Hello guys, dr. King is back again. So there is a bit of a change in the plan of me visiting to bunner got a national park today. So I thought I could utilize this time again to create one more podcast. I mean like I think I'm addicted to this guy's I'm ready to open talk. I have a murder to listening to my listeners. I'm addicted to the comments and I'm Addicted to You people showering Your Love upon me. So guys So today's topic which I am discussing. This is the third topic I think so so far for today. I'm to have the taken third topic here right now. So guys this topic is about a digital marketing made easy. So we are in living in 21st century where most of our marketing can be done. Digitally. If you are available online, then that means you can create a successful business to eye with understanding and everything. Abby Shake be shit. It's funny listening to dr. Jaime. Thank you. Thank you. Bishop guys. Do hit the heart symbol from where you are commenting to weaken. It's a find a small hard there. You just hit it that will show me that you guys love listening to me and that makes me more motivated more energetic now, so guys, let's get started with the topic. And this one is also going to be a shorts topic because it is bit technique technique technique tab, so guys, Let's jump into it so I can you can even call it as like this for great digital marketing and like digital marketing made easy. So it goes on it goes on right now. So am I let's just start with an example like a man walks into a bar restaurant. And Total Parts a car repair shop chances. Are he found it online? That's because today's consumers 80% according to google not by me according to google rely more on the web to find and choose local businesses. We do that right we do that too. So how do you make sure that these consumers find and choose your local business? What is difference between marketing and digital marketing? See the thing is that we are taking the marketing to The Next Step digitally available. We're always online available for the consumers to consume the data that information so that is we can consider as digital marketing. It's nothing more. What is marketing mean by marketing for me is more nothing more than communicating with the people for the things they desire for the needs. So that is what we are doing it online we are. Digitally simple act like a marketing and we're doing it digitally so is digital marketing. So we don't have to complicate the things. Anyway, that's a good question Abhishek. Wonderful. Keep up the great thing keep asking questions. So what is the next thing I was talking about by using a mix of these four strategies that we can get some great digital marketing. What are the four strategies first one? I would like to suggest is a searching of advertising and web site. 8:30 search engine optimization if you heard about search engine optimization, SEO and fourth one is my favorite social media. So here are the things which are you can keep in your mind. Forget it going. So first we will start with the for as I said for things of strategies like the first one which I said was search advertising. So here are the few things which you can do to search advertising identify and follow the rules of Bing Yahoo, Google Search ads ads and before running your campaign as all have slightly different formats, very important part second thing optimize the URL displayed in your search so that it's irrelevant to the product or service you are providing. Next Point include Target keywords in your headlines and copying their that either match or closely match the keyword you bid on it order to boost the chances that your ad appears for those terms. For example, if I'm planning to Market my restaurant I should have the keyword depending over like regarding over which are focused towards my restaurant. All the keywords which are near to it. So the next point which I would like to tell in search advertising tips is included Target keywords, which I already said to you. Then you should maintain that very clearly. So white strong calls to actions for your search right strong calls to action for your search ads that directly State what you want your consumers to do for example contact for a free estimate or get a 50% discount. I mean like there is a strong call point for your customers or your consumers to get Offering to so the next thing which I would like to tell you about search advertising. You can consider this as a tip when using a click to call extension consider using a tracking number so that you can identify and measure which ads perform the best if you're having 10 ads at 10 different platforms. Then you should have be having this click sensing because it will be showing you a graph of like which ad is doing it what level so that in for the next time you can design much better ads are relevant to that day. So there are some other pointers to for search advertising tips, but that will be coming in like a Next Level. So now what is the next strategy of the out of the four strategies websites? If you haven't updated your website since like 2014 do it now a clean moderate design is key in digital marketing. Plus it ensures that you meet today's best practices and web standards. Make your website mobile-friendly. We have vanish born with a condition was just give me a couple of minutes. I'll have a talk with you. So make your website mobile-friendly. So the 2014 I think so local search study results include and indicates that nearly 80 percent of local local mobile searches ends in a purchase. So if a person is looking and searching in his mobile, that means is 80% chance. It says that he will be getting your product. This is a big audience. You shouldn't ignore. So let's have a word with Ganesha before we get into the next point which I'll be giving on website. Hello. Hi Ganesh. Hello. Hello. Hi Ganesh. How are you? I'm fine. Thank you. Ganesha voice is not audible, please check your connection once Can you hear me? Yeah, you are double no. Yes. Yes Ganesh. How are you? I am fine and you I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? Okay, so I'm from Kolkata. And you right now I'm in Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka. Yes. I have a brother who lives with me below is need not car mangu about but I belong to Maharashtra, but I'm in Bangalore for job. Bus, okay for some purpose you have to visit Bangalore. Yeah. I visit many places because I change many jobs. He saw his funny. What's your yeah. What what's your patient mother which which type of job you want you are doing I do many types of jobs. You can say that which satisfies me a lot. I'm an English tutor. I'm a motivational speaker. I'm a book author a public speaker then I'm working as a manager in Arkansas Solutions in a firm. The heavy any channel in YouTube. No, I don't have any channel YouTube I seemed I guessed. Oh, is it? No, I don't have any YouTube channels. Okay. So, um, I have an option period what is The Courier come again? I didn't get you Ganesh come again career career. I have been the subject in career. hmm Subject in career. I'm like a I'm still unable to understand. What are you trying to ask? I'm saying for about career life like to see you happy about my career life. Yes. You're asking me about my career life. Yes. So let me tell you I have completed. My bachelor's degree in computer Sciences. I worked in Infosys or Wipro then I joined. Yes, I did. Okay, so then I did my post graduation visual effects and filmmaking. I worked in few films for as a team or visual effects team. So my last two movies were bahubali and Oxygen after that I worked as an animator for your little Singham and soda babe. Now I'm working with are looking for Solutions in mango. Sorry, sorry, kinase that was a disconnection. So let me have a word back with you once again, so let's continue with the next point which I was talking about website, isn't it? That is the second ingredient key ingredient for digital marketing. So accurately complete your site's metadata metadata includes title tags descriptions, alt text and etc. Etc. Etc. Not doing so can negatively impact your visibility on syrups. CRPS the that's for like search engine representation, which will be having and so the next thing which I would like to give you is about a business blog isn't winning addition to your website. It can help boost your site's SEO search engine optimization set you apart from the competition and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. It's a win-win situation. So do have a Blog which displays tells and shares everything about your company your product your services, whatever it could be. So the next thing I would like to tell you is that in order to get found by local consumers you need to Divide your site with local information like your address and Geo targeted keywords. Geo targeted keywords that you targeted keywords means it will be 0 rajakili targeting your position of your restaurant or your business your company your service providing whatever it is. So make sure the about that one now search engine optimization is the third key ingredient strategy for our digital marketing having a business blog is useless if you don't regularly create and promote or Channel and shareable content to help prove relevance and therefore ranking in search engines have to create original content guys and able share buttons on your blog button blocks so that the readers can easily post your content to their social media pages and drive visitors back to your website. Then optimize your Google Plus local page to help your business name phone number location and even opening hours show up in the Google Map and Google. Okay. Look, Search results. So this is a new trend one guys. So make sure that you have this one at your business or to your service. Whatever you're doing online for digital marketing. So next much like Google+ local Yelp why ELP ELP is platform. To complete an Apple Maps with local business results. So you will be having your thing on apples to Apple is a bit mysterious product, but I love it. But I love it. I love it. I love it. So including Geo specific keywords such as your city neighborhood is ZIP codes in your website blogs and even social media copy to appear in search results for these terms. Make sure small small things where matter a lot when you are using search engine. They action so that is it for search engine optimization a few things which have to be considered. Then the fourth statistical India ingredient which I was speaking about a my favorite one is social media social media media media media media media. So now think review and review again before you make a social media post or comment the ability to easily take screenshot makes it difficult to take back a social media mistake. Keep it in mind since your employees also represent your Brand's both in person and online Implement a social media policy that it at least permits them for sharing internal information. Make sure this is very important policy before you jump out on a trending hashtag. Make sure you know the origin of it not doing so can be potentially causing social media regrets, which is very very regrettable. Like it or not guys, you share your brand on social media and since your customers or consumers can start good and bad conversations about you. It doesn't matter. You should do that, even though make sure to set up alerts that notify you of new mentions comments and messages so that you can take some regular actions on the things and make your product the service best. So these are the small some tips which are you can have for like a digital marketing which can be made easy. And thanks for listening to me guys. If anyone wants to talk to me right now, we can have a word before I end this podcast and if you see that small heart icon near your text column just hit it. Once again, it will show that you people are loving my conversations and will be helping me to motivate myself and Inspire myself to create more content like this for you everyday and I'll be putting more and more time and more and more effort to bring some more content, which will be more helpful to you. At your daily basis your career bases your personal life. I'll try my level best and I will try my level best to learn from you guys to you to have a lot of information to share with me. So do share with me. So we do. Going to be and I love you all signing off. Dr. Amy. Thank you. Bye. Have a nice weekend sayonara.