English Vinglish Class # 8 accents Podcasts in English

Yahoo Hello, can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you and it is very nice that I am a first color of you and I can see that today. I have actually got lucky one. Like I have seen like notification has just arrived and I just thought that I should yeah, I would be have first one. Yes. That is very nice to know Eric. So how you're doing with your Pastime. I mean your creative Pursuits. During your free time now. So amazing like you have a very one good quality that you remember each and everything like I today also, I have thought that you must be knowing about each and everything what I am doing and as usual I have done something and today I am I'm just planning to learn some cooking's like I was not I don't know how to just cook shy pane. Okay. Well I'm planning that students ask and I will just know that how to okay. Can you tell us something? How are you cooking? Can you tell because you never tried shy paneer in your life, right? So now what are the ingredients that you are using when you are to cook that chai paneer? What is the first thing that you're doing? Yeah share a yeah. Yeah, actually. Yes, I will tell you like we do happy to examine and the oil first we have to add oil and after that the onion one and after that if we wish to add Masala has to it we can add the flavor accordingly and at last there is a pleased to add and it is okay. Okay, great. So very nice. So you're trying something new right? You're never tried that before, is that correct? Yeah, exactly, but I know cooking but I don't know how to cook that shy paneer. I am trying for the first time. Okay. How did you get the method of you know cooking this hype and it did was did you ask someone or did you go to YouTube or did you know it differently? Actually one of my friend once I have gone at my friend's house and he has told me that how to make it. Okay, but I haven't got the time to try that today. I have planned that I will try and I will make everyone amazed that I know this thing also. Absolutely, correct. Absolutely, correct, you know, so Shahi paneer is something I like a not Indian dish is a correct Eric. It's a North Indian - yeah. Okay, and they use a lot of paneer in lot of items like they say Aloo paneer, you know in even in the what is that thing called? Aloo matar they put paneer in that was occurring. Yeah, so can you tell us the North in and dishes weaponeer is used a lot funnier. Henry that's called high paneer. That's it can be like in Japan is also I haven't even a lot of Yes, okay. So which other items they use a lot of paneer because I know for a fact that in North they use a lot of paneer items. Yes, so have you tasted any other things which weaponeer when involved a lot? I know that paneer pakoras. Also, there are no paneer for Kota. Yeah record II know that absolutely correct. So because it's there are certain Delicacies which you know, not you know, getting fulfilled without the ingredient of paneer into it. You know, these are the things so tell us something about why it is called Shahi paneer. Now, you said that this item is called Shahi. / is it something from? Mowgli or something something on The Bachelorette or something? Yeah. Actually, I don't have that much idea about that that how this why word has coined up but I can say that it's the so delicious. So that's why maybe it has named so absolutely correct. Yeah, whatever is delicious. We can name it always shyam and he said it Shahi gulab jamun. Yeah, but nevertheless Eric. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing. Uh, Experience of what you are doing today and hopefully you should be cooking something else tomorrow. If you get the shy person he's right maybe you know tomorrow you can research some new items on YouTube and try to cook them as well, isn't it? But tell me do you have enough supplies like because you have to go out and get these supplies the food items and all this, you know ingredients. So do you have enough for you have to go and buy them during the lockdown? On how is how are you? How are you managing with this? Yeah, actually in my Society I am getting each and everything very easily and I don't have that much problem in getting those all things and purchasing these things. So because one of dude Viola comes to my house and he supplies that one and it comes to my door, so that's easy for me to get it that paneer soccer great. So that means paneer is not an issue, but then when it comes to cooking In some other dishes you might have to you know struggle and go to a mall or not a mole but a small Supermarket where you have to collect all the items and then start cooking is it and whatever. So right now you're making whatever you have in the house. You have got to making the best use of it, right? Yeah, so maybe maybe there is enough stock left for the last six months and you are trying and experimenting like a scientist now, right and then finally who only have Never see thank you so much for coming on the line because my topic today is English my English class number eight. I'm just working just like how you have free time last couple of days. I was working a lot on the English accents. So instead of using the british-american, you know, I went to French accent Chinese accents, you know Nigerian accent British accents furthermore American accents, you know Vietnamese accent, so that's what I'm going to talk about today. Do you know how much for coming on the line and Sherry Winger experience? Hi bunny. Yeah, okay and you call me after some time. Thank you so much. Bye. Yeah, thank you so much. Alright guys, so that was Eric on the line nice chatting with you was the first caller straight away. When I started the podcast today. I can straight away see that, you know, it's jump 243 people listening to me. Okey-dokey guys. So guys today's topic is over chap felt like covering today is the British accent Skies, it's very important to understand this like, you know, why accents? Okay, who's this is found along. Let me see what he wants to say because a lot of colors coming in straight away. Okie dokie, so I'm just trying to connect to the next person on the line is a saint hola. Yeah, they is on a high. Yes. How are you doing a son hola. I'm doing yeah, can you speak a little bit louder if you don't mind because i´ve you're sounding very faint little bit louder, you know, is it took you right now now it's coming say I can't yeah. Yeah, what's better just keep the mouthpiece closer to your mouth. Okay, so that your audible okay and speak a little bit louder because you see sometimes it's a network issue. I think your phone. Part of your from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Are you from that place? Yes. I'm from Pakistan. Yeah. Yeah. So usin. Yeah now it's back as it now the way you said Pakistan. Oh that time. You have a very audible so speak a little bit louder play because the network connection is there. All right. So so a saint you are living in rural area. That is correct. But still, you know your latching onto the wireless signal really well. Very nice to know I'm using my cellphone. Yeah. Yeah. That is correct. I know that it's latching onto the wireless connection very well. So it's better and so tell us something a saint. Okay today. I am going to cover little bit on the accents English accents. Okay, it's all together. Okay. Now what I mean by accent is like, you know when you go to any other country Okay, let's say you are from Pakistan you land up somewhere in China? Okay. Now when the Chinese when they try to speak English, they have a different style of speaking English. Have you noticed that? Yes, of course, you know I know. Okay, quite a long time. I mean, you know I but I'm interested in you six in the BBC accent specially. Yeah. Yeah. Those are the common man see English people. You don't have to bother they have their own style. Okay, that's a common style. But what about the rest of the world suppose you land in a Spanish country? Let's say, you know Spain or you know, Italy or France, you know, they are not they don't have English as a first language. Just like us we don't have English as a first so what happens is the regional language, you know about our is our first language that will interfere in the first second language, correct? Just so ya so for example, uh-huh, please continue, please. Yeah suppose you are talking pashtu in Pakistan. Okay, let's say, you know push to but your push to will start influencing our English because you pushed your so And in your purse to that, you know when you start speaking English, you will speak English in a pashtun way this that you understand. What is that what I'm saying? Yes. Yes. Yes, of course actually, you know, if I'll talk about India in you are currently, you know, Indian has their own, you know extent, you know, when they speak English they are the unohana, you know at the end of a sentence calculate, correct? So this is what happens it doesn't happen only with India and actually they called in English not English but English. Yeah, absolutely, correct, and it's not even an English sea understand one thing some of us in India. We don't even speak Hindi. So for example somebody from Tamil Nadu doesn't speak Hindi much. So they you have to call the Tama leash not you know English English is like if is speaking Hindi and Then mixing it with English then it becomes English but there are parts of India. There are 30 States and all the 30 states have got their own Regional, you know languages and what that is. Sorry of speaking English or Hindi see the thing is like, you know Hindi is a national language, but people in the South don't prefer speaking in Hindi people. In the north of India, so you have to get the job difficult demographic. Okay main course in the north of north of India. Okay, you will find a lot of people speaking Hindi but when it comes to south of India hardly anybody is fluent in Hindi and that is the reason why you know, we have some kind of a Great Divide. Okay, so you must not yeah, sorry. Yes, you continue, please. So when you speak to somebody in India, you must first get the geographical location from where that person is speaking from. Okay, because you will come across so many accents, you know, and then you'll get confused that why he's not speaking English. He is picking something else only. You understand. I know I watch you know, the I watch the movies the Bollywood movies in I can imagine, you know, the different actions. Absolutely. So for example in Pakistan, you have at least four five languages, which I know you have punch to your Punjabi you have seen And you have Bellucci these are and or do or do okay. These are the five major dialects choose your we know other languages, but you're the poor are you know that they are quite dumb intern you the Privacy is yeah. Yeah. Those are like a remote town. So you have more remote towns. They come up with more languages, right? However, we are talking about the general languages in Pakistan the general is this push to Cindy Punjabi Urdu and Bellucci. Okay. These are the most prominent. It is a correct a saint. Yes. You see actually, you know, the most dominant is Punjabi. No 43% pupils. Absolutely. Absolutely. Now if you notice let's say I am talking to somebody in Pakistan now, even I come across so many different accents of English because a below chill person talks in a very different English a person from push-to-talk sinner very different English like you. Okay, and then the problem is Cindy. Hello. I even met In the fellow and literally I could feel that synth influence in his English the sending influence, you know to today and of course here do you stay so she ate the sound, you know the sound up English with your new let you language. That is what happened. That is what my topic is today is our it's about accents that English is raised only one language of English, but there are so many accents. You know every country has got so many accents of English and that is what my topic is about God it will tell you if you know the foreign language is like they are destroying for the American extent appropriate. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely, correct. Absolute Paradise on that we try to go for the American in the British style. However, what happens is we forget that that is not our first language. So what happens is our first language always interferes in some way or other in the image. I don't like, you know, I don't like, you know, actually I am quite in the favor of being is you know, they they have your own they have your own spelling, you know, they they pronounce little for example, we pronounce education education but in India you You pronounce it is education education guy not in the paper up, you know adopting you the foreign exchange that is true. That is true because accents cannot be mastered see understand you are not native of America. You're not a native of Britain. So definitely you are not living over there. You are not talking that language that they are way. So how is it possible to, you know, adopt to their style. It is just not impossible, but me Just you know lay language is just you know, a means of communication if you convey your message to say if I could only so some more surface all over the world are trying to convey ourselves in English in the best possible manner. Okay, but today my topic is is all about the different accents so many access you'll be surprised that the whole world is kicking in so many different dialects of English and one of the characteristic you going to do. You know the Merit of this application there that you you will have come across, you know different view because they may have from India. They are from Pakistan. They may be a premium for any European countries. Yeah, they may be from America. So it is required. You know capsular absolute, right? That is a reason. Yeah. Yes suppose suppose you listening you have to no relation to different people different exit actions absolute occur. But then you know sometimes what happened at yeah, you don't sunlight and what no one kind of listening. Absolutely correct. And that is the reason, you know, I'm covering a lot on access today because you know a supposed to land in Thailand. Let's say you go to a country called Kyle and outer thigh people this talking English in a very different way. So they like to stress the sound they will say welcome to Thailand. So, how are you are you from Pakistan? Welcome to Thailand. Have you been to Thailand come to Bangkok? Let's go to poke moving this kind of English comes, you know, it's languages like Chinese. Yeah. Yeah, the Chinese more of the Kung Fu, you know, the martial art country and they are Regional language Mandarin Mandarin and Cantonese are those two languages which interfere in the style of Chinese speaking English. So whenever they They try to speak English know what happens with the Chinese language interface very varied. And if it looks like they're speaking Chinese not English, you know so many times you'll hear Chinese speaking in this way. Don't talk to me like this. You want Pakistan. I will have to understand the down from three now. I will learn the controls on come to the diner and we can all fight the Kung that is end of story. You know, that is how this dog. The problem is what happens you don't understand your language. It is very very hard to understand your ex. Yeah. So what happens, you know is on all over the world. We are trying very hard to not get the correct English. But what happens in most of us are bogged down by the regional language, you know, the other Regional language, you know, which always interferes and we don't know how to get rid of because you see if you must if you polish your English and then you'll forget your Regional language, you know, this is the problem if you master is the correct British, American style also, then you'll start speaking original language the American way and that is the biggest problem. You know, it happened with me when I try to understand the American actually one of my teacher in college he told with it, you know learning a foreign language is a skill but Europe are getting your own language it is you know, and if you know and scale that is better that is very right whoever the teacher has told you is his told you R-Truth that, you know learning a foreign language is very easy, but forgetting your Regional language is very difficult. By minor to language that's in the record because 24 outer 24 hours 18 hours. You're going to speak your native language and only six hours you're going to focus on your English the time limit or yeah, but you know one thing is, you know, very clear, you know, English History International it has you know, International status it is good, you know, it is necessary. You you have to learn to use absolutely kite is necessary, but then we keep on forgetting a son. People all over the world who are not native English speakers and we kept on forgetting. We also have a first language. We also have a first language, you know, and that is always going to come and we have to you know, somehow find a balance between, you know, not sounding, you know, our regional language and little bit closer to English you understand is that dilemma is there with everybody that challenge is there with everybody that I am I sounding Hindi, you know English or am I? Ending balance between my native and you know, my destiny English you understand. This is the challenge that we all are experiencing at that is fine. Sorry one for this is also one problem is, you know, a person can speak English. He is considered to the most educated in the most learned men in yeah. I'm crazy Bolt. On the pedestal, but thank you so much for coming on the line. Yeah. Sorry Eustace. I just want to let you know one point you know for me. The language is just a lie, you know, what is the scale, you know a person can drive car so it does not mean that he is you there does not mean that he is a you know, very intelligent. I understand that but Absolutely, correct. I understand. I understand a saint but then you also mentioned that English has become a very big thing. So everybody wants to know it now, right and that is the reason we all are we don't want to get into that but we all have to learn that is a problem. You know, that's a dynamic because all the computers also understand English, you know, even the mobile gadgets Android is a talk in English the no translator for push to or something like that, you know, and that is the reason No matter what whether we like it or not. We have to adopt to that most of the research is in most of the books are in English to actually rotate. This is absolutely correct. Thank you so much for coming in the line and enjoy your day today. Yeah in Khyber clone with your party. Oh, thank you, bye-bye. All right. That was a saint on the line from Pakistan. I still talk to him. Mr. Cable. So join me. Let me see what he wants to say. Today our topic is about the different English architect in Skies a let me see. How can I decipher that you're there? Mr. K. Hey brother was yes. I'm doing great. Where are you from? Mr. Kay, um from the capital of India Delhi. That is great. The way you're sounding, you know, you're sounding very aristocratic, you know, and then I just yeah, they sound like a politician man even normal. Here look at that phone is not not good because I was just joking around. No, not not. Not not that that kind of guy. I am I'm not into politics and I'm not a dad to know normal Indian people normal their lights or Deli guys. Like they're trying to be program like over smart. They're trying to be super cool, but I'm not okay. So have you come across different accents of English and Delhi itself, you know. That point the speaker a different style of English, you know modern acts English my style of English. That's once come to Delhi. I guess most of the girls are trying to play with accent. Hey, okay, that's how many of the goals boys don't do it but ghosts of it because I think it's fun and it's cute and I don't find it cute, but they think so. Absolute do you think mr. Cape that you know by speaking like this girls are trying to impress a guys more a listener. Listen, I'm speaking very nice polished English. OK. Let's enter your duet impressive. Do you think that is what that that's happening? And to be honest in Delhi, there are there are more people with who really great at speaking English the lat okay people and then when it Come to speaking and in colleges in metros. I think most of the in generation speaks in English. They think it's it's it's common. I think I don't know why they speak in English, but I'm the kind of guy who can never speak English without when I'm with friends and people not wasn't there we go. Why would I speak in English absolutely corrected, and I've noticed one thing that people in Delhi they speak good English. They have good command of English the reason Their language of Hindi, you know allows them to be get comfortable with the English language as compared to people from the South as compared to people of South of India. I find people from Delhi, you know, they can get a Commando English very quicker. Do you agree with that? Mr. Kay cause you know, I've noticed that yeah. Okay. First of all, I think the vision guys are really cool and they know English better than Note Indians. Okay, though. No no, no no point of view. I'm not talking knowledge partner. Mr. K. I'm talking about the first language in the south is slightly the dravidian language like Tamil. Kannada, you know, they're very harsh like it. Yeah, those sound cannot come and in English. You're right. Yeah. Yeah. So now in the in the north, I noticed the Hindi Peep and most of the people in Delhi they speak Hindi. This is what I know for a fact okay, and and they they don't have Challenge when it comes to English words when it comes to pronouncing English words you agree with do you think that they're more comfortable with English and they can get a grasp of what quicker than the other people man. When you talk about Hindi and these things, you know, I don't related to languages. It depends on the environment to when you're when you're among those who speak English normally so you tend to be you know, you tend to like them, you know, you just train your mind that you have to speak English and I think you get better at it. But you know, it's just you know, when I see a Saltine and grow our Tamil group or Telugu did they love to talk in their native original language? Because they know if they are trying to or if they they were going to say something in Hindi or English other people might know what they're talking about so that prefer talking in their language and I love the fact their respective language more than we note in them guys, you know, we don't just pass the language. Absolutely because you see the so many people from Punjab and Delhi and you know, all of them are Punjabi, but they start talking in Hindi. Have you noticed that jobby should seek the Cabbie and they are talking or you know, they use certain words of Punjabi or Katara. Are you soon? That's an incorrect. Hindi is a common medium. But like many of them are not good at him. These are the preferred talking in English when we talk about younger generation. Otherwise people are going to use Hindi as a medium to talk to after Africa. So tell us something about your experiments. Take a how did you manage to get your English consonants and vowels? Right? Well, I presume that you're sounding very well in English. Was it from the sky? Cool time. Was it from your college time, or was it from your work life? How did it happen where which was a major influence for you to get the international patent, correct? Okay Tim Tony. I was the guy who can't even speak English fluently. My pronunciation was so bad. Okay, if I started speaking people are going to laugh for sure. I was that kind of guy tilt. Okay, and after that I started Going online. I started learning bad foreigners. I thought Indians are not good for me because they are always laughing and making fun of those who makes mistake. Okay, so I thought to learn English better with foreigners. So I started going around like online and talking to poor people from Europe from United States. They're not made a couple of friends from all over the place. I mean and that's How I got this this accent or you call it the way I talk. I got it unintentionally. I was it was not my goal. But that my goal was to be fluent to speak English better and those guys were really great. I was with them and they were serious guys. They were not just you know, when it come to India, there are a lot of people who make fun. They love making fun of others. They don't take Seriously? Okay. Yeah, so Oren has helped me a lot. That is great. So you made you got a person who is, you know, very fluent in English and especially from the English-speaking countries and that made a of a difference because listening to them responding to them change your attitude on your approach towards the English language at the same time. They encourage you to speak more. Yeah better. Yeah, absolutely. And I speak English without even thinking of anything. I mean, I don't know translation part. I don't know anything about grammar though. I have studied it in school, but I never use that I just it comes to me subconsciously to think about it. I just have to speak like I speak in Hindi. I don't have to you know think like what will I talk later? What how I showed friends sentence It comes naturally and to be honest when you when you speak to natives or some people who are so fluent. You will just copy the are their sentence and you just speak it out. You don't have to do anything else. Listen actually occurred after ovulation, which you should do. Yeah, and this was an online communication, right? You are not face-to-face. Is that correct? However, if somebody who is face-to-face then it's more better. So because now you can see the emotions also, you can see their pattern of body language. Also, you know while speaking a word, you know, yeah, absolutely. So that is more better because in my case, this is what happened. I had face-to-face communication with the foreigners. I in my time 20 years ago when I was a new dance instructor at that time, I remember this Embassy people, you know from the British Embassy American Embassy I should train them now. I remember are you know, I met them in person. And they were very tall and huge and good-looking and smart, you know all that but they're very Polished in the English very polished and that is what impressed me but I could see their body language. I could see their body language. I could check that. You know how they crack jokes, you know, what are their style of joke? What is their style of sarcasm in reality? You know, what is the US, you know, nodding their head, you know, the American Nazis had so much. Have we seen that they say Yeah, yeah. Yeah so much time like, you know, I said to him something that you know, I am the and he's doing instead of goods going with his head like this. You know, it's telling me Oh, okay. Okay. I did not add up you nodding as her up and down after it happens with almost of Americans because this is something into your culture, you know, I mean, it's common it when we see in Hindi or in our country. It's like hmm. Hmm. We say a lot. I promised you a lot, you know hon. Hmm Karthik this kind of fillers feel. Absolutely correct. Absolutely, correct. And you know that is that is a big mess. So you you mean to say mr. K that you know, the change in mindset came the moment you went online and spoke to them and started mirroring them and that is how you know, the change in mindset and approach came and you felt so comfortable after that that you know, you are not thinking and speaking now, you know you are going very natural. The way you are you happy with it. Is that correct now? Yeah, I'm okay with it. But I have I want to improve it more. I mean not the best version of me right now. It's not something after I'm really proud of and second thing. You know, the approach doesn't matter that the thing is when you feel that you're free to do anything you're free to make mistakes when you have located in your mind that no matter what no matter how many mistakes. To do nobody's bothering but I mean you don't have to bother about it and you just be yourself, you know when you see a kid, but you're trying to go for a run, you know jogging he's just so much the mola and he's so funny that he doesn't care about the person who's looking at it. He just absolutely go with the paddle and that's how a kid learns things. I mean that's a record and that that is the way we have to be now. Insert that you know, you have to be very natural not be conscious. You know how the kids don't get any Consciousness and that's how things will go naturally isn't it? The more natural you sound the better it is for you isn't it and in India, so I mean in the society we discourage people a lot to be honest. There are a lot of people to will provoke you. There are a lot of people to stay bad comments there. They will say you're not even improve it. It not even you know, just these kind of comments will hurt you. Absolutely. I understand mr. K but it's good that you know, you are not taking it personally now. Yeah, but thank you so much for coming on the line. Mr. K. There's a gentleman waiting for me on the next line. Don't my question but I didn't able to like ask the I you said Banker. I want to get in banking sector. Okay. Yeah, so I'm thinking to write an exam this year or as VIP. Oh, okey-dokey. That is very nice to know mr. K. But thank you so much for coming in the line. Mr. K. Yeah, I'm just going to the next question. If you don't mind, he's been waiting for quite some time. Yeah, thank you so much. We'll talk later. Yeah, thank you. All right. Come on. You're next on the line. I can see that you've been waiting for quite some time. Let me see what Kumar wants to say a hundred and seven people are. You're listening to this conversation now, come on you are there. Yes, sir. Yes. How you doing today? Come on. Yeah, great. So, what about you? Yes, I'm doing quite and where are you from? Yeah. I'm from Connecticut, sir. Actually, I have been listening your broadcast so many times. Okay. So I filled the so many interest in your broadcast. That's a record. Not today. What I'm doing is Kumar today. I'm talking about different accents all over the world not in India. Yeah. I'm not. Okay, India's understand one thing Kumar India has got so many first languages and that's the reason we speak. There is no different accent. That is okay. I know that you also know that yeah, however all over the world, you know, if you go to any country, they also got their first Pages here and all of our talking in accent and this will experience when you land up in their country. Yeah, for example, I just gave an example to some guy in Pakistan before Are you when you go to Thailand, you know Indians love to go to the unit. We're going to Thailand. No sir, and I never will their okay. So when you go to Kyle and you know, the Thai people are got a English in a very different accent. Yeah, they don't talk like us they don't talk like us they will you know, welcome you in a okay. Come on Welcome to Thailand. How are you? Would you like to come and go to poke? Okay, come to your country. Welcome to Thailand. We are not able to catch them after a correct. And this is what happens that we have to understand one thing. It's not only about our country that you know, we are speaking in different accents. It's all over the world, you know all over the world is happening. And this is why you know it sometimes you land up in such countries. You don't know what to do. Yes, because now you're let's say your Karnataka so you are speaking kannadiga. Yes, that's for our assume the comedy Carter got their own style of speaking English. Yeah, okay, they have their own why because the kinetic I will conduct language will influence the English also. Yes, okay, and this happened subconsciously we don't even realize that okay, similarly when you land up in a Thailand. Okay. Now you are speaking a Canard style of English and imagine the Thai speaking Thai speaking Thai style of English. Okay now both of you have got a challenge. Definitely definitely because because she will have is she he or she will have a torrid time understanding your English. You will have a torrid time understanding what they are words. Yeah, but both are both are speaking English. Yeah, that's the key both. Alright, but the challenge comes in the accent you understand that is a major. That is a reason. No, I'm focusing today's podcast on a different accents all over the world. Yeah even know if he talked about out for native language like Canada in your you go in anywhere like a different places. They cannot also different accents in different directions. They will speak like in Good Burger their people. They will have a one different accent and a kangaroo people they will have a different accent. So it's a different from place to place it will change. Absolutely correct. So tell us something because you are we have put a very nice Point Kumar tell us something which part of Karnataka you belong to First tell me that first. Oh, actually I belong to North Karnataka with Place tell me the name of a place. I'm a degree in the Google Burger. Okay near be there, right because I really did. Yes Bangalore. I've been to Mangalore also. So let's let's understand that, you know you are from not of Karnataka. Yes, you will end up somewhere in Mangalore or you'll end up somewhere in Bangalore. Just one poor. Okay, whatever they call it or somewhere in other south of bad. You know Karnataka how do you adapt to the kannada in different friend zones image? At least? What is the thing that you adopt to understand different canudas or do you understand in a go or you have to listen very carefully? Yes first I have to listen carefully. Okay, and then slowly you will ask if you didn't understand a word you will ask them right? Yes, and you will match your Canada with that go Canada South. South Canada and maybe from Mangalore. I'm become Bangalore is to Lou, you know Sulu is completely different or cut. That doesn't match only to Canada. It will not measure that is the thing. So everywhere. We are experiencing challenge with the language and it's important to understand the moment. We change our region a new language comes it's our language early but a new accent is coming. Yeah, and sometimes we are not able to understand also. We only laughter ha ha ha understood. I don't worry understood I understood and then the person was saying that okay, you understood because laughing helps us, you know hide our feelings. Yeah, definitely, you know, yeah as that, I understood so you please don't feel offended. That is the thing and I understand coma that's the reason I asked you the question and now it it to you land up somewhere in Argentina. Yeah, you know A temperature Spanish-speaking country here and it's English now. Can you imagine now you have to speak Spanish style of English and you are with the kannada English hear how the mix match will happen. You have to start thinking, you know, the Spanish is PQ know like, you know for what you know, they use that word for what you know, and they will use certain phrases like, you know, you don't you you talk in the Spanish way and that is how you have to talk. Not the condo. Way, you know so that the yeah that is a dramatic influence of Spanish comes and this is why you know you defines a very challenging and I don't know. I don't know Kumar people traveling all over the world how they just two accents. They carry their English the Indian English, but they're carrying to Japan and the Japanese comes in front and they do live style of speaking English. Don't worry the Nagasaki way of English. Is the best way and now you're wondering that he's got to get a samurai outside and you want to cut your throat. Actually. I'm worrying about how do you know actually he was you know all kinds of accent. How do you how do you learn that sir? It's very easy. How do you how do you match to a to Lou person? This is same thing. For example, your Canada you go to Mangalore. How do you adapt to to Loop you listen to them, right? Musical pattern of how they are sounding right and the sounds are very clear. Once the sounds get registered, you know? Okay, this is our music. This is the tune. I have to talk in this kind of tune. Once you get a tune. You can make it your own way. Yeah, that's not happening. Just like how we imitate songs man. Let's say you have a kannada song of Rajkumar. Hmm. Okay, Raj Kumar is a very big thing over there. Okay. Yeah, so it's some Rajkumar song is 1 so, what do you do the singer and sang something else, but then you are tuning right here tuning to the You know, like you know, whatever that song is, you know, a pretty portable the Porter and pretty bird I and my daughter saw actually Tamil Nadu but we are trying to sense and we are trying to match our brain into thinking like your this is the sound of that word. And this is how the stylus you know when we are matching so that's how I do it. That's how I do it. So it's not a big deal, but you can do it much. Yeah, two minutes job for anybody, you know wants to be a little bit creative. Yeah, if we win means definitely will learn. Yeah, and it's important also command because you see tomorrow you land up in some other country here. You don't know their style of English. Yeah, but you have to adapt in five seconds the advice seconds if there is a hotel boy who the Chinese OK say, OK you have to go to room number 5 not to allow you to understand very quickly and it probably meant to say Not too. Yeah, you can't ask him any questions sir. Can you please repeat the determines the given since the same accent don't ya if you are to adapt to access so it's not possible that you carry your own kannada English and that's the best English in the world. Yes. There are so many people will 100 accents man. Yeah, and we land up in so many countries because we are moving we are moving we are not constant and we stayed in one place. We will have a same accent, but we are. Moving not today in a podcast. OK we are coming across so many accents. I spoke to somebody in Pakistan. I spoke to somebody in Delhi. I spoke to somebody in North ask about now speaking to somebody so everybody accent is different. Yeah, but I'm trying to adapt it is notice. I'm adapting. Yeah, definitely. I don't have time. I don't have time to plan. I have to quickly be on the spot. You understand. This is what you people have to learn they had to adapt quickly. There's no time to think. Yeah. It's differs from place to Place absolutely, correct. Come on. So that is what about accents are there today? I am going to play some accents also because living in England also, I because I have been in England I work for a British bank. So even in England there are 10 15 accents, you know that and even English people could also I'm going to play a video, you know our audio and people will understand that you this is cockney. This is Yorkshire accent. This is Scottish accent. Yeah, all this when you're in that country. It's a very Khoury time. Yeah, okay, but thank you so much for coming on the line Kumar. Okay. So thank you and have a great day. Yes. Alright, so that was Kumar on the line guys. So right nice chatting with the Akuma, so I see a lot of people, you know coming on the line guys. And that's the reason I've taken this podcast English English class number eight is about access it because You have got a first language and whether you like it or not your first language always interfere with your second language and it's not the story in India guys. It's a story all over the world. All over the world and that's the reason I thought of focusing on this part a lot that if you land up in certain countries, you know, you will come across many many actions not one act. They all are speaking English guys English language is just one word, but there are so many actions guys and that is where it becomes very challenging. On top of it guys, you're carrying your own accent in that country now because double challenging because the other person has to know respond to your accent and you are to respond to his accent. This is what happened. We have to try to understand each other. Sometimes we understand sometimes we don't care also. I'm going to try some accents now starting with the British guys. I'm just going to go step by step according to me in Britain. There are many accents according to me in America. Also, there are many actions according to me in Australia. There are a couple of accent in Africa. There are many accents guys of English. That in Far East Asia like Singapore Malaysia tie Cantonese Chinese Mandarin Japanese Koreans all I've got their own it style of speaking English guys. And according to me. The last part is Spanish countries guys, the Spanish urgentiy now Puerto Rico or countries like you but they have their own style of English. And last but not the least the Russians guys. We will throw Coral like a Russian from Russia you re or when progress? Yeah, you're right. Would you like to have some vodka? Have you gone to stress here? It's very big country ever come to my country code Russia. That's how the sound guys on. How can I understand now? Sometimes you go to Italy sometimes go to France Europe Germany. They've got the own accent of English guys. That is the reason guys today. My topic is about accents across the world guys not act actions across India. I have already come across so many accents it in India. We all know what are the accents of English in India, however, the accents of the world. It's very important that we get enlightened about it because we are going to encounter that people in India go to Thailand a lot every Indian wants to go to Thailand because it's very cheap. And the first thing the chat I person treats you is a okay. Welcome to Thailand. Have you been able to go to Phuket? You have to catch a plane when this obscure stretching sounds of English cause guys how the I'm going to understand that type of person. And every time I went to Thailand, I'm not been to Thailand, but then I know for a fact that people tell me their experiences. Go to some place in Nigeria and suddenly there is you know, the Nigerian heavy acts at the mumbo jumbo accent. What am I gonna do now? Who do you think he is he is a Nigerian mess with me. I'm from logos. I'm speaking the Nigerian way of speaking English you from India. Go back to your country. Don't come back to Nigeria such kind of accents come across guys. And this is what my podcast is about. So be without wasting any more time guys. I'm gonna play some clips. Okay, I'm gonna play some clips starting with the British guys while the clips are going on. There will be a pause of one. Kane where the action will change but right now I'm playing only English accents guys 10 different kinds of English. Now remember we have to keep something in your mind an England. What happened? There is one accent colors Cockney Cockney is a very important there is a another access call the scouse accent, which is called the Liverpool accent. Now that is a completely different then there is a third accent called Scottish accent. Then there is a West country accent then there is a black American not black black ink black English accent. So you can't say black American. Okay guys understand there are blacks in the England also, so you are they have a different style of speaking England English. Okay, so we'll go through that clip and you will understand what I am trying to see and then we'll compare each other's English guys we start so let's go back and play that clip guys starting with the only English. Okay looking at the United Kingdom guys, you might come across irish guys. Also, we have Edge guys. Also people from Wales Cardiff is the capital of that color City. Okay and Irish. You have Dublin as a capital and London is the capital of England and Edinboro is a capital of Scotland. This is how you must understand but look at the different styles of English guys. You'll understand what I'm trying to say. Okay, only English after that. I'll if I get time I will play the clip of American type of actions also and then maybe African maybe Asian, okay, and then maybe Russian and European. Okay, guys, let's start with the English. Okay. Thank you. I'm telling you. London Tube Ministry out they get over because that is a yo, man's cat got stuck popping your trees old man went to rescue man's cat from a tree box. And what's Bound by bumblebee? Oh, I'm just going with the flow man says what one I see Yo, oh, I've got a list of benefits the cute objecting Backs from garden shed they had no evidence. So they had tell that man go. I'd be a motivational speaker for years people like to criticize my methods but it's not like my motivational speaking is hurting anybody people can hardly motivate themselves now can they you're all very much like this apple The Shadow of Your former self rotten to the core. So what do you do is throw yourself in the bin and when you reawaken in the landfill site, You will feel revitalized and ready to conquer the world. One is rather relieved. That one does not have to reside in an area where one is subjected to gang culture. Yes. No xia is the underclass you would run wise are you couldn't on the clock back to say that to my face? What are you doing here? This is not relaxant security. Let go of me man and watch me and my Man Apart punch you imagine a room where you 7 th century paintings about? I think we should open the box of the finest champagne. Yo, why he'd man? Why is your goldfish telling me like house? Like he's hungry or something like us to eat me. Are you sure that you don't have a proper running disguise normally just like swimming or spear friend. Rob won't be friends with our goldfish toe. It's not like it. Does anything just moves around the circle all day. He doesn't even know how to use your phone anything like that. Freud I cou I just to be in a few not right for shit. You start making crap. So it was in when he filled then you start abducting my toes and my check ends and then you take my tractor away from me and then you abduct Me this a non I'm not average. There must be some kind of Intergalactic law gets these crazy stuff. Right? Are you reckon I could sue you lat. For every penny you are but and one what? Doctor, please I need your help. I can't remember nothing. I can't remember my name my family. I can't remember where I live. I know that Alex Northern England. I can't quite remember what you've got are out me duck. He's already passed. This is the Liverpool accent. So maybe time collects money save our people today. I'm going to be showing you how to make it Great British class. This is Yorkshire accent. This is Scottish. No be smashed the butts. If you don't eat your broccoli, and you will Jessica your Barbie doll have a terrible accident. If you don't need your sweet corn people tend to think I'm crazy because I have the only Welsh national surveys Welsh. In fact After the Revolution the British Isles will be renamed United Kingdom of Great Wales and Northern Wei else, right Last Enemy. I'm really losing my cache entry. You locked right firstly, I can't even understand you and secondly. I've told you a lot yet. My customer rashes number is take yet. They've named and again, this is very shocking. Irish Irish Irish Alright guys, so that was you know a couple of accents from England. Okay. Did you make a hang of it? Did you get the idea what we're talking about? Did you get any words, you know, which we're clear? That's how the British P guys it's not the way, you know, you speak the normal way when you land up in Britain, you come across so many different accents. Some of them you have to keep in your mind is one is the Cockney accent, which is near London only. Okay south of London us that part only and there is that's a different style of English the other one you have to keep in mind. The South England accent somewhere in the south. Okay, and which is very polished type of action very polished how the Kings and the Queen's used to speak in something like that. And then we go have to get this cows the accent. This is very funny accent got Liverpool we heard of this County called Liverpool or the city of Liverpool. You will come across these accents. Okay and certain other actions. You have to be careful about the Yorkshire accent. If you remember, you know, you had this cricketer called Geoffrey boycott Cricket is to is talk like this, you know, you put some youth the week eat over there. It has to be always that straightforward lead you put some money into it and that's how you get the pudding. You know, that's how you should talk. So that's very different type of accent guys. It's very difficult to decipher sometimes, you know, and that's why you have to get very good listening skills if we land up in a England Then it comes in a Scottish accent guys, or that is a weird accent very weird. The Scottish people, you know, they like to use the they don't open their mouths more. They like to use o sound a lot. Oh, oh, you know, so if you see in the Scottish prime minister how she speaks. I don't remember her name. It's a lady but if you notice how all of us have to get this thing done at this point of time because that is how we have to understand that, you know Scottish is not the way English spoken Scottish have got there. Homestyler speak English and that is how you know, you have to understand you don't have to get mad at me. You don't have to get sacked me go to understand the Scottish people speak like this. Something that our guys, you know Scottish is very different kind of accent. Sometimes you come across Irish people guys. One of the accent which I played just now in the clip. I hope the clip was audible guys. I hope the clip was horrible. I don't know whether because people heard that or not because I was playing from the same player from the same mobile phone. I don't know whether people heard it. So if you notice that this is actually a British guy imitating so many Accents in Britain only. Okay, this was a lot me imitating them. It was actually a British guy in influencing them. Now somebody call who's is our Sheikh wants to join me. Let me see what he wants to say. Okay, it wasn't horrible. Sorry about this Jordan. Okay, that is what happened. Okay. I'll shake hold on. Okay, because Jordan asset it was inaudible. Okay, guys, I'm going to play that clip one more time. Okay, tell me if I'm horrible. Yes. Tell me if I am if it was audible. Okay, because very important for you to lessen, not me. Okay. Hold on guys. Okay guys tell me is it audible or not? First? I'm playing the clip. I'm playing the clip. Can you can you actually tell me now whether you are listening in a background? Okay, guys, just tell me whether yes now not clear. Okay, hold on. Up in the trees old man went to rescue man's cat from poetry box. And what's Bound by bumblebee? Oh, I'm just going with the flow man says while yeah pitch is low. That is true. Okay. Now this is the problem Jordan that you know, the pitch is very low. No guys have to do is that I will have to imitate them imitate them directly so that you can hear my voice. Okay, I start imitating them. Thank you. Rotten to me. So what do you do? What? You sure might unlock you like to chop down trees for not be back at Camp. Okay. Is it audible now guys? In the tree so man went to rescue man's cat from a tree box and got stung by bumblebee. Oh, I'm just going with the flow man says walk one. I see Yo, oh, I've got arrested by the feds beacuse of jacking back through garden shed, but they had no evidence. So they had to let man go. I've been a motivational speaker for years people like to criticize Sighs my methods but it's not like my motivational speaking is hurting anybody people can hardly motivate themselves now can they you were all very much like this apple a Shadow of Your former self rotten to the core. So what do you do you throw yourself in the bin? And when you reawaken in the landfill site, you will feel revitalized and ready to conquer the world. One is rather relieved. That one does not have to reside in an area where one is subjected to gang culture. Yes nose area is the underclass you from this is a posh British accent. Let's go to the next accent British, Asian speaking. Let's go to the next Axon. This is a farmer's accent in Britain. Is it audible guys now? Somewhere in northern England. I can't quite remember what part you've got our elderly duck. So basically I'm really passionate about pain. This is a scouse accent of Liverpool. Save our people today. I'm going to be sure Manchester accent. Scottish Scottish Easy because I'm the only Welsh Welsh accent. Fave name and a day and one angry customer. I'm telling you. I'm calling for you met ya better believe it. You better believe your entire company is going down me at the no toys love to have my own personalized Irish GPS system. You know, I want to talk to me like a can understand us at the next set of traffic lights turn. Right, right, and she was teaching me a little angle. Alright guys, so that was about the English accents today. I'm just covering the English style of speaking. Okay. I hope the trip was horrible guys. I don't know because I'm playing from the same mobile phone. So what happens is sometimes the pitch will be very low. Okay, but then if we want to do some reference, you know, you can go to YouTube because I'm playing this clip from YouTube. There's a guy who was a you know, impersonated and doing all the British style of accents, but it's important for the rest of the world to understand that when you land in Britain, you will come across the Saxon at least five to six different accents that you are a keep in mind. But I was in Britain. I remember that this kind of actions are spoken by every person over there and I remember very clearly the Cockney accent. You know, this London near the London South London accent was a little bit different and then the next one was a Southern accent southern English accent how we have South India North India. They also have South Britain nor threatened that way your to understand and then you the other interesting accent is the Liverpool axis cows are Accent and they talk like this, you know something haven't been over there till engine have no don't gone over there, but that is not great. I don't know what to do. Just right there sounds unnecessary Guy, this is what the Liverpool accent it's about. And then the other funny accent is the Yorkshire accent. That is what Geoffrey boycott is to, you know, do all the time put somebody in the lad guys if we get over here has to have the Mud into it and that is how you have to get the Scottish pudding. No, sorry the Yorkshire pudding what other word was and the best accent water like in Britain is the Scottish accent guys Scottish accent is one of those people I met you know, and they love to cut the Haggis haggis is earlier to understand the Scottish culture first guys Scottish where the Mona they were fighting the Monarch the British monarch once upon a time so they were present if is going to see the Movie Braveheart Mel Gibson, that is about the Scottish, you know way of speaking English completely bamboozling, you know cannot make a single word or button the Scottish speak in that dialect, you know, it's called the Gaelic dialogue Gaelic. And that's one of the action you'll come across and the Scottish will speak like this. You have a miscarriage also have to do over there and then we have to speak like this put this away. You don't have to get mad at me like that. And then you have to roll your oars oars oars about it. Your rules your oars or your make the or sound in Scottish the r sound come over. How we become or have I ever have having been to Scottish Highlands something like that, you know guys, this is a weird accent and then you have this another accent the Irish in the veils guys. Those words they make the fires for and the forest fire guys five five and it sounds like four guys something like that, you know very weird. But when you listen to them quite often, you'll understand how the wedge person space or the English person speaks how the London's person we have the southern accent is about how the African you know, English guy speaks. Even the Asian Indians guys, you know, like somebody is going to from Asia. Even they have their own way of speaking English over there. Kiara said hola. Okay that Spanish I believe Allah. Hello. That means hello. Let me put hola. Okay, because I like this hola it's called hola Uber, you know adios adios Amigo here. I is a guy or girl lady. I don't know but I'll put Arias amigo. This gentleman or this lady whoever that person is. I don't know the gender right now because I'm just assuming over that person is stalking a more in the Spanish - Spanish has also got the stress specific way of speaking English guys. They also have their own accent. And that is why you know Señorita seen or all these words will come from Spain. But remember guys, you know, the Spanish have got different kind of speaking English. If you go to Latin American countries, like Argentina one is why Allah or you know, chilly or you know, Puerto Rico Cuba or the main Andalusia Spain, you know, the Spain is origin, but then all of them speak a different way of accent of English guys, I'll play those clips later on. Let me get the audio because today I was just playing, you know, getting out of female gato. Jordan is a guy you met Legato got you female car to I know one more word and you know, they say, you know, gringo. What is this word gringo? Ring, oh, I feel it means that you know, it's a tourist. This is what I think our guys guys are here a lot of you know movies and they say this word bring go. I hope it's not abusive or guys because never got I typed it but it's not come up. So maybe guys, you know, it's not an acceptable word that I use offensive work guys. Got to got towel cat her - ja ja ja Kiara. That's a conversation going between Jordan and Keira. I looks like both of them understanding each other's for Spanish. That's quite interesting. Jordan must have go through a lot of people in Spanish PP speaking countries. And that's the reason in KR I believe is from Spain or somewhere from Latin American countries. And that could be one of the things and our I have a question to put to Kiara Kiara. If you're listening to me. Do you think that you know the accent, you know because Spanish is the first language for Spanish-speaking countries and English comes as a second language. Do you think ER that when when you people speak English you also put on an accent where sometimes? You know, it sounds very funny because the other person is also not so good and becomes a challenge. When a Japanese guy speaking English comes into contact with a Spanish person speaking English. Now, both of them are going to challenge you guys the Japanese will start talking in this way, you know, it's are talking, you know, you know about Japanese style. Oh of English. So every time you come to knock misaki, I will teach you Spanish and that is how you have to learn the Japanese Samurai. And I don't know how Kiara is going to answer that but then guys it's all in the fun. This is not to offend anybody guys. Remember when we travel all over the world not everybody is familiar with English as a first language. Okay, chiara's for dinner or something local Georgia. That means she's happy. I think she is joking about it. Now. This word is come from Spanish El acento. Own a Siempre es important there. I believe that l means. I don't know Kiara could explain to us. What is El asalto? Asia extends. I know that she's meaning accents. No see Empire. It's not simple. Is that what she means? No Siempre es is s is easy if I'm not important so means accents. Not simple is important for us accents are not important. Is that what you mean care of? I don't know why I'm just impressed writing. What am I waiting guys now? I'm not Spanish-speaking person guys, but sometimes I've spoken to a lot of people from you know, okay, there's a conversation going on between Jordan. Let me not, you know interrupt them. Go on Jordan Speak to Cairo. That's but much better in the meantime guys, you know, let me talk. Talk about you know accents of different, you know countries. I'm here talking about English guys. We are not talking about any other language today. My topic in English English class. Number eight is about different English accents guys, not only in the subcontinent guys, but all over the world and we all experience that whenever we travel outside of a country. Yeah ski area is yeah, so I was right in English. So that means I interpreted the Spanish text correctly that access doesn't matter. It's not that important that is I got Kara. However, what would my feeling is that you know, when when you are, you know Landing up in a country where you don't know the style of English, you know, and you come up with your own English accent. Sometimes it can get a little bit difficult to understand them. Sometimes not every time not every time but then sometimes there is like, you know you are too at least for the sake of knowing how the like a tie if you go to Thailand. You didn't know that. Okay, the type person is go get it going to get very overexcited and she's going to talk like this, you know in Thailand come to Thailand. Everything is very nice. We yeah, have you have you been to India? Oh, what's your name? Your name goat come to Thailand. Let's go to Phuket. So that extended sounds guys one has to be very familiar with especially, you know, when you come into a place like Thailand because that's what I know. Today, I'm covering only the English style of access guys. England has got so many accents, especially the Yorkshire accent Scottish accent the Irish the whales the Liverpool Cockney the West country and the Southern and African, you know ball English person these if7 to eight accents, which we will come across when you land in Britain and whether we are talking to them on the phone or whether we are talking to you face to face. Is sometimes it becomes difficult for the other person to comprehend, but if you are listen to them in advance before then things are much simpler guys. There's a mod 5 feeling is so today. This class was about do you know accents guys? I will cover up the American accents in the next podcast guys and the next podcast later. I got to European style of speaking English the Italian the Russian, you know, the Spanish - and the word is that French or the German they also have got a different way of speaking English, but guys remember one thing I'm not offending and mocking anybody Guy. This is just for us to understand that we are going to come across different accents. And if you don't if you haven't listened to that accent before then you might find it challenging when you encounter that person face-to-face or over the phone in trying to understand them because you are not familiar with that accent. Jordan is the best possible talk about Australia because Jordan has been to Australia remember and he knows for a fact that Australians are got a different style of speaking English might do I care? I don't care. I just want to pinch of Fosters. Do I really believe in that might? Yoda will be familiar with this Australians type of speaking, you know something to that but God is most familiar with what exactly happens in Australia. And of course, I know The Fosters is there beer and I know for a fact that you know, some of them, you know, I believe in the Australian speak more like they're a mixture of the Americans and the British. This is what I feel because even they sound nasal sometimes like the Americans. Sometimes and but their wall sounds more like the British sounds this is what I feel so then between somewhere. And the funny part is that you know, when all this English speaking speaking countries, they speak together, especially in the United Nations guys. Go to the United Nations see different speakers coming and speaking English guys, and you will you will have feeling guys so many accents man so many accents This is a very interesting subject guys, but I don't want to cover it in one day guys today. I'll cover only the English the England. The one is United Kingdom next time. I'll cover America after that. I believe our covers little bit of you know, the Corsa Europe and then after that Asia. Because guys all this axis are going to come across. You know because if you come across this thing, you have to be at least good. It's good for listening pleasure. So that tomorrow you come across a Chinese guy, you know how in speaking, you know is you should you should understand that is what it means to say that you know, I'm trying I'm trying to do so many accidents. No, don't talk like this in the Chinese way Chinese don't talk like the Chinese also have gotten accent. But I'm you are to talk 30 not good. You are people talk about something else every time you talk about the Chinese you do don't talk like since you don't talk you talk like an Indian. What about that style of speaking is guys at least you to be familiar with what happens is, you know, when we listen to them we might find it. You have to keep your ears closer. Mouthpiece, you know and listen to your phone and listen very carefully. But this is what happened with me when I first spoke to a chap in Nigeria. I think I've met him in Mumbai only where I'm from and this Nigerian guy because I were teaching him. I trained the Indian Navy guys for ballroom and Latin dancing. So one Nigerian fellow had come there and I remember very clearly this Nigeria come with his wife anybody huge personality. But very gentle but when he started speaking guys, I could not make a sense of any word when he told me like there's no no. No you you pitch good dancing. I will be how you been to Nigeria. You know, Nigeria is a great country. I have my voice over here, you know, however, have you guys, you know, something like a very heavy accent came from nowhere guys, but I could understand him, but I had to literally, you know, keep my years closer guys. After a few attempts, I understood even we became very good friends guys. That's what happens. Well guys, you have enjoyed this podcast today. I'm not continuing more guys. I'm going to the next podcast. Okay, and this I did did just for the heck of it guys just to make people aware of there are accents not in India only there are accents all over the world guys. And if we are knowledgeable about the accents, at least we can stand a chance to converse with them better. But if you never listen to the reaction, then you're ready for a cultural shock guys. You have to get ready for that because you know, you never heard the access for you can't make head or tail of what he's saying. Hope you enjoyed this broadcast guys are amazing Spanish love that Kiara person. Whoever that person is if she's from Guatemala Ecuador or Aruba or Cuba or the Spanish-speaking countries all the countries in the Spanish-speaking world, the Argentina or the Tango or she is doing the Cha-Cha or Easy doing the Rumba or the salsa only Spanish-speaking country this week with a cigar in the mouth. I love the way they hold the cigar the Cuban cigar. Every time they talk in the Spanish way of speaking. They say go the football comes from the soccer soccer in and countries guys pay you pay you chilly. I don't know so many soccer speaking countries guys all play football Columbia. I love the way they see Columbia. cha cha cha beautiful Spanish songs guys, I love the Spanish very emotional. They speak like an emotional person. Their songs are so beautiful guys. That songs are so touching. I heard a lot of salsa song because I teach salsa teacher Charities Rumba and I literally literally get flabbergasted with their songs guys. The songs are very interesting when you dance the Rumba. It feels like you're dancing in heaven guys, you feel your partner your guiding your partner and going, you know poor take o alaikum O A comb-over. There's a nice song with comb-over. I think that is Portuguese I should not get mixed with a Brazilian guys Brazilians full of Portuguese. Spanish is different guys. But the sync sound similar. Oh, no those tres cuatro. Cinco. Whatever that is guys. Who know the history is Castro una dos tres Cinco De Cuatro. Uno dos tres Cinco De Cuatro. Uno dos tres. This is how I should teach, you know, people salsa guys because insults are the counts are like 1 2 3 5 6 7 1 2 3 5 6 7 and then you have to convert in Spanish. Uno dos tres Cinco De Cuatro uno dos I think I saw a heart. So Spanish guys and beautiful guys different cultures. They, you know are very interesting guys. depends on you know, your curiosity level guys whether you want to discover the world because the world is very big place and it's full of interesting people guys, the more you discover the world the more you come to nobody, you know, so little about the world We all think that our world is the best word. No guys. There are so many people in the existing the 7 billion people guys. Vietnamese guy, you know they say they'll understand Vietnam just a Vietnamese. With me is Guy Chinese guys, Japanese guys, Corey and Korean to the way I said Koreans. the Cantonese people the Mandarin people the Australian people see the way I said Australian people extended sound comes from lower all the American redneck, you know time to make your phone calls now the Alabama, you know, how they sounded the Southern Southern American accent something like you know, Alabama The song like you know that rednecks. I don't know what is a redneck but they sound very interesting in the English guys. The accents are beautiful over there, especially the southern American accent. Time to make a phone call. I'm going I'm then the confession and your time, you know something that you know, I cannot imitate them guys. It's very difficult because you imitate someone is not good. Actually. It's all in the fun. But guys, it's not to open anybody guys. This is a disclaimer for my side. It's not to offend anybody and I'm not mocking them guys. It's only a fun because it's important to learn English better. Not only your accent guys. You don't understand the British accent. You have to also understand the actions all over the globe guys will land up in Saudi Arabia and the shake is pick a different kind of English. Here we try to have sell the camel to me. Have we tried to sell the camel? Come outside the camel and sigma hummus something like that. If they talk, you know you are to think guys, I think Indians work in the Gulf so they are aware of this English that is spoken in the Middle East countries. I'm sure you guys most of people are listening to me have traveled across the globe and we come across so many English accents guys. I just been to two countries in my life guys Great Britain and you know One More Country. I've been to Sri Lanka. These are the only two countries have been and I came to know so many accents. Let's show them all. I haven't travel guys. However, I am familiar with them because I met a lot of people coming from this place is all over the world to India. And this is where I met them guys for I talked to them on the phone on a podcast on a bodytalk or this application that application guys we all do that. So guys, I hope you enjoy the podcast English Vinglish class number eight. It was about the English accent Sky next time do join me English Lit class number 9. I will show you the American style of accents guys even in America, there are so many different actions are speaking English. And if time permits I will play some clips about the European style the Russian the Spire the the words at the Italian. Okay. Somebody wants to join me. Now. Let me take this call and see what she wants to say. Sachse wants to join me. Let me see what she wants to say. Okay. I'm trying to connect with sakshi reverse Arc. Yeah Yes. Actually you're there. Yeah. So, how are you doing today, Sachi? It's good. Okey-dokey. Great. Very nice. You know, can I ask you she where are you from? Because I know you spoke to me last time but I don't remember. Where are you from? I don't remind now. I'm I talked to her before but maybe I'm from you pee. Okay, not a problem. So tell us something, you know Sachi tell us something. Do you think that you know, we come across so many English accents. Not only in India, but also all over the world. Do you agree with that, you know accents means like you know, let's say you have a high even India has got so many accents man shouting in Hindi. Mana. Mana Stone Hindi Punjabi Hindi, you know you peace. I love you, baby. It is not like you. Can you say that there are many action accent like a people who is carrying. Moratti was a speaking variety. So if we try to speak Hindi so it is a histone, but Hindi Hap's has its own accent. But if he tried to speaking Hindi, so he stole Ur histone come in there Hindi so it doesn't means Hindi has also many. And accent Hindi has his own accent like and if we talk we if we talk about the endless English as its own accent and that we feel that this is the the person who is an heir to to understand and who speak their correct at accent, but we are learning and speaking like if you talk in English so our Hindi do not let me let me alone. It's also coming our way. English also, it's a people even you talk in English people understand you're from India so that you can make out they can make out isn't it? So, let's say that, you know tomorrow you're talking to a British guys. He will immediately come to know that you're from India or somewhere from yeah subcontinent, you know, you cannot immediately will not come to know whether you're from Pakistan India because most of us of corny people solve this if you understand because of our exchange and I were talking Style Yeah, but it's my personal view if you like it. We are also we are here to learn English. So learning English is means a good thing. But if we want to totally command over in this like so we have to learn accent also like we do not think that we are able to speak English. So it is a it is a it is all completed now if you want to if you want to learn more So learn their accent also greatest action American accent. So this is the origin or this is the natural accent of the English. I don't know. Yeah, don't you see Donald Trump, you know who came to India when Indian Prime Minister invited him, you know, do you remember one month back dollar from but come to India? Yeah. Yeah. I remember that. He was speaking Hindi all keep our drum circle. Did you see the way he said of Comes yeah, like I already told you when person is for try to speaking Hindi even easier for now. So his tone is a come come with their language. Even if you speak another language. Absolutely, correct, and we were looking at Donald Trump, you know, we felt like he's mocking Hindi, you know his maybe yeah, but he was actually just you know, trying out. Yeah, he's trying and difficult. We have certain conditions like if we are busy CRM Well to speak English we are not saying we are have a very like breaking or a we don't know English even the I know that how to say the words how to say the sentences but having these type of having these things we don't get their accent and they think that we are just trying and we are not and we can't get this type of language and they are only native know how to speak but do you know all I saw? I saw many people sue the Indian also, maybe a they are living a day leaves any part of India. So but they are some are very good at English. This means that they have knowledge of English as well as they also know the accent which we which I'm talk to to talk before like India. Okay. Britt is our x-ray or an American accent. Absolutely, correct. And that is what happens, you know, one thing I want to To make clear to people all over the who's listening to this podcast, you know known get offended if people tell you that you have an option I sent don't get offended because you're not alone. Yes. There are 7 billion people who are in a world of accents only because we be surprised. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry English is our second language is not our first language. So if I were accent is different, so it doesn't mean a we are Adding is and the people who is a maybe they also do they do not know how to perfectly and want subtractive their accent. But most of people they are just making fun of us when you try to speak it. Yeah. Yeah. So sakshi. Do you think that she just like, you know, there are we have an accent we agree? Okay Indians, I've got an accent Pakistan is yogurt Bangladeshi got the rest of the world ocean. So don't you think Sashi all over the world people are aware that English is not my first Language, okay, so I may not be that good at least I can try to get the words and pronunciation sounds correct? Okay, so that the person understands me something like that. Like if you say that in English, everyone know that in English is on our not our first language, but the person not the who's not need you but he is able to appreciate like he can follow the arrow there extent like a bit is accent they are able to speak like this. So how can say that we are not able to speak like this. No, no, I'm not saying that understand my question for Sachi. I didn't say that what I said is we owe our don't have English as a first language. Okay, and it's not only us India or whether it's about Chinese. It's about Japanese. It's about Singapore. None of them have got English or even Puerto Rico or even countries like Mexico, you know, so everybody's got the second language so everybody is aware of this far. That because it's not her first language. We are not going to be so good in it. We are not going to be so good. So let's forget getting good into it. Let's talk about you know, understanding and making each other understand whatever we know let's go with that. Okay, maybe you know, we will get mixed up with the first language. That's okay. That's okay. It doesn't matter because as long as the person understood me as long as I have understood we have won this battle don't you think that is the best thing people are doing now? Because that's what is happening all over the world people. Are not you know aping anybody now. This is one good point and notice people not aping the British people not aping the Americans who are very good in the English people. No no longer imitating Australian Canadians or whoever just be natural self. Yeah. Yes is how I speak and this is how I'm going to speak. That's it full stop, you know, something like that. So everybody wants to be comfortable in language not get caught, you know carry a burden on their. Oh God. I'm not speaking like English like Englishmen. Necessary to follow follow the accent. Yeah like but at least is important to know about them. No just know about it like yeah. Yeah. I I heard yesterday of a person talking with another person on this podcast. So I listened he means he's a good actor good at their accent also, but he's speaking a bit is excellent in India. Also Indian people for make love. Make love because they said sharing their experience this he said people say that we are trying to mimic resold. I'm not really create I get the option from the British. I tried more and I'll he said I started from zero and now I'm at level is he has to to be expected. Then he is able to speak English with their accent. So people think that he's just showing that How he how he good it in English in Indian? So here's the poor guy must have felt very offended and humiliated also because you know, he was trying to improvise you see something is what happened. When we learn the language. We want to improvise also, you know, the meaning of improvisation we want to go one step ahead. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but they're only man is the same thing again again, you know something to that so maybe try to improvise, you know, people thought I was doing overacting. Yeah. Yeah, yeah because he said people say to your Indian and if we I talked with their accent, so people think that I'm just acting so it is a yeah, so I think you understand. What is what is the role is story? I want to say to you absolutely correct. But thank you so much so much. You're the line because there are two people waiting. If you don't mind I'm gonna be a person because podcast will end in 15 minutes. Yeah. Thank you so much. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Welcome. All right. She underlines and Frankie Lobo. Is there on the line Solo Traveler? Let me see what Frankie Lobo wants to say. Hey, yes. How are you doing today, Frankie and mr. Lindsay. How are you? Good afternoon. Yeah, I'm doing great. Yeah. Okay. I have a straight question for you now Frankie, but you're the best person to answer you went to yeah way too many questions after later on something Frankie. You will know the Middle East you went to the Gully. Did you cook across the Arabian Way of speaking English, you know Arabic speaker who speak Arabic they have a difference hola, you know, yeah. Yeah, would you like to talk in the English language? You know, what Li you something that that this is the best. Yeah. Yeah. What was your experience about the axle? My God very difficult very difficult. When I was in Saudi when I was in South, you know, I was trending very difficult to speak with these people, you know, and And when they are epic days to come, you know at the reception when sometimes has to work at the reception and when the Arabic is to come, you know, and there's to speak in Arabic language. I don't know Arabic like I used to say sir. I don't know Arabic why you don't matter because this British country you are come in my country and you are speaking English. My country is Arabic country. You have to speak in you and you know and his English was very difficult to understand because their English, you know, obviously You know, there's two don't add in a preposition article and all just speaking like that, you know broken English like you know, you sweet let me because you know, they are differently they are differently they speak, you know, you have to keep your ears open to understand their body speak first, man. What we are speaking Matthew don't know this is this what was that like that as we really have to understand that because they are different and they speak in a thick was you know, The order type. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah like that even my wife's also. I also don't know Master. Yes, sir. My wife challenging to understand them. Right right, even you know, my actions also know I have some time on after drinking the next day. I'll speak more like it thick voice, you know, like Devil is there in my body like that? Actually, yeah. Yeah, okay. Please get so so Frankie you agree that you know, there are accents. You know, when you land up in a country for work, you will come across different style of people speak in English. There's a correct and maybe is from Iraq. Which country did you learn? Did you say I visited Saudi musket going to buy so far four countries only I have been visited. Okay, and you finally met Penny costume and met people like, you know, how I intend also Kerala like in English also, Very different under Section. Yeah, many different accents the way different different style to speak like me even some people, you know, they speak good English, but because of the action, you know, some people they could not understand the proper word. Sometimes they confuse like what what what they keep on asking even you know, South African console South Africans South African will never understand our Indian accent because always they will say what what like Road respect only, please pardon. Me could you repeat they will not never say this go up and talk with the South African organda or Nigerian. People are so many people they say what what like this just do I get related, you know some time with them if you've not actually correct. Yeah, if you could not understand English, if no one can understand English even in this broadcast. Also, I have seen so many people. What what what man what man what you're saying you are you say. Pardon me? I didn't understood please repeat it again. You could not say this. What what And respect you disgracing man, whoever speaking he will feel bad about this Emma. I know I know this thing happens Frankie and that's the reason I chose this subject in order to talk about the topic disease, you know, even I also know something even I have met across to foreigners also and then English is what didn't they speak in dialect than a idiom. They use mostly and I find very difficult to understand because Billy they are not saying completely centers like how we say how we speak like a complete sentence. We go wrong, but they don't go around bloody. They go straight like in a straight path like one one one word, they use and they finish the sentence we find very difficult when the Europeans come to speak. I know I know. People come over there English - English people come there's no doubt the freaking did you come across different accents of English or some here are of course, you know, I seen one I was waiting for were I was waiting for a bus to come to Mumbai. I saw one one European and he was asking well I have beer so he's asking the wind Surfer is asking what ever Roger Pier is asking God what he you want commentary silly kunikida that man is telling and I'm there listening. You know, I'm for long-term beer beer is asking no, so give one can't be a big one. So he's telling what he's talking men could not understand for a long time. We 3/4 time repeated. Then I went I said bye whoa school but a beer mug, we are they they are so concerned with then after that he gave one beer and he and he that's it. Larger means any beer you give but large beer can be a Absolutely, correct each other other people's English you found it difficult, like which other job and did you find because German they speak later. They don't like your English, you know, they don't speak English, you know, they if you if you go to speak with them English, even they know English also know they will not speak with you. They will go away. They will try to speak English. They don't they don't like English, you know in for if you speak with them. They will not give you answer. Do you know French? I don't know. They asking you do, you know French language? No, then they don't speak to you. I don't know why because they are against English. Yeah, maybe you know, they feel it by shy to talk in public maybe that you could be one of the reasons even Germany. Also Germany. Also if you go to continue your speaking English. No, they will not like they say you cannot speak this English. You have to speak our language you go and go to go and instituted a podcast. It was from there from buddy. And I think now you told me very clearly that they are very adamant for people to speak German over here. They don't want you to speak in English over there and this purple glitter engineering student or something landed in Germany and you're saying that all they want is if you speak Germany if you speak German, then you're acceptable. Then yeah, if you know the German it and they give you a job. If you don't know, please go go for the classes learn and come they put you for the institution to have to really and you know, yeah, and you know, the poor thing is that you know, yeah. Yeah, and and secondly, no our Indian accent, you know, like mostly people are not understanding I will tell you the fact Indian actions, you know firstly was speaking good English they can anyhow change the to state. They push the tongue and they speak and people can understand but mostly know people are not understanding our English, even though we are speaking very good English because our exchange, you know is not clear clear and cut like in my syllabus. We avoid sometimes we have what some words you know, which we could not pronounce and we just hide hide like, you know inside and we speak out and that time we get we get caught, you know, if any English English speaker, like, you know any English man is speaking to you and you are hiding some were safe. Immediately they catch you they come to know this fellow is Peak somewhere in English. Absolutely. And that is why you know, something goes wrong, you know, and then people start distancing themselves. Yeah. Yeah, and some people, you know, they have seventy thousand eight eighty thousand vocabulary like, you know their power in the world. They don't care for the basic image. If they have power eighty eighty thousand seventy thousand year old they have word in them demand and every day they're utilizing those work then they don't go for basically. Seeing these, you know, most of the people you see they are using vocabulary more and more. They are waiting for Frankie to cut you out because the Chabad capillary in 10 seconds now. Oh my God, whenever I come on myself, I remember talking to I want to talk more but let it be that's okay. That's it. Yeah. Thank you so much for coming. Indian Rock which is the first Indian film Raja harishchandra, great. Thank you very much. Why do you know this collection man? I made a collection. You can talk to me anything about Hollywood I go in and I have rebroadcast know if they are asking me question even my duty is there to ask them one question like, you know, I have not general knowledge and technology. So I always ask one question or two questions because you know you can You can ask me another question of it doesn't matter. Why not the largest river in India. Ganges is that the gangrene gang again is right right answer right answer. Yeah. So the maybe I am get a bed now, but it's all general knowledge. You know, we all know that genealogy questions so that you can able to answer but I'm also will learn also gaining the knowledge like this. Thank you very much for you. Yeah. Thank you so much for coming out. But I don't have anybody. When are you organizing? When are you? Okay, every time organizing people are coming that I'm testing the knowledge they're going but I'm not giving any money for what I am back at man. Since are they not only in India whether it's a Hindi Hindi Hindi speaking whether it's any language speak every language got their own accents. And this is one thing I deciphered. Okay, and it changes with region it changes as you move out of your town and go to the next town. You will find a different public a bizarrely once you join me. Let me see what you want to say. Just three minutes to go a bus just to let you know. Okay, let me see what a bus or leave wants to say now. You're their bus. Hello. Yes, I can hear you your day. Yeah, yeah. Yeah go on. What do you want to say about accent? Do you think accents are important? Action. Yeah accents Okay, tell me okay before that can do you where are you from a bus? Can I ask you that? Yeah, I'm from India. Okay, which place? Bihar and you okay be hung. I'm from Mumbai. Okay now above us we will not be able to talk much because it's only two minutes left. Okay for the podcast when you look at the timer is looking at the timer on the top. Your time it is the 239. No. No, I'm not talking about that. Timer man. I'm talking about the podcast timing. Only two minutes are left. Okay, because Tommy one minutes six seconds is your past. Whatever it is, whatever it is. Okay above us understand one thing now we have just one minute to speak. Okay, after that the podcast will end. Okay, so I will just concluding and a bus if you don't mind I will speak to you after some time now because this podcast will and itís address the crowd. Okay. Thank you so much for coming on the line. Yeah. Thank you. Alright, so that was a bustling. Sorry guys that there was a problem with the understanding but then guys I can see 250 people have lesser Frankie as latter laughing Frankie. The saying something anyway Frank I said ha ha ha borrow it is and what do I so guys what I could understand actions are important for us to Forever listening pleasure guys, as Frankie pointed out that when he went to Gulf it was difficult for him to communicate with the Middle East people. That is one thing. I know we also said that, you know, sometimes people when they have different accents, even though they are speaking English is difficult to decipher if you have never listened to that action before in your life. Okay today. I played the English accents guy do join me for class 9 where I'll play the American style of accents even in America. There are 50 state, but there are at least five to seven accents, which you need to know. Just for your listening pleasure guys. So the next time anybody from that side comes and speaks to you you at least able to understand them. It's all about understanding guys, and that's what accents is about. So, I hope you enjoyed our your podcast. I podcast today guys English during your class number eight do join me for class. Number nine. I conducted after some time. I do join me for the singing session guys. I'm going to go to the singing podcast after this sometime. Thank you guys and have a great day.