what You do bunny. Basically, I work in a pharmaceutical company. Sometimes it will company. Yeah. Wow, are you a medical Representative? No, no, that's another line. Basically. I am working as an analyst and Quality Control Department. Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah. Basically I what I do, I just to test medicine. Okay. Yeah, so like how much the content is present like that sort of things. Yeah, so what is your name actually? My name is Muhammad Imran. Okay. Okay, right nice talking to you. Yeah, Dave interesting. I too feel bad for that. Please do check your internet connection while having a connection with me. If you have a proper connection do get back to have a word with me. I would love to have a word with you two. They were interesting. Yes money. How long have you been using this Open Door? Actually, I download this application two days back and I find it quite useful. Actually. I need to improve my communication skills and for that I'm using this application. Well, that's great. And I feel like opendoc is one of the best platforms which will be helpful for you to communicate with different people and different methodologies to practice and try on and I am really addicted to this open Talk FM I think so do I will be Yes, I think I also will be because we need to interact with the in fact you should be you should be you should be edited this app. If you are looking forward to have a better communication because he the word communication itself means to talk to understand the formation which you can do with like a number of different kind of people with different personalities different attitude different teaching methods and its really a wonderful platform, and I'm really thankful to open up for doing this. Yeah, actually the downside of as is because we don't able to you know, speak English with people because we don't have such a while. It's not the downside. It is the advantage because you can speak with people who are of lower your level who are of like higher level who are of a global level. So you will be having an understanding that it which level you are. And at what level you should be going next. Yeah. Actually, I'm trying to get on the at least when I intermediate level. Lord I know not to do that money. Don't do that set your goals higher don't always put just yourself to the don't compromise. Why do you have to compromise it is a skill if you keep on practicing you will be going to the higher levels. Why do you have to settle for intermediate? Yeah, isn't it? Yahweh giving the time now, you have to give it every day consistently. Yeah. I'm trying my best actually. Yeah at least two hours at night. So that I will be able to like speak fluently as at least now, I have pushed myself. As you said I should not focus on intermediate. Now. I'm going to push myself influence. Yeah make you a make sure that you have an attitude of like a I need to learn English fluently. I need to communicate excellent. Keep it as an exit keep it as top-notch. Why do we need intermediate does intermediate to communicate? Well, what about if you have some higher level of clientele To meet with yeah, so always have a Target higher than which we can reach that will be making us more passionate to reach it. That will be making us more hungry to learn new things that will be helping us in aiding to learn new things. Keep your passions. All right, so no intermediate and no compromising always look for the top best. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for motivating me. My pleasure. My pleasure. They're all here to help each other. Yeah, thank you. And why are you do basically I'm an English tutor motivational speaker and an author of a book called as Understanding woman is easy. Is it sir? Yes, it is, right. And anything else would you like to ask money? Nope. Okay, then have a wonderful night. I have few more people waiting for here is on the call. So let me have a word with them and I thank you so much for connecting with me. If you have any doubts at any time do connect with me. I'll be available after 7:00 in the evening. Thank you so much. Have a good night. Sweet dreams man. Take care. So before we get into connection with our other listeners here, let us have some more in depth with the content. Because we are lagging behind on the content itself. So don't ever give up guys be being true to yourself that there is what it is mainly important to have a nice attitude. Let's get something straight for sure. when a squid they quit the right things at the right time. Winners do quit is not like that Winners never quit. They do quit but they quit the right things at the right time. They also choose the right things to stress start and focus only on those things. Get this point in your brain just carve these words into your brain. What did I say? They quit the right things at the right time. They also choose the right things to start and focus only on those things. That's why you wouldn't consider things of thinking of them as good as if you're entangle yourself in something that isn't your passion be true to yourself and find something else that he's your passion, isn't it? It's your life. You are only lying to yourself if you continue to do something you don't want to do. That is not a business attitude winners take the challenges. So make no excuses guys. You are a victim of your own vibration you are accountable for everything you do and everything that happens to you guys about sorry for that. My roommate was picking in Canada. I don't know Canada. He has begun. Okay, so as I was saying. So if you ignored the other items in the post the content in your to-do list, then the only thing which will be carrying you to the right place is your passion. And remember one thing eyes relationship makes the world go round. So does it mean that you have to be isolated and Solitude while looking towards your passion make sure you have your relationship in a straightforward way. Hi, John. So let's have a word with SK Ali then we'll get back into the content. It connecting with the scaly highly. How are you? Yeah fine. How are you? Fantastic? Thanks for asking. Where are you from? I'm from India or from India India. Where in India I am from India to yes. We're in Andhra Pradesh. I know I'm not. I've been there been there. Yep. That's good. I am from Hyderabad man. Yeah, you know United under protest. Yeah recently divided into yes. Yes. I'm not into the politics. I'm not into the diversion. I'm Not into the things I believe that we all are human beings and we all should share a common agenda of humanity and live together and prosper together and I politics you can see I have like 70 podcast and I have never discussed ever about politics never discuss ever ever government. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. It's not my cup of tea. Yes. No. Yeah, of course. So I've been listening to your broadcast. You know, it's very interesting. Anyhow, very knowledgeable and you come up with the wonderful topics every day. Thank you. Thank you Ali that means a lot to me. Thank you so much. Hi Rocky. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Yes, as we SLE you're saying so what makes you to, you know, come up with new different topics every day. And what's your passion? My passion my passion is to learn every single day. Yeah, that sounds you know you broke us, you know, if the titans of your broker broadcast reveals, that would come again. Now your title is the kind of titles you keep on broadcast, you know that there is that you are passionate about learning everything and if knowledge is giving the right knowledge to the people that oh, thank you. Thank you so much. That's wonderful attitude since you're talking about. - did you notice the you have a lot of wonderful attitude? Thank you, honey. That means a lot to me. Thank you so much. So how do you think that the people can make always a positive attitude? Definitely? Definitely now just now just imagine that you have a loan of like 15 lakhs. Okay, and that's a huge problem. Isn't it? Just make it 50 lakhs? Why why just 15 like let's make it a bigger War. We are here thinking big right? So let's think back even the problem was the big 50 lakhs. You are thinking negative about it. Now you're depressed about it. Now you're sad about it. Now. You're not thinking what to do about it. You are just completely depressed because you have a loan of 50 lakhs on your head now tell me that how is this negativity going to help you to solve the problem of 50 lakhs? It is not going to help you. In fact the negativity we taking you to deep into the repression and that will be like taking your mind to a Negative Zone where you can't think for solution. But if you have a positive mindset, then you will be looking for the options. Then you will be looking for the opportunities then you'll be time to look for the solutions and by that at least you can try to start solving the issue. Beyond all human beings isn't it? We have to struggle at some point. We have to work towards it. If we start living to have a positive attitude that means there is a solution for every problem. I know 50 lakhs is a huge amount. But until I unless you start working towards it. Can you solve it? No, you can't but if you start think if you start thinking you might find some solution, you might come up with some new business idea. You might come up with some new investment ideas. You might come up with like how to take some more time to solve this. Loan issue in to link different criteria. It might take four years five years to solve the issue. But if you're maintaining the positive attitude, you can solve it right and that will be very supportable for us to have a positive attitude because it gives us a hope. Yes, I can do it if today not project. No not possible if today then tomorrow if not the possible tomorrow the next month. The next year next decade but that positive attitude will keep us going. No, I've seen they know I've seen and there's have come across people even in cartridge access is also in OS back falling down and these people have accepted high altitude and you know, I said of goals, you know, what happened to his bank. Do you think that was the right attitude about you know, unbelievable things and you know, not with this the correct things. Yeah, I can understand with that one. I am an account holder in yes Bank to so let's not discuss those things here. You know, sometimes we keep up not the attitude is good. But you know that if it is greedy that makes you trouble. Yeah, definitely Rocky send me a request. Jaanu, there is no time limit for positivity. There is no time limit for Winner's attitude. Isn't it? Okay. Scary. Thanks for joining with me. Let me just finish up the content. I am running out of the time. Thank you. Thank you and have a positive attitude and work for your passions and you'll be having a attitude for sure. Thank you. Thank you very much. Take care. Have a wonderful night. I'm also said you the request. Yes, Jackie Ganesh Kumar. I saw your request and I am a banker. I will guide you that's so nice of you. Honey maid decaying a positive attitude after listening to you name is apnea there John or something about kuch hota right. So as I was saying surround yourself with the right people you are the average of The Five People You spend the most time with Isn't it now do the math? Relationships are meant to empower you and should never be victimized you and I came to know that sna with the experience when I was missing my dear. You gonna put the John will be having a discussion on dreams after this session. So let's have a word with Ganesh Kumar. So avoid the wrong people guys about the wrong people is if any relationship isn't helping you become who you want to be and okay me speaking of a causes addition by subtraction. Hi going to Smart. How are you? Hello. Hi. Hi buddy. How are you? First of all? Happy Holi to you. Do you do? Okay. So, where are you from from Hyderabad right now? I'm in Bangalore. Okay you are from you are in Silicon Valley. Now what the Silicon Valley of India Bangalore? Yes ssssss. Yes, you are, right? Okay, so your bangle is known for the many lies them like slick on baby Silicon Valley Industrial City many things associated with the particular. Oh I didn't listen to you properly. Sorry for that. Come again. Okay, so I am just saying you that the Bengaluru is associated with the many things like Silicon Valley Europe India industrial city electronic City. So many things it with the Bangalore. Oh and the one of the my friend is also studying in a Bangalore. This isn't College cool. Manipal College of the banking. My friend is also staying in the back row row. Uh-huh. Yes. Yes, and that's why I know very well about you know, so but I don't know a lot about Bangalore because I am I'm here only for like four months now and I am completely off my job. So I designed it so soon. I'll be going back to Hyderabad. Okay, actually Hyderabad is Design for the charminar and for the first of all being a man Biryani. Yeah Biryani and we forget about them world famous Biryani. Am I am yeah, how can we forget about the smoothing over C. That is the second Ganesh Abdul Salam. If you are listening to me, let me tell you I have already created a podcast on hundred ways. Is how to develop your communication you can just click on my profile picture and go to my profile and you can scroll through my podcast. Ganesh okay. Actually, I'm just typed in the request section like that. I will guide you but yeah, don't take it. Seriously. I am a banker but I think you have consist of more knowledge than me. Nothing like that a banker has his own knowledge and I'm just trying to like share my knowledge, which I have gained. No, but you you know you Express you express to the you know, a previous guy. We're aware about the yes bank. And unfortunately you have also an account in the u.s. Bank. I'm sorry for that. But but no but no problem as be I will take over the yes Bank in the near future. So don't worry. Your money is no I had about that Ganesha know about that. I have been to the as bank. I have spoken with the officials there. So they gave me the information regarding the what's going to happen. And Bank of Baroda Visa Bank also clubbing together and I have no knowledge of these things at how the things are going to happen. So I'm not worried. I was just trying to pull his leg America. I was just trying to be funny. Okay, I will follow your instructions. So how many peoples are listening now? 393 wow, 393 people are listening you and me. Wow, it's great. I will also fly, you know make the product cost. What is the core podcast podcast? This is the new word for me broadcast podcast. You can say anything podcast right podcast. Mmm after this, you know after this line many of the people are Start making the fun of mine. You see in the comment sections. They are liking this guy. This guy don't know no one is it like nobody's making fun of you and trust me those who are commenting. They are very close to my heart and one is like my hearted herself. Wow grenades. Sounds like Hari Krishna. Wow, thank you brother. Someone will find the Hurricanes 9 myself. Oh great. You should definitely have a word with Hari Krishna. He he's like completely filled with passionate and crazy. Who is who is bringing your background? Yeah, he's one of the dumb idiots I have in here is your friend. No, okay, I'm a girl. Okay, you are a girl. Okay, then. What's your name Buddy? My name is Muhammad Imran and you can call me. Dr. Amy or Amy? Okay, so dr. A me, but why? Are you choose this name? Dr. Amy my nickname? Okay, but more money Imran, right? Yeah, okay moment Imran and you don't to Amy. So doctoring me is the really unique name actually, so why are you put the Emmy? Sorry doctor before your name. First of all, my friends used to come to me along with their silly problems. And I used to solve those problems that they used to call me. Dr. Amy, and the second reason is I have completed my post-graduation PhD in visual effects and filmmaking, so I'm both certified holder and at the nickname is Dreaming. Okay. And what is on I think you shot a moose. Wow Jehan. It is Johan Johan Johan. She's my love. Oh my God. Nice to talk to you. Great Point made by doctor. The Rajkumar Cucaracha is also known as checkbooks. Okay, great point but which point can you mention that which point made by the doctor Amy? Okay Ganesh. Let's not extend our discussion today because I have some other work to carry on with so just let me finish the content and then I will be having a word for show and they do connect with me tomorrow at after seven. I'll be available and we can have a lot of chitchat brew a broken you give me. This I will I am just want to end with this call on a very serious note that can you give me some tips that how can I control my breasts because your English is very good. So, thank you very fluent. See the thing is that we have to practice a lot and I don't give any tips to anyone but there are a few ways to work on to the communication. There are few ways about fluency. I have done other podcast. You can just have a look in my profile have done to podcasts particularly on English one is for fluency and one is for communication. So just look at that once and you'll be having an idea about it. Today's topic is completely different. So tomorrow John back join me with me once again in the evening becoming okay. Beau died. Okay, bye-bye. No. No, I didn't say that to you. I was saying that to that idiot. Okay, so you say to the whole members know the other person was going out of the room. I said him to go and I oq Q qk I am taking on my side. No. No, why would I say anything to my listeners? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Dr. Amy. You are doing a very good job, right? So it's Ganesh the things which you can do but practice it has to be consistent. Yeah, I think Jahan is a very beautiful girl bro. Can I can I say something for Jahan if you don't mind? Yeah, if it is not a fundable, you can say anything, you know, you know, one of the guy mentioned me as a Hari Krishna. So Kenny Hari Krishna told those open things. I'm just yeah, what do you want one? Okay. So one of the my eggs are also named Johan and he see teach me so whenever you let me tell you one thing finish it is not about like why they are ditching. Who are they teaching whatever it may be for maybe the girl. Let me tell you one thing clear. My Johan is unique in the entire planet. And so please let's not discuss about the girls who cheated you and I don't want that. Idiotic girl who dissed you I'm like, you're a wonderful person. But still that name somehow belongs to my John. So let's not put that word here. Okay, no nobody, you know when I you know, whenever I introduced which is John name, the previous memories is start running in my machine. It depends upon your attitude if you're taking it in a positive positivity. Okay. So if you are taking it as a positive, that means you have some wonderful memories and experiences to move forward in your life. If you take it in a negative way, you'll be feeling sad and depressed about it. Now. It's your chat time and it's your chance. So have you are going to take it in a positive way or in a negative way and winners have a positive attitude. So now you have to decide whether you have Winner's attitude or you have a general attitude, you know, you know, you know what the word book thing is that it's really easy to say someone right because in this video just need to say but whenever these things are happen to you, it's very difficult to manage that I don't think that you introduced with these things or Odd, but you don't anymore. What is the condition? Do you really think that teaching of the girls hatred these things didn't happen in my life. Do you think that without happening those things? I wiii become the author of a book called as understanding women is easy. No, but you know I am, you know, I for example I am not introduced with the topic, you know, but um someone want to you No want about my opinion about my ideas. Then I am like you okay. I am free to say and you know when someone need your advice on the time you are become the most knowledgeable person automatically whether you have the knowledge or not, right? So this is happen. Sometimes it does not mean that these things are also happened to you in your past. But yeah without but that eat God help me. Become positive that what helped me to become an author that would help me to make myself skillful because I took it in a positive way. Okay. So your point is that whatever has happened in your past has taken all these things on a on the positive a right. Yeah for to get in a negative award would have been happen. I would have become a David has drinking and roaming here and there but I took it in a positive way. Now, you can see I am here speaking with my listeners trying to gain my knowledge trying to help them gain their knowledge and trying to improve my English trying to improve their English and trying to get myself killed, isn't it? Okay, I Jahan attorneys don't think- and don't say negative. It's a request. Oh, sorry Jean if I opened your lab note want to rude or your night. But okay John, I think first of all, you said the right thing it in fact, you're trying to help Ganesh by saying don't think- and don't say negative. But for that you don't have to say request and archaic, very informative data or talk. Thank you are. Yeah finish you should have a word with our character. He he shares your points like he has a he's a wonderful guy an open top. So I can you are John on this car while you are on the pole account out. Add a John. Okay, so, mr. Perfect. How do you want me to add John? Goodness, did nothing negative you okay? Okay, brother by it's time for why sleep and yeah, you didn't answer my question. Why did you ask me to cut it John? Whoo, you know, I actually am new on this app and I am recent to download it and I thought that is so personal aired on this app. I know that's right when we when we are doing duet. Third person can be added. But while I'm solo only one person can be added. Okay, and so how many peoples are listening to our conversation? It doesn't matter Ganesh. It doesn't matter because I never counted. I just answer to your previous question that 393 were listening just because you were curious about it now 438 are listening. Oh my God, you have the way you are. You are very popular person. No, I'm not popular. And you are all capable of what I think no. I'm not. You are not okay for a detective, but I am not in love with any games, bro. Okay, no problem. Okay Empire that request from my listeners that have to continue the topic of Winner's attitude. So let's continue on that one. Thanks for joining with me Ganesh. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. Bye. So guys, let's finish up the topic and let's have a brief on that one as you're discussing. So as I was saying avoid the wrong people avoid the wrong people, that's really great a healthy mindset gives you stylish rose-colored glasses. Yes, it is. So be grateful really be grateful. It's impossible to have a bad attitude when you have gratitude. He that sounds nice right? Let me repeat that once again. It's impossible to Bad attitude when you have braditude be grateful for everything you have because they are people who will never have what you have today believe whether you think you can or can't you are right, whether you think you will or you want you are right. I have never met a person. I didn't believe in. I know more people than anyone. I know I can say that if I believe in you you should do have faith paraphrased with belief and all will turn out well I think is where that So are you reading it from somewhere like a kind of book see? Mr. Perfect. This is not like a what I read. I just go on with the words which swing around in my mind. It's like a topic discussion and that sometime make me puzzled up to. So plan do learn fix and repeat. This is what we can do. Isn't that good? We have to plan it we have to do it. We have to learn from that and if you are doing committing any mistakes, we have to fix that and we have to repeat it again. So again, this is a small secret mantra for you for Winner's attitude. First plan, then do it. Then learn from it. Then fix any problems are occurring then again, repeat the entire process. And prepare for the best then prepare for the worst and everything in the between that one too. You will sleep better at night knowing you have all the contingencies covered learn guys. Learn that is what I'm here for. I'm learning. You should also learning your life will never get easier but I assure you you will get a you will definitely get wiser. You might as well as enjoy the getting worst part 2 so as we discussed Pdca, what does that Purity? I mean by AJ Ravi Ravi Ravi Ravi Ravi Ravi Make no excuses. Yes money. That's a wonderful Point McNeil. Make no excuses chatter Nanda. Hello. Hi, Justin and Doug guys. I'm about to finish second and let's have a word with. Mr. Perfect. Then we'll be John. It's really done just couple of minutes. I'll be having a word with mr. Perfect. Then I'll be just giving a brief on it. That's that's the passion Jen. That's a passion. I know you are busy s Army and BTS Army can do anything. They already have Winner's attitude. Oh you put that in a shortcut way. That's really wonderful. Oh I try to connect with mr. Perfect, but the connection was not successful. Let's try once again. John oh, she's from BTS Army and BT. Sami are always strong. And guys do make sure that your questions are relevant to the topic. Yes money. You're right surround yourself with the right people. Ha so I try to connect with mr. Perfect. Once again, the connection was a failure. So guys as I said set goals higher and monitor your progress the first step. Set goals higher never never never never settle down for a basic thing. Never go for intermediate. Always look for the Top Notch and do repeat have a positive attitude at all the times Ultra to kind with. Mr. Perfect once again, and then it will be the end of the podcast. I just another you. Okay, it's already more than an hour. I thought to make it only under 45 minutes. No problem. No problem. Will you be this finished fast? And guys if you are loving the content and do hit the heart icon, which you can see in here, you're texting column let the hearts pop that will be motivating me to come up with a fascinating content for you guys. I love you all. Look, at least I try to connect with mr. Perfect, but it was failure condition three times. Hi gentlemen, how are you? Hello. Hi chatter. Hello. Hello, how are you? Hello. Hi chat, Ananda. How are you? Inaudible gu? This is signature. If you still goals higher does it means we are expecting any more and Iris competitions hurtful. No, no Jane. It's not about expectations. You are getting it wrong. So just a minute. So I have this always saying and I told you there's a reason that the only thing which can hurt as is our own expectations. We you don't have to expect you have to work you have to be passionate and you have to be focused towards your goals. Don't expect the results. You have to believe the process. Put your goals higher and then work towards the process don't expect expectations will hurt the Etc. Catherine are you there? Yes, Melissa. Yeah, how are you? I'm fine. Thank you. Yep. Now, what do you do? I'm sleeping. I'm sleeping now, hahaha. Okay, I guess you guys leaving now. Yes. Yeah. Anyway chatter. I'm about to end the podcast. Is there anything would you like to ask me? Oops, we got is going to some chat another. So guys this is the end of the podcast for today. So let me tell you one thing. Thank you for the support and do hit the heart icon, which you can see in your text in column that will be motivated me to come up with a fascinating content. And I love you all. Take care. Have a wonderful night. Go good night. Happy night. Sweet dreams. Love you. Take care sayonara signing off. Dr. Amy.