yeah yeah so be ready yeah I'm ready so you already have a listener yeah great Do you have a Carlos already? Yeah. Okay, so I'm asking do you take codes? Hello. Hi again. Did you say anything? No, I said they were collars. I was asking do you take calls? Yeah, we will click. Yeah you to take calls, right? Yeah. So first, let's start with the song so it's gotten by pretty car. Sorry, I said beautiful. Yeah. I love it. He says look a say. My girl keep to be to be so lucky. My good son in the snow. He shall cast my God. Hope you like this awesome. It's awesome. You know, these are few friends and who are the comments? Okay. Yeah, and there are a few colors for you. I guess, you know every word and saying hi and stuff. So if you would like to talk to anyone because yeah, okay, so So hello. So weenie. Hi. I'm Chuck and think that you can help me because I am a kind of and I don't know how to start talking. So yeah. Hello. Can you hear us? Yes, we do. I can't hear you. Okay, okay. How do you like Cubbies Kabir song first of all, so how was your first experience using this application? Clearing with winds gusting just using Festival whole our interest is good. Okay. So would you like to ask anything to Kabir? Yeah, you can ask guys. Are you a musician? Sorry, are you a musician? No. No. I'm just a big noise and just to be here. Okay? Yeah, very good. Thank you so much. Thanks. Okay, so great. How do you say thank you for connecting with us and thank you for appreciating Cubbies a beer. So if you like the song please take by and you know, you can comment and you know, just appreciate okay? Okay, okay. Thanks to the next song and then we start okay. Hyah, mule. Yeah, irony we doing I'm doing good. I'm actually enjoying today at kebede. Yeah today. I'm very lucky. I got you accept my request very soon. No because I'm not doing anything not talking. So Kabir is playing and I'm just sitting and listening to him and I'm having fun. Yeah Kabir Kabir is doing great work like Dimension topic like this. Yeah, actually, yeah, and I want to appreciate his work. He's doing really great. So yeah this point then you Hi. How are you? You're from a KUB. Yeah, what do you do? Music is your hobby or you want to profession professional? It's just my hobby, you know professionally, I'm doing my intuition. Yeah. Yeah, and if you look at there is no topic. No there is no topic. It's just that I like to copy its music so much. I Go to just look towards with him. So if you guys also would like it if you guys can be there with us and just enjoy the mood and relax. So we need working for great work. We we can talk now. I'm sorry. What kind of a great work we can talk here now talk about great talent. I think a beer has wonderful talent and yeah, right right Stalin speak. I think his talent only will talk for itself. So we When it take it don't just take yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yes, Steve play again something good. Yeah, please go on. Okay. The ball back into the hole cabbie though. You did came by. shadow You go boy. They you because I got bigger. How did he get into singing and how you started like? Okay, so I was in my friend's birthday party and all of them were saying that let's play a game. Okay, so so we play a game so in which they told me to sing a song so I sing a song I see some old song. I don't know the name. I think it's It's beautiful, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, it's a old song. It's an old song So after when I end this home everyone started hitting me that bro. You have a nice voice you have to you have to learn guitar and you have to work on your voice. So from that day, I realized that let's do something. So I haven't learned from anywhere. I just learned from YouTube that How to play guitar that I was to particular videos and listened to song and I just obsessed with his songs. Okay. So from that day, I started playing guitar and singing for your friends appreciating you yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's thick. Hello. Yes. Hello. Hello. Eric I just hello. Hi, Eddie. Yeah. Hello. I can hear you both of you. Yes. Okay, how are you Eric? And don't leave Alan fantastic. And what about you weenie? And it seems like Vinny is just a winner and your name suggested itself to be a very cheap and Kabir. I know that he's a great singer and how are you? I'm good. Thanks for asking. How are you? Yeah, I'm totally good infant. So weenie, it's maybe like you are asking something and are you single like not talking to podcast? I think it is a finger. He has a Voice singer and the talent so yeah could be discussing this. Okay, Kabir. Yes. I have heard about you a lot like you I have listened to your wife like you sometimes thing with your guitar and makes the songs also and you do compose songs also as far as rain as I know no, no, I don't compose some things you were talking about someone else. He's talking about musical career. There's another Kabir in here. I guess the table and stuff everything. So yeah. Yeah, you got your water different that means musical career is different than that of this just could be yeah. Yeah, I think musical computers on a break or something. I guess. I thought I heard about so it's um, you know, the Kabir is blessed with a nice voice and you know how it's like yeah it You were saying something. Yeah, actually your wise was breaking up. So that's why. Yeah, actually these days in the lockdown now we tend to have a bad Network. So yeah, and it's been incredible like whenever we are into collaboration in stuff, you know kind of yeah stick by I mean stay by you know, so we will just continue the session and then you know, if there's anything you can connect us back again, okay. Okay. Let's go. Baby, make sure sure okay. Have a great night it did. Okay, so yeah. Yeah, yeah. I hope you are not getting bore Winnie. I'm not really good in singing and singing know it if it's the H on the side ocean General cell phone call. look Thank you guys. Awesome. So there's someone who's asking for kabira Mangia? Okay. Okay, so, you know come here. I'll just beyond me. You'd okay when you're singing? Okay, come back when you're when you stop. Okay? Yeah, actually I'm in the comments. Okay, great. I like everything to be authentically we could beat up. I just look at it the deeper the time it could be mind if I keep guess I guess I you don't get it. The piranha most of my God I could well under budget. So nice, I think you don't want it. I usually know whenever I do podcast I have issues where I talk about social things and stuff. So Zulu you If the guy you see the one who is commenting there he is all he always has this problem always talking serious things. So, you know, whenever I comes sometimes cojito, you know, like talk something to light mode mayo and stuff. Yeah. We are going to do musical session with Kabir is Inquisitor light mode kernel sorry would rather listen to it is awesome. Like you know, so Eddie tell me about yourself. What do you want to know first of all, so what are you doing right now? Are you a student or you doing a job working? I'm a graphic designer. I right. Okay. I am I I write articles I write shy well I come on this podcast. I love talking to people and I are you retarded. People people say so but I'm not a star and I just connect with everybody and I think that is what you know gets me so much of attention and love from everyone. I think yeah, I think there are a lot of talented people in here lot of them and some there are some great personalities who are doing really well, but I think people like you who come up with awesome talent and I think they should It should be noticed first time actually, like I told you no Kabir had invited me in his podcast, but I mistakenly, you know got here and he sometimes things happen for a good reason, isn't it? Yeah. I'm very lucky that my podcast that day. I actually stumbled upon it and you know, I started listening and it was awesome. It was really good. You know, I got the fields. I you say no either you get the feels so that Me and that day was a very tiring day, you know a lot of podcast I had done. Yeah, I want to break but you know, I still I didn't have anything to do. So, I just checked and then he was singing it was my second podcast. Yeah. Yeah. It was that I did it was it was just for one hour. It was not that much. Yeah, because I was commenting the whole time. I was reading. Yeah, so highwomen oxy hi Welcome to our podcast. He look this is Kabir and he's an awesome singer. Okay, you should listen to him. Okay, so, you know, you know what I did Kabir that day. Yeah. I just plug them in my Bluetooth headsets. Okay, I kept the phone aside and you were singing all the while so I was continuing with my work and you know in between I were I could come and Is to comment and stuff, so it was great that day. I really enjoyed that is all about me. I think so. So I'm thinking I'm dedicating a song for you today. That's awesome. Did you come to do? Dude, and I suppose give me some sake video about yeah. Yeah cold me down. Cactus Kitty Learn how to make cool game loves the oh they don't hurt you it is. cactus Yeah, thank you so much. Yeah, so that's Shoji again. Another friend who is always there. Okay is there he says knock-knock nobody move. I just lost my mind in this song. I think all of us are doing that. I don't think there's another friend calling. So can we do you mind if I take this call? Yeah. Latex, is she? Hi Ashish. Hi Ivan him back on your podcast. I'm regular listeners Hai capito. How you doing? Hey, how are you? I'm good, man. You said the mood very well man. It was nice listening to you is great. There's no doubt about it. Yeah, that's why when he says, Yeah, Renee is first two hours and most of people are listening you for, you know, both of you for your Brilliance you produce every day great work is your topic and you're doing great work. You justifies your you justify your topic pretty well. Thank you. Is it copied the musical copy? We also have one user named musical career. I use the same guy. No, no, I'm just copied but you're even more musical. So, where do you live copied? Where are you from? Basically I am from Dragon. But now I'm living in octopus dish Agra. Okay. Okay. Okay. That's great. We know we need we need from Bangalore. We know all know her. I'm the kabira. She's from Rajasthan a show from Rajasthan, right? Yeah, I'm from Rajasthan. I live in city. I live in the city of Jaipur why I'm an Irish won't be coming to your podcast because I don't do which is called great. I do nothing what is called create just a normal ordinary person and I just like being on podcast and roam around have simple humor and simple Vikings. therefore I am predict. What is also from Jaipur? Who? Oh, thank God. Who either think what's this? What is his name Motika hard? Okay particular. Yeah, there are so many talented people from Japan and especially in classical music theory Jaipur. Guarana. It's very famous. Yeah, definitely how long you been playing guitar career? So it's been three years and a half. I'm detective. Yeah, okay, how how much time does it take to someone, you know if you want to learn guitar and play Simple chords? Okay. So it's all about your dedication how you are dedicated towards learning guitar. So typically it takes it took it took me two months. Okay. Yeah two to three months is and I think if you have an attic and and you were you would have spent three to four hours every day learning the guitar just an hour just an r and you was good to go into months. That's great. But I never thought I never thought guitar. Is that easy? When I thought it would take at least six to eight months to eight months to even learn a simple code? No. You know when I was a kid, I was not, you know, I didn't want to play any popular music instrument. I wanted to play more mouth organ and it still mouth organ is one of my favorite instrument and it has I mean people have forgotten that instrument. Don't you think nowadays? Nobody uses that yeah. Everyone is piano jacket. We are not widely Hamilton most important instrument. Yeah, so and we need do you play an instrument? I used to I tried to learn guitar, but I don't think it's that easy as convenience telling I think but but but II think you still play an instrument and you played quite beautifully. And that's your throat. That's your throat. The voice comes out of it in nothing less than a musical note. Oh my God. Don't you think it's amazing instrument given us by Nature? Yeah, what is it very well, like some people who have amazing voices or you know who can mimic and stuff. But yeah, but I think yeah, I think a beer would answer this question even better because he is more related to music than as I think what I think That my question is don't you think that fingers are born, you know not they can anybody you learn music cannot become a singer because you need a certain, you know quality of voice just become a singer. No, but I don't think so. I think that everyone can sing. Yeah. Yeah, everyone's can sing, but just to be a versatile finger or you know, just to be Be a you know, good your finger. You need could good voice quality, but if not good quality. You need practice Yeah, but I think is that you need practice? Okay, so you think that anyone can become a singer? I think that's a great great to way of thinking or the thing that is needed is that you have a you have voice if you have voice and you can be a single thing while why it's been a movement we can model the right order you will then why none of the current generation singers can even you know, Be considered as good as Kishore Kumar Mohammed Rafi Lata mangeshkar minute, why can't be considered them as good as themselves because we all then the main reason which comes out is that we don't have that quality of voice is that now? We have a lot of choices you have generally of songs. And before we have only the classical music And if we compare today's generation, then we have Ajit Singh. We have not yet that they are very good singers and we have a lot of singles. Okay, and both of you tell me your favorite singer then I will tell you my favorite singer. I will list you have always be always have a list, but we have to pick one. We have to choose one or at least at most two singers have been exposed to know Vinny go first. Yeah current generation you have saying anyone from any time. You can even choose a single. Eagle from Genoa remind you who you yeah, I think is always gonna be your favorite and current generation. I think there are a lot of people like there is one is great in there Jonah, you know, yeah, everyone is great. But what You like the most that's my question. I need to thinkers. I think ayushman Karana Soul the writing the lyrics a complete package, you know, he's the singer. He's the Mills ocean The Lyricist and everything. Okay. So Irishman Katana is one and I think there there there is I think it's great. He has a soul in a void. Yeah, there is soul. I think he can sing anything. He even if he traps I think it is very Soulful. So I guess he's got you know, some people have and what about you copy? So I like most are ginseng and second is particular. No doubt. Okay, but the quality of Jaipur, okay, so you made me Me feel happy you made me feel proud, you know, okay, I think you should go back and listen to her Marcia. I think you like and now it's my time. It's my time to reveal my two favorite singer and I have a list also am so confused. But if I have to choose one, it's very difficult for me. But Michael Jackson is always there in the day and second is suggesting. They are two different singers from disk. Different genres, but the if I have to choose one, there are also some you know, a recommendation that I would and then there are so many but these two are my favorite, you know, these are which I go and listen all the time Ed Sheeran currently So, yeah, thank God. She's for connecting man. Yeah, it's always pleasure. I think you come down all my podcast and Support me that is very great. And I really appreciate that. Yeah, that's good. Okay. Appreciate Kabir here because he's a wonderful talented person in here. So yeah. Yeah. Definitely. I will appreciate both of you guys who are studying great knowledge and love all all around. Thanks for having me all your podcast. There is one request. Yeah funny. Yeah, I will sing up to this. I feel cold. I keep you go. And then if I go hold you and take you home when a night you told us that you like I said you do to sleep. if you are mine to give - I can't believe my baby stay begin with your life. But so if we just like it was fighting. And now I'm the bad guy and I can feel when you grant my wish I go they leave you my love by my home. Let a stay begin with your name and night. Don't wish I could leave you my love by my whole body's on us but a stay begin with your name and night the looks go for it soon. I think I'll go take care of ya. Okay, thank you. Thank you when I was like completely into the mood. Okay. He's like yeah, so you also wow. I like is quickly as well. Yeah, do it. Yeah, lovely. This is amazing so you can start singing when yeah, let's sing funny. So I'm not good in Punjabi language, but I will try. Okay, so if I did any mistake, please forgive me. Let me rock. Thank you. My hand I am in my hand I am. Bonnie the bunny Go to YouTube. So we'll go to the can looking at you funny though. Hope you like this. Bonnie - you have a great wise and now did the beige is the branches here? Oh my God, and yeah, he's a div. It's a short of the yard. So when you started playing, okay, what was your first and for inspiration? Like what were your first songs that you start started playing? Oh, yeah. It was the cast by several a movie. I can sing that song. You can sing. Yeah. the customer to me Me how to work the beat goes I dishes on. July To very wanna do you have any screams? Oh, sorry. I forgot the lyrics in between boys. No, it's awesome. Okay, I feel better that I keep saying that again. And again, I don't know what you think but it is really great. You have an awesome song. Okay. Awesome, boys. Okay. Yeah, whatever. Pink there is solenoid. So I guess so any requests you can you guys can ask if you guys want to ask any questions to Kabir, please put that in the comment section and I think I'm just enjoying myself today and even tomorrow to enjoy. Yeah. Yeah, it's great. Yeah, we can see the last week has been so busy, you know, I have been doing so many podcasts. So I thought I'll take a break then I start if I take a break then I will miss out on some stuff. So I I said take this break is awesome. You know, this is the kind of race we should be taking so I think yeah, I want to break but you are not I will you yeah, so whatever next song you want to play you can and apart from that. Would you like to tell us something about yourself that you haven't told many people because you said you are an introvert. So yeah anything tell me one of the shared or something. Yeah. I'm just I'm very introverted. Hardly talked with the this so it's very difficult to me to communicate and I don't know how to communicate with others. So because of this I feel very shy but my brother all different states in says to me that I have to talk with others and he insist me to aplia download this application. Yeah, that's right. This is Kabir and this is about whom I have been speaking Yeah, I it was I I listen. Thank you so much for getting me that it was means. Green myself. Yeah, yeah, you can express yourself through music and that is a power you right? Yeah people don't get that part to express themselves through music. That's very good. Okay. So yeah, please go ahead and we'll be listening. We'll be there in the comments. Yeah. So again an old mashup on in this going, okay? Hi, Adam. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi Gabby. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. You first time in your pot. So are you new? Yeah, I mean, umm, and yeah, okay. So how long you been here? It's me. Only three or four decided. Okay, let's go. Let's go. Let's see play something. Yeah. Hey. Okay. That it took us another. did I say I told you so Here's a nickel. Yeah, that was a dude. Yeah, I'm just going to mark this into two numbers. I was saying what you do I said what you did? Okay. Yeah, I was out. Okay. Thank you up super super looks like I need to come on your podcast regularly. Yeah, it's amazing. And especially the way you were singing. I know the You playing it? I'd just like feel like so you are an introvert. So you feel shy to talk to girls. Yeah, it's very well. Let me tell you dude. I'm also introvert if it's real. I also feel sad to toggle, but it's online right now. Yeah, that person is not seeing us. I we are not seeing them so it's crazy. Right. Yeah. So try to talk to them try to talk as much as you can try to go and others podcast try to the if you will try the you wil you know, I will give you yeah, you will be open. Yeah. Thanks that that's the best platform for that. You know, you're gonna get some really good people here. So I'm just yeah as you can see now you're doing a With Vinny you have the Fantastic. This is a fantastic post. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so like awesome and you know, I really think you know, my day is today. I mean these two hours know they have like it is worth it. It's just enjoy it. So did you say you know, like I also love music. So if someone is playing music, I just feel like it's better to be silent and just listen to the music. Yeah, and it's locked. Yeah, so I just want to say that you're fantastic with your music and just keep it up messages. Yeah, even on and you're gonna nail this platform. That's what I feel. That's what I feel because there are so many musicians, but but you have something special for a fee Like I think now I need to take your name for my musical interviews great. So just please play something. Okay, so then we yeah, let's play songs dog. Let's play songs top. You can do like this, you know, like placed along then add someone talk to her talk to her or him then play song talk to her or him and also notice on comment if someone is requesting you any song by that you can just make a connection with your listeners, you know. Yeah. Yeah the program console, okay. Zeus I could be mad at all. So good. God's get better than silencer was okay, but he met who will wake up. Colgate okay. The house so yeah, dude now I have a request. Okay, then I need you want to any Iseman Cronus on so if you can play for him. Yeah, he just sang penida. You were there you were there. No, no. No. I was not that. I just I just came I just came and I just send a request. Yeah. Oh great. So yeah. Yeah - let me tell you come here Iceman is my favorite actor favorite singer. So favorite favorite favorite. Yeah, the I've got See ya meter because America be could not cover me. And yes up Covey and area is the songs of skin acting her. Well, you see I was abused cut was also see the poetry's and my Twitter because I follow God, how can someone be so talented? Talent is a bunch of telling ya he's envelopes. You can play that song manhole sometimes but yeah. Yep, Nika voltage. Yeah, I'm gonna diversity of funny. I will sing this one. Okay, then but this one is from UK next level. Say this again. Tourniquet are goes on TV I go to go dancing. See how he's off and start again. Yeah, so we'll just start the way Jose will cool seemed it. Open it. Look at Lisa Tina Zamora laga. Seriously, dude, get my in Prescott. Okay, but Daddy. That was fantastic. Thank you. Awesome. Awesome. Anybody think how it goes Vinny I even is on mute. Yeah, that's what I don't know. I was just there for some Charles guiteau. Sunday gave me a favorite only City wall and edit Olga gear. You have the same notes pocket redundant. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That is what I was saying Kabir I can just keep Keep saying you're awesome and awesome. And after every song that is all I can do. So today I came and I can seriously say that asking who is Kabir we need you and he's awesome. Yeah, she is amazing. You should listen to him more often. You know it requests Kabir for you. Yeah. I think I'm a knight. Okay, I think I'll be ravana like gets back with us. You know, he Yeah, yeah. Yeah, okay. Dragon UK let me see. New Jersey to have to give it to her Just say you're going to have a pool together to have. us the faceted to hankin is come to Hank and I me to have taken. I'm not I don't know the lyrics. Sorry guys. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Okay, the band says yes, that is the same. So G. Hello. Hi Rocky V having easy. Yeah, same same songs, too. Yeah, I really like the textually please copy. Yeah. to say Hello. Yeah. Hello? No. Yes. Can you hear me? Yeah, okay. I think Rocky G lost the network. Okay. Thanks guys. We are just enjoying. Thank you. Okay, yeah. I told her to even kiss I die. Guaranteed a country to beat the ready son 13:20 that gun dear facility such as we go. Kids a strategical when he's a citizen or when I knocked them down. Well on the shine that I put my hands up tonight. I like it when they say don't be afraid. Exactly. Nothing. I say you like I pick out in a hotel the tested by what? He has a kid. I got freaked out and I could just sit down like a balloon. Hope you guys like what do you like to take some calls? I think there's Nishant three very who's there on call and he wanted to connect. So let me get some you have yeah so that you can take little rest with your voice. I've been you've been singing continuously. So yeah. It could never be Hasina say I think that was the best, you know Parts even I like that song a lot and someone was saying Baker our curriculum a unit. Yeah, so I think that's also you know, the acoustic version is awesome. So Okay. Okay. So yeah, I think we miss the person so if you would like to address I mean if you want to talk to your audience, I think a lot of them are there you want to talk something you want them. Look know anything about you. Yeah, you can go John sing this song which is this song. I don't know who John Nicole original song. Okay. Now you can talk to em, yeah. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi so that compilation was really beautiful. Yeah, thank you so much it. So I got thing that I really well man. Can you take it out on a song? Like, do you know all that iron song by Sabri Brothers Thursday item? I think it was like that one, but it was originally sung by those two and it was written also buy them, but I know what if someone I'm only talking about ourselves from one, can you do it? Yeah, I can try but I'm not sure I will be no, it's fine. I'll You can just stay on with me. You can stay on with me in the zone. Yeah, so I can't you go with mirror shows you start then I kissed him with the memory. Do benaki be made of the little bit baby? Come on. Got to beat that could be Medina. When you're putting on the Eagles. I just heard it and I really wanted to sing it with I don't know which instruments will it need it actually needs a lot. Out of instruments. Yeah, so tell me why you need guitar you need so many. Yeah, okay. Can you sing? Can you sing La liske now? Let's go. I don't know the lyrics. Okay, then what we have to any religious song reducing comes on very like the emphasis on guitar. It comes really well. You know that something so when you are you there Do it. Because her a kiss here, are they easy to say? This is really beautiful ignition. Okay there is anyone you can join. Yeah, awesome wise man. Thank you. It's really tough. But fairly tough some when I really need people to you know that I can sing and they can also think we need a code 20 song even get a chorus. People singing Together the song will be great. We do, you know this song so it's down to schedule can be much higher. Have you heard about it? Yeah, that will look good in Guitar here. So let me also okay, so you have any for a while to Let's this is for you. Five in things and the broken too. I got every afternoon and fall. It's gone hurricanes. Because I have only three very good Indian people keep getting cold. For school because I have only three. switching their voice to all like much Teal'c. There's nothing there are not I'm forgetting the name. There's a singer whose voice actually in a very like soothing this kind of voice you have. He actually thinks very out Cuts kind of songs of Bollywood only, you know, I'm trying to like that song of no, I'm not I'm trying to remember I am not able to remember it, but I'll tell you later. It's been cleaned in the comment section. Yeah. Yeah, he sounds Mohit Chauhan against the oh my God. What day is it is a very underrated singer. I don't Empower getting the name. Actually. He sings very like a Indian Bollywood English kind of songs, you know. Yeah, there's a lot of songs like this. Land and remembering the name, but I'm not trying to get over it. You know, it's fine. Okay, then using any Raha. Yeah, I'll come but that's fine. But I need you to sing any rehearse song after this. It's fine. Yeah. Yeah Winnie middle you see ya sure because a lot of people are asking what a show. and everything Okay. Heads up, so kanna-chan. I don't know. Please take a really good singer, you know you just match her guitar with her voice. It would be really great. People will increase more, you know, just take periphery Assessor. It takes very tough while singing playing it. So here it's playing at yeah, it's tough. So if you have any requests, yes, otherwise, you just take the next caller. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so I named it. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so you can take care. Yeah. Sure. Thanks Michelle. Thanks for joining. Yeah, I think using thanks. Yeah, buddy. Gina-san sang a song Dodge Dart. Yeah, I think I'd song. You know you he sang it beautifully super easy. If you want to connect you can connect a right now and Angie is connecting. So yeah. Hello. Hello. Yeah, yeah doll. That song is amazing. I just I just yeah well with music test kit. So I've got a coin music person Colorado other play songs on guitar to obviously it's quite challenging I used to do is really go pee. So, yeah, because and especially my John songs have just it which one In which 1 k x mod here of negative voltage a good idea. Oh my God that song people and yeah get a favorable critical chance. Got it. Got it. Got it. I don't sit on it again. autopilot That's all I know. I'm very bad at the next liner if you next liner. The other Molly very favorite. I love that. Almost perfect. Wait, wait, John Caillou looks amazing. I can sing. Yeah will be bought Vale lens. But of course again. You're not gonna know we are coming. I don't know who it was. Yeah, awesome. I think we need to say goodbye. So guys as you can listen to him his voice is just amazing. So as if you love in the podcast don't forget to press the hard button, which is on your right side that will motivate this amazing Jam to come up with more interesting musical podcasts. So do press the hard button do follow him. So that you can get updated with the his podcast and if you love music, then this can be your destination. slow motion Okay, I think the food is awesome. Okay, so only 20 minutes left. So let's play to run in okay to done enough to jar Nana. Okay, buddy, you talk to Paris and then you play that song? Okay. Hi. So hi Whitney. How are you? I'm absolutely fine. Thank you for asking and What are you Gaby? I'm going to have everybody using School band. So well and you play guitar so well, and you know that whenever the music is going on, how can I be absent so yes for the telegram it live up Lucas until many many major broadcast message anything to not gonna listen to you. Okay, it's okay. How many units a year? I think I'll sing Baker are correct. Okay, that's one song which is my favorite. So yeah. So yeah, I will I will one second. Okay? I'm not very good with the lyrics though. You can you can go for Google lyrics oh my God. No because the moment you move out of this app. It's all yeah. Yeah, is that happening? No, I usually do that in background. I see the lyrics as well. Okay. So yeah, this is how it goes, Boca Raton. Jalal who may well good easily take a child. But the hood he had gone. Hello. Vinny you are not audible. Yeah. Okay, so my drink led him. Yeah might be the network is super that she sang. So well, the first line was just wow. Yeah, I would if she comes back to bed and I think she is. Hello Minnie. No, am I audible now? Yeah. Hello you sang so well. Hello you guys honey. Now you adored? Oh my God. Oh my God. I would just tell you that. Please. Please sing the first line. I really like that. Thank you the middle of us measure. Athena was the last car. I lasted over. significant I think that is mad cool but Muddy Bottom of what happened to show up in it Whiskey I know bajada telega really really I'm not a singer using so valeyard really my God oh my God I mean it really or many best part be better idea would last ketchup me Bahar ke Kya toward actually I love that song it's like okay Kabir I think Abby has one last song to sing. So Paris, would you like to sing a song before you too, you know? Okay Cabeza callosum? Yes, okay and singing one song Tookie was female version be a tomb a female version of male version makes cupcakes guarding to kiosk a female version of a paragraph Lu 3 is equal to Delta Mass Cordero to keep my art style bad guy guarding we saw Song course at seven years eight years, but before they can leave me guess I see that nothing could be a deep Soaker be her seen it like at the kadhi. Keep out. The car has seen it. Los avika crazy. Yeah. Well they can look at to see this. I'll be like a thing. I didn't see Kirby. I think I could be the biggest sick topic. I've seen here. I could be a lost cat. It was nice for ya gates to hide economy. I don't wanna know me. Oh, I did learn it go. He banged out the liquid again alaikum. But not the galbanum you feel me like I can. Shameful, given moment like I can and he does date. Yeah. pilot song carrying you mean I don't know. I think it was supposed to sing one last song because we are running out of so this song is for all the people who are joining. Yeah. Okay. So this one's for you and we need for you also in Paris for you. So it's photographed by H feeling. Okay? Loving can hurt loving can hurt sometimes but it's the only thing that I know when it gets hard. You know it can get hard. Sometimes it is the only thing that I know. We keep this love in a photograph. We made these memories for ourselves where our eyes are never closing hearts are never broken times Forever Frozen still so you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans holding me closer til our eyes meet you won't You hurt me baby. Only words bleed inside these Pages. You just hold me and I won't ever let you go. I found the one you found a very beautiful. She said her tubes I Holdings I sure have. Then just not secret you can we love can we dream because we are just kids. Ooh, baby, baby dancing in the dark. You've been listening into a favorite song when you said. My word to that effect. Yeah. Thank you session cubby best who are spent well. It's the mood and it's awesome. It's awesome. Really. So guys commenting the songs now, he send your list to Kabir so what to do because it's a question for you. We need both of you. it up and in You can. You go give it to John. What Tina members so let's go be singing ABC song. Okay, so last song Last finally lat. in Burlington I could us alone didn't not the kiddie. Don't let go. This is salvation. Look out. Thanks so much guys, that's all for today. Has been there with us. He's gone. His comeback is born his comeback. I think I don't know how good you are. So I guess So shall I leave now? Somebody might be on the call like this? No, nobody's their furry you can you know talk and if yeah, I think there's mr. K waiting I guess so, yeah. Yeah, so it can you see Toby. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Vinnie. Thank you could be a board. That's a building. Thanks for joining. I think so. Hello. Yeah cabiria have any yeah, only two minutes left less than two minutes. Yeah, I guess very well and concluded session. I guess the last one was like the cherry on the cake. Thank you so much. It's very beautiful. I hope you enjoyed I was really happy all the while. Okay? Yeah. Yeah still yeah. There he is. Whatever time yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think so much because great with you finally. Mr. Kay's your and few seconds. I think he less than 20. Yeah. Yeah. It's not connected with the other. Finally. We have any week. We will do this more. Okay, surely surely I would. Love to this more. I think now I have reserved. Hi. Hey there. Oh, I'm here. Are you guys like are you listening? Yeah, how many seconds we have only 20 seconds. No, 15 15. Okay. Oh my God. Oh my God.