Hello, everyone. Hello standing High. We need to see how are you? I'm good. And finally we are doing a pot together. I'm really happy and excited at the same time. Me too. I'm excited to that. I'm with Marvin E and we are live podcast together. This is like all for me that you are with me. I feel really happy here right now. I guess I have always been we have been planning for this part since a long time and finally it's happening. So it's fine. Yeah. Okay. So how have you been all this while stunning first of all? Yeah. I cannot hear you. Can you hear me now? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So have you been all this while yeah, I'm doing great and you know Just I was waiting for this day that we'll be doing a podcast together. And yeah now I'm here and you know, I think the all callers are will be happy to see us together. So we need please use like like introduce our podcast at what we are going to do now and I think let let some more call some more people who don't have let some more people get on the board and then we can start talking so Basically, you know, I am going to introduce a series where people are going to learn English because people have been asking for this a lot. Okay their vast for spoken English material and how they can improve English and how they could you know, try and be more confident while speaking English. I think this current everybody. Yeah, I guess is for everybody. Yeah. Yeah, so Most many people face this problem and I think we can start helping out a little bit from our side and try to understand their problems and try to you know, solve their problems. Okay, and it would be helpful for everybody. Like if someone is beginner or someone else like even some somebody is very fluent in English, but you know, sometimes they are having problems while like grammar. Or grammar rules or somehow in other things so it will be clear. So exact. Yeah, it would be Seri, they can think of and they can share correct. So basically it's going to be on Mondays only every Monday is will do the spot and and I would be very happy. If you join me with this port I'll be with you. Yeah. Yeah. I'll be with you in every episode. Yes. That's amazing. Okay. That is what I expected and I'm really happy about that. So we will be talking about English communication is stunning. I have seen that you have done a lot of PODS when it comes to English Communications, even on cast box and on over talk to okay, you have worked with idioms. You have worked with different different other subjects when it comes to community eye out for some time. I'm doing with like vocabulary. I'm going with vocabulary. Sometimes the communication is still White. It is necessary and how to like why we are about language while the language is very important in our life. What is the role of the language? I did many podcasts on that and you know, I'm striving for that and I have learned that this is a great platform that we can learn many things from each other. Okay. Everybody has like has some speciality in their self and when they are speaking when they are coming towards they're sharing their views. Like we are learning something from like each other exactly exactly. So we have a caller in here. Let's let's just take this call and then get back to you know until a few listeners Gathering more. Okay? Yeah. Hello. Hello. Okay, he's gone. Okay. Yeah, so coming back to the topic like, you know, I was saying we are going to do a series of episodes. They are going to be episodes where we start from the basic if right from E6 of any application. We will just get on grammar and understand grammar and its usage in communication. Okay at the same time we will Are taking doubts of people related to certain circuits and modules of English like bursting. So avoiding me or what do you think again like in the morning? I was like going to are gone. I went to somebody's podcast, you know, it was about grammar. Okay, and you know many people talked about grammar. So what do you think that is it necessary to focus more on grammar every time like I think that when we are Speaking. Like I have heard from many personalities. If we are going to speak it is not necessary to focus more on English because we get stuck somehow if we are thinking more about grammar. So do you think it is like it is like this exactly I will talk about that very soon. But let's start this call of him and should call and then we'll talk that is a going to be a long answer. So let's start small and then get back to Yeah, right, right. Hi, I'm Andrew G. Welcome. Hello. Hello. Hi standing you have any how are you? How are you doing? Every Monday and you can share with us he and stunning together for concepts of English. If you are a learner, you will get new thought understanding if you're already a person who speaks might get some Polish. No. No, I'm alone. I am alone and always be alone. Okay. I know I have to learn something from you. I've seen, you know when I heard you in the beginning So at that time and now yeah, you know, you have improved a lot. So you will share today that what what have you liked? What is your struggling in this regard? And how much you learn and how have you been there? Like you have come to this? Okay. So first of all, I'm not that much good but still I try my best to convey my message that how would I be able to be at a level at which I am right now? So in the beginning Go studied in a sea bass is called that is Central good student examination. We all know about that. It's in English medium school. So what happened they are like teacher used to talk in English, but we don't have that confidence to speak at out. Although we are able to understand that what they are saying to us and we are able to understand the each and every word that they're using but still we had we don't have the confidence to speak it up because we have that PR on my mind at the time because like if I spoke something in front of teacher She might scold us if we are if we get wrong in that so that's the reason why I'm not able to speak it up. But after the college at the college tie my first year I create that environment because environment is plays a very important role in learning like when you are for example for on a for a simple kind of examination. Let me tell you like you have heard about this third, son of the engineer always become engineer something. Yeah, so this is He's getting from the environment of his home and similarly another example, like if you put a child from a local region of Bihar or whose native language should be English a sorry Hindi. So and the child is of the years old and you put the child on Americorps San Francisco Chicago. So when he came back to India after four years or three years the only language that he spoke his English why because of the environment that you get over there and find for that kind for achieving that level of English. He doesn't know that what is grammar. He don't know that what is present past perfect continuous tense, whatever. He learned. He learns from the environment similarly goes for us. There is in the grammar. But in order to have that truancy in Hindi, they haven't studied that Hindi grammar. So environment plays a very important role. So similarly when I when I was there in the college we decided there are a lot of friends. Luckily. I got the opportunity to be in the one of the finest College of India where the student from all over the country. They they come there to in order to get the Even so I create a lot of friends over there. So we started talking to each other. Like let's give it a shot. Then we started talking to each other like in English and somehow what happened when we started talking. Also, there are certain words that they do that they use in the conversation in their conversation. So exchanging of what's happened happens over there. So their words, I got their words and I started using those words in my conversation and somehow slowly slowly. I will be able to realize that okay, I am improving now. I'll be able to have a conversation with the people over here. So environment is very important. Like I have seen a lot of people they go to the English Institute and they stuck in the tents. Like what are the part of speech is? What is stanza? Like what I've got third formula donkey work a second formula guy can so that is how they got stuck and they started memorizing those prefix of these are affirmative and these kind of sentences there is start working on that, but I have seen a lot of people All started after them and they started with each kind of formats such as a bodytalk open toe and there are speaking really there. They're far better than them those who are spending their time and wasting their money on these kind of English spoken Institute seven days, you will be and you know recital of those coaching and the title and the banners what they have written English needs a kite to bargain Jacquard Loom as a coach. Yeah, like even even like I'm not like I'm not saying that I'm good, but the level of English that I have achieved right now I even like if you ask me that what is Future Past continuous tense, so I was like, oh my Vodka first gear exact so yeah, we made out of middle ear actually stunning ask me a question right now people talk about grammar and everything and she asked me if it is really important. Now what I understand here is C grammar is you know, it's the route plan. Okay, they give you it is a grammar is like concrete steel cement and you know the bricks but it's not it's not necessary that you just hold on to that. You have to use it to build your your sentences not just to work what people do is get on too much rigidity when it comes to grammar. They focus on cram so much that then they actually forget to you know, focus on the process of building a sentence like when while they are painting a sentence they are focusing on the grammar. The sentence is grammatically correct or not, but they are not focusing on delivering the message while they deliver the message. They are looking at the grammar and What your article rather than communicating now see grammar is it is very important when you are doing stuff when you are drafted when you are writing a book when you are writing a letter to somebody that is where place an important room. But when you're talking to some of the rules can be bent a little bit. Okay? Yeah while I'm talking I don't think okay. Have I focused on my. Your have I finished my sincere. See because this is an informal talk. Okay, but when you are giving pH when you are delivering a message, you are already tell you have to start concentrating on your grammar or grammatical exclamations at that particular moment. But when you are talking to a person when you are conversing that is not important. Yes, it is to a certain level because you cannot be messing up the sentences. You cannot be talking the sentences in the wrong direction. Okay, because you're liked if they are placed in the wrong place in the sentence meaning entirely, but Who's the way you store it, you know according to react the same way grammar has to be used it is used to convey your message properly not rigidly. So like yeah, like we need to see when we are speaking our own language like Hindi. Yo, do we are speaking? Okay. Thank you. Are you okay? It's a correct sentence with grammar. Okay. World Order reminds me of a thing like when there is a ma'am of mine was a personality development teacher and her name is Raj. Is she okay. So what she told us English the very funny kind of a language. Ok, so I said how okay, so then she gives me example it somehow like a I'll give you that. Okay. So acreage atha How You Gonna pronunciate that how you going to translate that in English? There was a king. Okay, but the same time there was a king means one hiker agita exactly. Yeah. This is the best example and after that I'll be able to realize Kyon Ki English is a funny language. It doesn't depend like Sometimes what about the was hard? Yeah, what do what so this is the example that okay. Yeah, and I was like hi. Yeah, you say you both Harvick Rosetta acreage see ya Let's Do It English himanshu G. It is with every other language. Yeah to get but yeah, yeah why we focus on English because that we are not native to that language model of New Year language hamare Roots men here. We have not been speaking this this is a foreign language and we have adapted to it. Okay. So what? What do we start thinking is using it properly is important. It's not forgetting. But when you talk your native language is you don't actually focus on the grammar. Now, I would like to talk about poets like poets don't actually focus on grammar because their sentence is not totally different like, yep, and if you just stand there The people of cooked and yeah some higher level of grammar, which is which comes Beyond later on, you know, like they are using comparative sentences like similes metaphors and you know, these are some models of English grammar, which we can understand later on. Okay, so I think when it comes to learning a particular language grammar should be learnt only for the sake of understanding or making it as a route map rather than you know, completely depending on that stuff. For understanding the language Ma. I'm thinking I'm thinking that if somebody is a beginner you should like this starting you should focus on grammar and learn grammar rule like very strictly buddy. I think yeah. No, no tell me tell me tell me carefully. Okay and what it is when it comes to speak when he he's very alike. He has done all about he has learned all the rules of grammar and he is going to speak. A dead man, we should not focus on more on speaking. But when he is beginner, you should learn grammar at that time on the like very basic basically like on you can say first step see what like it's like see if I have to go to a place and I don't know that place. Okay. What I do is I use Google Maps Okay, but I follow each and every instruction until I reach there. Okay. Yeah, so once I reach there now, I know the route. Yeah. Okay next time I'm not going to use that Google Map because I know the route I might take a different route, but I'm going to reach to that same destination just in that same manner grammar is like the basic steps. It's the basic steps that will let you understand how it works. When how okay. What more? Okay. So how what is the importance of every word that you are using in your sentence? Amber will teach you but grammar will not teach you that grammar is not going to teach every sentence you have to use it as a material and build your sentences. So if you did and just grammar grammar a mess it up, but that doesn't mean you don't have to know grammar at all. Because if you don't know Graham at all, you will mess up with agendas with the tenses with everything else he or she you will call past the present and future. Everything will be messed up you want to do Never a wrong message. Yeah, someday one person asked you that I was saying that I have a problem that I am messed with the like her him, you know, exactly like I have seen many people that this is the big problem that you're speaking too fast. So you are doing At that time yet. Yeah. So other thing is one more other thing is that we tend to literally translate our native language into English like what are willing literally translate Carnegie koshish curtain, that's where the problem begins. Yeah because in English words are placed differently than the other languages and I think in every other language The same people that yeah to see the caller as well, you know Anand is waiting for a long time. Such important topics other than agriculture all the our music but would like to explore. Yeah. That is the reason that is the reason why I immediately joined the call after watching during the series introduction. Thank you for later. Yeah and in the next classes if you will be coming in the middle of like our class so we will ask you to sing sing. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Bye. Okay. I'll give my yes. He is. Please meet you stick by in the comments if you can so, yeah, let's take and easier. Hey, Andy. Hello. Hello. Hi Andy Palestine. Hello, Nina. How are you? I'm good. How are you guys today and D because you know, there's something about this portrait. Okay. So English is going to be happen. Yeah. It's interesting sounds interesting. And you know, I'm trying to speak more and more English and know I am dreaming and where you are. I can tell you yesterday night. You know, I was dreaming in English. You're right. That's right. It's very good. Very good I have on that you start thinking in a particular language the more you start learning it in the better, you know start when you start responding to emergencies through a particular language like when I Get angry. I get angry in English now. I don't know how now I don't know how people but whenever he suddenly I start speaking English. My anger comes out in the English language, but I may not be able to express my anger better in bharati, Canada or Hindi but I will be able to express my anger in a proper way in English. Okay? Oh my God this girl. English and I was talking to somebody and you know Go the whole my dream was in English angular has become the up to y'all. Yeah, that's because I thinking a lot about English and stuff now so that accident and with this I would like to give an example first. Okay. I'm sorry. I ran into him interrupt you actually while I was doing my internship and everything know I started working with a US company. Okay, and and for as a marketer for some time, okay, and there we had to speak to foreigners and we you know, we were trained for American accent and he knows after a period of 15 days of training what happened with me was like I work night shifts when I used to sleep and when is to wake up in the morning while I was little I will I used to sleep in the morning. You know, I sleep in the morning. So while I used to be sleeping subconsciously what people used to Walk in my house. Everybody used to sound as if they're talking in American accent is to warn no word. When did this happen? Like when did my mother starts speaking in American accent? So that happens a lot if you start actually when in when we are so much into something we get dreams about it. Yes, exactly. That's what happened. It's that psychology and by the way, very very nice series. He's going to be hand. It's really helpful because there are so many people are coming here on open top to learn English, but there was nothing like that. But now they will be a English series and from Winnie and stunning you guys. Have you both are amazing. Yeah. He was very happy at that time that my first art is very like word because I'm happy and I'm and Vinny and they made me popular and no, I don't know the name of that boy was telling me his school. He was sort of I am actually and a dream part actually when I also started learning list, so I was like Like so much into it. Okay, so I used to even think I said I started thinking in English. So I used to also get dreams in English. So that happened with you two and that there was a human who was on call just before me so he said that if you want to learn any language in Ooty you need you need to create an environment. All right absolute. Sorry. How can you do that? If you don't have a you can thinking you can send in front of your you can talk to yourself, you know in another this is like use of phone, you know, this is the positive use of all made fortunes on so I started when I started learning English, so in style in starting it was very hard for me, but then I installed body. Doc and I used to talk like six to seven halves in just English. So after time by time by time it scale it started getting better. And now I think I can put the nozzle but the only problem is going on with the and not good at vocabulary times when I talk particular topic like it's because I am and so that's where we're at. That's the only problem which I'm finally pull you guys will think to how to improve vocabulary. We are going to cover a lot of aspects of English and we are hopefully going to also focus on vocabulary at the same time. So we will be really happy more than happy to, you know cater to all these problems that everybody is facing and in fact, even I am not really good at vocabulary. I think I have to polish my vocabulary a lot because at times I also, you know get messed up. Or you know stuck up and I use filler while I'm talking which is okay. Okay, and so we also want to start bursting. It's also there are there are a lot of things I did for improving my English like listening to English songs really helped me actually was I used to start so when you think it's really have then I used to watch news link and talking. The like I used to talk like six to seven hours. So that time it was like I was like, but now I'm not practicing at much. So yeah, so it's you and I will I will try my best now and looking forward to the series. So I must like think about that that what problems you are facing and what problems you have faced till now to learn English Okay gather these all go And tell to us so we will be doing podcasts on residing here. It will help us to help others. Like maybe you what problems you faced many others also could have faced in starting days. It was like hard to talk with people see one more thing. One more thing, very important is confident. If you want to switch port on that particular topic if I if you have good content and you can make a call. Moses then today, but if you get agitated doesn't matter how good you are you will be not able to speak soap for learning support speaking any language. It's very important to speak right? Absolutely. Right like the practice make men perfect. So total much you pick much you will be get better. Yeah, right exactly. Right. Yeah. Yeah is what I did. I used to speak like six to seven hours on phone. My parents used to tell me like what you doing. Why are you talking too much on phone? Yeah. I used to I used to talk too much. So fun of me in English, actually, actually I come from a background that everyone is like Hindi speaker or native language speakers. So it's really hard. You can't talk to them in English. So how you gonna improve? So I just decided to use my phone some people suggested me. You can go in coaching centres like English speaking courses as he wants to say it sir. I've been with CKD my body also gave a sentence or something, you know, so there are some quotes are like in the heart is seeking ways to be like essay called linguistic at heavy. You can cram English return our system we can crap. No, no, you know what they are doing. They're giving the sentences in English and asking them to to cram, you know, right exactly. Yeah. This is the oldest way but, you know, like very funny way, you know things that That you need to buy heart and understand there are things okay. There are things that you can understand. There are certain things that you have to buy heart. There are certain things that you have to understand and there are some things that you have to learn on the go. Okay, so that I think is very important to understand people just blindly take a books and start, you know, checking it out and mugging it up which eventually messes up with their print because now they have so much knowledge. They don't know how to use it. Like they don't know where to put which word you know how to My entire dictionary, but if you don't know where to use where to use the word properly, then what's the point of it, isn't it? So you have condemned for some time and we have few colors in line. Okay, so, so, so thanks for like to take others on call and thank you again for connecting. Thank you. All right, bye-bye. So one. That was Andy and like, you know standing Andy spoke about the environment talk about it further. Yeah. Hi. How are you? Hi, I'm good you on how are you? Yeah, thanks. I'm good as well. I'm good, too. So this topic is that he is behind I was very happy that we harness. Added someone so I'll be there anyway to it. Yeah behind is a friend. Okay, right. So this topic is all about English series introduction. So in which context you guys are talking about not getting them actually. We won, you know II do pods. Usually I do General Parts about General topics, but I get a lot of demand for English communication topic so I'm actually plan. On starting a series where we talk about English communication burst Little Mix some potential issues and certain things about grammar and everything how to use certain elements of English to yoyo be a proper speaker was better in English. So we are starting a series and we are introducing it today and we are also talking into consideration the things in the problems that person faces when he starts learning this particular language. Okay, that sounds good. So you have any problems like to start of course tremendous cooling was done in Hindi medium and in College, of course, I faced a lots of problem with speaking English because of my score was pretty good in 10th standard. So I got it Reno one of the top college of Mumbai and push everybody was speaking there. I was feeling like a fool over there or on the course I can barely Speak, you know, I really could barely introduce myself though. So really then, you know, I started watching going list movies and TV series. So what do you want in English? You know, I still am not fluent in English. I can speak a new intermediate level but whatever and movies and TV series really and also some of little thing as well. So I a charge that form to practice more to, you know, cam across or more people joined pod. Okay as well, but I don't think so. That is quite helpful because I encountered with many people like you or you know who are you know, don't even know how to speak basing this why we it was very difficult for me to you know, to continue with you know, so I joined this and no dog as well to practice move. Yeah. Okay that so what do you guys actually do you guys are like, what are you qualification? And What do you guys do for a living? I'm a graphic designer. Okay by profession and I otherwise I do these parts and I do write a little bit for as a hobby. You can say, okay, and I think you're stunning. I think you should yeah. Yeah, actually I am just a student and I'm also learning like I'm learning English as I'm doing. Up and preparing myself for eyes examination and apart from designing Masters in economics. So I'm like English. So I am facing so much problems regarding English. So that's why we have decided mutually that we will do podcasts or regarding this and we will discuss what problem we are facing. So maybe we can help others in this tutorial. So is this IPS helpful so far? Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. I have seen the Improvement in standings language because the first time I spoke to her it was totally different and it's been I think a month or two months. It's been two months that I see it is more polished. It's more crisp. She's using some great vocabulary in her sentences. There is so much is this drastic change in her language? So I guess So we need like a you know, what should we do executive due to you know, like improve our in spoken English for Sam Gordon understanding I can cause of course. I watched as a TV series and Hollywood movies, of course, I can understand everything within its complete speaking. I know I leg little bit, you know the cause of I don't know this because lack of practice or what I don't get it is totally practice with 1C listening and understanding you can do it. Once you learn literature also like when if you are If you have learnt English in school from the start, you will eventually understand what you read for the proper challenge deliver sentences. You have to make sentences in a bit your brain as fast as possible because you know, just like your native language when you speak your native language, you don't have to think to build a sentence. Yeah exactly. Why because you have the confidence. Okay. This is my native language and even if I mess it up Nobody's gonna Judge Me Now with English. The main problem is people are so scared to keep charged. You know, people are fear of being judged or made fun of these start, you know fearing they don't want to take the charge. What do I take the chance of making a mistake? Okay here goes. Thank you so much for all your answers. I think it's very good that you're listening to English song watching. In English, you have to keep polishing. Yeah many people say that learning is very powerful powerful tool to learn English. Okay, but I have observed that varies person to person. You know, it, isn't it not very necessary that if one person is getting too much from just hearing just listening. So other person can also learn in this regard. I think that it varies person to person, you know, As far as I'm concerned, I'm not too much learning from just listening. Okay, I can while cooking when I am speaking too much so I can learn more and more if I am I stopped speaking even for a week. I'm feeling the difficulty of like while sleeping I have observed this. Yeah, we should note that point what you guys said. I really like the way you guys really are helping people over here the thing that's radio it. It was very helpful. Like like whatever say it is really, you know point to be noted exactly a mess up when you make a mistake you have made a mistake. What happens is you take note of it and then next time we can speak you try not to make that mistake. Yeah. Yeah to discover a new mistake every time you speak you discover something. Okay, you know you understand where you are messing up. Is it with the Vocabulary is it with the sentence begins with the tenses or it is Deliverance of the church? Okay. Yeah. Yeah, you start realizing that thing you start working on it actually because when you're young you listening your understanding the other person so your work is not done. You're Gathering actually working it on the field. So when you start talking when you do mistakes you start learning, so I think I got it. Right. Yeah. Yeah exactly, right. So thank you everyone for connect your thank you so much for your response. And I hope there will be many people will be in your in a waiting list is people. It was really nice talking with you guys. Thank you so much. I was reading the comments actually stunning and Yeah, I and I was just I just read the comment of Andy. Okay. Okay. I think it has gone on for it's about confidence or reading lab four pillars. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah confidence play a vital role to speak and language. There are so many people found problem regarding hesitation while speaking, you know, I have faced this problem a lot and still this problem are Winnie I'm telling you still. When somebody is very good at speaking in front of him. I was just thinking hundred times to go to are okay still I am facing this problem. And yeah, and I hope that when it comes to speak with a native speaker, I don't like I feel I don't feel how you feel comfortable, right? Have it be said that I don't know why it happens. I'll tell you the reason for that. But before that we'll just speak to Russian because we have already connected his call here ocean. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Yeah, you're dealing with I'm very good. I'm very good. And what about you? Yeah, I'm talking for the first time to Russian. Is it no, no, is it having no? No, yeah on the cash box. And yeah, we on the cash box. Yeah, I don't have a lot in common section. Maybe we have spoken a lot but on call I think this is the first time we explore get on the cash box. But yeah, it's pretty great. Confess something right now. Okay, I don't know. I don't know. I know about English. But okay when it comes to talking to you like I Stacy I'm talkin to Vinnie. Okay, I have some vegetation I think too much to talk with you. I don't know why that's not just with you but that's with a lot of people here on open da cunha he is yeah. Yeah. Yeah. With me in the group, but on the call, he doesn't right. Right right James M. Same old me, but I don't I don't know. What's the problem. It's not an English problem. Like I can talk with English anyone. I don't know. What's the problem what? Yeah, absolutely that problem was with honey. Also. Okay speaks to me now because the first time that he came he was very hesitant and I spoke to him and it is tried to find out what the reason was. He was just intimidated by me like, you know, sometimes what happens is we think that the other person knows a lot but which is not true just because somebody speaking in a particular language with very, you know, Comfort does it mean touchy? Okay, what happens is like standing was saying now that you know, she can talk to native speakers. She does not feel scared talking to them in English, but she feel scared to talk to people that she knows and Leadership now why because we have a fear of getting Annoyed like you know if getting embarrassed if the other person is just want to make was or something. Okay, but that shouldn't happen and it is also about being misjudged or you know, I don't know if the fear of making mistakes, I guess that is where yeah, hold ourself behind. Yeah, like were thinking like for me I think I just over thing myself like okay, how how can you think about me like my English? No, no, I I don't know. Yes. Okay. So you feel that the other person might just start judging you for your language. Like he does not know English, so I'm not going to talk to him, but that's not what happened - yeah, that's not going to happen. I know that that's not it's just my over perception like exactly so that happens with a lot of people the I have I think especially did one podcast for this is with Gigi and actually that is as why men are afraid of talking to the P but we still on a very general term in like why usually people are scared to talk to the other people studying was saying like I don't get comfortable I'm not comfortable when I talk to someone who's good in English Okay now why this happens is when we are learning we already have it in the back of our mind that we don't know this language hmm we have accepted fact we don't know that language so so what happened you fear you know you fear the consequences of it okay walking in the dark so when you walk in the dark you're scared why because you don't know what is coming in front like yeah speaking English is also like that when you don't know it you feel that you know you don't know this language so you feel that if you mess up somebody might laugh at you make fun of You yeah, that is it and it starts coming up on your self-esteem. But which is not right. I think if somebody is judging you on your language that person is not worth talking to unless you are into a field where your language matters like if you are in a field if you are working in a call center and you're talking to a native speaker, you're selling him a packet gonna guess that time you have to be afraid of it because of me. Can you can you hear me now? Can you hear me? Yeah, yeah. Okay. So it's the thing is that see if you are into a profession. Okay, if if your language is an important integral part of your profession then you To focus on that particular thing. Then you have to think that you are not making any such mistake than others, you know, that's not for you but when you're in a group of friends and I think it's okay to make mistakes Russian, everybody does and after all it is the languages in it. Okay, but that aside just let us create a fact that you know that spot just a language you're just focus on delivering your message rather than focusing on that language like if I post something Okay, if I have to tell Russian a secret, I will not focus on the language that I'm using to tell you. I will focus on how I'm telling you that secret is it so just the same way when you speak English focus on delivering your message focus on delivering your thoughts rather than the language that you're using don't be rigid about how you're building a sentence like I have been speaking for an hour, but I have not used each and every sentence perfectly using naturally. Do mistakes it's not that I don't do mistakes. I have been speaking the 12 years, but I still do mistake. Okay, so nobody can be ever be perfect in a particular language unless you are an author or poet or something. Even they are not perfect. They are also going to beat you up again. Okay. So Russian the fear in your mind is only your's you have created a perception that the other person might you not judge me. Just yeah quick throw it in. you know, actually it's not for all it's for you only just for you because at the starting like when I just started going podcast and also like when I come on those open-top I fear to talk with people but yeah after using this application I Got Confidence so much confidence that quickly I will talk to anyone and I didn't I just left taking care that how much people think about me and what can you think about next yeah so II really I really learned many much more thing from this open talk I'm just in the open house I think one month and before that before this closing of this application as well yeah I learned many things but he had this problem is with you only like and nothing with anyone so this is the only thing which I confessed right now this is the problem with you like whenever I have to talk to and I think too much I don't know what When I'm in the pinball myself, then then I think and today I done that so I'm really feeling great. I feel really great that you did it because you know what happened see there are fears in our mind until another to face them. I think once you face them, then they're gone. Okay write that. I don't you know, okay if I it, I'd hold back in that integration hold you back from talking to anybody not just me. I think you know you're not buddy, but on a very serious note, I think if it makes you feel uncomfortable then do it properly. Okay? Yeah, right working. But yeah, I just I just commit myself. Okay. I will I will going to do whatever whatever is the yeah. I'm with you. That's the spirit man. I think that is great. He made you comfortable too. You know and I don't want later as well whenever you report. Yeah, I will definitely from again to Forever Yours, you know what, you know, when I came on this application, I really didn't have any intentions of continuing but now I feel I should and every time I make people like you people like standing some more people who say like, okay, I'm here to learn then I want to learn and stuff. I think whatever but I can do I want to do it and and if you have something to say then why not like why not? Absolutely. Yes. So I think I will keep doing it and Russian. I just hope and wish you all the best and I just hope I don't I don't want you even more nervous after this. I'm very feel comfortable right now. And yeah, I will get I will talk to you again. And again, that is absolutely great. It okay. So thank you and thank you for having me here. And I have a compliment for a one of many for your writing of poem. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I follow you. I follow her on this diagram. Oh you want to thank you so much. Yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yeah, okay. Thank you feel uncomfortable talking to me. I don't know. I really I really I told you I guess you follow me first. Hope and my Chinese before and what is it? I think that is also one reason people tend to believe that when they were writing this. I just make a perception of very high-profile, you know, like a very high-profile people in my mind and I think that that's the problem like any Yeah, people usually do that. Yeah, people usually do that after seeing that star on my profile year hype on my mind that okay, how can I talk to you? Okay, okay. Okay. Yeah, but I have busted that myth that I am a very normal person who can be approached Focus. Whatever. The thing is, whatever the problem is you guys can we not just other people talking to or all right now, but also the people who are listening see, I'm not really that rigid about my thoughts if you guys think that you have a question you Which is a genuine question genuine problem. If you have a you think I can be someone who can help you out there, please approach talk to me. I will definitely try and help you. Okay, it's not that I'm somewhat. It's going to be a really great doctor. Thank you. Thank you very much for connecting coming by. Okay, there are a few comments one is Honey Singh ji says that I also insisted insisted her to do English course. Yes, honey. I was supposed to take the theorist and the other day when you told me on cash box that I should do these series. I think that triggered it all the more. So first of all, I would like to thank you again. Yeah Honey Singh every time he used to tell me that you should start with English classes so stunning, so I have taken it quite seriously and thank you, honey. Let me she says great weenie. Great quality. You are adopting even having good command complication ambitious. I see I have never been into a teaching profession when it comes to English. I have been efficient when what for technical stuff but English has been my primary language where I have studied and we have spoken to people and we're used to communicate and that's the reason I'm using this language with command and and I actually want to polish it and you know, give it a better. What do I say more richer and Rich this language? Okay, make it efficient rather using the words. I would like to add some good vocabulary to it as well. I have been reading a lot and I'm trying to do it better but not say I'm perfect but I am learning and but I will make sure that people who are here with me will learn with me. learn from so I will take that okay and another comment no one is perfect anything never on and now she become yours you know honey I asked you to teach me but you know you did not teach me yeah so now I'm with Vinny learning I'm just just you know II have a hunger of learning English exact so I went everywhere when I can learn I think so that and I have seen it in you okay I've seen the fire you knew standing for learning this particular language and that is important okay unless you until you're hungry you will you know the food you eat it doesn't digest so I think when you're hungry it's better okay you stay foolish I think Nike Nike some amazing brand some nice tag lines I think those matter a lot. So staying hungry Instinct polish is important and I think there was a comment here Vijay Vijay. What I think is he says what I think is a rectangular comments are a so I am I've been missing what I think is there is any general topic then I can talk if it is something like English series then there is nothing for me to talk other than listening. Vijay I think if you have to talk something you can come up and talk about it see it when I say English series. We are not talking about English series running on the channel we are talking about this is gonna be the series of episodes where we are going to talk about English. We are talking about problems of like yes, when English the problem. We are sharing you can share your problem. You can share about English language anything else it was right, so it's not about the series we are not talking about Watching English Series. So yeah and Vijay is your high wedge a widow. I think a lot of the and Daddy okay - Daddy hi. Yeah, we are we are to the topic ambitious. We are to the topic. - that when they re sitting there is a connection problem with bhandari. Yeah bhandari or not audible. Please reconnect with us and we will talk to you and ambitious SC ambitious today's topic is not very rigidly about English model. It is about the pros and cons and the problems about English and at the same time. We are discussing many stuff. Okay, where it comes to English communication and stuff. I think we Han is also your behind is gonna go Look Bobby's on his here. We on just wait for a while. Hi Rejoice. Hello. Hi Vigilant, how are you? Good. What about you Kurt? Yeah, I will good. I just want to let you know that brother Liu ji told me about you and me I think can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you speak. Yeah. I think he's also like working for the one who is in you whom I cannot wait don't worry we had two minutes please he told me about you that you are from Punjab me no I'm not from Punjab I'm from Karnataka Okay, so let me know first about you then. I would like to share myself. Okay, there's another quickie that has been on top and talk. She's from Punjab Pakistan. She's a different Finney. Okay, Anna. I'm a different Vinny. Okay, so I just want to talk about your yourself. Okay up from the not a graphic designer the stunning here stunning. You can tell you tell him about you. Yeah, I'm I'm a student of comics. Okay, and I'm preparing myself for eyes and also I is so I'm here using this open talk. So today like we are we are doing podcasts on English series and we will do this podcast every Monday and if you have any problem while learning English and you have like on you want to you can coordinate. Yeah, you can come and yeah. okay thank you so much thank you so much both of you and I hope it's my pleasure to be with you today and okay my name is Vijay and I am from Punjab but I miss Ali and I'm 19 I'm doing my studies I completed my T th gorse and adding to do my MD program and I was working as a teacher in verse 1 God as English grammar teacher Archaeology that teacher drama. Okay, and I am working now and I just want to pursue my back to my studies. I think we did your voice is breaking too much breaking lie. I just moved from best to pursue my studies in Delhi and now I can see that's what I like. An introduction like when I read this sentence, like I was so interested to talk to you. It's my pleasure. That's really nice. But we really appreciate the time and wanted to join us on this particular topic. That sounds really great. Yeah. So before that, I just want to like I think you you people are like helping others. Right. Yeah, we are trying to yeah, thank you so much. Like my vision is can I tell you something personally about myself? Yes. Go ahead. Yeah in 2015. I'm a boy. I was a boy he went away to English, but it's a case or that I learned it. And now my desire is like the people like me and it took were they is asleep. Least like hard chart those who wants to learn English. I just want to replace and help them out. That's great. That's a very nice visual yard the Dowry. Thank you so much. Thank you so much succeed in that vision of yours. We are just trying to do a little initiative through this free application. But if you are someone who Who can physically go out to different places and help people understand this particular language. Nothing great. I think we will be very thankful. If you will help us to like if you will come on next next podcast to and you will help us share your knowledge. Nice talking to you. we wouldn't start at the actual core sessions on next Monday today is just the introduction we are talking about a few minutes to think so please connect with us again on our next Port it will really appreciate it thank you so much thank you so much hey we hon hi behind hello how are you hello hello hey how are you I'm good how are you guys yeah yeah good you can see that we are good because we are together yeah yeah yeah that's good that's good to hear okay so today we are talking about English so you know are you are also like your English is very good and you are like you are your struggle a lot for English and still I know you're watching this series at least so you can tell by yourself right what did you do for your English communication that's why I wanted to join in on this broadcast yeah I just saw the tag line in wow so much Discuss, let's all the stats. It's fun. Maybe my information will help others to improve their image. Like this is the best way for lazy people if they want to improve their communication skills improve their English. All right, because people they don't like to read they don't like to have watch serious stuff, right, but they always like to watch something entertain entertainment. Right. Yeah. So yeah, this gives us, you know, entertainment knowledge everything, right? So yeah, you guys never watched any series I think you guys have I'm asking both of you. Why I didn't get these ask again. I thought seeing that you guys might have watched like a lot of web series right still no. No, I did not having mice series was mind your language. I started with mind your language. And before that. I used to watch shows on HBO The not to a Half Men and then I used to watch Disney shows Wizards of Waverly Place and zakah. 40 and stuff on TV but then later on what shows TV shows but then series I think mind your language is one friends Big Theory, how am I and now Netflix? I don't watch Netflix, but I used to watch those other schools, which I still prefer to Sheldon is another city. So, you know, we need like I watch all of them, which you have said just now like How I Met Your Mother friends ends Big Theory and the Sheldon to like I'm waiting for next episode. They are not releasing. So yeah, which will Big Theory is all one a Big Theory. I don't think new episodes will happen on the talking about young children. I'm talking about Jung Soo young see I'm Sheldon. I think they released one and stunning. You should mind your language series is fun. Actually. Yeah the link on telegram today. Okay dislike. Cities like friends How I Met Your Mother Big Theory. I think every teenage has gone through that. Right most definitely every teenager everything is but then not I think a few of them because some of them are on the in DCU stuff and on the Disney so yeah. Yeah delfy. Oh girl. I think I have watched all these Series. So yeah coming Mike, you know, but if you're only Ron you have only this is that is only you have done for your English watching series known unlike but yeah, I have watched like bunch of you know, like started from friends and I think more than 20 web series. I was still no so I thought you told me that one year Watching web series, you know, this is really helpful like if you want. Groove like this really help help us, you know, exactly does does undoubtedly because you know what happens, you know, our brain is so much programmed to remember things that like so web series and stuff are entertaining if there is something entertaining you tend to watch it and keep it in your mind grasp it even faster rather than the boring here reading it out from a book or you're listening at the podcast. Okay, so when it starts getting serious then gradually you start getting bored in it. But when it entertainment music or movie you you are actually hooked up to it. Like, you know completely endured so it's even easy here blood was there much. Uh, what blood drawing? I'm looking for blood. I don't know how to cook fish. Hurry. Krishna's not only talking like customer care eggs are books really helpful to improve English and II gave him some answer her ebooks can be he says thanks Minnie. So quite Alpha laughter. You don't like he's reading reading books a lot. You know. Yeah. He purchased a not want to cook. Yeah. And reading week is also helpful for us for improving English. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that will help us to do in our imagination. You have seen we are starting to mute for a while. So you guys can continue talking. Yeah. I'm getting a call. I'll just take your column can come back. Okay? Okay. So we add I was telling that we have started this series now, so, you know and every Monday we will do that and this is only for and like if somebody has a problem any problem they can share us and we will discuss and we will we will keep different topics regarding English and the problems we are facing while speaking like if confidence building or like grammar vocabulary in this regard but that's nice do you guys have like also have started it you also guys can start watching series together you can do that too so you can discuss know what happens in that episode what's going on yeah yeah it's nice it's nice oh you know like there's a problem you know I have see I did not have seen like any web series till now and you know you told me you told me exactly and but I did not see till now I will start and then I will see so I don't know how to form where I can get this way cities and what is the procedure I don't know and she just told you know the steam she just told you we need I see she's going to give you a link on telegram I think there are many web series on you can watch from their own telegram their don't have to do anything on credit card we can you know web series are like audio and not audio these are video I think yeah video web series yes totally video ads so so on telegram maybe he's having like they are group I guess okay so you will find links they'd only like when you will help you write so the this will give you the link now to download from their own you don't have to ask for any stuff right so we'll get everybody yeah always good to read books but we have to you know like have more patience when we read books you're definitely I will see that I will see you now like web series it will help me a lot so we will discuss and about that and I will discuss with you as well when I will see I will tell you sure sure hello so what do you do nowadays how your days are going on it's going super crazy I guess because I have college stuff right now going on so you are going like your college has been started on daily basis or online only no no no like not yet started but we have this one they have released some details like you we have to submit assignments we have to appear in online exams yeah yeah that is the same with me that is me nothing else going on licking I don't even get time to watch web series or anything right whatever time I get I look for your podcast or weenies podcast or this another girl okay she's also in trained nowadays honeymoon I guess your shizuka I guess shizuka yeah yeah she is she's like I think way more better than other people on this platform I should not say this to make other feel bad but yeah she's real great yeah yeah she's good he's from like he's from India array how old is she she's from India or from Wendy's Kelly she's really do you no good okay he Nick hi yeah she's a she's in a jar so I think the content that she brings also is great that's okay look like she has this new experience the way she actually does everything just like you know I can't compare you and her but yeah she's doing great actually you know yeah you know me I'm not keeping the treasure to myself only know you're trying to spread it and you know I always appreciate the fact that you are the one who actually got me connected to standing and that's always going to be you're going to remember that forever okay I'm up he'll give you everything that is when he had never spoken to me before that he had never spoken about he'd never had a word with me on call a one-on-one but that that is what he was telling people they're all given he's good so we can't get y if you know anyways absolutely I do believe in that acknowledged exactly so that yeah I Monday saying something hope we don't come across each other again we hon you said she's better than all how to help you compare her to India when G OK ammaji is making jokes okay is making following I said after that I can't like I cannot I should not compare you and her I said that too right oh boy it's and there's no I never so I want these and having fun it is a common friend he's a friend of shizuka also he's a friend of me also so it's a yeah I was I was there you know when I'm Angie and I was like I was making okay Frank hey Frank what's up hello you got like lot of experience you know I'm a man who is a lawyer he's a great writer is a great smile as a great I mean he's everything okay so what I've got oh my God I'm Angie please don't say this what is this I'm not a freezer His friend. I would love to join in podcast, you know? Yeah, always we got you. Remember the last time I was here Desi just kidding now. He's okay the last time when he was here, he said, you know our behinds and we photos these are same and there it is. She also like, you know the names although started facing exactly. He does that very person and hello. Yeah, I do remember him. Yeah, exactly. He's great person. So if we hire I couldn't see your real fake future Frank. I don't think you have to see I think his identity lies in his voice what he talks. So I think that's all that's required Rehan. I could not see your real face future. Yeah means my wants to join Roy is not on column Angie. He's not there if he was there would take him on call definitely. okay so we need we should take our best call I can't exactly Hari Krishna is on call let's take Hari Krishna because he sounds really annoyed with us that we have not let us talk to him because then now we'll ask me such questions then I will not be able to answer them so we had great talking one keep connecting with the Z and it's always great or by the way thank you very much goodbye Nicholas the way it might all have you sent requests on Roy oh he's on a request and then get back right so if you want to you want to take another no no it's a A hundred minute. Thank you very much for the request and well except for me. So actually I have some doubts really that's why I came here. So actually I'm reading some lot of books to improve my English. Is it really helpful? You say like a rigid something. I really understood the word. How do you see just like I answered the same question to Russian not Russian we won we won was here. Okay. I answer the same. Question to him. He said I'm listening to songs. I'm watching series. I'm reading books. Okay. He says I can understand English, but I cannot give it back. Okay, when you when you stop you know when you are okay, but you have to answer you have to you know have the right words, but how that will come if you're reading you're constantly reading you're grabbing some information. Okay, but does that help you to build up your sentences like communicating the when you communicate to people okay when you do mistakes you learn we're not to mess up what to do and what not to do okay reading books is great it is good for grasping and you know taking a lot of information but when you have to communicate I think indulging in communication indulging in conversations is the best way to learn just like people have been using these applications to talk more and more people interacting with that kind of conversation Ian doesn't matter what topic you're talking about but as long as you're talking in English and you're trying to use new words you're trying to build your sentences in the right way that's the best way you can reading books because in my experience I don't think because you know I have the way I learned Languages by listening and talking rather than reading books because I have particularly if you see him and said you also gave an example he belonged to an Englishman It's like I'm feeling like reading some books like that time. I think the sentence formation it may be correct. If you really observe like if you reading loudly like that, if you tried it is somehow you can easily correct the sentences. I'm feeling like that because even me are so that Is he like that? Absolutely see absolutely when you read a book the sentences are correct. But are you going to use the script intense when you talk to someone like you're talking to me? Have you do you remember one sentence from that book that is it while you're talking to speaking? It is impossible to use that words, but even into reading somehow like some more books then Can easily find sentence formation I guess because I am trying now. I am not expecting reading books. So because just I try it now, I started my journey waiting what happened books can tell you what reading books can do to you books will give you information and it will give you a vocabulary like you're reading a book you find a new word you mark it up. Okay, and you learn the meaning for it when you're talking next time. Okay, you try to replace certain words with that. Yeah, you are right. When somebody's talking about that subject that time you can use it. The information can be used. But if you're totally depending on books to build your communication see communication as what it is completely practical it is but one thing okay. So yeah, you're absolutely right. ocean means a lot of people have saw me having some misconception conversation me the you are having good skills in English about it's not a conversation I like how you are conversing with one people like how you are like interpreting your expressions like you are point to the person you are point is reached you to The Parson or not that is the most important I guess the conversation is delivering your message okay communication is Art of delivering that message okay now when I'm talking to you I might talk normally but when I have to give a speech to people I will decorate that language with with some amazing words some big words you know which will be impactful on the minds of so this is the difference between position and communicate okay but for conversation or communication understanding of that language is important now when you know the basics of the language you can start conversing once you start on your sync button which will brush up the more you have the more I try the more you learn the ways of talking the dialect you know the voice connect the phonetics of the words like how to pronounce the word but you're reading you might read it you might read it in your organization but when you're talking to someone you know the right pronunciation the impact of it see these things in hand it's not that I'm not saying that one is important and another is not I think these things you know everything matters like a ninja he had commented here Reading Writing listening speaking you know these are like the pillar okay these are interdependent on each other but you cannot stress on one particular thing yes you can stress on conversing because while conversing because I know a lot of people who are here on this particular application who have not studied gone to school they have just studied up to 4 V but when they speak they speak even better than I do they speak like a native speaker they have an accident they have words that they use are Awesome, what they have got some pool or the from books. That is what they've got from experience an environment people around them. Yeah, you're absolutely this is all agree with you. Actually, I mean intention is someone is was told me after listening my speeches and my pronunciation something so one personal suggestion me like you try to improve pronunciation and as well as the way you are what stressing is very like he was so can't understand what is the best way to improve my pronunciation and yeah where can I use stresses like can you teach me anything because I see this application and you got able to give the answer I guess no hurry I'm not senior I joined this application just after you know similar names like a you are already in the this feel like you are having some knowledge in English I know so how can I announce relation as well as the an apple picking with the one sentence like what stresses like observe when the other stock see if you see someone who's talking good okay who is pronounced or if you are pronouncing if you think there is some wrong that you are messing it up we're just how the how the little something others please try to imitate and understand and learn from it Okay negative nor does he not seen any sense like are you practicing your English from a long time that's what in the application connect again calm and I will take your call next see hurry up it's very basic I will tell you the more basic things that to learn a language OK read Listen Now you listen now you know there was one with us he said I listen to music English music I watch Christie it is now when when you watch series listen to kind of accent they use okay if you can try and you know she instead of trying to an extent you tried to use the mother tongue confluent like you know we who belong to the cow language is yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm also getting I've been just wait for a while it's got enough fish to one question this time but I definitely leave the call okay okay okay please share me know it first it will be people are waiting yeah what do you want you are the explaining in between the district okay yeah that's that's the same thing I said see we the people who belong to South have a strong accent okay because the language that we speak has a stronger and you can just work on reducing that okay like certain sentences certain word you know the way of man he ate of our native language is has a heavy accent which which influence on our English language is visible sometimes okay let's try it access to the kind of pronunciation he'd rather than stopping the native accent I think try to reduce the accent because if we are trying to copy the native accent we are totally messing it up and then we turn out to have a funny accent okay if you're trying to think just check out the phonetics there is something called as for notebooks where you can understand his word is where it has to be specified it has to be not so try and put your focus on that and try to learn that which we will be discussing in coming in coming episodes we will be discussing phonetic so that will help people the pronunciation part will try to join and my last question will you have some time I want to ask one more question yeah please go ahead my last he's actually a people are saying I like I seen some more many YouTube channels or so and somewhere people are saying mostly meteor the language like whenever a person is speaking new to speak try to imitate the language like to speak with the person I think it is something it is not possible because the person whenever you are conversing with the person it is a like a you can meant you should maintain some speed otherwise it will be too awkward to see so Allah yeah imitating the imitating is coping okay yeah imitating is because rather than I think listen with these people you know be attentive and the person speaks I tried to grasp because every time he speaks every time you catch up to his words you eventually when he starts when you start delivering it back like and he said these are the more you listen the more you give it back now in which accent you're listening the that accent is actually working in your brain okay particular action slowly to start picking it up okay so if you're talking to a person at that time focus on the message rather than focusing on what you know how you speak but sub learning that action what's with the Native American accent a Roy it is it is an obsession these days people are so obsessed with the accent but I you know I have I have one answer for this see every other country in the world has English Okay English is spoken but they don't focus on how which particular accent what the focus is delivering the message so I believe you start focusing on that focus on making your sentence rich rich in a sense efficient with some good words rather than how you know I'm laying it automatically the things change okay when you start focusing on delivering the message I think you are Focus will come out of that particular thing start working better with your sentences rather than if you because in your mind you're while you're giving the message you are already focusing on your sandal oh my God whether my sentence is coming right or Not So eventually you're going to mess it up this is really for me to position it thank you very much for your answer thank you let's see yeah thank you honey thank you very much wait widget is our clients are from USA then we ju don't have an option not to learn American accent see if you have clients from America then yes it's the need of the are is that you know if your profession hello - hi hiya doll ladies on a floor and all Elizabeth yashvin my name is Ashley you have to wait basically I'm from Canada South Indian guy hi to all much as high much even I'm from Karnataka which listed its place I'm from gonna be there I'm from neither okay and you talking man okay well which was just checking out the kinetic I were from very very many okay buddy you okay I think I guess like you know what morality also exactly I do but I don't know morality okay Mangia Mangia now Aishwarya Rai Ila 31 yes yes I like is matching with the I guess he's from Sandy really don't mind okay all the cookie okay yeah he is winning ticket reassess opener left-handed bat okay now other than Allah were a teen and mother targeted advertising mother Leroy so starting note please no no no okay okay okay we will do know yeah she went definitely actually mesh but we will keep catching up okay I was really happy that I met Roy because he's from Turner Attica and now I'm even more happy if you it works basically I'm a student I'm a student from right sir I'm doing base in agricultural wow that's interesting okay yes on according to student I'm just said no I'm a student of a BS in agriculture third year student okay I guess there are two speakers I means like a lady's okay one is called Pakistan you know you can see like they are two girls yes yes I'm basically I'm a new user yesterday I install app and today during chat with you that's fortunate enough I guess yes we are fortunate enough that you have connected to us and put in is station Alles oper over there's another Mumbai career a leaf yes yes okay okay now that's about it yeah I shouldn't how are you doing with this application like what was the main reason for you to install this application just bored with bodytalk now I search for a new app I got this one open talk is fine for me like it is like a second like we can are broadcast also we can show our talents like a music music skills like they are there are many fully today I have full day today I learning about this app lonely okay that's absolutely from morning on talking about English is Introduction like a lot of people so me and English episode try to you know help people out and also at the same time learn English so you today's introduction of this particular series and my dear friend standing is here both of us are you know okay basically I have like a some doubts ability to English language yes I like to say about accents various actions I have doubt but it is now clear the doubt is like we have to be perfect in a grammars like making of sentences when you will be are working in a corporate spot we say like a doing job this kind of professionals see the thing is I shouldn't see if you're working in an industry where you have to know English like sometime back I said I I have worked with the marketing okay and I was working with was clients so if you are you working with us clients to it's definitely a need where you understand actions because you don't understand actions you will not be able to comply to what they are talking right yes that is a need but if you are not in a field where you you talk to more native speakers I think First Learning the language as it is important you know because understand link the sentence is delivering your message is what is required rather than the accent and I don't think even the native speaker is focused on your accent they don't you know as long as your message is loud and clear too them I think that is all it takes is a Sly I my question is related to grammar like Graham grammatically our sentences should be a good see grammar I have already spoken about it at the start of the pot that grammar is important but it is not rigidly important see when you read grammar in literature it is different but when you talk in communication it is you know in a conversation is not as important but you know what it comes to like the people who are just speaking like it's like like her he's speaking okay he's taking like southern part or northern part and you know these type of like extend when it is they have to improve I think so that is not important that you speak values you sound like like in native speakers or use you sometimes but in my life yeah see what happens is you know mostly it happens with Indians and I'll tell you why okay yeah there are several States in several states have their own language and every language is quite we when it comes to pronunciation expect sudden languages have very heavy pronunciation with words and habituated you know using that particular voice tone so what yeah when we adapt a new language what happens is we eventually speak that language in the voice tone of a native okay it is one of change yes and today I got like when I am talking with a when and generally in like in Canada in whatever area problem my mother tongue is moratti when I talk with Canada in Canada when we then they think that I am ready when the poor people from North Indian eye when I'm talking with him he thinks he's like nobody knew that I was from South India okay okay when I spoke in English before makeup I was true talked earlier unless I told them I was from below and then when I started in the people like shocked you're lying you're not so the thing is accent reduction of the accident or having an accent is a myth okay if you really want to okay so if you are cooking you can not just mix it up the way you want so just like that language is also a so when you build a sentence what would try to use it as it is like the next week okay so it's not that it's not going to happen just what in whatever okay see now you speak a lot morality but where are you ready to speak you get to speak in kannada very less not very often yes but you speak what happens is you moratti influence is seen in it yeah basically if you start speaking more Canada then I think that little thing is lacking will go off so I don't practice make you already know the language that you don't know the language okay but even unknowingly unknowingly you sound like a Maserati when you talking about yes yes we are so we should go for other caller to me in the last 15 minutes I don't know there's some problem okay let's take a Roy and then let's keep talking again we need looks like a Telugu girl no boy I'm not a Telugu girl tells about her Manchester life but I do know a little bit they'll go okay okay he's ready he is that way got about them look at thank you so much for thank you for connecting keep connecting man nice talking and let's take a drive let's take raw and then let's get to get onto nazmul okay yeah Roy is making fun of me I in the comment section Roy matcha having fun oh yeah she's meant to strengthen am I right yeah louder I think since then and I didn't know what to do so I just thought I'd let me just stop it okay but that's a nice way to talk to them telling them that I'm from Manchester yes we need to put some mascara to just you know make the thin crispy and of right so the people can have something to talk yeah so don't give up the secret about my Manchester life you know I told you the sea like everybody when I met Roy the first time you know you know a lot of times but then randomly asked him where you from and he's like what is wrong with you so excited me too so after that we like much on Machi you know full-time so everybody's like okay mathematical so do let's not disturb them so much as the language cannot it on my language like you are Humpty are Bolton higher cassey ho hello Roy hello hello yeah yeah yeah right I told you about this series that I was supposed to start so today's the first day and then from next Monday on Words it's going to be rigidly complete that's good see this is the first the English one I have started then the history and the Other Nation First Nation first cut the start who took I eventually I'll start working on it okay so I'll pick up one and we'll start working on that and everybody is going to be reserved for English so then we can take right yeah so yeah hello looking out for these part canister and we may look as if you know you're not able to me or not yes you are now okay so yeah what happening was I was doing the part today and I've been ask multiple questions by the people that you know I ve heard that cash box is kind of sister to open talk and we can told that people do speak speak about English and how to improve English accent anything after the English language and I've been looking out for something some show or in a some podcast where I can ask them to refer it but since you're doing it now I can ask them to do it for like yeah yeah yeah that would be great hey Danny I was okay yeah so yeah we will do it here it is all right then I will let's let's take some other calls we have too few people in the car thank you Roy thank you for calling Roy and we'll just discuss about it pray so on and then you know put it into a yeah 30 minutes left right sure sure thanks for connecting on the bay hello buddy long time hello Danny hello hi hello how are you hello how are you I'm good I'm good also so what did the I'm really sorry because I was little bit busy in some work before that is why I was not able to connect in your podcast from the very beginning okay no problem that's when you can reconnect it to us and see I have started again like I told you that I will be starting very soon so every month we will be talking about and how better they are yesterday yeah yesterday we need to be was some Fantastical you know singing songs yesterday and he heard me the first time yeah you'll have to think I do love to say a lot yeah I love to listen songs and I love you listen Vinnie as well like who is your favorite singer you know we need the I think we need to love to song like the old songs I think yeah old songs but I'll be not sliding the be naughty I'll is our content okay I hope that next Sunday you will sang A like the tomb here are some from given actual okay I will I will definitely I hope you join us on the Musical part that I do on Sunday did we find okay definitely so yeah we need it so I have another question to you guys like you know most of the time we like we use common word like fluent speaker whenever you anyone asks any me or I Jaques anyone like what like what do you order the purposes behind your learning English they're literally like delivered that they want to be a fluent speaker so I want to learn what is the specific menu for and you know can you please clarify that word see meaning of fluent speaker is you don't get stuck up okay you understand the weeks and when you want that said you know get the right words to tell ever it is you want to say something but you don't you don't sometimes you're born you don't get the right tenten's how to deliver whatever you're speaking the other person has to understand that is see there is no particular language that is perfect nobody speaks a language perfectly there's no infection because it never ends you keep learning the language because every day it's up okay okay okay you speak with confidence using it with the right words rights sentences in the book that the other person understands okay I got it don't get it back because always the words are same the present one place to another if you just change one or two words from here there the entire meaning of the sentence changes and it does not mean that you are using new vocabulary you are you stuck while yeah so whatever you're speaking speak it confidence and try to deliver your message properly that is great yeah when it is fried you know some people grow and misconcept on their mind they feel that that comes like a fluid means if you are able to speak in a speedy way or if you are able to achieve like British or American scan evil and consider as a quantity speaker but it's not that it's not right actually see if you're speaking in a Speedway what point idea of speaking Telugu in a message you're trying to put speaking it's not a competition that how many it's not a rap right badly yeah and when you are picking a partner you know you make more you know you get it stuck and making mistakes and it's not pleasant to your look at the spea the other person is not able to catch what you're talking I think that is a speed like the paste is very important whatever Pace you speak uh-huh the other person has ended and if the other person is understood and is able to answer whatever you have delivered fluency with the proper words and things okay see every time you can upgrade yourself right right right is that yeah you know yeah I know yeah I know my like according to be I think fluent speaker mean I like if anyone able to express themselves like Express their opinion in English towards the other people are the listener then right we will consider them as a fluent speaker once according to Amy exact right time in the right place with the right words with write sentences yes okay uh-huh exactly right so you did know like another thing I usually do to enhance my speaking English like a lap together I love to pick some synonyms you know because whenever you delete exactly whenever you all deliver different synonyms or towards the listen then your conversation look like so attractive and your listener will be in fact yeah exactly so is it a good is it correct that I yeah absolutely absolutely it is it's really nice it I told you know you have to keep upgrading you don't stop never be perfect in a language you have to keep upgrading every day so if you're adding new words to your vocabulary using new synonyms antonyms and stuff okay EC beautifying your language is always great so if you know the language you are are able to beautify it and deliver it to my normal friends I start using big words then I'm not a you know Communicator exactly right and I think where you use things like if you if you are into a swing of using great words putting them into action yes but if it was I think you can talk normally because there is important that's all I know right right yeah you know the another one from Bank yeah okay so I'm from Bangladesh and you know in our concrete a like most of the people is not like English is not your native languages it is of second languages so people of our country face like English isn't quite irritating language and that is why though they don't move up in English and the first I am fear I think it's a common scenarios in all all Boyd I think so and like yeah what you don't know if you know the language okay it's not bothered because exactly right here yeah we need I'm hearing you okay right okay so great so we need a I have to go now because have to sit on my study table because I'm the examine of plus 12 and thanks for having me on your conversation and thanks Sonny the also yeah thanks thank you thanks for connected okay take care of yourself okay bye-bye bye-bye we have to do so yeah she has no problem okay so yeah there's honey does Ninja let's take mins and then we end okay I guess very hello how are you yeah yeah yeah actually I'm literally exhaust but I want to say something you know you guys are going to Bob done it guys but you have started a lot of people they go on a lot of things from you yeah yeah while the while decoding actually I've been listening to you oh that's so sweet yeah but girl today's I've got a lot of you know are a workout so how's it going people they have asked question yeah I think a lot of questions came in and a lot of participation but boy and you see the 374 people listening and the best part is I'm doing my first pot for this English series but stunning which I have already congratulation before that I think I'm really happy I would love to again and again I think you were gonna to do again Monday this meant upcoming yeah they'll get five days together they are down would ya one thing the North Indian people are struggling with a communication so please hold us yes I will definitely get this truck to help everybody is in general and we will how many minutes we have left I think to yeah only two minutes okay I would I would say I think yes you can yes yeah yeah so how do you know you are talking to good and you know I'm feeling really blessed first of all thing you guys are older than me and I thought I would love a lot of things are before that I have learnt a lot of things yeah and yeah I right now it's still not have you know some kind of things to express but don't learning since morning qualities yeah I need something and ending with something I think in the evening I think it's the kind of beautiful and you know you came here and home of our podcast is and going to be and compliant which is completely honest with you for Honor me first of all I'm getting is some pretty much you know what I say positive energy to ready and girl you always you know positive and what I see and you know thank you very much yeah you guys called what do you mean of that well let it be let it be honey he means pretty I gotta balance calling girls got it yeah