Hi, Monica, Nina. Welcome back to the show. Thank you so much for having me again on the similar topic that we had conversation last time. So what are you bringing up with the obesity's effective points today? Today what I think of is giving the effective measure that we have discussed last time. Let some point to be added up in that only that how and what are the things that we can do to just manage the Obesity in the word where we are living in a very hectic schedule being in the our job life or you know studious life because we are in a stage where we tend to travel a lot due. Would we put the word and have junk food but not least towards obesity. So today I am also about the tips that a small change in our life can help us to get rid of obesity. So these are the steps that earlier we have discussed. I'll just give it a spite of that that change in a food habit, which will lead us to a better and a healthy life was told by me on the last occasion where I have given that the the food amount that we take we need to just keep apportionment of the Who that there is more of it. So first of all, I would argue that what do who you in the talking B. So this will changing our day. Yep day to do. So as you have added them up points that we have discussed before even and the highlights were so informative and helpful as well. So those who haven't listened our last conversation the open talk. It's very useful and helpful for them that They can just get the glimpse of the they were topic we have discussed last time. So obesity if at all if we are talking about a bear City Monica hear it turn and it's a necessary education that we need to have in these lifestyle where the body accumulates excess fat, which has a negative impact on health. Definitely. So sometimes according to me the opacity comes genetically like we have some DNA issues. And apart from this it can be an over treating of your body certain psychological factors, which are responsible for the opacity is no longer a concern a Monica that the West is grappling with it and it has found it weighs on to Indian Shores and it's a better love for many of us today. We need to cope up with it and we need to find something very helpful that we need to get proper nutrition. We need to have the proper diet and other Should be very factual 8 in our daily lifestyle so that we can come out of this overweight situation like last time. I hope that you remember that I have talked about the BMI. So the overweight is defined as the BMI and if you want to take some measures to control your obesity and other steps, then you need to recalculate every next time the BMI. The number of fat you have reduced and the number of calories that you can intake according to your body fat and the other measurements. So don't you think it's a good idea that you can calculate the Every Day's like number of calories number of fats number of calves so that you can plan your diet accordingly with will be a good substitute of unmeasured diet or the amount of food. We are having in our daily life. Absolutely, right? I just believe that we need to keep a watch over our BMI Mass everything. We need to keep a watch of it. But the thing is that that can be only done only when we are going to take a little step toward. It's like as we have discussed that we need to keep an eye on the food amount that we are taking similarly. There are certain other things. Also if we bring a little change in our life in our food habit that will itself help us to reduce the opacity whether it is genetic or it is coming because of the unhealthy food. Food or the culture that we are following in today's time. So yes, because that we need to keep in mind. Yeah. Again, only when there is pain and your the gain is not about weight. It's about the healthy lifestyle that we are talking about. So here I suggest that we need to get rid of fridge free sugary aerated drinks as I told earlier that the we need to keep a watch on what we eat and what we not so here we need to keep an eye on Fresh juices and we can go for this buttermilk. As for season. We can change our drinking habits also not Here, I'm referring to alcohol or something simple fresh fruit juice. These kind of things warm water lukewarm water with honey without honey as you prefer. So it's a little little things will help us to get rid of these things and there are certain other things that we need to keep a watch regarding our eating habits that we should have a time schedule. We should not skip our meals because in today's time what we have seen is under a lot of pressure, like people are getting the diseases are for anxiety stress and number of things where they believe that out of that stress out of that anxiety people started skipping their meals, which is also leading to obesity. So we need to get rid of that if we have anxiety we should go we should watch we should carry something like nuts and seeds which are very good substitute of Deep fried snacks. So we should can have have a fist full day with it. We can carry it with us. If we are not having time of having dinner or lunch or something in the evening so we can have those nuts and seeds in our pockets so that we can have a little of that so we'll be full. Otherwise, what happened is that when we are in a situation where we are so much hungry, but we do not find anything to eat. So we look forward to junk food like burgers gold rings and number and number of things which are available easily. Yeah. Ultimately, I think as in conclusion, we need to reduce the carbs the preferential intake of the complex fibrous carbohydrates in law glaucoma kind-- exports and instead of that. We need to have the higher intake of fiber lower intake of saturated fats optimal ratio of the essential fatty acids. And as in the conclusion, I found it good that low intake of salt. And restricted intake of sugar will help us a lot to cope up with all these situations and you will get rid of obesity very easily but it will take some time. You need not to just get the I can say you need not to feel that there's I guess I can't do it. I can't have it. I am unable to do this. You will feel conscious is very first stage and you'll feel like it's a very difficult for me. II can't leave the food variety that I used to have the As and diet on a daily basis. Yes and very first it will be typical tasks for you, but slowly slowly you'll be habitual and if you want to lose your weight, you want to release fat out of your body if you want to cut out your extra fat that is called the Obesity. Definitely if you want to get in weight and shape you want to reduce your obovate. Definitely this will help you a lot. Just be stick to your routine. Be stick to your diet and One day you'll definitely be in shape as you look yourself into I have learned somewhere from that the person who plans themselves or see themselves in their dreams. Definitely that can be turned into the reality because in dreams we see ourselves as the most beautiful person and you never want to hate yourself. So if you love yourself in dreams that you can easily turn into the reality so start learning about yourself start shaping yourself in dreams that will definitely be turning into the reality one day but with your hard work I totally agree with you. And as you have discussed about the human conduct that at a initial sales people will feel that I can't do this. I can't do that. It's just a matter of 21 days. But I believe is that human nature if we continue a certain thing to for 21 days. It came in Arabic adaptability. Yeah, so we need to keep a watch for those days as so that we can manage our diet culture we can manage our food we can Image our time of having our food. So these little habits will lead us to a happy and a healthy life. So there are certain points that we have discussed. So we should follow it and we can add a little more exercise with it. If we tend to 15 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise which will give us a lot of strength to be in such a situation that we can have healthy food and we can stay healthy. So besides it's the last at the conclusion, I would just love to say this that it is always a pleasure with you to discuss certain points and to get an Insight that what you think about the generations youth generation who's facing problem. But the thing is that at the last the tip that I just want to give for this kind of thing. Is that while having your meals don't watch. Maybe because while watching TV you always have a little extra food. We just keep eating. We just keep checking our phones or something. We don't have food only when we are with a frame of mind that yes, I am hungry and I need to have my food or we can have our food while talking to our family either. It's not a good habit that you should go be talking about before. Leaving the place or we should we can just keep an eye on these things little things which can help us to lead a healthy life. Yeah. So I guess these are the moisture knowledgeable information that people can have on Obesity and if they want to get rid of their overweight and if they are planning to get into the shape, so these are the effective measures and the steps and other than the key highlights of the key points. At one need to know about and this will definitely be the helpful one. Trust me your diet will help you a lot to reduce the weight. Also, your motivation yourself encouragement will do a lot. If you will try to do something if you will take the decision that yes, I have to do it. This will help you and the Very foremost and I believe Monica that instead of following diet and instead of making the diet chart in the mind that yes you You need to be very focused. You need to follow at this time. You have to take this put this pole instead of that firstly prepare yourself. Make up your mind that the first under prior here thing is that yes I have to do it. I will not back off and then plan the whole day routine that yes at this time. I have to take this I have to take this and definitely the most important thing include the exercise in your whole day routine if you want that. Body fat will have to get vanish very quickly. Then you need to have some exercise in your daily routine. Otherwise, this will take a lot of time because losing weight is a small and slow process and increasing weight is very fast and very easy. I totally agree with you that we have been in trouble because of this only that if we have a little extra food will be like balloons. So we need to keep a watch over it. And I totally agree with the point that we cannot just get a strict regime of following it that we have to have this at a particular time. We need to just keep a frame of mind that yes in a day. I need to eat healthy and this will definitely help us to get rid of obesity. Thank you so much. Love the enough for the lovely talk. So we'll get back to you again with the new topic and will surely get an Insight on the another youth problem. Yeah, definitely Garden. This yeah. Thank you Monica for having me again. And it's lovely talking to you again on the health issues and I hope one day we will be transforming the word with the help of these guidelines and the helpful tips for the people who are listening to the open top conversations. Thank you so much for having me. Good night. So