So these are the three models you are investing us are three types of companies one is your angel investment where you're not investing much capital is between 50 lakhs. I would say to few curves. The second kind is the Red Cliff hygiene companies where you are deeply invested in third is let Rick LIF Life Sciences. So how do you pick up those companies where you want to let's say own 25-30 percent. So just on the first in the early stages of those early stage Investments are you know anywhere from 40 lakh then go to maybe you know 75 80 lakh maybe at the max to occur. Oh and and we have deployed a lot of their Capital already. And the second is you know, we There's an opportunity with came with the brand called be safe and and that was very exciting. And that's the point that we cast was in sort of thought about of having of that Venture and selling that oven. I realized this could be a very large opportunity if you will. Balázs hygiene and a personal hygiene story about it. And and and that's where you know a large investment happen. It's an amazing business. It's you know, raised subsequent rounds and it's in the process of raising in a subsequent round and going to a larger sort of a safe house of safe platform and coming with different products and different categories. The life sciences is as I said, you know, we were very excited about reproductive health and we think reproductive health and I Health Care is both from a diagnostic to do you know pregnancy home care to to everything around till end of sort of on that particular stack is very exciting and we picked up, you know prenatal of pre conceiving for couples who wanted to make sure that they're not passing on any disease to the child are planning to to pre-implantation if they're going to fertility making sure all the relevant test has been done. To prenatal to to mothers who are have not done a pre conceiving or a pre-implantation test, but wanted to you know, make sure the pregnancy is smooth and there's no Down syndrome. So, you know around reproductive health is a very large domain and there are companies who have been unicorns in Europe and West so our focus is mostly on that. And and then I said oncology their various bits of oncology. We are picking up. So how I manage is you know, I know it's Focus right now is so So much on the life signs on the healthcare side of it piece of itself is almost getting institutionalized as a much larger team and and then obviously the early stage investment. Most of the money has been deployed but we still doing you know for investments in a year versus we used to do 10, you know couple of years back so that has gone down but hopefully, you know, once we have little bit more time and more success into the life science thing what we're doing we probably going to come back and start doing more investment into into the other things as well. Why do you think the timing is right for the life sciences startups to emerge or biotech startups to emerge in India. I mean, first of all, we have a huge population and and and you know, we have like one of the largest base for cancer and if you look at Pharma companies oncology drugs, is there the largest investment the second is neurological disorder or Nero, which is again a very very large and then we are obviously susceptible to a lot of cardiac diseases and third fourth comes diabetic then comes ENT then f And then their mind, yeah, it's a we have very large base, you know in India with Diversified culture and our lifestyle, you know, which obviously so it's not just genetic but also lifestyle dreaming. So I believe you know, we're perfect base for for finding Solutions which are based on Indian sort of situation and and also affordability we could bring you know, some of these so for example oncology company don't launch all of Are drugs in India's only seven eight percent of these new drugs comes to India the rest stays in the west. And how do you actually what different do you do to bring these drugs to India? And what would be required at the clinical trial stage to do different things and that's where you know a very large opportunity for biotech. And then as I was saying, you know artificial intelligence and machine learning open up opportunity for predicting loss of different things and especially that predictions at the pit. Oh, geez did itself it's a very very large companies and you look companies like pathai which have raised, you know, tons of money. I mean, there's so many good example out there and and therefore I think it's it's just a these Technologies which are building something very different in you with the kind of the country. We are and and the affordability the price point we are very price sensitive. So some of the tests we are doing were three Is back for sold at forty fifty thousand would be we are bringing we've got them down to a twelve thousand rupee and we are working on products which will bring them again to 70,000 we so unless you bring this to affordability range for for for an urban. We're not solving anything. But who knows for for even for urban middle class Men We defeat the purpose of being all of that choice, that's all where the opportunity lies and I see I just came back from of Nature and I've seen the amount of work. For example, Kalinga Institute is doing just enormous. It's amazing. So you always think that all this Innovation is happening in Cambridge and at Howard s not the case. I mean, there's so much happening in biotech in India. And this is what we are after and we chasing lots of very very good companies were at a very early stage. But once they are ready to look for larger Capital, we want to step in and do that. You have been in the business of building consumer brands for the last three four years. Do you believe this is the right Town time and they'll start taking them and become massive, I think in your podcast one of the earlier podcast. I think GG said that you could actually disrupt any any category of these large consumer brand and I totally agree and and I think India you can you have each of these category from from hygiene to food and beverages to cosmetic Beauty every single thing. You can think you can put Of the 50 branch in the next ten years, you know, that's not enough. So this huge huge opportunity on the consumer brand and with such a large fmcg consumption-driven country as well. So our bet was on on men grooming with the man company, which is in phenomenally. Well, we then did on beverage with a company called Blue House, which is again on iced tea Focus not a very large category now getting into more Jason category, but again, It up a distribution in reach and a brand and amazing product. So I think with great product and great distribution and obviously inability to Market that on a continuous basis across various channels. If we put all of these things together, I think that may convert that opportunity to some real business and we have done this for five times and they are there guys they are, you know, we've done this repeatedly very well and you're learning from all of them and therefore I believe, you know consumer It's an opportunity for the next two decades and and it's very exciting and we're very very happy. I'm in specially you see how be safe which was with one product has now become a full range of fem hygiene. And each of these products have been really well accepted into the into that market. So absolutely amazing and we have already in the market India have shown so many great example of these consumer brand which have built up a very very sizable business paper boat in beverages one of them. So, I believe it's a it's a very exciting time for new consumer brand to come into the play.