Some of the companies where you have invested in like Dr. Z a steel hundred extension invested. What was the secret or recipe behind those Investments? I think one was really the timing of what drives it drives you is only known as just right and then they went to Y combinator they've done very good job there and and I think six months later they decided to rename the company and I think is just the sheer the timing the combination of all these Founders their five Founders how they Together the market size is sell, you know car rental on an asset light model is a massive massive market and and and then the ability to also raise money continuously to feed into into their business and and I think all of them are very nicely synchronizing right see and they were not the first mover but nearly a second mover kind of thing. So they've also picked up Market at a stage when there was exceptional car. There was nobody around and I think all of that combined the market size itself. is very very big and but I think personally I think the founders have they work together one is continuously raising money one is continuously building up more products and services often one is continuously working in on operations optimizing operation Restaurant looking for I think that the whole combination they're not every big its execution capability scaling up very systematically fed by good amount of capital is Is I think worked out to be very good for Drive see and that's why it's been very successful so far what role do markets plane when you aim for a coming to scale hundred X. I mean it has to be a definitely a chance to be a very very large Market with smaller markets you unless you have a monopoly which in in the times now, there is no such thing called Monopoly on especially on these kind of business. So so it has to be a very very very large Market. I mean recently there was an article well about about lens card and there was a coursing lens card only have like a 0.5 percent of the market share. We know how big the lens car has become is one of the very good success story what their 0.5% offer 32,000 corrode industry. So there's so much they can do and so many other players can come in. And so I think the size of the market is clearly has to be massive and in this country, I think pick up Industries, which is again consumer-driven this so many of these markets here which are very very large. You have invested in three us Ventures, which didn't go? Well, what was the thinking behind those investment? Why do you think those Investments Investments tank? I mean one of them was in building a gaming for on virtual reality and I thought that's something and it was it was a timing of that product. It was product was supposed to come out pre-Christmas and I think that was an excitement that time the VR itself was a big phenomenon is still a very very phenomenal. And the the guy have new hardwood sort of build up that rock and I think I've really believed a lot in him. It didn't go well because I think he after around I think wasn't able to raise another subsequent round which was required to Market their product and take the product to the market, you know to the consumer to the game or so, but that didn't go well. The other one was a company called a TV, which my classmate at MBA was a founder and that was his second sort of venturing. Then we believe everything was going fine. They've also got backed up by one of the regulars consumer tech company in San Francisco and all of that. So everything went fine and and but they were not able to build up enough Revenue sort of base for that product and And therefore they decide it's not shut down is just scaled down to two a very small company right now. The third one was also be back as part of a larger Consortium of Angel Network. And unfortunately, that seems also not gone anywhere but I was you know, obviously disappointed but then realize that you know, I'm, you know, you need to be more closer to some of these Investments and I was so happy that my other companies were doing so well and and I was also happy these Winners have a plan B with the guys. I was working to see what what pivot they can do. And thankfully they also some of the companies we invested they also pivot it but they also had some Capital to move that paper. Unfortunately, these come in the u.s. Didn't had enough Capital to do anything difference for that reason. They help you sort of really step down. So for that reason, I think we've been conservative of not investing if you are not present out there we do have One investment in Singapore in crypto company called zpx which has done very very well. So but there are on the founders for very long time and both the founders keeping the and again, they are very different pedigree all together in terms of the kind of a sort of gurus of crypto and they know what they're doing very well, so that has gone extremely well as an investment. Once you learn English from those four years of investing into young startups that what kind of Founders now you want to back. You know, we've backed Founders who had only a concept and then had zero execution skill, but they had that that believe in that business model and they've did everything well to make it happen. I think those are the founders and there's no single founder. There's two Founders in a team, you know, we're seeing highs in low, but they're still able to build up the business sometimes without Capital some time with too much of capital but And you don't find them all the time. I mean, otherwise all these companies get funded so nicely so finding these Founders and then finding the kind of problem. We are solving which is which have product Market fit if its technology or have a large Market otherwise for what, you know consumer brand and then their ability to scale that business, you know, I mean, these are like very simple basic things. I mean, That is all a risk because the kind of stage where we come in or I come in. I think it's I mean, it's extremely risky because this is like before any institutional money comes in. This is where your checks come in sometime you even lead these investment where other friends and families put in the money or people who wanted to invest in early stage would do it because then you're doing and you're leading that so so it's extremely risky in that way. But I would look for for these phone knows the kind of characteristics. I've just mentioned and the other one. I like to sort of back again in a game. You are an investor in labor camps, which has done very well at that time when you invest it. How did you find that the market for camping is huge in India? Yeah. Sure. I mean it says do your camp but it's it's in experiential travel company and these guys also pivoted once and I think it was less of the campaign but more of finding That people like we look one market called Layla dark and you figured out that you know, there's at least 20,000 bikers go every year from May to September and doing this bike trips and spend 35 to 40,000, you know for portray happen, but what your campus she did is, you know build up that product on completely into an experience as an operator. And and we knew that Layla dark is just one market. You have the whole Northeast Bhutan. Obviously the Nepal aim is Everest Base Camp and then the whole southern region including Kerala Tamil Nadu Karnataka and then all the way to Sri Lanka. So I think again this is we call it alternate travel in and it wasn't that easy to build because you know, the mainstream Is Still Remains, you know, the airline and hotel and and this company was also, you know wanted to become an online travel agent for doing all of these experiences travel, but they realize you know this underneath the we don't Enough operator in India. So what they've experimented obviously and build up a nice operator business. So by experimenting they ended up building a nice operating business almost leading in terms of Revenue in the country, but what we still believe this is where the sort of the next generation of the next wave of travel is in this experience will travel where people would say, you know, a group of people in in from college all the way to friends and family would like to experience nature and you want to experience different thing. On over long weekend or short holidays or even on their annual holiday. So all these bike trips we do. I mean, these are the people who are taking enrolled 10 days off from work and doing these trips and they start booking this sometime even 18 months in advance and that's kind of shows that there's a very large Market which again it's not as large as in other parts of the world by could be a very very large Market in your camels really solving that problem of trust and the experience and that's why I love those guys and then sort of back them.