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Okie, dokie guys are back again with another new podcast this time. It doesn't any topic which is English Vinglish class. Why? This is ongoing CDs from classful class 3 class to class 1 and now it is classified. It's going to be an ongoing series guys what I started this podcast on English Vinglish, you know couple of weeks back. I never realized that you know, I could do many sequels of it, you know, because at that time and I started this topic it was inspired by a movie of sreedevi guys, which was English wingless. I don't know when I get come but I copied that title straight away guys. I copied that title I thought about you know, sharing whatever I know about English Vinglish my way. So today I cabin I look back. I started a couple of weeks back English Vinglish and now I've been classified. So I feel that you know, I'm progressing letter, but that's what I feel. So what is the time right now that I'm right there Mumbai India is what 9:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. Engine started time ago to be precise. And this is run deep double podcasting the live from Mumbai, India. So guys English Vinglish class by guys. I would just want to you know, see check my knowledge about how much I know about English. I remember in class 3 I had done something like you know, I don't like consonant sounds so class 5 will be about balls hounds what else guys class 3 was consonant sounds plus Phi is what crosswise small sounds so straightaway guys. I'm going to the vowel sounds because it's important I did consonant. Zipper sound the touchdown and the cutout. But then sometimes what happens if you need to know little bit over the wall sounds also guys. It's important to know the wall sounds because you know mmm because certain words the words are made up of you know, consonants and vowels. So he asked me what is the all basic letters lucky the letter a letter e letter I the letter O and the letter you guys those are the walls what else you want to know? So the but the walls are got some sounds also. So what are those Val sounds? That is what you need to know. So let's go with the flow. You know, there's a sound. I don't know whether this is a vowel sound or not. But then this is like hmm, so if before we continue further Now, I think I'm not doing wall sounds. I'm actually doing you know, some sound guy forget about wild sounds I'm doing some sounds guys. Okay? So what are the other sound? So I did peeper terka? Okay. I did put a cup. That's what people remember now. I'm going to do the the sound that is coming with the letter V. So if you have the letter V, how do we how do you say right? We okay. We very simple guys whenever it comes to We There are many words. We come across this right? But remember one thing we will come sometimes in the beginning. We will come sometimes in the middle and then we has a habit to come in the end also. Poseidon was like beginning with v is very So when you say very this word, you know. simple word dies This is got a v in the beginning now watch this word. You know when you say this word. Sorry, we are SE. So this gives got a v in the middle right then when you have the v in the end. For example, you know this word. When you have this one. So this is V in the end. Okay, so you are be in the beginning in very you have in the middle in reversed and you have V in the end as arrived. Okay. Now all three has got the sound where sound. Okay, so that is one important thing. Okay. That is what you must now. So we when you have to make a sound of VI, will you make a sound of it? They say in English guys. They say something like, you know, you have to you know bite your V's. Can you bite your v&c very so the way I said well I'm biting my you know lips I'm biting my lips and that's how I made this sound very okay, and then if I have to make the sound and V in the middle, which is reverse. Oh see when I said boss that that time. I bought bite bite my lips. The river reverse that's how I make that sound verb. That's how we're very very arrived. Yeah, that's how I can make this sound and when I when I be in the middle, so I get this voice out of the middle. So I make room for see the way up. I'm biting my lips. So whenever you make the worst sound were worse out that is actually That's actually a consonant sound. Okay guys, it's not a vowel sound were sound V sound whatever you can call guys artists consonant sound. So what do you need to do is that you know, you must learn to you know bite your V's. That's what they say in English. I don't know why this Serie, but you biting your visas a easy to say very very certain other words like, you know, very value verification wellick voice reverse every cover advice evaluate Soul arrive leave half believe what a guys so that is why you must understand guys, you know, that's how you understand. We found three baby. Okay, so Lord to you know bite Yuri Skies. Okay learn to buy jewelry. So I put it up bite your he's don't bite it very hard. Okay bite it softly. Otherwise, you'll bite your lips only bite your worries. Okay. So that's what it is about guy. So simple guys, we just bite it. Okay, similarly guy. They see that you know, there's another sound W, but you have to kiss that abuse. So now case the WC. So start kissing this W sound. Okay guys the W when you have this word certain words when w comes in the beginning guys, like what's this word? You know, so you see were site somewhere some wish wish so I'm biting my you know W, sorry. I'm kissing my w so I had to do wish wish so when I make that whoo. Whoo. Whoo Wish wish wish and I make that sound I have to you know become like a duker or a pig. You know, how you do car has got kissing lips that kind of lips your to have. Okay, you have to get your lips in a file form of a pig. Okay. So, you know, how you kiss a girl or something how a guy kisses the boy that way, you know, you're the case Cherokees the W song. Okay. So this word what w Why is H will become wish wish wish that's how I can make this sound the pig sound guys. Okay, when w comes in the middle, very simple bar guys. I use it very often this work. Why can't you just sound you know, W is in the middle how bad or how ever however however they see how much I'm in the middle when it comes to W sound know that time. I'm actually closing my lips like a pig. Okay, and I'm kissing my w okay. That's how you make that sound. How ever how ever how ever Ever now and W comes in the end guys. Let's go with the end. So let's say this word, you know, so when the abuse and then guys allow I love I love I love I love how someone when I'm closing it on the v. No, I mean when I'm closing it on the w at that time my my lips no automatic it they are. Touching each other in the sense. They are coming in the form of a kiss. Okay. So when I say this a lot now, yo, you wanna see whoa, you know, that sound when I made that time automatically my lips went into the pig form. Oh kissing someone that form. Okay. So whenever you make this sound, you know, what is the wow Welsh how ever how ever how ever how ever So when I say how at that time my lips actually came in the pig fashion. And when I said ever at that point of time that let's just got completed. That's how it happened in W. You have to practice guys if you don't practice, how can I tell you how to do it guys? So remember guys that is how it is sudden words like this sound, you know starting with the words W. Okay. There are certain words like wish wonder why I've worried whether however down power 12 wall. So the words like you know you now borrow. Allow Review Guys. How many words you will come at the beginning? Sometimes WS got a habit to come in the middle and then sometimes I go to Habit to come in there and okay. So we did the ReSound and visit the W sound I've already written over here so that you have to bite your knees and kiss your W. So K remember that guys let's go over the next sound guy another consonant sound guys by simple sound. How do you say this word? Okay. Now look at this word. Okay, let's go to to okay, let's go with this. If you say this sound this lat, how do you say this word to you know, like good good. We just say good so but do you know what is the sound in that? all sound is that Look good hook hook. Do you see that song? So that sound you know is also some kind of a funny sound guys. That is what you must remember guys. That's a very funny sound. So certain words guys. You have to be very careful, you know certain words, like pushed could booking, you know, but Kang then there are certain other words I could Good July. Look understood. You know that awful sound board took and then Corey Korea pulled should woman. All these examples of this sound short to some pushed good, you know took July look understood good whenever you make this sound you're using that sound short. Oh, okay. So very simple guy. That was very simple. So I'll make that. Oh, how did good go Good good. Okay, this is the sound. Okay. Okay. So the sound that we were practicing was oh so when you come with this good And you make this word good. It's carrying this roof sound good good. Good good good, you know that that small sound something like that any word starting with the like good took, you know should pulled understood would you know Hood all this are examples of this sound. Let's go over the next one guys. Longer on guys. How do you say this word guys? How do you say this word? You say choose right? So when you make that sound of choose what is sound coming? You're so right. So this is a doozer. How do you make that? Oh, no get this one. Oh, Well, you make that sound it's not you. Okay, but then remember Hindi when we use who peo that who that who you are to use. So in this word choose now, you have this new sound choose. Holy shit. It's not a man it's food. I care a lot of difference in the song as Indian say have you had your food? What food? What is the further that know for the guys? It's full? Okay. Who sound? They come to the food afternoon and it's noon and also got that sound guys School looms move soup, too. Then what Bloom even blue as got that own song group also got the fruit. Soon as I see you soon pull any that extended new sound, you know extended who sound that is what I'm talking about. So those are the things you can keep in mind guys. The sounds are very important as well. But I feel in conversation guys. You are sounds can make the of a difference. Let's go with the other sound guys. This is the east side of town. Let's get this right? Okay. How do you say this? So you make the sound? For example, how do you say this word? How do you say this word interests interests? If so, something like that, you know, so interest information anything starting with in guys, you know, I'm tuckered if inside so the F sound you don't mind making that sound you must say interests information. aju immediate income risk Okay, so that is the I sound a sound. And sometimes it comes in the middle also like this word link risk. How do you say this word? So this one it's coming the middle linked linked, right? How do you say the link add in ID, you know Facebook Instagram link it in. So this is linked it in linked linked if sound is a in the middle. Okay, so said another words like, you know, given even this what given is God is sound Kev. It's called that ayat sound gave when? Okay, then simple Miss. Saul is a cab positive policy certificate decision decided that example Skies. So what I did is like, you know, we did certain sounds guys up till now but I covered is I covered the this sound what was that be? We okay. I ask you to bite it. Okay. So when you make the V sound you have to bite it then I when we covered the W I asked it to kiss it. Okay, so two sounds are done. Then the third sounded a cover today. Is that short to sound? So it was like sha-2 like the word pushed good took so it's short. so who is actually short to okay, very short sound but now when it comes to certain other then we covered this one who long So it's nothing but the long you. Okay, that sounds nothing but the long you okay, so you have to get that to smooth blue group afternoon prove truth soon pool. So that is longer. You may remember that guys then I told you this this sound you know, if sound e IH it's Showtime So it's a short. I sound guys. Let's understand this really a for example, we did interest information almost added iron guys, then issue image it income length. Given simple Saul is the positive policy got it guys. So those are the sounds you must keep in mind guys if sound short I went away. the last sound guys assault a lasso this sound a how do you say this word guys? You say please right? So it's got that s up Play Place. It's got that e please so you cannot make this are Guy. This is not actually this is actually the longing. Okay, so it's not it's actually e make the long e this way a or remove the H guys remove the H just make it easy only. Okay, this is the sound e praise free complex previous. Sometimes I even come in the end like this song. How do you say this word? So the evil come in the end wait, D. It will come in the end sometime to come in the middle the middle it comes something like this, you know. How do you say this word? Deed so it's coming in the middle. The e sound is coming in the middle. Okay, and then in the end it will come. How do you say this word? So guarantee t e longest sound guys. So he's nothing but the longer you let me put it that way. He is longy. That's how you must understand guys. So I think these are the consonant sounds Car Guys, you must match, you know, focus on a lot. Actually these are actually between the walls and cons and I don't know how to put it across but let me just tell you that, you know, these are certain sounds which you must keep in mind because I am using my own style of you know, telling you like the sounds are very important. Like in class 3 if you refer to the class to you I said I was focusing on today. I was focusing on sorry words are very very sharp. Well, then I use the W sound wish we know that sound and then I asked you to use the full sound short to so pushed. That I asked you to use the long choose food School lose. I asked you to use the S sound it's out IH interest information issue image 8K last long you guys long he just now we did like we did pleased with it free with it seemed indeed team. Redeem guarantee, please even police that is also long e a mediator Ami Ami see that immediate. So these these sounds are very important in English. Okay. Remember that guys? So guys that's about it. The class five guys. I think those sounds are very important to cover up. I hope that everybody's got the hang of it now. So how do you use that in sentence? Let's use it in sentence and show them. So today as I did surveys are the when I did this sound. Okay now I'll use 10 15 words in this same this V sound. This is what we started with be. Okay. So as you stand 15 words in a same V. Okay, the were sounds over. Okay now I told you bite your V's every time I'm biting my v and making that word. Okay using it in a sentence. I'll use straight away ten fifteen words and made a quick make a call. Position look how I do it. Okay, all words are with the were sound where V of X. Okay. So for example, I start the conversation now. I feel very excited today because I found out life has got value because every time it asked me to ask me for the verification. So the only way I could verify and tell life that you know, it's a very valid valid question that life is asking me. So what I did I realized my voice voice voice voice voice. I raise my voice and asked life to look in the reverse verse verse Revenge. And every every every every time life look back, it's found out that it had to look for some kind of a cover cover cover cover cover. So once you try to find the cover try to cover itself what? Happened is it actually looked for some kind of advice advice Wise Wise advice and then life, you know, what started evaluating evaluate evaluate evaluate see the VM actually inviting my vs guys if valuate evaluating. And then life try to solve soul and biting my babies. So all its problems on its own and life came to life arrive arrive arrive at its decision, but it has to leave leave me for good and not bother me any time in my life. So I have have have to say that I believe believe believe that I can fly. Did you see how I made that conversation guys? I was just using biting the VIS biting the Visa and making the very value by fication valid reverse every cover advice ever. Evaluate solve arrived leave here have believed but I made a conversation guys logical conversation. That's how you use the the V sound. You know, when you bite your Vis you can actually, you know, get the hang of it. So I made a let's go to the next round what we did today W sound guys. We did this one, but did this sound W. I asked you to kiss your wav time. You are you certain 1015 words make a conversation with the same w-well. That's how whoa. Whoa, this is a warm. When you kiss your W. I told you to kiss you are W. So automatically you will say this. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, this is a war zone. When you kiss your make your lips in the kissing fashion. It'll become like way. Okay, so I'll make 10 15 Birds users in a conversation show you I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish I wonder wonder wonder I wonder. that I have to wave you Wave weave off the late fee of my customer of my bank because that's what he wanted to be done as quickly as possible. so I was because I feel that my customer was little bit in a worry worry worry worry kind of situation. What are you worried kind of situation and I didn't know whether whether whether he was comfortable with that. However, how ever ever ever, however I decided that I have to look down down down down upon this request and cannot give the customer so much power power power power power so much power and I felt that the customer. Although he's always cannot be the king every time and now now now I asked him to borrow borrow borrow some amount. I gave him some allowance a lot of Allah whence and this will review review his account and know I'm here to see that guys every time I use the Warsaw whoa. Whoa sound I was kissing my V let sorry kissing my w. Okay, so I use certain words like mesh Wonder wave worry, whether however down power. Wow Drew now borrow allow and review all this example of you know, kissing you the abuse, correct? The next time that I said we did was you know, the what is this sound push push push the shore to shore to Since the show to let me push it in a sentence straight away guys in the conversation so that you understand I use certain words with this sound short. Oh This sound we use short. Oh. So I'll make a conversation now and show you I pushed. My friend and I asked him. Whether he could lend me some money because I was looking forward to the book cooking booking booking. Erp what kind of book thing? He won't I wanted to do I said, I just want to put put put put put some money in on horse on you know. on horse racing So I asked him that you know, if you could if you could if you if you could be good if you could be good goo goo good. If you could be good to me in this month of July you July. He look look look look upon me and understood stood stood stood understood the situation. I told me he would would good he would help me on one condition. But I wear the blue blue blue blue shirt on that day. Because the entire group group group is wearing blue on that day. I had to tell him the truth that you know, I don't have the blue shirt anymore and soon soon soon. He told me the let's go and have play the pool pool pool pool. So you guys did you see that how I use are in a circle? Are you certain were like to choose food afternoon afternoon School news move sued proof. Sorry, what what what should I use? Sorry. I use pushed could booking perch Hood good July looked understood would took pulled should you know, all this words are used they see that guys. So you need to you keep take care of this sound guys. Okay, practice. Oh sound short. Oh, good good. Say that we're good. Then I prayed me back to so long then we did this one like the virtues. to prove move blue food Guys, that is what it is about then. I we did this sound we did. He sound a this sound will it shorted interest information issue certain words image it I make a conversation and see the eastbound guys how a interest, you know, always so I'll just make a conversation show it to you. Okay, so this morning I took interest in the information information that I was looking forward to issue issue. I am a jaitley Maj clay. I came to know how much income I have been left with me. I've took some risk risk risk risk. I took some blank disc and linked links links links all my bank accounts together and given the situation given give given the situation. I felt that it is simple simple simple to do this because I felt that there was this miss miss miss miss beautiful waiting for me on the line. I spoke to my Solace attacked her. So let's see. So let's sit her and he told me that he was positive positive positive about my kids because there is a policy Policy is policy in my in this case and he gave me a certificate such a certificate of his decision decision decision. She likes anger is so so you use it guys in the conversation last sound that we did today guys. Was this that longi? We don't be like G long e this sound e e sounds like please watch one. But please please please. Deed see my just seconds Birds guys in the sentence and show it to you, please if you could tell me if you're free to die because it seems that the deed is not over there's a team that is waiting to be completed and on completion. I believe that the previous previous case would be redeemed and soul. L've frequently frequently. I believe that you're my intermediary. And this would give me some relief because you my colleague and that would be immediate because I'm going to the police because I feel that you don't carry any guarantee. See that sound guys how I made that conversation. So easy guys. So those are the Consonant sounds or the vowel sounds guys, whatever you can call them sounds or sounds quite so sounds play a very important role. As I mentioned to you, if you don't know what is class 3 class 3, I did / turker today. I did V versus how we sound then I did the W sound where and there are dead the short o sound then I did the longer sound then I did the short a sound and neither did the long e e sound. These are the main sounds in English guys. You have to be careful because this is where most of the sub-continent people screw up. Why bad? But if you kick around, you know, take care of you know, making this sound every day. Like I keep on saying E9 c e is how you do? For example, when you are doing this we sound you know, we kiss kiss you a wee. Wee wee wee wee wee wee wee this is how your bracket then rub you so I stole you to know sorry kiss you at Vu w. You so bite your V. So I'm going to bite your V's white white white white we white white white white so white so biting biting action, you have to practice when it comes to W your case here. W we we we we we we we we we got it guys and then you have to let the other one like the pushed. So that's how you know, what is the act of what's that sound? Fact is I make this sound because these words are going to come into handy guys. You have to be very careful about this very careful. And then you're used to Za long. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo whoo the sound of Freedom guys, and then you'll get the F sound. guys So if I was in your place, I will just protected this sound. Whoo. Holy who holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. This is what makes my sounds clear very clearly and this is very important because you for sounds are not, you know, getting that it will not come in the words. You have to practice on your own. I broke it down all the sounds. I told you to practice the path path path path Kirk Kirk tirtir tirtir. And now today I'm giving you the list of all the sounds got it guys. Because I hope you enjoyed this podcast was funded in a pod casting on English English class. Bye guys. There's a short subject guys. I spoke to 45 minutes guys. I enjoyed speaking all this thing. Okay. Keep this in mind guys. This was only about sounds today. I'm not taking calls guys because I don't have the energy to take calls and explain that thing to everybody. Sorry about this guy's sometimes I feel like conserving my energy also called guys. Also mentioned you guys are I'm not an English teacher, whatever. I know. I just try to tell people my way, okay. But I'm doing another podcast after this but I'm I'm busy singing songs in that guys. This is just for the heck of it. I did it man. I just thought of starting the morning with English with English class why guys Just share my knowledge about whatever I know and then straight away go and sing songs guys because singing helps me, you know more relate my voice back here guys, and I enjoy myself. Got it guys. Thank you so much for joining my English my English class. Why guys do join me for English lit class 6, also you're always welcome. Okay, so the time guys, have a great day ahead. Okay, bye-bye.