English Vinglish Class # 6 american style Podcasts in English

Okey-dokey guys back again. Then I'm then you pack a sister with English English class number six guys and straight away. I can see one person with join me guys. So this is ongoing series of English or English class number six, I probably down in class five class for class 3 class two and class 1 and also the interaction today. I'm into the class number 6 Of course guys, it's becomes very challenging for me to you know, share some information about the language of English because English is a very punny language. Hello becomes Baron and baron becomes pedal because their minds are very narrow in the year 1976 when India was playing against Pakistan in the wankhede stadium Mumbai Wasim Raja and washing body where the crease watching body with the same. The Wasim Raja and both of them got out. So English was spoken by Amitabh Bachchan guys in the film namak, LOL guys. Now that's why we were laughing about by and that's why we came to know that English is a very punny language. I can talk English. I can walk English. I can walk English I can laughingly because English is a very punny language. Anyway, well jokes about guys. So today I have just come with the topic, which is English to English class number 6. Okay today what I'm thinking are focusing on the class number five. I decided to focus on something like the sounds the consonant and a vowel sounds which are very important to understanding English and this morning as actually I wanted to do a podcast and singing but then you know when I was about to start that's already came to know they're playing my class 5 podcast open Talk FM was of we bring my car class 5 but podcast and I was not present. So it looks like they took my recording and they were playing it right now just you know one hour ago and I was wanting I'm not in person. How come they're playing. Anyway, let them do whatever they want guys if people want to listen to my podcast doesn't matter guys. I'm okay with that. So today I came with the topic which is English English class number 6, and it's been very challenging to you know, Share my information by the Mind guys that I'm not English teacher guy, but then still I can teach people my way guys my way. All right. So what do I know? I'll eat your information. I have regarding this language. I don't mind sharing it with our task as long as they can benefit with that. Okay. So four people are joining me guys. Thank you so much. I'm so happy that I have a class of four people right now, you know listening to me so nice to know about day. This is Run Deep. About podcasting the live from Mumbai India. The time right now is a 42 am Indian Standard Time. I cover the topic, which is English English class number 6. So what I'm going to share with you in class number six the last three sessions. I remember class 3 class 4 and Class 5. I've done a lot of sounds and I focus a lot of sounds and pronunciation because that is mandatory for you to know when you have to converse with someone forget the grammar and transcends all that. Those will take care of themselves automatically as long as you know how to pronounce a word. Bear in mind guys conversation not about question-and-answer conversations actually engaging yourself in a battlefield. It's more of you know, very challenging. It's like a boxing match as I mentioned in the introductory session of English Vinglish that is Claus 0, you know, I've done that I clearly mentioned it's not about question-and-answer people get the misconception that it's about questioners. It's not about question and answers guys. It's about engaging yourself and how quickly A process set of your brain can process the information and deliver it it's about the delivery guys how quickly you can deliver yoga. If you are slow and you know your own trance time, it doesn't work that way guys. I believe that when you have to converse with someone you have to be very quick your mind should work like a computer. Okay today. What I'm trying to decipher is I'm trying to use you know, how does it come to American sound and Today, I'm focusing a lot on the American way of speaking English. But what happens is living in the sub-continent we get confused between the British style of English and the American way. And that is why what happens people are confused that you know, the sub-continent style of English is different the then there are certain sounds which are looking like certain sounds there are certain other sounds which are looking different. So this confusion is there now the only problem I can tell you over here is that there's no confusion. Actually, there are three different styles of English. So what happened certain way the Americans pronounce certain words and certain way the British pronounce that way and Indians what? To do they are to get a mixture of both. Okay, that's where the confusion comes and that's why you know, you feel that you know, you're learning too many things. Actually, you don't have to learn things. You just have to know the difference between the English and the sorry the British and the American style. That is the only thing you must I focus a lot on those are the main styles. And those are the bricks superpowers also of the world, you know can't help it guys one is origin of the English and one is a colony American colony. India is also a colony of the British. Why I'm focusing on the American sounds today guys, because that is where the confusion comes more many people when I did earlier podcast. They ask me questions related to this that why you know, sometimes I hear this voice of some American speaking like this why that way no I cannot explain it because I was doing a podcast on some other subject on that day, but I told him that generally when I do English Vinglish podcast that time you can listen to me. I'll give you a clarification justification. Well what you are too Keep in mind I remember somebody from Pakistan at come down the other day. He was asking me about contraction of certain words and the only way I could explain to him as the Arduino right now. I cannot explain you that because I'm not into focusing on that subject right now. But then today I'm focusing on English Vinglish class number six guys. So what I feel is that I have to focus a lot on the American way of looking at English and the British way of looking English okay. This is how you must understand first how the American Street English language and how the British Peach treat English language, of course Indians, we can as a sub Corner Beaver, we treat them the way we want man because not our language is not about baby at all. So we don't bother we don't care also, so it's not over language. However, the British care about their language and they approach a language in certain way and they like it similarly the Americans also have approach the English language in certain way and they like it. Okay. And remember one thing is very important know the difference which is what I'm going to share certain different few of them guys. Not many few of them. But if you keep those in mind now, you will go a long way and remember one thing these things are not let out these things are not shown to your told to you by anybody. The reason with these are the best kept secrets. I've noticed so many people on this podcast are talking all that things. All this thing that thing so there are talking of the main things, you know, which I important for a non-native speaker to understand so that he understands things better than or explain the concept behind the things all they're doing is whatever they're reading from a book and that is the route are doing it. This is what I didn't like about, you know certain podcast as because they're focusing on irrelevant things. This is what I feel the relevant things are not never focusing. Maybe they know or they don't know they don't want to focus there tomorrow at that's okay guys. I don't want to judge them guys. I don't want to judge myself also, and I wouldn't want to judge anybody guys, but judging is not my business guide because if I judge others I judge myself. That's the reason why I don't want to get into a judgment business at all. Okay today. I'm focusing on the American songs on his jump to 15 people now. Thank you so much 15 people are enough for me for the class for today guys. I don't mind guys. If I get even zero number of people to listen to me doesn't matter to me guys because I focus on talking more. I focus on speaking more. I've spoke focus on conversing more bothersome but relations to me or not, you know, it doesn't make a difference to me guys. It's all about me me me me. It's all about my ego. I'm satisfying my ego by speaking it out that joking guys. Anyway guys, so let's go at you know with American way now what something somebody has to you know, focus on the American way the Americans have got certain sounds. Okay. Now this is what you must understand basic thing. Okay, the a sound okay the a sound in America. Okay, the a sound is actually a good thinking I'll take calls after Hunter became addressing the crowd. Okay. Thank you. All right, so sorry about this thinking later on. Okay, because I'm just I just started this podcast my love me to speak guys. If I am only your's only speaking. I'm not speaking doesn't work that way guys, you know, because I myself to know what I'm conveying you understand guys, if I only don't know what I'm conveying, what will you understand guys? Yeah thinking is that okay? Yes. Thank you so much. Thank you. Let me put a thanks to him. I like you know people who understand me guys. So happy they also give you a heart to thinking because he understood me. Okay, thank you. Alright guys, so certain things like, you know, the a sound is stretched a lot stretch. Look at the water, which I use I just type it out a sound. Okay. Now now guys you're ignore my spelling. Okay, because I stress let's come as Touch. Look. I don't know. What is that stature or something is coming because of coronavirus all this is happening guys. Anyway, so the a sound is actually stretched. Okay. So what what is a stretch sound is what you need to be careful in America when you land up in America or when you're speaking to American these day will stretch the a sound. and they will make that a s How do you say? I just put it on. Okay. It's actually a sound okay. Remember guys the a becomes are and that is why you know certain words. I'll just give you first the British way of saying things. Okay, let's jump to 24 men and been and said hi. Okay. Okay. Thank you so much thinking for giving me your heart guys hearts heartfelt feelings are going on guys. Okay manager, I'll join you after some time. Okay, if we don't mind Ben, okay, I just have to you know first. Compose my thoughts. So sorry about this Ben. I understand that you wanted to speak but remember Ben that you know, it's difficult for me to speak and the converse is someone at the same time. Okay, I can my mind is not so sharp guys. So sorry, my tiny brain doesn't have that ability. Hey you. Also. Come on the line. Thank you so much gave Hawking guys. Please understand that. You know, I wish I could talk to you right now. I really feel that. You know, I could talk to many people and get this thing done. However, you know, let me just first compose my thoughts. I just started the podcast guys. It's going to go for two hours guys. It's going to go for two hours. Okay, so k for King, please understand that. Okay. Thank you so much. K for King. I like this guy. I work a Q for Queen. J4 Jack like these names, right? That's very nice. So guys the e sound is stretched as a let's use this virtual if a britisher says this word pan-pan simple word pan. It will become an in America pan. So the other words like dance how you say dance in British. It will become dance dance. Oh see that a has become are the air sound. This is what you would be very careful in American way of speaking. So certain word like dance become dance. Sorry dance becomes dance chance become chains. Okay you to see understand when you're speaking like I'm Erica. No get a chewing gum get a chewing gum. I would say that the best idea because you have to make that sound a s and Okay, guys, so understand dance become dance chance become chance trans become trains. See the way I said trains lamp lamp become lamp Temple to Temple becomes time per and camper damp become damp. See the way I'm bringing like a donkey and you know, I'm saying that to make sure that you do that. Then suddenly the words like yeah, these are certain words. You have to get so the a becomes a this is one part. You must understand and America. I'm just going to touch up the main things guys in America. The a becomes are so dance become dance chance become chains. Okay, let's go to the next sound which would be careful with Americans the Americans Also. Let's say if there is a sound The a sound it becomes else a shorter. So let's good like this the a becomes. ah Sometimes becomes are also OK guys. Now, I put it on the typing. It's not commonly man. What has happened? Sorry guys. I just type something. I didn't come only the comment section not working guys. Sorry about this. How did you people are join me? Like so the a sometimes because yeah, it's come now o latency lot of coronavirus affecting all of us guys it so that's why the typing is also going haywire anyway lies so a becomes a also so what you have to remember certain words like All gone when you say in British gone become gan gan gan. Okay, then hot becomes heart heart. Okay, Todd become cock. Okay short becomes shut. Okay certain words, like, you know, John become Jan see the way I said, John. Upload Johnny bottle of Johnny Bravo Hindi. My name is a John John. Could John kadena John John John Ki Kasam, so don't call him. You know, John Rambo call him gag on Rambo John Rambo. John is our actor, you know, so remember John become Jan Jan, how you doing John? Okay. Remember to have a chewing gum in your mouth? Whenever you're speaking American guys because it's very difficult to make the sound if you're not having chewing gum Okay, then you have to know certain other sounds like you know, I said John becomes Jack Jan gone become gone. See this way. I said gone. Jana Gana Mana, Jana Gana Mana no Ghana Ghana. Kobata Gunner ganapathi. You see gun body that gan gan. Okay gone becomes gone. So let me see. Let me put it that way Gio any becomes ganj So Gone becomes gone, okay, then join becomes John okay. Remember this guy's I can't help it English very funny language guys America John become John. Gone becomes gone guys. Okay, thank you so much. Then there are certain, you know words, which are there are some unstressed vowel also, which we call a schwa sound Sha Sha Sha is nothing but the unstressed vowel Americans use this schwa sound a lot. There are vowels which valves with they will not even stress on it. They will not even stress on a massive that vowel is gone missing somewhere. Okay, for example, no certain certain things. Like let's say this word. Okay internet. Suppose this word is the internet it become internet. Can you see that the t is gone missing Somewhere Only I don't know what but this is not the example of a schwa sound. I'm just giving example certain unstressed vowel. They will not stress also, like certain world like tuck men. Shut should shut up who is not the you is not a shot. Orson result Chuck Chuck Chuck becomes truck not something that I jump then they'll stop you know stressing or certain borrowers. Also, this is also another things. You must keep in mind. So that's about the first part about American this thing that you know, the chance becomes the chance become chance the dance become dance. So the a becomes a that first thing you must remember then the gone certain shorter a becomes are also the term. It will become the gone become gan. Gan the John become John. Okay, and the third thing is they don't stress on certain words certain vowels. They will not still stress. What about was are nothing but the aeiou, okay, so they will not stress on that so they will just put it on, you know, Loop internet becomes a net I'm just giving a small example guys talk men shoot shoot extra Sun bunch of cook took none jump bump something that you know, they would eat up the words only guys. This is what you ought to be careful about American guys. Now the main part guide now remember this is the main part. You must understand now the American T sound this is where you must remember the American Samoa the T sound this sound you have to be D sound in America the T sound in America. It's got three parts three things. You must remember about the there's not one part. There are three parts in that one. Is that sometimes the T in the beginning? T in the in beginning If P comes in the beginning of the word that is stressed the normal way like how the British were also do for example time Tim take table the TB compared to be compared. Okay, so let me just put it like this the becomes. Toby comes term. Okay. Now remember, it's our Indian. Not t? Okay. It's actually thought of the third sound become ther so the time the time become time time per in the beginning time certain words like table. Okay, this world like table. So that this thing, you know table become table table table. Okay, I don't put table. Okay. So say table as table Taytay sound. Okay, the term Becomes Her so today table. Okay, then set another words like, you know, ton test. Tell Pierre touch trip. Every time t comes in the beginning make it tighter. That's a normal thing. Okay Trevor tight Tom. I did the same thing in that class 3 also guys. I did the / Turkish on the toes of those are done over there. However, this is the American way that one way the American look at three different points of view unlike the British operation only look at the one point of view, but the Americans have got very funny things to do, you know, there is a lot of three different point of angles. So when you come to tea sound the first term becomes third, this is what you must do table becomes. Abel Trevor becomes Trevor Tom becomes Tom Tom koco.com Okay. So every time t comes with a caterer and then make it tighter when t comes in the middle, this is where you'll be careful in America. This is a biggest confusion on t comes. in Middle Whenever t comes in the middle of a word state of a make it D so that t becomes d. This is what you must remember for example the word. Water becomes water water. You want some water? Do you want you want a glass of water? Don't say you have a glass of water water is bitten British. Okay, whenever the t is T. It is British, but T becomes D in the middle. That is becomes water. Okay, so the third other words like let's say Madam matter. So Micah because matter what's the matter with you man? British will say what's the matter with you? American will say what's the matter with you? What's my what's the matter with you? Got it guys, whenever t comes in the middle make it D is another thing you must remember about the Americans. Okay certain other words like, you know bottle bottle. So simple guys T becomes d t is in the middle make bottle as bottle. Where is the bottle? Why is a bottle but I still say where's where's your bottle? What's a bottle when I say they'll talk flowery words, where's the bottle? An American will be very aggressive and say where's your bottle bottle bottle the Bob Bo becomes by actually bottle bottle. It's always have a chewing gum in your mouth whenever you know you are talking like a mannequin because you are teach a severe chewing something and you're not even bother about the world. That is how you must talk in the American way MHS talk as if they're not bother about the rest of the world a dead man. Why are you doing man the body get the bottle over here? What's the matter with you man, or what? Do you want some butter? So that's how the very careless British a very careful. I feel but Americans are feeling very careless people. They talk also in a very careless manner as a bottle man. Whereas if I what's the matter with you, but that is a way that contrary speaks. Okay, you have to be very careful about that's why you know, I'm telling you all this because if you come across a American on the other line to converse with you, he will not say bottle you will say bottle bottle bottle. And then you're confused. What is saying? Okay, and then sometimes it says what's the matter with you man? What's the matter? And then you say what did you say Madam? M8e said, what's the matter with you mature? Not matter not Maggie didn't call you mad. That's why you have to be very careful. If you don't know their way of speaking English, then you get confused and you are speculating that no is actually abusing me. Did I abuse you man you just said what's the matter with you? He didn't say you're mad. I thought you guys English is a very punny language Barrow becomes Baron and baron becomes parallel because of minds are very narrow. Okay, Amitabh Bachchan said that in the movie namakkal all and I still remember that wrong Amitabh Bachchan taught me English guys. Anyway, so T when it comes in the beginning I told you the time so become so tight. I'm Tim cake table turn test, okay. Has a need in thank you so much have I'm going to take the call after sometime. Okay? Thank you so much - Aidan. Thank you. Okey-dokey guys, so t comes in the middle of the word water becomes viral. Okay make the TSD. Read the chat comments guys to watch join me. Just now. I have typed it on the comments because I know that there's a reading experience also appearing on the sap. So make the TSD water becomes water matter letter letter becomes lead letter bottle becomes bottle bottle Gutter Gutter becomes gotta You see that t make the TSD gutter becomes Gutter Gutter then computer not this one. Okay, this one you'll be careful. make computers computer Hey, you have the computer with you the team a caddy. Even if it's a computer still black Americans will understand you but they might say computer then don't you know tell me? Okay? Why did they say TSD? Okay guys you want to keep in mind when it comes in the middle. They love that t becoming D Americans British. They'll keep it the same way. It is TST only. Okay, there is not much confusion American the lot of confusion now when t comes in the end. Wendy comes in the end of the world. You have to make it a softer tea. It becomes a soft T. So don't make that slacker. Like I told you T when it comes in the beginning it becomes their ter becomes hacker. So it's aspirated that means I am putting a puff of air and blowing some air time Tim take but when it comes in the end, no, you don't have a blow so much. I will Softly You're setting it up. For example this word. In America, if it comes to this word hit okay you to make it that t in the end will be very soft. It it. Okay, don't make a hit. It don't make it that way in American hit hit because hit hit hot net but such hot but not don't make it not her not her. Okay, make it softer. Not not fit bit. Got it guys. So the T sound is very important in America. That's where the confusion come T in the beginning be compared to become care like time take table the in the middle become d border matter letter bottle got her computer shutter flutter butter tatted battered father. Correct guys, but if people are telling me how I know right I said hi. I just put the heart back to her. Okay. Alright guys, so that was about the T sounds in America guys be very careful about the okay that three things. Are you have to remember? Oh Katie when it comes to the beginning T when it comes in the middle and T when it comes to the end, so I covered two chapters about American English guys. One eyes told you the a becomes a dance become dance chance become chance. Okay, then ax and become also and John to come Jack John John become John gone become gone. And then there are certain schwa sound guys. Sha sounded like unstressed vowel a while. Whatever you can see internet become internet. This is some example shut extra Sun. They will not settle certain walls. Okay, just remember for the heck of it guys don't have to do a PhD unit as Go to the next one guys, and then the American, you know l sound l. l sound of America Who else out of a miracle? Sometimes there's a short sound of American L. Okay. Normally the American L. And the British L is the same only. But there are certain sounds of L, which will become e l it becomes like E.E. Sound combination of P and L in America. Okay, just you remember that guy's certain L. You know where L when it comes in the beginning so it becomes lady late late late becomes. So late become lady. Are you late today, buddy? You're late today for work late today? Okay, I did good while talk to you after some time. Thank you so much. Okay. All right. So guys later become laid lane lane Sylvie. I said Lane line. So I said l a any becomes Lane become Lane right lane that line over there go join the line online don't say lane lane is British. Okay, when it comes to America stretch the sound lane lane go over there and the line. So the other words that lost lost becomes life. Laughs. So love become laughs laughs he's laughing on me. Is it laughing on me? Got it guys love becomes. Laughs. Whoo! Okey-dokey guys and sudden alone become Leon Leon laid. Leave. Leave the leave. Leave becomes leave leave. Stretchy guys have a chewing gum and speak American guys. That's only thing either the labrador. Okay, Labrador is a dog, okay. So make labradorite as labradori Labrador stretch it guys that have a chewing gum and go to speak American girl. That's the only thing I can say listen as a time not in a mode of taking cause right now I know others can talk also guys, but I'm not an English teacher understand that it's not a proper question of you know teaching anybody over here. I'm just sharing my information guys. Okay guys understand. I'm not an English teacher. I'm just sharing my information. I know people have got a Roan views. They also want to talk but I understand guys. I'm just sharing information. I'm just doing this podcast for the heck of it. Okay? Oh, I guys to the next one, you know, and I know one thing understand guys, there are many people are listening to me. Okay, I want to address many people. I don't want to address one person or one individual. Okay, if you like the information guys, take it off. We don't like the information leave it. That's what my point of view is. Okay. That this is what you must keep keep care in American English. Okay, let's go with the, you know, next one, you know when L comes in the middle of the word. So Polish Polish Polish calling volume Family telephone similarly altar. Alter time that's easy guys when it comes to the middle, you don't have to boot your head much way comes in the end of the word L comes in the end the sick call mall mall beautiful Excel dial Hall. It's very simple guys. I don't have to tell you about how to use that only thing that you must remember that lane become line line laughs become laughs left love becomes left lock becomes lakh lakh as a lakh loan becomes Leon. Sorry guys. I don't know why I'm laughing about American English guys. How can I okay guys so then the V and the W sound I done done that in the class, you know, seven sorry class 5, okay, okay. What's this? I just get it's not since you're talking ingredients you're so thank you so much indeed for your compliment. I'll take that as a compliment because I know that's a sarcastic remark from you. But remember when I want to take calls, I'll take calls. Okay, when I feel like that's Gary of ground rules guys. I'm podcasting just to help people if that doesn't work with others doesn't matter to me guys. I'm very sarcastic at time. Sometimes I can be very direct also. If you guys don't understand, I don't care doesn't matter. All right guys, so the V sound and the W sound guys that's called with that now V and W sounds are the same. I've done that in class, you know five if you want. You can refer to that guys. I've done that. Okay, let's go with the next one guys. The American not this is the main thing guys the American This is what you must remember the most and be very careful because this is what differentiates American and the British bibliophile a says Hi I can join thank you so much, babe low filet. Just hold the line bibliophile a I just have to you know, wait for sometime. Okay guys, if you don't mind I'll take calls, but let me finish what I'm saying guys. Remember, it's my podcast. You don't allow the speaker only host College speak. You only want to talk. How does that work? It doesn't work that way in my podcast guys. I've created a report card. You want to take it or take it? Don't take it leave it as simple as that guys. I'm very directed times and I don't mind being direct guys. I don't want to be rude. I don't intend to be rude to anybody guys, but I feel like taking calls. I will take care of those guys are more short time. I've oblige taking calls. I'm obliged. Bharat has taken times. You cannot fool to impose things on the host. Okay to understand dies. There are many other English teachers guys. You can listen to them. I'm not an English teacher. Let's get it clear first, okay. So guys I can see the comments but make sure you're commenting in the right sense understanding what the host is trying to say. Okay, not whatever you want to comment. Okay. Thank you so much for understanding me guys. All right, guys, my dear sir. I don't care is laughing. That's right by the I'm with you. I'll give you heart. I don't care. That's right. So guys doesn't matter whatever I am saying right now jokes apart guys don't want to be intend to be rude but understand that the host speak for some time the podcast in nor about only you guys guys. I understand I'm sharing information II take calls also, but there are certain times. I don't want to take calls. How can you force? To do that. No, right if I come to your podcast and tell, you know, take my call to control. How do you feel them? Don't feel good. Right so now internet boo, but I want to be have the ground rules because there are certain times I've taken cause and the talk was only about hi, and bye. Only high and bad. Somebody's not even talking about what the podcast about somebody's talking about some other thing only. And that is why I came to the conclusion that restrict taking calls if people are talking science all toxins people don't option. I don't Factor. That's how it works as we clear guys. Everybody's got their own choice. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Yes, don't impress others. That's right, buddy. I don't want to influence at this. That's right. I don't want to influence others. I don't want to talk about others. Also. I have can only talk on speak about myself guys. Okay, so I don't have to keep on repeating that when I want to take calls. I will take calls. Okay, I will take calls when I feel like taking cold. So please don't comment on whether again and again that you know, this is what I want. I want to talk and I want to don't tell me that I'm rude I met You sounding rude guys, but I have seen with experience. This is the second month of me podcasting. We're experienced have learnt that there are I have to restrict certain calls because I'm not an English teacher. This is not a subject. I'm teaching. I'm just sharing information get that thing in your mind first guys. It's not about taking calls all the time. Okay, let's be make it clear. So the American hours on guys. Let's go with American our sound. all solvents So when it comes to American all the or becomes all the coal car becomes. The car becomes cold. You have to roll your old guy rolling rolling, you know know America's love this are sound I don't know why but every word whenever that are comes know they love that at this is the remarkable difference between the British English and American English. So when I said a man considers are over here, mmm our sound row row. So American American American guys don't say American because they love that are moments that are comes know there are starts rolling like anything. Mmm. Merican, you know that way the sort of the word soup. Okay, so ba can you hold the line, please? Thank you so much trouble. Okey-dokey, so that all sound become Rock Road, right? Rabbit, right. Are you ramp Raven? All comes in the beginning? What all comes in the beginning? Okay, the odd comes all all o so rock. Let's get this word. So this word Road becomes. The road becomes rude Road. I mean the stress the are all still see the way. I'm actually I'm rolling my tip of my tongue and that's how I'm making the oh, oh, oh, oh the road becomes Road Road Road rabbit becomes rabbit rabbit. Okay, so many people want to join me. People are getting very impatient to talk to me. Thank you so much. Lenders are called. Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you so much for coming on the line. However, guys I'm speaking to myself first. I'm not even feeling I'm speaking to you guys because over here on virtual world. We can't even touch and feel each other guys. I'm feeling I'm talking to my mobile phone. Honestly speaking I so how can I get that feeling that I'm talking to real people, you know jokes apart guys. Let's go with the or sore or comes to the beginning becomes road becomes really? Okay right becomes right? Right. Don't become True Crime because crime arrests become arrest arrest arrest Friday. Comes fried fried. Okey-dokey guys. That's what you must remember guys. I just give you a sentence job, but rabbit ran very fast towards the fling Thief some other examples their houses where at the end of the road road when you're driving when you're driving tried out driving concentrate. Well, Mary Stevens going thank you apparently perp apparently apparently they eat the roasted chicken roasted chicken. Thank you Rex when Karen and Barry Barry was very will ride horses horses. Some other words like the world world world is a small place. The librarian re re re re right braiding runs the library and then many votes can be found in a dictionary nari nari. Nareh dictionary. The rights of the citizens were in Fringe Fringe upon infringed upon. Okay. These are certain days guys. Just keep I didn't mind guys on in the circle suddenly said very informative. Thank you so much. I appreciate you mean. Let me give your heart to him over likes me guys. I give a hot for him. What doesn't like me. I still have a heart to him also. Oh my God, I so that is about you know, the American way, this is the audio on okay now one more thing. Okay guys last one last but not the least somebody I was doing a podcast somebody from Pakistan at come on the line when I clearly remember that time he Ask me a very intelligent question. Yes the tell me if certain times, you know, there are words where you know, you have to contract certain words. Now this contraction are just using what contraction So that's contraction of the words American loves to do it. Most of the time the British will not contractor word. British has will talk the way the normal way they do but the Americans love to contract it means they make it shorter. Okay. So for example this word like you know like this guy, I remember from Pakistan. He asked me very nice question. He told me how does you know want to become want to want to becomes wanna? So that want to becomes Mana. That's a contraction guys. They made that want to have one out because the America is a very lazy. They don't want to save want to they like this Mana Ghana. Yo, yo, so for example, you also become yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Going to becomes Ghana want to becomes wanna go to become Gada cigar to becomes. Dada I gotta go to the I gotta go over there. I gotta go. I gotta go, you know many times in Hollywood movies. They say, you know, somebody's on the phone they say I gotta go I gotta go. I gotta go now I gotta go. But the British would say I got to go tonight. Now, I got to go a little bit American I got to go I got to go or they're making will say, you know, Mom a British would say like are you going I'm going to that place. I'm going to that place and American will straight away say I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna go to that place. I'm gonna go to the place. Maybe the sentence country not go going to becomes Ghana. Sometimes the British would say I want to swim I want to swim. So the American said I want to swim. I want to swim. Let me put it that way. So, this is British. Okay. I want to swim make that American as I wanna. I wanna swim. Okay guys, so want to becomes one hour. Okay now let me put this I'm going. Leave now. so that becomes a Donna So I'm going to leave now. This is British. I'm going to leave now the normal English. Okay, why convert to America it will become I'm gonna leave now Ghana. Okay, that is contraction. Somebody from Pakistan asked me this question. This is what contractions about sometimes. We love to you know, shorten the words. Got it guys. just has to haftar Haftar have to become hafta not after Isis. Actually. It's not after after after I have to shorten it guys contracted American love that. Okay. Something about guys the contraction comes mostly in American English. This is what I'm trying to say. Sorry guys. Then there are many guys. I can't keep on going with that. You know, there are many of them they love this contraction guys, but this is good for you know, understanding them all this information. I'm giving you to understand them. This is not how you're supposed to speak as a four person from the sub-continent. Make sure make that point clear guys. This is for you to understand them because they talk like this. Okay, I'm not till telling you talk like an American. I'm telling you sometimes the support in a people find it difficult to understand when the T becomes D when the American has said water water instead of water. Or matter instead of matter your be careful. So sometimes when the save Gonna Wanna, you know, something like that to you to be very add-ons dance become dense. So this is for you to understand the American type of English. Okay. Right. Now I come to know only American way of speaking the Donald Trump Donald Trump speaks American Way Boris Johnson, the British prime minister speaks the British way. Look at the remarkable difference when they talk in English guys so many different so much difference. That is what true for us from the subcontinent people. Now, we find it difficult to grab the information, you know observe absorb the information because the English is spoken in a different way over there and that is the reason, you know, we cannot respond in the correct manner. That is what I found it challenging for the subcontinent people guys. Okay, guys, this is what my podcast was about today about the American way of English, okay. And cup as compared to British way versus American certain other things like, you know certain Spelling's also this is the last part about the Embrace versus American spelling size the analyze word. Okay this word. Annalise becomes Did you see that guy's analyze becomes analyzed so does se sound becomes ready? The spelling sin Americans are changing realize becomes. Realize become realize so se sound becomes ready. Brothers of a favorite word Certain American spelling. The British spelling is color it become color C olor. Got it guys. So certain Spelling's American way of you know, the dictionary of American dictionaries different from the British dictionary. This is what you must understand. If you are reading a American dictionary then this was become analyzed with a GD realize with a z in the end organization become organization. correct color become CEO Lor color favor become favor. I don't know how to say this. Guys favor becomes favor. I mean this is how the American way there, right? Okay, you'll be very careful. They will eat up certain letters. Okay, labor. Labor become labor labor. Got it guys, even this word. Okay. Now you have to be very careful with this in British English. This is C ATO. becomes Sorry this dr. Kogel catalog. So catalog catalog is I'm an American spelling is for that catalog. So whenever you're referring the British dictionary compare this with that with the American dictionary, it will be different little bit certain words are not spelled the way the British way speaking people speak. Why are you guys a simple work done? Look at this one guy. This is where you will get the dramatic difference a word like PR OG or a so program becomes program program guys program because program This is all you must understand the American. So these are the only points which affect like covering today regarding the American way of English and the British workers compared to the British way of English speaking English. If you keep this points in your mind, no, then it will not be difficult for you to understand the American because these are certain golden rules followed by the Americans a lot. I just covered some of them there could be some other rules. Also. I'm not worried about that. But what I have learned through experience talking to them. This is what you must know what I know about this and again, I reiterate guys, I'm not an English teacher, and I know that, you know, nobody's going to call me now. So I'm going to end my podcast because I conveyed my information in the best of the efficient manner guys. Thank you so much for joining me guys, all of you. I hope you enjoy the Maybe some of you never enjoyed the Parker. I don't care guy doesn't matter to me. I just conveyed my information and I know for a fact that I'm not an English teacher so I cannot be perfect. Okay, so give me the benefit of Doubt. OK remember that whatever you like take it take the information of all you don't like don't take it. Kindly leave it over there only. Okay. That's the way the American Stock very direct guys, very direct and very abrupt but the British will use sarcasm, you know, nice sarcastically indirect speech every time Today, I hope you enjoyed the broadcast version fun, you know broadcasting English English class number six guys. I see that there is no call coming right now. So I'm very happy about it guys. Thank you so much for at least listening to me and some of you not liking me and some of you liking me and some of you whatever a disguise. And I'm going to next podcast right away guys. I'm not in. I'm not English teachers. I was just doing for the heck of it. So now I'm going to the main podcast, which is, you know about singing songs guys. I like love singing. That's what my Parker but I felt like, you know sharing this information guys, right? Thank you so much guys, and have a great day guys. Thank you. Bye. Bye.