I love Lena, how are you? I guess you haven't been well from so long your voice is still not like the perfect one as I know the radius. Yes, absolutely right because these days Good morning about the painting and other planning about visiting the country against a room without Nam and other countries. So would you like to tell me a few things or tips that you get now have in our pocket so that we can explore something really very good in some things. Also how very Noble and explore countries like this. Yes absolutely ready. There are few countries where we people can explore the destinations where we need to spend very less and these are the 13 countries. I'm going to name them and I am going to tell you about because the rupee value is strong enough for these countries where you can travel like a royal person and Listeners and let me tell you that this topic has been requested by radiator because she made a call normal call few days back. And when we had last composition on the camping tricks and a few of the tips has been given by me to her which we requested that she is planning to enjoy her new year. If you want to celebrate the new year with the family members out of the country neck out. From India but that to in low budget and that can cost according to a like equal to Indian rupees. So yes international travel does not necessarily this is has to be very expensive Affair. If you want to Holiday out of India like say for example in Laos and Vietnam in Germany or somewhere else, it will definitely make you feel like oh my God, I have to spend this much. I need to save a lot much of merlotte more of money. So that I can just spend some more and you have to be the budget friendly and you have to look after all the things that you are planning to go. So if you want to have your holidays out of India, there are few places whose currency pair may be the weaker. Then the Indian rupee which will help you to explore something very amazing. Yes, how loud the another one you were to the amount of rupees? Exactly exactly. I'm gonna tell name and if you are mentioning Laos in between so for our listeners, let me each of them that allows is located in Southeast Asia and it is the most famous country for Buddhist monasteries, even though in India, it's exactly like ladakh spiti Valley and many more similar places are there in India to as of Laos, but if you are the like a person who used to pray a lot of who used to visit the historical culture you want to explore the architectural buildings and More so Laos is the country where you can visit because it's famous for French architecture. And also a few of my friends have been already there to Laos who told me that there are mountains that iron and also you can enjoy the picturesque you but Norma and much more cheaper things are available than of India because according to the currency rate. The one Indian Rupee is Equal to 119 luodian Kip, right? So Laos have the currency which is known as loudly and Kip which is equal to 119 Loudoun Cape of 1 rupees. So if you are visiting that place and if you want to explore something really very amazing that when budget and you don't want to spend much so this is the place where you can be and at one point of time. I'm there will be the name that yes, you are out of country and you'll explore something really good and that when budget Arab Sheikh mention that are benefiting Point made by ready for every budget traveler. Yes. Exactly. We shake this has been the conversation. We have been discussing continuously, but what planning to explore some more countries and cities so that I could tell my listeners about the same because aren't in unless we have one familiar experience or some major knowledge about The same we can't tell people accurately that yes, this can be done this cannot be done. So I really appreciate the point you made and talking about the other things if you want to know so that the any other question you want to put up before I could move further with the conversation. Exactly. I really appreciate the work you're doing you are telling a lie. Pull the point I made so yes, I would love to tell you about the same and Right move towards other country or the conversation or the tips where other people can also visit in very less budget. So I would like to read some comments that I am receiving Oliver is asking that the so you guys are from where okay, we are from India. We are from Delhi, but I am a traveler. I used to travel different countries also been two recent my trip was to Dubai Abu Dhabi. And Oman and some other places as well. And Tyson are no is asking I am from Maharashtra Oh i'mi'm by is my favorite destination to visit these days and ready love to enjoy this place because I know her from very long and she is a Mumbai car as well and Oliver you said that's where somewhere in Asia you are. I'm from nsw Oliver you I said okay you have from Australia and New South Wales. That's nice. I really appreciate so read the next question you put up that what are the other countries where you people can visit for your New Year celebration. I would like to mention here about Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is most probably known for its dramatic Landscapes and it's very rich whether it's Wildlife system. Also Zimbabwe we Most probably have heard of these in Bobby cricket team, which is the competition of Indian cricketers as well. But let's not talk about the cricket thing here. It's Zimbabwe is a great place for the adventure lover as well who loves sports activities who love who love other Adventures such as skiing or paragliding or other stuff scuba diving you can enjoy every kind of Adventure there. It can include the also the river rafting. You jumping and Wildlife safaris, which are among the many at the Line Pumping Adventures that the police promises. So if you are an adventure person a person your family is completely involved into this adventurous thing and you guys enjoy having fun with each other while exploring these in Bob way as well as you want to get involved into this bungee jumping and river rafting think all together, so this could be the place and also if you want to know that At what is the cost of one Indian Rupee which will let you explore this place in the budget. So this can cost you in 1.4 Zimbabwean dollar right one Indian Rupee is equal to 1.4 Zimbabwean dollar, which can also be the budgeted trip. Then third. I would like to mention here the Paraguay which is most visited country these days and every individual is planning Paraguay to visit Paraguay. For their honeymoon for the solo trip and I have learned about this place a lot more. So I am planning to visit in 2020 here. I'm not knowing much about this place. But as far as I have researched and collected some information from Instagram solo Travelers and also from the the blocks of my friends who have been there because every used to share the the thing with each other because I usually have conversations with all those Travelers who used to visit different places. So we used to exchange our conversation the information but we have done something new. So this is the information I got that this is the place where the heart of South America is placed and it's the vibrant mix of Europeans and durrani Indians who have both to it's called Neil magaz mega cities along the Riverbanks so you will find the Some Riverbanks day. I don't know what about The Adventurous activities or the things that you can explore but yes the thing I know about this is its vibrant mix of Europeans and guarani Indians. So if you are looking forward for exploring into the budget trip again, then Paraguay will cost you one Indian Rupee is equal to 81 per hour ago and go Ronnie, right? So this is also the cheaper one against a sister stop. My name is like they if you are traveling out of the country. So here are the few comments again ready that people are sharing with us all of you to say that that's away somewhere in Asia. Yes. If exactly we are in Asia and Asian country, and I know that the situation currently in nsw is not so good the bush fires and the stuff that are going there. I just pray that everybody there with your family and you are safe. So Tyson. Hi. Olivia said yes, and I am I am new to this app. Could you please let me know how to start live conversation you can begin the conversation as easily by sending someone the request with a topic like ready to me. And Olivia is saying that someone told me about the application. So just when I explore, yes, you can it's wonderful because this doesn't work in my country. So that's kind. We are going to use my VPN. Yes, you have to use Some VPN methods to explore this application and to use to get into the full version. You need to find out the way to use few applications. I have been to Australia a number of times. And also I faced many problems Oliver is saying anyway, whenever you're going to end this conversation, I just have you questioned if you mind answering a definitely I can answer this question of yours, whatever you want to ask. I believe that many young people our family to keep on asking some questions. And so I want to ask definitely you can ask. Okay, so, can you please tell me about others? - 21 That you feel like India because you can find easily also that you mention write that there are if you'll be there you can explore something really really interesting. And is he now? Work in terms of the leaders of a and also I'm planning for hungry, or she can you please tell me about all these pieces. Yes already. Definitely. I would love to tell you about Chile Chile is surrounded by all the Chilean cost which can be also you can look after the Anderson. There and the Palm lines cities, which I personally know. It's the Palm line cities and peppered with the neoclassical Castro's so you can explore the churches there and it's very cheap. Actually you made a good choice because one Indian Rupee caused nine Chilean Peso. So this will be good option for you. If you want to be there for your New Year celebration and like its name really is Chile. Chile plays you'll feel cold. The way that is really good at this time currently and the next option. You want me to tell about the nape. Alright, so Nepal. Yes, exactly. You mentioned correctly that this these places are the top most cities or countries where people would love to visit to celebrate their occasions because these are the countries that came top on the tourism these days and Nepal is a country of snow Peaks. Everybody know, There are Yaks their monasteries and much more is the perfect escape from the busy and bustle for life of yours. And if you want to get rid of the toxicity the bad temperament the bad temperature and the weather and whatever you are going through right now the Smoky and polluted current city and Country even in India this these days are the pollution cases are at Peak and really people are getting somewhat exhausted. They want a It breaks to visit out of their place so that they can celebrate some good way. So now power could be the good option. And also I can say Bhutan is nearby from that place. If you have some more time than you visit Bhutan via Nepal Cartman do these three options will be the best for you to explore this country because also nepalis cheap because one Indian Rupee is equal to 1.5 name. Polly's rupee right and I would love to tell you about the Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is also one of the most picked up destination where people are willing to visit these days more and more. The tourism of Sri Lanka has been on has been raised by 10 portion, like usual people used to visit this country because they have some I can say the ancient feeling about the Lord Rama and ravana, so Sri Lanka will give you a feel like home and yet a new place at same time. It's completely like India, but yet another country that will give you the glimpse of natural beauty the Mahabharata time and it's known for their amazing beaches and mouth-watering Cuisine. It's really very yummy delicious. And especially I would love to tell you that try the local Food that will give you the best taste and also don't forget to visit few of the beaches which are famous for its clean and Blue Water few of the things. I would like to mention here that the net-net the nature. It's a very cool and very I can say adjustable. You will not feel something new or The problematic situations will not occur there. My cousin is there in these days in Sri Lanka. So it keeps on sending me the picture see this is the beach where I am currently and it's looking amazing the dishes they are trying the coffee. They are having for chilling out with the beautiful or are there so it's beautiful and also they told me that it's cheaper than India in fact because one Indian rupees Is equal to 2 point to Sri Lankan rupee Indonesia, we all know about Indonesia. It's also one of the largest archipelago state which is famous for its eco-tourism volcanic towards cultural visits and much more and I am planning to visit the Indonesia in 2020 July because this is the targeted location. I want to visit with my husband. So yeah, it's one of the cheapest countries to visit from India are ready because one Indian rupee is equal to 208 Indonesian rupiah. So you will have fun this new year. I have told you many of the countries that you can explore in very low budget. Are you happy? your experience your discoveries are the things you have explored and a very frequent basis and I would suggest Don't just have other tourist package because that will let you cause the expensive one. So I don't want you to spend somewhat more on your budget. If you are already low on them and specifically if you are planning for the family trip don't go for sorry. Pardon. So if you are going with your family, so don't go for packages because Gap cabaye Giorgio have 43 case a Baja karthika, and this will the packed tight schedule. You can't explore on your own. Any new planes would be it name pal the Indonesia where ever you want to be. So all the very best and thank you for joining me again. Yeah. Thank you for having me. Bye. Take care. Bye.