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Hello. Hi everyone. Actually, this is my first date with my first question. So I just want to know about them. How big how these problems are kid and how to find a solution. Well, most of the people facing people. so I just actually Actually, I want to know about all that from you that what kind of people facing problems in her life. The problems kind of the problems might be different for every once in life, but if you could shoot Fights Omission on it as well as they have to find out how to solve the problem of creating the life. Okay. I have seen many before this car to start conversation. I have to tell you about myself after 36 years old and I have some professional me in my life. I have my own business in that City. So I have seen many kinds of people such as I am. So I have seen different types of people. So they have if you want to have two different types of issues. so so main issues that people have to find the reason the main people should have to find main reason behind cables by that problem as well as they have to fight the Saudi ship until you find the solution of perfectly you will not sustain in your life. Okay? Sorry about that. My English language is not that much great food, but still I am trying to explain all you as I can so I will try to definitely to explain all of you that how can I can select the date each other everything? Everyone should understand this type of problem. So there is three people listening now my speech. So hello everyone actually today. My topic is that most of the people facing many problems in their life problems might be different. The problems might be different as the as they are living the life, but everyone should have to find their find solution and that problem as well as they have to find some reasons behind how this problem I could of yet. Okay, well If you have any problems at a different kind of age until when I was in my internet class, my problem is my problem with different when I was in my college that time are my problems are different now. I'm 36 years old, but now my problem is different. Okay, so life is That you can see here has too many problems. That is people V is like you have to be gentle be problem. You have to overcome all these problems and you have to you have to overcome all these problems empty to go ahead. Okay, so I would like to listen problem all of you guys that You can shake your problems you have faced in his saintly or the garage currently you are facing your problems in love. There are different kinds of problems of people fixing now it is I have seen in this app. Most of the people saying that and I are nowadays I am facing problem is it's very difficult to learn English language. I have seen that is this kind of problem many times. Most of the people says most of the time Okay, most of the people always forget know where I am very well financially from my own condition is finished with his bad as well. As I am and my education is too low then High, how can I speak in English not so problems from different that there might be some family problems can be office Cortland. Drop the most of the people problem sell for finding a job for so okay. So I would like to share actually as I told you that yeah when I was insane, but most of the people facing same situation or facing the same problems like they are actually in my tent. I was very Greek in my education. So edgy you guys should know about this. I have a close to times in my temper as well as my first year second year third year still actually that was the know I have faced this kind of problem. I have I have very I had a good reason. I'm not from the Kelly family. Okay, so in my wrist I'm most of the time I try to find her some short time jobs and that guy most of the eye. I couldn't concentrate on my studies. Okay, so that is the one situation that I that I faced in my during my college and my school studies, but nowadays problems are different nowadays, okay. You can set up to 30 the problems might be different. Okay, most of the people who are most of the youngster and people very you can say you can select that problems, but get different phases. Okay like that correctly. I'm facing actually today nowadays. I'm facing a problem very much actually might be you have feel that thing and not very good in my he's speaking our days. I'm still trying to Improve my English language and now it is this is the main problem in my life, but I'm trying to I'm trying to improve my English every day. I spend around Earth two or three hours in this house on this app. I read are is BTW English newspaper as well as As well as I listened most of the speeches on with your bank. So currently my situation like that for now for now. My problem is that I have to improve my English. Okay, so I want to tell you that everyone should have to shed their problem, but they're currently faced or what recently they have faced. Okay? So I would like to make problems and how they find the solution on this problem. Okay, so now 16 people's now listening to this might consider that China. I would like to know if someone called me and discuss. He believed AP discussing problems. well I have seen that too. Don't discuss their problems with the might be - I might be they are afraid. Okay, thank you happy that someone will take the benefit of that my problem. so great about this thing, if you want should help to overcome this problem is like so Recently one of my friends I would like to do to you take you he's just a wealth of a failed time and that you can you can imagine nowadays. Most of the people can't sustain in real life if some employer offer him that Celebi. Okay, most of the time most of the people I see on this salary paid retail job going to 50,000 but I would work. I would like to share one of my recent one incident of one of my friend. I will I will not disclose his name, but still he is doing his job. And he he got 8,000 every month or so and before go ahead. I would like to tell you more about him that he had a gun. He had two kids his mother his married as well as he had two kids and he he he's only eight thousand per month only so you can Just assume that how many problems you can create recently recently. He just God I gave I gave you a reference one of my contacts recently. He got a job in Saudi Arabia there. He got around her 50,000 job, so but But the reason behind this to tell you that about him that he is around almost same of the my age. Okay, and he have a stiff now end. You can just assume that how anyone can sustain in life with 8000 rupees only. Okay. Yes. They are. Absolutely. They are many peoples who are running very low either life might be behind. This is maybe they are no educated might be if they don't have experience. Okay. Is it might be different but still if that salary is not enough to fulfill all their daily needs for who fulfill all their monthly leaves. Okay, if you if someone wants to take a commission offer so you have to I spent so how can a normal person effortless? Okay, but this is the kind of problem I have just I hope just gave you an example one of my friend. He just got job. He will actually he was very he was very happy when he told me that I got selected in job actually Heats, not that very good manager level for store that kind of editing post. Yes. It is going to as well. He's going to as like a waiter or cook or you can say like that not to cook actually actually at least who could also get better salary, but he has he's going as a waiter or hateful like that. So we got the salary around a 50,000 every month in Saudi Arabia including the including. Including his biggest lunch dinner and it's stick. Okay, so he don't have to spend on this thing. So he would definitely save every month at least 50,000 if we assume that a case, he spent 5,000 6,000 on him. But still he will save a 40 to 40 to 45,000 it will month. So he got a solution on this problem. So I would like to know about you know more about you guys 26 people are listening to this conversation. So if someone interested to share his problem have gkc from many times and recently worked the problem or not. And if someone wants to help, I actually I'm not Astrologer and but I will definitely suggest a good way to find him. No good to find your solution. He's on his problem. Okay? well another one incident I would like to share with you guys that recently You guys will never t for knock my friend. Who is belonging from very friendly family? Okay, I have seen I have seen him from my childhood. So where the neighbor I asked my father and my mother that I need actually I have passed I passed out my 10th and 15th 1999 and 2000. I don't know in his authority say people who are from a stream of my age but in those days. nowadays people actually is giving their child out the gates at least 50 rupees hundred Rupees to keep their symbol is if there is any emergency that might nowadays people thinking that my kid should have a case of a sum of money at this effective is hundred degrees to find out is what Whatever it is, but those days in 1990 in 1999 in 1980. Sorry. Mm. Those days were totally different in those days. My father actually very educated. He has not have a good. some sanity, but still I I always what should I say? I always there. Actually, sorry Mesopotamia. As they can do at that time with the daycare they did at the time which is very good. Okay, I'm not going to accuse them and I'm not going to tell them that you are not to put me in English program. The school and the hospital convinced that is the different different thing. So actually that one of my will be friends simply I have seen here from his childhood. So But you can still like that. Are you happy Joker be kind of thing. He was beloved in from very wealthy family. He reached and still stay the same tree. I have seen that. Still he's also facing some problems in his life. Okay, so I wants to suggestions from you from you guys that what kind of problems you are facing nowadays what kind of problems you have faced in this Century or few years back and what kind of solution you have and how to you will store come on this problems? Okay, so 4342 people are listening. well actually all these people who are listening 43 people soliciting I would I'm not confident. I'm not too much confidence in English. Not so good. Okay, so Definitely server if it is if it is possible for you. You can make a call. Yes, sir. well Actually, I'm also not family with this app actually. So I was telling you that. My English is not that much good still. I am trying to improve my English. Basically. I have completed all of my education in mind meeting language, which is moratti and with long with promise of Maharashtra Okay, so I don't know. Hello. Hello. Hi syrup. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello. Hello. Yeah, well 51 people servicing now me actually, it's a very difficult situation for me. Actually. I never spoke. Hi sugar. Can you hear me? Hello? Hello. Hi sugar. How are you? Yeah, hi. Yeah, how are you? Chicken? Yeah, I'm great. Thank you. And you can tell me yeah, I'm also good. This is my first you can say like that. This is my first talk show like that. Okay, when the my first actually have taken my first topic is that problems in life. Most of most of the problems Yeah. Hello. Yeah, High Shaker is not coming clear earlier. Can you hear me now? Yeah. Is it okay? Yeah, yeah problems in life. Most of the people face in there like different types of problems a so I would like to I would like to listen any kind of problems. You have recently faced all your Basics. And what is that problem and how you are finding the solution of to overcome this problem? Which type of means problem do you want to know about that it to you can say like that. Someone has financial problems. Someone has English-speaking problem. Someone has different kinds of problems. You just have any kind of you are facing nowadays. Oh in my career right now. You want you want to know? Well right now I'm not means facing any problem. Hello, you don't have any kind of problems. Yeah, you tell me you tell me if you have any type of problems and yeah, describe look. They don't want to disclose their problems. Okay, so there are many kinds of problems. Actually, I many kinds of programs. I don't know to drive how to drive a car for Villa car. This is okay. This is a kind of problem. So that's you have discussed on this problem that okay. I will go to learn and how to you have to find a solution on this part of the foot. Okay, so tell me I don't know how to drive a car. This is a problem for me. Okay, then I'm I'm I'm telling you about my problem. I have problem when I'm talking with my friends and then I'm feeling uncomfortable to speak with him with her in English. But when I speak with any stranger any other people then I'm Comfort to speak with him with her for that. This is the problem now you have come to the point. Okay? This is the main point I would like to know that why you didn't tell me I have already convinced around that to three Minis that year. You should feel some problems where then before that you tell me. Look don't, you know, literally literally I didn't get your point firstly so Just like so so what do you think what kind of your problem you're facing in this situation while you are speaking in English because you know, when you start to speak with your friend, then you are considered you are supposing that they are judging you and your and your conversation. What are talking in front of him in front of so, it's like a agitation. So you can't speak with him with her so totally in Comfort Zone in a confident. So this is the problem. While talking with me. You also feel that my English of you is no so not that much good. Okay, so but no, no hearing this is good, but I don't think so. But still I'm trying to improve but when the points come to your no no no is perfect. Everyone is trying to stake and learn. And don't ever hesitate to talk and use this kind of app everything and try to speak what you don't know. Actually I would like to Give you an example like until Jessica Eco Tena koe be but can you understand? Yeah, I'm from you pee when Irish I can ascend. You have to speak continuously. You have to speak you have to learn new words every day. You have to there are most of the people suggest on this thing. Actually. I don't want to suggest again. You can see on YouTube on internet people always suggest all these thing. You just saw movies and more. Yes. This is this kind of Of things definitely help everyone. But until you will you will not improve your speaking. Okay, we have to definitely try your speak. He's okay. Yeah practice but practice makes a man. Perfect. So I a lot of people and open talk it it may be 1212 thousands minute, but it still yeah when I'm talking with my friends in my college, then I'm feeling hesitation that time so that try everyday we speak speak. English oak tree at least I finally stood gazing. It's actually his works for me. That's why I'm telling you that yeah. Yeah, I'm spending around around half hour half an hour with them and we all we are for people and we spent around 1 hour half an hour every day and they are very eager to learn English. Like I'm so you have to just find out who who are literally wants to learn kind of thing. Yeah. Yeah just find might be you have around 40 Penh 55 and 60 pounds. Okay, but you have to observe and you have to pay you have to figure out the meaning Christian. I went in there and once you figure out and once you collect at least four to five ten, you can you will definitely increase. So I'm gonna put one more thing which is very important for least four means any kind of people who which means wanting to learn English and the most means perspective in five in from my point of view which pronunciation pronunciation is very important. English if you want to learn English and it's very important as is the secondary part, okay might be third part I have for part A to B, but in first stop of the first thing is that you have to at least speak a tutor futa English at least you have to speak understood. When you are comfortable while speaking after that, you will think about different very different kinds of words. You can use your different types of disabilities heavy words, you can use you can use different types kind of phrases. Okay. That is that's that's are too far from away in our day today. Okay. So first you have To learn to walk you have to learn walk. Then you have to run and then you have to win the Olympic or Championship Charities. Okay, but I see from my point of view and pronunciation plays an important role in in he suspect means without Being means I mean when I speak in Hindi, yeah. Yeah. Yeah and the up cup run season. He had sighs idea book portrayed Cuervo. Hema Labs, basically happy don't know what they got huge. I think anybody should know a little bit more teachers, but I made a point of view how to pronunciation is very important. everything Um, did you have named your expenses and himt grammar and I am revoking any chance? Okay, but appropriate I object to Hindi mandira bedi. Hindi Punjabi Reema grammar. No, no, no language English British logo. See your hair. So Bobby want to give because this language is new. New for us. Okay. We are very curious about we have to use a grammar properly. We have to use new vocabulary. Okay. So then this thing happened with me also actually these are all these things are necessary when you when you when you have to find a job in corporate company when you're traveling to abroad that time. These skin with definitely you have to learn but you are out today you are in exist age you are you are now in basic stage. Okay here you want to just only learn that how to speak English just enough. You don't want to speak any how you kind of pervert of groundwater and know you just The English start. This is the thing. Absolutely right actually about today topic is a problem in life. Most of the people actually we have discussed around problems, which is the most of the people face in their life actually. So, do you have any other another kind of problem in your life? Honestly, I didn't mention already. But if you talk about problem then from the Baja and so if you start to thinking in problem automatically analyze English. Because I'm facing their kind of problem, which is ranked asking today to improve my English language. That is the my fault. But when I was in my 10th standard when I was in my 12th standard when I was in my college when I was in my job the problems became different. Okay intent standard, but my problems were different in my college days. My problems with your brain might be had my girlfriend. That's why my problems like that where difference okay and in pain, okay, I might be understood. Yeah. Yeah, I got it friend nowadays. I'm 36 years old. And today today is my problem to a different situation. I have to walk up early in the morning. I have to win to my job. Okay, Coulomb's kind of problem has any kind of face? Okay. Okay. So tell me why are you improving your English because you are already doing job and then what is the problem for you? admission in high school first time actually first time I faced this problem where I thought that I am lose my Doses admission only because of my English language. Okay. Oh, fortunately my daughter got what resolution in same school. I find out another which read me some Look at that time was that that is the problem so I have solved that first if my my daughter got admission in same school again, my and now my son is around for four years old. So from next year, I have to find again a good school for him. Okay. You are going to face. Another problem is the kind of problem. So that's why I'm trying to improve so I don't want to use any illegal kind of way. Yeah interview if I click theme so my son will get any. In easily, I don't I don't want to use illegal way. Okay in can correct. Okay, that's good. We'll shake it around 36. Might be our 73 listener also got bored without these relational. They send me here. But his time had time all these guys me too. Thank you. Sheikha. Yeah, thank you. Do nice to meet you nice to talk with you and goodnight. I love my listener.