And you signed up from your conversation. I thought I should plan mine with you. It's a great pleasure talking to you because I love to know about traveling and I love to know about how you just carry yourself when you travel to the different places. Yeah, Monica today. I have some interesting topic usually from pass for a few days or many days. I can say I've been discussing about how to Revel wide by to travel. What are the Benefits of travel so I guess our people know enough about why what and when but now let us tell people about where to visit how to visit and what are the key points that people should keep in mind. Yes, they need to follow those so that they can have the pocket friendly traveling and they can enjoy and they can have some enormous glad movements are in their lives so that they can whenever be looking back at their past moment, so there should be some happy days, right? You absolutely and I would also love to know because I love traveling but due to less management of time. I just lack traveling and even I just would love to know how to travel to Himalayas because I the certain times I have a motion sickness problem, but the weather and the environment, I love that environment. So what what are the measures that we can keep in their mind before traveling to Himalayas? Yeah. First of all, I would just like to tell that for for some people it's water on the beaches of guava other miles go for a rejuvenating trips to Kerala which seems very soothing and very peaceful to them. But for the silent Adventure cravers who love the total like like they want to climb they want to track they want to have some it happening moment bonfire. The Himalaya range has the clouds touching the tip of the Hill. And then again the Lush Greenery, this is the Himalaya is all about Himalaya is the place if you are a silent Adventure cable, if you want to river raft if you want to skydive if you want to paraglide if you want to stay in the resort if you want to have fun, you want to enjoy the bonfire you love snow everything in India, you will find in Himalayas. So these Himalayas are spread across the various North and northern eastern states in India. These have the Magnificent. Intensive which can pick just you the landscape once Monica, you will close your eye and if I will be explaining what by what that yes close to die and feel it. Like if I'm telling you there is the layer of see in front of you where there is behind the Himalayan ranges where also recently the snow has started but also in are they on the other side the sun is shining. So get the glimpse of that shiny light on the Himalayan top with the A shining snow that is giving you to the field of gold and on the above on the top. There is a blue sky and apart from that there is Lush Greenery beneath you and the Apple orchids and you are in a beautiful Resort. How are you feeling isn't that peaceful to even imagine it the Serene Beauty the center a picture you are just giving me chills about it because I'm just imagining this picture and I'm just feeling like that. I should go there immediately. Yeah, it's just that I it is just always lovely listening to your dog's about traveling and how to travel when to travel via crevel. It's just yeah, definitely. I am here to tell people about today Himalaya specifically because Himalaya is wider and I can't just count on finger toes fingertips that yes. I'll be telling you the number of places. You have to be but yes, let's first talk about only Himalaya that why one should travel Himalayas with something for every traveler. Somalia is the peaceful dweller the city of Nomads Adventure Seeker. The Explorers. Himalaya is a must visit once in a lifetime. So I am giving you the 14 reasons today why you should travel to the Himalayas and it will be like something something. Okay. So on a very quick note, I will I would like to mention about the motor bike tours in Himalayas these days bullets Alana is like everybody's dream and specifically they want to visit the ladakh right exploding the Himalayas on Wheel gives you the different experience according to me this can turns into the wider while wildest dreams of an adventure. Junkie and if you want to go to any Himalayan range via bullet or why a bike or by the true wheeler I can mention here so you can just travel From Manali to load up. This will be the bestest experience don't drive from Delhi to Manali and then plan from Manali to ladakh just visit Manali the by bus or by flight or however you feel comfortable with then from Manali to ladakh. You can rent a bike. This will give you get goosebumps. They views while traveling to the ladakh will will make you the Spellbound personality for a moment from the dock to see Kim in Northeast. India outstretched mountain passes conjures up with the visions of excitement amongst Riders so you can travel via bike to lechery nagar Highway don't worry Lamont pass then cartoon Le a dream destination for every biker according to me and then in my priority list is the natural lapis and accordingly. I can say that those who ever are planning for do a for for the nathu La Paz. They can also travel to the deli Cog in Manali socket. This is the Just place to visit via bike. So have you ever dreamt of being to certain places by a bike riding bullet and something like or on the behind of some person you will love to witness the beauty it is not happening. But I wonder that today you again bring the topic of going to Somalia. So I would love to plan my trip according to your Tips I'll keep things in mind and after that I will for sure plan this thing because you are just getting me there with your top. So okay and let me just also tell you about the other Himalayan areas where you can visit the the only thing people nowadays are thinking about ladakh, but let me tell you apart from ladakh. There are many more places that you can explore for example, Roop contract. Have you ever heard of group called? Yeah, I've heard of it but I'm not very much aware what it is where it is, but I just heard about let me just tell you about this place in very few words that it is located on a pilgrimage route in the garhwal region of Himalaya Monica. And if you will be visiting to this place then have a trek to mystery Lake and it is also named that there is skeletal Lake which is which which gives people the most thrilling Adventures you Experience in the Himalaya you will never be to such kind of a place that will tell you that yes, there is skeletal Lake could be tsunami Neoga up Nicky s a lake be opposed to named Malia Sasha been a yoga supplements, but there is a skeletal leg that will turned you into the mysterious person. Also Rukh Khan will give you the scenic views that will dwell you into the deep gorgeous value will walk past the dead for The Adventurous tag, and if you are adventurous person that rope will track will turn your life into the Most adventurous one then accordingly. If you are the river person you love water then you can create for the water riding river rafting banana ride and much more. What does rafting in a Himalayan River sounds like to you. I don't know but yes, it's for its for me the insane and I always wanted to be at this place like in Himalayas particularly for river rafting because this is kind of an adrenaline rush as you raft in the cold Waters of the river. Like it could be the bias or ganga is or in Kahlua rishikesh, wherever you want to violence. It came raft in the water of the teesta and drank it for the dramatic views while cutting through the DeForest and Rapid wear it water tracks. This will give you the enormous experience for Lifetime. You will never want to be back and you will always have a thought that yes, I should be staying here. This is a place where I always want to be but every time you will be traveling to another destination. This will only be the the thought that will be coming in your mind that yes. This is my place. I want to be here. I want to settle down like for example, every time I visit to a male has then the only one in the foremost thing that comes in my mind is guess up like whether your banana guy thought I also had similar last time and it was like kind of like Having in Delhi so we should say yeah, we should be there for a longer time. But as you will not get good bouguer Coachella apis, we have to come back to Delhi with the hectic schedule and the lifestyle that we are following it. Yeah, and if you are I want to not travel at a very short span and you are not much traveling person, but you want to then always try visiting such kind of a place that can give you the peace. For a while right don't keep on searching for those places that will turn your the peaceful schedule into the hashtag one because we make the silly mistake. We always chooses for the place where you have to ride along where the journey via Road will be turning again. The longest one that will turn you into the tire as personality and the day will get waste because if you have plan your vacation for five days and one day and two day you spent in the resting You're left with 3D so plan your vacations accordingly. If you want to have risk then travel late night. So that in the late night, you'll be reaching to the destination and early morning. You'll be waking up and we'll be exploring the locations. So according to me if you want to have the peaceful Journeys, you can choose the fly valleys which means fly over the snow-capped mountains that will turn you the Spellbound. You will be speechless according to me because from the above you. Can see the Lush Greenery somewhere the wide Sports of the snow pictures Q landscape in the Himalayas and in this kind of fly belly. I can include Conga belly surrounded by TS states that will be I guess 14 kilometers away from the bear and the bear is for a beer billing II know people have not heard many times about the building but to in today's time. This is the place which is most popular in India for the paraglider. Being for the skydiving people visit this place to have the lifetime experience you kill you can go for the paragliding in various locations from Solon Nala to Murray. And also I have been to kill GAO also this will be in the second gangtok where if you want only particularly the paragliding thing this will give you the best experience. I believe then again in Kashmir these days they people have started the paragliding facilities, which is quite dangerous, but Yeah, they are providing you with some safety and apart from this the heli skiing on top hot spots like gender Connie pass the OT ba hanumantha ba spiti Valley rohtang pass. These are the fly kind of a city's or you can say the Himalayan ranges and on the right to me. It's the ski in the Winter Resorts of only then you can have the white water kayaking then bungee jumping on the gummies Repose and In Russia case you can have the river rafting as I already told you so you can have skiing on Frozen water of Kashmir. Also in January or February you can experience these things. So I have the endless knowledge, but the time is very less to share. But yeah on the other occasion, I would just like to share some more points the more reasons of traveling to Himalayas. Let's continue some other day if you say so definitely For the next time I will be telling you the other reasons why you should only travel to Himalayas before you plan for somewhere else. It is a really nice talking to you and thank you for bearing me. Thank you for listening my travel chitchat and it's interesting. And if you have any questions that you can prepare then definitely go for it. I will be definitely answering you. It is always thank you so much.