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Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well. Actually, there is no all only one person eat with me so high. Actually, I'm waiting for some more people. so I'm expecting that. This is my second episode before this. I have made another episode I have talked about. This is this is we shall tremble. Basically, I'm from Maharashtra. I would like to say that nothing is quite famous for their active every culture products as well as NASA feasibility in the Holy place. I think most of the people hurt that very many temples in nasik city, just like okay, but you're sure with there. She decided to go after everybody else. Two people are listening. so today my point is my couple gets to discuss bonding between government and people so we have to discuss on this point, basically. White gold meant always fail to implement any kind of resolution. So that resolution or that that particular thing? So today we are going to discuss about this. So when I get told you first, I would like to tell me more about myself my may be sure to read this is my second official recently. I have made one. And below me from nasik city, which is located in Maharashtra. As I told you last week is quite famous for their agriculture works because our city huge producer of onions as well as grapes and homosexuals. Similarly nasik is also famous for there are too many holy places and most of the crowd is massive. They are they are from the Airbnb from farmer Farmer family considered. Nowadays as per my knowledge masek. Matthew has around 25 to 30 like a population density of you very good in City people in CTA. I have to leave it. There are industry faces are so well-known. People are listening. First of all, I will I would like to come back to this is our today. I would miss topic is bonding between government and frequently. So before starting the topic, I would I would like to tell you guys that why I choose this topic, okay? our government our Unity implementing different kinds of foods different kinds of different types of insulin to go ideas, but those things I've not stopped early reach to each and every one person such as like if you want any kind of example to I will give you example. recently our Indian government Okay. Recently our government started they have decided they have passed a resolution for business people who are doing business. So I do you guys have heard about that one crow known in 59 minutes. Okay, Goldman decided this thing at their place but still I have seen scenes from around around approximately with their digital the decision around before but still this think most of the people don't know about this. This new people sorry government's resolution. So why this thing is happening might be there is something the government is facing some issues or people are Mighty people are not. A way you can say like that. This is just one example. Actually, I have given there are many government schemes are there they're going trying to but I'll Implement they just as I think don't just decide and Implement and many types of skin. For the people, but they don't think over that we can support the king or not. or on the other hand, I would also like to tell you that people also don't might be government government published Focus this King in newspapers sometimes sleep. Okay, shorty still people don't take benefits of those schemes. Nowadays, you can see that our digital platform digital or everyone using digital technology everyone using mobile. Everyone has Why this is why this thing is happening when you still happening and why people are not actually I'm talking about those people who are not going to cover your View From Below power to life. As well as there are some people upside of the poverty line Still They don't know about the government. So what is the problem today? We are going to discuss about this problem and and we try to find a solution or youth where I can say like that I The issues government is not people facing them. for text property broski well recently There are two three skip government Implement like engine 10 years now another one needs. and it's actually so They have heard about this teams. But you said she I have read somewhere that I actually don't remember. percent of people to continue quick of those cans Okay, so my people Very few people are taking the benefit of the skin. That is that means everyone has the account in the account. So I would like to order I requested 22 canal with me. What kind of steps should be taken by chronic pain? They're very serious about these things. But India that recently I have with that research. I have heard or read somewhere that only a few percentage only 3% this people taking ability of the so ski OK Google so why this bonding is the very problem with the bonding between government and people or people are people not like that. People are satisfied with their government. Or dormant know that they are there. They're each and every skin Rich to each and every person. Okay, there are many circumstances you can see we can talk about all this. Again, I would like to request all of you guys if someone wants to talk to stop it. I will. So cute. No guys. well, I think for it try to make a call. We can discuss. Because them actually well most of the time this thing happened when someone try to speak alone lovely so that time he didn't recall some topics or something. Okay. So if that thing is always better if someone is there up in this thing, that's why I Let's just say somebody from this issue. Well, okay. So I will start this topic. Recently as I told you that. I have it in skins for the people that people do not getting big dick that much I have so that these are like the eyes the coordinating pieces so I want to tell you that if we assumed that only 10 to 15 or 20 percent people are taking the benefits of this games. So why this 80% people are happier? Are they have enough money or they have each and every thing that's why they are thought to taking the benefits of those keys. As well as I would like to tell you that this discussion is not going about going to completely intimidating schemes and out there but discussion is going Bonnie. When people are nowadays. Why do politicians? Now they have a chair for five years. Don't believe in government people or politicians. Maybe they don't think this is useless. So when talking about bonding bonding, what is the bonding? funding means I will I will share a I will give you example like there is bonding. With your friends it is a problem bonding parents is the bonding with your wife and husband is the one who is funding this work. bonding means just like you can see like be a tolerant. When you become a tolerant, then you accept each and everything. What? What someone is saying who's standing in front of me? What you think might be? Your both arguments are different. But still you have a capital E t-- assembly. okay, I need and the that's why this relation this relation become happy and say stage long life. So everyone can speak? With their friends with their family members with their parents with their by husband, very frankly very freely. They share picture every identity because of me. So I think this is the one D. So this thing is not happening without my truck. My day was talking to people who say how we get this be happening. Central government is there and how working again? But still here. everyone has their own native Chronicle so alive kind of Decision taken by those people. Also what's going on? They are just you have just two and see if he had just fighting for video file fighting for their daily bread and broke up a couple. but maybe they're also aware what's going on around them, but still Okay, we have one color is today in the sea. I did wonder. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? Hello. Can you hear me? I can't get your voice. Can you hear me? Hello. Yeah. Hi Devin du Hi. How are you? What? so in Rajasthan from exactly from your from which places and just food I cannot finish think. Yeah. So have you read the today's topic? Yeah, have you heard what I said Network is for connecting your voice is not comfortable. Okay, can you help me? Yes. Yes. I'm not hearing your voice. Okay. Can you hear me now? Hello. Yeah, they get to know me now. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me now? I can hear properly. Hello. Hello. Is there if if is it possible you disconnect the call and try to connect again, please? Yeah, we might be. Yeah one minute. Okay. bonding between government and picture Okay. Who told you that? Not our loved ones. That's why I might be that's why that bonding is not happening or people. people not think people are not people not considering government as their know ones are might be there might be they don't belong I'm not talking about any kind of party. Okay, what is it currently? Barrett me depart in India even months. Change another party to their place. Still they face same problem or might be. They are also not able to. Implement this kind of things or they are also not yet not be able to make a bonding with the perfect bond with the people. Have you seen ever? How many people are there in India? I think this is the question I would like to ask you if you there are many types of competition. There are many types of chairperson like operator like MP or you can say I'm not You can see if he has the government body. Diva nights each government body has managed a little people address book. But I would like to ask you. On you guys that how many peoples are there in India? when someone facing the problem what of the most people do I have seen most of the people. Find Indian people. most of the people in the building I just did that problem, but No one Fuel Up to people. How many people have that Emily died? They've been to that corporate guy. They went to the government of his personal officer went to that. government office which seated over there and how many people ask why this is problem in my area why there is electricity problem why they do anything but people are thinking that might be if you will be busy in their life. My Detective comic book itself is not my kitchen finger. There is nothing will happen fortunately so like with the system and that is the way these people thinking that no one come to us. So there is no need to solve any kind of motion. They are solve this issue when they see their any lucrative dropping you and take they don't drive. You can see most of the authorities of most of the politicians possible. Emulating pencil like that. Rude is enough good. Still they dig it. And they make it again. They again they are gonna make it they based in our money. So topic is going through another way. So I am coming to the point a quick window open 24 hours. So this bonding is not happening. What? problems that As I guess. problem with from quote the site Yes, there is a problem with the Curve mechanically in the problem in their implementation is the published they are studying something at their level, but that does not take your property. similarly people ask any kind of question. so howdy be how this bonding will go. actually these guys This politician is this girl? Are for us not yet. They are working from us for us. So we have right to ask them. and definitely all these things happened with They have come to be with you. I have seen these things also. If someone has a baby. I'm from the government site. They are always there that they're saying they are doing nothing. Have you seen over they are going to be about property. so it how can you do this one? As a case. Go to aspects steps. because this thing will not happen unable to those people. those people escapes and people will lie. Do I think this is unfair? So both aspects are important. Anda Make a good bonding between them. Then how to make a good for me again questioning myself. well There are many kind of different kinds of kinds of kind of Weights coordinate of people can make a good bonding with each other until the poor. on each other the bonding bill because as I told you that You believe that. I guess these are the two main aspects nowadays. What ethnic? People are not believing on government and government does not believe in people. So they just took a decisions and day or higher levels and they never think of them that decision. Simone Simone saying very informative doc you barely can be in case money? If you like this point, if you like this topic, you can call me we can talk about this topic. Well as I told you all. in there to ask so they can't spend much time on all this thing. They are worried about. so as I guess gold with you take a pussy. The Pinnacle a girl has deprived. Come with me. Gummy should make all gold metal pieces. job But they are not they are not. nowadays people are thinking that I won't go I won't discuss. Why because of the insecurity? We have one caller. Hello, honey. Can you hear me? Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Okay, it's called Bug disconnected. So what's going to go first step? Most of the time that have been seen this guy's don't become Publications. Until they got elected. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello. Can you hear me? Hello. I can't hear you properly move. Can you hear me? Okay, I can't hear you properly. I received your call to thanks but I didn't get your voice. well I will swear I was I was cooking the Polish politician got elected. They don't need these people at least for five years. As well as I do. They're also very rude. Most of the time I have seen a few are there they are good they are. Hello. When you can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. I wish all how are you? I think you have got a nice topic to talk about. Thank you. Yeah, because it you know like a relationship between the government and the public is a really very important for the prosperity of any country. Yeah, so I was listening listening you for Central some time you were talking about couple of things at now you were talking about, you know, like the type of the behavior of the government servant, right? So yeah, it is a quite interesting thing to talk about it. Okay, keep on going. I mean I had something in it in the middle of the talk. Yeah, yeah. What you want to say what you say you can say like a okay. Yeah, of course. It is a really a good platform. I think well, I think you know when I read when it comes to talk about, you know government and the public relationships than first thing you know that coming up in my mind about the Democracy like the government is something like By the people and for the people, right? So if the government is doing something better for the people for the betterment of the citizen, then you know, there would be a cordial relationship between all the peoples, you know, you know living in the country, especially if we are talking about our country. So like a there should be a good Bond. There should be a good attachment and that can only be possible if we are thinking about the Things about the various issues that are going on very logically, right? We should put our religious kind of sentiments aside and talked about development. We should think about education. We should think about betterment of the people we should think about employment, right? So these are the core issues that India needs to be addressed rather than just, you know, like talking about religious kind of things and splitting the people on on those Religious lines, you know the we are damaging our society. We are just creating the rift among the people, right? So, you know, especially because we are the one of the biggest country in the world, you know, in terms of population density, right? So it is a really very important that we have different types of people. We have jeans. We have six we have Muslims. We have Buddhist we have you know, jurist Aryans we have parsees we have Chris Options we have agnostics, you know artists and all these kind of people to it become so mandatory for you know, all of us to you know, take the people, you know unanimously and you know to make it seem elf it so that people don't feel you know, like a any kind of discrimination. So this is the most important thing that we can think of as of now if we talk about the Contemporary situation of our country, right, but unfortunately, Because I'm not gonna let you talk about any political party. I'm not intended to make any comment on it. But as of now what I believe that you know, we have to take the people together because you know bicep leading the society. We can't get anything. We can take example, whatever being happening, you know in the western side of our Isha, right? You can take example of Libya Syria Iraq, Iran and even women women take example of Pakistan. So we can't we can't afford it, you know this kind of damage to our society to you know, like it so we have to think more constructively so that we can make a good efforts to resolve our economy to give a good you know to give a good lifestyle to our people because as of now our happiness index is very low are you know Life's a low people is also very low right even the small countries like in the Europe alike. Suture land and all those countries are making a good progress. I believe that we in the into also have you no soup competency, right? We are competent enough to you know, do something great. So yeah, this is what I want to say. And if we do that thing then we can establish a good relationship with the people and the government. And this is what we can see in the in other countries, especially in the developed countries. I'm from Amritsar. Can you get a solution wouldn't yeah, because you know, I don't think that we really need to indulgent religious kind of things because these are not the issues that we need to address. We need to address the population. We need to address these kind of eminent issues that we are having in our country, right? So these are very important for all of us to think about it. Not just the government but also, you know the Need to think about it. We should not getting indulging in these kind of things because this is not the need of the error. We have to work toward the betterment of the society. We have not so many issues. We have the health issues. We have you know, like an industrial industrial like Fusion is not up to the mark, even if you are thinking about it, you know cell phone manufacturing this Smartphone manufacturing. So we are you know, like the importing. Lots of goods from China and some other countries do and we are just set up all all you know, like assembly line. Actually, we are not doing anything for me can India it is just assembled in India Nietzsche, right? We need to address these kind of things rather than indulging all those kind of, you know things where we don't need any kind of attention. What do you think about that? You can see any Decay what kind of come again what kind of schemes you're talking about? These are just names a kind of it doesn't make any sense in the reality. You know, it's just a manipulations, you know, you are tweaking, you know, you're fabricating the Statics and just highlighting it giving the hype your and highlighting, you know, like any relation of the truth. You know, like if we don't need these kind of things we need to enable our people to do something you know that right. Implementing this kind of schemes intentions are actually good chili opening. Well, uh-huh. Well know what I can say about it. It is more about the Okay. Well if you will go about the outcome, maybe the intentions were good, but not it was not really good executed moves. Even if you can talk about the monetization, it was a really ill taught, you know, like implementation was really sucked up, right? It really struck read archaea economy. And it means that you have you know good or devices but it's like if you if you were not taking the advice from them you are like it is like a you are. All these, you know, like a political scented people. We have to be more practical we have to be, you know, people friendly we just not keep on thinking about our politics, right? We just, you know, just keep on thinking about the vote bank, right? This is not way to do the things that we have to change the scenario of the political system. Well, I'm not supporting or I'm not even against any political party, but we can you know, Point out something if something is going bad in a country because if we don't talk about it, then I don't think that we may get any kind of you know improvement in our country. Right? So whether it would be due PA due PA or it's a bgp doesn't really matter at all the what really impact matter, you know, the lives of the people which is being impacted and influenced by political decisions. Right well, but both government I got it. Well, well, we don't need to make any comparison. We can't blame, you know, if something bad happened in the past. We can't put the blame on them. Okay, of course if they were wrong in there in the past, you know, people change the you know government now, we have a another government right entire responsibility lies on the our central government now so sent a government can't just go away by saying that they were doing something like That now we have the authority to do the same. Now. This is not the way to do the things then, you know, we have to put the pressure on the government like a even I have seen that our media houses is doing something like a publicity. Well media houses are not for the publicity. They are just you know, you know supposed to give you you know, like a the news what it is in the reality. They are supporting you no like-a you You may you know at the core of our heart we may accept the reality that they are supporting you no political parties and this is the true and this has been happening. I think even before you when you we were having Congress in our country too, but now it has crossed all the limits. I think they are more talking about the government's achievements. But in the reality, I can't see anything and he sort of achievement so far it is all about the like it. Kind of the failure. I'm not really rude about the government. But I'm talking about the reality like a you can take a great example of nsso data National sample survey, right so you can take example of that data. It was a released but the government agency is not a private agency and then said that you know, it is our employment is -6 % like a when you were supposed to give it 10 crore jobs. You're not doing it your synthetic. The jobs from the people. Okay. So if I would see that what you know, like it other government were doing before now this is not the way we will living in the present and we should not you know, like a let the government do whatever has been done that in our country before other by other governments. So it is very important that we have to TT call this kind of points, you know, we need to be more practical. People we should not be swayed by, you know, like an emotional religious, you know thoughts. Yeah. This is very important. And you know, like I was also reading something like a you might have, you know, like the country which is more religious Centric is it is not really developed indeed and this is the reality you can take example of a couple of Islamic nations in our you know, like a neighbor is like a as I mentioned before in the past that you know in the West Western part of Asia, right? So they're not really, you know, like a sous sus pleating is a really very harmful. So we don't want to see that kind of splitting, you know, among the people in our own country. We have to you know work, you know in a good spirit so that we can perform, you know with a good Unity. One more thing I would like to ask you. What kind of solution is that your question? Yeah, is it easy? You know as I mentioned before like a we have to be, you know, very straightforward about the things we should not indulge about the about the people's religion not because this is not the way of government's right. We have to take up the issues that we need to address and those issues are employment those issues are population control because you know Believe that population is one of the biggest enemy in the development of our country. We seized that those countries is one of the best in the world. They are so better than us. They are developed country. They're so clean why I believe that when you have more people you are gonna squeeze your natural resources, you will put more pressure on your resources when you put more pressure on the resources. You have to leave a compromise life. And ultimately You country want to be developing in that piece. Right? So population control is really very important and we have to think about it. You know, we should not talking about it giving you no rights to the people just because of votes no, come on and apart from it. We are we on the youngest p in the country in the world. It means that P Deus youngsters need jobs, right? It doesn't matter whether you are working or not if I'm working or not just Thank you, you know reality just consider the reality. We have lots of many people who are not doing anything. They're looking for jobs, right? So we have to you know create that kind of environment in the steel industry industrialization is really very important. We have to develop a industrial hubs, right we have to promote electronic Manufacturing in our country because you know, you can see even we are talking with our smartphones and it is an electronic device, but we don't Have a good companies electronic for electronic chip designs where you're having just a few companies like a you know, micro SIM naked ends and all those kind of things but we don't have a big giant in our country. We have done a lot of good in it sector but now we have to change our you know mindset we have to we can't, you know, like a depend upon the it anymore because we have been depending on it for a long time. Maybe more than a decade now, we have to move forward from it. We have to think differently. We have to think about Electronics manufacturing chips and all those kind of things so that we need to develop in the genius kind of technology that can be exported to other country. This is the thing that we can cope up the thing because if we don't address these kind of things we are not going to lead anywhere. So just you know, like a all this kind of illogical and you know debates need not to be take us to anywhere. I'm sure if you were feeling you know, like a I may be harsh on my boots, but this is the reality. This is what I think and and please take my word. I'm not fearing any party. I'm not here, you know to fear any party. I'm just telling what I'm feeling logically right by reading the Articles from the news. Another guys, okay. Well guys, mr. Monroe have shit all his wings on his here. He had given all his suggestions. Okay, so it's there is another guy who wants to call you. Mr. Blanket recently. Tried to call me that disconnected. So, mr. Becket, if you're free you if you have time, you can call me or we can discuss all this topic. well So I was telling you guys that. Most of the government offices we have seen around us. There are many different types of offices. Why these people are in always in route kind of mood? Whenever you go to them, they are always in. They will always be rude they are very rude. If not, they don't suggest any proper guidance. But that is okay. Who are living in cities who are from the official internet War then they picketed the definitely find something Solution on it if they wants to know something about any thought in scheme of all the work and you God make any kind of deal. They will definitely with the help of Internet with the help of Google with the help of YouTube. They would have been difficult but hot about Go to Google you guys outside. very often use internet Okay, so I have seen that thing many times. The government office guys officers even dirt field clerical offices. They have some not talk me recruit. I didn't know that is why most of the extra now we know what dates. Do not refer to when even I have seen where are my friends? If we can compare with the government bikes to prioritize. What you buy with you you all guys things? Well giving good service. It's SPI giving good service is pnb giving the series or HDFC ice ax is giving good service. Why they always want to try to make a good bonding with their customer? Have you seen ever these private sector Bank over worry private sector those Bank never talk with their customers truly. but when it comes to government sector with government Banks Most of the time they talk with their customers most of the time they don't keep their fuck with those guys who are dead who take help from the most of the time they don't entertain most of the time they talk to you very Ruthie and most of the time I have seen. You have not available in the offices. Right. Am I right? So how this bonding will happen? might be these guys don't have any fear. These guys don't have any kind of my good manners you can say. I might be dead don't afraid. This is my permanent job. Who are going to keep me from here? So cute. Take care. You should take any decision any. any decision about this because these are the people all these mediator people you can see government security and very high level for we have seated at very low levels, but there are mediator between government and the people Mike Mike Mike you tal cost of any kind of they are not doing their work properly. They're not properly. That's why these bonding not happening. Okay. It's supposed to. This one guy. who is Quit support to our honorable prime minister. Mr. Moody. Okay, he definitely support. but mister Disconnected but I was talking about this. These are the mediated people. They are not doing their work properly. That's why these bonding not happening. I'm not saying that all the government offices are corrupt or the corruption is the different part. But actually they have some officers they are uncorrupt. But there is still. Hello. Hello. Sorry, mr. Muhammad. Your voice was not clear. I can't hear you properly. So I was saying about all these mediator. government, could them Between us and they are not doing a property. That's why these bonding is not happening. So we can see. Most of the offices donor appreciation of the government Banks most of the post offices we kind of consider. Damn motor potential are not available at TH are not available at your office. As I told you they are very rude. Might be people with respect they print they are standing in front of them. for that time machine but pain in the came out from that particular on PC first of all. this code they used really abusive language How about you you're to him? because we speak only because of he had some work you have to compete at work. He has to complete that job complete that task. That's why he respect him for that particular time. But he never respect him always. So well now. 270 people are listing might be more people are getting bored. I don't think so. Actually today. Our topic was quite quite interesting. but I'm talking about 70 minutes. But there was only one caller. Mr. Moon piece. He give his situation security people. He mentioned his lives. well It's midnight. It's Bella copper. Tomorrow or day after tomorrow? I will come again with another topic another interesting topic. We'll discuss again. Thank you so much everyone. Thank you. All these 270 people will send me. Who? I really apologize if I am I think him very poor. So I'm apologies about it. So thank you so much that is enough for today. We'll meet you all you soon. Thank you guys so much.